The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1936 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1936
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Jane 2,1936 H.SARCHETT WINS 8TH GRADE AWARD IN UNION Qets average mark of 95% —Grerald Rhomsted Grets Second Union: The pupil winning the highest average in the township rural eighth grade examinations this year was Howard Sarchett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sarchett, with and average of 95 percent. Gerald Rhomstad was a close second. He is the son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ola I Rhomstad. AH the reports were not In at this -vritlng but it was believed that it might prove to be the highest In the county. Additional prizes were given these two students ranking Rrst and second by Mr. Dewel In the form of stationery. These two boys are to be highly complimented on their achievement and Union la proud of them. Fred Schoby, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schoby, is ill with the chicken pox, having contracted the disease at school. Mrs. Roy Sarchett's father, Mr. Spear, who makes his home with the Sarchetts is very ill with pneumonia. Richard Kohl of St. Paul came last Friday night and spent Memorial day and until Sunday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs George Kohl. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harvey entertained last week Thursday even ing their dinner-bridge club. Those present were Messrs, and Mesdames Geo. St. John, D. D. Monlux and L. C. Rice, all of Algona. Elmer and Albert Peter, two Union boys, won second at the amateur contest Friday night at the State Theatre in Algona. playing on their guitars. Roland Bode of Plum Creek won first on his clarinet. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Erpeldlng were made happy last Friday by the arrival at their home of a 9 pound son. They have a fine family of four children, three boys and one girl. They farm on the Wellendorf farm across from Jake Winkels. Guests last Sunday at the Frank Hofius home were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aldred and daughter, Arl- ence of Sutherland and Mrs. Jessie Warm, daughter Geneva and son Roger of Calumet dropped in unexpectedly to spend the day. Mr. Hoflus and the ladies are cousins. The next regular meeting of the Union Mothers and Daughters club will be held this week Thursday, June 4. The meeting will be held at the home of Ethel Smith with Marjorie Dearchs assisting, instead of being at the Dearchs home as printed In the year book. The program will consist of roll call, "Pictures for the Home"; talk, "The Great Tomorrow," by Elizabeth Sohenck; paper, "Foreign Marriage Customs" by Cora Reid; songs by Maxlne and Norma Lee Reimers. The Irvington Junior League had a very successful day with their baseball games last Sunday. First they played the Rlverdale team and came out victorious with a score of 3 to 1. A second game was then played with the Irvington regular team with a score which resulted in 5 to 3. A fair sized crowd attended. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Van Stenberg accompanied by Mr. Van Stenberg's brother and sister. Orlan and Alice, and their grandmother, Mrs. Hudson, arrived last Saturday from Flint, Michigan, for a two weeks' visit at the Paul Hudson and Chas. Egel homes, respectively. Later another daughter from Red Wing, Minn., will come to take Mrs. Hudson to Pierre, South Dakota, where she will make her future home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Butterfleld, former Trvington residents, were in this vicinity Decoration Day. Mrs. Butterfleld is in the poultry bus- ested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, May 18, 1936. KATHARINE Me EVOY, Clerk of District Court. ALMA PEARSON, Deputy. E. C. McMahon, Attorney. 20-22 Iness quite extensively and now has over 2.000 white leghorns. However, through misfortune she lost between four and five hundred some time ago when the floor of her brooder house caught fire and was burned. Mrs. Butterfield plans on keeping about 900 laying hens for the coming season. ECAL OTICES ntvnrctTON NEWS Mr. and Mrs. A.'J. Brown were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cox. The Cresco Embroidery club will meet Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Carl Brown. Mildred Dole is slowly recuperating at her home in Irvington from n siege of pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Lallier and family cf St. Benedict were Sunday guests at the O. L. Miller home. New shrubbery was recently set around the local church adding greatly to the general appearance. Mrs. Edna harr is recuperating nicely at the KoHsuth hospital after a successful operation for appeiii'- uitis. Mr. and Mra. Klrner Dye and family of Mason City were week i nd gutnl:, at tlu- Kal[>Ji Lake home. Mrs Armour I,<.-mj>kr and daugh- teij, Adella. ac i oinpamtd by Mr. Lumpki-':> inoUii-r of Algona. sin-nt Memorial Uay at LuVt-rne. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Miller and family joined :t group of old f.'resi o U.wn.siiip neighbors ai;<i friend* fur a picnic Memorial I);iy ;it tht Call Stale i'arn Carl lirov. H re: t.ntly birthday and Hi i.o/.r, r in.s youny s'.i. i pri-scnt 'i ha^cb.ill mitt vvhi'.h v. u.-j very Notice of Probate of Will STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. No. 4112. in District Court, June Term, 1936. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Henry Gray, Deceased, dated October 6, 1924. having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday the 29th day of June, 1936. Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said county, or the clerk of said court; and at ten o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, June 1, 1636. KATHARINE Me EVOY, Clerk of District Court. 22-24 ALMA PEARSON, Deputy. Insurance Department of Iowa Des Moines ANNUAL CERTIFICATE FOB PUBLICATION of the Druggists' Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa, located at Algona in the state of Iowa. Whereas, the above named company has filed in the Insurance Department of Iowa, a sworn statement showing its condition on the thirty-first day of December, 1935, In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 404, Title 90, of the Code of Iowa, relating: to Insurance Companies; and whereas said Insurance Company has complied with the laws of this state relating to insurance. Therefore, In pursuance of law, Ray Murphy, Commissioner of Insurance, do hereby certify that said Insurance Company is authorized to transact the business of Fire; Windstorm; Full Coverage Automobile Insurance in the State of Iowa, as required by law until the first day of April, 1937. I further certify that on December 31, 1935. the statement shows— 1. Total Admitted Assets $319,941.51 2. Total Liabilities, Except Capital . , 98,472.15 4. Surplus over all Liabilities 221.472.36 5. Surplus as regards Policyholders 221,472.36 In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of office at Des Moines, this first day of April, 1836. (SEAL> RAY MURPHY, 22 Commissioner of Insurance. Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. No. 4J20, In District Court, June Term, 1936. To All Whom It May Concern: You arc hereby notified, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Lewis Wildin. Deceased, dated February 21. 1938. having been this day filed, opened and read. Monday, the 22nd day of June, 1938, Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona. Iowa, before the District Court of Said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at ten o'clock A. M., of the day above mentioned all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, May 22nd, 1936. KATHARINE Me EVOY, Clerk of District Court. ALMA PEARSON. Deputy. Van Ness & Stillman. attorneys. 21-23 Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. In District Court No. 4115, June term. 1936. To AH Whom It May Concern: You Are Hereby Notified that an Instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Henry J. R. Kuhlmann, deceased, dated December 18, 1935, having been this day filed, opened and read Saturday the 13th day of June, 193e, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court- and at 10 o'clock A. M.. of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notitled and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not oe probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, May 18, 1936. KATHARINE Me EVOV, Clerk of District Court. ALMA PEARSON. Deputy. Hutchison A Hutchison. Attorneys. 20-21-22 Ibno Geprde* assessing ST. 1 Frank Dltaworth. assesolng 9S.I L. C. Hutchlns. assessing 190.1 J. P. Cunningham, assessing.. 52. Charles Clapsaddle, bounty 3. Ervln Eden, bounty l.S Harold Larson, bounty . . Li Andrew Elbert. assessing 106.00 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co.. tel. serrlce S3. George 'Baas, assessing _. 139.' City of Algnna, light serv. .. W. Leo II. oucrdet. assessing 131.1 W. W. Sullivan, postage I.I E. H. Beardsley, assessing 309.* W. W. Sullivan, postage l.( H?nry C. Nelson, assessing .. 19.< Oscar Frandle, assessing Marion Chlpman, bounty I.I Oeo. Schultfc bounty 3.! Frank W. Elbert. assessing BS.( L. n. Junkermeler. assessing M.( W. C. Stahmer. assessing (S4.0 John N. Ludwlg. assessing 180,00 C. M. Erlckson. assessing 134.( Harold Schwart*. bounty 1" Ray K. Hanson, assessing 142.« Louts Pannkuk, bounty l.J Frances Duffy, salary <$.( Mary K. Snnds. salary _ SO.OO W. W. Sullivan, postage Ervln Selms. bounty Esther Lavren«, salary 70.9 W. E. McDonald, salary cS>£ Innuranre Department of Iowa IJeit Molnra ANNl'AL CKHTIFICATK FOB PUBLICATION of the Dwelling House Insurance Company, located at Lincoln in ihe slate ot Nebraska. the above named company tins tiled in the Insurarue Department i,t I'jvva. a \vi'itn .-t*!4- rnent .showing it.s < or.'tition on tr.e Auditor's Office. May 1. 19.1S. Hoard of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. On motion Board proceeded to nuillt and allow bills. On motion Board adjourned until one o'clock p. m. One o'clock—'Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all Motion by Morris Baum that 11.000.00 i be ap- Audltor •B" beer members present. and seconded by _... ._ bond of Algona Country Club be approved and that the County ' " be Initrueted to Issue Class permit. Aytm: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Cossrove that pauper notice be served on George Xoone. George Davis. Joe and QforKf Heddinger. A. B. Pannkuk and family. John Miller nnd wife. Mrs. Klstau, and Hugh Johnson. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Morris that the annual report cf P. A. Danaon. Justice of Peace. b« approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Halgeman and sprnnd»d by Coagrove that the contractors' bond of J. V. Elberts lie approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Ralgeman that Contractor's Bond of M. T. MeCJuIre be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosurnve and seconded bv 'Ralgeman that s,-c. ltd. Petitions No». T.S-', r!S3, and :»*5 be placed on file. A yea: All. Motion by Morris and secon<b d by Balseman that a refund of |:i 0« poll tax l,e irivi-n Arthur /.imark. l^»tt» Creek Two., because of havlnK paid same In l-'enton Twp. luc IMS. Ayea: All Motion t.i- Haum and seconded br Morris that VXiOOO Official Bond of Marvin Vanke, Assessor, be approved. Ayes: All. Motion tiv B;turn and seconded by Morris tliut W*> b< soldiers' exeinptlun bf Riven lloniH, Allixer. T.akota Incon'. on Ix.t IT,, liili 11 for 19T,. Ay.-s: All. Motion l<v V.jimi and s*-i oiuled by CosRiove that Kr<-d S«-!I»-IK. I.edvard Twp. be gh~t n :t refund i,l f 0). har- Intr i>aiil do.; I.OT,^ twit-,- In l»36. Aves- All. Motion Ijv (v. iiy M-.irU that Twp 10<- for -.- of ol<] .tfce i plld twlc,- ll- that M'iviii tli-ljrattd ^ f u.e L -. c nl l him s-.i!j: Kalph J'.,;. • :4iid Mrs Mo ;-.IUA'tll n ILIA I) l inan i'latin r.iiiTi. Mary H'jii :.:•.-. I' K,iU:./i int- M' l-.'i.i i.u l-ul uc-ek tioin tlu-i ilic:; and will . [n iiil II.C liOJnu o/ tlll-ll I' i-uv.'i.s ( 'i aninziy;!:! .S(,utli ijukhla. viMt-.- tlic Italpli I.ii^u hoi rjl in ti '.riirty-hr.ii: <h ! Of <',-,;, nil, Code (,< V; Co.Ti;,;ir.i< ) -.Ul ; if.' • ' ! il. of y of f i*< err.t/tr with tr.e pro; i :rove anil seronilPd ..f Funii'-niark. U'es- .'ii a refund of tl.OO '•n Fmm'-inark be- prnxluii lax having during I-'.* Ayen: rt-' :m<! M-,'-or 1( lf-d J Ka>,,-r. liar- i-fnn/t ,,f U ii..t- |,ai,l ^ai >i . . - A i' ..I :-.•. oi,.l, .1 • :i I't-'lnl- '1 Chas. Morris; salary F. Wm. Baum. salary W, P. Cowrovp, salary F. J. Balgeman. salary Northwestern Bell Tel. tel. service Flllmore Co. Nursery, sup. John P. Cullen. sup. M. C. McMahon. off Ire exp. .. Dorothy Shatto. salary Lucille Dole, nalary Sf. J. Puffy. ofTIc* 1 exp C- H. Ostwlnkte. ta* collector Carl Dnhlhauser. bd and care of prisoners Wm. Shirley, office exp. Lottie Kaln. office exp. Elliabeth Holmes, exp. old ag« pension John Kenefick. med. care for prisoners Nelson Hardware, sup. Elk Cleaners, repairs Norton Machine Shop, repair? * Mucker. rer»alrs Jenklns-Fergemann Co.. siro. H. N. Showalter. sup. Kllpto loose T,eaf Co.. sup. .. Omaha Sup. Co.. sup. Algona I'prer Des Moines. printing Advance Pub. Co. printing Bancroft Register, printing J. H. Welch Printing Co.. sup. Swea City Herald, printing ... Perkins Co., sup. Remington Band Co. sup. Will F Brown, sup. 3. J. Murtagh. rent \atherlne McKvoy. office exp. Bernard Simmons, bounty Tohn cordes, bounty >llland Bishop, bounty Rrvin II. Eden, bounty Oeorge Orahan. bounty R. A. Evans, coroner's fees John Keneflck. medical fee H. B. White, justice fee •26.3 1S4 so.i . 15.00 63.1 H. A. Cavey. witness fee A. Van Alstyne. constable fee Carl Dahlhauser. sher. fee ___ P. A. Danson. Justice fee _____ Carl Dahlhauser. sher. fee ___ c. F. Specht. mayor fee ______ F. \V. C.reen. marshal fee ____ H. A. Van Alstyne. constable fee _______________________ H. E. Woodward, mayor fee __ Theo Knecht. marshal fee ____ A. W. Kennedy, hd of review i\nrl A. Hoffman, bd. of re- review __ ___ ________ C. M. 'Baker, bd. of review ... O. W. Carrnean. bd. of review A. II. Fuchs, bd. of review ___ J. A Mueller, board of review K. C. Fauert>y. bd. of review. Chas. Welsfirod. bd. of review A. II. Krause. bd. of review __ W. T. Ohm. I'd. of review ____ I.. C. Kniitson. bd. of review. A. J. Chrlstensen. I'd of review __________ ___________ A. C. I.lnde, bd. or review ___ Fred Peterson, bd. of review.. A. B. Tweeten. bd. of review __ K. V. Hansen, bd. of review ._ Andrew M. Hansen. bd. of review _____________________ K. N. Wolft. bd. of review P. F. Kr1*the, bd. of review _ O. W. Blelch. bd. of review .. K. Q. Ewoldt, bd. of review __ Chrl* Brandt, bd. of review .. M. N. Phillips, bd. of review _ C. N. Robinson, bd. of review. John L. Gerber. bd. of review Frank Bestenlehner. bd. of re- vl«w _____________________ D W. Ault, bd. of review ____ O A. Polrot. bd. of review ..0 V m. Roeber, bd. of review ___ James Geelan. bd. of review __ J. P. Peterson, bd. of review and quarantine posting ----T. II. Thorson. lid. of review . Paul Cody. bd. of review _____ O. If. I.lnde. bd. of review ___ Harry Sabin, bd. of review ___ M. H. Dreyer, bd. of review _. P. M. Chrislenson. bd. of review _____________________ O. B. Johnson, bd. nf review _ Alex <Radlir. bd. of review ____ II. W. Harms, bd. of review .. R. B. Bernlnghaus, bd. of review ............ . ....... . Joe SchaJler. bd. of review ._ Mike Wagner, lid. of review .. Walter Enjstrom. bd. of review _____________________ Frank Jacobs, bd. of ravlew .. Ely Anderston, bd. of review _. I.. J. Kookler. bd. of review __ A. A. Fangman, bd. of revlrw. J. F. Covne bd. at review ____ John Karaten. bd. of review .. '. J. Anderson, bd. of review . r. K. Kelly. Ul. of review ____ Jo« Bab>-. 1x1. <>f review ______ <Ieo i:. Butterfleld. bd. of review _____________________ \Vm. Franke. tui of review .. <'arl Hutchlns. trust,-,- meetlnK r. B. Krankl. truatee meetinsf •i J Devlne. trustee meetln*. Henry Klscheld, trustee meeting ________________________ fl. S. Nelson. liostiiiK quarantine HiaiiB and me«-liritf _____ lint. I). Moulu.-n. truhit-.- meet- Ing ...... _______ ....... ----J II. Hidcomb triiste,- meeting AUK (liitkneclit. tru»tee meet- InK _________________ , ----- H.-rt Coder, liuatt-e meeting . J. II SS'arburtoii, trustee 40W 134.00 Sfi.«l .•6.45 .roo SS.01 4.W 990 M.30 , n.i* K9S 95.90 10.00 l.M "IS «0 l.TO .90 500 6.00 .no . 41" 15.. V> 3.15 690 1.75 3.00 1.S6 2.00 !.00 2.00 1.00 !.00 :.09 2.00 :.oo 200 3.00 3.00 3.09 300 300 8.00 R.OO R.OO 8.00 8.00 1.00 4.10 4.00 4.00 3.00 3.00 3.0. 3.00 3.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 4.00 8.80 400 400 4.00 4.00 400 400 4.00 4M 4.00 4.00 400 400 4.00 400 400 400 41,0 400 400 400 4.00 400 400 4.00 l.-.t ijl' Mi II. r J. Thui. U.iy iii H i I'aol KdwarJa. tniste HellZki-. trilft.-e \V. Kliielt, trusnee er Klliert. trustee i II. H.-i.-n.-r, trin-lei- c Alle-i. tniHee me inei-l- . U olil, N" I.udwi--. Arudurf' _________ S< liwit-tcrt, trii.-tee irustii- i , IriJslfi; e ('ink. iru»t,.-e rneetinif, i»- Mayer, tniatee niettiiiif .ll Thur.-d.i;. and Tlnxii.' A fc'ood i-m atory wuil^ be- i>t:ilU'd Mr. and -Mr:-. M, two sons nl ll'jov . clay jjucat^ .it tiie Morn. home. Mrs. iiuiti, i., M, tti^jtcr. (Juf,)t.> .it itu' i'ar.' on Memorial i '.> v w. ir Mrs. Will PUIMJII, 1,1 lid The John Kilry r.uniiy family rt-ujiiou .1: tin i. in Irvington litbl ,S,:ii'i,i., tlic Stward Thorntuiu and liou^i:io Kiltyj ul this vicinity i.n.em others included the Arthur l:ile>.> ut l.uVornc and relative.) nom Waur- loo. 1(1 •.SKAJ. • MI/HJ-iiV r uf li. ..!., Notice of Probate of Will Mr. STA'l't: (;£•' KAVA. KOSSUTH CO|,'NTY. .-,: .%' ,. 41 It; li. lJi.~iru t C Term, I'f.'^t; .It. Jam; 'i'o All ou An: I..U UI.ivU C li.L I.U A 'I'l . Wiiuni ii Ma. II Bc your own Tire Dtiik-r inatcj.d ut having the dealer order tor you. Buy I'rom the Uamblu Store and £et u pnut lower tiutu dealers' act prices '& i 'on. i rn: . K >OLIIH-II, '1 ail in,;.' ;.u; |,orlillg to allj Teat.ilin.-»lt ol Uei-eastil. datttl Jul^- :;l. lj:-,r,. in-, n.y been Una day tiled oj.e..Ld und lead. Siiturdiy, Hie 13lii day uf June. 1M6, is hx- ed for hearing proof of aanie. at tliu C.ourl ilouit; in Algona. Iowa, before the I)iblrict Court of aaid County, or the Clerk of said court; and at ten o'clock A. M., of the (Jay above, mentioned all puraons inler- I _ A U l.a-l'pt-. tru.stt-f lllt-»-lliiK^ F II MeMl-lic-r, trustee flR-l-tilltf ioo (Irel-S.-, ttUHK-tr llll-etlllK . _ John iioiioanii, Iruale nicetini; ai.*i i|ual alitiliu ____________ Jl'-niy iioriitaini. tru&tee n^t-t- lll« _________ .......... _____ John Fi'lilrivo. trustee n.i-rtiiii; J. II., IfUit.-e tiiuetiliM. i> K. .It-iiftoii. liu^te.: nu:flln»_ I. f. Caat. triistet iiieetinif ___ I. 1'. J-LnKt-.-tet-r. tni.-tti- in'-ttiii;; i 'In is Dahl. triiklc-v iiit-t-luiji . riirneon Li: Aa I on U Henry '.) joim r. meeting . _ .. Fre,I K. Juitton Inrf trustee r'uaiiii. ti uatv tr _ . , ____ , _ . John llaai, tr'.i.?l.f nn-t )uy H lii.,k. tlllntfe Hl > 1 .. 'I'llOl -.Mil, Iro^t.M- l Ax.-l JCii. ksx.ii. lrj»l,-e i (I A Ji-n.-.-n. t .M«-f lll Martin Molindi-r, tru»tf l< A Har\..v tlu.ilec Tom Ki--id. iruiil.'e Ui..-etil Alt <iU!>liir»i)li. t Ait ' 'ruikahank, Walter Vnudt. trustee meetlnft Fred H. Kollft*ch. trustee C. C. Baas, trustee meeting H. F. Schults, trustee meeting H. C. Allen, posting: quarantine Signs Clark acuffham. posting quar. signs and meetings _..___._. Alfred Jergenson, trustee meeting 409 100 4.00 1.50 __________________ Roscoe Mawddley. trustee meeting __________________ Henry Ballfy, truntep m«Hln«r 1N8A.NK Ft'ND Katherlne McEvoy, fees Cafl Dahlhauser, sher. fee A. Hutchison, commissioner C. H. Crettmeyer, commissioner . COURT FUND Mildred Ryther, bailiff State's Cafe, dinners for Jur- John H. Poth, bailiff^ Frances Davidson, court reporter INSTITUTE FUND Oeorge S. I<osen, sup. Bureau of D. 8., sup. ^ DRAINAGE FUND Dr. 7- Dlck Baade. labor Dr. No. »Fred Harms, labor Dr. No. SO— Dick Baade. labor Dr. No. »Paul Trnssmar, labor Dr. No. 90— Henry Christiansen, labor Dr. JO— Homer Nolte. labor Jim Chubb, labor .... . _ Charles E. Chubb, eng. Hilbert Severlenn labor Henry Christiansen, labor „ Paul Tn«»amar, labor Dr. No. 1W- Leo Delperdang. labor Dr No. Iffl- Marlon Ash, labor harles E. Ch«ht>. eng. Tim Chuhb, labor Corner Nolte, labor . ~ KT: Baade. la*or Dr. IK— Henry Christiansen, labor Paul Trasamar. labor E. O. Stenstrom, labor H-K Jt. No. 2— Charles E. Chubb, eng. H-K Jt. No. S— Phll'p Fourage. labor Botsford Lumber Co.. »ip. OONPTRfCTION FVND r. M. Smith, salary ">on T. Nugent, salary I. Brummond. final est. I. Brummond. final est. f. Rrummond. final est. Wesley News-World, printing. "•. M. St. P. & P. R'y Co.. freight ' i. M. Pmlth. salary for March >on T. Nugent, salary for March ohn Fraser. salary for March laggard & Waller, printing MAINTENANCE FUND aron W. Steussy. labor am Link, damages jigh Post, freight and dray. W. Bell Tel. Co.. tel. serv.. entral State Elec Co.. light., nterstate Power Co.. light Ity of Algona. light entral State Elcc. Co.. light. fugh Po.ot. freight and dray.. Ichard Kaschmltter. labor .. . J. Neeland. labor >nry Reiitzel. labor .... I. W. Bell Tel. Co.. tel. sen", uy Farrell, labor f. C. Thill, labor .'Ill Knight, labor eo. Hotifoa. labor alph Markla. labor D. McDonald, patrol ert Shellmeyer. patrol 'arry Helmke. patrol oe M. Esser, patrol d Fuchson, patrol Vm. F. Ornnbach. patrol om Weir, patrol thn Ifanselmitn. patrol t'm. n. Ijinlwlg. patrol 'red .T. Coon, patrol . A. I-amon-nx. patrol ,ynn Kuchenreutner. patrol liver Young, patrol :elnder Krommlnga. patrol Wilbur A. Klshcr, patrol I Oeo. F. Oraham. patrol ack Lynch, patrol Chester Alme. patrol Alton P«ttlt, patrol !«rl Earing, petrol 1100 1100 i;.oo 5.5S 7.M 3.00 3(W 5,00 i;.oo 161.13 16.32 ieu 12.00 3090 6.00 H.OO 4.W 20.80 17.00 SS.OO 10.90 16.00 12.00 17.40 3.00 3.00 11.00 4.00 7120 16.11 S1.00 1.5J 21500 130.00 203.36 S&4M ZS.M ,11.20 249.00 4S.OO 3.00 5.00 1.14 44.S2 1.12 10.10 10.10 1.02 S.33 Ki.BO 10.W 10.00 1145 24.00 22.60 23.10 31.51) 91.00 104.M 75.00 110.40 91.00 84.00 S7.SO ST. 50 Ifl.flO 91.-G 101 00 SVffi «5.40 77(» SI.00 ^S.OO 24.9E K.m 91.40 Buffalo Twp. Burl Twp. lervln Marlow. patrof'""" ay Oodden, patrol 'larence Marumber. patrol . F. Qulnn. patrol IIMreth Pettlt, patrol like BaJier. patrol . . _ . K. Smith, patrol R. T. Turlfy. patrol _ [ugh Buttfrfleld. patrol jlmer Kwlnjr. patrol id Baker, patrol Jarold Lloyd, patrol . A Wlllard. patrol ,yell W. Miller, patrol" 'eter Movlok. patrol llfford Holmes, patrol I. L. Wortiy. patrol 'eter N. Thllges, drag. ohn F. Ix-ncrti. drag Valter J. Dutton. drag. C. Seiilltz. drag. " liter Schwartz, drag rnian Kunkumele.-. tlras. M. (luitafxnn. dra«. Vndrew »Ji»llner. drag. . H. Montgomery, patrol „ fn DHpiTdariif. amlgn. Kennedy Bros. ray 'aui Tr<ima*ar. latxir )wlKht (Jrahiini. labor 'rank ciapHaddlc. labor Dick liaade. labor Ben Lhittei field, labor W. K. Meyer*, labor Albert Mmmm. labor J. Keller, labor Win Kennedy, labor '___ Korce Kllman. lat*or Oeo. (;. Kalen. labor llayinoiirl llelfner. lalior A. J llolrlman, labor _. Abe A. Carter, labor J.-IIH N'enrolli. lalior , I.em Hloekwell. labor ... llii-ftlli» tru&tee meet_______ ...... ________ ... [•'red A Uluknian. trustee rntg. Olt; K I'lum. trustee tneelintf. 1, A BultTU.-uu, tru»tee lin.-et- _______ ........ H .1 Sherman trustee Hiir> .. . Arnold Motor .Sup. MIIP C. K. Johnson, mip . I'uteb'H Super Hervi'-e. HUJ>. Wlc»- S«-rv|re Station. mi|> K. I. rhapiiiall, HIIJI. KoblhaaH * Spilles. aii|J. __... Farmers Kiev. ''o. HUP. .._ W e£,',-V Alllo <'o . Blip ,._ Kimi-iith Motor Co. sup I..". Joe C.reellberK. ^llp. .1. I M,*rr>rnan. labor I>. 1-:. Miller, laboi Holt/ban, r. hilji. N'orton Machine SVork.-v i*n> '.-iilral rtlal.-n Kl-<' Co. llaiit >"-rv . ..... . Aiivaiu 1 '- I'uO *',, printing I 'lliofi Tel I 'o . tei WerV C It. l.a liarr.. inn. , Advanri- I'-.b. I'o. prlutiim «•- Co . »ilp. Cenlral Aulo l-:'*-r C,, . »up. _ Harton-Warner Co.. ,-np. . "" Stiindard liearlnu.-' Co.. wip. Slate Mlteh \- Sup. Co. aup"." .1. ti .Vlams c,, . .-up. OibbH-Cook Tra.-tor Co. i*up._ AJHs Cbajioeii* Co, tractor AuHtin-We>-tern Mai b. Co, ftarKent Ma-*v Co. t*ilp Fort Itoilge ilaeb. & ^up C.o , fllii-ll P.-froleuiii" Co'rj." fuel " "_ K. & If. Co-op (III Co . Mip. Peerless fill Co.. Ka* POOH FI'Nfi l-'IIWT DISTRICT Fulton Funeral Home, funeral pjtp. .. . Irene Cafe. nrov. Hem-diet'3 Store, prov ._ Whlllcmorc Fariner'n Cr'y. prov-. Cut Hate CiftfCt-ry. Prov. Kensetli & Sun, prov. II it Soien.M'H Co. prov. _ _ Oeo. Tl-ile. prov. Carrol! I'oin r. .loi)ii.-., f ii'M Market. PIOV. W .\ White. j,r..v. Alisona Co-op, Cry . pro J. VV. Neville, 11 M C c. Meliulie, u,ds •"-00 FuniKTM Ki. vat./r fuel (iW Rutland Co.. fuel ItolHford r.tni.r Co , fuel 6.00 Moore & Moore Jrii.-., fuel H.OO H.-linoii.l l.iul.r c,,., fuel . 800 F. I Chapman, a-ip. S.'X) KohHiaa.-i L C, StearriH, rent &.00 Laird & MisCulloutfli, urnl*. »erv. _^ SOU JOB 800 4 W 400 4Gb .; to soo SOO 8 DO 4 '-0 400 440 !>00 800 SOO 16.00 10W MjO SOO 40U 400 400 -4.W 4 W 4.00 4.liO 40U 400 400 4.00 18.40 »!.« 7S.40 4«.M C4.00 8(^00 7.t5» 7^.50 70.70 10040 73.SO 14.10 49.00 M.71 «7.50 (H.OO SO 60 n.oo 4.00 MOO 4V) "M ">0 :i oo 4.0U 500 SI.20 33.71 358 91.15 2700 SOO 2000 (1.00 •-'1.00 ;too 1000 12.30 11.26 1S.OO 200 w.ra 2400 I.'OO ^1.00 iM 02 11.*" 290 (M'H 14.'.'-' U.M Hi'.S lir, HI il 17 « 9*1 40 " 7 I 1 mi: Pi 71 llti'K (•;. 122 ?, .V 63 S 7 KM HO 43.0 fl,26 B3.M 9.1S I'.'4 00 17.1.73 17X! S7 l>-, 00 8W 6.W 63 KM Dr. R. A. Evans, med. aid ... Dr. Walter Frastr. med. aid.. Kossuth Hospital, ho*p. care. Kowuth Hospital, ho»p. care. R. A. Clark, prov. ... W. T. Pllehtr. prov. Council Oak Store, prov. H. R. Sorennen Co., prov. .. Basket Qrocerr, prov. W. A. White, prov. Cut Rate Groc., prov. Mo* ft Sjogr«n, prov. ..... Atgona Cry. Co., prov. C. S. Johnsxtn. prov. Chrlschllles A Herbst. sup. ... J. W. Neville, mdse. Bwtsford Ltrtbr. Co., fuel R. A. Clark, sup. Ony Mantor, rent . Wm. F. Behnke, rent . Nettle Fischer, rent . Rose Householder, rent , Ijilrd ft McCullourh. funeral Mrs. Wrn"Mren»k cafe Kohlhaas * Spllles, sup. THIRD DISTRICT Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care . W. A. White, prov. German Valley Store, prov. .. Amos Bonacker, prov, J. W. Neville, sup. Farmers Elev. Co., fuel Kohlhaas ft Suites, sup. Mrs, Theo Rlke, rent FOmTH DISTRICT Dr. J. O. Clapsaddle, med. aid Dr. W. T. Peterson, med. aid Dr. Phil Soott. med. aid Dr. J. W. Woodtorldg*, med. aid Palo Allo Hospital, hosp. care Paul Orames, prov. . Kennedy Bros. Co., prov. Wrede * Krause. prov. Smith Dept. Store, prov. J. W. Neville, sup. Shadbolt ft Mlddleton, fuel ... O. P. McDonald Co., fuel . Mrs. August Belli, care Kohlhaas ft Spllles, sup. C. H. Schrader. rent E. R. WolU. Clerk, sup. Oliver Moe, rent FIFTH DISTRICT Dr. C. W, Lunnulst, med. aid. Griffith Drug Co., sup. Mary Webster, care C. J. Applequlst, prov. Earl Hannen. prov. fi ','1 I a.f 4.00 19.60 5.W ».S9 1».W 2. at 4.00 10.09 10.00 10.00 10.00 1.W «o.m 5.00 1S.S1 12.44 s.n 60.14 2.40 1SOO 11.00 SB.OO 12.W 3S.OO 1S.S9 18.00 H.7S 2. 25 1114 3.32 15.00 2.40 ».00 .TO 10.00 8.50 14.87 46.00 11.75 22.48 n' c, R Th*i - • Orecewr. fc « , pro*. ». „ <?».) p!W. ..__ ii-w *fof. . 1-f w ROTO prov. ...^ ^>2 Maura tNVt. Wor*, prov. ..... JJ.J ftrtdorMtmn'a GwxS., prov. .. ».8 Central Otoe*ry,>rov. ... W.I A. c- P*t«r». mea. »W ..i JM tPm A. G«MT. f««J If.* f\ t «;« * ^j^wn"! •••»!*-. j— wmT A. Oarty, t»*\ .. Korxe Bllmin, lr«nsp. Mrs. Ben Rushton, rent Mr*. Vera Wohlerft, rent Attwrt Bo»m», rrnt ..... Arthur Lln«»*y, rent Cora, Krosch, r*nt aENBRAL FUND Hilda Ostrum. lafoor stwlnir room .—. ...—---Graham's Store, sup. sewing sewing room _____ : Porter's Furniture Store, 8.W 1..00 (.00 6.00 5.0ft 10.00 __ "•»• sup. 6.SO 14.02 l.OD «0.0t John Hennlnir, l«bor .......... Dr R. M. Wallace, med. aid _ Frank I* Miller, light serv. .. B F Sparks ft Sons, sup. Thos. Akre, prov. Nick Maharas, rep. •» Chrlschllles A Herbst, sup. 11.W J. W. Neville, mm. !*•« Oraham's Store, sup. J.w Kohlhaas A Spllle*. »tip. ll.» Nelson Hardware, sup. il.Jf IjOng A Muekey, sup. i.w Oeo. HoHBbauer, sup. 4.21 MeCormlek - Deerlngr Store, sup. 3.71 W. H. H^fm'kY.'caf""""!-- !*•*> Standard Stock Powder Co.. o.w sup. Wilson Concrete Co., Mle 499.47 S. R. Durant, labor W.» Wm. A. Sigrsbee, labor 13.» H. K. MaMurray, laibor Botsford Lmbr. Co., sup. Fred Park, mlscl. exp. Resolved: That the county Auditor Is hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as per "Schedule of Claims" herelrtbefore written as per vote on each Individual bill. Ayes: all. Motion by- Morris and seconded by Cosgrove that following be appointed to act as Judges and Clerks of Primary election to be held June 1. 1936: PRRCIXCT- Algona 1st Ward JTJDOE8 CLHRlKS Mrs. Oeo. St. John Blanche Grose Algona 2nd Ward Algona 3rd Ward Helmuth Huenhold Mrs. Ed. DeZellar Mgona 4th Ward. Joe Klbert Harry Sabln Laura Dwenger Cresco Twp. Eagle Twp. .John P. Peterson East Lone ROCK (Hurt Twp.) Fenton Twp. .W. A. White Fred Beerman Neva Mason COIWTINO BOAIRD V. J. Sands Oeo. J. EJbert C. H. Relliy Hortense Ferguson Jeanette McMurray .Frank QelBel Chas. Nolle C. C. ScharMch Mrs. L. W. Keith Elisabeth Holmes COUNTING BOARD A. H. Stock Catherine McCnll Will Qllbrlde Mrs. «eo. HorWbauer Harry Nolle .Tom Kaln I,. J. Nelson J. S. Crowell COUNTING BOA.RD Oscar Norman Frank KoMhaas Bertha Johnson Stewart MCFadden Frank Koppen JT-elghton MIShach O. F. Towne S. J. DoOraw Mrs. B. C. Dickinson Vnllle Trlbon COtTNTINO BOARD John E. McEnroe May J. Harrington W. H. Freeman Mrs, G. C. Barton John Overmyer .Fred Boyken Chris Brandt Andrew M. Hanson COirNTINO BOARD Will Schram Tlllle Falk K. I. Fisher _P. L. Dremmel Oeo. P. Hawcott E. R. Wolti Lloyd Elston Paul Krelth POltNTINO BOARD C. c. Smith D. F. Slaughter O. W. Blelch Jess McDonald Harvey Graham E. P. Hanson Wm. Boyken I,. F. Callles Wm. Stott M. N. Phillips Minnie Matern O. H. Unde Lawrence Thorson Joe Goracikowskl Joe Von Bank . 4 00 3,24 72* 3! !9 ^00 19 r» 2 *.: so; 1*4.' 4 *) 20.01) Ur. C H. CreU'iieycr, mfj. aid ... not allowed Dr. K. M Wallace, med aid.. 0000 Garfleld Twp. German Twp. "Jrant Twp. Oreenwood Twp Harrison Twp Hebron Twp. Irvington Twp. Lakota (Ledyard Twp.) I.edyard Twp. Lincoln Twp Lone Hock (Kenton Twp) I.otts Creek Twp. I.n Verne Twp Plum cre,-k Twp 1'ortiaiid Twp. I'ralrie Twp. Ramsey Twp liiverdale Twp .Seneca Twp. Sexton (Irvington Twp ) Sherman Twp. . Springfield Twp 8nea Twp. 1'nion Twp. i-itley Twp. W. E. Laage W. K. Stoeber Walter Ohm Frank Klgl«r A. M. Kollasrh C. H. Blair L. J. Koeckler A. Fangman J. J. Anderson ('. f. Berggrcn O. B. Pearson rtena Ha«lund R. O. Baum Wm. Franke Carl Hutchlns Henry Hcheppmttll Mrs. W. M. Turley Jenette Muisman Ayes: All. OB motion Board adjourned Delbert Hanna Karl Rwoldt Lem Marlow Merle Richards Wm. Stoutenberg H. II. Dreyer flaylord Johnson Ou» Kraus* rwwmNO BOARD John Dempsey Fred Bonn John Newel .Art 7ennel II. W. BaUTeman Herman Harms Mike Wagner R. B. -Bernlnuhaus t'bbe Winter Herman Dree<rm«n B. H. Meyer John Boekelman Henry Schmidt R. Newton KH Anderson F. M. Jacob* Hen. W. Nyman John Kamten Jake Keller COI'NTINO BOARD Chan. Baker Mrs. A. H. Fuchs Mrs. Roy Mutton Mr». Oeo. Carmean J. P. Mouse) Peter I^xift ICattle Fults J. B. Kelly <X>I'NTINO IfOAHD Joe 'Kahe Minnie Hperbffk •leo K. tiutterfleld H. O. Larson Lewia Khrlch Thoma* iBcrg Hugh Raney M. I* Ron«-y U. B. Frankl M. B. Prlngl AUK- Outknecht Earl U. Ogren C-OITNTINO HOARH Peter Koppen Mrs. Win. Ley Peter llan» Mm. Kather Hchroeder K. H. Worley J. H. Welfare II. D. Muync J. J. Kink Win. Flynn J. H. MOUM-I COI'NTINO flOAHI) I). A. carpenter Alfred SchulU John llartiel Harry Hehrueder Albert Brandt Leonard Sdboldt B. F. Kdwarda J H. Warljurton P. M ChristenHen Alex ltal» W. <). Flalg Xoah Keluiier I'eter Klliert C. W. Klbert fj. K. Chamber* Albert A. Hfhipull I-' J. Chapman COI'NTINd IMlAKD F. K. C|ap»ad.Ile A I I.' -J U. I » j. r.a.Hon Anna Muriav Henry Halley Alfred .It-rgriiKi-ll J. K. McKnroe , J). M. Stewart K. B I>lttmer W. II. Sohwietert John Arndurfer C.eo. Cink laadore Meyer Anton Stork Kd Dn/e**lei- A. El. I.appf Paul Hum Henry Bormann Chas. Plathe I. F. Kn«enser Otto R. Jensen Joe Crowley A. J. Klrschbaum 8. J Devtne Henry Kincheid Henry Kohlhaaa Simeon I-elitti A. W. Steusay 0. B. HUk Fred Ix>ueman LouU Andemon Herman Runkgnieler Cheater Johnnon O. A. Jensen Axel Krlcksuu lUcliard Kruinm A. R. Crulckuliank John P. Byaon Tom Reid O. K. Flora Fred A. Dlekmann L. A. Bolcneua A. E. Giddliitfil A. L. Klelupeter COUNTING BOARD Mrs Frank Koutia, Mrs John Ormstiy Htnry Sherman Mr». I*»ttr Li-aae Hi no Uerdr* H. t' Schulii Walter Vaudt Wm. M«y«r Fred Kolla»cn Ervln Sieins COUNTING BOARD Mm. W. F. Kelmeri Mm. Tim O'-Brlen Frank Elbert Mra IT. E. Woodward Mrs. Will Hl«gln» Bert Coder Mm. (lut C.eo. Pet tit Art Pllebe John Koltlw<-ii (jeo. Wlnkel H. c Allen Harry l.ifhty Arthur Hof J. Ft. I'-ain-ll Leo C. Miller Clark Scuffhain K. O. Mann W. W. Klngvlurf O. B. Aif Studer John llvllman K II. Mcachtr John Bormann Wm. Kunthey C. O. Bailey J. W. UollIK L. C. Hutchlna M. H. MuEliruc C'larence Green John P. Bormann O. L. Thorson M. J. Kennedy R. A. Harvey Qlen Jenklnaon to wo u cluck p. m. May 98. 1U& B. J. BUTLBK. County Auditor. J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMfttum U B. Lin nan SULLIVAN, 1WMAHON ft LINNAJt ATTORNETTS AT LAW Office over County Savings Back ALGONA, IOWA At LAW a j. Hainnfton AI. •ABBmaVON * LOWB Room* 2W-14 First Na« Bit Bid* ALOONA, IOWA J. L. BONAR ATTOttNIBT AT LAW Collections win receive prompt attention ALOONA, IOWA . a QUABTON a W. MELUM ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth Co. State Bk. Office Phone, 43T ALGONA, IOWA A. HUTCHISON DONALD c. atrrcHiaoN THEODORE C, HUTCHMOI* ATTORNEYS AT LAW Qulnby Bldg. Phone Kl E. J. VAN NE88-O.W. STILLMAK LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 218-W Alf ona, low* Qajrlord D. Shumway Edw. D, Kelly StlUnWAT * KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Qulnby <V Krause Bids- Alffona, Iowa Phone N L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Qulnby BIdg. Phone 190 ALGONA, IOWA E. C McMAHON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Qulnby A Krauae Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 139 HIBAM B. ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 P. A. DANSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office Phone 460-J Res. SIB ALGONA, IOWA CARROL A. WANDER ATTORNEY AT LAW Over Postofflce Phone as PHYSICIANS * SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L. Rist over Rexall Drug Store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 890 ALGONA, IOWA C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. SURGEON & PHYSICIAN Office John Galbraith Bldg. Pbooe 4441410 MELVTN O. BOURNE PHYSICIAN It SURGEON Office over Post Office Bldg. Phones-Office 107 Res. DR. C. C 8HIERK Chiropodist—Podiatrist FOOT 8PBCIALI8T Over Chrtstensen's Store Phone BO Algon» DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Gas, Novocalne used for extraction Located over Chrlstensen store Phone, Business 186, Residence 78* ALGONA, IOWA DR. C. D. 8CHAAP DENTIST Qulnby Bldg. Phone 138 Res. Phone 174 Algona, lows VETERINARIANS FOX * WINKEL Dr. L. W. Fox Dr. J. B. Wtnkei Office 220 West State Street Office Phone 475-W Res. 475-R ALOONA, IOWA Y OU will gel oomiorUble ud liUndly bo«plUliry tt Ik* Mew NICOUJET HOTK, wketker jroor visit be lot buiaeis or pleuuie or both, »i rates that are mrprtctagly •odcrat*. Con»»ol»nUy located to ttie Theattc, WhoUfale, l and Shoppino Distrlctt thl* modern Urcprooi HoUl offers eT«ry nicety in «ppoiutm»nU. IU comfortable bedi, famous tnroofhout the country, and its quiet, airy roomi will aaiuie yo» a latrwhing nighf« rnt. Its tine but moderately priced re*ta»> tests meet the requirements el •vea lite aoct critical Within walking dlitaaee (thra« blocks) oi all Pa Terminal*. Your Ad s m This Newspaper Will Add to /our Sale

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