The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1936 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1936
Page 5
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The Algofia Upper DM Moi&es, Algona, Iowa, Angnit 4,1936 FRANK RAMMER, FORMER ALGONIAN RITES LAST WEEK Born Here in 1880; Wid ow, Two Sons, Brothers, Sisters Survive Frank C. Rammer, former Algon- fan, died July 24, at his home in Cedar Falls. In falling health for jeveral years, Mr. Rammer ha<J been bedfast since last fall. Death was due to heart disease and complications. He was born at Algona, Iowa, Sept. 8, 1880, and grew to young manhood. He was married at Ol- fn, Iowa, 32 years ago to Miss JNeHIe Barker and two years later moved his family to Cedar Falls. He has since resided there. He was engaged in the plumbing and beating business there for many years, retiring several years ago, due to 111 health. Surviving besides bis widow are two sons, Leonard and Ernest, both at home. There are also three brothers, Martin of Wlndom, Minn.; John and Greg, of Algona; and two sisters, Mtas Mary of Algona, and Mrs. Anna Kargleder of Big Stone City, South Dakota. All attended the funeral and a niece, Evelyn Rammer of Algona. His sister. Mary, was enable to attend. Funeral service* were held from 8t Patrick's Catholic church at 900 a. m. Monday conducted by Rev. Father 3. C. Wleneke at Cedar VUI*. Interment was in St. Bernard's cemetery. Seneca N.R.G. Girls Meet, Plan Social The Seneca N. R. G. girls' 4-H dob met July 34th with Elisabeth. Helen and Dorothy Burt Ten members and the leader were present The afternoon was spent making button holes and planning for an entertainment and ice cream •octal to be held in the near future. A delicious lunch was served by the hostesses. 2 Marriage Licenses Two marriage llcesense were Issued In Mrs. E. J. McEvoy's office bera in recent days. August 2—Robert 8. Ritchie and Marie Gendorf, Minneapolis. August 3—Barley H. Hammond and Lois Uliebo, Belmond. Bring Infant To Burt Grandparents Burt! Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Graham, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Graham and Mrs. A. C. Holding returned home Thursday from Des Moines, where they had been called by the death of Mrs. Allen Graham on Tuesday. The funeral was Thursday morning. She was a bride of only about a year and left a month old son, Allen Richard, which Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Graham brought home with them and will care for They are the baby's grandparents | REVIEW OF RECENT MOVIE PICTURES CITY ASKED TO HANDLE, FINANCE REST ROOM HERE Chamber of Commerce No Longer Paying For Upkeep Question of a public rest room was the paramount issue before the city council, at its July roeet- ng last Thursday night Tbe rest room which In In the msement of the Sawyer building, las been maintained at a cost of .46 per month by tbe Algona Community Club, and tbe new setup of the organisation decided that he cost of a public room of this nature was more properly one tbat bonld be financed by the city. It was stated by Mayor Specht hat several of the funds, espec- ally tbe general fund, are low In cash as a result of recent expenses, nd tbat tbe cost was somewhat Igh. Directors of tbe Community Club point out that there is an ez- ress statute hi tbe Code of Iowa, Mowing cities to support rest ooms for tbe public. In tbe meantime, tbe rental of tbe rest room ceased on tbe .'ast of July, and unless the council does something about it, it appears that here will be no rest room of a ubilc nature. Other matters before the coun- II were of a routine nature, with lie usual run of bills coming under onslderation, and other matters f city business being settled. A permit was granted for tbe ew C. S. Johnson building on East State street, and a beer permit is- ued In connection witb its operation in the near future as a rest- urant. Tie Free With Each DreM Shirt sold on Watermelon Day Madson £ Hanson The Home of Better Values r li "The Green Ptutturm." The motfea atetar* version of this delightful fable of the colored folk is really Just as pleasurable as the famous stage show. Although Rex Ingram could not hope to equal the matured artistry of the late Richard B. Harrison, (acquired in five years of playing the same part), the young negro bring* to his role a deep religious feeling which makes him more than adequate. It is noteworthy that he disappeared Immedaltely after finishing the picture, explaining when found that there is no other role to play after playing De Lawd. He is planning to study medicine so that he may help the people of bis race. Incidentally, Ingram, who had an important part In the stage show) plays the part of Adam and Hezdrel also in the film. Noah Is played exceptionally well by Eddie Anderson. One might say that bis performance composes most satisfactorily in the given shape of the screen. His argument with De Lawd about whether he should take two or only one keg of whiskey against possible snake bites during the sojourn on the ark Is one of the choicest bits of humour in the story. And lest anyone think that this picture seems sacrilegious because of the homely and human conception of religion, let It be said that "The Green Pastures" has been written, staged, and filmed with the utmost sincerity. There is not the slightest touch of Irreverence. There is none of that spectacular sentimentalism which often characterizes a so-called religious motion picture. The Green Pastures" pictures the religious folk-lore and folk-music of the negroes of the Deep South of the United States. The photography is not especially interesting artistically. There was an animated cartoon in color, shown some time ago, of Noah and the building of the ark which was better composed and perhaps more truly expressive of the spirit of thto fable. But then, the singing of the Spirituals by the Hall Johnson choir lifts The Green Pastures" f«» above the level of many of the best movies. This music would make It well worth one's while to view the movie several times. • * • Wen, we have had Oraee Moore with as again in "The King Steps Out," with music by the really beloved Frttc Krelsler. Would there had been more of It! Walter Connolly Improves with every picture. It .was a pleasure to see the worm turn, when he donned his uniform and plumed hat and told everyone. Including his disagreeable wife and sister-in-law where to get off. He and Grace make a good father-daughter team. It Is too bad that Franchot Tone has such a mere bridegroom's role. He Is allowed only a few smiles and an occasional line, while Grace, who does show no little dramatic talent In this picture goes romping gaily through every reel. Of course she can sing, though methinks none of the singers is quite so meticulous In his rendition 6f movie or radio music as In the Metropolitan performances. Tet one must admit that "The King Steps Out" is good entertainment, and that here and there Is a composition which shows von Steinberg's touch—two close-ups of Miss Moore In a big floppy hat which show her face to best advantage. We can Imagine some conflict between the irrepressible Grace and the Immovable Joseph—-most of the honors going to the lady. • • • -Meet Nero WoK." If you haven't already met Wero Wolf in the magasinee—The ..Frightened Men" and "Cards on the Table" in the Saturday Evening Post, you may have that pleasure soon by way of the screen. If you have made his acquaintance you won't fail to see Edward Arnold take the part Rex Stout In writing these stories has created a superior kind of sleuth who sits In his office like a spider in his web. Orchids and criminals are equally well-known to him. Archie is his 'left-hand man" who is paid a high salary less for the actual work he does than for his success in keeping Wolfs nose to the grindstone. USED CARS 1932 Plymouth Coach 1933 Chevrolet Coupe—radio 1930 Plymouth Sedan 1934 Chevrolet truck—good 1930 International truck 1934 Plymouth Deluxe Sedan SOME CHEAPER CABS MAXWELL MOTORS Algona, Iowa Baldwin Food Market Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Don't Be Disappointed Buy PEACHES Now! Short Crop WE HAVE 'EM Bushels Boxes Half Bushels MEAT DEPARTMENT We apeciaJize in cutting only (jovermitenl iiupected >uur aiMHirnnce of tbe !»•»(. BOLOGNA Tba*)» great big MINCED HAM 15c BACON 27c7 SAUSAGE Huiue iiunitr, >uu'U like it 20c,, • I-G'A- STORES'- Circus Performers Are Plain People When You Find Them In Kinker Row Kinker Row! Does it mean a thing to you or have you ever beard of ft? Although we had visited Kinker Row several times, he name didn't mean a thing until Russell Brae. Circus appeared in Algona Friday, and we learned that the back lot was called Kinker Row and the performers called themselves Kinkers. Through the courtesy of Wm. B. Antes, publicity man for the cir- u*. we visited Kinker Row and met a number of the "kinkers." Mr. Antes happens to be a country newspaperman and with his father edits and publishes the Evansville, Wisconsin, weekly. Last year be went with the circus for three weeks as a summer vacation, and grot such a kick out of it that be started out in April this year and expects to finish the season. The Kinker Row of Russell Bros. ircus in different from any we bad ever seen before because tbe cir- us travels entirely by truck, using about 190 trucks, trailers and automobile*. Pel formers nave their own auto trailers which are equipped for their individual comfort. Reb RossttlTs trailer was perhaps the most different with Its stream lines which made it look like a big •biny bug. Tbe trucks line up in tbe same order each time the circus is set up, unless there is a shortage of space. Mr. Russell and his bone "Rebel" have made several movies among them -Arizona Badman" and lightning Trigger." He was loaf- Ing about with Bertte Hodgmi, Ralph dark, tbe fancy roper, and one of tbe Flying Fisher troup, making tbe most of tbe leisure period between tbe dinner hour and time for tbe show. Elden Daye. the member of tbe Flying Fisher Troup, who turned the double somersault as be left tbe aerial standard. was also available on Kinker Row and Genrrieve Hughes and Bobbie Warriner. tbe two girls who bandied tbe elephant act*, came out of their trailer to meet us. Tbe show was a high daa* performance, fast moving aad with no •ecood rate acts. Everything clicked from toe beginning to tbe end ', and more than pleased the two good sized audiences which attended afternoon and evening. The trained seal "Buddy" was outstanding and followed instructions from his trainer, Walter Jennier. accurately. Mr. Jennler's wife is also a member of the circus troup and did a single trapeze act in one ring while Atbleta performed on a single trapeze at the west end of the tent Of the clowns. Roy Barrett was tops with his streams of tears as be attempted to peel onions and later with tbe stove on top of his bead. The Flying Fisher troup furnished the aerial thrills. Beside tbe two men of this group mentioned previously there are Mr. and Mrs. Fisher and their daughter. The daughter, we understood, has a secret ambition to operate a hamburger inn. The dancing horses, trained by Frank Miller, and tbe Hodgini act happened to take our particular fancy along with the western show. Tbe Russell Bros. Circus has been on the road six years with headquarters at Rollo. Missouri. The show pulled hi here from Webster City and went to Storm Lake. Previous to the present routing the show had been playing larger cities. WEST BEND WAR VET FOUND FRL INSPIRIT LAKE Drowning Victim's Fan- era! Held Saturday; In Rainbow Division {By A.L. Tbe leOewlac tmrtom bare reported df*"*t* to some extent from graMboppers: Ceo. LJchter, A. B. Scbenck and Ralpb Brown. Wblie tbe damage so far is not very great e number of young hoppers; out seems to be on the increase and tbey may become ser- iou». A ve.-y few cau r-j quite }<e.nnf ui ir. a corn field as they eat I'J tbe *ilk* and prevent t*> corn i-om lerltltriDt a* it should. About tbe only control method i* »pread- mg poison bran. Government bran i an be obtained free through toe 1-i.rm Bureau office. We*t Bend: Tbe body at Frederick (Fritz) Bleuer wa* brought here from Spirit Lake Friday after being in tbe lake woce be wa* drowned Tuesday evening vbile fishing. Funeral *«rvices were held Saturday at tbe borne of hi* brother, John Bleuer, being conducted by Rev. Brync of Webster City, a chaplain in the late war. Burial wa* in the tocal cemetery be**d« hi* father, who patted away last year. Frederick Bleuer wa* born Jan. 27, 1SV2. at Verimbols, Bwitzeriacd and came to America with hi* father, when a young man, locating at Went Bend. When UK Uaited State* entered the war tut was w>* of the first to enlist and wa* the r.r»t one from here to go to Frame being n rnec&ber of the iftito \r,- far.try, Co F of Uv* K«iir,ix/w Div- UiOQ Fr;rz wi» a faithful r&embtr of the American LejfM* af^J fctld of- j *<«W ***«> !.-:* i <ood pr«*au- tc«i and worked for tfa* good of j « iM > '•> •'- J *'>••* lime » Wl! * tl * no " •r.t organization where te will b* i •'***- rfrtatiy rr.~A-*£d. He r^s been em- r.-ili for ^ r*^rr»6^r of >^*r* «****«£:?.£ r... horn* '*';'.r» '.r^f.'. *.r.'« tn*, i/ior. cr.srz'i cf tt* f-r.eral *er- Kraofc MUptrr f J LuVerne, report* hi* new seeding of *we*t clover a* quite good and it it »boui-i fain *oon. would make j * very good fall growth, providing i ,uucfa pasture. j farmer* ba»u*g **y MtrpMM of 1 rougcage or pasture should bst it ' ,.-i u>« very bear future we can Ad a market for it. Vire ttarted id Ott» MdunirT* oat t*ki on UMT pavement j.ut tin* *ide of Bancroft. la*t -Mtlurday and Beulah HarUhorn Return* from Trip Beulah HarUhorn returned Wednesday from A three and one-half week*' vacation. She went to Pasadena, California, by the way of Salt Lake City, Las Vega* and Boulder Dam. After spending ten days visiting various places In southern California, «h« travelled along the coast up to San Francisco and Oakland, and spent a week end with Marie and Mrs. Wehler. After leaving the Wehlers, Beulah stopped again for a short time at Salt Lake, and then went to Denver, where she visited the Elmer Bnglehardfs for five days. She travelled approximately 4,680 miles by bus and found It, with a few exceptions, very comrortame and much fun. Beulah Is employed at the Marigold Beauty Shop. Tell of Trip To Eldora Boys' School O. 8. Relley. new secretary of the Algonua Chamber of Commerce, spoke briefly at the Rotary meet- Ing, Monday noon. Following his remarks, Frank MatHes, Bob James and Jim Pool joined with sidelights on a recent Rotary trip they took, which Included a visit to the Eldora school for boys on their return. What they saw and learned there, furnished them with an insight into possible work that such an organization as a service club might do for the benefit of the younger folks In its community. Silverware FREE 25c 61c 15c Without Quest Coffee 25clb. BABT FOOD 3 cans BIAJEBCUUE8, fancy, 3 cans OSAPE JAM. |*<K» Home Brand, S Ib. pall .VuHi PEACHES, per dozen CKI8CO, 3 IDS WHEATIE8, per pkg. OMAR FLOUR, 1 OA Ige sack, 1 sack limit . l.Oif 8DGAR CORN, A7- 12 cans, 1 dot limit JMC MOP STICKS, Q* each Hv STRAW HATS each OVERALLS, while tbey last lOc 15c 98c C. S. Johnson Local Graft! Fire A fire Thursday morning, started from a bonfire at the rear of the home occupied by Tom Lynk on North Minnesota street, and owned by Rob Donovan, spread to adjoining grass and weeds, and a call by the fire department was turned In. The chemical truck put the fire out without any great trouble. Hoftpital Newi Kossuth Hospital Tuesday, July M—*"red Ostercamp, Britt, entered as a medical patient Thursday, July 80—Mrs. B. L. Hodgin, Sexton, was operated on for a ruptured appendix. Friday, July 31—Mrs. Ubbe Winter, Tltonka, underwent a major operation. Friday, July 8l-e*m Kaufman, Mason City" entered M a medical patient Saturday, August l-O. H. Milter, Wesley, entered as a medical patient Sunday, Anguit S~-Mr*. Harry Rahn, Lone Rock, give birth to a baby'boy. Monday, August S—Dick Sand, Bancroft, seven years old, had a cast put on a broken leg. Monday, August S—Donald Oar- man, Burt, underwent a toiuil- ectomy. Monday, August 3—Mrs. R. W. Rayward, Algona, tonsilectomy. Monday, August 8—Marjorte Dewel, underwent a tonsilectomy. General Hospital Wews Tuesday, July 38—Mrs. Walter Richardson, Algona, underwent a tonsilectomy. Saturday, August 1—Evelyn Newton, Humboldt, underwent a tonsilectomy and adenoldectomy. You Are Invited To Make Your Banking Home With Us We are grateful to the public for the very generous welcome given us. In return we want you to feel free to call upon our institution for service at any time. We are glad to have your checking account, and our loan department is available to you. See us for rates and terms. Safety Deposit Boxes for Bent MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SECURITY STATE BANK Algona, Iowa Officer* C. B. Murtagh, Directors . C. Hutchison Vice Pres. R- W. Caldwell Frank Kohlhaaa.H. Hauberg Vice Pres. M. O. Bourne E. A. Scheme!, E. J. Rough Cashier J. W. Haggard mut building.* ot. ubder coatro 1 , A. £. C1»>t«o Juu> MOM* iiybrid r,-J open }x>iJUia.t*d c^j;* pi^nled .^^ oy ^>4e 17, live »'Aici f .' heki- At •.j t.«.« Uit fa>ori<J cori« look* to * l^x;/.^ t/*e fofc&l tt/i-fi dr'ju^f-t ti^e < ajid iuut &ii tetter Mr l',. f,.. A;<:X &;«-~er cf B-:r.:cSji J.-,r.r. of We^t fi*r.d Krr.*it c-f FUxS- ! .-r.:r. Mr, Ki:z^tt>'n Marti ',{ V,r- { -f,.'..-.:, ~*-.'/-rUr.-s Mr. top tijssL^ for if tbat Uie *eitfttr for u*e better of 4. V. N«k*-»»*i« ^*jjx>. -it of Profe»«ional Men To Make Changes In Location Here AjuJy f^eta- ie directly to Koutulb u>/be tune from in 1V12 or M> Mr. tee kU>ry of driv- a&d jo»t about lb« *nw w<u iu* old who bad al*o </u.e out t-trt to iook for a good m r.ortiitrr, Iowa'* ricn tr.e tint of Hefriemeer a \ t/iatk dirt beit They both »*ltled of cr.-ir.^e. sr» ic« uxjtiK/r. I j.ere, Mr l^tiuumm &ear Hobartoo, *,,M.Ai //it*, ,K Ai^ooa atd j ^iiti Mr J«u.iter»on ic U»e nortb- itiod of a. /.ew 'icr.ti^t in I ia-,1 torr*er of C Ageet) having the champion Shorthorn baby beef at tbe state fair. Tbe boy or girl winning thl* heifer will receive a premium tbey can well be proud of. Cattle Feeder* Day at, low* State College will be held August 14. In addition to giving the results of tbe variou* ration* used this year, JK. N. Wentworth of Armour ft Co. and £>. L. Bwanaon of tfce Chicago Producer* Commission Co.. will discus* the outlook for cattle price*. Tbi* should be an inter- e*ting meeting for cattle feeders, and we *hall have a group going down. •Talpfr Brown, Mutta of town, bad tbe high herd in tbe Kouutb No. 1 association for the month of July. Ralph'* Holntein herd of 13 cow* produced an average of 1054 pounds of milk and V»& pound* butterf&t Tbe cow* are milked three time* daily. Algona Barber Law Fixing Prices Not Legal, Court Rule* Invalidating by the utate *u- preme court of the D*» Moine* i ity barber ordinance regarding tbe fixing of a minimum barber 1 * tvag«, mean* that tbe barber ord- pa&sed in the city of Al- ikt year is illegal, at least regarding tbe price tuung clause*, iUtted City Attorney J. L. Bonar, Saturday, The iUtte supreme court said Friday, in its opinion, that the City of L>e» Moinea could not legally pas* an ordinance tucing the min- miuin price that barber shop* could a»k Aigona'^ ordinance passed last year t>et a minrnium price scale, and ai.o had conxiderabl« in it regarding requirement* for sanitary conditions. Tbe sanitary regulations ittiil remain a law, but the price fixing u a thing of the past. However, barbers are entitled to a fair return on their time, and it U believed that local barber* know well enough the value of co(. Deration so that th«re will be no change in the present price nched- ule*. FREE Tern-Clock Electric Day-Nite Temperature Control Full $35 Value If You Order an O1L-O-MATIC Before August 15 ti ,1.4 it Bancroft, wiii o<.cur here ijr Hoifraan wiii tne ioca- tion icrojtj from tne Upper Lt» Mojnt.-^ on the second floor of the :..-•. Hcue butiding Hulii^an. Mcitanon i LAKH*!* will noy.t: above the new Ko»»uuo Mutual in^urauce Building and Quar- t',r. & Miller wiii move into tne <ju^rt<;r» over tile office of L»r, ibtw- vcr ..i.^tcd by &ullr,Ui. McMah<>o & I.iuaoji The Sawyer buiiduig u O be <„ *jliipii;t*riy TcOwCXl«:iicd On tne itcof.u iUx/r Hutciii^on & Hutchi.-on wiii move into the oid (^uartoc i- Haicr i^c&tion Above tfct Sccur- *ry ^ r tif t* £i«tnk The construction of *everal two Ltury baiidiDgs here with otfic« ^ r '^* e of; t&e A^cond ikttof fojuj After »pea4uw » '** <*»>• "* Mettern Iowa U*t week, crop* in Ko»«utb county looked pretty good on returning OaU there were from S to 40 bu*b«l* per wiln tut few at tbe upper Tbeir beM corn in about on par witb lot poorest b*re fn tloui where tberc »ij» a i&ck of such ce to oj.« wu«r« uier* i* aa Cba*. Kcgertk »l Ledjratd «nip piaAted an acre of Kumar *i>rin«- wceat this year <tnd while r,e ti<b* not threshed it yet, tne in- '* are that it will make a !.->.r yield This is a new va/i«ty Ccveioped at Iowa State College •i/.d ("nixie* oa* one of It* many i^krts they have over th« *tate. TW <ii>«*ii'ckir »r«Mk. Jaiolljr the Iowa Bu>t« Kair and tn« flbortborfi Breedery' As-ace fJoMjitinjf tfa^y year, the registered Shorthorn heifer to be awarded to tb* club Jacob Winkel Host To Grandchildren Union: Tbe children of Mr. and Mr*. Lawrence Winkel, Algona, were gueat* laat Thur»oay at tbe Uoine c/f tbeir grandparonU, Mr. afid Mr« Jacob Wiokei, while tbeir pareuU were at FoH Dodge with a daughter} Helen, wbo underwent an operation. / looked at them all ... then J chose GENUINE WILLIAMS OIL-O-MATIC E OK at all tbe variou* oil burners, check them point for point, value for value, then you'll buy an Oil-O- Matic—tbe new-improved model at the new low price. With tbe whole world to choose from, 48 countries have lent to America for Oil-O-Matic. Witb 300 makes to choote from, 175,000 homes are heated with Oil-O-Matic. Not only outsell* every other make, but outsells many other makes combined. No wonder we urge you to make comparison!! Oil-O-Matic pioneered home oil heating 17 years ago. Oil-O-Matic invented and developed most of the mechanical features. Oil-O-Matic holds b*tio pa fen** on eic/uuVe advantages and modern improvements. They cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Tbey keep Oil-O-Matic year* ahead. MEW LOW FBICBS! 3 Years to Pay Under National Housing Act! Only $1.90 a Week for the average SIM home! Maw production to meet mass demand now brings lowest prices in history. It U actually far rhraprr now to have Oil-O-Matic than be without itl New improved models witb all latest, patented reclusive features. For any beating plant: •team, not water, vapor, warm air. ASK FOB EXPERT HEATING SURVEY WITHOUT COST We will gladly check up FREE your entire heating plant, locate defect*, if any, suggest corrections. Do not delay. Phone u* or mail coupon today. HEBE 13 HOW TO COMPARE OIL BURNERS AS EXPERTS DO C/nle** oil burner ha* these 7 Essential* you are not Betting full value in this important investment: Oil-O- OdHT ~ - • » I* •!» tlM OUcfauluB OUIsid* tlW fWBM*. •my from clu best? 4 MM it <U*u*gr tainon, «Uh toy oil. • nmtif . Old Age Pension* Resident* of Kosautb county have paid 110422 in 19M Old Ag» Assistance per capita tax, whilti old age <tauat&nce recipients in thia county nave received flTAU in aid f 1^10 fny ^|0 year ax»cordin8> to ttatistifs of f^if Old Age Ass!stance Yd ttmpmtura? Ya ? WiU it bum th« tartar lufi gib th*t MB very low? Y« Noni BMlp OUO-M«Uc (W all lu P^Uaud, oclu. •Iv* fnum*— U !• W.U1 UM eqiuJ ol uiy oUur tu*k» •ttt til* KMIHflB of tlKM futlUH l< wh«t oufcu OU-O-MMle w MMltlvily it.txnlt.Uto in*. y«« ahu »t»« Mr lo my boaw to autka Phone 373 G. F. TOWNE — Iowa

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