The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 16, 1936 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1936
Page 3
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--~-^-——V_^^_^J MAUORY HATS The Only Hats That Are Tracenette* Moisture proof MALLORY HAT* THE "Beacfi C/u6"BY MALLORY IS AT THE HEAD lYou'U enjoy wearing this new aircool straw It's scientifically ventilated to keep cool air circulat- mg around your head. You'd almost think there's a fan inside. The flexible head-band makes this straw a« comfortable and easy-fitting as a soft felt hat. The Beach Club" is only one of scores of straws in all shapes, braids and trimmings that make up our complete stock at the fairest of fair prices. Steele's DR. MORSE DIES AT OAKLAND, CAl. Was Leading Physician in Algona Thirty Years Ago The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 16,1936 Dr. W. E. H. Morse, at one time one of the best known men in Kossuth county, died last week in Oak- and, California, where he has lived for the past few years. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Peterson visited with Jr. Morse and his wife last fall n Oakland, which is across the bay rom San Francisco, and spent the night with them in n large apartment house, of which Dr. Morse had charge as manager. At that time, Dr. Morse, who was 74, was in good health and spirits and as jovial as in the old Algona days. Later they heard that he had sustained a slight stroke in March. Now it is reported that he died following an operation. Dr. Morse, who has many old friends in Algona who will mourn his death, had a colorful matrimonial experience, being married to four different women. While practicing at Bancroft in the late eighties and nineties he married Miss Ida Walters, the daughter of n well known family there, and a sister of Dr. C. M. C. Walters, now of Los Angeles, California. They came to Algona to live, and here the doctor practiced medicine for m . a "y ,y ea «- They had one son Willie", now living in Glendale, California. Later they were divorced, and Dr. Morse was married again) to e( lady (whom he had known since boyhood, but whose name Is not at hand. After two years of happy married life, she died and after an interval the doctor married Georgia Fisher, a well known Algona girl. After a few years of matrimonial life they were divorced. Only a few years ago the doctor married Beatrice Doxsee, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Second Rodeo Opens At Estherville, 18th Estherville will present Its sec ond annual rodeo June 18-21 at 2:3 and 8:30 p. m. June 18 has been designated as State Day and sev eral Iowa state officials will be in attendance. The rodeo parade wil be at 1:30, June 18. In the parad. will be old settlers who on Juni. 18 will celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of Es therville. There will also be num erous floats representing various business firms in Estherville, Emnet county and firms outside. The entire rodeo will be in the parade as well as riders from outside the rodeo who will be in Estherville to compete for the $500 and added money. Five hundred dollars In cash prizes with entrance fees added has been offered by the EstherviHc Chamber of Commerce for contests which are open to anyone in the world in calf roping, steering riding, bulldogging and bronco riding. The contests will be held all four days of the rodeo. Much outside competition is expected due to the added $500 in prizes. James Kirk, a farmer near Estherville, will bring two bronco mules to the rodeo for anyone who wishes to ride them. The rodeo arena this year has seen enlarged to accommodate the ncreased number of live stock and additional events. Seneca 4-H Club Meeting Friday The Scnccn 4-H club met Friday afternoon with Mildred Johnson, iwelve members will the lender were present. Elizabeth Burt was chosen as stunt girl for rally day. A demonstration was Riven on the care ot clothing by Helen and Maxme Cody. The Seneca N. R. G.'s was chosen as the club name. Florence Looft, the president, has been appointed to represent the club at Ames the week of June 24 to 27. The next meeting will be with the leader, Mrs. Jens Petersen, June 12. Twenty Years News VACATION *-•- •& — * — ——— o ....».• u«. AH.i. UHU 1*11 a. Charlie Doxsee, who for many years were residents of Algona, later moving to lola, Kansas, where both died. The daughter, Beatrice, was living In California at the time of her marriage to Dr. Morsi, and now survives him. His first wife married Charlie Cohenour, county attorney of Kossuth county shortly after she and the doctor were divorced, and they moved to Glendale, Arizona. It was there that Mr. Cohenour disappeared and for twenty years it was thought that he was dead. He later turned up in Los Angeles, where Charlie is devoted to his wife, whose health has failed her. After leaving Algona in the late nineties the doctor and his wife went to Mississippi where they had a plantation and spent several years there. Later they moved to Morristown, Minnesota, where Dr. Morae continued hia practice of medicine, until ho moved to California, perhaps a dozen years ago. Dr. Morse was a very capable man as wel> as physician and was liked by all with whom he came in contact. The annual Estherville rodeo queen's parade will be held Saturday, June 13. AH girls or women, no matter where they live, are invited to enter the parade and try for the honor of being chosen queen or for her two attendants. 61 At Wedding Dinner So. Fenton Soneca: Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Campbell attended a wedding supper at the Gramenz home south of Fenton in honor of Mr. Campbell's cousin, Arthur Bamsey of Lake Park and a Miss Gramenz. There were 11 present. Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Paulson were business callers in Algona on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell and 'amity spent Sunday afternoon at the Ulrlch Juhl home near Depcw. Florence Looft has been chosen as delegate from the Seneca E. N. R. G.'s to the state convention at Ames. Duane Campbell is working at the Ralph Lage home near Irvington. The Lagcs are Duane's uncle and aunt. Miss Pearl Nelson underwent an appendicitis operation at the General hospital in Algona last week Wednesday. At this writing she is getting along nicely. Miss Avis Bycrs who is taking nurses' training in St. Paul, came Tuesday for a three weeks' visit at the parental Loren Byers home. Miss Byera has neen at St. Paul for a year and a half. Plum Creek Boy Goes Under Knife Plum Creek: Robert Haas, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Haag is In a hospital at Fort Dodge where u major operation was performed Ho is getting along nicely. Official Call ,( , lay "'• "'•• Relive those Happy Hours! Relive those happy hours with photos taken with an Ansco Camera, the camera that always takes good pictures. ANSCO Ready Set CAMERA Prices <Jn tiiu •:.;> I'•':»'. ill l':ou ln-'lil In tliu i Allo uouiily (' IIIHK, low a. lli li"ll ut I lit- Kc, l'H:l Ul' lllu .SU... , )u i,'!'n',i,"'. Uli ' s c "» l 'L'iiUon wll'l"l,'i,''iYiu l', r','l '"" J"', 'V'" ™»'U«luU-s lor Court V" n l .'.' lK ' : '"' 1|U; J".-l'-Jct ISIH i° r i u ''""'Ic-unll. Judicial Tl'-t! beslmi'iii""' \" 1 ' """' "'"" "' lii.-luuutua for tills convention wil liu . liusi-ii by and m tl, c . |-,.BUla l<> U u"' , V ,,UM!i VL '""' J " a ' 1KlU "-' 'l'^""' .iu,iiria\' u l\iLuiA', I 'r l .' 1 !!e Se) H lul1 ';, l) ;i'-' I i',L 1 I"K "II tin- |,a.SIS uf ,,II U dL-k-Sat for c-v.-ry live liuiidr,.-,! voitj ,,r mu Jur n-ueiioii lliuri-of , asl In i-arh u lliu i-mmtli.j. of sul.l Ulalil,-! fur tli u Olublu I.MyUu 1.. 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Lusby's Drug ->OTH-K OK m:vriti NOi.101 S \\KKI1S AMI MOWI.NU OK lilumVAVS Hy order of Hie lluuid of Supervisors, KuKtiuth Cuunly, luwa: Tlial li. ucfurdant:e willi lliu provisions or Cliapu-r IMii of lliu Codu of 1J.JJ, It ia hereby ordered; 1. Tl.ut all Weeds Browlnji in U,e lllBllWa>s ftliull be eul ul leilM twite UUIIIIK 11,c K rowine season, 11 Ill.-t C'UltillK I,, bo between JUIH lotli, llCiti. uud July i»i, , Hie seuurd i-uttins not luter tlian beiHeiHIjer Hili, lu^ti, and all nov- lous weeds shall be t-ut and deslroy- c-d by Hie. owner or oeeujiant whe cr o;i the properly or on Hn: mljo ins liifl.way, between thu dales named lu wit: J. Smooili Duck, Uuckliuiu. Wild Muslard, CJuack tirass, Sour or I'url- ed Duck, Canada Thlslle, liurse Netlie, Wild I'arsnlp, Wild Carroll, J:us- sian Tlilstle. and t>ow Tliisile betwcei: the loth day of June and the 1st day of July, laau, and beliveeu Ihe lolli day of July, lUJli, and the 15th day of Aujjusl. laut. 3. Shoofly, llurdoek, Cockelbur, W'ild Sunlluwcr, Velvet \\'eed, tv- nveeii Ihe 1st day of July, laati, and Ihe 15th day of AUKUSI, laau, and between the I all. day of August and the 15lh day of September, ISISti. i. Thut If the owner or person in control ot any real cstale faila to mow all weeds from Ihe roadside as hereinbefore provided, or fulls lu cut, burn or otherwise deslruy ull i:o*ious weeds durinf the period hireinbeloie sel out, the trustee!), council, commissioners or board of supervisors, as the ease may be, will cause the liltfhwuy to be mowed and the noilous weeds to Le cut ttjij destroyed and the t-xpense of said mowiujf and destructlyu, includhitf costs of GervliiK notice and other cosls, U any, tu be taxed aKaiust the land and the owners thereof. 5. The Couiily Audlior be and is hereby directed to cause notice of the making and entering o( the fore- I going order to be published once lu each of the official newspapers of the couiuy. The above order and resolution adopted this 3rd day of June. A. D. 2936. E. J. BUTLER. 24 County Auditor Two Plum Creek Schools Picnic Plum Creek: Kunice and Mabel Bowman and Ruby Robinson closed their school last week with picnics. Miss Robinson's was on Sunday nt the Black ford Park. These %vcre the last schools in the township to close their respective tern™. Clark Scuffham accompanied ri shipment of fat cattle to Chicago a week ago Saturday. The Claude Seeleyn are driving n new Chevrolet car and Roscoo Alaiidsluys u new Uuick. Arch Haag, Guy Harms and Kl- mer Jasperson shelled corn recently. Leo Miller did the shelling. Jane Caroline McWhorter has been a visitor at the home of her uncle, Ray McWhorter, for several days. Richard Mitchell of Fort Dodge who has been employed at the Jewell Larson farm has gone to Min- IlCSDtUj The John Gross family and Mr. and Mrs. Fay riarmon spent a week ago Sunday with the Lowell Walkers near Glidden, Iowa. Betty Young of Mason City has returned home after spending some time here at the Elmer Jasperson and Loyal Young homes. Neva Albright is employed at the Alfred Jorgensen home now. Mrs. Jorgenson, who was very ill all winter la able to be about her home most of the time. Miss Genevieve Altwegg has returned from Klkader, Iowa, where she visited her sister, Jeanne, who s a beauty operator employed in the Kader Shoppe there. The Ladies' Aid of the Algona Japtist church was entertained at heir last meeting on June 4 at the home of Mrs. Wayne Keith. As- isting hostesses were Mrs. Clinton Samson and Mrs. French Haldman. Dr. F. I,. Trihon, while nt his ottagc in Clear Lake, unearthed le skeleton of a child on the beach. Ml of the principal bones of a hu- lan being were discovered with the xception of n the head, and np- earcd to be those of a child three r four years old. This mny be vidence of a crime. • * * Dennis fiontrrs spent several lays last week fishing at Spirit Lake. He brought home a fine mess of pickerel and bass. • • • Superintendent Wm. Shtnpy hn* fixed October Bth and 6th as the days for the Kossuth county teachers' institute. Teachers are paid their salaries during the time they are in attendance and as a result the majority will be present. • • • Cards are Issued announcing the approaching marriage of Henry Johannsen, a leading carpenter and contractor of this city to Miss Rosetta Cook, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Cook. • * • The past week has been good corn weather and farmers are feeing fine. It has been dry and they mve had a good opportunity to work the fields. • • • Henry Bchnke, well known Lotts !reek farmer, met his death suddenly when the team he was driving, while returning from Whittemore with a load of fence posts, ran away, throwing him out and breaking his neck. • • • As to the vote for senator, Adams received over forty per cent of the votes polled. He only needed thirty-five per cent for nomination. Mr. Adams made a vigorous and thorough campaign during the six or more months prior to the election and his labors were effective. Congratulations Veterans Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. No. 4112, in District Court, June Term, 1936. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting to be tlic last Will and Testament of Henry Gray, Deceased, dated October 6, 1D2-J, having been this dny filed, opened and rend, Mondiiy the 2ttth day of June, 1030, la fixed for hearing proof of sumo at the Court Mouse in Algoim, Iowa, before the District Court of said county, or the clerk of said court; and nt ten o'clock a. in., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hcruhy notified and required to appear, and show canst if any they have, why .said instru inent should not be probated UIK illowcil as ami for the last Wil ind Testament of said deceased. Hated at Algoim, Iowa, June 1 MG. 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COME IN TODAY vaumxMSaaKMiMtMXMaSSiiMMim Motors CLEARANCE SALE Kossuth County Plat Books At The Algona Upper Des Moines Office 28 Townships- County Data Well Bound 4»n f|fv $61. UU Formerly sold at $2.50

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