The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 16, 1936 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1936
Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 16,1936 North East * Kossuth Page 16 NEW BOOKS ARE ADDED TO LAKOTA LIBRARY "Voice of Bugle Ann" Takes Place on Shelf of Library Lakota: Following Is a lint of 16 new adult books which have re-1 cently been added to the Seymour j library: "Honey In tho Horn" by H. L. Davln; "The Sleeping Child" Alice Grant Rosmand; "The Voice of Bugle Ann," Ann MacKlnly Cantor; "Come and Get It," Edna Ferber; "Lost Endeavor", John MoAefleld; "The Garden Murder Ca»e," S. S. Van Dine; "The Golden Cord," Warwick Deeping; "Yonder Sails the Mayflower," Honore Morrow; "The Stars Look Down," A, J. Cronln; "Thunder Mountain," Stone Grey; "Time Out of Mind," Roche Field; "Dreamland," Clarence B. Kelland; "The Trail Drive." Zene Grey; "Storm Signals," Joseph Lincoln; 'The Rebel Loyalist". Ralph Connor; "Murder In Maryland," Leslie Ford; "Dian of the Lost Island," Edison Marshall. To Postal Convention Walter Leslie, Lakota postmaster, left Thursday for Davenport, to attend the postmasters' state convention Friday and Saturday. Tom Lewis U working In the postoffioj during his absence. meeting and Mrs. Warburton visited Mr*. Heddle. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Johnson, Lakota. and his mother, Mrs. Trina .lohnson, Spencer, drove to Amri last week to attend the \vcddlnp of Harvey's brother, A. Johnson and Dorothy Reamer, a teacher in Ames. The young people will make their home in Spencer. Mrs. Mary Smith. Algona, who has been visiting her sons, John nnd James Smith, left Thursday ic- companled by her granddaughter, Mary Elaine Smith, for Rochester, Minn., where they will visit her .^ons, Tom nnd Henry, both of whom are former residents of Lnk- ola. Entertain Miiraloit Mesdr.ines George Heetland and Harvey Johnson entertained the Presbyterian Missionary society at the Heetland home Thursday afternoon with .1 large crowd present. After the business meeting, Mrs. Coonie Roelfsema had charge of devotions. Mrs. W. K. Ley read the lesson in Women and Missions end Dorothy Ukena and Arliss Heetland played a piano duet. The new programs were distributed to the members. The Methodist Aid put on a successful 25-cent supper at the church Wednesday evening and cleared around 120. Mrs. Delia Smith and Mrs. C. F. Whalen drove to Titonka last Friday to attend a district convention of the Rebekah lodge. The Rev. A. F. Bocse left la*t week Thursday for Minneapolis to attend a Lutheran church convention. He returned the latter part of the week. Mrs. Harvey Nelson is enjoying a visit with her niec«, Marlene Mun- MMI, Whiting, Iowa. Mr. Munson, who is visiting at. Esthcrville, brought her here Monday. The Kev. Harvey Nelson and Mr. and Mrs Hnmuel Wa't.urton drove to Thompson last wc<-k Monday evening where the men attenc'ed a Forest City group Brotherhood Teacher, Bride In New Lakota Home Lakota: Mr. and Mrs. Aliton Anderson, who were married recently at West Union, came last week Saturday and have been busy getting settled in the new home In an apartment over the C. R. Smith store. Mr. Anderson was public school principal and coach last year and has been reelected for (he coming year. Mrs. Anderson was formerly Irene Ballard of West Union. Larkin Club at Titonka Convenes Titonka: The Larkin bridge club met with Mrs. J. F. Fisher Friday afternoon. Mrs. C. V. Pendergast made high score. Mrs. Will llick- lefs low score. Each of these ladies received a gift. Mrs. L. B. Lnrsen received a gift for holding no fare cards the highest number of times. Mrs. Guy Bruns substituted for Mrs. Fisher. The last meeting will be held July 3 with Mrs. Art Schweppe as hostess. Lakota Sets Date For Big Celebration Lakota: At a meeting last week, trellminary plans for the 37th annual Sauerkraut day celebration were drawn and the d.-'te will be Saturday, August 29. Harvey Johnson was reelected chairman and B. R. Worley was elected secretary- treasurer and Art Ogrcn will again bi In charge of concessions. House Moved to Titonka from Woden Titonka: The house of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Breen was moved from Woden to Titonka on Wednesday to a place directly in front of their basement and since then has been moved above the basement and work on the foundation begun. They expect to move In soon. On California Trip Ledyard: Mr. und Mrs. A. R. IjiurlUen left on Friday i'>r Boulder. Colorado, where- Mr. Lauritzcn will attend summer school. They plan to visit relative.! enrouti- to Colorado. POOL HALL AT LEDYARD SOLD TOTTTONKAN Watson Sold to Cornelius Higgins Last Week Ledyard: Bill Watson sold his property in the pool hall to Cornelius Higgins of Titonka. The family plan to move here as soon as they can locate. Aubrey Waterhouse was a business caller at Algona Saturday. Mrs. L. C. Strand and Mrs. August Sprank were at Blue Earth, Monday. The Glen Yahnke's attended the Yahnkc reunion at Wells, Minn., Wednesday. Elwln Carpenter and Harold Warner were business callers at Mason City Monday. Mrs. George Thompson and Mrs. Henry Dyer were business callers at Algona Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Junkermeier were visiting at the home of their daughter, the Gco. Meyers, Friday. Delores Gelhaus was taken to the doctor Monday for treatments for her foot, which she cut last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Plngle were In Swea City Wednesday. Mrs. Pingle was having dental work done. Mr. and Mrs. Jensen of Buffalo Center were calling at the home of their daughter, the Glen Yahnkes, Thursday. Mrs. Kallesled, of Frost, Minn., mother of Mrs. Ed Halverson, is visiting several days at the Ed Hal verson home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Clark and Mrs, J. A. Devlne of Bancroft were visiting at the Jack McDonald home I Monday evening. The V. A. Barretts left Wednesday to visit his father, A. H. Barrett at Chester and his sister, Mrs. Frank Fitzgerald of Lime Springs. Mrs. J. H. Welfare and Doris, Mrs. Lawrence Mayne and daughters and Mrs. Virgil Loukes and children were Algona shoppers on Monday. The Rev. Harvey Nelson accompanied the Standard Bearers to Algona Friday where they attended a convention. Edith Logan gave a talk on Stewardship. The Methodist Ladies' Aid met with Mrs. Wm. Green Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Elwin Carpenter, Mrs. D. B. Mayer and Mrs. L. W. Wiemer held a bake sale. J. H. Welfare and Leo Anderson drove to Fox Lake, Minn., to attend to business on Friday. Mrs. Anderson and Doris Welfare accompanied them tis far an Fairmont where they .shopped. Mrs. Jos. Mayne was hostess to How Would You Like This Job? TITONKA CAFE CHANGES HANDS Other News of Past Few Days From That Vicinity Titonha: A deal was completed Tuesday whereby Mrs. Lillir Wood became the owner of Con Higgins' cafe and' took possession Wednesday. Mrs. (.'has. Cooper will assist Mrs. Wood for sonic time. Mr«. Woods pliins lo have home linked goods for sale in connection with the cafe. Two Lakota Boys Academy Graduates Lakota: Mr and Mrs George Aills and Mr. nnd Mrs. Joe Tapper attended the commencement exer- rise.i at German Valley, III. .limn .''.. Their sons. John Ailts nnd Jnhn Tapper hnlh trrnduiitcd from HIP Pleasant Valley Ai-ndemy :it that. plaer. Closing Out Sale THIS IS THE THIItl) \NI» LAST { AM •-> <:> <•» << o business thinl time I have ad\i times ami out. Time hriM rtised R 1 - its c Alr E arJ H this RED CROWNS saved me more than (paid far it.and Ive — still qat it" One of the most unique attractions ever engaged to appear at a celebration In Algona is that of the Jack Eddy Four. The Eddy Company will come to the Kossuth County Fair Grounds for the July 4-5 celebration direct from a season of 20 weeks in the country's leading theatres. Previous to their theatre engagements, the act was a feature of the Biltmore Hotel, Havana, Cuba, for 12 weeks. The Eddy Company provide one of the most thrilling adagio dancing acts that has as yet been given on the stage. The young woman In the act is thrown from end to end of the stage in almost every conceivable attitude, but however far the throw, or however awkward the angle at which the living missile arrives, her men partners are always there to catch her. The Jack Eddy Four Company's offering is Just one of the array of features that have been provided for the amusement of the crowds, who will be on hand for the greatest of any of the celebrations of the past. the Woman's Foreign Missionary society Friday night. Mrs. G. Yahnkc led in the devotions. Mrs. Edward Knoner gave the lesson. The Kings Herald members sang it song. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Williams of Redding accompanied their daughter, Mrs. Wm. Wiemer, home. She spent ten days at the parental home. They wore HJX o'clock dinner guests nt the L. W. Wiemer home Wednesday evening. tatjjer motoruU tofcud ft t tbt rtal/acti about iltaftjer tbtmultti. t MUTEST MM TEST Mr. Barnacl*, known ttmtgtmtl lit Uati/or Uipromi- *tnet t» Tall Storiii Club cirtltt, vai glad to ttllui botrbt»htdtbtprobttm*/gatolint tout... Vi fan itom/tr what iff worth, which Joan'tunt to ft much. "Y USE ooi CM (JI dtf, u4 my »on, JL Bucl*r B. Jr., me* it «11 night. Thai tiled co tike a lot o' (as ... uniil we twitched to Red Crown, jttittdij. "Seem* like right then our fortunti looked up. Wbjr, only fifteen rniimrei thtt I'd bought the firtt unkful I ttoppcd in ihe bank tod found I bid 8J cenii more in toj (ccouat. Thw'i tbour (n* (tJloni uved. "And (hi* rooming, tfttt Junior bid driven hi* girl )0 mile* over to Lcaox- villxndM)mild beck to»nend»lectu»e oo Ciop Rotation, there wi» (till ten giUouf left in the tank I "'Court* tome would (a* Junta might jolt o* parked down the road a piece and octet gone to Leaonilie... but anyhow, I'll be baying Red Oowu if I ntt have to buy ««j gu again." Mr. Barnacle's imagination rum away with him at times, it seems. Certainly it did THIS time! OJ taunt, no mottritt rtally hai any inch txag- ftrattd Mid at tbit, akuit gatoliat miltaf tint many Ja bant iaaccitralfimfrtuioiu. That's tub) Standard it (oruJitcliaf tbt motl txtauivt rtaJ ttitnrr attempt*!, tbit mmmtr. Uatbtr tba* main claims. Standard (rtftri to matt it Mrs. Callies Host To Bridge Club Titonka: Mrs. Carl F. Callies was hostess to the Tuesday afternoon bridge club. Mrs. H. I. TorK- t-rhen made liijili score, Mrs. C. V. nder^ .second iii^h a/id Mrs, Karl JUott low score. Kuril of these ladies received a prize. Mrs. Lee > Wcilfc, Mrs. H. A. French, Mr.s. II. C. IJOWIIM, Mrs K. C. Hull and Mrs Harry Hci-d were gui-Mt.s of the afternoon. 10,000,000.00 ilities S. Surplus as regards Policyholders 13,000,000.00 In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affxe< my seal of office at Des Moines this first day of April, 1936. (Seal) RAY MURPHY, 24 Commissioner of Insurance Mr and Mrs Martin lili-ieh were Hulfalo Center guests Thursday cv- Insurance Department of Iiivvu Den Mnilics A.NM Al. rKKTIKK'ATK I-'OK of the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company, located at Hurtford in the State of Connecticut. Whereas, the above named company lias tiled in the insurance Department of Iowa, a sworn hliite- ment showing its condition on the thirty- first day of December, I'JIiS, In accordance- wilti the provisions of Chapter 404, Title 2O, of the Code of Iowa, relating lo Insuraiict: Com- panic*; and whereas said Insurance Company has complied with the lawn of ibis slate relating to hi- hurance. Therefore, in pursuance of law, I, Hay Murphy, Commissioner of Insurance. do hereby certify that sard Insurance Cut/if/uriy is authorized to transact the business of Fidelity and Surely; Accident und Health; Automobile Liability, Properly Damage and Collision ; Liability Other Than Auto; Compensation. Uuglary; Plate (Jlass Insurance in the State of Iowa, as re- uuired by law, until the first day of April, 1W7. I further certify tiiat on December 31, WJ>, the statement shows — 1. Total Admitted Assets $05.71 1.943,5.0 2. Total Liabilities, Kx- cept Capital 42.711.y4li 50 3. Capital Paid Up 4. Surplus over all l.iab- th«n DHIVE 8AFELY ^ (|1— ^^w»^«MB«^ Insurance Department of lotva Ill'N MollH'H A.N.NTAL < KKTIFICATK FOU I'UBUCATION of the Hartford Live Stock Insurance Company, located at New York in tile .Slate of New York. Whereas, the above named corn- puny has died ill the Insurance Department of Iowa, a .sworn statement .-ihowiiiK its condition on the thirty-first day of December, Hi.'!";, in accordance witli the provisions of Chapter 40), Title 20, of the Code of' low;i, relating to Insurance Companies; and where,is said Insurance Company lias complied with the laws of this .State relating to ii/ihunincc. Tlieri-forc. In pvir.iuance of law, 1, I Jay Murphy, Coiiiinin.sioiiiT of In- .sura/ice tin hereby certify that .said Insurance Company is authorized lo 'raii. L «act. the iiii.,ilich.s nf Live StocU Insurant r in the' .State of Iowa, as rnjuiied liy law, ^iintil the lirst <lay of April, I'.i.TT. J further certify that on Deccm- her '!!. !!«.!'>. flu- statement nhows -•1. Total Admitted A.s- htt* $l,2:i(l,307.4« 2. Total Liabilities, !•>.ct/pt Capital 'Ml.WiM ?,. Capital I'iiid Up JiOO.OOaiMJ ». Surplus over all Liabilities 474,HM1.(U 5. Surplus iis regards J'olicyholdi-r.s U74.M81.K2 III Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto »e'v my hutid and affixed rny seal of office at Den Moine.s, this first day of April, I'.t.'it) (Stall HAY MUIU'HY, 21 Commissioner of Insurance,. Mr. nnd Mrs. Tolko Sietsema nnd daughter, (.trace, were Hrilt M"< sts Friday. Mrs. Frances nudloiiR and her daughter, Hazel were in Algnna Friday forenoon. Mr. and Mrs. Will Royken. Arthur and Verdene were Algona visitors Saturday forenoon. Mr. and Mrs. Will ilicklefs and sons, Kaymond and Arnold wore Fort Dodge visitors Saturday. Mrs. Jim Hansen and daughter, Karen Kay, visited her mother, Mrs. Hertha Cnllles Thursday. Mrs. Everett Rlppentrop of Lnk- ita was a guest at the pnrental )r. R. C. Ball home Tuesday aft- rnoon. Antone Pannkult of Thornton vas visiting parents Mr. and Mrs. 3. A. Pannkuk Wednesday and Thursday. Edith Marie and Joan Boyken ipcnt the week visiting at the home of their maternal grandparents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. F. Fisher. Mrs. Schnrz and son, Bobbie. Miss Leonard nnd Miss Dorothy JacqueH of Chicago were recent guests of 3r. Alice Sartor at the Dr. Pierre Sartor home. Mrs. Herb Winter nnd sons re- urncd to Titonka Sunday evening, packed their household goods and tft Wednesday morning for their lew home In Gilmorc City. Miss Patricia Ball accompanied Whitcomb Chadwick, a student at Iowa State College, Ames, the past year to Monroe, to spend part of icr vacation with her grandmother, Mrs. Emma Ball. Mrs. R. C. Ball, and Mrs. J. P. Fisher accompanied Mrs. Jay Budlong to u chapter meeting of the Order of the Eastern Star at Burt. The chapter voted to have vacation during July and August. Mis. Pierre Sartor was hostcsf to the Thursday luncheon and bridge club party last week. Mrs Homer C. Downs made high score end Mrs. C. A. Hoon made low Mrs. Carl F. Callie.s wa.s a guest. Mrs. Luther Miller entertained the members and friends of the American Legion Auxiliary at her I: .-MI- Tliur ,,;• ' afternoon. T!if :ii"iiiln:t.s ii' •'-.,• F In cr iiimittc C i •«. hostess, i .-iiiil ;i I'olisli liuicli was . crveil 'i .h ' -t present. This time it is a sure R". a clean sweep to (he hare walls. To m:il<e sure there will be no Moppiiv: >if a complete close-out I have placet! the entire stock in the hands of the Diililberu .Sales Co.. of Minneapolis, uniler positive Riiarntitec to sell everything in the store, to MiaKe a complete close-out. I am giving thc^i a free hand to cut prices nnd sell the Roods in the shortest possible time. It will be n sale sensntion iind n money silver for my customers. This Rrent snle stnrts Kridny. .lime 10th. n' d continues till nil is sold. There nre four different concerns thnt wnnt to rent the buildini; so the quicker we run close out the stork the sooner I will be druwiriR rent. The stock is nil new nnd up to dute. It Is nil stnndnrd goods nnd ought to close out in n hurry. It will pny you to come for miles ns this will he n regulnr bargain cnrnivnl. I rcnlly wnnt to quit nnd these men gunrnntee to do the job for me. They sny it is the clennest stock they ever hnd the privilege of .-losing out. Snle begins Fridny, June 19th. Wntch for the big hnnd bills. Jimmie Neville THE SHOE MAN Algona, Io\v» Coming to KniineUluirg, Hotel Kernioore, Wednesday fon-noon. .limn 2-ttli; Mutton City, Hotel <'<-rro (iordo, Tuesday, .Itine 2»rd. Return every 28 days. The Regular and «• Reliable Chicago Disease Specialist Chronic, Nervous Dr. J. F. Shallenberger, M. Dr Illsurallei- l)i parliiient of louu Den Mniiii-H Stomach Gas Out ll«v«> iuu ut AUI.E1UKA guulily tfa» tluatinK. * Ifcftnw out UOlii *n< lower Uuwuif,. ulluwc >uu to 4 n!etl> uouil. yulck. lliuru-iKb . >•«! i'|jllr«iy Kcnlli: unJ iafi:. A OLE RIKA FARMERS ATTENTION TWINE your order now. JOE BLOOM Store ASM AL ( KK'I'IKK ATK I-OH i'l lil.K AT10N of the Hardware Mutual Casualty Company, located at Stevens I'oint ill tile .State of Wisconsin. Whereas, tile above named company has died in tile Insurance I'e- partmrnl of Iowa, a sworn statement --iic.v, 1111; its condition on Ihe thirty-first ii,iy ol December, )!):!.'>. in a* coi<jaii> e witii lite provisions of Chapter 404. Title 20. ol the Code of Iowa, relating to Insuranctr t 'oinpameb; and whereas said Insurance Company has complied with the laws nl thu .State I elating lo insurance Therefore, in pursuance of law. I. Kay Muiphy ' 'oinjinsMuiier <jf In- Mjr'aiu e, >io iieieby 'e'.tily tlial said Insurance Company 1,5 au;h- taiieiJ to Iransarl llie liUMiie.-is ul Automobile Liability. I'ruperty D.image and ("olhsion; 1.lability tjltier Tiiiin Auto, ('onipc-iisatiun; iiij;^; i'J.tte ' JJa.-,.-, Ijl.'.l/ alii e III the State of Iowa. a.-, rtijuueil by law, until the first day ot April, Jaii7. I further- certify on Decein- ber 31, Il*.'i5, tile slateuient shows 1. Toiul AduatteiJ Assts $7;;:;;i.u.77 o.j 2. Total Liabilities. Kx- tept Capilal O.bl2.12a.70 4. Surplus over all Liab- liitita 1. *20,aD2.15 5 Surplus as regards 1'oi- icyholdersi I.*2u.ii02 li 111 Teslimony Wheieof. I have hereuulu t>et my hand and my seal of uffice at Des Moineo, this first day of April. 1'Jitl (Seal) HAY MURPHY, 24 v'uLamisttoiitr of I •who has •ihce_1907. treated, Klancyi. and Catarrl CoiummpUoii In BO earljr i . nir In Bam and Ueufnewt I'nrntyahi. Nea• Sic*TioadachO. CollroTTSIciema, 8crofuuw ' nhcumatlsm of Joints and mtuclca. Appenilleltla. Ornvcl, Rheumatism of Joint* ana ma»cic«. 'PILES, FISTULA, FISSURE and other Rectal 1 Diseases Treated Without Knife. -^« f SurgicalCascs Given Special Attention./ AddreM let ten to ( IIICAtiO. II.I 8EE THESE BETTER VALUES TODAY! roitu V-H COACH Dark green. Looks like new and runs like it. (Jood tires. IW3I FOKI) V-H COACH Black. Low mileage- Excellent condition— Mechanically and in appearance. IU.1t KORII V-H SKIIAN Runs perfectly. 2f>.(>(i(l mileage. It won't be hen- long. Blue. IB3S fHKVKOI.KT «>A< H Blue. '24, <XM) mileage. Can't tell it from new. Perfect running condition. (let our prices on body and fender work ai.d panting buy that USED CAR from your CHEVROLET DEALER I Mil I'ONTIAC COACH tirccn. Hefiiiished lo lunU hUc new Motor checked for de- f/c/rdability. III*! I'l.VMOI'TH SKUAS Blue. Motor has been tlior- iiiiKhly rlici UeiJ and is in ni< e shajje. I !».'«! CIIKVKOI.KT SKDANS r.-i with u i ( 1IK\ KOI.KT COACH Hl.n K It your i hanre hMJc iittHiiy H re's for l!l!!l I Olti) HI iini:,|p If you I ) 1 1 .' > I'l \ 1 Wo IH.T ( Ol I'K i Motor works n'l speml too I ! . ( lli;\. ar i , Tltl'CliS Until blue .t! hu>"i. i 'lu-ck Hii se for price IM c an save yo you buy We Trade Easy Terms Dependable Values Kossuth Motor Company Phone 200 Algoua, Iowa

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