Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1974 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1974
Page 15
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DENNIS THE MENACE By Kctcham HELEN HELP US Adopted Child Wants To Know Parentage By HELEN AND SUE BOTTK1, ·Ji:il:iii:iiiiniii:ilLiiliilli!iiiiii!||.||i,iii;ii;,iiiiini!!ii;ii;i^ Dear Helen: Recently, a TV movie brought up the queslion: should an adopted person have the right to know his or her real parentage? Currently, we adopteds must Jive in limbo, unless our "parents" happen to know the names of our nalural parenls. So oflen, it's all a big secret for the "protection" of the adults: the real molher mustn't know who chose her baby, and the adopting couple is only told about health and racial heritage of the baby. But what about us -- the ones who are adopted? I want to know my roots. I'd like lo find my real mother and father, even if they didn't want me (or couldn't care for me). I've tried, but like the young man in the movie, I've reached nothing but dead ends. There probably isn't much hope that I'll ever find my natural parents (and maybe I'd be very disappointed if I did), but how about a push to gel laws changed so that an adopted person can have a real family tree? -- Wants To Know Dear WTK: Though I'm not sure it would always be a good idea, I can sympathize with you adopteds who want to know your heritage. I can also see both t h e natural parents' and the foster parents' points of view. F o r them secrecy is often better. Because I'm ambivalenl here, I can only say: if you want a law changed, write your Congressman. I'm sure many other adopted persons will join you. Meanwhile, let's hear from readers who are personally Involved in the problem. Do you think fosler children have the right to know who and where their natural parents are? -H. Dear Helen: I can't understand how 1 ' Q u i e 11 y Simmering" can possibly feed a family of five on less than $35 a week! I live alone and cook all my meals at home except on Sundays when I go to a restaurant. I am a very light eater, but buy the best steaks and chops. Mv food bills average $55. ner monlh - for one - or about $13. pc r week. With thrp" grow'"*; children and Iwo hungry adults, how does she do it on $35.? -- John M. Dear John: I don'l know, bill maybe "Q.S." will let us in on her secret if we ask her. However, please recall, she wasn't at all happy about the food budget her stingy husband laid on her, so I doubt she'll do much bragging. -- H. GOP National Committee May Discuss Taxpayer Financing WASHINGTON A 1 ) -· The Republican N a t i o n a l Committee H convening ninid strong In tilciillmiH Hint H bipartisan committee Is moving toward rccom- mending taxpayer f i n a n c i n g of the presidential nominating conventions. In a prelude lo today's meeting, committee memlicri wore entertained by President Nixon nt n While House reception fhursdiiy night. In a brief .speech, Nl.von predicted the GOP would do better in November limn II did this spring in five special congressional elections, four of which were won by Democrats. The convention financing proposal, revealed Thudsday, is somewhat surprising in view nf general opposition hy parly leaders to public financing of elections. The proposal was considered a likely topic or discussion by the nalional committee. Another likely item for committee interest. In or out of the official sessions, was the shock Dear Helen: I've been this man's best friend for three years, but nothing more than that. He, my 6 vear-old son and 1 went almost everywhere together, hut he dated other women and I also dated a few men. We were the best of pals. Suddenly it happened. He decided he wanted lo get married (after swearing he never would). He took me out to dinner, then broke the news that he was marrying a woman he went with three years ago. She is a very nice person (we're friends), but I don't Ihink she is for him. What I'm trying to say is I've grown very fond of my "pal." and am sorry we never saw beyond our "buddy relationship." His future bride wants me to be matron of honor. If I say "No," he will want to know -- Lovesick Dear Lovesick: How about the trulh? Seems to me long-time "pals" should level with each other. Possibly the knowledge that you love this man could make him realize his decision lo marry is slill okay -- but he's chosen Ihe wrong woman -H. Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Friday, April 26, the 116th day of 1974. There are 249 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1607, Captain John Smith landed at Cape Henry, Va., with the first group of colonists who would establish a permanent English settlement in America. On this date- In 1783, 7,000 Tories sailed from New York for Nova Scotia. In 1785, the American naturalist and artist, John James Au,duhon, was born in Haiti. In 1865. Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Boolh, was captured on a farm near Port Royal, Va. In 1925, Paul von Hindenburg was elected president of Germany. In 1945, in World War II, Bremen, Germany, fell to British forces. In 19G4. the African nations of T a n g a n y i k a a n d Zanzibar merged to form the country 'of Tanzania. Ten years ago . . . the commander of the United Nations peace force on Cyprus was stoned by Turkish Cypriol crowds in the capital of Nicosia. McKesson Bexel SPRING SALE Thru April 30th M I U If East Side of Square A HOT OPPORTUNITY THAT'LL LIGHT YOUR FIRE Jf (replace Here's « glowing proposition for someone with the right spark. If you're Uirned-on by the idea of r u n n i n g your own show in a growing business with a great future, drop hy the Northwest Arkansas Plaza. There you'll find a soon to open growing franchise operation called the Kings How Fireplace Shop. Look around. The Kings Row Shops offer nn Incredible assortment of fireplaces, fireplace equipment, accessories, wall decor, lighting, and home decorating items. But more than that, Kings Row In unique, And profitable, fn fact, there are now more than 60 store* In 20 stales. And more on the way. [f you're warmed-up to Ihc Kings Row idea, here's how you can gel In on It. M i n i m u m cnsh required Is SM.Oflfl. Then you're on your way to a highly profitable business of your own. ilavc we lit your fire? For more Information on the Northwest A r k a n s a s Kings Row Fireplace Shop and how It can he Ihe hot item In your future, please contact: Thoma* Balrd, Kings Row Fireplace .Shops 27M Maple Road, Wr.lkrl Ukf, Michigan 480R8 Phnn«: (313) A24-161A or 415) 205.23f.ll of losing Hie four traditionally HeiHibllcan scats in Hit special elections. I'KA'l'UKKI) Sl'BAKKIt Vice President Gerald II. Ford was scheduled t« be the featured spwikcr In the nfler- mion session. Other scheduled speakers included Republican National C h a i r m a n George Hush iinil Treasury .Secretary- designate and former energy chief Wllliiim E. Simon. Republican H. L, llermnn and Democrat Donald A. Pct- rie, cochairmcn of the bipartisan committee on convention financing, conceded at a meeting Thursday lliat nliout the only way they car pay for future; conventions is through public financing. "I've got to say I don't know how else to fund it," Herman said. "I think we can wish and we can dream, but we also have to he realists." Pctrie said it appeared Con gross would repeal the tax provision Hint lias enabled the par- lies to sell convention program May Bo Released NKW YORK (AP) - Doctors lojicd that iiclor Henry Fonda could be relcaKed from Lenox Hill l l u s p i t a l today following lix treatment for exhaustion. Fonda, lifi. collapsed in his ·IrcssliiK room at tlic Helen Hayes Theater Tuesday night after a performance of his one- man show "Clarence Darrmv." Mi's. Fonda said her husband "really i s n ' t sick . .. They put liim m the hospital because that's the only place you can keep him quid." advertisements lo large cnrpn- ralions to finance past conventions. "If any one can come up with an alternative, I'll buy it and your commission will buy it," Herman said. "Hut it must he a viable allonialivc thai our par- tics can bank cm." The committee took no formal action but both Herman and Petrie said a legislative proposal to give the parties part of the money from the new income tax checkoff plan is the only solution currently being considered by the committee after rejection of several others. Norlhwost Arktiruoj TIMES, Friday, April 26, 1974 FAVKTTKVILLI, ARKANSAS 15 Exxon Reduces Profits With Future Expenses NKW YORK (API - K x x o n rp., llio nation's biggest oil umipany. reduced i!s f i r s t q u a r t e r p r o f i t s by approximate- y S'lOU million lo take into ae- counl f u l u r e taxes and political opposition, securities analysis say. The additional money, if added to the company's an- 'lounced e a r n i n g s , would have brought Kxxuri's. cnrnlnij.s for ihc three month period lo over a billion dollars. It would have increased Lhoir percentage gain from the year-earlier period to 118 per cent, and not thr 39 per ccnl reported by the f i r m . Asked a n n u l the amount, an Kxxon spokesman would nnl deny il and said the company had decided not to disclose the aclual charge. Ho said the action was in line with accepted accounting principles. Some securities analysts and accountants, however, feel Ihe Deduction was also taken to de f u s e an exnected public rcac lion In the high profits. "Ordinari'y n c o m p a n y Joosn't reduce its farnings hy a l a b i l i t y which hnsn'l yet occurred," says Pi'Lei 1 Knulson, n n associate professor nf accounting at Ihe Wharlon School :f Finance in Philadelphia. Companies usually lake note of Ihe possible expense but don't subtract the estimated l i a b i l i t y f r o m profits, Knutson says. ICxxnn c l a i m s its deductions nn the basis of two factors. The first is an estimated increase in the price of ccrlain Midcasl crude oil which is being nouglit hack from the producing nations. This cost is still under negotiation. '['he company also say.s it deducted from its earnings the amijunl it may have (o pay Mi taxes if the U.S. Congress removes a foreign tax credit xon now receives. A bill with such a nrovision is now in the House Ways and Means Committee and woidd be retroactivb lo Jan. 1, Exxon says. W o r k i n g independently, lu'O Wall Street securities analysis who follow the oil Industry place Kxxon's undeclared "con- ling; nt liabilities" (it around $100 m i l l i o n for the f i r s t quarter. Robert Alhrecht, an oil analyst with Reynolds Inc., a New York brokerage house, circulates th:il Kxxon's provision for added Mideast crude costs could run "as high as $368 million." A rough guess would place Iheir additional lax burden at $92 million for the quiu 1 - Itr if Ihe bill in Congress Is passed, he says. ·Robert HincKicy, oil analyst with W.K. Hulton Co., also t h i n k s Kxxon's special charge could run around $401) million. 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