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SI -SBBSSSSBBSeW aW BBBBnv Sk A fr I'll Mi AHA V' Oakland and Vicinity-Fair and mild tonight and Triday; light variable winds. mi VOLUME CIII THREE CENTS TEN CENTS OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 16, 1925 .30 PAGES HMUCdP i-ii i i 1 1 ii i i ii i I XT' 1 1 EORD PREDICTS ANOTHER TERM EOR PRESIDENT Darrow in Fighting Trim CLARENCE S. DARROW. Chicago lawyer, is shown, stripped of his coat and presenting a most warlike appearance, as he consulted with Judge Raulston about procedure of the Tennessee courts during the Scopes trial. He faces one of the most difficult tasks of his A photo.

fJHBAY 1UPE5 BARED WITNESS IN FIVE KILLED LOVE SUIT IS AS DYNAMITE THREATENED RAZES HOME IfHfi' HiiraT roan. i I I Sf 0 I I Coolidge Has Put United States On 5oundest Business Basis, He Asserts; Berates Jazz By WILBUR; FORREST Flames Following Blast Trap Commoner' MiKRBl4- Argument in Over in Scopes Evolatiojiiiat P' Attorneys Indulge MfHo Exchanges and Cdrt Compels Apology; Rulir Expected Late Tpds, DEARBORN, July 16. "The nation Is on the most solid basis it has enjoyed for years, under the leadership of a president whose ability and1 balance are beyond question. President Coolidge should and likely will be re-elected to another term in the White House when his present, term expires." This was the estimate of national economic health and the nation's chief executive offered by the world first billionaire, Henry Ford, in an exclusive interview given to The TRIBUNE. Wm pM BT ASSOCIATED PEESS i A LEASES WISE 10 TUBTOT COITRTRnnM riivi'iv July 16.

-WiHlajni Jtnnteil Bryan made. his first ment In the John T. 8coie'ptAS this Afternoon. He, addressed' 'th4 court in-support of ah ffort'hr'iho state-te- hate sclsntiftcr testiAohi excluded; His was' the afternoon. His' son Jennings.

Jr- Herbert B. Hicks afti. Ben T. MeKenzle had spokeh Ut 7.V the state In the fotehoon 'ieeaM with Arthur G. Hays presenting- tflf contention of the def easel' that! testimony "of scientists -shooSlhV admitted," 'Jltil-JiJfi Bryan opened by had not thought It proper 0t i in the trial to take part In the- cusslon.

He felt, be dealing with fluestlohs of; iiaiw j' prpper he thought the staU' a -thortzed representaUve- Pt. "But- today," said came -to a decision on wWoK.I i length of this trial will deyomfp If the court holder as we-feeltbHl hold, then we may reasonaWr-ex pect that the case Is aearibs; tl. I vr.SJr: "I have been tempted to' satd, "but have BRTAN TAKES CHARGES OF ATTORBfETJff rora, nowever, deprecated pre- mature political talk at a time when the president has hardly settled In Jiis first full-term period. "What I hive said Is, of course, politics," he added, "but I believe the man In the White House should be permitted to do his work without political distraction." FORD REXOUNCES PRESIDENTIAL AIMS, His frank admiration for President Coolldg and wish to se tha nation's chief serve yet another term at Washington may alto be interpreted as denunciation of presidential aspirations for himself. Ford's reference to American economic condition and political leadership was given in answer to a direct question.

went on to express the belief that the great period of post-war expansion In the United States had much room to continue apace; High wages, he believed, were a barometer of prosperity, while heavy taxation which struck at ownership was basically harmful to industry and the coun try itself. The European situation cannot Improve much, Ford thinks, until the nations across the water are willing to forget narrow national ism and cooperate frankly 'ana honestly on a basis of peace and reconstruction. This can never be, says, until certain international cliques, controling the world's money power, are eliminated from the general scheme of things. These elements. Ford believes, are pulling the wool over the eyes of the people while controling governments ar6preparlng future wars for 'their own' profit.

NO END SEEN TO PERIOD. Ha has faith in the American future he told me, and believes that the great period of expansion has not even begun to come to an end. "Look at the space in which we have to expand," he said. "We have obtained momentum and we cannot stop." And this is Ford's policy in his own great industry, now expanding to the seven seas. Whert 1 taiicea to nim nore ai Dearborn four years ago the country was in a state of after-war depression which had even affected his own powerful motor car industry.

Wall Street had emitted a rumor that Ford had asked and been refused a loan of $75,000,000. He denied that he had approached Wall Street or intended to do so. When I asked Ford, on this (w recauea uiat jie. naa by alnostirr iitef i on the other "lth being therb-oonsplrator loiii Otaf eten tbe invokJn of 'ujfw-hhm'ibmk. HELEN WILLS 10 SEEK FIVE TITLES Btakeley Girl After NwTen nis Laurels in East U.

S. Loses at CheWnut Hill.c BY ASSOCIATED PRKSS LEASED WIEE TO TRIBUNE BROOKLINE, July 16. A strenuous Eastern campaign which calls tfor five tournaments in as many weeks is planned by Miss Helen Wills of California, national woman's tennis champion, who is making her first Eastern appear ance of the season here at the women invitation tournament held in connection with the thirty-third annual LOngwood bowl com petition. Miss Wills is entered in the Es sex County Women invitation tournament next week Manchester. During the week of July 27 she will compete in the invitation tournament at Sea Bright, N.

J. The following week she will play In the tournament at the Westchester-Biltmore Club at Rye, N. and her next encasements will be-the international matches at Forest Hills, N. Y.r-nd the national championships there. Gerald L.

Patterson, Austrlia. today defeated Fritz Mercur, Bethlehem, 7-5, 6-3 in the fifth round of 'the thirty-third annual tournament at Chestnut Hill. J. B. Hawke; Australia, also reached the semi-finals by defeating Arnold Jonas, of Providence, R.

h. 6-4. The two Japan Davis Cup team members who entered the fifth round also reached the semifinals, leaving the finals to be disputed by Australia and Japan. Senzo Shimlzu, Japan, defeated F. L.

Luce Boston. 6-1. 6-1, 6-2, and Takeichi Harada, Japan, defeated Carl Fischer; Philadelphia, 6-1, T-. C-2. Alaska Peak Scalers Safe After Perils CORDOVA, Alaska, July 16.

All members of the A. H. McCarthy party which scaled Mount Logan, second highest peak in North America, are safe, according to reports reaching here today. Captain McCarthy and two members of his party were delayed in making their Journey down the Chitina river, but reached the lower waters in safety, it was reported. Moro Bandits Slay American Planter MANILA, July 16.

UP) William J. Rear, an, American owner of a large coeoanut plantation has been murdered in Cotobato province, presumably by Moro bandits." ft v-y Sir) Delhi Farmer Receives Note, Signed 'Vigitante Committee, Warning Him He Is Not Wanted and Beware' Alienation of Affections Case Goes to Jury of Twelve Elderly Women to Decide on 25,000 Damages Asked BFEOTAt BTxWIRJS TO IKE. TRIBUNE MERCED, July 16. Mrs. An- hette Caruthers $25,000 suit for alienation of her husband's affection, against Mrs.

Ethel Lena Smith, of, Delhi, was given to the Jury of 12 elderly married women this morning, with Instructions from Superior Judge. E. N. Rector cautlonlhg the Jurors to consider only tbe evidence and not be moved by sympathy. Arguments and rebuttal were concluded In a turbulent session yesterday, when spectators, braving the heat, were thrilled at the possibility of blows between Attorneys F.

M. Ostrander, of the prosecution, and R. R. Fowler of the defense. With an arrest Imminent, Interest was intense concerning the threatening letter received by Gordon Simmonds, young farmer and character witness for Mrs.

Smith. C. H. McCray, district attorney, while inclined to attach little importance to the veiled threats against Simmonds' business, con tained in the letter intimated that it was likely an arrest would be made today. The letter, dated Delhi, July 11, and received by Simmonds yesterday, read: "You are holding your Job by a bluff.

You are always running round with married women You are too bonery" for this community. Beware! "VIGILANTE COMMITTEE." CRITICISM MARKS COCRTP, ARGUMENTS. fcoth Stmionds and his wife had testified in defense of Mrs. Smith the day prior to receiving tbe notfe Sharp criticism of methoW the opposing counsel was featured in arguments Of both sides, Ostrander contenting himself with personalities in his rebuttal to the argument for Mrs. Smith made by Fowler.

Attorney Samuel Cornell, the latter's associate, did not speak. Edward Sickmore delivered the plaintiff's argumextt. His contention that the Caruthers hoine happy until the 62-year-old storekeeper met the farmer's wife, aged 30, stood out as the only strong points of his Fowler answering, declared: "This case is not conducted in the name of the people of the United States. It would have been far better if this case had never been brought to court. It would have been better for society and the people of this state If the case had never been tried.

"What interests Mrs. Caruthers? Why does she want $25,000 for loes of affections of a husband who referred to her as an 'old battle- axe' 7" At this point Mrs. Caruthers bowed her head and during the remainder of Fowler's talk, she sobbed. Fowler referred to her testimony and frigid demeanor on the witness stand as "acting," and said he had "no use for a person acting a part." CHARGES CALLED CONSPIRACY' BY DEFENSE. "Her husband? He was a cad.

Where is he? Why is he not beside his wife in her trouble, as Charles Smith, this young Delhi- farmer, is beside his wife? "Caruthers' wife knew what he was. You can live witn a man iore than thirty years without finding out what he is. She knew of his affair before she obtained those fatal'-love letter written him by Mrs. Smith and turned them over to his wife. A conspiracy? Does it not logically seem a conspiracy?" Company to Seek Air Mail Contracts WASHINGTON, July 16.

OP) Postmaster General New was ad vised today fro.ii Los Angeles that the air express was incorporated Monday for $500,000, subscribed by leading Los Angeles and Detroit business men, and de sired to bid on all air mail contracts from Salt Lake City westward. The telegram, signed byf B. L. Graves, manager of the 'Ford Motor company, asked for forms and instructions Immediately. Extent of any interest of the Henry Ford enterprises In the new organization was not disclosed.

Fugitive Slayer Seen, But Escapes Posse BY tWITED PKISS Leased wise to tribttiJi LIMA, July 16, Philip Knapp, spugbt throughout the East for the Slaying of Louis Panella, at Mlneola, N. was reported sighted near here, during the night and escaped early today, near Portland, Ind.v after a chase by three Lima policemen; the local repre sentative of a national deteotlve Complete List of Eastbay Vic tims of $800,000,000 Swin- die Given to District Attor ney by tbe Two Suspects Roster of 'Prospects' in Ponzi Scheme Also Produced; Bail of Mrs. Reeves 2 Aides Reduced to $5000 The complete list of Eastbay Vic tims of the alleged $800,000,000 "oil merger" scheme, said to contain the names of many persons prominent In local financial and social circles, was opened to the Inspection of District Attorney Earl Warren today by F. and E. T.

Reeves, two of th alleged leaders In the enterprise. In an all-morning conference In the city jail, where Davis, Reeves, and seven of their associates are Imprisoned on charges of grand larceny by trick and device. Warren went over the list with Davis and Reeves preparatory to laying all the names before the grand Jury at the beginning of its first session tomorrow morning. The list also contains. It Is said, the names of the "prospects," who were to have been offered the op portunity" to purchase "Golett Ktoek receipts." on promises of 10,000 per cent profits, if the plan had not been Interfered with by the arrest of the alleged principals Friday.

LISTS FOUND IX SAFE OF IMPRISONED PAIR. The lists were among the papers whljh were removed from the safe in the office of the National Patent Egg Case Company in the Title Insuiance building, where Davis r.d Reeves had their headquarters. Just before the police arrived. They had been kept concealed untii today, when they were turned over to Warren by the two accused men. Following the delivery of th document to ths bail of Mrs.

Peggy Reese's, of those accused In connection with th alleged plot, was reduced from $50,000 to $5000, and that of C. E. Spalding and J. S. Cormbs was lowered to the same figure from $25,000.

At a late hour. Attorneys Wilbur S. Pierce and Thomas Carlson, counsel for the accused persons, were endeavoring to obtain the necessary bail for them. METHODS DISCLOSED BT MRS. REEVES.

At a conference yesterday In Chief of Police Drew's office Mrs. Reeves and others made extensive disclosures of the methods used. The accused persons blamed "Jim" Gough as the one responsible for whatever was illegal about the affair, and said that they all had acted in good faith. Those present at the conference included Wilbur S. Pierce and Thomas M.

Carlson, attorneys for the nine accused persons; Mrs. Reeves, her husband, F. P. Davis, C. E.

Peacock, C. E. Spalding and Coombs, all of whom are charged with grand larceny by trick and device; Chief Drew and District Attorney Warren. According to Mrs. Reeves, "Jim" had assured her by long distance telephone last Saturday that he would be Oakland within a few days to "straighten everything out." On Monday, however, she received a letter saying that he had returned to Mexico -to "get some important papers." She said she had lost faith In him then, and believed he intended to remain in Mexico to avoid arrest.

Campaign Begun to Overthrow Mussolini LONDON, July 16. (49 The Dally Telegraph reports thet. exist ence of an enfrgetic International campaign to overthrow Mussolini and the Fascist regime in Italy. "Occult International forces from Wall street to Vienna and from Milan to Moscow," It says, are forking to this end. They have adopted methods akin to those practiced by the Bolshevik! in Introducing their own sect against the 'foreign trade unions.

That is to, say, emissaries of the forces in question have been enrolled In the ranks of the Fascisti for the. purpose of sowing dissension and demoralization. The paper'' adds that vast-' sums of money are being s'pent for the purpose by the anti-Fascists and their financial backers, domestic nd foreign. Coolidge, Davis tb Discuss Europe Trip SWAMPSCOTT, July 16. -OP) -Secretary of Labor Davis has been Invited by President Coolidge to come here for 4 conference before he sails for Europe.

The secretary's visit was arranged at the request of Davis. WASHINGTON, Tuly 16. UPi Secretary Davis will leave Washington today for Swampscott. The secretary's European trip will take him through tbe textile- steel and tter industrial plants of several countries. He will study labor on- Father and Four Children Asleep in Beds and All Meet Death in Blaze Explosion Blows Portion' of Ranch House Into Adjoin ing Vineyard; Cigarettes Give FcSbl Play Clue VISALIA, July 16.

An explosion today destroyed the farm house of H. D. Schroeder, four miles west of Dlnuba, and In the fire which followed, Schroeder and his four children were burned to death. The children were: Myrtle, 24; Barah, 2 1 1 Louise, 13; Arnold, t. Authorities are working- on the theory that the explosion was caused by dynamite, although there is said to be no reason to suspect foul play.

The bodies of all the victims were found In their beds. The force of the explosion blew portions of the large house Into an adjoining vineyard. Mrs. Schroeder is in Kansas City. A son, Edgar, 17, is in-a Fresno hospital.

John McBriar, a neighbor, heard the blast at 2:15 a. and, running to a window, saw the Schroeder home burst into flames. With Andrew Winter, another neighbor, he turned in the fire alarms which were answered by the departments of Reedley and Dinuba. The house was burned nearly to the ground before the blaze was oonquered. When the searchers could enter the charred ruins, they round the bodies of the man and three of the children lying in their beds.

One of the girls had apparently run, a short distance from her bed when death came. Officers point out only one clue found In the ruins, a package of cigarettes and it is known that no one in the. fi HI Mil Mil Letter Charging Hijackers as Kidnapers Called Hoax by Agents. WATSONVILLE, July i 6. Purported to have been written by men who are held prisoners by hijackers, a note in a quart bottle has been washed upon Aptos beach, ten miles north of here.

It immediately was turned over to county and federal authorities, who are investigating th rum-running activities in this district, and today the authorities expressed the belief it was a hoax. "We are captured by hijackers. Wo are held prisoners," read the note, which was signed "Jack Rus sell" and "Paul The bottle in which the note was sealed was found In the sands. After a conference with county officers of Monterey, this city and Salinas, Captain Charles Goff, head of prohibition enforcement work for this district, left last night for San Francisco; While at Monterey several witnesses were summoned and Captain Gpff an. part in questioning them.

A suspected rum running vessel figured today la the probe. Deputy District Attorney Argyle Campbell, it was learned, is trying to uncover information about the sus pected boat, which was tied up to a wharf here three weeks ago after the Pebble Beach liquor seizure and disappeared just, before tbe Moss Landing attack ten days ago. The vessel, identified as the 546M, 'was 50 feet in length, and equipped with a powerfulfsix cylinder gasoline motor. There was a well defined rumor that Philip H. Oyer, Commercial Fisheries chief here for the state, and brother of Sheriff W.

A. Oyer, of Monterey county, had given Captain Goff, federal dry chief. valuable information about the ves sels which frequent the bay. Willie Hoppe to Wed Broad way Actress MANHASSET, N. 'July 16.

OP) The engagement Of Dorothy Dowsey, Broadway actress, to Willie Hoppe, former champion billiard player, was announced today by Mr. and Mrs. James L. Dowsey, her parents. The wedding is to be lata In August.

Hocne divorced his wifein New Jjaxk last July. Dry Administrator Staff Mill Unfilled WASHINGTON, July With only two weeks remaining In which to make selection. Assistant Secretary Andrews of the Treasury has been unable to' determine definitely) on a single -one of the twenty-two prohibition administrators who U1. take' office SBHI week's visit, about tfce-cOTTpnt re port that be bad established a bank In Wall Street, he denied It vigorously and reiterated contempt for the street He frankly disclosed to me the present amount of the Ford company's bank deposits. I am under pledge of honor not to publish ths figure, but It Is violating no confidence to say that Henry Ford is figuratively a Wall Street In himself.

WORKERS TAUGHT OLD-TIME DANCES. A slight but almost athletic figure despit bis almost sixty-three years, his well-trimmed gray hair the only indication of real age. Ford walked into the Dearborn laboratories office to talk on the national, and general subjects. He came from a far corner of the great new building, where he had been watching a class of young men taking instruction In the old-time dances, which he believes will soon eclipse in popularity the dying Jazz craze of today. Ford's change of interest from dancing to ready estimate of national economic and political health emphasized his astonishing character.

His conversation ranged over a score of subjects during the next hour, as he sat and chatted with me as easily and gracefully as if talking to a next door neighbor-out back garden fence. His active mind throws off ideas and opinions as readily as sparks" come from flint upon steel. Yet there is a total unconsciousness of himself. He spoke to me in terms of mil-lipr yd.lljarsan4,avmie cf mt pioyees with titter disregard if the tremendous wealth and industrial mMig saw him and talked with him, is still the unspoiled Dearborn mechanic tinkering with an idea for a motor car forty years ago. How Henry Ford Intends to disseminate the merits of old-fash ioned dancing whether by motion pictures or otherwise, has not yet been decided, though he is prepar ing a book the subject.

When our interview ended at Dearborn Ford stepped into one of his own roadsters and drove it over to the nearby Ford airport for an inspection of his airplane fac tory. I am privileged to. give his views on commercial aviation, ocean shipping and other subjects In subsequent articles. (Continued tomorrow.) (Copyright, 1925.) Auto Death Toll Reaches Five in Bay Region; Oakland Child Hurt. SANTA ROSA, July 16.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Watson, old residents of this vicinity, were killed this morning when, their automobile was struck: by a Northwestern Pacific tr)iln at the College avenue crossing near this city. Watson was-70 yean old, and his wife 65. They lived on a ranch about a mile and a'half from Santa Rosa.

A soi and daughter, both residents of this city, survive them. The elderly couple were on their way Into town when the accident occurred. The 'automobile, was hurled a long down the track. The. train was sputh-bound from the Russian river resort region, and was filled with commuters to San Francisco.

Three persons are dead today, the victims of bay region automobile accidents. Two of these, a man and his 8-year-old son were killed, when their machine was struck by a Southern Pacific train at a grade crossing in San Mateo. A i-year-old Oakland girl was seriously Injured yesterday when struck bjf an automobile. Alesandro Ferranzl, 40, of 15 street, San Mateo, and his 3 -year-old son, Marty, were instantly killed, when Ferranzl became confused as be saw tbe approaching train and threw the gears of his machine Into reverse of speeding ahead. Another son, David, jumped, from the machine and escaped with a few bruises.

Struck by a truck at Fifth and Howard streets, Sari Francisco, Mario Germanelli. 60, of 6 Douglas Street, suffered Injuries from wbltM be died a few hours later at tbe Emergency hospital. The truok Ml BABY garqed as: deflte what the people tended and defined as needs "That there niiglfrnril uity, no; confusion- of i legislature: wajesjefttX es.ttefi what wis meant br tho flrstf.rt of COIVFESSIOS. OF DECLARED DAMW; "If the teacher taugbtitliaf'tr 3 was a descendant of any lower i of life he violated tha statute a I we have the confession -of th -fendant that he Jfnew i Violating. the law." Tbe speaker recalled the te1 mony of Walter White and- Robinson, Intended to ahovf-rti Scopes did know what i bVl'' meant and realized thaV.h.ewae; lating "Experts cannot permitted; come Into this.

cout -d. tl i that it. is not a bad doctrttler.Tb' is not the place to say that tht Ja should not have been passed Tl -legislature Is the advice -to be given-, lH'Ui'- "If they (the,Jn$': the affeetion: fori Tennesaed; cated by their presence horfvthe would' have appeared befeelf Vt legislature. any state, New stance, from which tha MHressi I eomes to prevent the enforcem of this law, Tennessee had mien "toliN fvt NDIANS KILL FQURiTRAlWS KILL BOND OF MEYERS WAITS Wwhiii Cltargins HomeSXfciti to Be Chief Witness in Cdse. .4 The trial of Charles Meyers, in.

dieted by the Alameda county grand jury on three counts follow ing an expose ofUhe methods, -O the ball bond brokers operating at the Oakland city hall and in Alar meda county courts, was postponed this morning from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock this A which Will hear the was excused yesterday, afternoon until 2 o'clock this afternoon after the completion of another, trial, causing the delay in the Meyers-case, it was announced this corning. The grand Jury indicted Meyers on three counts, grand larceny, obtaining property under false pretenses, and embezzlement. Mrs. Alvfna Combs is the complaining witness and is expected to repeat her story which she told the members of the grand Jury. Mrs.

Combs charges that Meyers furnished ball for her husband. She gave the ball bond broker a deed to their home, she says, with the understanding that in case the ball was returned the deed should be given back to her. Meyers is said io have kept the deed and Mrs. Combs has been unable to regain her home, it is charged by the woman. Myron Harris and Leo Sullivan will defend the bail bond broker and Milton W.

Sevier, chief deputy district attorney, ard Paul St. Sure, deputy district attorney, will cop- duct the prosecution. Ex-Pastor Culp, Sister-in-Law Skip mmmmmmmmmmm SOUTH BEND. A Til lir 1ft 45P)--Wilson Culp. former Ohio pas- i riv Llal- iSv nine cnu-: forgiven a c.h time, has -again left his family.

Mrs. Dorothy Culp, a sister-in-law, of Nap-panee, also has disappeared. Culp and his IWiift-frasgs WILSON CVIT. sister-in-law fled from their homes last spring and went to Chicago, but returned when Wilson Culp obtained a warrant charging non-support. Each promised not to do it again, However, they are believed to have broken their and Mrs.

Wilson Culp thinks they have fled to Mexico. clerk learned, that Maggie was "given" to Frank by her husband, Tony-Roach, with dollar boot. Mrs. Roach, said Tony, had thrown her out of their home night and had grra Z4ek dolUr RAZE PROPERTY Coffee Districts Terrorized and Pillaged by Tribe on Warpath. RIO JANEIRO, Brazil, July 16.

C4) Dispatches to newspapers state a tribe of Indians known as the.Orubus, meaning buzzards, are on the warpath and have swooped down from their mountain homes in the interior of the state of Maranhao, killing four persons and pillaging property in the thinly populated coffee and farming regions of the district. The inhabitants are asking aid from the federal government as the farm- houses of the scattered settlers are far' apart and the state, police force is not sufficient to afford full protection. Follies Star Denies Carpentier Troth NEW YORK, July 16. OP) Mary Eaton, youthful dancing star. High up on Ziegfeld's a -roll, is Indignant over reports that she Is to marry Oeorges Carpentier, French fistic Such re-ports were published- after her departure for ParS five weeks ago.

"Those reports are prepos- KARY EATON, terous," she said. Carpentier is lrtarrled and has two children. Shenandoah Reported Delayed on Trip NEWPORT NEWS, July 16. Of) Tke Shenandoah, due at Hampton Roads at noon today, had not arrived at 2 o'clock. The nim i minimi mm I iiThiisIibsHbssI IP mh Ml 1IW York to resist it, their.

would -have been resonted. Ctfn-'C pose Tennessee had sent neprtti New Tork to protest and-tst -as to the New York prbhlbltlhTW' would not Nevy Yofk bats' this improper iy'TZT- "It is not a plac tiiriony. TEXT BOOK h' svbjj mmAvniuor '-'Xhe textliobk lit $VfdM hV i the vers j41Vtd'i this state." "Has it come to a time that mlnirlty in Tenftessee 'can take education of the Children out the hands 'the. pareWof children who attend C'The moment -tha lav he said, "anythw-er. to the law Wthe text boekab outlayrs.

1 ThVWW atopsrae autborisattoo of tlie' ichjoor Bryaa predicted' that tlttt I ard Morgan, witness for-th yesterday, wottld bet tinguiehed lawyer some day. little boy understood the th-evolutioiu" said tptakc. BRTAW DEFTIVKS word Evowmoxw 1 Bryan called; attention, sent meeting of tbe I' cation association -It' was" propose! to whero to "head plain annoimc-- be done, he et-the re' said At ere v-f'T- eve' Wife Given Away 'With $1 to Boot' Lands in Jkil for Bigamy Attempt a. BT ASSOOIATED PBISS IX4BID WIE TO XRIBVHZ OMAHA. July' 18.

Frank Zack, 47. and- Maggie Roach, 68, were srrested today after they had a marriage license at 1 aitions and tbe methods fused curigioie, ien iKnur, tms was. driven bureau and a dotea, newspaper-1 August ,1 under tbs reorganise nwlappUed fer- Bluff lows, when the tO s- 5 Si.

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