Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1974
Page 9
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Optimistic Study Reveals Bright Future Seen For Pay TV Industry hy MY SIIAHBUTT NEW Y O R K ( A l « - A pri- vnto study commissioned by 'J5 companies--including two tola- vla . 1o » '"-'IwnrkK "ml t h i u c c n b l c - I V firms -- forecast* ,, bright f u t u r e for the stniL'i'lirw iiny-TV industry Just 11 years f r u i n now, NOW SHOWING Children Under 12 Free WALTDISNEi production*' Tlio report, hy Hie Stanford Research Institute, cvilhnales that hy 19(1,1 pay-TV will be in 10 per cent of a projected H:i.3 million homes equipped w i t h I'V. snys economist K e n n e t h Ponchos, Ihe study's author. Although two factions--the Nnlloniil Cable Television Association mid tho N a t i o n a l Association of Broadcasters--are In a hitler struggle over what pay- I V should be allowed to offer, they agree on nothing. They say the report, f i f t h in a seven-part SHI study on cablc- TV's future, paints a far rosier pay-TV picture limn they anticipate. "I must say I don't t h i n k anybody really expects that many pay-TV homes in 10il5," snys Robert Rosoi 1 . an NAB spokesman, But he could offer no estimate of his own. Neither could Ralph M. Baruch, head of NCTA's pay cable committee and president of Viacom, Inc., a TV syndication firm that says it also operates -- PLUS _ THAT DARN CAT" ARKANSAS INSTRUMENT TV RADIO SERVICE Free Pickup Delivery "Color Specialltti" 443-5552 or 412-9356 Stereo equipment at lS-30% off. Cull for free catalog PH. 751-8724 CONTINUOUS FROM DARK DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. m HUSS1EN WRESTLING AKBAR Sat. Night--8 p.m. Wash. Co. Fairgrounds MAIN EVENT Arman Hussion vs. Scandar Akbar FIRST EVENT TERRY LATHAM Vs..MR. KANG SEMI-FINAL CHIEF THUNDERHEAD GUNGA DIN vs. BILLY WHITEHEAD KUBLA KAHN Tickets may be purchased at Purvis Sporting or at the Fairgrounds after 4 p.m. Ringside 2.50, Gen. Adm. 1.50, Children 1.00 Wff NORTH 2325 N - Colle 9 e SMORGASBORD ALL THE PIZZA and SALAD You Con E-qf MONDAY 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. BRING THE KIDS Only lOc Per Year of Age 0 cnhk'-TV sy.Hlms Borvhifi 7.000 suhscrlboi'K. OVKIt-OI'TIMISTIC "I t h i n k they (the SRI on) i:ix over-optimistic," ho li). Asked for his estimate, he iighcd and said, "Well. In nil incsty. when f put my glasses i"ni' try tn sec t h n l 'nv lead, my vision gets douded n 1 I'm not trying to cvude nir (juciilinn. "1 just think the study !H K l i l y opllinistlc." It would seem so. Although '; rrdcral Communications nmmission says it has no fig- ·es on pay-TV systems.' the CTA estimates there arc )out Vn such systems now jrvlng approximately 55,000 ibscrJLcis. They nay extra fees on top of e bysic monthly fee they're largcrt for a conventions able-'IV hookup that gives .ei'. a d d i t i o n a l commercial TV lannels and a limited amount noncommercial programm g. There now are about eigh illion convenlional cable cus omcrs, by FCC cslimatc and y industry estimates, a tola f (i6.? million U.S. home quipped with one or more TV ets. To grow from 55,000 pay-TV ubscribcrs to nearly 25 rnillio y ?985 appears a pipe dream f magnificent proportions, bu RI's Penchos contends the fig re is 'ealisiic and not just ucsstiinate. The projection, he says, i probably the most sensitiv alcjlalion in the whole report nd I was very careful abou naking it." Penchos, who said compan; March Of Dimes Hike Saturday A 20-mile rnnrchnthon for the Wurch or Dimes will bo held aturduy with between 300 and 00 persons piuilclpallni}. SpunsorliiK orgiinlzulloiis nro lie I'i Hetn l.iimdiL and the ''nture Buxliicsii Loaders of America. The tnnrch will begin il 0 u , m . at ling Heaven near 'olmson on Hwy, 71 north. They w i l l hike to Rolling Illls, t h e n to Old Wire Road. lown Mission Boulevard lo )ickson Slrcet, then to Fayetto- /Ille High School imd return to log Heaven. Lunch will be prodded to the marchers by the Mlimtc-mim restaurant. Minute- nan vice president Vernon {oxers, will greet the marchers. The march is expected to nclude Junior high, high school, college students and adults policy prevented him from naming which firms commissioned the SIU study, said he based his projections on the assumption current FCC rules on pay-TV will remain unchanged. Among other Ihings, Ihe rules tightly limit' whnl pay-TV can offer in recent and old thealrl- ·?' imovies and snorts fare. The NCTA w a n t s the rules ease and contends viewers shouU have the free choice of paying or not paying. -, , rhe ?£ E says il wan 's t n e rules l e f t unchanged or stif fencd, contending any relaxa lion would lead to a "siphon ing to pay-TV of major at tractions viewers now «e free" on commercial tele vision. NOW SHOWING "SERPICO" 8;05 Many of his fellow officers considered him the most dangerous man «Hve-an honest cop. STRAIGHT FROM THE PAGES OF THE BESTSELLER . . . ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE BEST ACTOR AL PACING "SGRPICO" Color fry TCCHNCCK.OR 1 A Parxnoml R*BS» -- PLUS -ROBERT MITCHUM 'The Friends Of Eddie Coyle" LATE BONUS Lee Marvin "PRIME CUT" Open feu ~*et. 7:10 :30 iun. Mat ·K»TMwi«A««uji«in*»- p.m. MU. NEWMAN ROBBURCDfORD ",j!g THE STING WINNER OF SEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS Including Best Picture Open 6:45 HWY, 11 M. I KDtl.m H44U 421.1MC NOW SHOWING AT MALCO I AND 11 (PG; Sun. -Thurs. 7:15-7:45 Fri. - Sat. 7:00-8:20-8:40 Sun. Mat. 2:00 gone i/ the romance that UUQ//O divine: 3fM mTfflTrl/fflOOUCTlOfl Of fljflCHaflVTonmm ROBERT «, mm ^DFORD FRRROUL) 8RT GRT/BV Open 7:00 ' ·2- ·6WKIOWK-44MI41 ·un.*Thurc. 7:45 Fri. Sal. 7:00-9:M Sun. Mat. 2 p.m. ENDS THURSDAY "THE EXORCIST" n Winner 2 Acndcmy Awards Nortrtvmt Arkanxi* TiMfcS, Friday, April 2*, 1974 rAYITTIVILLI, ARKANSAS Burtons Splitting Up Again-Say Tor Good' LOS ANGELES (AP) -- So what else in now? Ell/nbclh Taylor and Richard lurlmi, who once said they'd oved each other too much, say hoy'rc splitting up again -and this time they say It's for good. Miss Taylor and Burton, whose stormy, lavish relation- ililp began on the set of "Cloo- Niern" and often seemed lo resemble t h e i r movie "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?," announced through a spokesman Thursday they will seek a dl vorcc. They said they had isked their attorney lo end the 10-yenr marriage In the court it Berne, Switzerland, where .hey make their official home. Irreconcilable differences" Car Ban Asked NEW YORK (AP) -- Sen. Jacob Javits, R-N.Y., says the federal government should ban m a n u f a c t u r e of large luxury cars because they consume too much gas. Javits, who drives a 1071 Ford Mustang, says, "There seems to be a resumption o: the appetite for the large cars which the automobile com panics are going along with The government should not al low it to continue." Javits made his comments Thursday during an energy conference sponsored by the Regional Plan Association ane the State School of Labor am Industrial Relations vcre cited as grounds for i!l- rorcc between Burton, 48, and Miss Taylor, Vi. whoso four revlou» marriages and acknowledged beauty combined with acting talent to take her to he top of her profession. The f i n a l spilt had been rumored for months. But the rcla- ionshlp that hit headlines In when they took up housc- cccplng while still married to ormcr spouses had survived other rocky times such as icavy d r i n k i n g bouts and rumors of various extramarital affairs. Liz once declared of Burton, "I love him enough to stand by ilm no matter what he might do." Last s u m m e r , when the couple announced they were separating, she said: "Maybe we loved each other too much." Burton agreed. Following the separation, Miss Taylor was being squlrec about by a Los Angeles used car dealer. Before long Burton flew lo California, the two em braced and then headed for Eu rope. But In the last month reports of trouble pouring out of Oro ville, Calif., where the Burtons recently filmed "The Klans men," told of Liz' unhappiness with Burton's heavy drinkinig and an incident in which he presented t w o l o c a l women with jewelry. Miss Taylor, long ago dubbei "the most beautiful woman in the world," left Oroville to an pear on the Academy Awan ACNQI1FACM U * f A Feature 7:30 p.m, GEOKGE C. SCOTT In "Film Flam Man" 7 p.m. F«atur« 7:30 p.m. FANTASTIC PLANET MOWER CHECK-UP .-.-, IT Our technician will; | | Pin · In.tall n.w »parfc plug. · C(MR and wijuit pa'nt*. · Drolr.oldoll.ndr.plcc. wllh fink oil (la mnk- H ntodolt.) bnotor, ·djuri i and engine speed. · Ad{uit blade drive. · Check rank haft far proper align menr. · Sharpen and balanie re- lory b lade; orreptace. (Reel fclcd. aharponlni mat ietrl ft extra.) Evelyn Hills Shopping Center · Cte« edr flBer. aa car. · MakaMai power rfieck. 443-4591 split were denied. But she did ot rejoin Burton, leaving I n - ead for Hawaii to visit her rother Hownrd and her son lirlstopher Wilding on the iland of Kaui. The movie shooting ended nd Burton, 46, (lew lo Sanlu lonlca, Calif., where he en- ered a hospital last week for hat was described as a bron- ilal condition. He talked by elcphone wllh Miss Taylor, a pokesman said, but she did not ush lo his bedside. He is still ospitalir.ed If this is Iheir final parting, it Mil have been Miss Taylor's iflh marriage and Burlon's econd. She divorced Eddie 'isher lo marry h i m ; he di- orccd his first wife Sybil. They were married on March S, 1964, In Montreal. Lawyers Respected LITTLE ROCK (AP) - De pile the possibility lhat Waler late and relalcd political scari' !als have tarnished the nation il image of the legal profes ion, an Arkansas law maga ;ine says attorneys in Arkansas till are well-respected in their iwn communities. The statement is contained h 'The Arkansas Lawyer," ; publication of the Arkansas Ba Association. The article is entitled 'What's the Heal Image of Ar cansas' Lawyers?" - a n d ased on a public opinion pol of 477 persons taken by a Uni versity of Arkansas politica science professor. NAACP Wants President Impeached LITTLE ROCK (AP)' -- TrW atlonal treasurer enwtitus of he NAACP left no doubt Thursday he wanls President Nixon mpeached. Alfred Baker Lewis, 77, told eporlers to ask him about 1m- eachment. They did and. he 'replied, 'Nixon was caught cheating oh ils income tax. There's no doubt about that. He illegally tombed Cambodia, Just about everybody he's ever appointed n his government, from the vice president on down, ! a crook." Lewis, a retired insurance salesman, said Nixon's atli- :udcs' on civil rights are so bad 'we'd be happy wllh benign neglect from him." He criti- :ized Nixon for not haying a ilack in his Cabinet 'and said he President's opposition to business had helped fuel more opposition, Asked whether he would support Gov. Dale Bumpers or Sen. J. W. Fulbright In the Democratic race for the U.S. Senate, Lewis said he thought Bumpers had a better record on civil rights. Lewis said Bumpers "opened up the schools.,.I mean he favored improving education for black people." About .former Gov. Orval E. Faubus 1 candidacy [or ths Democratic nomination for governor, Lewis said, "We'd certainly oppose him." C O U P O N FOR THE FAMILY . . Ken's Pizza Parlor 409 WEST DICKSON 3 F °" 2 Order Three Pizzas - Pay For Only Two! TrMi Coupon Redeemable ot KIN'S In Fay«tl*v!ll« ·n DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change wftioul notice KTEW, Tulsa, Channel 2 (Channel I en obi* In FiyetttvlIM) KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tul*., Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburgh, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulta, Channel 8 idianMt « MI eabto in KOED-TV(ETV), Tulsa, Channel 11 KODE, Joplirt, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 (C tunnel I on «bl» In CABLE TELEVISION NBC-CBS-ABC etv 9 CH, TV Time -- Weather -- Music 9 Channels -- FAA Radio, All on "The Cable" WARNER CABLE of Fayetteville Phone 521-7730 GET OUT OF TOWN Drive out to Hickory Creek Ree. Area and dine at THE BARN 264 East off Hwy. 71 Steaks and shrimp, homemade cinnamon rolls, relishes, and salads. Family style fish fry Friday. Bar BQ Ribs Saturday. Open 5-10 p.m. Sat. and Sun. 12 noon-IO p.m. Closed Mon. and Tue*. Come see us ot beautiful Beaver Lake. MOVIES ON TV FRIDAY NIGHT lOiOO p.m. Ch. 6 - "Sayonara" (1957) Marlon Brando, Ricardo Montalban, James Garner 10:30 p.m. Ch. 8 - "The Pink Jungle" (1968) James Garner, George Kennedy, Eva Renzi 10:30 p.m. Ch. 16 -- "Yog-Monster from Space" (1970) Akira Kubo, Yoshro Tsuchiya 1:30 a.m. Ch. 3 -- "Birds Do 11" (1966) Soupy Sales, Tab Hunter, Arthur O'Connell Saturday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 8-12 -- "Deliver Us From Evil" (1973) George Kennedy, Jan-Michael Vincent 8:00 p.m. Ch. 2-3-5-7 -- "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962) Laurence Harvey, Frank Sinatra, Angela Lansbury 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6 -- "Zorba the Greek" (1964) Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates, Irene Papas 10:30 p.m. Ch. 16 -- "Private Buckaroo" (1942) Andrews Sisters, Dick Foran, Jennifer Holt 11:00 p.m. Ch. 2 - "Sing Boy Sing" (1958) Edmond O'Brien, Tommy Sands, Lili Gentle 11:00 p.m. Ch. 3 - "Denver Rio Grande" (1952) Edmond O'Brien, Sterling Hoyden, Dean Jagger 11:00 p.m. Ch. 5 - "Night of Terror" (1972) Donna Mills, Martin Balsam, Chuck Connors 11:00 p.m. Ch. 7 -- "A Man Called Gannon" (1969) Tony Franciosa, Michdel Sarrazin, Susan Oliver 11:00 p.m. Ch. 8 -- "The Ballad of Josie" (1968) Doris Day, Peter Graves, George Kennedy AUTO INSURANCE · $50,000 Liability ' * $2,000 Medical · Uninsured Motorist · .5 Year, Renewable Guarantee Safe $ f £ £fl Quarter Drivers XOiQU Premium ArtcCARTNEY-FAUCETTE Phcn* 442-055 «40 N. COLLCCI 1974 COLOR "TV" NOW ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound 8333 N. College 442-3575 BUY YOUR CARPET DIRECT FROM THE LOCAL PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT. WHERE YOU GET THE BEST AND SAVE THE MOST. Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc. HIGHWAY 68 WEST 751-7961 SPRINGDALE, ARK. 11:30 p.m. Ch. 12 - "The Lion" (1963) William Holden, Capucine, Trevor Howard 12:30 a.m. Ch. 7 -- "Secrets of the Blue Room" (1933) Lionel Atwill, Gloria Stuart, Edward Arnold 12:45 a.m. Ch. 2 -- "Just My Luck" (1957) Norman Wisdom, Jill Dixon FRIDAY EVENING * 5:00 - NDWS ................... World Report ......... Truth or Consequences Andy Griffith To Tell The Truth _____ Mister ROECTB ..... * 5:30 - Now» .......... 2. 3, Eicciric Co. ....... . , . Twilight Zone ......... Trulh or Conscqucncci 6:00 Consultation ............ News ..... 2. 3, 5, 6. * 6:30 To Tell The Truth .... Treasure Hum ......... Adnm-lt ............... Wnll Str'cct Week Itcc Hiuv Hotfan'.s Heroes 5, 8 .. 16 5. 7. 7:0fi - Dlrly Snlly Urnrly Biuioh Wild Science 2. WiuhlitKlon Week In Review * 7:30 - Thrllljcnkors CJnod Times Six Million Doltnr Mnn . . . . Interface * 8:00 - SenworM Girl W i t h Something Extra Julie Fiml Dick in Convent Onrrfcn ens News Sprcinl Mnsle) piece Theatre * B:Jn - Ilrlnn K c L l h 2. Oild Couple * !:00 Country Cornea Ifoine .... S Tnftln*c Oklnhonin Ed-.cation Toina * !:30 - G. 12 . 11 .. 16 . n . . 7 n, in 8, 12 . 11 ... 2 3. 7 5 n in . . . n . 3, 7 s, 3. S. 7 . . . 11 I 12 Today's Yoga 11 ·*· 10:00 News 2. S, 5, 6, 7. 8. 12. 16 10:30 Movie 8, 8 IB FishlrT Hole 12 Johnny Carson 2. 3, 5. 7 * 11:00 Country Place 12 ' 11:30 Billy Wnlkcr's Country Carnival 12 12:00 In Concert 12 MlrlnlRlit Special 2, 3. S. 1 ·*· 12:30 -In Concert 8 * 1:30 Movie 3 SATURDAY MORNING * 6:00 Drury Presents 6:30 Agriculture U S A 1 Time For Timothy 2 * 7:00 - Llrtsvlllo 2. 3. S t Hair Bear Bunch 8. II Hug.! Dimny 8. 12 * 7:30 - Addnrm Family 2. 3, S. 7 Sahrlna . 6. 16 Yogi's G«ru! 8. 12 * 8:00 Emergency 1'his I .... 2 3, S, 7 Movie 8, 16 Super Friends S. 12 *· 8:30 Inch Mljjh Prlvatt Eye 2 3. 5, 7 if 9:0ft -- Slgmonrl ami the Sea Monsters , 2. 3, 5. 7 My Favorite Mnrllnn 6. 16 I'ftsaLo's Rescue Hungers . . · 8 12 * 9:30 Pink Panther », 3, S. .leannle . ·· Oootier Jit Iho CJhrwl Chrucrj 8. 12 * 10:00 Brady Ktda 8 12 Star Trek 2 3, s. 7 Speed Bussy 6. 16 * 10:30 - osle and the Pussycats . . . 6 16 iutch Cassidy 2 3. 5, 7 Mission: Magic '.....'.. 8. 12 H 11:00 Pebbles and Damm Bamm -- E, 16 Movie 8. 12 Jettons 2 3. 5. 7 11:30 On 2, 3. 7 Motorcycle '7-1 2 Fal Albert and the Corby Kids 6 16 SporU Review 5 SATURDAY AFTERNOON * 12:00 -Action 7-1 5 8 Teen Hop 12 CBS Children's Festival .... 6 18 Flstiln 1 Hole 2 Children'* Hour 3 Fun Club 7 * 12:30 Motorcycle 74 3 Greatest Sports Legends 7 if 1:00 Baseball Pre-Gnn.e Show 2, 3, 7 Movie 6 Action T. 12 Wllburn Brothers 7 Untamed World 16 ficne Williams' Country Junction s Move Closer To Your V-'orld .. 8 nnibMl" 2 3 1 *":3o - Wrm Ml lift s Kids of FishlnR 8 Movie 16 * 2:00 Championship 8 SplnrtJman 12 * 2:30 - Tcurnnmcnt of Chnrnploni 8, 12 American Angler 5 * 3:00 CBS Golf Championship ...... 16 Old Settler Show ...., 5 Indians for Indians 11 * 3:30 - Wilbnrn Brothers 6 Sportsman 5 Eye To Eye if 4:00 Big Valley ;.; 2 Car and Track ': 3 Sportsman's Friend 1 Buck Owens . . 6 flo.lcr Game of the Week ... Hi Wide World of Sports . . . . 5 8, 12 Sesame Street 11 if 4:30 Parent Game 3 World of Survival 7 That Good Ole Nashville Music S * 5:00 Star Trek 2 That Good Ole Nashville Music 3 Wllburn Brothers 7 Beaver Lake Show ,. 16 Mister Rogers 11 Porter Wagoner 6 * 5:30 News 3, S. e 16 Porter Wa Koncr 7 Julie and Dick in Covent Gardens 8 Flcasoncr ficport 12 Electric Company 11 SATURDAY EVENING * 6:00 Hodgepodge Ixd£« 11 Hec I law R J i m m y Dean 7 News 2. 3, t, 12 Lawrence Welk 8 Johnny Mann'a 91 and Up Cheer if 6:30 Girl With Some-thing Extra I*Awrcnce W«Uc I Carrescolcndns ,. 11 Treasure Hunt ................ Bobby Goldsboro ....... That Good Ole NashvllU Music Horn Brothers ............. I've Got a Secret .............. * 7:00 Partridge Family ................ Emergency .......... 2, 3 S, All In The Family ........ 8 Zoom ........................ 7:30 War and Peace .................. Movie ....................... 8, Mash ........................ «, + 8:00 Movie ................ 2, 3. S. Mary Tyler Moora .......... 6, * 8:30 Bob Newhart ................ «. * 9:00 Nexus .......................... Owen Marshall ..; ........... I, Carol Burnett .............. 6, * 10:00 News .................. 6. 8, 12, * 1U:30 - Ncw« ................ 2. 3. 5. Streets of San Francisco ...... Movie .................... «, Horn Brother! .................. * 11:00 Movie .............. Z, 3, t I, * 11:30- Movle ............................ * 12:M - Wscky World of Jbn«ln»n Winter. , , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * 12:30 - Wroillln* ........................ Don Klr»hner'» Rock Concert ,. MovlB * 1Z:4S Movie * 1:00- Soul Train * 1:20 Mow* 1« I . I T 1 I

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