Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1974 · Page 30
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 30

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1974
Page 30
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Legal Nottcai IN '1111! U I A N O J C I I Y OOUIIT Of WAmUNOTON (ttUNTY, AllKANHAf* ttuulyii Yvcmrw Ttwrriltiiriu J ' l i l l i i i i f f Isiyd A r t h u r Tlnirfiliiiridi lloliuiilhiiL Tlio UoK'ii.lrtiil Li.yii A r t h u r 'limn- tuirttli in u ii i nut] to u|h|ic:ir hi Oili Cuuri ulihln ihlrly i\a\* niul aiuwcr Uiu coiut»nliil o( lha M n l n i i / l [ n II. u nh-ivu ·nlilleil cauiu, WllitujM my luiml ami KOII! of CmirL this 10 riiiy of April 1071. Alma Kiillmeyur, Clinnciry Clerk uy Knyu Ch,i|; M di B«i" _ -Vl\i Ul. 1, 8, lliK NOTIOK IN THE PKOUATK COURT OF WASH- JNOTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTEW OF Till-! KS'l'ATW O]'' Jotin A. Hor#rlJ, dtwnwU No. P-71- known mldress ol [liu'ctloni- 115 NotUi WtistiLngtoji, Faycllovlllo, Alt 72701 Dalo of (leaIK: April 2, IDT-l An Jnslnimcnt d«ile] June I, 1907, wni on llio Ifllli tiny of Aprir, 107-1, julrrilltecl lo prubnlo ns tho |«si will of llio nljovo named decedent, and tho uriilcrslmied h n s boon appointed oxocuirlx Hioreiiiidur. A conic at ol tlio fimljn lo or I h o w i l l cim l» otfocteil only by I J I I M K n nulltlon wllliln the lime provided ly law, All persona having claims nKnlust tho, Oitntc musl oxlillilt Ihcni, duly verified, to Llio uurtorslgnctt \vii]i1n six months from llio dnto of Miti Tlrsl puLrik-ntinn ot Ilila notice, or Ihcy si mil lw forever bnrrcd and precluded from nny bcnoIH In Ike cstflle. Tills notice first published 21 dny o[ A[irll, 1074. Murijitrel H [Ifjlwrls K\cculr[x) Co Wommack, LlncterRcr and n n v l s . I'.A. Attorney* «t taw. P.O. Hex 4128 FaycitevWe, AH Tyrol 2Tc 91. 1 Truckers Plan Shutdown If Fuel Stays Up PHARR, Tex. (AP) -- Several hundred angry truckers stalked out of a meeting after a federal government official told them, "The price of fuel is not going to be rolled back, no matter what." Millard Holden, president of the Independent Produce Haulers Association, said aFter the Tuesday night meeting he hopes the truckers will not stage a planned nationwide shutdown May 13, but a trucker from the Midwest said the shutdown will lake place. B u d Adams oE Fred- ericklown, Mo., regional vice president of the Midwest Independent Truckers Association, said truckers will hold stale- wide meetings in early May before making a final decision on the shutdown, but said it will occur unless fuel prices are rolled back. John W. Snow, deputy assistant secretary of the Transportation Department, told about 300 truckers Tuesday night he believes the government has made progress in attempts to solve the problems facing them, including the fuel shortage, high fuel prices, 55 m.p.h. speed limits and federal and state regulations. The meeting was orderly at the start, but some o fthe truck- Vr.s became angry during a an'd most left. question and answer session Pryor Favors Multi-Centers For Addicts LITTLE ROCK (AP -- Arkansas should look tit the possibility of establishing regional centers For the rehabilitation ot drug addicts, Former congress man David U. Pryor of Liltle flock said Tuesday. Pryor and four other guher nalorial candidates spoke to the Arkansas Farm Bureau Fcdcr atlon Tuesday. Ex-Gov. Orval E. Faubiis of Hunlsvllle, a Democratic gu bernatorial hopeful, said he wants to lind w.iys to accelerate efforts to nave more rural roads. Lt. Gov. Bob Riley, also seeking the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, addressed the group, just a little more t h a n two weeks after undergoing open-heart surgery. Ken Coon, a Republican gubernatorial contender, told the farmers that they should not expect problems to vanish just because candidaes make promises, Joseph Weston ot Cave City, the olhcr Republican in the GOP race, said he had gotten goat manure on his shoes before coming to Little Rock, adding that that showed his interest in farming. Weston also pledged to double the number of farm families in Arkansas if elected. Saying drug abuse had spread to rural areas, Pryor said that regional rehabilitation centers would put the services closer to the places where drug abusers live and work. He said he thought federal funds for such centers would be available. On another topic, Pryor said local people should have a major role in deciding how tneir land will he used, Faubus said the interstae highway sysem would be expanded and that the people, through elected officials, should have a voice in determining what areas would be served by additions to the system. Roads could be improved at a faster rate by accelerating state construction of the roads and by increasing state aid to counties for road work, Faubus added. Fonda In Hanoi TOKYO (AP) -- Actress Jane Fonda and her husband, activist Tom Hayden, were received in Hanoi by North Vietnamese Premier Pham Van Dong, the North Vietnamese news agency reports. The agency said Miss Fonda and her husband expressed "their resolve to support the Vietnamese people in their struggle ... for peace in Viet nam." WOMAN'S WORLD A Convenient Sewing and Shopping Guide for Today's Gal on the Go. Fancy shell stilch, fun to do, has interesting texture. Add a happy, homey touch with this afghan i n p a s t e l shad ings or 3 vivid colors. It's easy to crnchct of k n i l t i n g worsted- Pattern 550 directions, color schemes. 75 CENTS each paltcrn--add 25 cents each pattern for first- class mail and .special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler. Northwest Arkansas TIMES, 450, Ncod lee r a f t Dcpl., liox Id. 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Send $1.00 for each pattern Add 25 cents for each pattern for first-class mail and specia handling. Send lo Anne Adams Northwest Arkansas TIMES 438, Pattern Dept., 243 Wes 17th St., New York, N. Y 10011 Print NAMF:. ADDRESS, ZIP SIKR nnd STYLE NUMBER DOUBLE nOMUS! Choose one pattern free in New SPRING SUMMER Paltcrn Catalog. Ge one free pfttlcrn printed Inside 100 beautiful fashions, all sizes Send 75 cents now. New! Sew ft Knit Rook-- hns basic tissue paltcrn $1.25 Inntant Sowing Uook $1.01 Instant Fashion Honk $1.00 ADVERTISE RERCI TtKiu»nn1« of hommukora n*( thin fMtiir* dilly . . , tnt th*** will IN your -- "-··· -' ' ' · Young Chess Champ Howard Doppelt, a Chicago 8th grader, is back playing his father after heating international grandmaster Svetozar Gligoric, of Yugoslavia- The master took on 54 persons at the Chicago Chess Club. On (he Z7(h move Gligoric resigned -- he knew he couldn't win. (AP Wircpholo) Troxell Says State Senate like Circus' LITTLE ROCK (AP) Leona Troxell of Rosebud, one of Ihe five candidates for lieutenant governor, said, Tuesday that the Arkansas Senate looks like a circus. Speaking to the Arkansas Farm Bureau, Mrs. Troxell said that if elected, she would bring more decorum to the senate. Mrs. Troxell, a Republican, said she is running for two reasons -- her belief in the two party system and a belief that women are qualified and should hold public office. Former Ally. General Joe Purcell said farmers should have a voice in land use planning and the establishment of any regulations regarding pesticides. Pnrcell, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the office, also said he would not favor establishment, of a state department of agriculture unless farmers wanted it- On anolher topic, he said there Is no need for a tax increase. State Rep. B. D. "Doug 1 Brandon of Little Rock called agriculture the most important business-industry in Arkansas. Brandon said his votes in the legislature always have been in the best interest of the state. Kenneth Coffelt of Jacksonville said the only duty the lieutenant governor has is presiding over the Senate and making sure "nobody bottles up" a bill. Andrew Bearden of Little Rock, the only other Republican in that race, said he is running to prove that black men will stand up and fight for their convictions. He said until everyone stands up for what they believe in. Americans all will be puppets. Baby Bill Signed WASHINGTON (AP) -- Pres ident Nixon has signed into la\ a $9 million measure aimed ti expand research and coun seling on crib deaths attributed to a "sudden infant death syn drome." Cities Service Sues Gasoline Brokerage Firm LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Larry C. Prilchartl of Liltle Rock, owner of Pritchard International, Inc.. and its subsidiary, Arkansas Petroleum Sales, were sued Tuesday by Cities Service Oil Co. The suit was the fourth filed in Pulaski C i r c u i t Court against Pritchard ami or his companies over alleged breaches of contract In giisolino brokerages. Cities Service suited Pril- chard for $71.fjfH for Ihe alleged unpaid balances for materials and gasoline purchased nnd for $150,000 punitive damages for Prltchard's alleged fraud in Iransactions w i t h Cities Service. The suit said Pritchard purchased materials from Cities Service and issued checks drnwn on the account of Arkansas Petroleum Sales but none of the checks were paid by the bank. The suit said nil five checks were returned with cither tho notation "uncollcctcd funds or "insufficient funds." The 'suit saltl tho defendants repeatedly" gavo Cllle.s Service "false credit information" nnd credit wns extended to Prltchnn! "In reliance on this 'nlso information." Embalmed Body Is Man Missing For 27 Years SPARTANIJUKG. S.C. (AP) -- Martha Evuns had heard the lory about un embalmed body being kept In tho second-floor itorago room o{ tho Woodward '"uncral Home. So when she iroughl u beautician to do the iair of deceased friend, she iskcu 1 to sec it. "Oh. my God, It's Bellhouse," she shrlekc'd. Hellhouso was the family nieknamc for her brothcr-in- aw, Jumcs Evans, who hiit been missing for 27 years. He was a migrant worker in the icacli and apple orchards am farms along the East Coast. His wife, Lulia Mae, now o iranford, N.J., and the rest of he family had searched for "nim from Florida northward. But It was Mrs. Evans who 'ound him -- embalmed am dressed in a black suit, while shirt, black tie and hat. stand ng uprighl under a sheet in thi corner of the storage room. Shi d i s c o v e r e d t h e body i n January, hut details wcrcn' made public until she grante an interview Tuesday, A funeral is planned July 27 long enough away to allow Evans' wife and seven children to make arrangements to bi present from New Jersey Texas and California. Officials said Evans diet, near Spartanburg 3% years age at the age of 80. But they sai no one in the family knew c the death because he had beer using the alias William Bryant No one claimed the body a the Spartanburg General Hosp tal and so it was transferred t the f u n e r a l home and em balmecl. Officials there trie through newspapers and radi stations to find someone claim it, hut got no response. The executive director of th South Carolina Funeral Direc tor Association. W.O. Folk, sai the funeral home broke no la\ by allowing the body to remai unburicd for so long. "It was convenient for us' . put it in the storage room, th funeral home manager said. ": was out of the way, and nobod was stumbling over it." NorthwMt ArknnMi TIMES, W«d., April 74, 1974 FAYITTCVILLI, ARKANSAS 31 Suspects Heavily Guarded Gaston County, N.C., police train their weapons (o (wo suspects arrested and charged with murder Tuesday in the death of Atlanta high school girl Kathleen Smiley, 1C. Plnkey Thompson Mitchell Jr., 25, Is shown in (he foreground as a deputy binds his wrists. The other suspect, Wallace Charles Lanforrf, 21, stands on his left. The two were captured Tuesday. (AP Wlrcphoto) Convicted Of Rope PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) -Sherrill Avants, 25, of Pine BluFf was convicted Tuesday by a Jefferson County Circuit Court jury of first-degree rape and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Avants was accused of raping a married woman Nov. 10, 1973 in a rural area west of here. Avanls testified t h a t he danced with the woman at the Klondike Inn and asked her to drive him home. The woman testified that she agreed to drive Avanls home. She said that he beat her and then forced her twice to submit to sexual intercourse. Avants denied having intercourse with the woman- He said he asked her to drive him back TERMITES ? CALL ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL Roaches, Ants, Spiders, etc. COMMERCIAL ft RESIDENTIAL, 442-7298 lo the club after it appeared she was loo intoxicated to drive him home. 5V4* 71/2% We have a savings program and Interest rate to meet your needs. Foyetteville Savings Loan Association 201 N. East Avenue USDA Food Stamps Welcomed We Are Open Every Day Prices in This Ad Good Thru 5-1-74 WEST FORK Our Store Is Located At The Intersection Of Highway 71 South and Highway 170 WAREHOUSE MARKET WU I Ivt! We are quitting Super Saver Coupons. However, we will continue to redeem all Super Saver Cards that our customers have. Watch for our ad in this paper next week on May 1. We will have one of the biggest surprises to ever come to this area. Fully Cooked HAMS COCA-COLA 2 Quarts 2SC Shank Butt . ib. 69c Ib. 79c USDA Choice Boneless CHUCK ROAST $ L09 Lb. Thrill Liquid DETERGENT 45c 'WHOLE FRYERS 39 Lb. Thrifty BACON Fresh PORK STEAK PORK LIVER $149 Lb. Lb. 1 69' Lean Boneless ft\J STEW MEAT L, 59* A A ^ Lt 99* Fresh Sliced ' BOLOGNA Hy-Top 04 MACARONI CHEESE4 I Sta-Puf FABRIC SOFTENER : 59 c Whole Kernel or CREAM CORN Country Kitchen Jug 4 for 99' APPLE SAUCE 3 160 Cans Texas Fresh Green Texas CARROTS ^ 25 CABBACE , 8' ONIONS , 9' Naw Crop Yellow

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