The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1936 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1936
Page 6
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SWEACITYGIRL HONORED FRIDAY AT POSTNUPTIAL Poem Tells Bride Where To Find Many Nice Gifts Swea City: A post nuptial miscellaneous shower honoring Mrs. Ingmar Haugen (nee Dorothy Christenson) was he-Id at the M. K. church on Friday night. Juno 20. The room was decorated with p;mien flowers. A rcntcrpiece of uvi- ding bells, featured the table decorations on the bride's table. Instructions given in the form of a poem, rnahii'ti the bride to find the gifts, placed in various places in the ha!!. The color scheme of green and yellow predominated. Hostesses were Mesdames August Peterson. George Harner. J. f-7. Harner. Emil Larson. Arden Hovey, and \Vm. Krumm. Misses Lucille Anderson. Helen Poole. JMnnj' beautiful gifts were received. A program of games featured the entertainment. C. H. Steinberger is the new manager at the Clmmplin service station. The M. K. church annual picnic was held Monday. .Tune 29. at Sylvania Park, Fairmont, Minn. The third division of the M. E. Aid society met at the R. A. Bravender home on Friday afternoon Mayor P. J. Heiken and council nre completing arrangements for additional parking space to take care of the congested traffic on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McAninch have been informed both have receiver] Bachelor of Divinity degrees from Macalester Theological college at St. Paul. The Algona Upper Pes Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 30, i936 PUPIISREC1TAL HELDJNLUVERNE Mrs, Patterson Presented Eight Musical Youngsters LuVerne: Mrs. Max Patterson >resontcd her pinno pupils In a rectal at her home. Thursday after- oon. The mothers and a few in- ited guests wore present to hear 10 program of solos, duets and rios. Following the program dainty t-freshmcnts were served by Mrs. atterson. who was assisted by Irs. R. L. Corbin. The class in- d Grace and Helen Christen- scii. Donald and Faye Krause, Marii< Patterson. Victor. Georgianne H:H! Thelmn Baumgartner and Elinor Mac Woito. (By A. L. Brown, County Agent) Carl Ebcrt, east of Whlttemore reports corn damage from the corn stalk borer. There is little to be done in controlling this worm after it gets in the corn, but as a rule the damage is mostly in the outside rows along the fence. Preventative mt-asures such us cleaning up th> olrl grass ami weeds dtKinfe- the SEXTON NEWS A dance was held here Wednesday night by the Algeria Dancin" club. Joe McSwain spent Thursday and Friday at the Arch Burger home near Burt. Joe i.-i a cousin of Mrs. Burger. A number from here attended the Iowa State Brand creamery The above pictures, showing erosion loss under continuous cultivation, were taken within tr.O feet of each other near Red Oak. On the left is shown a cross-section of virgin soil on th« Newberg estate. This soil has never been cultivated. At the right is a cross-section of the soil on the August C. Johnson farnr. The Johnson field was first plowed in 1872 and since that time has been planted to corn, with the exception of three crops of wheat and four crops of clover. Agronomists in the Extension Service at Iowa St-nte College and in the Soil Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture recommend three or four year crop rotations which include a legume They also recommend plowing under of crop residue and manure to control erosion. On more sloping land contour farming grassed waterways and terraces may be desirable. meeting and dinner at Mason Citv Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield uni Kdith spent Thursday in Mason City on busings. On tin- way home they called on the Mads Wise family west of Mason Citv. Hie Housing Problem null.'is. Texas: Housing problems nf visitors to the Texas Centennial Imposition (hiring tlic first 10 (l;iy.s- were solved on n gigantic M ;ile as the Centennial Housing I Purea-i jilar-ed G.'j.OOO persons at an Plenty of clean water to drink is a.s essential for livestock as proper Alfalfa should be cut when -ih- feedinjj. ' - - The Henry Webcrs and Mrs. Mary Will have gone to Texas, v here the Webers will attend the Centennial at Dallas. Mrs. Waldemar Jensen and son, Sunnyvale. California, spent last v.-oek at the Harry Christenson home. They were enroute to Illinois. The Evangelical and ;--resi)yterian Sunday Schools held their annual picnics at Renwick park Wednesday and Friday of last week respectively. Mrs. Frank Green. Forest City, visited at the home of her sister, Mrs. Lloyd Smith last week. Maxine Smith who had been visiting at Forest City, came home with her. The Don Liehtys, Chicago, and the George Harrisons and J. J. Simms, Canada, were the honorees at several social affairs given by the different Lichty families las't week. These courtesies included dinners, a .swimming party at the Algona pool, and a post nuptial shower " Simms. evening at the C. H. Lichty home. The Harrisons and Simms started or. their trip home Friday morning. winter and early spring is the best c ontrol. Richard and He.-bvt Isebrand of liionka, aro new members of the Buffalo 4-H club. One will have a lamb and the other a colt. ('. E. Prinbe, northeast of Aleona, j found n few small patches in his onts being damaged by a little black worm. Some of the worms were taken to Ames last week but the entomology department was not able to make identification off-hand so ns yet do not know what they Harry Bode left for Illinois on Sunday to be gone about a week. With Harry are Mrs. Bode and the two younger boys. for Mr. and Mrs. J. J. This was held Thursday /\n.tii;i .SJ10UIU DC CUt out om-lcnth in bloom. A .Motorists' Paradise Dallas. Texas: Police within and about the Texas Centennial Exposition grounds are really walking information booths rather than bogeymen. That goes for traffic officers, too." s;iid Robert L. Jones, chief of Dallas police. "A visiting driver would have to do something awfully bad and really prove himself an incorrigible before we would give him a ticket." he .said. Board Proceedings Jitm- 9. i'jar, Hoard or Supervisors mot wiih tin.- following members present. \v r - HcDomiM. J.\ ,1. Halst.Mn.-in. Cn:,.-" Morn . \v. s. c.,ssroM> n: u i K. Wm. Lt.-unii. Ilouril I'rori-eili-il to n-.ul tl'i. n-m utes or the i,,, t n-s-nliir ,,. SM on ,u,,l all luljourne.l .sosslonx. Motion )iy Morris um! 3ml i,v (•„„_ (rrovo that minutes tie ai>unm-<l -is reml. Ayes. All. n= |0 ,V'7 ','"" , M " 111 " ""'I ?o.l l<y Morris I'oll tax & Ilea.l t.-u or IhlKli liuUi-rlii'1,1 in .-iwi-a City In,KOI- tin- yi.-u- |'.i;!;( |,,. ,,|,.,t,.,| uVnus,'. •<,iino w.-i.s |.:ii.l in Harrison TP. A>us. \lnlion l-y Morrl* anil '.'n.l l,v r,,s- UI.,M- tht |.oll tax of Jl.ilj.ii Al- '•"' l-'.'U •'•* ^.tui" was wmkt-.l A.VI-.S. All. Motion ijy Morris an.I :n,l by isn]--,.. man ili.ii M,-| „,„,,|,| i.,, ,,.,!„,'(„,,.,( .,, •oiiiniiti,.,. ,,n |ir. t.M. AVI.;. All Motion l.y ll!ilB,.|iiMii ali.'l 'io| I..'- l''«s»:ro\i. that Ilauni In- ai.i,.,in t.-,| i- '"iiiiiilt',1 n j, r . iir, 4 ,. ; K N ; I. Ai.-. All. ' •in- o.l.»k 1'. M. one oviork ii.iant of Supprvl.sors m<-t i>itr.sii.-int (o aiijoiirnmcnt with -ill incinhor.s iiresi-rit. Moilon liy Ilauni anil '.'nil l.y C'n<- :rovi- tli-a si-.onilary Uo.-ol lilstrlrt In- nfTl.-.T.s for wJili-li no noiuln.-itlon-. urn- in.-nlc at tin- ITIl.iary l--'-l'l on 1^1 in' Jinn-. '•;ili v,.s-.- tl,,. r.-turns from • -,.. n Illff lirt-nlln-ts of tin- i-onnty a^ s,,,,, liy tin- poll liooKs rotuni,.l fionl t iiaii.t-.. of tin- c.-inili.j.-ict-, tiniiifniit IT tin- jirlm.-iry i-U-i-tnu, -.vhl-h th •I'iie llu.-inl of .-,,.,. , ff|. io Hoard of Countv Canva.^-cr-; |ii-oi'i...,|.-.I to ,,j,,.|,,. [,',,11 l,, K ,k~ anil Uli.MOCKATIC KKI'UHI.ICAN County Au.Iltor K. J. Hull.r 1-Muin C. Hn "iint> li.-i~orir M ,1 n.i'iy c \v |-..,i •-,,., (•"unty stn.-niT c.t-.-v I.,,-, l.ilib.-rt llar^ n-ax,( ..iinty H,.ronW .1 . .1. I >.,,,!, y Mann,- IvtKi-o- M.-rk of Ii. C. .. K.itln-nni- M.-KV..V | T ," K,,hl County Att,,ri:.-y 1.. A. UtMkJl Hiram \Vnll.. i ounly Coromr u. A. Kian.s 1, M M,.,mt •Stnto Heprt-seiuativi- -. : (Jeo. Ii. Monlton Tn-t- Ur.-iok Mil.ervisor 1st nist. „ .i,,i, n j.' r ., 8Dr F j jf/.i-f,.,,,,.., Suyervisor 3rd mat. " \V. Siiliprvlsur ath lint. FAH.MKIS-I^AJJ' >I! y Nono Noni- l-'i.-.! C. \Vint,-. S. Ciisjjrnvi' KiTK-st 1'i-terson Will. Hanin p. ,|. ||,.ik,.,. I'rci-inct 1>KMOCRATIC NOMI.VATION OF RTN'E 1st. 1'XIG I'on-iialili. Trustpp torm i:i:!7 Trustii- torm l:i:- .\OIU- Nollf None i>utton llurt Cresco »i irlo Fenlon (tunld.1 fir nit I, .... ... - i Harrison U.-l.i'oii Irvlnh-t'.M Le.ilyanl I.inroln UuVernn I'Kini t^rt-ek I'ralrit. Hlvt-rili.lp Sherman SjirlngrtleLi Swea I'nlnn \Vlut tomoro M. C. MfM.,n,,., Lain.-ra'ij'v" ''"' C '"' t I " 1 ' 1 ' 1 "' 1 K'-oinin-,' t l.,,ivri-n,-o I >o ', XV. III. i,- lloykt-n Marvin Iir.tmlt \\'i-sl.-y lli-rnhar.l I' I.llnlt-Mol »M1 Chas. NVi-i-1 M:it .s.'hall.-n IH-II Diinkofsko Nlt-k 'l- Will Hll:--S'lo,f lohu Arn.l.,i-r.-i A Ii. I.:,p,,,, Own I'lalho A. M. (;n.,taf>o II. K S.hi.117. \\". 1JII -rt Isa.iort) Ma -Vli-ert .\Ki . O S. Martin M.-vi-r TVil Jimg-s'lorr Ii II I.IKlwlK Karl Cnshjnan lohn H A. Harvey Walter Vaudt ^I lyn.iiil >.ii i t I/ C lluti-lujn • lohn I Ian shoi n W. II. I'atti-l-HiM An.lrt'iv Hll,i.rt FlUKh Mi-Knrmt W It. .S11; vv a r t otto w.,ir A. J. Coifley Thoin.-w (ir.-th.-tm J W |j.jlli tf Itot*rt I>nss H. C NcLson i.f i'ea. RKI'1-HLICA.N NOMINATION -ICNK I. 1'j.;.. Oll-.tat.lrt 'I'l .;Ht, n . |!i:;7 '[-,,i,t ( ^. |fj-> Ullffulo lilirt Cresco I >< 11 . \\ .-It. . l^-f i). W.,lf.- i "i. n K y}. I It"' V.nlui,. ll-i,ry Kuol-U ••!*-'.'. . : I ,- :.. 11 '. M II. I-hlllips ' H. I-iri'l« Itiiy Jfuilaon H K. llawrott 1. W lic-rffif rt-n II Ii. Jin-ycr |.- r .»l Wi-ifiu-r lii-ni y H«jjii-i,.k.-.»n .Mlk<> IlifUl, i, .,,•!. .ult Ili-rii-an Li, i,m W. (. lu-ynoM., O:l n.oti. audit .111.1 K A'. ~Ki. Ji.hi? Ko.'.i' A. M. July i ht . IUK; K. i.l. UL'TI.K'IC. County Ainlitor 10 uu until '-!• .,' of .S..;,.-!'-. l ,. ; i:,, ; l, .1 . i i-all of IM- .\i...;it. . i.i:j, otioii l.y" ii.iJrii-iii..i. :.:. I ... : . > I i- ' i -.•'.'" " i/l-ovi- lliat Kln.i-r I.l. UM r .V'.ii:.". ' -... ' V ,, L- I'll., lit: fclVI.'li a ll.-f.... 1 ..f i 1 .11.1 Moll. , :.. t.i.X for lU.Jf, l« . .11^-, .,| 1:.,|..^ .1 .; . . , __IIIU t-.VIl-l.-. Aj'Cii. .Mi ..:• i .'.'['•' : Jklotlun i.y C'lJ.So'l oVt; a;,.i .':..! ;,;, ,-. [ . ;; ; ,'.,,1"' ' L'ount>' auUllur HIM HK U-..1 to I...-I.L. .- .,:n. r ::.-i'; ' J . Ill in-ill tl. Il olfli lal I.OI..I of 11,1,., A .-lit. ^lovt- that tin.- i'.-l«)rt of K. .[ . Jlui- ''"' ' I''''. Ci/lil.ty Au.lltoi l. t - ,in,ioll.i. .','' ^"''' . ;, Motion i,y 11..U'-lilai, ami 211.1 ny ,-••' ' " •' I"' i' a.,. j j.i-r j li.^iin tl,.a the boml of Hoitli- .] /or Cl.,.,., "C" 1),.,,,- ptj-Mjjt | Jt . ' . .'• '.;" ! 1.1-j.iow-d an.l ll.t- County Au'lr,,,r I.,'.,•.;' ' '' " ' •' -,' i"' 1 " "' im-ti-u.-t..-,! to IU.M,., i<>,- »,.,,„. 1 '--.' Ii.••!...-.- li i,,-i , ,-nt. 'Ay-, All * »-"i-'.''.'' ''. '," "'•' I ( |n motion I.,,;,.! ,,.,| ,,,„, n ,. ( | Ul ,,, 1 "" 1 '•••' I" •/•-..-.- .'I/ ' :. .>',•!,„ fc. U P .-illn-.-,,l.,y July I I.JJB ," ! , ! H 'I- UL'TI.KH. 11 ' -' ( -"- r "-'-' -o..| -.'i.,| i.y i Coi.nli Au.Jllor •lolinsnn at-! tended the second district Farm Bureau picnic nt Mason City Sun- ilny. Francis Johnson, president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, was the principal speaker on the afternoon program. To date no grasshopper damage has been reported in Kossuth county. We have, however, some poison bran on hand which will be available in the event the grasshoppers do make an appearance. Frank Schoby tied for fourth place in the cream grading contest at the State Brand Creamery picnic at Mason City last Thursday. Frank reported that one good smell was all that was necessary to tell the grade of some samples. Dale Clark, the Kossuth No. 1 cow tester is preparing records of some of the herd sires in the association. Many good bulls have been sent to market because their breeding worth Was unknown. Proper records will furnish a statement as to their value and should prevent the loss of good sires by way of the block. The Conservation commission appeals to parents of boys who have been killing young birds to stop the practice. Both federal and state laws prohibit the killing of most song birds and the penalty is the same as in cases of game birds. Our birds are also the best help we have in controlling insect pests. The number of farmers usinx sodium chlorate for spraying weeds is on the increase this year. As the thistles are now coming into blossom it is time to get at the spraying before they go to seed. Charles Bertp frotn just east of St. Joe was a visitor in Algona last Thursday and judging by tiie beads of perspiration on his brow, the day was proving plenty hot. Charles says that St. Joe's baseball fever has died down considerable, and that the folks in his neighborhood enjoy coming up to Algona for some of the nice, cool night games. He also remarked that when the new buildings going up around the Upper Des Moines office are completed we're going to be right in the center of things more than ever. To which we replied yes, provided the new buildings don't cut off all of our light. We're always glad to have folks drop in at the Upper Des , Moines office and pass the time of I day. man. The building: will be 36x82 built of clay mocks with a Gothic roof. It will be all modern, with steel stanchions, electric ventilating system, wat* pressure and automatic drinking fountains. The cost will be approximately $7,000. Bernice Devine spent Wednesday night with her aunt, Mrs. R. H. Skilling. The Married Folks Dancing club held a dance at the Sexton hall last Wednesday evening. Mrs. Frank Capesius, Mrs. Pan! Clark and Mrs. S. J. Devine attended the creamery picnic at Mason City Thursday. Members of the Irvington Aid were guests of the Burt Ladies' Aid on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Orrie Miller is president of the local Aid. Miss Nellie Burlingame, her adopted daughter. Beulah. and nieces, Bernice and Eunice, have returned from their eastern trip. The group was gone about a month. Mrs. John Schulz and Mrs. Geo Johnson spent Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Vern Drone, Algona. The ladies prepared the yearbook for the Plum Creek club. Mrs. Geo. Johnson has as her guests this week, her cousin, Mt-s. Fred Bradley, son Clark and Keith Clark of Fairmont, California. Mrs. Bradley was accompanied here by her mother, Mrs. C. E. Clark who is visiting at the Chas. dark home at Britt. The California people are one time residents of Kossuth county and are here to attend the Raney family reunion. Read The Want Ads—It Pays The HiiRliiml & Pet tractors. Swea Citv. l<rson con- erect barn at the Jens P. Jensen place 11 near Ringsted. Jensen is a dairy- ' * FARMERS ATTENTION TWINE Place your order now. JOE BLOOM CoiMt-to-Cf>a*t Store it you've decided to paint your barn red and want protection and wear at low cost, use Lowe Brothers Derby Red Barn Paint. AH paint and extra thick. One gallon of Derby Red mixed with one-half gallon of linseed oil makes one and one-half gallons of nigh-grade oarn paint. Prevents decay and rust Use it for barns; ailos, fences and metal roofs. Derby Red is a good barn paint that compares Favorably with many nlghev priced paints. Let us tell you a // about it. F.S. Norton & Son Phone 239 TRUCKS NOWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD will you find a truck with all these features at such low prices Nowhere ebe in the world will you find truc> ™ tfl ** will give you such great NEW PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES v. j\ Q rt|u..K/ r ,| f ur (jui, L, un 9 vt vrvtn-;, -ifdi^ht line'* biojH NEW FULl- TRIMMED DE LUXE CAB wilh rlfar-viaioii new 1936 Chevrolet*! Nowhere eke in the world will you find trucks that are HO extremely economical for all-round duty! And nowhere in the world wiJl you find trucks with Buch outstanding performance, comfort and *afety features an a Hip;h-CoinprcB8ion Valve-in- Ilead Engine, New Perfected Hydraulic iTrakea, FuM-Floating Rear Axle and new TuTTTiTninie.d I)e I -uxe Cob, at Chevrolet's remarkahly low prices! See these trucks arid commercial cars at your nearest Chevrolet dealer's . . . have a thorough demonstration . . . eoiwince yourself that they're the tvorld's thriftiest hi ^-powered trucks and therefore the trucks for cafe cuulrul for you! ClIEVJtOLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN GENERAL MOTORS INSTALLMENT PLAN-MONTHLY PAYMENTS TO SUIT YOOR NEW HIGH-COMPRESSION VALVE-IN-HEAO ENGINE with iucreaaetl horsepower, increued torque, greater economy iu gag » n il oil FULL-riOATINO REAR AXLE with barrel type wheel ou IJj-luu nicxleli PUK8C 9 360 AND UP. Litt price oj the hal/^oa at Flint, Michigan Si**,* tyyne* extm . Price, gu^ fr ^ a d iwti or* tut at fluu, Michigan, md tubject to chang, mthout Kossuth Motor Company Phone 200 Algona, Iowa BARKIS BEER IS BEST

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