The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 16, 1936 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1936
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 16,1936 2 Bancroft Weddings: Mildred Deitering and Frances Mason Recent Brides MASON-CARMEAN CEREMONY FRI Carl CaUiea Groom In Wedding Which Occurred Monday Bancroft: A miscellaneous shower was given Thursday evening in honor of Mildred Deitering who became the bride of Carl Callies, on June IS. The bride received many beautiful gifts. Bridge was played during the evening and Betty Sheridan won first prize, Inez Hood won second and Patricia Sheridan won cut prize. The hostesses were the following: Mrs. Agnes Deitering, Mrs. Evelyn Deitering, Mrs. Monica Deitering, Marguerite Welp and Maurlne Deitering. Miss Nurre Honored The members of the W. C. O. F. entertained at a shower in honor of Sylvia Nurre Thursday evening. Miss Nurre was given a beautiful all wool blanket as a gift. Five hundred was played during the evening and Theresa Stelflug won first prize. Mrs. Erwin Ulses won second prize. Mrs. J. J. Nurre, Dorothy Nurre and Helen Lentz were guests of the lodge. The following ladies were on the entertainment committee: Mesdames Joseph Fox. Wilbur Fox. Mike Droessler. Mark Dyer. Henry fox and Merwin Holding. (By A. L. Brown, County Aftnt) A side dressing of potash was made on corn at the Perry Phillips farm, east of Algona, and at the Geo. Hawcott farm at Burt last Thursday. The applications were made on plots where the corn was showing the effects of alkali. The purpose of these plots is to determine the value of using fertilizers after the corn is well started and also the rate of application. Bill Elmers at Fenton has a small patch of alfalfa he would like o have turn Into blue grass, so he could use it for pasture. In most cases this is what happens when lie alfalfa gets thin and old. but not o with Bill's. Ben Banting of Burt was the wner of the high producing herd n Kossuth No. 3 cow testing asso- iation last month. His herd pro- luced an average of 865 pounds of nilk and 46.5 pounds of butterfat. • • * • The 4-H girlV rlub* "111 each end a delegate to the state club onvention at Ames, which will be tine 24-25-26-27. The county will Iso be represented in the best roomed girl contest. * * * i Clark SoufTliani had a car load of fat cattle on the Chicago market last week. Clark reported a satisfactory sale in spite of the fact that the market was none too good. It will noon be time to spray the thistles. The chlorate spray seems to be the most effective in Towa and should be used at the rate ol 1 ',4 to 2 Ibs. per gallon of water. It should be remembered that chlorate dry is very Inflammable and therefore should not be used near buildings and that spraying should not be done on very hot days. A. A. Dreyer'n Holsteln herd produced 1176 pounds of milk and 40.9 Ibs. of butterfat for the month of May. Mr. Dreyer has some very high producing cows in his herd and by using good sires hopes to bring his whole herd to a much higher production. Farmer* intending to comply with the Soil Conservation program should remember that small grain used as nurse crop must be clipped before seeding. Growing conditions for potatoes have continued unfavorable in the southeastern and southern states. Because of this fact prices for early potatoes may be somewhat better through this section of the country. Dud .McDonald says he don't rare tr see any more big rains this summer. Two plantings of corn Is en- Fl'ircnce Ifof, Registrar . Fied 'A. lilt-Kmnnn. KPITIS- iiur .. \\ . N. Klckleis. Postlnx 'Jiiai'. Slsrns U K. Harvey, Posting (Juai . .-•IKHS I'. Itormain. Trustee Hi.nry J. Kohlhaas, Trustee Simeon i,et?ri, '1/rtistce Meeting Aaron u'. stetissy. Trustee .ilcetlng- Nuah Relsner, Trustee Meeting Pt-ler Kibert. Trustee .vleetlng- C. K. Klbt-i t. Trustee .Xloetlnif . J. Denton. MUD. Mrs. B. C. Bowie. Supervisor 8th Uradv fcJxain Mis. IXKJ O. Wolfe, supervisor »th Grade Kxatn H. I.. Graham, s'uperv Isor <th Guide Kxnin sVinvai-tz & iviurson. print- tng .. i-Verne News, rttnttim .1 in u. Wolfe, 1'rlntiuu i.y of Alirona. Hi.pan of .-ewer __ ... l\-ck -.itros. stiii. IIIII'' (ilhaas & !<r>illes. Sup. . W. l.nshr, sup. \. I>. Artams. Dental Work to Prisoner i. it. juinv. sin,. --77. .~~ Northwestern Saimaiy s:n... 4.30 in. r.o t'J.2.1 . 4.00 . 4.00 . i .no . i .00 . 1.00 . 4.00 .4.00 li. ua 5.00 5.00 5.00 22.75 9. IH 10.i., 2.00 .1,1 s'up. _ 'rail Klr-cl. in , sup. _ y i «. n Flanklln slurp, .-up. _ " ' JS -. W. \Kml\r.irth <Vi.. .Sup. 2 7[ latt Pan-nil ,v .-'I'll--, sup. 7».0» X.ivancp fin.. C".. f'rlntliiit IOI.::,l I.,nn H. i-'otn, Mir.iylnii Kilns i'l.oo •escent 1'i ni.i.m (.,... su, Co.. Sui Metropolitan su:>. 1I1.HOII li..l .'ling--Farmer Co.. s,n '( Ilkm.-s-l- CM fciC.IlallH CO.. rl Dahlnaii<i i. Care of Clerk of Rtectlon Archie Halne*. ClUI K ul i^iuf tilMt Vallle H. Trlbon, Jiidsre of Klectlon t.elKllttin Mlslmch. .ludjre of Klectlon I.. -.1. IteUraw. JudRo of Klectfon John McKni'oe, JudRre of Klectlon J. F. Overmeyer, Jutltrc of Kl.-ctlon W. M. Freeman. Jtirtfre of Kleetion .Mile Fofli. Clerk of Klectfon Helen Dickinson. Clerk of Klectlon •*va Towne. Clerk of Election May J. Harrlnmon. Clerk of Klit-tlon •'rank Orcen. Ki-r-ctinsf and Taking: Mown Booths Mil-Is Hranilt. Jurlne. of Klectlon Fred Hoyken. .ludsre of Klectlon \ndrexv M. Hansen. JlirlRp of Klectlon .la t hi Ida, .lurlifi- of Kli'ctlon _. venneth I. Fisher. lldRe of Klei-tlon . Clerk of Klectlon VIM. Boyken. Clerk of Klpction . F. Callies. Ch-rK- Of Klect Inn V. H. Stott. Clerk of l,lection <. A- H. Cn-Op. Oil CD.. Ill-lit of Kouin for Klr.-tii.iii !;»smus Hanseii. Arr.,n*tnii Booths .. II. .Oh fltl-Cf-n I'osl. It.-ut i.f Itoom r. .til I for C'. ,Hd K. 3.31 3. .1C 4.50 4.51 3.90 3.90 4.50 3.90 7.00 5.10 r,. i« 2 . S -i 2.8:. r.. i » 5.10 i-i.»i IK. K. xvoiu. :!.«7j .In.lire of Klccth.n I r. I.. Dresst-l. ..rl l).ihlnaii<ii. Care of Judge of l-:i,-.-th.n illsuiie.s lOD.O'MP. F. Krlethe, '.ll. i>st\viiikli-. I'rl. I.ix Iti-lsi- of Klectlon 14 .li Mnson-Carmran Wedding On Friday afternoon at four o'clock Frances Mason, daughter ol Mrs. Eva Mason, became the bride of Evans Carmean at the bride's home. Their attendants were Lois Mason, sister of the bride and Thomas Murphy. The bride was attired in blud chiffon and carried a bouquet of roses. The bridesmaid wore white dotted swiss trimmed in red and wore a wristlet of dark red roses. Mrs. R. E. Weber accompanied by Georgia Carmean on the violin, played "At Dawning" and the Wedding March. After the ceremony a dinner was served the guests. Out of town guests included: Miss Clark. Humbold t; Mrs. Chas. Kienscht and Doris McBrlde. Logan; Floyd Mason, Grand Island, Nebr.; Wayne Mason, Iowa City, and Mrs. Nellie Ward, Missouri Valley. Mr. and Mrs. Carmean will be at home after a week's trip. Joseph Sherman was a visitor in Fort Dodge Wednesday. Kenneth Devine returned home on on Saturday from Ames where he attended Iowa State College. Mrs. Lee Brown and children, who are spending the summer at I man had a 616 acre farm," his soil Okoboji visited at the Mrs. Peter I depleting base would be 456 acres. Berens home Wednesday. Mrs. Bridget Quinn. son Charles and granddaughters. Madeline and Helen Lentz, visited in Fort Dodge and Rockwell City Wednesday. Mrs. Phil Sheridan and son, Thomas, Ames, arrived Wednesday for a ten days' visit at the H. J. Deitering and J. H. Sheridan homes. Mrs. C. V. Skilllng and daughter, Anne, Windom, Minn., Mrs. C. M. Baker and Isabel Saundera visited with Mrs. W. J. Welp, Humboldt, Tuesday and Wednesday. The ladies are sisters. Antoinette Hart, who recently returned home from Iowa City where she attended school, accepted a position in a drug store at Okoboji. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Hart, took her to Okoboji Thursday. N. J. Merrill, daughter Loretta, and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Brennan, Manning, left Sunday for Tacoma, Washington, to visit at the Henry Klocke and Leo Klocke homes. The Miss Klockes are daughters of Mr. Merrill and Bisters of Miss Merrill and Mrs. Brennan. Mildred Deitering was entertained by the members of her bridge club at the C. M. Baker home Friday evening. A bridge lamp was given Miss Deitering in honor of the occasion. Bridge- xvaa played Gugh for one season so he thinks. I r. I. Butler. C'o. Ami.. IN-- Col. .1 ,i. nin... Hi,lit.- i.\p.. Fit. K\p.. Bounties :!1 I Al . J. 1/l.iU. '(_...I.L- 1..',. I. May :il. |!Uti I I a.'.' Farmers who are entering Into the soil conservation program and are planning on clipping oats should bear in mind that they must be clipped green or pastured, where a legume has been seeded. RIIC! Marguerite Welp won prize and Mildrud Deitering the tut prize. first KOSSUTH FARMS NEW AM PLANS 3,519 Work Sheets on File —Conservation Pay $13 Per Acre Kossuth county is signed up practically 100 percent with the Soil Conservation program, county leadquarters stated Saturday. There are 3.519 work sheets on lie, representing 616,882 acres of Kossuth farm land, which just about covers all of the farm land In he county. Kossuth county is allowed a soil depleting base of 456,300 acres. In other words, as an example, if a he could raise soil conserving crops or otherwise use it in conformity with the act. But if he should reduce his soil depleting crops down under the 456 acre, base then he would receive approximately $13 per acre for each acre so conserved. 11,1... i.l 1 Klt-cliou I"_. 50 0 M. C. Mc.Xlahnn. on Ice Kxp. .'.»!» i.oltit- U . Kaln. unii-e K,xp. anil \iM.-aRt- 3r,.!>: Lucille Dole, Sal.irv _• ftl.tll IJurothy T. Shalte. Salary 4f..OO n^sther Liivieii>.. salary ;*.i.i .\orthwestci n Kt-ll Teh-. Co ''*•'«-••,*«'"•. 76.SI i-. J. Ualftejiian. Salary . 200 l thus. .MOI in. salary 211.20 .» . K. Aicl'onaUI. salary 110.2( F. Win. Hauin. Salary lov.-'l Whittemore Pupils at Academy Named To Diocesan Honors Whittemore: Pupils of the Presentation academy who received honorable mention for their excellence of the papers submitted by them in the diocesan examination arc: Mary C. Fandcl, catechism and .English; Catherine Kartell, catechism; Vernon Borman, English; Marjorie Montag. Bible History; Maxine Bisenius, catechism; Ruth Youngworth, catechism; Thomas Rooney, civics; Caroline Kollasch algebra; Ruth Fleming, Latin. Three pupils deserving honorable mention are Mary C. Rooney, who held first place In the diocese In algebra; Rose Butler, first in economics, and Therese Origer, third in algebra. Fabers Get Girl St. Joe: Mr. and Mrs. Melviti Faber are the parents of a baby girl born Monday, June 8th. This is the first child for the Fabers and first grandchild for Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schaller and Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Faber of West Bend. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS Auditor's IXTI.-v. June :;. I'.'Ui,. Hoard i.f Su:ii-rvi>or-< met puisu- mt t., mlitiui nnii'iit with ..II ini-ni- N-I.S i.l.-M.-nt. liuaiil |,i.x-.-'l,-'.l t'l Alldll and Allow I-II1-, tin liintiun bii.ii.i adioiil lii-il linlll Hi- o'clock P. M , line i.'.-liH-k It..,i|.t "f Sui-t-i vigors i.l 'ilHMi:.nt In a,l 1* nirliln.-lit W HI, II int-inlK.-i.-i I' Mullim I,T CosuriMf anil s«-r,,li't y M.II-II-I that I. H '/.aiiKc I,.- PCI- nttl-.l b. pav tils t' I taM-s fur the yean I'.i-'l) and l'j:'.0 in I' n Tu|,. li--.^ inl.:|i.-,l anil I'.-tn.lty. Ay.-s: All Mull,in b> llal^i-lii.ill .iil.1 sc'-'.ntt hy 11. inin lliat tin.- I.-H-.L- ali.1 contract i.ii lj,t l,i) HI',, k 17) oiigtn al 'IVwn I' of l.uVerni-. liu-i.ip . lH-twi---[, ll.ivi.l \\ I'.aliini. Wi-lsi- ami Koxxutli County. Iniv.i. la.- and I'.U«I. Ayu.i. All. Motn,a hy Mot Ms and .->»•(•>.n-t l,y t'o.-,i:i"vi- that ..nti-.n-t fin itiatul- P.iid anil \Mlll.uiiM l'<j. A)t.. All. Motl.'ii l,y Itaiini and I: .1,;,•!, •oml t/y \ - Hie I li.ti'^ii f u^.ti illr.^ tle^ti l.,ti> VVK*^!- U- .id.,[,t.-.l: ItilAlll. l >!•' sCPKHVlNillS '.Ht ' t' \VKKIi- AM> HI- MIX , i n 4 Rural Clubs To i Picnic Thursday \\[. Union: Tin- Four Hu.-.i! rk,t,.- will ' i. nn-t-t al the <'iill Kt;itu I'.irK in a i "" II lt,ll\V.\1 I 1 ..- It !:• 'i i, ,i ii i;j. I'.'l and aiul heconil ,H ! I t III 10. JT. tin. si, as. 10-:. lOh. Ayts: All. Motion by IfalKt-mai by ihat Morris lie m>- l^.intt-d a.*. c.iinfnUtHe to make the nt..-i:~.-..ii y r.-|.a(r.-» on IM. P. A. K. I. Aye*; All. Million by Morris and i.-.-nrid by that McDonald In- ap- [,(>liitcd as a i-otnmitLi-*,- lii make the necessai'y repalri i.h Dr. I -I . Ayis* All Motion hy Morris ;uul s.-rond br ll.itim that a refund of >'J.Ot> IM.- «ivi-n Ku^t-ii.i It. Ky«-rs..n, 1-'. U. !tvcr.->.,n and Ann.'i M. K>*-rson. of I'.lnl Tw|. . hci-atiM- nf having paid ilil a^i- pt-n 'Inn twice ilulliiK VJ'J'j. \v.---. All. M'.tl'.n hy MorrN and ^e> mid by i'.,-,£> ovi- iltllilk-alc- wal rani.-* in tl,,- aji.ounl of V;.7r, ami tl.M) i,.: isttii-d to J. li. Thaven. Hurt. l.»w;i, and I ri-t^nuilty Mjnd for san.u -.- .,I.I.M,ir,l AVI-.. All. M'.tMn I.) I ..surovH and M-.-.,n,l by ll.iU<-m..n t.' .-«.-ourLii-y fsoail IV- llth.n N., .:tti U- pl.ui-d i.n file. \ >,--.. All Mut l.y co-^iuve and stt.-oud by llaltft-ln in a lefund i.r >::.UO I*- B'lv.-n l-'ii-.l S.-lin,idt. lii-linali Twj> f->l l : .l. ',\ ['"II t.i\ p,tli) t-iion- .-.JIJ^I)'. A V.-,: AJI M',t|,,n I,,^ .ni'I -,-. .,n.I by Mi,in. thai 11. i- i. . uiu in- -ml. .tl. ,n .r th<- Town Coum il i.f AlKou-i. In"M, . t',r l t-'lu'-t I.,M of tin- valna. ll',n -I. Ix.l, ", anil ', I'.l,.. K 1. li,ik I' ,1 I. Ail-lit.oi,. I,. .,(.,'.i i.v.-.l ;.nd the '..i.-ilv Andlt.ii I,.- ti.-ti-d In cui • ., t - in. Ay. -. .Mi M',ti..n l.y M'.i i I- .iii'l ..-i "n,I ).>• 1 .i s.oo 17.^0 6i.. r .u WD.UO . . alary .ieu. .St-liultx. Iliillllty Krwm tsieins. liotinty \. D. tinunty i-'ranet's s'alaly . Mary K. S;kuil.-.. Sal.u-v Alliance Puli. Co.. Printline Primary Klectlon llallot-i [.07.0I lteatrl.:c Dslatid. llotinly I vi ic... schullz. iMiunly 7.01) ivliplo l-oost* l^af Co.. sup. 11.11 .It-orue Sachah. IJoimty 1 H) t-'lallKI CallHin .t Kinbun I.'. Sup. (I.OO Cil'u. sVlitiltz. Hotlnfy (i.lil XV. W. Sullivan. Po<ta«i- _. :i.«o .iait-l I..M k, ll.iunty I ;ui M. F. Alnfahr. Sup. ;( 70 L'II.V of AlKuiia. l.lBht & Water St-rxicc- . . ,||.07 L-IIII \Viiriicn. Assesslnw 11.00 XV. XV. Sullivan. Poslaiu- JD.iiO " " ' I .Ot) I:I.T;> Krvln Stems, lluunty XX' Chainplon ,1'rtni- llohl. H. Loss. As.scsshig ._ \vlli. Shllk-y. pnstaxc and Of- . Ili-e K\p. ---- ._ ... ____ 64.15 '" . ---- ._ ... ____ Standard l->iui|>. Co.. Sup. __ I (; 111! ; ullKl.'s Atlolllv Marli. V».. Sll|». ---- ---- ____ ______ I. ll. \Sek-h I'llntuiK Co.. Sup. ------------ ____ .. ChHjnlx-rs I'o Sup xlallhattan Paper I'u.. Sup.. Hancroft KcKtslt-r. PilnlhiK . lutton & Jt-nk.-i. PilntlnK Pit- inary Klertlon Hall.its John K. Kelt. AHst'SNlng sanuy rilebritx. l«ihor J. A. poriot. lluunty liernari) Si.einw, liounty \V. Kliiert. Mileaiie Attending Supt. Conv. Will. II. H.1IKI--I. MIU'.IKO Attondlnv Sujit. Conv. tlt-oi He liorniaii. Mllt-.iKM Attt-ndlng Supt. Conv. Jlu l.i llrandt. MlU-age Attending ttupt. conv. 1. M. JllancluiKl. IIII.-.KJL' Attt^ntllriK Supt. Conv. Tom llerfr. Ml/eawe A ttefidintf- Supl. Conv. juis ll.n Uett. Mlle.idr AttelKlln^ Stitit. Conx'. lohn IkMjklenian. Milravu Att.-niliiiK supt. Conv. _. laiold, Carr, Mlli-a^i* AUellillllK .Supt. Conv. •:. J. Frank. M Ik-axe Attt-nilliiK sutit. Conv. N M. Fleming. Mli.-.ii;e Atundlntr Supt. Coin. _. ). XX'. Full*. Mlk-aiie Atti^ldMiK" Supl. Conv. Kdward Droesslcr, Mllca.;c Attending Sm.t. Conv.' ieorge Cirelsc. Mlk-.iite Att.-n.linK supt. Lonv. •'rank It. Cltonbach. Mileartc- Attendlnic stipl i nn\ . \. H Hanna, Mllealjc Atlt-ndlliu supt. Conv. .->1. llauptman. Mill-axe Attending supt. ('.ink. .amm-rt Hlpt.i-n. Mll.-.ik-e Allt.-luting supt. Conv. Jtt.i .iL'li-M-n. Mll.-aup 'Attt-ndlUK Supt. Cnnv . lyrou I.. Johunon. .Attt-ndiliK supt. Conv. i. I-'. Krausc. MIU-ai£^ Atteinllna supt. ohn Kaistun. Mil 1.02 2.:ig (,:!.*>h I. II , . Attending Supl. J,-.-,.HI, l.liuU-I.Hk. M iiKiidiriK st,pi. 1,'onv. -m^ Conv. tfe Conv. l.-arfi- Conv. .1 In l > lu joint ii-jhinn wila OIL ,S.,.-i. uf 1'lum Crt-L-l- ihal'jjc ul 10 H.':.I,l-i ttv> IS. '•lub Attending- Supt. Conv. ituserie Mawdsley. Mlluatfe Attundlnti Supt Conv. K-oiKr Mulllton. Mll-.Ke Atlendlntf Supt Conv. J. s. Nrl.-ion. Mileaifu Attendlntf Supt. t.inv. J i<. Patterson. Mil'-iut Aiicnditiif Supl. Conv. I . C , SklJW, -\llU-.t«t- Altcnd no" ',..1 -. i .>iiv In M s. i n.l-ll. M I- i^ • A tteniliiii^ Snj.t Conv . ,HI,i stiui/.rl, Mll'-.irfi- Attl-ndin^ Suj.l. Ci.nv. Alt. inline su;,t. Alt.-.'lint; .-M/I.I H., •;^ 11 ,| A XV , II.- Mi i .• n ^,-1 I'M ;;t II..: ,07.01 07. Ou 2.00 y 70 r, .00 1.10 I. r,u '.'. 20 1.60 3.80 I .70 3.50 2.50 'J.OO 1 00 .I.OD ;'.oo ;.r.o J.OO i .:o i .to P. hO 5.20 I III) •_•. oo :.(o l. :;<i •:. oo ,r,o i .00 'J . bu fcorir** Hlclt'h. Ut'UKf- l»f Klcetlull I. H. t;t-:.h.-.m. Lluowr-- of l-.'Jt-ctJon '.'. C. Smith, lln.iiit.- ul t.lcrtiun .it ul ^}f P. ll.lXVCiltt, Clerk of Klectlon X'e-rn.i Hoctcher, C.'lerk »f Klectlon II. F. SlaiiKbter. Clerk of l-:li-ction I. li. McDonald. Clerk of Klcctinn Town of Hurt, lleflit of Koom for Klcction . ^'. H . Schl acder. Arrnnxlnx Honths Hurt Library. Itent for CountlnK H.I. . J. Kibert, JtidKc of Kh-i tiun Harry Kabln. of l-;l.-ction . A. I »weitif»M. Judxe of Kh-.-tiiin M. H. I'llJIIIpi. l'|.-ik .if Klii-tion liiinle .Mattt-rn. Cleik of Klection I. \X . Phlllljis. IU-turiiin« ballots and sun. '. I.. Thins..n. l.,.lji.. "f I li. li.jn i' I i -r.-r.ion. /Indue of Kin-lion .«• V.xi Haul.. Juriise "f Kleell.iil l. II I.lnili-. Clerk of Hlci-tluu nn Larson. Clerk "if :-:iect|...ii . II. Hanna. Jutlne of l-.lection ... Mallow. .Indue of Klecliun \'m. Stnutcnls-rH. .IlldKI- of Kl.-. t lull . <;. Kwoldt. Clerk <il Klcctlun - .I. <>. Itlchard. Clerk uf Klectinn 'heo. Kin.-Ji-i. llt-iit i,f lloom and Arranttmir Months _ II. llohiKon. .. n ..iirtiiiK booths and ln.]«>- of >•;>,, . tlon .... . l:. Kiau-4-. JmU-- ..f Kl.-.-tlon ..mi lu-tiirnlnu llooths .. V. I. sti,,.|,.-r. JudKf ol l.ks-tlon . F. Nexvt-l. .Jud>re of Klectlon fill Is (icroslne. I.f Khrcllon , B.OO 4.611 4 .60 6.70 4.50 :i.oo ,'i.on i .no t.r.o G.liO li. 1,11 (i.lill .10 Milt Prhigle, Jtidgre of HTIe'-tlnn 4.50 August lititknecht, JuilRp of Klectlon 1.50 Lucille I^y. Clerk ol Kleetton a.O- Jenette, Clork of Klectlon t .!iO O. S. Nelson. Clerk of Klectlon <. 50 Bdna Turley,,-.. ..I Jonn X'. .il-n lln.U.- ,.t i: i, i.i. • It..If- of r M t. i .11 Thi- lu!' i I I , t - al'term.nn ;n tlu- Ai:;,,i, •. I.ti.-ur\ in toinputi- their |/l .r.- A |.i.),;titn will be (.'.ivi-i: \viii, n.i.-:;ln-i - truiu l-Ul-ll Ul tin.- f(,:.l l i,.-. Union Twp,, Algona Folks Clan Reunion Union: Tin- l-'i ,;.;. ii ,f.n > 1 i iil,- Dcurrhs uii'l f'iii 'i'i;.ii.f :.;n-:;,-of Union ,itl.-i:Uiil :t r atjvt.-i> at Ki/i/jic-1. ;;ijj- iiuntlreij tnurtrer u 'I'hcy art iciii..i.. i r IH'arcli> uf Al^nn i , the L. J lA-Cra-A:, Ullinij ati'J Henry ! iljes and Mr^. Minnie lohn . .... Judge ol KU.-ctl.jn >X*. K. Iwiatfc. Clerk of Utection . I. H. Dreyer, Cloi-k •>! Kiwtion '•. II. Itohn. Clerk of V'altfr ohm. Clerk of election 'cuton hid. School Dlst,. IU-nl of lloom . ._ I. U. Bernlnxh.iii". •fudge of KJcH'tiM.-i it '/.illli.J. •JllllHi- 01 Kl'-'tloll li-rman Hurnis. Jiidifi- of Kli-i-tlon - Ilkt- XVjKner. t lei k "1 l-.l.i-ll.lll ._ I. \X', II,.fireman. I'U-l k of Kh-.-tl.jit lerman Harms. ll'-tninlnj II..Hot-, • H Meyer. .Indue uf K|,-i-tioli hl,c- XV Inter. -ll.dgi! nt Klertlon _. ft-ni r Schmidt. .1111 li-M-k I..-II1..II, I'lel K of Kl.-cllo.ii and It.-t H..III.I-. I. liiK-nlllali. ClelK i,{ Kld-tlon > Ajl.lcl -i4JII. Jli'lUL- Of l-.U-'-tl'Jtl . C. Kiitfstriini, .fudyp of Kleetl'ill I . A ndel s'lll. .ludrfi? .if Kl«-i-l|..,ii .. .. M. Kulhi^tt-h, CU-i k of Klfi-tlnn and Itet ui 11 uiit V. l:, Nel.->oll. A; ; .influx HlMlHlS - .. K-oi'itH W. Judgn uf Kl^-tlfju tlon and An .LII«ma Ito'Hh* John Karstwn. Judii..- uf Kleetlisii Mi'.-.. » II . H.I km. ill.dai- r.f KlKi-tluli XI i- X. in Austin, 'Judtfi. uf I'.l'i lli,n M i.i A. H. Fu.-u.-.. Xli , l.-.i.nln C.iriu, in. I l.-l k of Klr< liun I. V Mou.,el. Clel k "f Kl.-1-t..Hi j A A Cli-l k "I l-.l,-, II ,|, L J K.j.-Kb:i. l I-1 K "I l-.i. .-I- i, 3.15 I.6J 3.15 3.15 2.00 7.'.'5 0. OU b. 00 (i 00 li.UU J «0 O.UO 0.00 t. 00 I '.'.. uo t .00 li (,0 0 60 l.t.0 11.10 1 .00 ',10 1 10 0.10 I .OU I DO i itn- XX'hit--. .J,i.-ln . I , li.ll. lu.-c, . -I • • . I . Lloyd. XVltm .,- XSltn..,, I n l.|..>d. \\ it,.- - An How tin. 1 ! I iiUuislu'd lliv of U>i- B.-aut> Qui-t-a < ausi liul Trail u Ian, K»-ul l-ifi- atort in TUe Aiurricau \Vi-i-kl>. I lie aiagitziuu UUtribuU-U VSilli Mext Suuduy's t'liii-uyo Clerk of Blectlon ________ J. .1. Rink. -ludg-e of Klectlon --------J. H. Motf.wl. .ludRe of Klectlon _________ J. H. Welfare. Jndfre of Klectton -------Harry -Schroeder. Jiidgo of Klectlon ________ Olen Yohnkee. vJudse of KleL'tlon ________ . Wilson Brack. |.luJ(re of Klectlon ________ D. A. Carpenter, Clerk ot Klectlon -------Mrs .Wrn. K. Flynn. Clerk of Klectkm -------- Mrn. Albert Brand. Clerk ol .'election _____ . --- lohn Hartshorn. t.'lerk of HJIectlon ________ > Anderson, rent for room for election ________ Ilvri Hainr-s, Arranging Hooths ____________ '_„ ____ fas. H. VVarhurton. ne of Kle<-t(on ________ U. f. Kdwards. Judge of Ktecllon ________ Leonard Siebolt, Judire of Klectlon -------- lelle Kotvpcn. Clerk of Klectlon ________ lert Coder. Clerk of Kleotion ________ Alex Kodtg, Judge of Klectlon ________ ,Vm. I-'lals. Oui'lfe ol Klectlon ________ A. I). Newbrougli, Judge of Klectlon -------- \rt I'rlel*. Clerk of Klection ________ !eo. C. I'ettlt. Clerk of i-.lection ________ Vni. I'oole. Rent of rouni for election ____ ____ ____ , W. Klbert. .Iiiskre of Klectlon ________ AntJreiv Klbert. Judge of Klectlon ________ llosh Itetsner, Judge of Klection _______ Geo. .1. Wlnkel. Clerk of Klt-i-Uon ________ John Kohlwes. Clerk in Kk-i tl'ih _ ____ (•'. I. Ch.-uun in. JudKe oi Kli-i-tlon ________ A. A. Selilpuiu Judge ,.f Klei-tlon ________ li. (•'. Ch.innei.-. Jlltlgp i-l Klei-tlon ________ l-'I'Hllk Cl-'ps.ioil!- . Judge ol Klfi-tion _ A. .1. K.ISIIII. 'lialge ol l-.hx-tlon ________ Aim. i It. MUI ray. II. C. Alien. Clerk of Kliu-tlon Harry l.t.-hty. Clerk uf Kht-llon Arthur A . Hof I'l.-l k of Kk-ctlon _ . I. It. l-Vtiol. Cleik of Kh-'-tloti „ To\vn nf Kent for f,,, Kl.i-llon I. K. MeKiiroe. (tlilue of Hli-i-tlon " C. Miller. udKc of Klei-tion Halley. MudKp ,,f Klectinn lfif-,i J,.rgi-nson. Cl.-tk of Kl'x-tloii Clark Scunrliain. CI.-rk of KI.-ctlMh .. . H. Dlttmei. .IllilKi; of , . ll. St-xvart. JudBt' of Klii lion W. II. s. liwii-lcrt. .lU'Ue of Kli-ctl.jn _ K O. Mann. Clerk of Klei-tlon A'MI IclnK.-ulnrr. Cli-rk of Klectlon lohti Arrul,iifcr. Hudai- of Kler-tliill>ri- Mayi-r. ihldKI- of t-.l-etl.JII .;.-,.i KV cink. iltliUe nl Klectinn i. H. l.n.lwu Clerk of Kbs-tion Alph. Stmler. Clerk of Kks-Hon Fled Krh-ksnn, Rent for ISoom for- Klectlon _A II. U,p,s-. JlldKe of Kici tlon \nti>n Stork. Judge of Klevtlon fllw. Diop.ssli-r. Judge of KUf-tlon John Hellman. Clerk n( |-,|,.,-tion F. II. Meieher. Clerk of rawllon llvlll-jr llorltvui. Judge of Klfctlun Chas I'latlir. Judiie of Kie.-tion i'aul Hurn. 'JmlKc ol Kli«-tn,u .. .Vm Huri'-lii-y. Cleik of Klts-tloli Uilin H'.rrnan, Cl.-rk of Klii-tion . 'I . Kri(fi-M.«,-r. JudKf of Kle, tlon I. tl. .I.-/MOII. • lu.igi- of Kli-ctlon Jot. Cl'iwlev. of Clerk of Kks-tlon I. XV llollm. Cl-l k nf Klx-ti'Mi ' ii fl.Jh-y. Kent for r uom for I.'U- tl,«.i ... » J. iJvvllie. lu.lVC of Kk-<-tloii ,1 H . McKnro*-. \u« J . Kt-rs; . inn. . C HiitcldlM. Cb-i k of Kl«-..ti,,i, lemy Kl.-., lieid. Clel I; uf Klectlnr Htn Ni.-um in. Kt-hl Slrueun l^-igti. Ic-nry II _ Judge lit Klcctiof Illd^-i of Kle'.-tn.n lotm p. Jiorm LI). I'l'-rk r.l Kle, Hun Y.U.JII XA ste.j».-x. ' A * ii- '•'.' UidKL- ul Kl.-'.-tluii Axel i-;n, k.'.n l..di>- of t.l.-iti.jii 111 ivennc'ly. JL:.|K>- "I |-.leeli,,|, M J. lt--li/ieil>, t'U-1 k "f KI.---H-JII L Tl.ji-.oh. C1.-IK "I i-H.-, ti./n H p.nk. Ji,.U K .,f !-n.-,-'i.,n .ul» An.l.-l .-.on. : A . IM, .... l l.-l k .,1 ,:>. - lion ..... . \ Itol-.K-l..-.. I. .die 'il i-:i'.-. tlon .1- K l--|..m. ;il.'iriu "I KI.-.-II..II . .- _____ \ I. Kb n:p.-l,-i , ;ll:'lge '-I K(..-, lion I I si .,-un in. 1 1. .lite of i-:l.-> lli.n ___ ___ III..- A 1 ,.-! ;),- -. •ill'l^,; ,,l I III-' llvl. ...... _ Myitb- K -.ulj.i, U.IK.; or r;i.-< tion ________ Kr -,l A , Klekn Jim. Clerk of Kl.i tlon -------\ K (, i Mini... i l-.-rk ul Kle, lion _________ Myilk- Ix-.t..-. Cl./rk ol Klection ____ ....... ,ln * clurk or KU-- In, u ....... . J'own ul \V<-"lff, Kent fur l.j'.m l,j[ uledlon ......... 1'. Kiitfcn. VV'm i I I- ' KJlei tlon lU. l-am lion vvl,, .^i-.-n. -,. |n,J^,. ,,t Kk-i-llon l-:ii/,ftii Illggtlu. JlJ-lM..- i/f Kfc. tloil Ali. ,- II Hu-lnn-rs. I,. Ui "f Klectlon Cli-i k u! 3.00 1.50 4.50 4. SO 3.00 .1.00 a. oo 4 .50 10.10 3.00 3.00 6.00 3.00 5. »0 5.40 13.00 5.10 5.40 6.10 3.40 5 .40 5.40 5.10 3.00 5.70 9.45 5.70 Mnry WnortwniM, Clerk of Khvti.m -------- Kollnsoh. . dork or Kiertton -------- W«lter Vourtt, Clerk of Klectlon .„---—- Cltv ot Whlttumofe, Rent ot r'lKitlt f*o- Klei-tlrm itnil l.tKlils ---- ---- ---- ---R. H. Klnnrtl. Arranftlnir llooth?" ---- ---- ---- ---.1. O. Th.ivcs, Hiipllcate 5.10 6.00 6.00 4.00 2.00 xvnirn.nt «^'7? Pnrnm'itx Co., Sup. 3 l'Ji A. F. Amlei-Kon. labor 6.50 COURT FI'ND nrl lifthlhminer. Transpor- tntlon Fcos 18.20 Katharine McRx-oy. Clerk's t rf 72.40 1NSTIVUTH FUND Wni. Shirley. K.ipress 1.67 F. A. Oxven Co.. Sun. 25.Iff vl. c. Bowie, Hup. 27.29 American Book Co.. Sup. .. 21).40 T. B. FUND Or. F. A. .Bonnstetter, T. B. Touting- 42.50 l>r. R. C. BnJl, T. H. Testlnir —20.70 DRAINAUH Fl'ND )r. 6S-.1S H-K 'aul Trasamar, Labor 7.00 lenry c:iiil«tensen. Lnbor __ S.OO I. K . 3.. 1« )lek BaarJe. Lnbor I.S3 H-K 2 .'linn. B. Chubb. Bus-. I)!).00 llni Chubb, t«abor 10.50 lomer Nolte, l.abor 10.50 >rln jHcobswn, l^nbor ^ 3.61 •Id'. Wlllni-rl. I^ihor 17.59 I. O. Stcnstrom. Uibor 23.20 hotnpson Yards. Inc.. Sup. 60.73 Northern IJir. Co., Sup. 4.82 Vllson I'oncrete Co.. Huu.I- 59.26 Ilmore Cement * Tile Co.. » 10 I . .HO 4. SO 4 80 '.I '.10 7.:iO . . Judge of Klei-tion ________ 3.30 5.80 I. SO 3. 30 3.30 B.OO 10.00 B.OO 6.00 (,,00 K.OO B.60 «.BO 6.«0 !l. 10 B.SO B.OO B.OO B.OO 11.20 I, .00 .1.00 9.90 5.40 5.«0 7.10 5.10 5.40 5.40 '.10 5.10 7.60 I, 00 10.40 t .00 6.00 3.00 7.10 5. 10 0.10 '.10 ': 10 I.',ou '•i 10 :. It/ .!« :. lu U.I* Jick Ba«de. l-ihor >r. 3 iCorthern Lbr. Co.. Hup. !. O. Stenstrom. Labor Kd. Wlll.inl. Ijanor . K. (i. Stenstrom. I,.-1.1,01 Dr. 7 l»ick Kaade, Ijibor _. l»r. 20 l»ck Bnade. l«bor l>r. 25 Marlon An1i. Dr. 27 l^tbor Klinore Cement & Til* Co.. 12.90 4.00 .72 8. Oo 7.00 4.00 6.00 4.00 7.20 3.5 Dick fJaadf. l«-iljor 2 00 lir. Of " Kd. >x'lllaid. Labor 14 00 K ti. Labor _. IB OU Centcni * Tile I'D .-lup. .grj Northern i.:,r. i_:o.. sup. .. -/.»| I.l . 71 Dick I«ibor . 4 00 Mi-. 7> Di.-k Ha.'ule. Lnbor 2.On Di . I'D Clms. K. Chubb. Kr,z. 40 50 ••-• • • " !»:T& 9 7.-, .72 4 .00 :i. 5o 6.00 Dick llnarle. I,abOf Hen Beonken, I^sbor OwiHhl Cii'Mlinm. l-nlmr Marlon Anh. l*bor Illlbert fevleronn, Labor Jake Keller. IjibOr Paul Mutinous, l^ibor .— Uelbert Celtzennuer, l»«bor — Henry Floomer. Labor —, rM. Willard. Lalror K. O. Stenntroni. l^abor Levl llendren. Labor -Walter' Schwartz, Ijibor —»._ Noble U. Mitchell, 11. (0 10.00 5.40 23.20 32.00 4«.ZO 10.00 22.50 10.79 17.50 20.00 1.00 Homer Nolle. L.ibor~II_ Northern Lbr. Co. Mi-. " K. U. .Stenstrom. l.'ib.jr' l'>l. U'lllanl. LiPor Dr. 8'.' " ~ Hei.ry tMillstianspn. l^ilint Dr" ST, '"'•""•"• '-•""" -••-• Norlhi-rn I'.i.. Htn, . :i «.•) K/l. V.'lllard. L..|«JI _.J. 2) 00 K. C. sli-Mstrorrl. l.-iboi !~~~2I.UO lohn S Itafdal. Clean Out ..I Ml.01 iltihn M. llafdal. Clean uul I.IOO.O"! Homer Nolle. Ijib.jr \::.i'., Jim Chubb, l,-,J>or _ 2b ''•, Chas. K. Chubb, Kim. I.II (jtjJ)O Dick [laade. L.ibor Patll Labo*' Hem) I'hrlsllaiis.-n. Labor l-.lniore I c:,lent A I'll.; Co. .Sun. . Dr. :i-.i "" " nick llaa/lc, Uibor . Dr. Ins XVINon Coni-ii-te Cn,. ."HI! Jake L.ibor Kennedy Km*.. AsslKiimeut of Dr. Ill -• Dick Ha ale. Labor I", !.'« " VVllsnn Concrete Co.. Sup. _^ Abe A. Caller, Lnljor !•>!. Waller. L ilx.i Dr 1.!'J M.ulrm Ash. Labor 13.1 ii 00 30. SO 5.BO 2.00 Ij'oo Hi. Ml 2. SO 31. 62 3S. Ill I t.2f. Dr lake Kennedy UII of l,-i K.SO 9.00 --------- _ CCINHTIICCTII.N KCND H - r Urummond, (Jiuil. I'roj. H . IfruinnioniF, Grnd. I'rojT II. Ill uminond". ^UraL". i^roj" ' __ . —- — • • . vj . 16 -g0 Mm <l __ Ilriirnnion,!. liriid. projT H. Mruninionrl. tJr;ul.""l'ri>jT H.^ Hruiniuontr i;rall".""rTojT H. Hruniinoful, lirajl. p77jj7 21 . ^ fi6J 3", H. l*ruirrnon<1. Graji. i'To~i7 H :> liruniniond*. l.rad . ~Ploj7 H III uniin.jiHl, tlralf. p'roj" II. Ill itnuiion.f. liraj) .* I'rTaiT ..__ U79.S5 V IJII.eit. til a.I I'roi Charli-^ i.,iri :tl*-,*, 7..J.J ,.j|i-^ land .. 116*> 00 <-. N It. Itr Co.. Fnuht on l.uniljf-r USJ.'Jrj ' V KIU.-H. Ur.idlMit Pruj7 C. N."~ltT"Hy7"'c<>7r"l"ii-lirit on Lumber ^13 31 lohn FniM-r. ttn A.-.«'t. 7i.0u II. M Smith. Mn*. :(.',.00 Ixjn T. .Nugent. A.H»'I KIIK. IDO.UO L'lir-itt-l Alllii-. l,.»ljv< .. gj JO ' -JB l>. Wolfr. Pub. Kd. Notice 2S.10 swe,. City Herald. |'ub. Kd ----Haggard <fc Waller. I'ub.'ltd 3(1. SO . .. Notice --------- ........... IS. 00 We<le/ Sewn Worl.J. K<l. Notice , VV'hltIt-Im.l^ Champion, I'yn Kd. Nonce Advance Pub t.'.*., I'ub. ltd. i.uV'uriits NVwrt. Pub. Kd. NhtK-u :ijnin,ri Ki-il.itei. Pub ltd. Udhcruft Kc^l-.U-r Pub Ilil Null, 32-20 24.4)2 I9.0O 3.0* 2J.I7 1uk-.-% nt-ltttil. lir.iijinrf _ , i'.,i i J v. kUb.-u. r.,,.^1 WIH u .. iju.»u il./.uj CI.-.U I..I.I- «.unl an.I til (',. . l,l.iv.-l and .-Ijlul .HI,I, Ii.w i Cnl> 1-1 t ai Inlv.-il., tt ll-.-l.-l 1.1,11:1,11 « '- . Piling . V\ I . . l.-l;,b,-f I i, . Piling . , . . M M.N'I'AM-.M'K I I'.Mi II . lii ,.nui.-,,.'!.' i;i .ul fi'u: < ', . -inp. il Pi|,« ('-. . .n,l ll.l.lrfi- ,i-l 1,11,1,1 I'j 00 11. •'. t t'J.-i . i ( , -, i l'.-,t. Ill .1, I.I:.C. :<• K. II 'l'i U >ei v Kn,..-U P.-t.-r .v.n, I 11 n^l. I '. ,1 L--I l,t.-L.i I Mil.,.- IJ..kt-l. l,n,oi I I 7il I _'.:,u I-. A I in.,1 1 ,,liii. iiillh. li.ikel. J !•>!. l-;tn,,-i Kvvnirf. L.i.'.i II I. Tuili-y.,.,i •Mlon Pcltlt. LaiHjr Mailo-.-.. I.i,,.,r I. I-' 41.11111. l,,U,'ji .. .. J..) liij.ldt-n." Labor IIII.I i' A. L..IIIUI t-i. A. l.anoi .. . 'Jlliel Vuuiitj. L.U..JI i.jlin K Ul-ktrlu eutiiel . LaUol ( llffuid H'.ln.u.,. I'l'iljui*'"'" M. L. Fcrby. LaUii .. l.yell W. Milter. 1-a.boi Peter Uovu-k, l^fclMjr l-kl FuciiHun. Labor ._ lt..-rl shcllmycr. Labor . Win. F. Uronbach. L.iJjfjr -_ 5tl ",u ? -' '.ill 1 Hit 'i\ . U II 'J 1 . DO HI .70 'JJ 10 'J'i U.l " -'i 10 »- 95 »l uO tit.zu Dl II) ........ »7.5« . . . Itngur KllM-il. Labor M . K.n--ej . L'tl'Ol XVlUlurn u l.u.lwU, Tom Wc-ii. Lai*,i llaliy Unlink..-, Uai|.h M.H kla.''l^trfj' -, D. M. Ijuu.ild. lii: OJ ... 1 OU . 0'* .- S4.20 - S7.5K - I OK.J» ... H7 r,r. . . lohn Iliihl. LiUjf 41 1111 101) On | ;j .jj L Hubei. Lul.ol _. " 17 lu I Palllit-r. Labor ... 7 .SO l Kn.-M-l.k.i.,',i- . . I (in . Will Km* hi. I..,],,, 20.50 i^ooie LJ. mitcnerr. irrvxfinK 13.00 \. M. C'.untafson, Dragging- — 4.00 Peter N. 'IlillireJi. Drafrrtlnir 18.50 Ben Miller. l,afior 6.60 K. C. iBehnkendorf. Drait- ging . 8.nO l/eo Oelperdnnn, AsjitKned to Kennejilr Bros.. Ixibor 63.SO Henry C. Nelson. Drantrlnfr 1.26 Cleo. Holtubauer. Sup. 4.58 Harmon Repnlr Hhop. Hup. -- 11,50 F. 8. Norton * Hon. Fuel _- 2-3.79 Pratt Klect. Co.. IjtuiiD Bulbil 4.68 John Lucas A Co.. Paint 19.10 I. Morrrmnn. Bridge Work 6*6.24 Kent Motor Co.. Repair* l.M M. P. Amfahr. Fuller Bru»he» 20. V> L'lapps Service. Ilppnlrs 6.90 loc tireenbet'ir, Iteiialrs 1&7.0O Kred Seylnr, Repairs 3.32 Walter W. Kononuii. Sup. — 1.53 Northern Lumber Co.. Hup. Z.(l fleck Cool Co.. Conl U.47 Hutch Suix-r Serv.. Repairs 121.71 Wlbert Uara«e. Itepulrs 61 .M K. W. Lunby. Sup. 1.13 Vlc'n Tire Shop. Hup. 18.41 Hohlhnas A Upllles. Hup. 19.78 K. D. .lames. Hup. .21. Beed Hardware, tfup. 26.41 State Line lllwery. Sup. 4.60 The I-onc Kock Kxc. Co.. Sup. 67.>1 Central Htaten Klect. Co.. Light Serv. 1.28 Ajnerlcan Hoist A Derrick Co.. Hepvilm 37.90 •'on Dodfrc- Much. A Hup. Co.. Hepalm 1.8* Fort Dodsre Steel and Foundry Co.. HepnJrn 25.01 Klein peters Store. Sup. l.M Kossuth Co. Impi Co.. Sup. - 3.93 Central states Klect. Co.. IJKht Serv. 1.01 Bock Bros.. LlBht Serv. !i.»l T*ne Aluona Inn. Afrc.. Ins. 13.50 Standard Beallnux Co., Hup. 32.21 Iowa Union Tele. Co.. Tele. Herv. 2.76 Central Auto Kli-ct. Co.. Sup. 35.97 Iowa Marh. affVI Sup. Co.. Hup. 17.78 V. F. Sli-g-Ft. DO.IISC Co.. Sup. 52.44 Austlh-VXcstln Mach. Co.. Hup. Kelly->loiv Tboinnson Co., Hup. WheelL'r Ltimlt-r A Brldg" Co.. Lumber __ I. U. Thaves, Dup. Warrant Klrnore Cement A Tile LTo.. Hup. Arnold Motor Hup. Co.. Hup. VlcCormick IH-erlnit c<».. Hup. 227.96 33.24 702.24 3.75 r.H.K-r, «3.9» 4;i.Rf> Dehnert. Fuel 23*7.42 l.'rms. BoiliiBi-r. Fuel UU.OO V'lnct-nt Dauithb. Fu<-l 101.Gi Mrs. Fred HauinKartnei. I'se of Truck 29.65 C. A. Heard. Kepalls I.OO Standard oil Co.. Fuel 3.80 PI«W FUND Super*loor IH«I Wo. I Kohlhaas A Hpllles. Huu. >). ftO Cut Iliiti. lliijcery. Mip. A '•nn. 2H.OO C. H. Lli-hly. Sup. A Prov. 10.OU XV. li. McCulluUKh. Sup. A Prov. 7S.OO Fennel a Kiev. Co.. Sup. A i-i-ox . 1.56 smith's stoic, Sup A Piov. s.OO Baker's Dairy. Sup. A Prov. 3.1V iittn HiiiiHon. Mir,. A Prov. 7.00 Mrs. otto Keniif. wuu. A Piov. 7.50 rit. Joseph's Mi-rcy Hosp.. C.-u-e 45.50 Henry ll. IHnb,- M. D.. MixL. Care _. 24.00 ). W. McCrcory. Med. Cart; ti.OU H. ft. /.mn.-u-h. Prov. 34. J< Irene's Cafe. Prov. 8.94 «uprr>l»or l>l«l N«. 1 H. It. S.jr«/is>jtl. Prov. 17.70 C. S. Johnson. Piov. Kl.00 C. H. Cielzineyer. Med. Car« 64.00 I. 1.. llonai. ll*nt 10.UO Mm. Nettle- Htunf. Kent H.OO ICo^e Ilous4.-hol.iei. luint 1f).0t» Win. F. t>«linke. Hi-nl 10.OO Mrs. Wni. Merer. Cure 10.OO John WlUlanis. Kent 10.DO Mm. Alex Miller. Kent Itf.OO Mm. Atoi Miller. IU-nt IO.OO iiuy If an for. Hunt 4.0« Mttton Norton. Fuel ».»« Council Uuk Store. Prov. 14.00 Umoco Oil Station. Fuel 2.20 W. T. Pll.-her. Milk 7.44 ktlllrri* PruUu't;-Station. Piov. It. A. I'Urk. Prov. llaskvt <irtM.-t-ry. 1'iov. Dr. F. K. .Sawyer, I, .. K. \V. l.llsby. Sup. K. A. Ktali-.. Med Cart, _. 13.00 i.ttd 10.10 U.24 "(iri Ivossuth (Ju.10 >5J.UO 0*»4. 2i.5H 17 50 I .fit 0 Ol) 13.00 l/i OU ».0tf 1U OU ;.ou u.oo lkjnack«*r store. I'rov. Valley .-storr. Piov. _. nenry C. Nelson. It4?nt . »un«rtl»«r l»l-l \e I .. Augusta lielt/.. C'alu _. A II. FwliJi. Burial C. H. SchriiiJijr. Kerrt •liver Mov, Htui &nrmt It irmsttMl, Iccnt Arthur LiraWy. Four Monthji lt«nt >IIK Ho. k K»>-. Co.. Fuel -- '*fu'k . .1 ""."'. " - "'. . Matilda MtKarlaiid. Milk -- tiros., Prov. V'OH«I'M Ht<jrv, I'rov. : wl.. Prov. WltxJo A Ivr&Une. Prov. Mr». J. F. Wohrike. Care .. T. Puter». MwJ. Caro -- tn*t iv«. a • »eut. Stofe, I'rov. .. FredKrlckxjn'H Htore. PI-JV .. Carry t^mbr. Co.. rtup. Mr» Hen Ku»hton. Itvnt -Jor» H Kur»ch. Kent Mm. Vtra tV'older., lltnl .. lionald li Hcriven. Ins. tx-tsry. I'f ov. BkmuiUfr'* ritoie. Prov. . It. Mirdth. Piov. Ju^epir^ M^ri-y Hojip. CiU-e Mary Webntei. Care . Dl . Don J. Klt/,«eiakl. Med Caiv . Dr Ijor»t?y, Med Care . I. I. li-Khtun. Med Care .. U L. XXllllaln, M. It . Mrd Dr W, julst. Jfji,n N, Ki.-nt-fnk. Cait-'Mt-d H M XXlnk.-l. M U . ('.MI- Mud. • ii-XSKHAI. Pi A lit illhn.i I nn 1-al.oi .ilal.aln^ nti.l.-. [In <;,iu.I.< -. il,.- Kin..- sl,.,i,. rii,p n.u (;•« -ici - i o . .-,'i|, . . \ H I!.,i. -I, .nil sup ... li.l.NTV I'.XUM Ktn.'iii.- N'm-u-ry. Chin.--,..- Kbo I. Xll.l, i. l.iunl .-i . I.,1,1. II. nniioj. I .l.'.i .... Mi-- Ki.-.l I '..tuit.j. , i 11,..-. . L/-4- i,l 'l'i ... k L K lioyl,- ,i H.i, i , I -'I,*,. n,. i. l.a.'.oi . . . Ki-nui- A Hi-n^l<». U.I...I - . Kill-it* I,.11,,.;,- Ti.t.l'.i III K ii . 1^,111 lie, Mt^l r.j (.an,* slo,.-. In/ (i.^yl.t ,., K C XetidBl. Dry liiMlt . . K, D. J,UI,IM. Snj, lii.y <' jtlitrnr.ali. VValkli., PlUltui-ls . . . Hlllyaid I'ht-innal Co . su|, I-' S Kol toll M .-M>ll, S.It. Kohlhaax A Splllu<. Hup o. Holt^baUcl. lU-'pail 4 Plillt Kks-t. I'o , P.enailn '. A, Heard. Itepali.s ... Kossulh I'o. Imp. Co . IU-- 4 i« 4.2I> 2*. 50 2.47 I* 4U 12. uO 22.00 I! UO 5.00 10 UU 10 00 1« 04) 4 .' . UO 47 :,0 41 0» . J i (,».:', ^1 .',11 '7. ir, .is « it •/ M I nil '.'I in t. III l ID '. I') -I .'-) •ji 11 I 72 I l,Y 'J 00 1 '.I I 1.1 17. Si il'oirnick Decrt..^ C,< . l; t pa It'i* .... ...... KUner (^ronba,:!,. lu-pali *~', ~_~ Wilson C-.-licielo Co . 1)1 ail Tl),, ,„, (7 FI.-I Park. K»,arr,j..; " ,' *. That tl.t-Coni.t, Au-ll tor is 'Jl'U-l.wI and dllw UyJ to u.-.. ,^ f.,r all bills allowed a i i, i, •juu'11114 a..» pt-r indlvflual bill n, it,, •wliedulc- of naJun" l.«n-llil^-f.,i'u willli-ii ;i^i irtrr loU- on c,.j 1, it ,i. , lUal bill An,-* All Mutton I* Uauin ami Ji.d l, r |i.| , nan that M C liakor. rtwt-a I'Hy Uil-. ti: int-Il a it-fuful of || -.0 |j. ,,| . — ...., v»ii 1,1,!" "'"""'' '••••aid ..di(>j .-,,,,„ >'"' I Iil 'ILKK l.Vunly Ai,.Ji BARRY'S BEER IS BEST

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