The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1936 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1936
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 23,1936 13 Kossuth County 4-H Girls, with 5 Leaders, at State Meeting This Week CONTEST VOTES SWEA TW. GIRL BEST GROOMED Leyard, Fenton, and Hurt Clubs High in Music Ratings Around 175 girls were present at the 4-H club rally day at Call State Park. Tuesday. June 16. The morning program began at 30:00 o'clock with registration and community singing. There was a music contest, and each group sang one song. The girls have been studying "family festivals" and the songs were chosen from that group. There was roll call by clubs, and a contest for the best groomed girl followed. The girls enjoyed a picnic dinner. 18 Get Ante* Trip The afternoon program started at one o'clock with community singing, followed by an inspirational talk by Joseph Skow of Wesley. The convention delegates to Ames were introduced. Thirteen girls and five leaders will represent Kossuth county at' the state 4-H girls' convention at Ames, which begins June 24. and ' Lntto C"re4*\e FY»lL-« closes Saturday noon, June 27. El- I ^" ll * y 1 c " c £ * ,™ oise Preston of the Swea Spirits of j West Bend Guests Service club, will represent Kossuth county in the Best Groomed Girl Contest. Delegates who will attend are: Arlene Heetland, Ledyard Loyal Laborers; Florence Looft, Seneca NRG club; Marian Jensen. Hurt Bumble Bees: Lois Barr. Cresco Chums; Bernice Dodds, Union Ale- thians; Ellda Friest and Dorothy Mescher, Bancroft Busy Pals; Donna Jean Bailey and Viola Muller, Fenton Forwards; Delores Voss and Thelma Hof, LuVernc Loyal Lassies; Pauline Preston and Eloise Preston, Swea Spirits of Service. Leaders attending will be Mrs. Loren Brown, Cresco Chums; Mrs. G. G. Pcfferman, Bancroft Busy Pals; Mrs. Will Welsbrod. Fenton Forwards; Emma Voss. LuVerne Loyal Lassies, and Mrs. Floyd Treat. Rural Clubs In Joint Meeting Last Thursdaj Union: The four rural clubs sur rounding Algona held their annua get-together at the shelter hous at the Call State Park, Thursday June 18. There was an attendant of about 130. One of the best o programs was given with the Plum Creek club as hostess club and Mrs Carl Hutchins presiding. The pro gram was opened with music on their violins by the Hueser family 'sextette'. Mr. Bjustrom gave a talk on his recent sojourn in Cuba Beverly Kain. small daughter o Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kain of Plum Creek, gave a recitation. A trum pet solo by Allen Dearchs of Unon was given and he was accompanied on the piano by Helen Hueser. The Nordstrom girls gave heir prize-winning whistling number and Anita Rose Kohlhaas eave j dramatic reading. A one-net ploy was presented by he Cresco Ladies. "The Minister's New Car." Vera Schwietert took he leading role at Mrs. Anne Howe She was ably assisted by Lydia Jonovan. Mrs. Vining, Mrs. Baldvin. Evelyn MacDougall, Cora Marn. Margaret Dutton. Ruth Clement nd Mabel Sorensen. The play was ndcr the direction of Mrs. Roland, ce cream and wafers were serv- d. The Union club will be the ostess club next year. Swea Spirits of Service. festival with a chorus A music of 2,500 voices will be given, Friday evening, June 26. Lotts Creek: The West Bend young people's society entertained the Lotts Creek young people's society Wednesday evening at a wiener and marshmallow roast. It wns held in Clarence Kuecker's grove. The evening was spent by playing a number of different games after which a treasure hunt followed. Music Contest Winners The music contest winners were as follows: superior, Ledyard. Fenton and Burt; excellent. Greenwood and Swea; good, Harrison, Cresco and Seneca. Eloise Preston of the Swea Spirits of Service club, won first in the best groomed girl contest, and Bernice Dodds of the Union Alethians club, won second place. The Swea club presented the initiation ceremony, and games presented by each club closed the day. WWWVWWWWWVW^^ WOOL Top Market Price Paid For Wool Get our price before you sell your wool. Joe Greenberg Phone 118 Algona, la. JL~^i many of the other conveniences available Unlay, a checking account, once it has been enjoyed, is a service that U easily taken for granted. Those who enjoy this service at The Security State Bank often say that they cannot understand how they got along without it before their accounts were opened. Consider what a checking account can metin to you. in your business and in your personal affairs. There':! the budget an^le A cheekn.^ ai.count provides a .simple aei ounlinK system, a. system easily kepi ii(i in dale at ail lime.,. Jt p-r.mde.j a complete re, old of di po.>ita and di.ibur.ienieiit.i,- a glance will tell yoa. at tile end of an/ ^iveii period, ju-t wnere >oiir expenditure.! Were madt-, ai:d for what purpose. .V'i !•-,-, imporlant i, th" neord of p.i.-nieiit ; iliat a < heekin;: ai-i ounl pro-, ide.-i K .• n millvidu'il .layini rit. no matter ho.-,- : mall, i.r v.i.-re it i.* inail", brin^:-, you m un'{ue-,!ionabi,: reeeipt in the lonn of a cam eU d i in ek. Of uniform aize. ea. iiy tiled iln.,e i-iiei-i . oi'fer extra j roteetion it im e:\lra c H-' Farm Visit Day At Ames Extended to Kossuth 1-iirge sum., of money need not be a: home. Tin re is no danger of 1 tire when a i-uunl liold You can enjoy the advantages We'll in ril'i'l to explain how ea.ji an .u-com.l and utilize the other friendly bank. i ., or tin ft or f liii.i service-, you eaii open lilee.! of LhU siU up to $5.000 iiisiurd with I-' U. I. r. « OMl'LHTK FA< 11.11 IKS FOK SKKXINti COMMKIt- t'lAI-. Till ST AN1> SAV- INdS AHOL'NTS Member t'ederai Ke»en,- Security State Bank President, C. U. Murtagh Act V. Pre*.. Frank Koblhaw Cashier, E. A Schema Vic« Prea.. A. Hutchison Bookkeeper, Flora Tiaa Above are pictured a few of the scene. 1 ) that Kossuth County farmers and their families will see when they visit Iowa State College. Saturday, June 27. All farmers and their families are invited to visit the college on that day to sec the college campus, farms, livestock, greenhouses, and other points of interest. Visitors will see the various experiments in progress and hear reports of the most recent work in agriculture and home economics. At upper left is one of the plots where hybrid corn is developed and tested; upper right, a view in in the college greenhouses; circle, scene from home econmics laboratory where white rats are used to test different diets; and below, airplane view of campus. Additional information may be obtained in regard to the tour at the Farm Bureau office in Algona. FOR STATE FAIR Iowa Farmers To Get Money on Grain Entries Iowa's prize farmers will have a lance to win over $5,250 on their ntries of corn, oats, and other rain and forage crops at the 1&36 owa State Fair here, according to nal classifications of agricultural ompetition announced this week. The state corn show, to be held t the fair from August 28 through ept. 4, will offer $445 in cash prizes or entries of yellow, white and ther varieties of corn, in exhibits t 10 ears, 30 ears, and half bush- Is. The state will be divided in- o four districts, so that compet- ion for awards may be on a tom- aratively even climatic basis. Prizes for outs, barley, rye, clover nd other grains and seeds will otal $115. Awards for alfalfa, blue rass, soy beans und other grass nd forage crops will amount to 132. The two largest offerings in this ear's farm show will be for indiv- duul farm exhibits and county- ide farm exhibits The former 'ill pay $1.550 for the beat collec- ve exhibits of ull types of farm roduce displayed by individual mi. The lutter will award $2.085 for the bust collective exhibits of farm products assembled from entire counties. The county agrioul- tural exhibits and the individual f.irui exhibits are already filled to maximum r;i|<;u-ity tar this year's lair. .Seven hundred dollars will also 1>«- awarded lur farm bureau project • >:liibil.i, showing il.e of tile I'l-ojerU carried on by Iowa county tarm bureau.i durin;.; lj:;*j 1 In f.ur board bai il,u annoum •-I ••:!.'.'•.:< in r,i-.ii |jii/. ( -., for fruit.-. ,i-;'t table.i :nid ilo'.vei., at tin.- V-ai'., eX|.i.;,;! i,,n I'upi,-:, of the t'.t'.t'i pii-imum hiit v. ill in: mailed to :iiyoi.i: mUre.sted (By A. L. Brown, County Agent) John Mullen of Woitey la growing about 90 acres of hybrid seed corn this year. About 35 acres are on a farm there at Wesley and the rest on a farm near Corwith. The demand for hybrid seed seems to be on the Increase. • • • Chan. EgKtrth, living northwest of Lakota, is trying some new varieties of spring wheat and soy beans developed by the Iowa station. These field test plots are being conducted in cooperation with the experiment association. • • • • A light apple crop U in prmpect for Iowa this year according to S. W. Edgecome, horticulturist in the Agricultural Extension Service at Iowa State College. Southeastern Iowa had a heavy crop last year, but very lltle or no bloom:; this year. • • • Andy Godfrrdsen at the south edge of Algona, has some of the best looking corn in the county. If the weather remains favorable he should harvest a good crop. * • * Farm f ami lie* form 28 percent of all U. S. families and furnish a large part of the total market for stoves, plumbing equipment, cloth- PMJMBINU, HEATING. SHEET METAL, HPOU'IINO AND PUMP A complete stock with experienced Service for jobs, large or small. HOLTZBAUER'S TIN SHOP II'J S. Dodge Algonu 12-tf Ing agricultural machinery, automobiles, etc. • • • T. C. Burnett of Iowa State College suggests that barley should be left standing as long as possible ONI GALLON DOES THI WORK OP A GALLON AND A HALF I LOWE BROTHERS DERBY RED HARN PAINT it extra thick! JUK add half a gallon of pure linseed oil Co each gallon of paint. You'll get a gallon and a half of good, thick paint that compares favorably with many higher priced paim*. DERBY RED it excellent for buns, silos, fences, and metal roofs . . . keeps them looking neat, preserves them and saves (hem from rust and decay. F.S. Norton & Son I'llolIB 229 without danger of lodging, to in sure the highest quality grain. • * * E. B. Schlel, south or Fenton, Is conducting some test plots on hybrid corn, also Muftden and Konno soybeans. The seed was secured from Iowa State College. * * * Louis Fuhfimutn, who rente on a nice place just east of Algona, had a visit last week from M. J. Wal- Ince of Los Angeles, California, who owns the farm en which Louis is located. Wallace Is a son of the former Dugald Wallace. His wife Is a sister of Mrs. V7. K. Ferguson of Algona, and the Wallaces have been visiting at the Ferguson home in Algona. • • • Mr*. Loren Brown and Mrs. Ray Miller are furnishing transportation for the «-H girls to the convention at Ames. The delegates will leave Wednesday morning and return Saturday afternoon. • • • J. C. Skow, president of the Ko»Euth County Farm Bureau, is at present in the east attending a national Congregational convention. It was also his intentions to visit Washington. D. C., while on the trip. • • • The Experiment Station field day at Kanawha will be June 29. Any crop experiments stiould be in a prime condition for inspection at that time. AH farmers who wish to nspect the plots are invited to attend the field day which will begin at 10 a. m. • • • Walter Peter, north of Algona, made a potash fertilizer treatment on his alfalfa last week. Alfalfa on alkali makes a very slow growth. An application of potash should partly correct this condition. A trial plot is the best method of gaining this information. Keep Up The Value of Your Car With A Good PAINT JOB Shabby looks result wh«n the paint Job has grown old and lost its sparkle of newness. Revive the value in your car in your own eyes and In the eyes of others by having It repainted in our shop. We give It the regular factory finish that it had when you drove It out of the showroom so proudly. STOP IN AND US GIVE YOU AN ESTIMATE Our New Department Under Bill Lechelt Specializes in ' Painting Upholstering Body and Fender Work Metal and Glass Work Kent Motor CO. ALGONA'S FORD DEALER Announcing the Greatest CELEBRATION Irv the History of This County § ARMSTRONG NEWS§ Je..-.<: i:uikliead. v, ho attends <'.-ilk-ion College at -N'orthlield. Min- nio.,t.i, u :,i,ei.din^ lii.j vacation at 'lie parental .J V iiuikhead home. Tin: M loses Mabel and fc'I.,ie '1 lior.ion ui For 1 . iJod^e visited at the parental John K Thor.son iiome over lie- v.eeit end They .ue now tmiiloyed at the Lutheran hospital in Koi I lJudj{e. Mr and ilr.-i. H M. Irjmttr and daugliter., Irene ami Marie, inotor- el to Kt i'aul, Minn, Saturday, where Irene enrolled ill il beauty i om -. While there they ulio Visited relative.! in Minneapolis. They jetuimd 'J'ue.jJay evejlljl^;. j VK:i Vou i an .,till get tire.i av | jour old pine.. Tire pines are up! j Our;i are no!. .'iux3';. ^!.7fj 1.75| i'J, H 7'J. - <Jambles. 20 Man's Heart Skips Beats -Due to Gas W. I. Adama waa bloated so with yaj that )HJ heart o/teli miiitd bculs after eiilinK. Adlerikii rij hun of all gu£, aJid nuw bu cuts anything aitd feela title. E. W. Luaby, Druggist. A Good Place to Trade . . . Johnson's Hardware GROCERIES—MEATS Highest Pricec Paid for Eggs, cash - trade West of Creamery 22-tf Texas Centennial WORKING GIRL'S POPULARITY CONTEST FREE VOTE COUPON 10 VOTES TO __________________________ ____ Deposit vole in ballot box at State Theatre (jive to Contestant, Mail or Bring to office Contest Closes July 31 and sensational feats by the world's greatest vaudeville teams, night club entertainers and circus performers. Ijn **4t A ^ featuring chariot races rivaling the old Ro*^€»%» 'C 9 man arenas, standing races and everyone guaranteed to give you the supreme thrill. f* **mmmA^ Pushball games with world's largest ball; ^^^^•••^^ baseball between best semi-pro teams in the northern section of Iowa— 2 each afternoon. ^JfS ^fl mm* *± mj ^ ^ u ^ midway of rides, concessions * v **^^ ^^ ^&& and fun, where the kiddies and the older folks can celebrate the occasion fittingly. ^^2m«*4tS0«4y to Hollywood's Famous Swing Band, A^tftllVBllg Jack Paige and his I 3 artists, with a dynamic and exotic, blond entertainer. Two Big Days - Two Big Nights AT THE FAIRGROUNDS ALGONA, IOWA Gate Admission—35c adults, 25c children. CARS FREE Grandstand 25c

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