Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 23, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1974
Page 10
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WTO HIT AW OVER AW HEAD, DO W HEAR? OUT IN FRONTOFMS,EITHER! I WANT fOU TO HIT 'EM RlSHT TO ME i r,u.R!8HT.TUENUT'$ · TRf HITTINS 'en A time TO ONE S1P6... WITH INFLATION^ BOWL HAV6TEN SUCKS HDffA.BCWL.OF VOU IOMEGA /.UKf CM I TJfV-S ""««=£ «"HM. ·»*« ftJFPPER TURNS * CRIMSON. SHE SEEMS TO BE PAWCIWG JUSt : 5?STANBl!l.OHEOF THOSE ·"NtTE SPOTS WHEKETHERB *A W HO TOl OMMAMRKENK* tMtts sensi« VOUCANTEAT WHMWMJPW* I^Jgta, WHAT ISA xouAse. S STAR!!* YOU TWIXf VO' IT'S ONLV RATED G WAITTtlLI PUT TATER IM HIS PLftV I eCfTSOME BOOAOOUSSOSSIP ALL WE HAVE FOR A VIEW Y5,-LGUr. r '- DOGPATCHrr 1FVJE COULD SOLVE BOTH PPOBLEMS- WOULD BEJHE HEAVEM-WE DESERVE/.'' THESEFWAKfT RROBLEKA IS BUTT THE OTHER ONE IS WORSE e teas M ~Z DON'T LOOKMVA6 I ,~.SU£ DOESN'T SAY.iAM, AM'TWO,' FBONTAL PROSE N/1S-AVI5 TUB SIMULATING A »i«_7 iX *- c _ I SAW A REPAIRMAN OUT FRONr WORKING THE 1 LINE THIS IS AN EMERGENCY/ CAN YOU GET THRU TO SALty HEV/lTr I'LL BE LATE FOR THE LUNCHEON?' J i' lio.mwoil A FAVITTCVILLl. ARKAHIAI IIMlUillHlllllllllllllUIIIKIItlllllllMIMimiMII.IIIIIII lllllllll»lllll«IKIIIIIIHII!IHHIIUIIIIIIi««l LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Establishing Paternity May Be Difficult n NiiiiiiHiiiiHiHimiiiniiiiiii uii!]iiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii»!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiimiflHiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii« MIKE BJONWNI VILLA WRK, ILiN IN AN HOUR CH»ig 279 SIW Of SUM AT THE SAMS TIME OAYHORSES ARE ERECTED W TOBRFELDS8V OF WDM. IN THE BaiEFTWYWLl BE MOUNTED BV W1LLSHOW THEIR APPRECIATION ey DEFENDING WE fjeOflEKTY FROM FROfOR BYANDBURys ..... . _ _ . flNDSMOWS NHO BEC4ME NKMBSMKOFaoirmiRt iDniiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiieiiitiiiiiiiiuiininiuiiiiHinw^ FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find ivhat your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR WED., APRIL 24, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20). A good period tor completing unfinished business, starting unusual projects and advancing new ideas. If opposed in the latter at first, try a different strategy. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21} Beware of rumors, the " side information" always available but rarely worth anything. In all matters, investigate for accuracy, details, truth. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Some new insight could lead to higher achievement or bigger profits now. A fine Mercury aspect stimulates perceptive ness, intuition. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Keep on your toes now. A competitive factor of which you are unaware could he building up. Watch, too, for some tricky maneuvering. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Tendencies to avoid: indeci- siven'ess and. as with Taurus, an inclination to accept faulty informaton wthout careful checking. Otherwise, day should 50 well. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) You may encounter some dfficult persons, even run into unexpected opposition. Remain tactful, tolerant and affable, and storms will blow over. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Planetary influences favorable for overcoming personal limitations, solving problems; are especially helpful in ironing out family diffcultcs. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) You get a splendid idea for increasing your income. Act on it promptly lest you begin to have doubts as to its feasibility - and drop it summarily. SAGITTARIUS (Nov^ 23 to Dec 21) Certain complexities indicated in work areas, but you can belter straighten them out bj working behind the scenes thar otherwise. .Follow a hunch foi best results. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) The methods and tactics you usually employ may be ineffcc live now, but you can devise some clever variants - perhap^ even more result-getting in th long run. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Follow-up on a unique idea could be highly successful - i you are aware that present con ditions are without precedent It-will be up to you to accomo dale. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) The Piscean's: innate intuition and curiosity are legendary Use these traits well now ana you may turn up some highly profitable information. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed wilh a lively imagina lion, remarkable intuition ant a gift for sensing the needs o others - even before they them selves are aware of ther lacks Many come to you for advici and help, which you give generously.. And your tolal involve menl wilh your · fellowmar makes you an outstanding phy sician, nurse or worker ii humanitarian causes. Asidi from Ihis allover altruism, yoi have a distinct flair for the dra matic and could make an emi ncnt career for yourself as an actor, writer, playwright o trial lawyer. Music also appeal to you. but probably more a an avocation than a lifework Birthdate of:' Anthony Trollope Eng. novelist: Barbra Streisam and Shirley MaeLaine, Amer actresses. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS LDoze 4. Dance step 7. Among 1L Genus of the bowfin 13. Thekava (Hawaii) M. Wither, asa plant 15. Gary TTayert sport 16. Wire measure 17. Playing card 18. Sharp mountain crest 20. Attica township 22. Wapiti 24. Entrance 28. Protected 32. Anoint (archaic) 33. Afforded 34. Longing 36. Algerian seaport 37 Root 39. "Daughter of the moon" 41. Certain fishermen 4S. Bar offering 44. Parts of bridles 46. Sheriffs band 50. Beverage 53. Aries 55. Clan strife 56. Elliptical 57. Mr. Gershwin 58. Israeli seaport 59. Coffin cover 60. Bcinv- burse 61. Viscous substance DOWN 1. Hills of Assam E. Love god 3. A shag 4. Knave of clubs 5. Eager 6. Dried orchid! tabers 7."-faun" 8. Deface 9. Fish la Ruler of Tunis 12. Charles Harris song 19. Old Times (archaic) Average tine of totmSoni 24 mia E@B®S S0UH 1IKS3H BQiiiag SHOSGSS HBffl Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 2L Extinct bird 23. Largo or West 25. School year division 26. Turkish regiment 27. Camera need 28. Merriment 28. African river 30. Indigo 31. Lair 35. Egg drink 38. Swiss canton 40, Gymnastic feat 42. Sunset, for one 45. Miss Teasdale 47. Denomination 48. Chapter of the Koran 49. European river SB. A bribe 51. Eggs 52. Any spKt pulse 54. Word with apple or Day IB 45 fT "I'UM., Is It possible to definitely es- ablish that a particular person s the father of a child? ' Mr. J.H.W., La. )enr Mr. W.: The question of paternity cannot always he definitely deckled by tlie study of the nnjoi' blood groups. Every child is born with a ilood group that is Inherited "rom one of the parents. These 'our main groups have suhdivi- sions which, in some instances, may be of value in establishing paternity. SUBGROUPS USED These are called M and N used in some cases of questionable paternity. Not all states in the country will accept these blood studies as positive evidence of iater- lity. But where it is legally admissible, the M and N subgroups may positively show hat the parson accused of paternity is not the father. On the other hand, the M and M sub-groups need not lecessarily prove that the person accused of paternity 'he father. I'm embarrassed by the loud noises and rumblings in my stomach. I don't know whether other people hear them, hut they sound like a distant thunder to me. Mr. N.N., Ind. Dear Mr. N.: I know that it is little com icnsntlon that the name of your condition Is an Intriguing one. Uorborygmus is the technical term to describe the growling, rumbling .sounds that emniiats from the stomach. The noises are usually caused by air that is trapped in the stomach and in the intestines.- A small amount of air is normally swallowed while eating or drinking. Sometimes an excessive amount of nir is unconsciously swallowed during rapid' eatings. EAT LESS, You might try eating smaller quantities at more frequent intervals. Chewing foods mort slowly and eating without emotional pressure may be helpful. There arc some mild charcoal medications that are given to relieve gas bubbles. The streophonic sounds of borborygmus have more socia! meaning than medical significance. S p e a k i n g o f y o u r health...Glaucoma can be controlled and sight preserved by early detection a n d early treatment. Dr. Coleman welcomes letters from readers, and , while he cannot undertake to answer each one. he will use questions in his column whenever possible, and when they are of general interest. Address your letters to Dr. Coleman in care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) South dealer, Both sides vulnerable. NORTH * 8 6 2 V A K M 9 8 # 9 3 8 WEST + Q 1 0 8 4 4 9 4 V J 7 6 S * Q 1 0 8 6 2 + J 5 SMITH * K Q 1 0 » A K 9 3 + A K 7 6 The bidding: Sonfli West North East 1* Pass I V Pass 2NT Pass 3NT Opening lead - five of spades. This rule of playing second-hand-low on defense is generally a very sound practice, but, as with all generalities, you shouldn't allow the rule to dominate your thinking. West led a spade, won by South \yith the ten. With only eight tricks in sight, it was ob vious to declarer that his most promising source for a ninth lay in hearts. Accordingly, he played a heart and finessed th»f eight after West followed low. . East took the jack -- h« : could have saved a trick by' ducking - and returned a spade.- Eventually South scored ten' : tricks consisting of four hearts,' two spades, two diamonds and' two clubs. i' But West could have beaten, the contract by playing the. queen on the first heart lead.:' To do so could not cost him."' trick. If South had the jack,' dummy's five hearts were all- tricks, while if East had the; jack, the queen play might hold-: dummy to two tricks. Declarer could not have! recovered from the queen play. Restricted to two tricks in each; suit, he inevitably would have' failed. It is true that a defender 1 usually follows low when he is' second-hand and rarely plays a i high card in order to force a' higher one from dummy. But. here the queen is clearly the^ right play. West can easily: assume that if he plays low on the first heart lead declarer, will also play low from dummy. It follows from this that if- it is to declarer's advantage to play the eight after West plays the five, it must be correspondingly disadvantageous for West to allow him to do so. He should therefore put up the queen. PONYTAIL freshmen - is "'t YOUNG love Delivered to your door seven days a week for less than 11 a day. That's a bargain! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242 ON TOP OF THE NEWS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

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