The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1936 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1936
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Pea MoinM, Algona, Iowa, May 12,1936 NEWEL GIRL OF FENTON MARRIES Sylvia Newel Weds In St Paul; Both in Oovt. Service Fenton: Fenton relatives and friends recevied the announcements last week of the marriage of Sylvia Newel to Harry Alexander O'Neal on Saturday. March 7. at St. Paul, Minn. Miss Newel has held a government position for the past several years at the Indian reservation at Ft. Yates, South Dakota. Mr. O'Neal also holds a government position. Mrs. O'Neal Is a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newel and was born and raised in Fenton. She has many friends and relatives here who are glad to extend good wishes to the oonple. Mr. Mrs. O'Neal will be nt home first at Hotel Jewel in St I'tul. Howard Reeder home at supper on last week Tuesday evening. Raymond Priebe went to Mason City last week Tuesday, where he underwent a minor operation on his nose. He returned the same dny. Mrs. E. Nelson, Mrs. Frank Kohlhaas and Bertha Johnson, all of Algnoa and Mrs. Lyle Ellis ol New York City spent Wednesday afternoon at the C. F. C. Laage home. Mrs. Carrie Voigt and Mrs. Christina Iverson went to Cedar Falls Friday where Mrs. Voigt spent Mothers' Day with her daughter, Ardis and Mrs. Iverson will visit a sister. Mrs. Clarence Wegener and her children, Lorraine and Harlnn. went to Seneca Wednesday to it- tend the birthday party for Mrs. Wegener's niece, Lavonnc Bailey, who was 10 that day. The Methodist Ladies' Aid society will hold a bazaar on Saturday. Way 6, in the new Goetsch garage building. The sale of the smaller articles will start nt 2:30 and the final auction will be at 8 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith were Fenton visitors several days last veek. The Smiths were former elephone operator and lineman for he Fenton Telephone Co. At pres- nt they are living at Elmore, Minn. Amelia Bennesh, R. N.. of Esther- REVIEW OF RECENT MOVIE PICTURES Furnish Program Bit The Kossuth County Federation of Woman's clubs met last week Tuesday in an all day meeting in I ville was a recent visitor In the Dr the Methodist church at Titonka. ' Waite home. She was arcompani- A humorous reading. "Good-bye, - — - Sister," was presented by the Fenton club. Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod. Mrs. J. A. Schwartz. Mrs. J. A. Mueller, Mrs. E. K. Johnson. Mrs. F. P. Newel. Mrs. E. J. Frank. Mrs. A. H. Meyers and Mrs. Elmer Weisbrod and Gladys Stoeber from Fenton attended. Class Play. Wed. The senior class play "Boots and her Buddies," will be presented in the school gymnasium on Wednesday evening. May 13th. The cast includes Marie Peril, May-Hard Jentz, Lyle Newel, Irene Krause. Charles Glaus. Robert Hantelman. Robert Schwartz. Bernlce Kramer, Donna Jean Bailey, Elizabeth Gramenz, Harold Gramenz, Gladys Tieman, Viola Mueller. June Weisbrod, Isabelle Weisbrod and Clair Bellinger. Helen Thompson. 5th and 6th grade teacher, is coaching the production. Mrs. Henry Schulte and Mrs. Clarence Wegener were Algona visitors Friday. Mrs. Katie Hantelman recently purchased a new Pontiac from the GoeUch garage. Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Waiter left last week Tuesday for Rochester, Minn., where both will go through the clinic. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Osborn of Seneca were entertained at the I PARADE OP At a Real Saving 15c You'll be pleased with our large selection—all kinds of patterns and p!"in colors. See them while the assortments are still complete. Others At l(K'-l»o-!5c 7/IC BEN FRANKLIN W. V. BUTLER, Owner ed to Fenton by her mother and sister. Miss Bennesh was Dr. Waite's nurse during his recent illness. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dreyer have been going to Fairmont every day the past week to visit their daughter. Alvina. a patient in the Fairmont hospital. Alvina is re covering nicely from a goiter operation. Mrs. Nels Wither* and Mrs. Jennie Jensen accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen of Ringsted to Uode a •*•. ek ago for a vuit with Mrs. T. O. Hanson and with other relatives. Mrs. Hanson is a sister of Mrs. Wilberg and Mrs. Jensen. Mrs. Clarence Theesfield entertained her bridge club Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Clarence Wege.ier, Mrs. Amos Finnestad and Mrs. Walter Jentz were guests. High prize went to Mrs. George Jentz and low to Mrs. Clarence Wegener. Friends and relatives of Dr. Edward Widdel of Madelia, Minn., were pleased to hear of his appointment as second vice president at a meeting of the Minnesota State Association of Optometrists held in St. Paul recently. Dr. Widdel is the son of Chris Widdel. Mrs. Hilbert Hantelman accompanied \V. E. Stoeber to Minneapolis a week ago to visit her parents. Mr. Hantelman and mother, Mrs. Will Hantelman drove to Minneapolis a week ago Sunday for a visit with the latter's sons, Wilmer and family and with William. Jr., a student in Concordin college there. The Woman's Foreign Missionary society met in the church parlors Thursday afternoon, May 7th. Devotions were in charge of Mrs. George Newel. The program was in charge of Mrs. Widdel. The following papers were given: "Thinking It Through" by Mrs AUnter WcMurad; "Under , tin Southern Crow." by Mrs. IB. C. Weisbrod; "Christian Women as Citizens" by Mrs. Walter Widdel. A poem was read by Mrs. George Boettcher. An interesting report was given on the convention, held it Clarion recently, by Mrs. A. H. Meyer and Mrs. Wilbcrt Molldorf. riostesses were Mrs. J. T. Snyder, Mrs. Charles Weisbrod nnd Mrs. 'hillip Weisbrod. "Modern Times" is one of the most Interesting of the year's pictures. Charlie Chaplin denies that it Is a satire on the strenuous pace of present-day existence. To him it Is only a funny Idea worked out in his style of moving pictures. The only complaint we make Is the suggestion that Chaplin, who is undoubtedly an expert pantomimlst, should try another style. Naturally in this burlesque of speed and efficiency, he must move rapidly and jerkily, but in a much slower tempo he should be superb. His pantomime of the old French song, "Titlna", with his back step, slide, and his inimitable gestures Is perfect. This performance suggests all sorts of possibilities for future Chaplin pictures. His portrait photographs are impressive character studies. He might well discard his usual costume and mustache and try an entirely different role. However, this picture, almost entirely without spoken dialogue, is intrlguelng. The music Itself, written by Chaplin, almost takes the place of dialogue, so interpretative it is at times, and imitative at others. For days afterwards, it runs In one's head. Lip reading often makes unnecessary the subtitles. The sequence in which Charlie and Chester Conklin. (with specs and warlus-mustache), try to repair the machinery, only to get Chester all wrapped up in the wheels, is not funny, but well designed nd composed. Paulette Goddard has a character- Elizabeth Bergner has been acclaimed a* greater than Bernhardt or Duse. However that may be, it is not to be wondered at that the critic* are so excessive in their praise. Of course ahe had already played on the stage the role of Gemma in "Escape Me Never," and that has given an extra lustre to her screen performance. But her ease and grace seem as natural and effortless as the swimming of a swan. Close observation reveals that ahe has eliminated every trace of her own personality, every hint of expression from her face, the least suggestion of pose from her manner. She begins from scratch and becomes the essence of the woman she plays. She Impresses by her restraint Her performance Is composed as surely and carefully as a symphony. The tempo of her acting is sfow- f d , to 4L 8pe * d whlch can be f°"owed comprehensibly. There 1 la change of pace to give variety. Her voice in melodious and flexible. The screen play is adapted from the stage play by Margaret Kennedy. It Is a sequel to "The Constant Nymph," concerning the erratic Sangar family of musicians. The supporting cast Is more than adequate. High Sinclair as Sebastian. Griffith Jones as Caryl, and Penelope Dudly-Ward as Fenella, being among the most important. • • • "Devil's Squadron", • story about the guinea pig. or test pllota, is exciting and that Is about all. Richard Dlx has had better roles. The picture Mi*. R. 3. Campbell of Seneca Hostess Seneca: The Modern Mixer club met at the home of Mrs. R. J Campbell, Wednesday afternoon May ft Miss Sigurd Ofaen won a prise for the contest of the afternoon and the remainder of the afternoon was spent in embroidering designs on the corner of dish towels after which a delicious luncheon was served by the hostess. Mrs. Harvey Christiansen and daughter of Rlngstedand Ruby 'aittseit vyei'G chib guests?. Mr. and Mr». J. J. Drinnan and ETsfe Kessef were rafters in Algona ful face, not pretty, but strong. Let us hope that hasn't quite the compactness, the coherence of "Modern Times" will be shown here again. "Ceilinsr Zero." Th» «rnr« «/ <<rw...u>. o_..-j „ "Modern Times" will be shown here again. • • • "The Singing Kid." Al Jotson In one of the big names in amusement circles, we don't quite know ny. It is rather difficult to get past that impediment in his speech, and he does sing such a sentimental lot of bosh. But many of the song hits are just that. Cab Calloway is fairly amusing with his grotesque antics. Horton hasn't an adequate role. Really. Sybil Jason, the child star, is the best one of the cast. She may not be so endearing as Shirley Temple, but she exceeds her in genuine talent. The one artistic scene is the negro spiritual sequence in the show within the show. • • • "Java Head" I* a faithful picturlsatlon of the novel by Joseph Hergesheimer. In that it reminds one of the film, "Jalna." It Is a British picture and perhaps that accounts for the change of location from Salem to Bristol. The dialogue of the book is adhered to. as far as possible, and the costumes of the period are used. The greatest charm of a picture made from a novel is the fidelity with which the descriptions, plot character development and the lines are followed. People especially enjoy what is familiar to them. Anna May Wong is well cast as the Chinese bride. So, too, is Edmund Gwenn, and very unpleasantly convincing. John Loder makes a picturesque young man of the sea. Elizabeth Allen Is fair ns Nettie Vollar, but gives no idea of the extent to which her malaise has spent her strength. The most satisfactory actor in the cast is the man who plays Jeremy Ammidon, the grandfather. Unfortunately, we did not learn his name. Ceiling Zero." The story of "Devil's Squadron' was written by Richard Grace, who is himself a test pilot. A 1,000 horsepower Northrop Gamma, duplicate of the plane in which Howard Hughes recently broke the transcontinental record, was required by the script Since the only ship of the type available was new and untested, Herb White was given the task of testing It White went through alt of the stunts, loops, spins, dives, rolls, and finished with the 9-G power dive from a 2000 foot altitude. Although the plane came out of it all right, the pilot had to spend two days in the hospital to get over the effects of the dive. In the meantime, Dix and the other payers were able to use the plane after the teat • * • "Desire", an artificial sort of farce. Is little more than an excuse to show Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper. Cooper has the same sort of role as in "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town." Repitition does not improve one's enjoyment of his style, which was much better In the latter picture. The glamorous Marlene has become slightly tiresome. One would prefer to see her act instead of putting on the same old act. Several years ago there was shown a very early Dietrich picture, of German make probably. You would never believe how fat she was, how double-chinned; ("Desire" shows only one shot of her in which her same turned-up nose is revealed); how awkard and jtrlty were her gestures and actions. Since then she has developed an almost motionless style of posing. In "Dishonored" during an interlude when she was disguised as a Russian peasant girl, she gave some indication of being able to act Why doesn't she act? (Act—Whdayu mean" Roll her eyes, more?)—Ed. Mrs. Harry Hobson Hostess to Mothers Club. Lone Rock Lone Rock: The Mother's club met last Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Harry Hobson and with Mrs. Fred Wegener assisting. Mrs. E. M. „' ,-nsen gave a paper: Mrs. W. G. Flaig sang a vocal selection. "Mother Machrec"; Mrs. Calvin Householder conducted games. The next meeting will be with Mrs. C. M. Gross nnd with Mrs. Raymond Bierstedt assisting. Titonka Study Club Titonka: The Woman's Study club met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Frances Budlong. After the business session. Mrs. Marion Hoon gave a review of the book, "From Tangier to Tripoli," by F. C. Carpenter. Twelve members were present. After the club adjourned for the social hour, lunch was served. An t'nwlw Derision Ha> Broken Many a Heart! Bead "Heart- to-Heart TkUti" by Kathleen Norris, Who Assume* the Roll- of "Love Councillor" In Nemt Hunday'* Chlraro H»r- ald and Examiner. I R. S. BLOSSOM Democntic Candidate For County Treasurer subject ir, will (.1 U.r r>cin.,. t id, M,'.,T.- in the lu;:e prmriry 1 Will a;/|,|e late yiail sllppl'll Glenn Sharp spent last week Tuesday in Dayton. The C. W. Helgasona spent last Thursday at the William Helgaaon home in Walllngford. A few Lone Rock people attended the wrestling match in Armstrong Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rahn and Roy Lceper left last Tuesday for Rochester where Harry will under- o an operation. Mrs. Merwin Marlow and son, Merrill Faye spent the past week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Collins ut Livcrmorc. Mrs. Russell Sharp and daughter, Joan, spent the past week at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brendt, Granada, Minn. The Helping Hand club met with Mrs. Calvin Householder last week Tuesday afternoon. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Glenn Sharp and Mr.s. Charles Hill will assist. The Ladies' Mite society met last Thursday afternoon in the church parlors with Mrs. W. G. Flaig as hostess. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Harry Hobson. POPULAR FUNDS HELPING RAISE SWEA BANDSTAND Being Erected In City Park; Ready Very Soon ONLY ONE SWOM of SOAP FLAKES is REQUIRED IN Saves Soap~S*ues fork deep, n. h ' !' it lies qui l I- i Uun-ir>, bath «;r oUi iJ;:il.. J lu(I ahull iio Kohlhaas & Spilles Family Reunion at West Bend West Bend: A fumily reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Art Zinnel, Sunday a week ago. | Those present were Mr. and Mrs. I John Zinnel, Jr.. and children and i Mr. and Mrs. Harold Zinnel and daughter of Worthington, Minn.: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zinnei and family. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zin- ncl. Mr and Mrs. Eilt Hundertmark, Mrs John Zmntl, .Sr, and Mr and Mrs. Htnry Eisler. The day was .spent with a big dinner at noon and with visiting and taking |iu lures during the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C'. C. Miller drove to KstiH-rvilIe Sunday. j Miss Iiia ami ;; 3( ..r Hiley spent j Sunday at I.uVeriie visKiiij; friends, j KoriKsiia.-h of Cellar | Kall.-i .pent Sunday with his mother lie re. Mr. and Mrs, John Abbas and family spent .Sunday at Estherville with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Miller and Mr and Mrs. Wilbur Justice drove to Okcboji Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Jacobs re- lumed Monday from Charles City, where lhey spent the week end. Mr and Mrs. A. deal and family of Kulfe and I;orothy deal of en spent Sunday tit the Myron .-i home. Irviu Morcy and daughter return- oil to I'ioneer Sunday evening after a visit with Jus mother. Mrs B. A. Merey Mr and Mrs Axel Hansen and Daughter, Juanila drove to Okobo- j ji Sunday and viewed the wreckage of the toinadu ^Mrs. George Martin .imJ son of Kureka. Ill , canu- Sunday morning lor a vi.-,it at the home of her father. Chao. Anhktr. ^ The Bay View club enjoyed a j Molliets I»u.v luiuheon at the home j ol Mi.-, Km ma Iiewilt. Tuesday. I After a one o'< !oek lum-heun the j atu-ciioun was ;>j,eiH with games. | Mi... I.oyJ Kisi MO won first prize, j Mrs. Kongsi/aih, the consolation j pri.u- and Mrs IUa Wdliurna' side ; w on the priie lor coiilesU. Swea City: Plans for the erection of a band shell for the City Park are being completed. The balance of the fund necessary to make thU Improvement is financed by popular subscription. The band shell will then be completed at an early date. A daughter was born recently to Mr. and Mrs. George Pearson. The Sam Rystad department store is holding its second anniversary celebration. Mrs. Anna B. Pearson left Friday For Chicago to visit her daughter. Mrs. Phillip Harrington. The American Legion Auxiliary will serve the junior-senior banquet U the high school dining room on Friday, May 22. Abel Erickson and family of Armstrong, moved into the former Olaf Pearson residence. Mr. Erickson is employed as section boss, replacing C. W. Carr, who moved to Estherville. Regular meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary was held on Friday night. The Junior Auxiliary members presented the program giving a skit, entitled "Poppies What Do They Mean?" Reports of the district meeting were given by Mesdames Fred Peterson, Ray Lord and G. K. Nelson. Special Mothers Day Program At Good Hope, Thur. Union: The Mother's Day program held at the Community room at Good Hope church by the Mothers and Daughters club Thursday, May 7, was greatly enjoyed. A song specially arranged for Mothers Day wns sung by the ladies to the tune of America. Rev. Wood sang "A Mother's Prayer," accompanied by Mrs. Wood. Paper by Anna Marlow and Ethel Smith on Famous Women were read. Letty and Betty Sarchett spoke recitations on "Twin Daisies. Violin and piano music was furnished by Luc tie Oearcbi and Laura Speraw. Lunch was served by the hostesses. Mary Wood and Bertha Sarchett Favors were iris and tulips. Whittemore Girl On Radio Skit Whittemore: Mary Alma O'Brien daughter of Mrs. Catherine O'Brien] now at the state sanitarium at Oakdale made her appearance over the radio last week Monday evening over Station WSUI. when she played a lead in a short presentation by Otikdale patients, dealing with Rehabilitation of the Tuber- culous, O'Brien's work was approved by all. Very III at 75 Mrs. Ferdinand Albright left on Thursday for Cherokee to see her husband, who underwent a appendectomy operation there Saturday. May 2. She was accompanied by her daughters. Mrs. Emil Mittag mid Mrs. Erwin Turner and Robert Albright. Word has not been received here as to his condition. Mr. Albright has not been in the best of health and at the age of 75 his condition may prove serious Busy Bee Meeting The Busy Bee club met May 1st with Louise Rhomstad at the home of her mother, Mrs. Presley Sarchett. Mary Sarchett gave a reading. Gerald Rhomstad sang a solo. Mrs. Albert Wibben read a paper on "Interesting Facts." Lunch was served by the hostess. The next meeting will be Friday, May 15th, at the home of Mrs. Frank Bahling west of Burt. This Is a Mothers Day tea and the members are each to bring a mother or guest. The ladies in charge of the program are Bertha Sarchett, Louise Rhomstad and Abbie Tjaden. The menu committee is Mary Sarchett, Ida Win- liie and B:isie Dugan. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bollig spent the past week end with relatives at Comfrey, Minn. Mrs. Cecil Baldwin of Armstrong spent Thursday at tttf parental C. F. Nielsen home. Mrs. Anna Haskin is spending several weeks at the Jay Saxton home near Fairmont. Harry McChane and daughter, Evelyn of near Btirt spent Tuesday afternoon at the J. W. Bollig home. Miss Elsie Kessel of Harvey, III., spent several days the past week with her mother, Mrs. J. J. Drinnan. Donald Lee Sharps spent the fore part of the past week at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Nielsen. The Seneca ErigJi school boys' baseball team is having bad luck. They were defeated by Grant Yues- day and Ringsted Thursday.. Comfrey, Mittn* sp*nt tin far* part of the week at tB* Aflkttm Lentsch and J. W. Btttifg homes, ACrs. RHLynwnd Airasraott their children of n«*r OMtak CHy spent Wednesday at the home her sister, Mrs, Leonard Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Menrln Mwphy of Fairmont are the parents of a bfthy daughter. This to the third child and the second daughter. Mr* Murphy was formerly Eleanor Saunders, a. former Seneca girl. Will Johns returned to Iowa City Wednesday morning: where- he wll have the cast taken off from, his arm. Mr. Johns was down there previously when the cast waa pal in his arm. He then returned home. UNION NEWS Herman Dau has not been feeing the best the past week. Albert Wlbben has been suffering with sciatic rheumatism of late. Mrs. J. Mansmlth (Edna Wlnkel) if Seaforth, Minn., and her son, Sdwln and his wife of LeSeuer, (inn., spent last week end. at the 7 acob Wlnkel home. Edwin runs a lakery and his stay was limited. Dull Headaches Gkrae, Simple Remedy Does It Headaches caused by constipation are gone after one dose of Adlerlka. This cleans poisons out of BOTH upper and lower bowels. Ends bad sleep, nervousness. While they last SPECIAL lOc trial size on sale at E. W. Lusby, Druggist Vote For til J. J. DOOLEY Democratic Candidate for Re-election as County Recorder A Record of Store Work Handled With Less Expense 17-21 FOR THEIR GRADUATION May and June Are The Graduation Months and this spring and summer WHITE IS RIGHT IN SHOES BrownelPs have the most complete stock of new. white shoes, In the history of the •tore and the price* are reasonable. AT LAW ft 3. Harrington J. D. Lew* HAKfttNOTOK * LOWS Rooms 212-14 Pint Nan Bit BM« ALGONA, IOWA A JUBOKAB ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections win receive prompt attention ALGONA, IOWA ft. B. QVABTON •. T ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Koesuth Co. State Bk. Office Ph*ne> 427 ALGONA, IOWA A. •MM*ALP C. nODODOMB (X •(J'H!H1BO*» ATTORNEYS AT LAW Qulnby Bldg. Phone 951 E. ». VAN NE88-6kW. 8CTLLMAM LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 213-W Algona, low* Gayford D. Shumway Kdw. D. Kelly SmnWWAT * KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Qulnby A KrauaesBlda. Algona, Iowa Phone 8t> ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Qulnby Bldg. Phone 180 ALGONA, IOWA E. C. McWAHON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Qulnby A Krause Bid*, Algona, Iowa Phone 1*» warn: ATTORNEY AT LAW Office 'over Iowa State Bank Phone 306 r. A. DMN8ON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Bid*. Office Phone 4W-J Re* W» ALGONA, IOWA J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMahon L. E. Ltnnan SULLIVAN, MTMAUON * LINNA.H ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA CARROL A. WANDER ATTORNEY AT LAW Over Postoffice Phone PHYSICIANS *% SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN A SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L. Rist over Rexall Drug Store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 890 ALGONA. IOWA FOR THE YOUNG LADIES AIRSTEP WHITE KID A beautiful style, with a cushion of comfort. 1,'nion 4-H CJirn The Union township 4-H club girls met Saturday. May 2, at the home of Fern Gish. Bcrnice Dodds was rhosen as the girls' delegate to the convention at Ames. The girls art at present looking for a new leader. Another meeting will be held soon to elect officers. A delicious lunch was served. More Used Cars! KVERYONK I'l T INTO FIRST < I.ASS CONDITION WATCH 01 B I SKD (AH LOT FOB BARGAINS 1935 Plymouth, 2 door trg, black with side rat. like new 1935 Ford V 8 2 dr., black, green trim, like new 1933 Ford V-8, 2 dr. black, exc. cond. new paint 1933 Plymouth 4 dr. trg. sedan, excellent condition, extra clean 1932 Plymouth 4 dr. trg. sedan, excellent condition, extra clean 1931 Chev. coach, fine shape 1930 Model A Ford, excellent condition 1929 Chev. coach, exellent condition, clean 1929 Chev. coach, fine condition 1929 Hudson sedan, new overhaul job, cheap 1928 Chevrolet Coach and others Maxwell Motors Chryslers and Plymouths WE TRADE EASY TEEMS $5.50 AIRSTEP SANDAL A sample of the many designs and styles. $5.50 Other Summer Shoes at $2.95 and $3.95 FOR THE YOUNG MEN WHITE BUCK A style, at the right; that is proving most popular just now. $5.00 A Brownbilt Shoe CX H. CKITTZMEYER, M. D. SURGEON A PHTSICIAN Office John Galbralth Bldg. Phone 444-310 MELVIN O. BOURNE PHYSICIAN A SURGEON Office over Post Office Bldg. Phones—Office 197 Res. DR. C. C. SHIERK Chiropodist—Podiatrist FOOT SPECIALIST Over Chri«ten»on'» Store Phone 390 Algon* DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Gas, Novocalne used for extraction Located over Chrlstenaen store Phone, Business 106, Residence 7M ALGONA. IOWA DR. C. D. HCHAAP DENTIST Quinby Bldg. Phone 131 Res. Phone 174 Algona, low* VETERINARIANS FOX * WINKEL Dr. L. W. Fox Dr. J. B. Winkel Office 220 West State Street Office Phone 475-W Re». 475-H ALGONA. IOWA WHITE CALF A serviceable summer shoe with both class and long life. $5.00 A Brownbilt Shoe Other White Calf and Buckskin Shoes at $3.50 FOR COURTESY-QUALITY-PRICE BrownellShoeCo. The Shoe Store of KossutJi Count v will gel oomiorUble «nd friendly hoipiUUtjr *! lae New NICOLLET HOTEL, whether your »i«it be Ion wtaMt or p)»a»uj» or both, «l iitei that <!• lurprldngly •oderat*. 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