The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1936 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1936
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, AJgona, Iowa, July 21,1936 Dr. 8. A. Evans spent Satnrdn) at ShcHon on a buafnera errand. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Smith arid "Mr. arid Mrs. Walter Lorenz spent the week end at a cottage on Lake Okobojl. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Steele left Sunday for a two weeks' vacation in the Steele cottage at Gillies Beach, on Lake Okobojl. Mr. and Mrs. Basset! Filcher and family came Friday to spend a week In the home of Mr. Pitcher's .•sister,; Mrs. Clyde Smith. Mr* Henry Btmkofske spent from Tuesday until Sunday of last week i at the home of 'her sister, Mrs. Mleyers at Swea City. Llnd Olson left Sunday for his home in Pocahontas after spending a week In Algona as the guest of his aunt, Mrs. W. A. Vlgars. Ruth Roland left Friday afternoon for Des Moines where lh« will take a business course ad the American Institute of Business. Judge W. B. Quartern and E. if. Van Ness spent Saturday at Cedar Rapids where they attended the Iowa State Judicial convention. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Boeder spent the week end in Minneapolis where they were guests of Mr. Roeder's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Alf Lone. Threshing MEATS ALL KINDS OF FRESH AND COLD MEATS Ply Blankets 69c up Nose baskets 19-29c Gold Medal Flour, 49 Ibs 2.03 Fly Spray, pt. 25c Table Oil Cloth, wide, yard 33c 16 qt. Kettle 1.39 Canned Peas 6 cans 49c Coffee— 3 Ibs. 47c Fey. Cookies, 2 Ibs. 42c Peaches, No. 10 47c C. S. Johnson Kate Skinner who attand.4 summer school at the University of Iowa, spent the week end with her mother, Mrs. Anna Skinner. Carmen Wellendorf, 17-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wellendorf came down Monday with a severe case of chicken pox. Dorothy Brown returned Sunday after visiting ten days with er aunt, Mrs. Vic HIserodt at Mallard. Dorothy Is the daughter of Mrs. Clarence Zech. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Allen and three children of Ware, Iowa, spent Sunday with Mrs. Neal Smith and daughters. Harriet Smith formerly taught at Ware. Kathryn Deim, employed at the Metropolitan Life Insurance office In Algona, began a two weeks' vacation Monday; She will spend her vacation at home. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Rosewall of Newton came Tuesday for a visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Taylor. Mr. Rosewall and Mrs. Taylor are brother and sister. Russell Thorpe returned Tuesday evening from a two weeks' visit with the Albert A. Orosenbach family near Orinnell. Th» Crosenbach family formerly lived near here. Dr. and Mrs. Mllo Meyer of Mar- shatltown spent Sunday In Algona as guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stlllman. They were on their way home from a vacation trip to Lake Okobojl. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Ogg returned Saturday after spending a two weeks' vacation in Wisconsin. Mrs. Hawcott has been working in the variety store during the absence of Mr. Ogg. Mrs. Everett Eyres of LeMart arrived Tuesday for a visit with her Barents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bergfield. T'IIJ Eyres infant son has been vwttln? his grandparent? the past two weeks. Kathleen Evans, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Evans, is expected to return home this week after visiting for the pas^ seven weeks with her brother, Wallace Evans, and fanVly at Wyman, Iowa. Mrs. O. A. Anderson was overcome with the heat Thursday morning at the Anderson Cafe. Dr.. Cretzmeyer was called and she was put in ice packs anH will have to remain in bed for several days. Christine Arend, employed at Hawcott & Ogg's, will begin her vacation this week. She will spend the first week at home and the second week visiting her sister, Mrs. Harold Bockes In Carroll, Iowa. C. R. LaBarre and his brother- in-law, I. N. Mellne, returned Saturday from a business trip to Des Moines and Slater. They had been gone since Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Mellne are guests of Mr. and Mrs. LaBarre and are from Buffalo, New York. Mrs Meline and Mrs. LaBarre are slaters. 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Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johannsen, Jr., left Friday afternoon on a vacation trip through the Black Hills of South Dakota. They will r turn the latter part of the week. Beverly Howie of Rockwell City, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Howie, former Algontans, visited from Thursday until Sunday in the E. R. Cook home and with her sister, Loretta. Loralne Tierney left Monday for Nashua, where she will visit with an aunt, Mrs. C. W. Tobin, for two weeks. Loralne is employed In the Iowa State Bank and is taking this time as her vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hargre&ves and Mrs. H. E. McMurray spent Thursday at Rockwell City where they visited Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Howie, who formerly lived here. The Rev. and Mrs. Olin Parrott of Oaktown, Indiana, are expected to arrive Tuesday for a visit at the home of Mrs. Parrott's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Malueg. Mrs. Parrott is the former Lucille Malueg. Mrs. Everett Miller is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. William Dehnert at the European Hotel. Mrs. Miller is the former Velma Hed- rlck. Her husband is expected to arrive this week from Bakersville, California. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Barnard an<* Mr. and Mrs. Arne Horsford spent Sunday at Fort Dodge attending a picnic of employees of the Gamble Co. Mr. Barnard is the manager of the local store and Mr. Horsford is a clerk. Mrs. Elizabeth Weaver of San Diego, California, is spending several weeks in Algona visiting her sister, Mrs. Josephine Stanton. She expects to remain here for another month and then will go to North Dakota to visit other relatives. Mrs. Matt Lamuth was taken to Rochester, Minnesota, Saturday for medical treatment Mrs. Lamuth has heart trouble and has been a patient in the Kossuth hospital for several weeks. She was taken to Rochester in the Laird & McCullough ambulance. The Misses Jeanne Altwegg and Jermalne Erlckson of Elkader are visiting at the home of Jeanne's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Altwegg. vleanna Is an operator In the Kactor Beauty Shoppe at Elkader, Iowa. The girls will return to Elkader Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Falken halner left Sunday for their home In Eldora. They have been spending their vacation in Algona at the home of Mrs. Falkenhalner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Goeders and at St Paul with Harold's folks, the Otto Falkenhainers. Janet Zerfass spent the first part of the week visiting her father, P. P. Zerfass and on Tuesday went to Mankato with Bernlce Harrington where they will visit friends. The girls were formerly student In the business college there. Janet is employed in Des Moines and is at present on her vacation. Ed Capealus of Algona bid $785 for the remaining assets of the National Bank of Emmetsburg, which amounts to $311,000. Later a bid was made by telephone from Washington, D. C., which was some higher, but under the rules it was questionable whether it could be received. The courts will have to rule on the matter. When C. B. Murtagh returned to Des Moines Sunday he was accompanied by his wife and Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Hutchison, who visited Mrs. Murtagh's father, C. I. Cratty, at Ames. Mr. Cratty, who is 82 years of age and who recently resigned from the Ames College faculty on account of ill health, was 111 but was reported slightly better at last accounts. Dr. and Airs. F. C. Scanlan leave for Chicago July 26, where the doctor will take a post graduate course in the National college. Dr. Albert Lukenlahl of Emmetsburg, will have charge of Dr. Scanlan's office during his absence. Dr. and Mrs. Scanlan will return the middle of August. This course is the latest technics in chiropractic and physical therapy. '.Mrs. Wuynp Bradlteld left for her home in Austin Siturdf.y evening after H week's vi.sit with iier mother, Mr). B. I 1 . Hei.scp. Klie was aecornp.inij.i by lu-r sUtor and son, Phyllii Good «rd Jeny, anJ Phil Berglield. Mr. Bergfield and Phyllis returned Sunday, and Jorry will spend a week cr two with his aunt. Miss Helen Morrow arrived Saturday night to spend a week as the guest of Harriet Smith. Helen is the daughter of M. M, Morrow and the family formerly lived here. She is a graduate of the Methodist hospital school of nursing in Des Moines and is on her vacation from her duties in a physicians office in Des Moines. Catherine Seller, daughter of Mr. »,nd Mrs. Matt Selzer. spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Berrie at their cottage at Clear Lake. Catherine has been on night duty at the Mercy hospital in Mason City during the past month. She and Eleanor Payne will arrive at their respective homes July 25 for a three weeks' vacation. Mr*. A. W. Roupe and two children left for their home in Cedar Rapids Thursday morning They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roupe, who will spend the week as guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Roupe. Arnold Roupe U the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roupe. Mr». Jobs WHmer ot Mason City aUo left for her home la Mason City alter »pendinx a few day* vU- iUog her parent*, Mr. and Mrs. Chariot Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sterling and family spent Sunday at Clear Lake. L. B. Hovey spent Monday in Mason City, where he went on business. James Elbert began working last week for Vic's One-Stop Firestone Service. Eunice Sampson of Lake Park Is spending two weeks in Algona visiting her aunt, Mrs. V. H. Coffin. Vernon Storm* ban been III for the past week with the mumps. He is employed at the Kent Motor Co. K. D. James and J. M. Fool spent Monday in Marshalltown where they attended a district meeting of the Rotary club. Marian Hoppe, Betty HHsteadt, Ida Halpin, Paul Rosslter of Clear Lake, Bud Halpin and Lloyd Pratt spent Sunday at Lake Okobojl. L. E. Ltnnan and D. M. Kelleher of Ft. Dodge left Sunday evening for Dubuque and on Monday attended the funeral services for Senator Louis Murphy. Mrs. C. W. Morck and son, Buddy returned Saturday from Minneapolis where they had visited Mrs. Morck's mother, Mrs. Mary Anderson and other relatives. Mlllard H. Carr, Burt and Mildred Collins, Kadoka, South Dakota, were married Saturday afternoon at 3:30 by H. B. White, Justice of the Peace, at his office. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Larson and daughter, Meredith, took another daughter, Maxine, to Clear Lake, Sunday where she will spend two weeks as the guest of Betty King. Loretta Howie Is taking a vacation this week from the Kent Motor Co., and spending it at Rockwell City with her parents. Mrs. H. B. White is helping out during her absence. Bertha Kuchenreuther will leave Friday for Lake Okoboji where she will spend a week's vacation with friends. During her absence Eleanor Jacobson will substitute for her at Dr. Janse's office. Mrs. Clifford Young and little daughter, Marie, came Friday to attend the funeral of her grandmother, Mrs. Bahr, and Is visiting her mother, Mrs. John Kaln and at the home of her sister, Mrs. Fern Drone. Mr. and Mrs, At K. Cullen, Catherine Strett and Kathleen Cclana of Mason City were guests in the Anton Strelt home Sunday. Mrs. Cullen Is a daughter of Anton Strelt and Catherine Is his granddaughter. Paul Rosslter of Clear Lake spent Sunday in the Dennis Pratt home as the guest of "Curly" Pratt The boys are both employed on the new Clear Lake school house lob. Paul is an inspector and Curly is electrician. Mrs. C. H. Williams left Sunday for Summit Lake, Wisconsin, where she will vacation until Wednesday at the Illinois and Wisconsin Knight Templars Park. Mrs. F. R. Bandy of Britt will return with her. The ladles are cousins. Mrs. Stewart Haseltlne and her daughter returned Friday from Sioux Falls, where she had been visiting her sister, Mrs. W. R. Laird for about two weeks. Mrs. Hasel tine is here from California visiting her mother, Mrs. Jos. Cosgrove. - Marlowe Prertc of Staton, Minnesota, is spending two weeks in Algona as guest of Charlotte Hil ton. Charlotte returned Saturday from Slaton after spending two weeks with her father, Roy Hilton who manages a variety store there, Lloyd Keith, Evelyn Van Allen, Harold Van Allen, Harold Martinek, Dorothy Hauptman, Mrs. B. P. Benson, and Mrs. Nellie Van Allen spent Sunday In Fort Dodge where they visited Mr. and Mrs. James Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thls- n. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Anderson and daughter, Bobby, arrived Monday from Mankato, Minnesota, and will visit until Thursday in the home of Mr. Anderson's sister, Mrs. C. W. Morck. Mr. Anderson Is office manager for the Miller Motor Co. in Mankato. Mr. and Mm. B. M. Repper of Sioux City sp;nt the week end with their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McXnbb. Prances Carlson, also of Sioux City, accompanied ttu Reppvrx hrme after vUitinj; in Al/rona with ths Me- Nabbs fur the past three weeks. Helmer Nordstrom and Keith Stephens arrived home Saturday morning from a 6,000-mile tour. They were gone three weeks and visited Helmer's sisters, Mrs. L. J. Hanley, Minneapolis, and Miss Agnes Nordstrom, R. N., in Los Angeles, California, who is nursing in the California hospftal. Stewart Lindborg spent the week end in Chicago visiting Mrs. Lindborg and was accompanied to Al- Algona by his brother, Oscar Lindborg, who will visit him for several weeks at the Ted Larson home. The Lindborg brothers are cousins of Mr. Larson and Stewart is employed by the Geo. L. Miller Co. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brownell and four boys and J. A. Brownell have returned from a two weeks' vacation spent at their cottage on Lake Haltie near Pine River, Minn. En- route home they had to stop between Winnebago and Blue Earth because of a heavy rainstorm which came up suddenly and lusted only about ten minutes. Mr. uiid Mrs. Arthur \Volz and son, Jimmie of Winona, .Minnesota, spent from Wednesday until Saturday in Algona as guests of the L. S. Muckey family. Mrs. Muckey and Mrs. Wolz are sisters. Valeria Pickett returned to Winon-t with her aunt and uncle and will .spend the next week at Winona. Valeria is employed in the Harrington & Lowe offices. Louis Moore arrived Sunday for a short visit in Algona with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Moore, and other friends. Louis has been employed since January 1. by the Monarch Stove Co., and ne travels out of Buffalo, N. Y. Previous to January 1 he was employed in Algona by the Kohlhaas & Spilles hardware. He plans to return to Buffalo about Thursday. Mr. »nd Airs. Edgar Traeger and two children and Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Spies and son and daughter of West Union were Sunday callers in the Dennis Pratt home. They then went to Lake Okoboji and returned here Monday evening to attend the Country Club dance. Mr. and Mrs. Pratt accompanied them to the lakes on Tuesday morning and will spend two daya there. Mr. Traager ia the county attorney of Fayette county and U a brother of Mrs. Pratt. MlM Elr-anora Jacobson is upending a few days in the W. J. Gfal- braith home. Mr. and Mrs. Chester W. Klnic- sley of New York City arrived on Friday afternoon for a visit with Mrs. Kingsley's parents), Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Sherman. They have been visiting other relatives In Minnesota. Mr. and Mm. H. M. Potter and son, Brooks, left the first of the week for Seward, Nebraska, where they will spend two weeks visiting relatives. Mr. Potter is field manager for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Humphrey arrived Thursday morning to visit Mrs. Humphrey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Taylor. Mr. Humphrey then returned to Chicago and his wife remained here Mm. D. E. Dewel and children, Marjorie and Billy, and Mrs. G. W. Stillman and daughters, Marcia and Ann. and Mrs. Stlllman's mother. Mrs. Minnie Holland of Maxwell left Sunday evening to spend the week in the Dewel cottage Helen Strelt left Thursday night for Chicago after spending her vacation with her grandfather and aunt, Anton and Mary Strelt. F. J. Strelt and children, Jean and John, left Friday for their home In Oxford. Michigan, after also being guests of the Strelts. How do you manage to hove «ud« good lock with your Wtmg •vtrr tiM*r COA9T.TMOA8T CATTLE FLY SPRAT KILLER AND RIPELLANT Q**t-kvCout Sum Ftr Spray kflh AIM bat to hirmtcM M tftMuto. |t win not Ulnt milk. Kir »• ««l At' Oi« bftrn or oat In lh» open. PENNOLENE OIL For THs Sate (My! 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