The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1936 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1936
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Pea Koines, Algona, Iowa, May 19,1936 50 HONOR LONE ROCK TEACHER Shower For Evelyn Behrmann, Soon to Wed Lone Rock: Fifty attended a miscellaneous shower at the Fred Genrich home last week Wednesday evening honoring Evelyn Behrmann, instructor in the sixth grade of the local schools for the past seven years. The story of her life was told by music and pantomime, with Mabel Howe as reader and Mrs. W. G. Flnig ns pianist. The following took part: Mrs. clarence Ackerson, Mrs. Roy Jensen, Phyllis Hawks, Lucille Rath, Mrs. J. M. Blanchard, Mrs. E. M. Jensen. Mrs. Calvin Householder, Mrs. Frank Householder, Mrs. V. V. Frye, and Mrs. Fred Genrleh. Miss Behrmann was the recipient of many useful gifts. Lunch was served by the hostesses: Mrs. J. M. Blanchard, Mrs. Clarence Ackerson, Mrs. Otis Sanders, Mrs. Roy Jensen, Mrs. Frank Full Sail Ahead For a Safe Financial Future .Safe prudent Imnkinsr policies are our aim as we begin life in Algona. The security that comes with having a hank account means freedom from petty worries, and keeps credit good. We welcome your accounts and make it our business to serve you individually and as a community. Our safety deposit boxes are available for your valuables at a small charge. Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured up to $5,000 Member of Federal Reserve Security State Bank Flaig, MM. Jack Quinn, Mrs. Cal vin Householder. Mrs. V. V. Frye Mrs. Fred Wetjener, Mabel Howe Mrs. H5. M. Jensen, Mrs. Harry Hob -son, Mrs. Jim Ackerman, Mrs. I. W Nelson, and Mrs. Fred Genrleh. Out of town guests were Mrs Chris Behrmann and Mrs. Johnson Bancroft; Mrs. Dltsworth, Swei City, and Mrs. Victor Whalen, Doll iver. Mrs. Glenn Sharp is ill with scar let fever. Alma Madison, R. N., I; caring for her. Theodore Krueger and daughter Elma have moved Into the rea rooms of the telephone office, El ma having charge of night duty. Mrs. Wayne Richmond ind son Donald and Mrs. William Richmond and two children, Armstrong, were last Thursday afternoon visitors of Mrs. H. A. Blatichard. The local Red Cro*s sent $8 to the Red Cross at Milford for the tornndo relief fund there. The Helping Hand club #ave $3 of that amount. ARMSTRONG HI ALUMNI FEAST Senior Activities Keep Things Moving Class Night I Armstrong: The annual alumni banquet was held May 14 at the Methodist church. The senior class of '36 were honored guests. The program was as follows: welcome, Mildred Nicosin; response. Lyle Saxton; vocal solo. Jim Knipe; vocal solo, Mrs. Cedric Thomas; Our Alumni, Fay Haworth: boys' quartet. Geo. Belharn, Arthur Boland, Myrle Hansen and Cletus Schwitter. Including the senior class of '36 425 students have been graduated i from the Armstrong high school I Tom Halpin. salary 130.00 since 1896. The largest number of j falter Gorman, salary .. alumni attended the banquet this I r - ( '- Wripht. salary year. The oldest class represented j H E -_ Stephe-nson. salary- was from the first graduating class in Erickson; Famous Dean Boys, Sidney Peterson and Robert Knud- aon; saxophone solo, Myrle Hansen; vocal solo. Marjorie Braland; steel guitar number, George Larson; Three Merry Widows, Daisy Mardick, Edna Baker and Kathryn Hansen; Impersonations. Leon Looft; Blues singer, Hulda Wolder; piano solo, Irene Irmiter; Impersonations, Lorene Olson; vocal duet, Mryle Hansen and Arthur Boland; musical reading, LaVonne Johnson; vocal solo, Arthur Boland; Class song, class of '36. Curtis Halvorson is employed in Fairmont, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Walters are the parents of a baby boy born Thursday, May 7. Thelma Hansen and Arnold Johnson of Cedar Falls spent the week end at the A. N. Hansen home. Mrs. C. A. Niccnin and son, Mac, of Rolfe. Iowa, visited friends hero Thursday. They also attended the nlumni banquet. Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Knudson nnd family went to Ellsworth, Iowa, where they attended the funeral of Mr. Knudson's father. Mrs. Art Schultz and Florence Laffey of Garner are visiting at the parental John Laffey homt. Mrs. Schultz attended the alumni banquet Thursday evening. Council Minutes XXttO&KXCSXX^^ Algona. la., April 30. Council met at City Hall. Mem- iers present: White, Foster, Kohl- laas. Misbach, Kain, Overmyer. Motion by Kohlhaas and seoond- d by Overmyer that the assessment on Grace White property for 935 be recommended to be low- red from $2540 to $2000. The following bills were slowed: ELECTRIC FTND W. Kelly, salary $ 180.00 eo Bellock, salary 135.0') F. C. Dailey, salary 125.00 F. r. Dailey. salary 10.00 of 1896. This was the 40th anniversary of the alumni banquet. Senior Class Night Friday evening the senior class presented the annual class night program to a large audience. The program was as follows: Presentation of Class, Lyle Saxton; Class History written by Delbert Burgess: Lorene Olson and Jim Knipe. read by James Knipe; Class Prophecy, written by Irene Irmiter, Maxinc Erickson, Kathryn Hansen and LaVonne Johnson, read by Irene Irm- itcr; Class Will, written by Leon Looft, George Larson and Lowell Fischer, read by Hulda Wolder; Amateur Hour—major. James Knipe, Graham, Lyle Saxton. colored act—Lowell Fischer and Delbert Burgess; mclophone solo. Max- Ray Barton, salary Adah Carlson, salary Monte* Scobba et al. labor. Krnst Thiel. meter reading 25.20 so.oo 125.00 125.00 135.00 143.00 AH Feed Chick Mash The Name HIGH QUALITY feed which has always been Hold by UN. Strong, healthy and sturdy chicks result when fed "ALL FKKIV' Storting unil Growing Mash Ix-cuuw it i* freshly mixed. C'od Liver Oil, Buttermilk and other ingredients unmixed the Name day the feed I* Hold. Why not insure yourself » healthy (lock by giving them the right sturt? $2.25 per cwf; $2.00 in 500 Ib. lots Manufactured and sold by E. R. Rising Mill Algona, Iowa Other Dealers: Nelson Hardware Algona, and Algona Hatchery Read The Want Ada—It Pays Constipation " tlpctlon caueee Toil Ou. In- He*4*ehee. Bad Sleep, Pimp- let quick relief with ADLt- If conttl tlCMtlon ]T Skin. le RIKA. Tharoufh I tirely tentl* ana i»f«. ADLERIKA While they hist SPECIAL lOc trial size on sale at ff. W. Lusby, Would you lil<e a good paying, .steady job'.' I Want to hire u man immediately. Must have car and experience with livestock Paid every week. State age and experience. »N'ot necessary to write, just .sign your name below and rnuil to Box KM r>c[>t 26WI. Quincy. Ill Age years lived on farm Name Address Number of Xr/rr* as t fast E/GffT/n ffo Tropipal I'aint Co., (Jen. Klect. Supply Corp.. mdsp. \VPFI. Kleef. & Mfp. Co., mdsp. Klprtric Supply Co.. mdse. Crescent Kloctric Supply Co., mdse. Kpnnedy & Parsons Co., mdse. , Commonwealth Klect ric Co., md.sp. Rubber City Mfg. Co., mdse. Terry-Durin Co., mdse. ._ Malleable Iron Range- Co., mdse. WestinghoUBe K Ic r t r I c Supply, mdse. Remington - Hand Inc.. maintenance Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdse. Shell Petroleum Corp., gaa, oil Barnsdall Refining Corp, Kas, oil Johnson Oil Refining Co., a», oil x _ C. M. St. I'. & P. Ify, freight on ga.s oil __ Krnst Oodfredson, gas and oil _ Northwestern Hell Telephone, service Shell I'etrnleum Corp., as and oil pri'rf Master Service, as and oil A. II. liorchardt. mdse. Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. re«co - I'liiori Klectric. sign . . . Igona I'ppcr lies Moitu-s. Advanci! Publishing Co., publishing ...._... Western Union, service. - R'y Kxpresi Agency, express . . II. W. Post, freight and dray Gy K. Daniels, mdse Kdwurd Ostrum, refund . W. P. French. returned Oeimral fund, transfer Treasurer of Slate, sales tax Botsford Lumber Co, tndse. \elbon Hdw. ('o. tnd^e. Socomy Vac. Oil Co, mdse. DEPOSIT Fl'.N'D W. I.. Ainehon et al, re- futid deposit WATKK FUND .1 \V. Kelly, salary Harry Halloa, .salary Frank ((.strum, .-alurv I .aura .Milchfll, salary Karl Cowman, labor ( IKI:-. \\ u-jiicr el ai, lulioi l.cighlon Sujiply I'o.. md.-c. u'linii ('(i.. md.-i-. fHlhlic i-'lou ML-ICTO Co.. llull'alu M.-ter CD., liaduer Mrtci Mf^-. Co.. ptune Alcit-r Co., nidsc. A. V. McDonald Mfg. Co., 3.47 1.15 6.13 138.56 27.74 17.60 30.00 27.36 280.01 98.61 19.SO 10.9!: 267.76 283.SS 269.97 Mdse tain* A Mackey. mdse. __ George Holtzbauer, mdse. Krtiest Qodfredson. gan and oil H. W. Post, freight and dray Fire Maintenance Fund. transfer Swimming Pool Fund, transfer Electric Light Fund. transfer Worthlngton Gamon Mtr.. mdse. GENERAL FUND Frank Green, salary H A. Van Alstyne, salary H. A. Van Alstyne, salary F. W. Green, dogs John Foch, special police Northwestern Bell Telephone, service Ernest Oodfredson, gas and oil .1 Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. Tom Akre. rent C. N. R'y, freight Jesse Lashbrook. salary Jesse Lashbrook, salary _ Frank Skilllng. labor _-Elliott Skilling, man and team Elliott Skilling, man and (earn Willard Gregson. man and team Willard Gregeon, man and foam Geo. Gunder, labor Geo. Gunder. labor Oliver Bakken. labor Hagg, labor ien Strayer. labor lefl Strayer, labor John Helmerp, labor John Helmers et al. labor lear Lake Sand & Gravel Co.. sand Milwaukee R'y. freight on sand Standard Oil Co.. mdse. __ H. W. Post, freight and dray George Holtzbauer, mdse. Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. Christensen Bros., mdse.. C. A. Heard, repairs C. A. Heard, repairs Thorpe- Wood & Iron Wks, repairs Kent Motor Co.. mdse. Victor Lowe, repairs J. W. Speraw. repairs Pestotnik Oil Station, pas and oil 20.70 .45 4.6ft 29.95 8.41 95.21 107.28 297.76 12.33 125.03 77.00 40.00 3.50 5.08 3.48 14.21 18.36 10.42 2.97 77.00 40.00 78.7 106.4 46.2( 75.9 56.00 76.30 14.00 84.35 10.15 71.40 14.00 82.60 14.15 26.61 28.97 44.28 10.06 3.45 18.14 1.19 5.10 1.55 52.80 13.98 5.53 .75 30.28, X.20 1. 1C 75.6'i 27.10 fl.15 4'iS.II What is so rare as a stocking that can take it We boast of the fact that our hosiery not only wears like everything but it keeps up its attractive appearance regardless of unusual wear and many tub- bings. The new colors are here for your personal selection. McGnire Service Station, ga« and oil — 2.93 Ernest Godfredson, gas * oil - 1-8? Jesse. Umbenhower, care of damp 20.00 Water Fund, transfer 108.00 Electric Fund, transfer -- 93-70 Spear & McVeigh, P. W. A. dump project 17.50 Kohlhaas A Spilles, P. W. A dump project -"2 Harry Keith, P. W. A. dump project 1-75 Kossuth Motor Co.. repairs 5.51 Advance Publishing Co., printing 27.30 Upper Des Molnes, printing 13.95 L. E. Hovey. mdse. 1.53 Nelson Hdw. Co., mdse. -- 5.49 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 31-23 SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary 30.00 Ryner Helmers et al, labor 287.01 Electric Fund, transfer __ 18.8fi Sewer No. 7. transfer 200.00 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 27.25 C. E. Chubb, eng. 19.00 CITY IMPROVEMENT FUND General fund, transfer __ 57.65 City Paving Fund, transfer - 99.53 Paving District No. 2A. transfer 40.88 PAVING DISTRICT NO. 2A General fund, transfer ... 40.88 CITY PAVING General fund, transfer 99.63 DELINQUENT ROAD FUND General fund, transfer 1243.35 FIRE FUND r. C. Wright, salary 45.9f Clapp's Master Service, repairs 3-60 Meeting adjourned to May 7, at P ' "' ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. Casey Loss Democratic Candidate for Sheriff of Kosftuth County Your Support Will be Appreciated Kresensky's Here's Another Stunning Paris Fashion IO.->. on 107.50 ;;ti.r,7 D» Lul* Kifht 4 Door Sfdmn. »«/5» For thrills, thrift and smartness no EIGHT on earth like the new Pontiac E XPERTS call Poutiac the snio^theat ciglil in tl;e world. And hcie's wby: Thanks lo a bhort iirokc crankshaft, o^crUpping bearings, u harmonic balancer and accurately balanced parts, Poutiui; /iaj i,i> vibration point at uny speed! That's genuine fine-car ciitinueiiiiu and it's matcLtd by everything dec in the car. You can't get better brakes than Pontiac's big hydraulics. The »olid steel "Turret Top" Bodies aic the safest money can buy. And this big eight ha* delivered, under official supervision, 23 /ri//es per fallen. Look around befuie you buy your eight. Get all the fact i. You'll come back to Pontiac convinced that it's the btit buy of th..m a:l! *£./•* p/l'c«« Mt PontiAC. Mich., begin (tutfjoct to cjl«tt4i« wtltutut nut JC«>. "6" unil "&" . St*nd*id 4/oupct/ acc youf pur*0 uu the O'fc/io/J/ Afo<w/J In iltv ' 0 ' «n pfafo Qlu** stan attta. Afu/ir filv i i/ic ' S" j £>u Lute KLASSIE MOTOR COMPANY Phone 714 Algona, Iowa -I 17.4'i -'L'ti.17 Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA. KOSSUTH COUNTY, 3s. In District Court No. 4115, June terra, 1936. To All Whom It Hlny Concern: You Are Hereby Notified that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Tcbtument of Henry J. R. Kuhlmann, deceased, duU-d December 18, 1935, having been this day filed, opened and read Saturday the 13th day of June, 1936, is lixeci for hearing proof of tame ut the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court' and ut 10 o'clock A. M.. of the day above mentioned al! pfi'bonii interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and uhuw cause if any they have, why aaid instrument should riol ue probated and allowed as und for the las'. Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated al Algona, Iowa. May 16, 1936. KATHAR1NK Me EVOY, Clerk of District Court. ALMA PEARSON, Deputy. Hutchison & Hutchison, Attorneys. 20-21-22 A Sandal of White Kid To wear with crisp cottons or "Sunday btst" bilks ... a style that, aa all Paris Fashion ahoea. has the beauty . . . smartnesi ... ht . . . UNMATCHABLE VALUE backed by the Good Housekeeping guaranty. $400 Kresensky's Graduation Suggestions —AT— MISBACH'S Give him gifts he will appreciate—something from a men's store. 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I starred off, figuring mcbbe I'd make a hundred cod. "But I got put the next farm—and the next—'n 'fore I knew it there I wu in front o' the Grange with the motor still runnin*. Figure it out for yourself... four mile* worth o' distance on two ounces o' Red Crown. That's 2)2 miles to the gallon. That's mileage,mister!... Eh? ... Sure, tho whole Grange is using Red Crown now." We think Standard Red Crown it good, too, but we re/use to be taken in by Leiter't vivid report. It't not THAT good. Witk "mtrt tii/i i*wtr ptr gallm,"Standard K«/i Cnvm tftraltt ivM hit wn«M pvtvtrptr gallm. WiA tojt* eon Iturttf atlt*gmiltagtp*rgallon aiu/itbanj nf»Ur-frict4 gMtlint jut t*» mny—^ntt Ungtr, But raAtr ttan main rUmi, Standard prjm to makt ittatyftrmottrittittjuuitittAtt W learn the TRUTH about Gasoline Mileagel THE WORLD'S GREATEST ROAD TEST luruiibtt M equifmtul/tr tan rtttrdhu •/ miltagu d*rng 63 dafl" trdaun driving. Any carm At Stattit ttigiUt. 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