The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1949
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 18, IMt BLYTHEVtLUB '(AUK.)' COURIER KEW8 IE NATION TODAY uture for Rent Controls Vague Is Present Law Wears Deadline Lawmakers Lack Accord By Jama M»r!ow WASHINGTON, March 18. (/Pi— This U> «n ABO on rent control, inging up to date what's happened so IK. Nothing final has happened. I The present law controlling rents ends March 31. unless Congress •sses a new one. It hasn't yet. It's pretty sure to. The only notion up to now has been this: The House passed a rciv II; the Senate Is getting ready to vote on one. maybe next weeK. From what'e been said and don* both houses, these points stand it: Congress seems to think we've •ached the point where tile states. I L least, ought to be free lo handle icir own rent problems, If they ant to. 2. congress seems to think timta ew law should not continue fed- al rent controls for more than aether 15 months, or until June ), 1950. (President Truman's aides anted controls for another 24 lonths). Here are * few high spots in the 111 passed by the House, and the ifierent kind of bill being readied n the Senate. But remember: n both houses •hid up passing different bills, there ,'111 be no new law until both agree n a single bill. They're expected to House, Senate Divided That means House and Senate nembers will have to meet, compromise on their two bills, Iron out Ilifferences. and finally agree. That's Hby !t '* too soon to say exactly Ktfrtat the new law will be. The House bill. . . . The big »int Is called the "home rule" fea- ure. If it becomes law. it would ncan this: Any state, city or county could hiow off all federal controls any ime it wished even though that .late, city or county had no rent lontrols of its own. In short, It ;ould end rent control for itself. The bill which the senate is preparing is different, It wouldn't per- i>it dropping of all controls. The Senate bill. ... all fedenil controls would end in any state whose governor merely announced his state had "adequate" controls of its own. ' He woulln't have to prove his controls were "adequate." Merely say- »g they were would he enough. Frown on Home Rule Idea Senators told reporters they think tiie House "home rule" idea is worse than useles. So it seems a long way from becoming law. (At present only five .states— I Connecticut, Illinois, New York, {Maryland and Virginia-have rent •ntrol laws of their own to take ?lie place of a. federal law after • March 31. I {But the Maryland law ends June II and the Illinois and New York June 30.) I This dropping of federal rent I controls—although under different circumstances—Is the higli point in both House and Senate bills. But both bills would allow reni Increase, although in differen' ways: Senate. ... let landlords ralsi rents 5 per cent on Oct. 31. 191' and another 5 per cent on March 31 1050, provided that— The total increase the landlor jot did not exceed 15 percent abov what he got lor his place on Jun 30, 1947. Po a landlord who already ha raised rents IS percent since Jui 30, 19*7. under the Senate bi couldn't get another Increase. House. . . . wipe out that pa of fhe present law which lets land lords, through agreements with tenants, raise rents 15 per cent, although such agreements already in cffi-ct wouldn't be disturbed. But—the tail) would let the government's rent bass, the housing expediter, allow a landlord to raise rents, where practicable, so they'd get a "reasonable return" on tlieji property. Senators thought that part of the House hill wouldn't work. They don't want it in tlielr bill. >6 War-Orphaned Berman Children Brought lo U. S. NEW YORK, Murch 18. Wh- rhey trooped down the steps from he plane, * lltllo hesitantly, car- ylng small blue boxes. Everything they owned was In hose boxes There were 66 of them, war-or- jliancd children brought here from crmany to enter foster homes. An attendant offered e-year-old Erna Kulmnnis a plate o( pot roast She started to cry- She didn't know what it was. They wore odd caps and knitted uats of khaki wool. Their clothes ivere neat, but mostly out-stwd hand-me-downs. "Is this really America?" asked Immonts Franks. 9, over and ovei again. Nine-year-old Anatollja Trivouovs lid: "I want to work. I will wnsh floors and windows." Flown here under auspices of the IntcnnUional Refugee Organization, the homeless children arrived Wednesday at New York International Airport. Two curly-haired youngsters hugged each other, and tears streamed down their cheeks. Few of them spoke much EnRllsh At the center of the U. S. Committee for the Cure of European Children, where they will await assignment to foster homes through religious agencies, the children were given lunches and ornnges. They starred at the fruit, not knowing how to eat it. Attendants showed them how. Federal Funds Available for Road Program LITTLE ROOK, March 18. W)— The Arkansas Highway Department said yesterday sufficient federal funds are available to htlp finance governor McMath'js 120,000.000-a- ycar road construction program. A spokesman for the department said federal money necessary for financing part of the irogrom rtur ing the next two years either has been allocated or appropriated by the federal government. He said "bout »1,000,000 is on hiind at present to help p»y cost* of the highway plan during the 1PJ9-S0 fiscal year. About an equal amount has been appropriated by Congress but has yet to be allocated to Arkansas, It was explained. Under McMtith's program thi ate will put up about $6,000.000 i ear for highway construction. Thli mount Is lo be matched by lede al funds. Proceeds from a Jl.OOO.OOO-n-year ond Issue will provide the reminder of the money for the program. The highway department said bout ten per cent of the federal noncy will be used for the cllmlna- Ion of hazardous railroad crossings. The money will not help finance hesc projects. Store Burglarized BATESVILLE, Ark., March 18. W) —Approximately Sl.OOO was taken from the safe of the J. K. Southerland's P«:ed Stove here yesterday. ( Sneriff Burton Arnold said a fingerprint expert was assisting in ,he Investigation. The sheriff said re had listed at least two suspects jut had made no arrests. Seven Negroes Seeking To Enter Medical School LITTLE ROCK, March 18—</!')— Seven Negroes are among the 109 applicants for admission to the un ivcrsity of Arkansas Medical Schoo here next term, Dean W. C. Lang ston has announced. The school admitted Its firs Ncero student last year—Edith Mil Irby of Hot Springs. The number of applications lu.s year wns 232 and 200 applied fo admission two years ago. The schoo can admit only 90 students to ll freshman class, the dean said. £1 Dorado Judge Drders Closing Of Road House EL, DORADO, Ark., Murcli 18. (/I*) ~A nightspot whose operator »'»• lain last month was ordered closed yesterday. Circuit Judue Otis Jones directed that the Ace of clubs, neiir El Dor*do, b« padlocked for one year, the maximum period allowed by The club WHJS the scene of the slaying of Mrs. Viola niislitoii, !lie operator, the night of Feu. 31. Don M. Stokes was couvlotect ycatciduy of second degree murder and WHS sentenced to .seven years In prison for Mrs. Rushton's death, Judge Jones dismissed a citation of contempt of court against j. s. Thomas, owner of the club, nun Eugene Dull, son of Mrs. Uushloii. The two men had been died for alleserl nttempls to reopen the club following Mrs. Rushton's neulh. Louts Johnson to Vitit Lltth Rock to D-rtormirtt Futur* ot Camp Roblntwt LHTLK ROOK, March 1*. («•) — Louis A. Johnaon, Pruldtnt Truman's nomlnvt (or Moratory of Doleiuw, plum to vUtt UtUf Rook soon lo determine th* futur* of Camp Robinson u an army inatal- latlon. Thl-j was announced yutcrday by Sam norex of LUU« Hock, a number of the American Letfon'a Hi- llo'inl Defense Committee, who conferred with Johnson In Washington early tills week. The camp IIM not been occupltJ by the Army in recent ye*r». partm«nt Thtjr went l« Ueortf r. Pcrb4Ck antl John O. Warrtn, who will op- ant* to LttU* Rack. a>4 MUltr L. Mtrrltt, who win opwt* MB* •print*. - Liquor Permits LITTLE ROOK, March 1«. Three wliolr,»l« liquor permit* were Issued by the Arkansia Revenue Df- °etroleum Geologists P/cfc Convention Sit* ST. LOUIS, March IB—(/P)—The American Association of Petroleum Geologists will hold Us 1950 convention in Chicago the week of April 23, the association's Executive Committee decided yesterday. The society of exploration Gco- physlclsts and the Society ot Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists will hold their immml con ventlon there at the same time. The three groups wound up • four-day convention in St. Loui. yesterday. Morning sessions were devoted to technical discussions. Some of the petroleum geologists will make a field trip to Cape Girardcau, Mo., tomorrow and Saturday to Inspect paleozoic rocks. Goldctest © BEER TtHHESSft IIKW'NC CO., MEMmiS. 1ENN. Now Open NICKLES NURSING HOME Phone 830 Osceola • Care of Aged • Care of Invalids • Care of Patients of Chronic Diseases 24 Hour Service Phone~830 See t/ie difference... 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