Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1974
Page 2
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Nortliwsst Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 26, 1974 FAYITTEVILH, ARKANSAS Removing Marijuana Plants Fayctleville police Sergeant Bud Dennis, loll, and Chief Hollis Spencer carry cartons of marijuana plants from tin area near Bulterfield Trails School where more t h a n 1,000 plants were found Thnrs- day evening. The plants were later burned. This was t h e second marijuana field destroyed by local authorities this week. A field ol some 100 plants east of West Fork was d e s t r o y e d Wednesday. (TIMESphoto by Ken Good) Judge (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) have been withdrawn, the dan ger of repetition has not neces sarily been removed." He sai the injunction was still neces sary "in the interest of publi _ tranquility." ?·' Nevertheless, the head of th **· Zebra investigation vowe J ff "there will be no lessening o t". our efforts to apprehend th V'" killer or killers." i ZIRPOLI'S INJUNCTION t- Zirpoli's injunction prohibit ';". stopping or searching anyon "j' solely because he "appears t . b e within the so-cal'.ed profile.' ;V. The order said police mus ·:': have other independent evi :\ dence indicating the man may ·;'.- have committed a crime. ;··-; Police Capt. Charles Barca -."' the inspector directing the in '·;; vestigation, said, "The onl ;,/ thing we have changed is wh_ '·'*, will be stopped and questionei ;-. and who won't be stopped ant ·;; questioned. "We will continue our Oper · N a t i o n Zebra, staying within the constitutional limits as de 1 scribed in Judge Zirpoli's or ." der.*' .; Tha injunction also forbid ··^ police from keeping for longe_ t* than 60 days interrogation 'J cards made out on the blacks ';· whom officers thought required more than casual questioning · ' Under the latest police guide ','· lines, the cards were to be ;" sealed after 60 days and re ^ tained for four , being destroyed. years before The NAACP and the Ameri can Civil Liberties Union had « filed suits challenging Mayor J Joseph Alioto's April 17 stop and-search order. ! Police believe at least two ' a n d possibly four persons are ;»'involved in the Zebra assaults ij which drew their name from Js'the code word for the police ra- »Jdio channel used to commu- J W n i c a t e with officers in £vestigating the case. j ·£ Not So Frequent £ WASHINGTON (AP) -- Ally, JGen. William B. Saxbe's controversial remarks may not be J*«s frequent as they once were. j5 John W. Hushen, the Justice ^Department's director of public ""information, s a y s Saxbe's __ .weekly meetings with newsmen ^·'over coffee and doughnuts are £,;*being re-evaluated for possible -5.,;'changes. *-·% "I don't think there's a hard ·^decision on what we're going to vt!o yet." Hushen said. "We've .-;had this thing under a kind of :steady re-evaluation since it be.;- gan. It was never meant to be ~.i locked into a weekly 10 a.m. ;; Wednesday coffee and d o u g h n u t ' t h i n g . " '.- Saxbe has been criticized for ^ his outspoken comments at the : :meefings. It was at one such ; meeting he said he considered vPatricia Hearst one of a group -', of "common criminals." Founded 1860 OZ N. Kilt jt.Te. Fayetlevllle, Ark. TCT Published dally January 1. Jnly Chrtstmst an* ainday except Thanksgiving And Second Claw Posug* Paid at FtyetlevUle. Art. BIEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESTJ The Associate] Prejj 1» entitled exclusively to (he me (or republic*NOT of au local news printed In IhJi newspaper u well at all AP n*wi dlipmchel. BDBSCHIPT10-.V RATES Effective October 1. 13U Home' Delivery Per month by carrier _ J325 S!nzl» copy dally lOc, Similar Bo O.8. Hall In WaiMniuxt, Stolon, MtttiaD Ooo. Uei, Ark.. Adalr Co., oku.: S monlhi ,,. | 350 1 Y E A R ' . I"-1 Jo'S City Box iHcltm ((xoii Oalrdo Abova 1 montha -I month · -- t »EA« IT. Mi; ISM SfM Hi, HAH. SUBSCRIPT!OMI AIIVANCB Bulz Advises Consumers To Purchase Beef WASHINGTON (AP)' -- Secretary of Agriculture Earl L. Butz is advising consumers to take advantage of supermarket beef bargains at a time his own agency is paying higher prices for fancy hamburger. The Agriculture Department is carrying out a $45 million ground beef purchase campaign designed to help boost cattle prices. While consumers have seen beef prices drop recently, USDA is paying more for its hamburger. Butz was asked Thursday at a National Press Club appearance how lie justified $45 million to help cattlemen when he advocated free enterprise for U.S. agriculture. "It's just a good time to buy t. ' Butz said, adding that the lamburger is for distribution to ichools next fall. "It's a good deal for the gov- :rnment." AVAILABLE NOW At another point, Butz said consumers have seen most of :his year's rise in food prices and noted that meat bargains are available now. "This is a good time to stock Senate Fight Over Rising Costs Seen WASHINGTON (AP) -- To Semite licpublicnns atiri Dem crals have accused one n n o t h i of playing politics over Democratic e f f o r t to eontiiu President Nixon's authority control wages and prices. The Republicans said In Democrnls wore trying to la the groundwork for blamin continued inflation on Nixon. The Democrats countered b saying the GOP wants to b able to say the Democratic-coi trolled Congress didn't gi\ President Nixon authority t curb soaring prices. Meanwhile, the Labor DC p a r t m e n t reported Thursriii the biggest decline ever in th productivity of the America worker. As productivity falls, up war pressure is placed on price since the cost of labor rise The Labor Department sai productivity declined in th first quarter at a 5'5 per cen annual rate. BRIEF PREVIEW by control authority, mac The verbal batlle betwee Senate Republicans and Demo crats came Thursday as tti Senate staged a brief previe of debate scheduled to star Monday, a day before the Pres ideiil's authority to contro wages and prices expires. Sen. Robert P. Griffin, R Mich., acting Republican leac er, declared that the proposa For a year's extension of stanc by control authority, mad Wednesday by the Senat Democratic Caucus, was "pur unadulterated politics." If the Democrats really thin wage and price controls wi curb inflation, "they should pu Iheir program into effect," h added. And he said the Demo crats want to give "broad, un limited authority to the Pres dent so that they could criticiz him" later. That proposal, said Demo cratic Whip Robert C. Byrd. i "pure bunk" since "535 mem hers of Congress cannot admin ister a wage-price control pro The West Virginia Democr;, suggested the Republicans wan Congress to do nothing so the can say "the Democratic Con gress sat on its fanny an didn t give the President th authority he needed' 'to c u r ' inflation. Though debate is schedule to start Monday, there seem- little likelihood of Senate actior before current control authoritv expires at midnight Tuesday Even if the Senate passes th, proposal, House action is uncer tain and a presidential vet likely. .·our said. freezers with beef," he A short time later, USDA announced it had purchased an additional 1.848.001) pounds of ugh quality ground beef for $1,129.000 .ween pound. at prices ranging SI.02 and $1.05 be- Regular hamburger currently s selling in supermarkets for !9 cents per pound or less. But he school orders were care- ully tailored by SDA to come rom choice and prime feedlot cattle. LESS THAN $1 earlier hamburger pur- ..,,, . ' i * i j i u u l £ t ; l J J I J l chases for the current school 'ear--when specifications were n o ' s ° choice--the department aid J43.4 million, for 45 4 mil- ion pounds or less than $1 per ound. The f i n a l order for 19734 school use was in February it 99 cents per pound. The new round of purchases was announced March 26 at the Vhite House as producers were -·omplaining they were losing nore than $100 per head on eedlot r a t t l e . When the first new g r o u n d ·ecf order was a n n o u n c e d April 1. the department said the top price was 97.5 cents per pound. A week.later, when another order was bcught, prices ranged rom yVghlly less than 99 cents o $1.05 per pound. Patriot Awards PITTSBURGH (AP) -- B o b tope and Mamie Eisenhower lave received American Patri- )t awards from the Pittsburgh Committee of '76. Hope, who'll be 71 next month, was on h a n d Thursday night to receive the New Con- tellation Award in recognition f his service n entertaining roops at nearly every U.S mil- tary base in the world. Mrs. Eisenhower, widow of he late President Dwight D. Eisenhower, was given the Molf Pitcher Patriot Award, ft /as accepted in her behalf by laj. Gen. Fred Davison, commanding general of the U.S. Army's Washington district. In the first Patriot Award Ceremony in 137.1, the awards rerc presented to David and ulfe Eisenhower for President nd Mrs. Nixon. Junta (CONTINUED PROM PAGE 1) -inho and Capt. Jose Baplistc Pmheiro Azevedo; Gen. Fran Cisco da Costa Gomes, tbe for mer chief of staff who s'dec with Spinola in the dispute ove African policy; Brig. Jaime Sit verio Marques, Col. Carlos Gai vao de Melo and Gen Mamie Diogo Neto. FREEDOMS GUARANTEED On Thursday night, Spinel* reported that calm reigned in Portugal and that his govern merit "will guarantee freedom of thought, speech and action " Working under cover of dark ness before dawn and with tigh organization, the rebels seizet control of Lisbon, key commu nications installations end othe strong points. T a n k s a n d infantrymei armed with automatic weapon roamed the country. The rebel urged businesses and shops t close. Food was hard to get b' the end of the day. All airport were closed, although the Span ish border remained open Caetano. the 68-year-old pre rmer who inherited the dictator ship from the late Premier Ar tonio de Oliveira Salazar, an several of his cabinet resigne after troops and t a n k s sur rounded them at the Lisbon po lice headquarters. The chief holdout was Presi dent Americo Thomaz, a 79 year-old ultra-conservative ad miral. He was reported hole up in an army barracks outsidi Lisbon, immobilized by a cor don of troops outside. Thomaz had as much to do as anyone with bringing to a heai the unrest among the younge officers that resulted in coup. WAR HERO Spinola. a hero of the war m A f r i c a and the army deputy chief of s t a f f , published a book early t h i s year in which he sail military victory was not pos s i i - , a n d lhc governmen should negotiate an end to tin is the bigges the conflict that . - . i . w v i.j LI it; IJIUKI single item in the budget of , country sorely in need of eco n o m i c development and mod ernlzation. Thomaz forced Caetano tc fire Spinola as well as the chiei of staff. Gen. Francisco da Cos ta Gomes, who sided with hi deputy. That produced a mini- MISSED YOUR PAPER? WE'RE SORRY! It you cannot reach your TIMES carrier PHONE 442-6M2 Dally 5 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday 3 r,o 6 p.m. Sunday 8 to 9:30 a.m. People Helping People Directors of Funeral Service Services. ·LANTON, ElriMit C. - Saturday. 10:00 a.m. Chanel of Netoon'i Funeral Homo. The Rev. L. E. Blanton officiating, asauted by Hcv. Lynvllle Eaton. Inlermcnt, Goshon Ce- melery. HUDSON, Arthur Hopklni, Jr. -- Returner! lo Rillnlw, Mon- tnnt for nervlcts and Interment Monday a.m. Obituary ARTHUR HUDSON JR. Fiiiicnil services for Arllu Hopkins Hudson Jr., who \vi found dead In his aparliuci Wednesday, will be condacti- Monday in Billings, Mont. 1 wns born Feb. M, 1940 in Wnsl inglon,- D.C., the son of Arllu H. and Jane Mcl.augtiliu l l i u son. Survivors are Ills father i Tel Aviv, Israel; his mother i Hillings and two brother Charles E. of Gaithersburg, M and Edward of Billings. Coroner Dr. John Vinzai said Hudson died of "complied lions of chronic alcoholism. Time of death was said to h April 20. MRS. ItOFlRIE WIIITESIDE Malvern -- Mrs. Robbie Clics bier W h i t e s i d o, 78, S h . r o v e p o r t , Ia.. d i e April 24 in Slireveport. Bor Dec. 30, 1895 ill Kingsland, sli was a former school teacher. Survivors are three dnugl :ers. Mrs. Sarah Kennedy Louisiana. Mrs. S u s a n n a Whiteside of Fayetteyille nn Mrs. Nell Kent of Mississippi one brother, Finley Cheshier o Seorgia; two s i s t e r s , Mrs Kathryn Peterson of Texas am Vlrs. Aline Tatum at Californi; and seven grandchildren. Funeral service was thi ·norning at the Atkinsoi Amoral Chapel at Malvern will urial in Oakridge Cemetery. MRS. ROXIE LITTON Springdale -- Mrs. Roxii Uabry Litton of Spi'ingdale diei oday at her home. Born in findsville, the daughter Edward and Drewcella Vang lan Creek, she was a membe of the Benlonville Christia Church. She is survived by her bus band, Paul Litton of the home one son, Ron L. Mabry o Springdale, a daughter, Mri. John W. Carlisle of Dallas Tex.; her father, Edward Creel of Bentonville; two brothers Curtis of Springdale and Bo of Long Beach. Calif.; a siste Mrs. Ona Mae Goodwin of Ben tonville and three grandchilc ren. Funeral service will be 4 p.m Saturday at Sisco Funera Home Chapel in Springdal with burial in Rogers Ceme tery. MRS. I,UTIE HAW Rogers -- Mrs. Lutie Donnel Haw, 89, Formerly of C a v Springs, died Monday in Flori da. Born Sept. 18. 1884 in Mis souri, she was a member o :he Cave Springs Church o "lirist. She is survived by one da ugh :er, Mrs. Correne Looney o Miami Shores, Florida. Funeral service will be 2 p.m Saturday in the Cave Spring 2iurch of Christ with burial in 3ave Springs cemetery unde he direction of Callison Funeral Home. CHARLIE GOODNIGHT Bentonville -- Charlie Me Cinley Goodnight, 74, of Pea iidge, died Thursday in a loca hospital. Born March 14, 1901 near Pea Ridge, the son o Rufus and Frances Tabb Good night, he was a member of th Church of Christ. He is survived by the widow Vlrs. Hattie Goodnight of th lome; one son, C h a r l e s o 'arson, Kan.; two daughters tlrs. Ruby Stephens and Mrs 5mogene Stephens, both o Bentonville; one step-son, Dale "ims of Cleveland, Ohio; om irother, Findley of Bentonville 0 grandchildren a n d nine great-grandchildren. Funeral service will be 2 p.m Saturday in Burns Funera Chapel with burial in Dug Hil Cemetery. Home Entered James Jennings, Route 2 pringdale, has reported to Vashington County authorities Thursday that his home had Jeen entered and several icles taken. Jennings said that two tele nsion sets, about $9 in change nd guns were taken. Home Burglarized Several items are missing rom the home of Charlie Burns, Route 1, Fayetteville ccording to Washington County h e r i f f ' s department reports. Burns told sheriff's deputie hat the back door of his homi vas kicked in between 11:3 a.m. and 2 p.m., and that beer a tape player and tapes, pad- ages of meat, and a BB gu were taken. More Passengers WASHINGTON (AP) _ Th( lumber of persons riding Am rak's passenger t r a i n s j u m p e d y more than 500,000 in March he rail corporation says I vas the f i f t h straight month ince the fuel shortage began hat Amtrak has recorded on ncrease in its ridership. ebellion by 200 officers whi ried to invade Lisbon a m o n t h go with an armored column 'roops loyal to the governmen jrned them back. But or hursday there was no such op osition. HERE'S MUSIC N THE AIR! it coming from your Inslru- icnt? No matter what inslru- enl you choose lo buy. you'll nd a selection advertised here aily and Sunday in Classified ds. N K ytr rt'A Alvarez ipjllar, Jeept eeitenl r/xifUIIoo, great [or be;r!nnei i, cage InclirlM. Tfcona X X X . K K X X . you want to sell or buy call 2-8242 before 4:00 p.m. and our ad will appear In tomor- w'j paper. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS , Court Denies Appeal By 3 Americans A N K A R A . Turkey (AP) - A five-judge criminal appeals court t o d a y upheld n lower court decision sentencing three Americans to life terms on con- viclion of conspiring to smuggle drugs i n t o Turkey. The hushed session lasted five minutes. The verdict of tlic Turkish court v i r t u a l l y e\hiuisted all legal means for a reversal of the sentence of Katlierine Zenn, 28, of Lancaster, Wis.; Joann McDanicl. 29. of Coos Bay, Ore., and Robert E. Hubbard 23, of San Diego, Calif. The decision of Iho appeals court makes the sentence final except for a slim chance Hint a request for retrial by the defense may be g r u n t e d , legal authorities said. The retrial is only granted in eases where important new evidence or witnesses can be presented, they said. The three w i l l probably bene- il from an tttnnestv bill presently under debate 'in the Un-kish p a r l i a m e n t w h i c h would reduce all life terms to M years imprisonment when enacted. Monuments Stolen TTM monument bases valued ?t $175 were stolen Wednesday from the Fayetteville Monument Company on West Township Road, city police slid today. Lloyd Agnew of the company told police that someone look the bases from the show lot Wednesday night. One of the bases, of light tan marble weighs 100 pounds. The other one, of white marble, weighs! War Eagle Show Dales Revealed WAU KAGLK - Tho clulos of May 3-5 m'o sol for the 12th » n n u H I "llnck-In-The-Hllls" inUlnuo show anil side nl Wur K a g f e Mills Kni-m. Tho show, fciitili'ltiK flliias- ware, woodcuware, p r i m i t i v e f u r n i t u r e , liniss imd copper ill-ills and curly Ainvrlcan,' w i l l ire open on the noovo (lays [rom 10 a.m. until li p.m. The spring event is sponsored by t h e Ozarks Arts nnd C v a f t s Association »t Wiir Eagle. A nominal admission fco is charged to help defray expenses In staging the show. I'ree parking is available autl a catered lunch will be served nt Washington County Sheriffs Posse presents the THRASHER BROTHERS Wendy Bagwell and The Sunlighters SPR1NGDALE JR. HIGH SCHOOL Thurs., May 2 7:30 P.M. Adults: $3.00 Children under 12: $1.00 Tickets On Sale from Any Posse Member Tho show hirnl(U tlio opening of tlio IWI progrniti "' events at dm pioneer village. It w i l l no followed In mld-.limi! hy tin- Iwo week seminar and llio iilsl a n n u a l O/nrlis A r t s ami C r a f t s show this f u l l . Gun Stolon Bill mibols. Houlc 1, West Fork, reported to Washington County sheriff's deputies Thurs dny tlio theft of a gun (rom his home. Dubois said tho .22 caliber pistol was taken within llic last three weeks. Lives In Tomb T A M l ' A . l-'la, (A! 1 ) -- On and i i f f foi 1 llio past fmiv years, nil elderly man w l l h H lonK KW lioai'd has lived In n i l e m p t y tomb In a .downtown cRinutury. IIi snys "it's i l r v mid .peaceful." "Well it's walin'proof and no- Iwly Is going U Irmiblo ii fella IK'inU In a Umib," says the M- yt'iii'-nld m n n, who goes only by (lie nnino P h i l l i p . "They call It n receiving loml). They p u t llio bodies In there before they're buried, nut they h a v e n ' t used It In n lon« lime," siiys Hie nldtimcr, who does grounds, work at tlie Oaklawn Cemetery. Alpha Delta Upsilon Fraternity would like to publicly thank all the people that made our most recent Charity Tennis Tournament possible. Due to your support and player response, we have decided to make this an annual event. Ken's Pizza McBride Distributors Fabric City Clyde Campbell Purvis Sportintj Goods Cornell Delta Upsilon First National Bank Ivey Motors Coca-Cola Distributors AW Drive In Wash. County New Car Dealers Assoc. Casa Taco Mr. Burger High Roller Cyclery AMP Springdale SAE Fraternity Stag Beer Mr. Toad's Holsum Bread Brer Frans Restaurant on lha Corner Sigma Pi Fraternity 1GA Thriffway KKEG Radio Many thanks, ALPHA DELTA UPSILON OPEN DAILY 9-10; SUN. CLOSPD FRIDAY AND SATURDAY PACKAGED SEEDS 7° M Ea. - 2 Days Wide variety of vegetable or flower seeds, for a flourishing garden. ARBORVITAE PFITZER 67 } 2 Days Beautiful plants for the home. Attractive. 1 1-Gal. Pfft 2-Gal. Peat Pots 3.17 ORNAMENTALS 50 LB. FERTILIZER 2 Days Azalea - Blue Pfitzer- Moek Orange - Dwarf Chinese Holly. Many Others. While Quantities Last. 7 17 1-Gal. Pot 8-8-8 Formula Lawn Fertilizer. Great for "greening" up the grass. 47 \\ mfiox, soils. Ntrwr.'u BARK NUGGETS MARBLE CHIPS 2 17 ZiiffMm **('?(,,, PATIO BLOCKS PEA T MOSS 2 Dayi cu. ft.* pine bark nug- oU. Larga chip:. Save) 2 Days 57 2 Dayi 7 37 2 Days ' SO-lb. white rock chips. Limit 4 a it i,i« · , 4 cu. ft. baled Canadian 8xl6xl% pr«-fabrlcated sphagnum poalmo??. cement blocks. Hwy. 71 B, North at Rolling Hills Drive in Fayelleville, Ark.

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