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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 1

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 1

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Exclusive Asseclatfd Pvttt The Ate Oakland and Vicinity Fair tonight and Sunday; moderate westerly winds. Unfttd Pves Hurnattotil tlews tenrict THREECEJTS SUNDAY TEN CEiNTS. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY EVENING," ULY 26, 1924 Copyright, J4, oy Publishing Co. 20 PAGES li NO. 26 IMDMtE Hi Service EASTBAY TO IS DEAF TO OAKLAND LEOPOLD UNO LOEO FOUND SANE BY DEFENSE EXPERTS; Cries at Birth Of Park Lion Call Police on 'Murder Scare Woman's Tears Keep Her Out of Jail Today She Goes Monday GIVE POWER DEFENSE DAY FOES SCORED Oy GOOLIDGEI Target of Gossip, EDNA PURVIANCE.

'movie star, who played the leading role in Charley Chaplin's "A Woman of Paris," and became involved in court action as result of the shooting of Courtland Dines at a New Yeai eve party, has stirred gossip of impending marriage by becoming the millionaire's guest. DAHRDW CHARGES PERJUflY WIRE PLEAS Easthay Rated as Suhurh as Most of Industrial Area rn to c.cigar on a speeding Does nusmess In rough S. charge. Says Telegraph Head m't 'ise instructed Mrs i hreilH8 to leave the children at home on Monday and to compose Claim of Fruitvale Rranclii 'hat tlme- because, ho announced, you Attorney Decla res Detective's Testimony "Fabrication" to Intimidate Trial Judge Caverly ATTACK OPENED UPON STATE vl iR (By A-oclntoil Prcs Leased Wire) CHICAGO, July 26. Extensive tests made for weeks by seven defense alienists show that neither Nathan Leopold nor Richard Loeb, slayers of 14-year-old Robert Franks, is insane, it was learned today.

The defense, in fart, was harrerl hy a plea of "guilty from offering an insane defense, Attorney Harrow, however, at that time asked the court for permission to present evidence as to I the defendants' "degree of mental responsibility." i hystological facts tending to prove lack of emotion, and other usual mental twists, which they claim is accountable for the boys' acts and attitudes, will be shown in testimony by Dr. Glueck, Dr. Ilealy and Dr. J. Whitney Hall of Chicago, defense alienists, according to authoritative information obtained today.

hiMtoMiiiiinfcirMirfffiiif (By Associated Press Wire to TRIBUNE.) CHICAGO, July 26. Insinuating that the state'g testimony which credited Nathan Leopold, with a desire to plead guilty before a "friendly judge" was a fabrication, Clarence S. Darrow. chief counsel for Leopold and Richard Loeb, struck hard today at this evidence. It was the first time since the boys pleaded guilty to the kidnaping and murder of Robert Franks thai their counsel had challenged the truth of any material fact brought out by the summoned by Robert E.

Crowe, slate's attorney. James J. Gortland, detective tfr- BKKKKLKV, July. 26. Tears shed by Mrs.

JIarie O. Freitas, 32, of 9703 Kcott street, Oakland, and the presence of her two smal children saved Iter from a jail sentence KP. are KoInK to jail and all the tears in the world won't help you." Mrs. Freitas was arrested by Officer J. .1.

Fisher for traveling at a clip of 43 miles nn hour Rlong San 1'ablo avenue six months rko. At the time of her arrent she gave the name of Mrs. G. Itogers. A man who was with hpr-mml who said lie owned the car Rave his name as Charles Field.

A search for tho woman during the past six months following her failure to appear in court resulted In her arrest yesterday on a henrh warrant at her home in Oakland after several trip." hy officers hud been futile because of a ferocious bull which served as a miard. and also because of the fact that members of the family refused to open the door. WOMAN APM1TS KIIKAKING SI'KKD LAW. Mrs. Freitas admitted traveling beyond the speed limit.

She explained to the judge that there had been a party In her home and said that she was the only one of the group who had not been drinking and, as a result, was called upon to drive her guests home. She also fihp na(J been to(1 by friends that the case had been "all fixed" with the judge and that her appearance in court was not necessary. "I want to ge't thls over as quickly as possible," she declared this morning, as she appeared before Judge Kdgar, a child clasped by cither hand. "You are going to Jail," announced the judge. "What are you going to do with your children?" TI 'AltS FA I li TO SOFTEN JUDGE'S DECISION.

The woman burst Into tears and pleaded with the court to show her "mercy." But the Judge remained adamant and instructed the woman to return at 9 o'clock Mondav morning, prepared to go to the county jail. The Judge did not state how many days would be given her. Harry J. Barnett, taxi driver of 923 Arlington avenue, Oakland, chose to serve two days in the county Jail this morning because he did not have $1.1 with which to pay a fine Imposed 'when he appeared before Judge Edgar for speeding. Barnett was arrested for making 32 miles per hour along San Pablo avenue.

Angclo BanduccI, 226 South Fourth street, P.ichmond, entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of reckless driving preferred by Officer J. J. Fisher after the latter had fired four shots at him in a race of more than three miles. The case was set for trial next week. Radio Brings News Of Arctic Explorers BY INTERNATIONAL NEWS LEASED WIRE TO TRIBUNE.

OX BOAKU THE S. S. nearing Hawks Harbor, N. July 26. The MacMlllan expedition, locked In the ice floes of Greenland for more than a year, is coming back to civilization, according to a radio message picked up today by the United States cruiser Milwaukee from the How.

doin, the exploration ship. The message Indicated the Bowdoln was 1ST miles south of its last known' position and said the start home i would be made ns soon as the ice! breaks up. Doctor Holds Slight Hope for Woolwine BY INTERNATIONAL NEWJ LEASED WIRE TO TRIBUNE, PAULS, July 26. Thomas Lee Woolwine, former Los Angeles dis-triit attorney, who has been critically 111 for a week with internal hemorrhages, has but a slight chance for recovery. Dr.

Thanck, one of his French physicians, announced tonight. 1 TO SOUTH TTater Shortage Cuts L. Electricity; Streets Are1 Darkened; Negotiate fori kmergcncy Service Men Oakland and Alameda Steam Plants to Generate Release Juice; Daylight Saving Plan Is Suggested Southern California firo as-mniing "wnr tlnio" nspi-rts with the street HtsritS mi'l display darkened find waving hours In effort, while nogotlat loo--ere being rushed for the sen.lirm dnuthwiinl from Alameda a nil li el of power from station to lleve the power f-lioi tnue. According In Punri illtf ll.lrllt Kiilin of the Alameda Municipal 1'ouer negotia tlons between Uml oily and II i Ttntlrr. power supervisor of l-os Ancelos, have been In progress Tor several fli vh.

It is proposed tn 'connect the power plant with the Great Western rower company rrnss-rountry lines and to semi nil mirpliiH power houtti for use there over the lines of the Pacific. f'ia Kleetrie company. The Key System Transit rum-pnny's power station in Kniei -j ville nay also he pressed into Bill the southlmd. to H. I).

Bell, electrical engineer of the company. Issue, 1 statement yes- i t'rdny saying tiiat the water short-! use all over California wouhl. within the net montli, make thej pewer shortage felt even In the northern part of the state. He ft ci that he hellevei that, even thoiiKh the Ray cities roulil assist the south nt present to some le-' tree, within a month the shortage I In the north wouhl ilemanil the local use of all available power. More than dozen of the InrKer power plants In the southland nre almost entirely out of service nl present due to the low head nf water in the otrenms.

The short-nee Is dally growing worse. Th I.of Anceles Chamber of Commerce Is seeking the passage of a state law establishing, daylight savings. In a further effort to reiluce the consumption of power' for lighting. The Oakland Chamber of Commerce decided nt Its last directors meeting to en dorse the law If proposed The Berkeley Phiunhor of Commerce has also tentatively approved the project 'PayMght savings Is already In effect In several southern California cities through the passage of local ordinances. In Ios Angeles the power shortage has compelled restrictions on the use of hy theaters, and for display lights signs, nit householders have been appealed to s.

temporarily discontinue the use of electrical appliances as much as possible. Ten Miners Killed In Coal Mine Blast BY p-mitto prfss LEASED WIRE TO LTUBUNE Julr 26. Ten miners were killed in nn explosion flirt of the It., flight. The bodies were recovered early today.

The cause of the explosion has not been determined. te hundred and twenty men Were In the mine at the time of the explosion and nil were accounted for except the ten who were killed. Six of the men killed were ninr-rled, with largo families. 5. F.

Girl Killed as Cattle Upset Auto BY ASSOCIATED PRFSR LEASED WIRE TO TRIBUNE. SAN" FA FA Kb. July 2. Jenny r.igllerl. daughter of O.

1 Parker avenue, San Francisco, was killed last night when an automobile she was a passenger In ran Into a herd of rattle and overturned three miles -north of San liafael. Four other oecupniTJs of the machine escaped serious Injury. Floods Wreck 10,000 Houses In South India BY INTERNATIONAL NEWS LEASED WIRE TO TRIBUNE (INDO.N, July lives liave lieen lost, scores of towns inunilaleil and tlionsimds nf hou-ei ileslroel hv floods in South India, according to despatches today from Bombay. At least houses have been wrecked, the despatch said, and distress is acute. Communications have been disrupted throughout the flooded Haijrond tracks have lieen washed out and many bridges destroyed.

I i I 1 i Not only do dogs have their day but likewise do Hons, goldfish, and buffalo, not to mention pigs. Was there ever a birth of a lion celelinited with so muchoX fieia dignity, so many brass buttons, so much public alarm, ns that of Little llollo at the public zoo Uist night? Hollo's mother, Mrs. Marimba Band, thinks not. And Sergeants James Flemming, and A. Smith.

and Patrolmen Gus Stowell and George Morrison, concur. Dull care was hanging heavily about the precincts of Desk Sergeant Flemming at 3 a. m. when the sleepy watch was stirred Into activity by two telephone calls hearing news of murder. It.

Barber. 5(529 Ocean View drive, declared that as he was driving along the shores of Lake Merritt he heard a woman screaming as if the beating that was to come within nn inch of her life had overshot the mark by a foot. Corroborative Information was had from S. B. Hightower, Maple street.

HEBOIC DASH MADE BY HOMICIDE SQUAD. The homicide squad, unded the direction of Sergeant Smith, dashed from police headquarters with the siren of the patrol wide open. Smith and Tatrolmen Stowell had. artillery trained to the right and left. Stopping at the lake to pick up Patrolman Morrison, the squad discovered that it was bound, not on a mission of death, but on one of life.

Under the direction of Morrison, the squad reverently and silently tiptoed to the cage of the Bands at Snow's museum. There they found Little Rollo, half an hour old, calmly sleeping between the forepaws of his devoted mother. "Well, what was all the hol-lerln' about?" Sergeant Smith whispered softly In Patrolman Morrison's ear. "Oh, that," said Morrison, "that was the kid's father." As for the goldfish. Inspectors Robert Goodwin and Arthur Sanderson are on their scent.

When last seen by those who scattered bread crumbs upon the water for their nourishment, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Chllds, 3650 Klop-kins street, the fish.

200 of them, all 14 karat, were attending school in Childs' back yard. The theft was reported to the police and Goodwin and Sanderson were assigned to investigate the case. "They used to keep a school of fish," the inspectors reported back at headquarters," and now they haven't any class." In San Francisco two men discovered that being pig-bitten Isn't enough to obtain the remedy for being snake-bitten. Principals in the comedy are Joseph LavesI, Secundo Munu-etti and a crate of Chinese pigs. The crate of pigs, en route Trom China to the ranch of II.

D. Kelly, San Mateo, fell from a truck In the vicinity of Po-trero avenue and Army street, and the porkers escaped. In the fracas that ensued, police, pigs and public were hopelessly intermingled and Lavesi and Munuetti emerged from the mass with wounds. "Give it to us, quick! We've been hog-bit!" the two demand-ed, arriving at the Mission emergency hospital. "There it Is," replied the Intern coolly as he applied burning iodine to the stinging wounds.

The buffalo may be nearly extinct in fact, but not in fiction. All the favorite stories of rum runners, Chinese gambling dens, crime waves, and the which the San Francisco police regaled themselves In leisure hours have-given-way to the stories of how the memberi hunted buffalo In the city streets with motorcycles instead of mustangs and barley instead of but-lets. Twenty-five of the herd in Goldert Gate park escaped Thursday night and were rounded up with difficulty. In the rounding events transpired that. In the tellng today, would have made Buffalo Bill's prairie career read like a prospectus for- a girls' seminnry.

National League R. H. E. St. Louis 4 10 0 New York 5 9 2 Batteries Dickerman and Gonzales; Watson and Snyder.

R. II. E. Cincinnati 2 7 3 Brooklyn 3 10 1 Batteries Benton, Sheehan and Wingo; Grimes and Taylor. R.

H. E. Chicago 5 12 0 Philadelphia 1 7 1 Batteries Keen and Haitnett; Mitchell and Henllne. In Letter President Rebukes Pacifists for Their Opposition to Movement-for Preparedness antj Peace Condemnation of Purpose in Observing September 12 Is Resented by Executive's Letter Giving His Policy WASHINGTON, July 26. Branding ns "unfair and misleading" the methods being employed by certain pacifists organizations in opposing Defense Day, September 12, President Coolidge today rebuked the National Council for Prevention pf War for Its opposition to National preparedness.

In a letter to Frederick J. Libboy, executive secretary of the organiza tion, me resiueiu said, commenting on the war department's plan In setting aside a day for the observance of national defenses that he was" unqualifiedly sympathetic with the aim and purpose to make war, so nearly as might be, an Impossibility in this world" hut ithat he could not "detect any inconsistency in giving my approval to the program of defense day. "I wish crime might be abolished; but I would not therefore abolish courts and police protection. I wish war might be made impossible; but I would not leave my country unprotected meanwhile. The defense test seems to me a means to assure the fullest efficiency to the extremelv modest I defense force our country main tains.

"Instead of being a military gesture, this plan is the exact opposite. It is a non-military gesture for the purpose of keeping down to Its lowest point the professional military organization of the United States. "It seems unfair that the plans for defense should be condemned out of hand, simply through the device of misrepresentation." CALIFS ATTENTION TO ENDORSEMENT. The President's letter fated July I 2.1, follows: "My Dear Mr. Llbby: "Some days ago I received from yourself, as executive secretary of the National Council for Prevention of War, Informing me that that organization 'is preparing for a campaign in behalf of world cooperation for peace to begin July 26-27, on the tenth anniversary of the outbreak of the great war.

It Is Intended to be a great outpouring of the genuine peace sentiment of America. We believe It to be in harmony with your own purposes as expressed on many occasions. We respectfully ask your endorsement of the demonstration. "In reply by my direction the secretary to the President wrote to you saying: 'The President asks me to acknowledge receipt of your letter of June 30, with the assurance of his most hearty sympathy for every practical proposal to minimize the danger of war. As you know, he has repeatedly expressed himself in this tenor, and you may be sure of his continued and most genuine friendliness for every worthy and effective effort along these ALWAYS SYMPATHETIC WITH PEACE PLANS.

"As is well known to all persons who have done me the honor to familiarize themselves with "my public expression on this Bubject, 1 have been unqualified sympathetic with the aim and purpose to make war, so nearly as might be, an impossibility in this world. Doubtless this is a desire for perfection not to be realized without much earnest effort; to that effort when guided along feasible lines 1 have repeatedly pledged my assistance. "It Is now brought to my attention that your orpanizatlon is profoundly conoerned because of the assumption that the plans for a Continued on Page 2, Col. 8. showing a maximum advance to-! day of 6H cents.

WINNIPEG. July 26- During the first thirty minutes of trading this morning wheat prices took another boost of 6 cents over yesterday's close and July wheat reached and October $1.45. For the first time In many days exporters were In the market and were buying heavily. ST. LOUIS.

July 26. Hogs crossed the $10 mark today for the I first time in two years in this mnr- ket. selling as high as $10.10 per; 100 pounds in the stockyards. The advance in corn and wheat Is held responsible for the sharp rise of I the past few days. Recognized, Rut Property Values Too Exaggerated to Build; C.

Denies This Oakland is still a suburb of San 1' ra nclsco, in the opinion of M. T. manager of the Pacific coast division of the Western Telegraph company, according to statements attril'Sited to him hy a S'ui Francisco morning paper to- day. After giving out aji Interview In I which is uuoteil as saying that I most of the offices of Oakland's manufacturing concerns are in San I' ra neisci). and that "exaggerated ideas" prevail here.

as to property Cook left town on a week-lend auto trip, and will not return i until late tomorrow. STATFMFNTS IF.NIi:i I I1V V. OF. C. IMIKSIDKNT.

I Cook's alleged statements were I met with a flat denial today by O. H. Fischer, president of the Oak-iland Chamber of Commerce, who declared that the chamber of com- HlPrrf nninflif tr nlitn In (mrimvurl I telegraph service for Oakland would continue until satisfactory results nre obtained. Cook made his assertions con cerning Oakland in explaining his company's stand in refusing to ex pa telegraph facilities here over what they have been, practically, for the past 20 years. The fact, pointed out by the chamber of com merce, that Oakland, a city of 000 population, Is served by only one office of his company, while San Francisco and I.os Angeles each have fifteen or sixteen such offices, was declared by Cook to be beside the point.

Oakland, because of Its pros-Jrnlty to Sim Francisco, is unlike other cities of Its alze," lie said. "I'or this reason It does not require the snnie scrvlc as maintained fn other large cities. "In spite of Its large population If does not do very much telegraph business. The business districts nre scattered, and most of the offices of manufacturing concerns nre In Sun Francisco. "The only section In the F.nst-Imy vthiili gives promise of requiring expansion Is Fast Oakland Fruitvale.

We have been kept from expanding there by the exaggerated Ideas of property values that owners have. It would cost us $12 a front foot, and that Is more than we would expect the office to take In." SFUVKF. IN OAKI.ANE IIFI.I) VFItY INADFQFATF. A "flat denial" was made to these statements by Fischer. "I regret very much that the Western Fnion officials Is not better informed regarding Oakland and its Industries," he said.

"A couple of hours spent In Oakland would undoubtedly convince him of the utter fallacy of his state-! ments. He would discover that a city of 30O.OOO people, with 28 miles of waterfront, with eight-story buildings such as that of Montgomery Ward three or four miles from the heart of the city, and with great Industrial plants such as Purnnt and Chevrolet three or four miles farther on, cannot he adequately served by one telegraph office. FUHOItS MADE TflltOVGH I SF OT Ti.I.EPllONF.. "The service itself, that Oakland has been receiving, proves that It Is Inadequate. Two-thirds of the message's rife telephoned, due to laclt of messenger service.

This means that business house receiving nn Important message has no record of It. It also means that errors are ma'de through confusion of words over- the telephone. Business competitors have been known to overhear such massages by means of crossed wires or wrong numbers. The company makes the practice, it said, of mailing the mes sages out later, but It constitutes itself the Judge as to what messages are Important. "Messages telephoned to Homes nre given to any one who answers the phone, with the result that extremely private messages are often received by the wrong person.

"This Is certainly not adequate telegraph service. The chamber of commerce intends to keep right after It until service commensurate wdth the needs of the city la provided." 450 Persons Saved As Blast Fires Liner BY ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE TO TRIBUNE. CHKISTIAMA. Norway. vJuly 26.

Soon after leaving port, this afternoon the liner Bergensfjord caught tire after there had been an explosion in the after-engine. The liner anchored In a side-arm of Chrlstianafjord and landed all of her 450 passengers. The damage to the vessel Is considerable. PURVIANCE VISITS Movie Star and Millionaire Deny Rumor That They Plan to Marry. py rvtTri pbfm IFASFD VTPE TO TRTBUKT" 1'KNVKR.

July 26. Kdna Tur-vlance, movie star, and Courtland S. Pines, Menver millionaire, held another dinner Party last night, this time in the Riown I'alace hotel In Penver and without the dramatic climax of the party held last "cv Veai's Pay in Ios Angeles. Ktimors Jthat Pines and Miss J'tirvianoe were here to be married were stoutly denied by both. Pines admitted "had the greatest af- fectton in the world" for Miss Fur- vlance, but spoiled It nil by ending his statement "for both of these girls," meaning both Miss Furvj- nnce and Mabel Norniand.

the other participant In the now fam ous New Year's party. Newspaper reporters who at-teni ted to follow the party from the Falace In taxlcabs were soon left fn the distance. Pines appeared to get the first amusement of the evening out of the presence of the press representatives when he roared with laughter at their futile attempts kep pace with his machine. The flimax of the marriage rumor came when a beautiful girl closely resembling Mabel Normand registered at the llrown Falace as "Miss K. P.

Packard. Salt I-nke City." This gave rise to story MlRa Normnnd had come to s' part in the wedding party. ai, r. however, It was learned that Miss Packard was not Miss Nor mand. Klan, Farmer-Labor Texas Vote Issues Tv ASsOCIATfff PRESS LEASED WIRE TO TRIBUTE.

rf July IK. The Kn Klux Klan. the strength of the element, and how many votes the first woman to make the race for the gubernatorial nomination vl'l receive, are the principal issuer In the Pomocratic prima iu Texas' today. Mrs. Miriam A.

Ferguson, of Temple, wife of former Covernor James K. Ferguson, and the first woman to seek the Pemocratic gubernatorial nomination, entered the race when her husband was unsuccessful In getting his name Ion the ticket, because he was once impeached from the same office. All of the candidates for the gu- hematuria) nomination except Judge Felix Hobertson, who has announced be has the support of the klan. have at one time or an- other denounced the klan. The gubernatorial candidates re Judge Felix Hobertson, Dallas; f.ynch Pavi.lson, Mouston; Mrs.

Miriam Ferguson, Temple; T. W. Pavhlson, Marshall; State Senator Joe Hurkett. Fast land; Adjutint-(ieneral Thomasc D. ifarton, Austin; State Senator V.

A. Collins, Pallas; W. K. Pope, Corpus Christl; Oeorge V. Pixon, Houston.

Scion of Hawaiian Royalty Dies at 101 July 16. Mrs. Kamaka Stillman, a direct descendant of the old Hawaiian royal line, died at her home here late last night. She was 101 years old. IIS IN DENVER geant, drew the fire of the veterar attorney for the defense.

After bringing out that all other conversation between the policeman and Leopold had been re- corded In some way. In notes or reports, but that the "friendly judge" remark had not been put down either In writing, or shorthand Darrow asked: Pl'RE FABRICATION, DAR.ROW INTIMATES. "Isn't it true that this who, story of the conversation in whlcli you said Nathan hoped for a prison sentence by a plea of guilty before a 'friendly Judge' was a pure fabrication concocted for the purpose of intimidating the court?" "It Is not," declared Gortland. Aside from this attack on Gotland's testimony of yesterday the short Saturday session was rathe-perfunctory, A clerk added a bit of evidence -to the chain of circumstanens twhicK the state claims shows that Ithe boys tried to get a second rmn. som letter to Franks' father by leaving it on the telegram rack of a parlor car In a Chicago depot Darrow started his cross-exam-nation of Gortland by drawing oui a history of the sergeant's work in police department, to have been chiefly clerlca: and stenographic.

"You have been called on, then for twelve years to take statement from accused persons?" asked Dar row. "That Is correct," eald Gortlano He explained he usually took these by direct dictation on a typewriter. "And you did that in this case?" "No, sir, I 'iqade notations," aid Gortland. "Tm TRl'STED MEMORY FOR DETAIL, SAYS WITNESS. Darrow called for these nota Hons.

Some of the notes were in shorthand and others in writing. "You carried some of these things in your head for a week before reducing them to writing?" asked Darrow. "That is correct," said Gortland. The witness said he had never written up into a report any of his conversations with Leopold. Have yon notes' on their first conversation?" he was asked.

"No, sir." "On the second one?" "No, sir." Gortland said he started about a week after his last interview with the defendant "to write up an account of whole connection with the case." He produced a document of several typewritten pages WITNESS TELLS HOW NOTES REFRESHED MEMORY. Gortland said he wrote th shorthand notes at his hortie and the typewritten sheets at the state's attorney's office. Gortland said he refreshed his memory from these notes right along, but not consulted them yesterday before taking the stand. "I went over them Thursday night," he said. Gortland was asked to explain-the actual process by which he refrt'shed his memory from notes-Ho took some of them and illustrated.

"The first notation here on thi paper is uliout confessing," he said. "The next one is about motive." Gortland pointed out his recofdi (Continued on Page 2. Col. 1) Youths Feel No Regret for Act; Consider Their Trial as Play BY ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WISE TO TRIBUNE. CHICAGO, July 26.

How Nathan Leopold, and Richard Loeb reacted to the consequences of their conspiracy was brought out at their hearing by police officers. Remorse was npver expressed by either of the boys, detectives Bald. Reporters who questioned them last night found theii aentiments unchanged. "I do not feel sorry for myself for what I did," Leopold was quoted as saying. "I did it, and that's all.

I got myself In this Jam and It's up tor myself to get out. "I have great feeling for my father and brothers. But myself. No! Life Is what we make It and I appear to have made mine what Is today. That's my lookout and nobody's else." Loeb was questioned regarding his disinterested attitude in the ourtroom.

He said he was merely acting natural. I'M A SPECTATOR AND FEEL AS ONE." "I sit In the courtroom and watch the play as It progresses. When the crowd laughs, I laugh. When It Is time to be serious I am that way. I am a spectator, you know and I feel myself as one.

"You can tell the the outside there Is no faking or pre tending. I have watched you re porters across the table and you laugh, smile, yawn, look bored and all the other things. Why should I be different?" It Is from the demeanor of th youths that the alienists for the state partly expect to prove that they are sane and mentally responsible, Drs. William O. Krohn and Harold Douglas Singer said.

"Anyone who recognizes social rights as Leopold did must also recognize Individual rights the individual rights to life," the experts said. "He must sense the worth of actions, the worth of values. If he kills, robs another of an Individual right, he does sb with understanding and malice. "If he can weigh ounces he can weigh pounds." By GEORGE R. HOLMES.

International News Service Staff 'Correspondent. CHICAGO, July 26. "Legally sane, perhaps, but pathologically queer." That, In substance, it was learned today, will be the peg on which the attorneys and alienists will seek to hang their contention that Nathan Leopold, and Richard A. Loeb should not go to the gallows but should be confined In prison for the rest of their natural lives. The weird moral code of young Leopold, built up on the strange foundation that "murder is no crime, the crime is in getting caught," was spread upon the records of this unusual trial today, and 1 the attorneys for the young (Continued on Page 2.

Col. 2.) i U. S. Wheat Crop for 1924 46,000,000 Bushels Short WASHINGTON, July 26. America's wheat crop, this year will fall 46,000,000 bushels short of last year, the department of agriculture estimated today.

The carry-over of wheat In the United States on June 30 was placed at 102,000,000 bushels, about the same amount as last year's, by an estimate today of the department of agriculture. CHICAGO, July 26. Wheat today got above $1.50 a bushel at Winnipeg, the first North American market to reach that goal. Chicago prices followed, breaking all high records for the season and I Read Wallace Irwin's Togo Letter in 2- Tomorrow's Tribune.

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