The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1936 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1936
Page 2
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er Des ^Toint s The Algona Upper Des Moines, AJgona, Iowa, May 26,1936 9 North Dodge Street HAGGARD St WALLER, Publsh«r8 as Second Class Matter at the Postofflce at Ufona, Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3. 1879 Issued Weekly NATIONAL (mm. ASSOCIATION •1930- SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO.: One Year, in Advance tl 50 Subscriptions Outside County, $2.50 per year, strictly in advance DISPLAY ADVERTISING, S5e PER INCH Composition, 5 cents per inch extra "Let the people know the troth and the conn. tty to Mfe."—Abraham Lincoln. AND HUMAN HEALTH _ Fly-time is here and with it, added hazard to human health. The house fly, Musca domestica, is known to carry the germs of typhoid fever and of ouier intestinal ailments. Transportation of disease germs from filth to food through the agency of flies, is age-old, yet, modern ns travel by airplane. The danger of fly-borne disease naturally depends upon the number of these insect pests and upon general sanitary conditions. The life history and breeding places of the —; fly (often called "filth fly", "typhoid fly") are Thomas Jefferson, discussions of the constitution etc. Yet, this editor who uses n piece of ready-made republican propaganda each week, without statin* where he obtained it, is Inconsistent enough to denounce the Des Moines Register for employing Jay Franklin. And, please note, the Register explained at the beginning of Franklin's series of articles that his opinions were being published because he was an exponent of the New Deal. The Register also publishes the writings of men who are deadly enemies of the Roosevelt administration, and Is employing Jay Franklin in order to present both sides of the question. Has His Eye Ont for GlrFs Lake Mills Graphic: There's a girl who goes by the Graphic office every day. Her face Is flour white and her lips are bright red. Some day we're liable to pull her through the front door and wash her neck—it's terribly dirty. • * • And They Say There's Romance in The Newspaper Business Park Ridge, N. J., Local: About a year ago we received a letter from a woman subscriber who told us how much she liked the paper, especially the editorials. In her effusiveness, she even went so far which certainly was no compliment to theVrHnTg anility of Mr. Anderson. The other day she refused to renew her subscription because she didn't approve of an editorial wew rote about the Hauptmann case. That was her only objection to the paper in the year and one- half that it has been under the management of the present owners. Of course, we felt that she was unfair. So we _ „ i.,,... IMJ ( ij'ijiiinu uy t are «*-iv «,<mi. one wns uniair c?o We known. Complete development from egg to g, ot out our P encil nn d Paper and started figuring f ft nil no Dnr4 mnf !•«« A« i. * . . Hfir 53f>VOr»ttr_«t«rV»* ... n «.l._ iti_ _ _ e ' larva to pupa and mature fly, requires from ten to sixteen days during the warm summer months Rirnyard refuse is the favorite breeding place of the "filth fly"; Who is not familiar with the sqlrmlng maggots (fly larvae) which abound wherever animal wastes are permitted to accumulate for a week or more? Studies have shown that a single pound of manure will produce as many as 1200 flies, every two weeks throughout the summer months. The second most favored breeding place according to observations by entomologists, is human excrement, exposed in insanitary toilets or elsewhere. It is from such sources that Musca domest ca is apt to carry germs causing typhoid fever, 'summer complaint" and similar ailments to milk and sweet foods in kitchen and dining room. " «rH I Vl re u <JMy P° ssible t° reduce greatly the hazard of fiy-borne disease, through organized attack on the fly nuisance. Intelligent action is necessary based on knowledge of the human fly, its habits and life history. Screened doors and windows, well repaired and well fitting, are essential. Use of fly swatters and fly traps, though admirable, is quite futile without measures designed to eliminate or control sources of fly breeding. It is apparent that the successful carrying out of such measures requires both individual and concerted effort to improve sanitary condtions In urban and rural areas. HARVEY INGHAM'S SUGGESTION A few days ago, Harvey Ingham, who with . _ r _,, j,^. uuu otna icu lIKUrliiK For seventy-eight weeks, with an overage of four editorm s a week, there had appeared in this newspaper 312 editorials. Something that appeared in one of the 312 editorials offended our reader. So she refused to renew her subscription for that reason. Which leads us to wonder if we wouldn't get a little more satisfaction out of life by operating a hot dog stand—or perhaps going into the real estate business. DOES EVERYONE HAVE "A tittle TUBERCULOStS* CHRISTMAS SfALS RNAMCE THIS FttHT AGAINST TUKRCUUMIS TheMan About Town Says Although the flailing gang has returned, the stories this year are fewer and of a less flashy variety. Reports vary on the Cass Lake fish situation all the WH y from "rotten" to "fair". We understand the highlight of the recent party was the arrival of the Joe Harig-Dolph Raney delegation a couple of days behind the main body. • • • And the police could cheerfully shoot Charlie Lchmann, or Pred Kent. Fred left town, turning responsibilities of the Kent Motor over to Charlie -^ — • f —c»--"•••> «•• v» »Ttin - — — — -«•*•••«, *>i.vbui wci \,\j v^iitirue oardner Cowles, Sr., paid our city a return visit, whose shoulders although youthful can bear the offered a suggestion for a new type of state fair While we know that Mr. Ingham's suggestion was along a humorous vein, we still pass it on because like all of hia writings, his suggestion does drive home a certain point about which we cannot think too much. Instead of a state fair where we exhibit the prize bulls, cows, and the finest stallions and marcs showing the excellent results of fine breeding over a few generations, and proving that better specimens of flesh can be achieved by correct mating he would substitute a "human fair." _ At thlB <Wr. we would have on exhibit, and award ribbons to. the winners tor the best specimen* of men and women, boya and girte. We would conduct physical tests and give ribbons. We would conduct mental tests and give ribbons. And then we would see that those who ranked the highest and the best, were given the right kind of barns in which to live, would be given plenty of good food and fresh air. They would be considered the backbone of our citizenry, and to them we would look for a general improvement over the years to come in the human strain. The only trouble with Mr. Ingham's suggestion is that it is far too practical to be adopted To improve .strains of cattle we'll spend thousands, but for the human strain-well, any old thing will do 111.. . .. . . ITS SIMPLER HERE If you are one of those who think that our American party system is too old-fashioned and ought to be reduced to a mere designation of liberals as opposed to conservatives, consider for a moment the situation in France. There, in recent elections, the people were faced with a lineup that would baffle the most astute political student. They were required to choose somehow, from Communists, Dissident Communists Radical Socialists, Independent Socialists, Dissident Socialists, and just plain Socialists; Left Republicans, Right Republicans, Popular Democrats and Conservatives. Fortunaately, our system is not yet as involved as that of France. But the increasing number of "isms" we have faced in the last 10 years is u. warning. We might in time become as hopelessly tangled up in our voting as the French. That would mean to us just what it has meant to Frame—ever- anging government. weight of an Atlas— at times. Anyway, Charlie counted up his used cars at closing time, and found one missing. He hunted high and low, and still could not find it. The police were notified, and began looking for it. Finally, after 24 hours, Charlie noticed a strange car near the garage with the license of the missing machine. He investigated; he found that just before Fred left town he ordered the car repainted, and Charlie, who only knew it by the old color, was left in the dark regarding the paint job. They say Charlie lost five pounds sweating over the matter. Why Not lie ( oiisihtcnt ? Fenton Reporter: A K-woUth iiew.s|.;i|,,.r editor who has been most Vo> ii'erons in his .lenunciali in of Jay branklin, the );<-., Moines Ki^isler'.s tu-.s L .,t writer, i, rather inrun.,i>tint. Kecen ly AM.-, .scored ijy tin; Hutjjstc-'i Lnspat -h jl a hollar |j,ui- rolumn written h> h °* •it*"****'' Jo * Oreenber » <efj a part oflfce tor m cobple of dayo, and then remembered it. He went back and the parcel was st/11 there, under a counter. UuH-ogney of the Week—"I don't mean we want ever to boost prices to make an unreasonable profit."—W. S. Gifford, president American T. & T. At the Algona Coop Creamery, a new curtain has been stretched across the big plate glass front window ... it seems that many of the single ladies of the community had h -ot into the habit of passing and repassing. just to get a look at Mark Stanton, and even Mark's cool and collected manner had to break down after awhile. I'p at the KosHUth hospital they relehraU>4 Boys' Week last week. Nine boys and not a girl. The law of averages must cause some of the near- future papas, hoping for boys, to anticipate a disappointment. TV, A " a . ihe " ltherf «w «»o type* of candidates: Those who walk in. shake your hand, and want a half column free-arid those who walk in. shake your hand, order a nice ao, and walk out. Newspapermen! will cast unanimous votes for the latter. lATOVSISTEXflES OK LIKK: The Des Moines Register in a .self-righteous mood, refuses to allow liquor or beer advertising in Us pages. They will however, print sorne of the gosh-darndest -leg" pictures and Hollywood scandal in the Sunday supplement. William Randolph Hearst do«-»n't like college professors, and is taking a crack at them every time he tan with the < :falsification of being -Reds" >m,| •Communists" .Still, on the other hand, Hearst will hire only college graduates for his newspapers. And then there in the K u«-»t who vi»iU-<l a local home, arose to go, found he had a Hat tire, and went baili to .sleep while his host (hanged the tire. Local drug stores have In stock electric fans with no guards and the blades made from rubber. Curious babies and the kids can poke their fingers into these fans and mother will not need to worry for no damage will be done other than a scare. • • • One of our business men sat in a friendly ten and five cent game of smear with the younger boys and before the game was ended the boys had all the dimes and nickels available and a mortgage on a well known pipe seen daily on the street A feature of the game was the ability of the boys' uncanny controlling of the deuces. • • • Dr. Janse bought two poppies on Saturday. One was placed in the collar of his Irish setter who recognized the honor by displaying it in his usual haunts, doors to cafes. • • • John Kohlhaa* is as accommodating at home as at the store. He answered the telephone at two o'clock in the morning and listened attentively to an enraged lady read him the riot act for the re sponbility of her husband just get ting home in a better or worse con dition. John was dumbfounded not even knowing the husband, le alone being with him. V • • Anderson grocery placed an orde for baby food. When the carlo was delivered the invoice came al ong and was filed away. Later th carton was opened and then it was taufted the baby toad waa baby food alright but the bottles were Fenton Graduates Fine Class of 16 Fenton: William L. Dibble, Ph D of Mason City, has been engaged to deliver the commencement address which will be held in the high school auditorium at 8 p. m. on Wednesday evening, May 27. The program follows: Commencement March, Evelyn Radlg; America, by audience; invocation. Rev. J T Snyder; music, Boys' Glee club: "Roads and Cross Roads", William L,. Dibble; presentation of the class by Supt. M. E. Otterness; presentation of diplomas by G. R. Krause president of the school board; music, girls' sextet; class song, graduates; benediction by Rev. Snyder. Members of the senior class are Isabele Weisbrod, Donna Jean Bailey, Robert Schwartz, Bernice Kramer, Lyle Newel, Viola Mueller, Charles Glaus, Marie Peril, June Weisbrod, Daniel R. Hantelman Harold Gramenz. Clair Bellinger Irene Krause, Elizabeth Gramenz, Gladys Tieman and Maynard Jentz. A plant sale held at Shorty's place Saturday afternoon and evening was patronized. The Aid took in about $80.00. Bruce Graham of Burt visited the Fenton school on Thursday afternoon. The Grahams formerly liv- BURT GRADUATES SEVEN11EN PUPILS Eleanor Vogel Receives Price for Having the Highest Grades Burt: A large crowd attended the graduation exercises at the Methodist church Wednesday evening, at which a class of seventeen were graduated. Eleanor Vogel receivec the $5.00 prize given by the Woman's club to the pupil having highest grades in English for the four years. Ella Woltz and Victor Mansmith received $2.60 prizes for proficiency in penmanship. These prizes were given by the Legion Auxiliary. Memorial Exercises Decoration Day exercises will be held Saturday morning at 10:30 at the Presbyterian church. The program will include the Legion Prayer by Charles Scott; Star Spangled Banner; invocation by the Rev. S. H. Aten; solo by Richard Brayton; Address by the Rev. J. H. Edge, Algona; cello solo by Betty Walker. After the services at the church, soldiers' graves will be decorated and there will be music by the band. Frances Vaughn spent Thursday night with her friend, Marie Bahl- R. S. BLOSSOM Democratic Candidate For County Treasurer subject to will of the Democratic voters in the June primary. I will appreciate your support. 38-21 Vote For Carl Dahlhauser Democratic Candidate for SHERIFF I will appreciate your support for the nomination coming June primary. In the 18-21 ing. of miniature desk sample size. Nor man Walker of the Kennedy & Parsons company responsible for the order, is living a life of a heckled baby food administrator at the hands of the grocery boys. • • • • Some of our townsmen laughed at and ridculed the name of a senator in regard to a speech concerning the eating of dog food by people. Well, in this home town is known one family which asks for scraps for the dog from the markets, rooks the scraps in a soup kettle for its own use and the dog gets vhat is k>ft. Another man nearby worked several days taking down snow fence and was so jubilant over the short job that he bought pork chops for his family, the first bit of meat inside his house all winter. It is something to laugh about isn't it? In Iowa! « « « An Algoniun dancing at the Surf placed an ordir of tickets for the following wet-k. He wanted to get tickets for two couples or four in ed in Fen ton. The Votteler school closed last week Tuesday with a community picnic. Mary Conway was teacher and has taught the years. school four Mrs. Henry Kueck entertained the Lutheran Aid society Friday afternoon. Mrs. Walter Sorensen entertained the Hi-Low bridge club at the Marvin Hotel Tuesday afternoon. The Legion and Auxiliary will hold their monthly meeting Tues- ' day evening, June 2, at which officers will be elected. D. T. Hobson is laid up with an injured leg, which he received when a cow he was milking Friday evening pushed him over. The Don Fraser home was put under quarantine for scarlet fever Saturday. Lyle is the patient. Leona Neitzel also came down with I It Saturday. Supt. and Mrs. Condit Bowie will go to Iowa City this week, where Mr. Bowie will attend summer school and complete work for his master's degree. Mrs. Max Smith and daughter, Donna Mae, Eldora, visited from Tuesday to Thursday at the Jim Ollom home. She came to the graduation of her brother, Gerald. Burt will have three graduate from college this spring: Dean Clapsaddle and Grover Fairbanks Mr nnd Mr* TT o « i wi " 8 rad " n te from Coe College on Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Newel went June 8. and Marllda Pratt will . Des Mome. early Tuesday morn- graduate from Iowa CHy on June The Lutheran Walthcr League met in the church basement Friday evening with Luella Bleich as the to Des Moines early Tuesday morn ing of last week where Mr. Newe attended a funeral directors' con vention. Mrs. Walter Fischer and twin daughter, Jean Rae and Joan Kay and Mrs. Fischer's sister, Jerry Jenawold .pent Ja*t week Monday afternoon visiting- Mrs. J. a Hansen. John Meyers who suffered a stroke about two weeks ago was well enough to be taken to the Julius Ridder home near Fairmont. Mr. Meyers is « brother-in-law of Mrs. Ridder. The Auxiliary met with Mrs. R L Padgett on Friday afternoon. Ihc afternoon was spent tieing a comforter which will be raffled off soon. Mrs. F. H. Bohn was a guest On Saturday the unit sold poppies. Rural Mail Carrier S. E. Straley vith his family left early Sunday morning for points in northern Minnesota to enjoy a week's vaca ion. Part of the time will be spen n fishing. Edw. Priebe is sub tituting as mail carrier for Mr jtraley. F. P. Newel and Einer Fauerby drove to Rochester, Minn., last week Monday afternoon to get the ormer's father, John Newel, who vas a patient in the hospital there or three weeks. Mr. Newel feels editorial this editor for his Rayi'-omi tiie national 1 i. in a pa i-a r ;:, 1 to the: 1 •Sj).i|/rr:u;in n<h. ulr<J III li:> il .ipl.-ciall.-1's ( newspaper desiring u organisation. Last we could unly haw left IT this Kussuth lie league who blithely his chosen lielil." 'J he "specialist" ohviou.iiy i.s cairn. The Ueporl'-r du, ., I,,H ,j, ,, y IL specialist —he ipeculu .••, .. M attenij till Roosevelt admini-.tiali.jn tin- veiled references Uj iiu forc:_-i"iii i .Simile— Numerous u coln in a republican = references to Abraham •ampaign speerh. 'amoui,,t Line— (With apologies to or IJirkimon) If all of them decline to be -s, it would make thing!, easier. re.'M.rt pro^iess in the Uionne nur.ery •• v - <•><• ^irl.s are acquiring judgment of their own I-'Ji.i: out any day for a three-to-one deci.sio'i— : >.!.•< Ian,I Oregoniiin. A i:ojuninist ia a person who has to turn out uiu. n . o|,y hi- dueaii't have tune to think.— .St. Times. .Star a f.unous millionaire mentions that money '".-.•. MM i:,,,l %c f or happiness. Still, it does enable to ijc miseiabie in comfort—Punch. CLEARANCE SALE Kossuth County Plat Books At The Algona Upper Des Moines Office 28 Townships County Data Well Bound at $2.00 Formerly sold at $2.50 Judges, clerks and the counling board members for Ihe June primary election are: Fenton township -judges, o. «. Krause, G. B. Johnson and H. H. Dreyer; clerks—W fc. Laage, and W. E. Stoeber; the counting board—F. H. Bohn W T ' ' all. The tickets were handed to' fcxc eptionally well which is good him and a check was made out. At new!i to his many friends. home he discovered the filled order contained tickets fo.- four couples or eight in all. The next morning he suffered a head ache hut the tickets were paid for. A miracle in happening at the Slate's Cafe whereby the back door of the kitchen can be opened but no one goes through it. From the doorway the first step is into space and so far there have been no take olfs. The landing field is twelve feet below into the basement of the new building under construction. Who will be the hrat? • • • Ur. Wallace i» an enthubUatic • fishermen and like to tell of his' catches. Asked why he never brings j any home to his friends the doctor i „ NT J , K Newel, F. H. Eigler, J." P. Newel and John Dempsey. Leonard Haase, a former Fenton boy who was superintendent in the nonnellson schools for six years was chosen Lee cougty superintendent of schools. This will be good news to Leonard's many iriends m nnd around Fenton His brother, Harry, farms the home I>iace one and one-half miles east and south of Fenton. a , Mrs ;, W ' : J Wfeisbrod and Alice Alice Dreyer attended the mud training school for 4-H work Han< roft last week Monday af- The lesson was given by . i ternoon. will tell how he discovered years ago this part of the fish problem. In giving hsh to friends you halfway lose them unless you scale the! . 6 ,, cl , ,, y lish. cut oft the head and gul them, i Mlb!> *' 1; "iys Adams, clothing spec- in fuel, almost e,tt them. The i lbt <j| ' lhe '"**» .State college ex- friends became slightly insulted if u ' nii " J » service. The lesson was on the lish are not presented in thi.- ai;< -' < j ! »-"-"'ies, woolen dresses and way. Uoc likes to eat his !idh I nlat] e-over garments, where caught, cooked in his own j r " a ' J ^ for rallv ''ay. style and do all the work himself. hostess. The following officers were elected: Harold Weiske, president; Marie Carter, vice president; Luella Bleich, secretary; and Evelyn Blerstedt, treasurer. George Man us is the new manager of the K. & H. service station. L. R. Burger, former manager, is ilso mail carrier on the star route between here and Elmore and 'ound both jobs too much for him o manage. The station will be continued in the Berger building as heretofore. George has been assisting in the station for a number of months so is well qualified to akc over its management. PLUMB1NU, HEATING. SHEET METAL, SPOUTING AND PUMP A complete stock with experienced Service for jobs, large or small. HOLTZBAUER'S TIN SHOP 119 a Dodge Algona 12-tf Learn how to make the most of "IT" from LAURA LA PLANTE , In Hrt» NattonalV THE CHURCH MOUSE win. IAN HUNTER • MONTY BANKS Also Andy Clyde in "TRAMP TRAMP" Mickey Mouse Cartoon and News ~~~ Friday May 29th WHO Amateurs plus complete screen program Saturday, May 30th " ' Spencer Tracy in "SKY DEVILS" State Happy Hours for the Children every Saturday ] till G. Admission lOe-luV- l^lay Serceno—7 and 9 p. m. Sunday-Monday, May 31-June 1 Greta Nissen and Don Alvarado in "SPY 77" Get Your Popularity Contest Votes i'lans were A new shell band stand is being i reded in the southwest corner of the park at Swea City. Perhaps Al- yoim can inspect and learn from this industrious little town. • • » Don't fail to see the ever-turning windmill in the rock garden back of the Dehnert hotel. The garden is one of the beauty spots of Kossuth county and is well worth driving out of the way to visit. • « « Folks, familiar with Game Warden Pierce have been kidding him about seining carp arid were sure he wouldn't get any. Sunday morning on the back porches of Dutch Swanson, Dr. Adams, Ben Soren- .sen arid Slim Smith were found carp in plenty aod for gout} measure, a crow ul the Adams home. Pierce seems to know little about the source of the gifts and us yet has had no iuvite to a fish dinner. Mrs. Krauk SbJIU returned oil Thursday evening from Hastings, Nebraska, whcie she had spent the past two weeks with her daughter, Mrs Mvrwin Koote. Mrs. Mary Idling returned with her, having spent the two week -V«te For- FRED S. GEIGEL Eepublican Candidate for COUNTY SUPERVISOR 1st Dist., Kossuth Have alwuys been u taxpayer in the district 20-21* VOTE FOE A. J. BERENS Republican Candidate In June Primary for SHERIFF A Kossuth Man Qualified to Handle the Duties of Office, Fairly and Honestly VOTE FOE M. J. DUFFY Candidate for County Treasurer of Kossuth County, on the Democratic ticket. Primary Election, June 1. "A Continued Administration of Honesty and Efficiency"

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