The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1955
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE 'Co-Existence' Isn't Even Word to Turks My LEON DENNKN NEA Staff Correspondent ISTANBUL, Turkey—(NEA) —Peaceful "co-existence," Soviet-style, isn't even a word in the ordinary Turk's language. And with reason: for the past 300 years the Turks have resisted, with courage and tenacity, the mounting tide of Muscovite imperialism — both Czarlst and Communist. They still do. Turkey knows the Russians as few NATO powers do and prefers to keep her powder dry—despite Moscow's honeyed words about "peaceful co-existence." The man-in-the-streei is thus baffled by the flood of propaganda in favor of "co-existence" now broadcast from the U. S. Baffled is perhaps a mild word: Turkey, America's staunchest friend in NATO, is completely confused by the sudden pro-"co-existence" twist in President Eisenhower's foreign policy.. Said noted Turkish engineer who knows and respects the U. S.: President Eisenhower Is obvi-' ously out to gain friends and influence people. But will Washington's new soft policy change the mind of a single Red or influence even one French intellectual? Hardly." However, the engineer added: "By confusing ihe Turks the U. S, U endangering the nation's will to resist Red aggression." A Western diplomat, an unusually qualified observer, was equally emphatic in hfs remarks, if not quite diplomatic. He said: "The State Department obviously aims to appease the French. But Washington's new policy is playing havoc with the Turks. And yet one Turkey is worth two Frances with Premier Mendcs-France thrown into thu bargain." As .see from tlie Middle East, especially in Turkey, the "nev/ look" In U. S, foreign policy— which is likely to. result in another sterile Big Four conference—-will in the end benefit only the Russians. lis effect on Turkey is particu- lary unfortunate because: 1. Turkey, a dictatorship only 10 years ago, is today by far the most stable democratic country in the Middle East—more stable than many European nations. 2. The man-in-the-streeL, peasants included, is remarkably well informed on the main points at issue in major internal and international problems. 3. The Turks' pro-U, S. orientation and ingrained distrust of Moscow make Turkey an invaluable source of strength in the Middle East as a deterrent to Red agression. Alone, Turkey—with her army of 370,000 tough and well-trained men— is no match for Russia. However, association with other non- Communist nations she ranks high up in military potential—certainly higher lhan a number of other countries who receive larger benefits from the U. S. pork barrel. These are elementary facts, but they are important to any understanding of Turkey. From the U. S. point of view there Is another fact equally significant: unlike France, Britain or even Italy or Germany, Turkey is the only genuinely pro-American country in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. An American does not have to be long in Turkey to realize that he is among true friends. MASS TIlIAL OF TURKISH REDS, Some of whom are shown here after arrest in 1953. underlines Turkey's distrust of Moscow. As one Turkish official put it: "We know a great deal more about the U.S. than you know about Turkey." That's the truth. Alter years of corrupt Ottoman rule and Aiaturk's dictatorship it took "Johnny Turk" a long time to discover the U.S and American democracy. But once he discovered the great and mysterious' land across the ocean his enthusiasm for "Amerika" never waned. To be sure, Turkey's democracy, after years of dictatorship, H emerging but slowly. It still has manny pitfaUs to overcome. The country's economy, due to industrial cverexpansion and poor U.S. advice, is not in the best shape. Yet despite all the drawbacks. Turkey is a vital pilot project in America's way to win allies to resist Red aggression. Senate, House Members to Get Meditation Room Will Be Quiet, Secluded Area; First in History By CHARLES F. BARRETT WASHINGTON Iff)—For the first time in' 167 years of congressional history, senators RIIQ House members this year will have a special, secluded room for quiet meditation. . Capitol architct George Stewart said today the meditation room, authorized by Congress last year, will be ready for use when Congress meets Wednesday. The Idea is to provide H completely private, quiet, restful spot —in the midst of, yet somehow removed from — the tensions and pressures of politics and legislative action. Aii office just off the Capitol rotunda—halfway between the House and Senate—has been remodeled • for this It is only about 17 feet .-square. Window Donated It wili have a large blue and while stained ^lass window, lighted from behind. Workmen in California's 21st concessional district are volunteering labor in off hours to make the window. The design will show a cnndle symbolizing light; a scroll representing the Sermon on the Mount; and an open book, symbolizing the Book of the Law. The windw will be put in place soon. The of ihe room has been completed. A large plain oak altar stands in front of the window. A green carpet extends out from the altar. Restful chains, spaced along the soft blue walls, will be separated by small wooc screens for more complete privacy. A table near the entrance will hold Bibles, prayer books, and other reading materials. Clergymen of the Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and other faiths were consulted to see that members of all faiths would find the room suitable. Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark). one of the sponsors of a resolution pro viding for the room, snid it stem' med from n comment by Sen Monroncy (D-Oklai, who sugpesl ed it would be a good thing to have a room at the Capitol "where the mood of prayer could be en couragcd." Vienna Seeks To Recapture Its Old Gaiety VIENNA, Jan. 3 (P) — Occupied Vienna, once a capital of wine, women, waltzes and apple strudel, is determined to recapture its old-time gaiety in the coming carnival season. Nearly 2,000 balls will be staged in seven weeks beginning Wednesday to help Viennese forget the cares of .the cold war. The baits range from the formal white tie dance of the Vienna Philharmonic Society to a costume affair of the city's chimney sweeps. Even the Austrian government will discard the cares of four-power occupation. Chancellor Julius Raab vtll open the BalJ for the Viennese Wednesday. Foreign Minister Leopold Figl will preside at ihe dance given by the swank Riding Club, an affair usually attended by everyone who claims to be anyone here. For those who can't afford expensive fun, there will be a wide variety of entertainment at less cost. They even can go to the ball of the city's undertakers. Feline Houdini CHICAGO Iff) — The Anticruclty Society received a call about a cnl being left in n locked, parked car. It was traced to Ralph McOoogan, who -said the cat was not in his car when he parked and locked it find, further, he never saw H before. The .society took custody of the cat. MIGHTY MEMORIAL The sculptured heads of the Mount Rushmore Memorial In the Block Hills of South Dakota are so large that Lincoln's nose is longer than the entire face of the Egyptian Sphinx. The Memorial Is curved In granite on the mountainside. OFFICE SUPPLIES "1001 Hems You Need" Call 2-2513 We Deliver Figure With Us on PRINTING NORRIS Across from City Hall ARMY HEAD - U.-Gcn Anthony C. McAulillo, famed hero of Ihe Batlle of Hie Bulge. Is the new commanding genera] of the U. S. Army in Europe. He jucceetis Gen William M. Hoge who will retire in January. Key Witness in Hormel Cose Arrested On Suspicion of Possessing Heroin HOLLYWOOD i^Pi—The key witness in the George A. Hormel It nmrijfiuna case. Robert Uggy) Shevak, 36, is in jail today on suspicion of posscssini! heroin. Sheriff's narcotics officers said they found two capsules of heroin Saturday hidden in a flashlight in Shevak's car. Shevak formerly played siring bass in a trio led by Hormel, 26. The piano-playing scion of the j niat-pat-'kinn hunily is scheduled; for inn] tomorrow on a marijuana po.ssession charge. In September Shevak appeared a'.; pivliiinnary hearing for Mark i Lamb, muho club parking lot at- ; tendam. and testified he acted as j intermediary in a $200 marijuunui transaction between Lamb and Hormel. Lamb was charged with selling narcotics. Officers who arrested Hormel said they found 13 marijuana cigarettes in his car. He has denied the charge. Doctors Often Prescribe This One Active Ingredient TO RELIEVE PAIN OF RHEUMATISM Fast acting C-2223 contains sodium sal- icylatc to speed welcome comfort. Thousands use it when rheumatic, arthritic or muEcle pain "acts up"! Price of first bottle back if not satisfied. Get C-2223. U I* TU> BRANDS U!k« 1 LUMBER Then You'll ow It's Dry and Well anufactured That's because the SPIB Grade-Mark can only be used on lumber thai has been dried and seasoned according to official Grading Rules. And because the name FORDYCE, stamped on lumber, ii n pledge to you that this old, established company stands squarely behind its quality. Remember, loo, .thai FHA and VA insured loan construction requires Grade-Marked lumber. Your Deafer Can Supply You LUMBER COMPANY ARKANSAS 'araanta QJmar? SARASOTA, FLORIDA Where Summer Spends the Winter Every day is a fun-filled day at itmny Sornoto! Winter home of the Greatest Show on Earth — Ringling Brothers — Earnum & Bailey Circus, Boston Red Sox spring training, Ringling Museum or Art, jungle gardens, sandy beaches and fabulous fishing. Y«, yw wrN MJoy •****- ful, exciting Sor.tota — 4m, «*4 Reduced Rates Until February 14 TK« S«r«Mta Terrwe it the fmctt M Florida'* fomow Wet* CMS* — iwimminf pool, shuffkboerd courti, excellent dining and cock• taH lounge. American and European plan. Guests enjoy privileges of Lido Beach, lobby Jones golf course, including tree transports tfon t« vhiiie fociiitie.. Southern Hospitality" SARASOTA TMKACI, ». O. tax 1720, Pnnne Ringiing 2-S311, SAKASOTA, Live Tests of Atomic Warheads In Guided Missiles May Be Next ' WASHINGTON <A')— The Intensifying emphasis on nuclear weapons for the battlefield may bring "live ammunition" tests of atomic warheads fitted to guided missiles during the approaching series of shots at the Nevada Proving Ground. Although Atomic Energy Commission and military scientists have proof-fired the Army's 280- mm cannon with a nuclear shell, there has been thus far no known trial of a nuclear guided missile or rocket. Announcements by the military that .several types of missies and rockets are capable of carrying iitoinic warheads apparently have been based on tests of dummy warheads of shape and weight identical U) nuclear charges—but without t ither the explosive charge or triggering mechanism of actual v/eapons. Among the missiles and rockets which the Pentagon has designated as capable of mounting atomic war- Infant Unhurt in Foil DALLAS tffi — Charlie Ray Zalli- co.-ser, 3, fell from a car going 50 m.p.h. yesterday but apparently was not seriously hurl. He was held for further observation at a hospital. The father told officers he was driving- near here with his v, r ife beside him and the boy alone in the back. heads are the Army's Honest John bombardment rocky t, the- Corporal guided missile and the still developmental Redstons missile; the Navy's Regulus missile; una the Air Force's Matador missile. The rmy has announced it is sending Ilon-st John batteries to Europe ai.d the Air Force already has several Matador missLe outfits in Germany. Any of these types are available for atomic firing tests during the Nevada tests, scheduled to begin in mid-February. The increasing role of nuclear firepower is being reflected both in the decision to reduce American ground troops and in the reported constant revision of war planning for the defense of Western Europe Bing's Son Faces Drunk Charge LOS ANGELES M'>—One of sine- PI- Bins Crosby's twin sons, Dennis 20, appears In Municipal Court to- j day to face a drunk charge. j .Dennis was a passenger carl yesterday in a car driven by How ard Norman Gilrnore Jr., 21, •Stanford University student from Atherton, Calif. ! Police slopped their car on Wil- f shire Boulevard after Patrolmen George Santman and James Whitehead said it had swerved at three; pedestrians and then took off at 55 m.p.h. Officers said young Crosby was "very poliu: and very cooperative " Georgia is the largest state east j of the Mississippi. | Broniff Panama Flights DALLAS fVTj — Bnmil'f Airways ordered t\vd P.'mama-ljnmicl flights back to thf.'ir last .stops yeaterdny it ft <T ihi- iihSiissiiialioM of Panama Preside in Antonio Remon. • One flight recalled was halfway between Miami, Pla., and Panama. Tin- rjfher, orit,'IniilinK at Lima. Peru, was midway between Ecuador ;u:c! Panama when ordered back U> Ecuador, KOKAX'S SIZE The Kuran is about the size of tin- New Testament. It consists of vf:r-,c i i grouped into 114 chapters, or sura.s. The suras vary in length ironi only a few lines to many HERE'S EXTRA RELIEF There are about 5 per cent more boys than girls in the United States. No ordinary pain-reliever can make this claim ... but 666 can. The 6GG formula contains a combination of prescription-type ingredients not found in any other cold medicine. For that "extra" relief, try 666 liquid or tablets. Remember . . . 666 does more because it fun more. LD$ ~~ MISERIES ^^ ATTACKS ALL COLD SYMPTOMS • one TIME ... IN Less riMei 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS > OOtS MOIE IECAUSE II HAS MORE GREATEST SHOE SALE OF THE YEAR! Starts Tuesday Savings For The Entire Family SAVE JANUARY WHITE SALE ' " NYLON Ruffled Curtains Each pair 82" wide, 90" long. Wide 6" baby headed ruffle. Fasi dpying, no starching, long wearing, no ironing. No stretching, sun resistant mildew proof. Colors: white, rose gold. NYI.ON PANELS Tailored \Vide Hems . . . 42" wide. 81" long. White only . . . $1.00 EACH Panel. OUTING FLANNEL 32 inches wide. White and pink only. Now Only 17 yd. FIRST QUALITY Bath Towels Heavy weight. Large size, 22x44. Compare at 7!)c. Colors: white sky hlue, mint green, petal pink, sunshine yellow, lightening pink.. $ 1 4 For 97 Our Own Famous Long Wearing Musiin Type 130 SAMSON SHEETS Twin Size 72 x 99 Double Size 81 x 99 Your Choice Extra Long Double Size 81 x 108 •I for S5.85 57 1 for $6.25 PILLOWCASES 370 To Match - 4 For $7.45 FIRST QUALITY CANNON MUSLIN SHEETS Type 130 Double Size 81 x 99 Fitted Double Size Extra Loiif Double SIM 81 K 101 1 1 69 4 for $6.75 89 4 for $7.75 PILLOW CASES ... 44c 4 For J/.75 BLEACHED > J In i i 1 Fruit of the Loom 36 inches wide. Needle finish. yd. UNBLEACHED Heavy weight. 32 inches wide. Bleaches while. Compare elsewhere at 35c yd. 5 Yds. CHENILLE Full si/e. Manufacturers closcout of over production. Mostly all first quality ... a few irregulars. Somo with bullion frinjre. Some with shag sculpture edges. Solid colors of cht- nille woven .Vlfilh of an inch apart to fjive complete dose coverage on spread. Values to $6.98 $O99 3 BLACK & WHITE STORE

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