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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois • Page 3

Herald and Reviewi
Decatur, Illinois
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MOUNTNG HERAIiD THTXK5DAY, IsOTEMBEB 9 1899. IETEGTIVE HAD TO SKATE -TO THE SI Blade Young Again. One of Dr. King'B New Life Pills each night for two weeks has put me in my teens' again" writes D. H.

Turner of Damp-seytown, Pa. tThey're the best in the world for liver, stomach and bowels Purely vegetable. Never gripe. Only 25o at J. E.

King and a F. Shilling's. Tbe further a woman is from perfection the less ready is she to acknowledge perfeo tion in others. rnmrnm. 4TlhING YOr WANT IX THE LINE OF UKl'OS i s.

Sundries. Toilet Articles. Rubber t' cm procure fron our eifC.e i we nave tae of;e:arv and Standard id our prescription department -i for trie care and skill with u3-iv rrfM-ripiions are compounaea zd high prarte drugs. MSG'S DRUG STORE. Bcaiof Business For Sr3CC ilcre APP'y t0 John w- K'nncy, 546 North Church Street.

J. Finn, room 4. Court House -c Drueclsts. ata X. Main.

ii.itfl. 21 liii s. Water. Martin Furniture. 1.

H. -i Paoer. Twines. i Successor to U. L.

Oris wold vl'' li. itil Jiam St. Flione 42. Norman's; bath tubs. Paints.

Oils. Water St. iv uvrver. IS Merchant St. Drv Goods and Clothing.

53S- K. Kidorado St. Both phones. Harness and Buggies. 2o8E.Maia Dry Goods.

C59 N. Water. 1 Monument WorSs. 413 N. Main.

'II: i Eye ana water, IMrk. Lawyers and Loan Aerents. ferrC-L Kneumatism, at irwin s. s.

insurance, ltrj E. Prairie yews House and Ciyars. Wrn. Insurance. 6U VT.

Wood. lu mber. 413 Wabash ave. 1 c. Lawyer.

Millikin Building, Undertakers. 249 N. Main, i. I.ivt rv. Inith Phones J.

News Dealer. 1063. N. Water. .1 Cheap Property and Fire Ins.

'r Sporting friwds. Hard Waster 341 Wabash ave. fif- a'-r ivjinl'iiiR A Heating SuO N. Water iv Delivery. Phones Dairv.

Bottled Milk. I860 N. Water. n-tou Machine KeDairine. 521 Mercer SvwTrl.

131. No: left town, -f'-ri-'n. P. Kinc; Furnaces. E.

Eldorado St. Shorb. Plumbing. 21.3 N. Main.

F-nS Jewelrv-Fine China, 156 I 7 pavis Shoeist. 152 E. Main, 'rs-er Tailor. Suits $12 up. X.

Main. fa-er C. A. Music Studio. 345 N.

Main, vv-iri. H. S. A Boots-Shoes. Geb'ht Blk iter.

S. Insurance, 412 Millikin Bide. i liambrerht. Cigar 317 N. Water Cornice Works.

224 W. Main. Tel. 313, i 1 hardware. 233 N.

Main Ho-: M. Keal Estate. Loans. 149 S. Water H.

Grocers. 11199 W. Main. Hefngerators.

6S0 -V. Broadway, I. X. 4 Druggists. KO E.

Prairie, Mfg. Pharmacists, jii S. Keal Estate. 112 JJ. Water.

Kt-'i. Jacob. Cigar Store. 113 Water, K2i.4i:e Druggist, "prices are right," ii-jm-v. Cash both phones.

Lis: i Scrutes Water. Main and State Sta Moore. Eastern Kansas lands. Lr-3 Lumber 54ti E. Cerro Gordo.

Mci-iier'H Art Store, south of Postottlce, Xctr. Goo. Carpets and Furniture. Harry Constable and Collecting Mtnl. 117 S.

Water. H-iri 147 S. Water St. Wells Hardware. Van.

a Wabash both phones. Pr. C. 215 Central N. Ph.

212. Hank of Decatur. The. H- Drnir and Sunnlv pnone303. j.a.

Mary Optician. 220 N. Main. c. C.

Coal. Feed. 62S N. Main, phone 398. 1-1.

L-. insurance. rowers eiu-e. jf rn. Jobber.

Tob. Phone 524. Btaae.mer Clothing. Masonic Temple. House Drug H.C.

Burks. Reg. Ph. 7 fcrke i Son. Coal" Lime.

Cement Sewer Pipe, iui.i aiiu xvm. javi. i ar 'l Organs, see Lutz's stock, his prices ire riefit. terms easy. Par Meat Market.

Lincoln Square. uri Wall Paper, 103 E. North. Music House. lo4 E.

Prairie. Jrsa 4 Seemrth. Cigar Mfrs. LincolnSq.uare iu. Ciofhing Mfg.

ISSN. Water. 605 N. Water, sy nni-i Grocer. Gebhart Block.

sbel.aharsfr Mill and Elevator Co. Mzicon. H. Restaurant. Lincoln bquare.

s-arr J. A Son. Harness. Lincoln Souare. Mrear.riren.

F. Drugs. Ill N. Water. Ta Store: Coffee.

Spices. 112N. Water. Wilbur's Home Bakerv. 209 N.

Main. New Tel. Wallace. Mrs. Milliner'v.

119 E. William. Paner. Roddv Stand. 5t N.

Church, lt. "The Host at West's" Drug Store. Vy.l Flint. Chemists. 214-21S W.

Main. Wood Jew elry Opera House Block. Teeth! Teeth! EXTRACTED FREE When Taeta an Ordand at 153 fl. Water Street ICwt Jokutoa'i Dry Ooodi 3 tor) and Cement and up 9nU9d Polbol sc and Ktei Repaired soc anfj cp Pttth Extracted Without Pain 35c rfGo Filling tI Q0 andnp 1 browns, aa karat Set of Teeth ia Alt WORK eUARANTEEB. fr F.

A. Warnes WE TAKE SUBSCRIPTIONS Jt I or all tne world, at publishers prices. is me best season to subscribe iiuw. ut course we want home patronage. Do not send your money outside the nitv when wpJ trCat vou hetter than anv nnK- -isher and af nnr pvnpci anrl risk.

7 L. CHODAT'S .1 NEWS HOUSE IScrth Water Street, Decatur, 111. BOOKS ON SOUTH AFRICA. The Demand at the Library Has Materially Increased. Tbe interest in Soutn Africa and the war between the English an the Koers has caused literature on tbe subject of that country to bs ery much in demand.

The calls at the public library for any kind of literature bearing on the subject hare been numerous and a list of articles will be prepared for reference. Several new books have also been ordered but ihe time of their arrival is not yet known. One bcok on the subject now in the library is "Impressions of South Africa," by James Bryce, telling of the Europeans in Africa from the first settlement to 1895, giving a clear and judicial account of the Jamnsson raid of that year. In discussing the TJitlander problem Mr. Bryce is at h'13 The closing chapters of tie book deal with tbe future of South Africa.

A good ssquel to this book is Capt. Young-husband's uth Africa of Today," taking up the story just where Mr. Bryce leaves it, and giving an accaunt of the Jamesson raid the standpoint of an eye-witne35. The chapters on the Eoer system of government and on the Sitlanders are very intereitinj reading, but tbesaquel is not to be found at tbe library. Anoiher toak in the library of earlier date but of no less value is E.

W. Latimer's "Europe in Africa in the Nineteenth Century." The weekly numbers of lbs Nation, Public Opinion, Harper's Weekly, Outlook and i-ew York independent, devote space to a review of the week's happenings and to disussion; of the different phases of tbe subject The late numbors of tbe North American Keview, Nineteenth Century and Forum contain articles upon both sides of tbe question by competent authorities. Some excellent publications not found in the library are "The Historical Geography of South Africa," by 0. P. Lucas, is a woll written work upon a timely and difficult subject.

It gives an excellent account of the three periods of settlement, Portuguese, Dutch and Eritisb, beginning with the discovery of the cape by Magellan in 1497. Stanley xcrougn soutn Africa, is made up of newspaper correspondence during a trip through tbe country of tbe Boers. Tbe latest book upon this subject is Olive Schreiner's "South African Question, which is a discussion of the subject from the standpoint of one who knows and loves tbe land for which she make3 a strong ap peal. DOGS KEPT BUSY. Follow Three Good Trials at Nlantlo and Are Called to Nokomis.

Bendnre's bloodhounds which were 'called to Niantic on Tuesday night to endeavor to trail the boys who placed an outbuilding on the Wabash (rack nera brought back home Wedneiday morning. Charles Braden and Clyde Baohnnan and Boy Bendure and Dep. uty Sheriff Wilson went to Niantic, tbe first two named being the regular handlers of tbe dogs. Tbe work of the hour.ds was entirely satisfactory to Wabash Detective Granger. Tbe bounds followed three good trails.

It so happened that Detective Granger was on tbe train that hit tbe building, and he stopped tbere and at once took charge of the matter of ferreting out the guilty parties. Knowing that the trail must be fresh and that splendid chance was afforded for work with bounds be called for them. The building that was placed across the track was a frail one whioh bad been overturned on Hallowe'en night. It did not contain any heavy timbers or a serious wreck might have resulted. Tbe chances aro that the mischievous small boys placed the building in front of the train.

CALLED TO NOKOMIS. Wednesday afternoon the bloodhounds were called out to Nokomis. It was too late to catch the Illinois Central train and Brad-en and Buchanan therefore went to Litchfield over the Wabash expecting to make connection with the Big Burglars worked tbe little town on Tuesday night, entering the rorr.63 Dr. Byan and a man named Wells. It is not known how much of a haul they made.

Glorifies the Hen. F. A. Rodman in Bloomington Paragraph: It is estimated that the hens of this country on last year laid 11,400,000 eggB, and that there was water enough in those eggs to irrigate over 2,000 aoies of corn. It is claimed that there ara 26 grains of sugar in each egg; that would make 50,000,000 pcunds of sugar that the hens laid in one year.

A hen is worthy of tbe b3St work of the fancier, the farmer or the busisaa man. The money obtained for her products is widely distributed; 't circulates every where; it cannot be cornered, it goeB into every home, every farm, every town, every grocery Btore in the land. Tbe hen is a chemist, a banker and a manufacturer, she holds the fort from ihe Klondike to Cape Horn, ind she Is rolling mortgages away upon her eggs and cackling a brave defiance when the wolf bowls at the door." The Noted Emma Bond. The Pan a Palladium says: "Christian oounty people will be anxious to learn the whereabouts of the noted" Emma Bond. She is now living with ber husband on the farm of her brotber-in-lew, Henry Good rich, formerly of Taylorville, near Leon.

Kansas. Mr. Goodrich has moved into Leon to send his children to school. All of th older rosidents of Pana will remember tbe noted Emma Bond rape trial, and how near two men came being bung in the Taylorville court house yard by an in feruiated mob. It was a case in which considerable mystery surrounds it to this day." Improving the Planter.

The 0., B. Q- company is making a number of improvements in the corn planter which they marketed last year. The planter that will be sold to this year's trade will be about 100 pounds lighter, tbe frame will be several inches shorter and the whole machine will be much more com pact in construction. Tbe wormng parts ot the planter will remain the same as last year. FELT Weather Strips saves Fuel keeps out rain, snow and dust.

2 cts to 7 cts per foot. Morehouse Wells Co. The effort to combine all the sheet i mills of tbe country has failed. The public seems Inclined to disregard entirely tbe Transvaal situation, which was a factor in tbe market recently. The Lancaster, formerly Hotel Woodruff, Wabash avenue and 21st street, Chicago.

has teen thoroughly remodeled and strictly up-to-date. Large comfortable rooms, 75 and up; European plan. Excellent restaurant and bar in connection Moderate prices. Convenient to all South Side street car and elevated railroad lines. Ten minutes ride to business center.

Spec ial rates to parties remaining a week or more. Only about 7 per cent of the Interest which the treasury department offered to anticipate was oalled for in advance. It is officially denied that John W. Gates will be the next president of tbe Pittsburg Gulf; be is to be chairman of the advi sory committee Many people ere suffering fearfully from indigeltion or dyspepsia, when one single bottle of Her bine would bring about prompt and permanent cure. A few doses will do more for a weak stomach than a prolonged course of an; other medicine, Price 50 cents at King's drug store.

The American Tin Plate companywhich owns thirty-nine plants, with 288 mills, has shut down sixteen plants with 106 mills in to past two weeks. Ibis is due to short age of material. Beauty la Blood Deep. Clean blood means a clean skin. Ko beauty -without it.

Cascarets, Candy Cathar tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im- Eurities from the body. Begin to-day to anish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads, and that sickly bilious complexion by taking Cascarets, beauty for ten cents. All drug gists, sausiaction guaranteed, luc, zoc, sue. The bank of England's minimum rate of discount remains uncanged at 5 per cent and its proportion of reserve to liability now 48.9 per cent, against U.i per cent, last weeK and i'J. per cent a year ago.

Brave Explorers. Like Stanley Livingstone, found it harder to overcome malaria, fever and ague and tybpoid disease gerixs than savage can-nibab; but thousands have found that Electric Bitters is a wonderful cure for all malarial diseases. If you have chills with fever, aches in back of neck and head, and tired, worn out feeling, a trial will con vince you of their merit. W. A.

Null of Webb, UL, writes: "My children suffered for more tban a year with chills and fever; then two bottles of Electric Bitters cured them." Only 60 cents. Try tbem. Guaranteed, Sol 1 by J. King and 0. Shilling, druggsbi.

Horses are dying off in northern Missouri frcm the effects of tbe loco weed. It has been ascertained that 'the Jester case will cost tbe state of Missouri $50,000, Tbere is probably no more dis tressing and annoying than piles. TAB LtKs fiua uijsxaib'i' is daily curing cases of years' standing of itching and bleeding piles. The cure begins on tbe flret application, a little perseverance makes the enre complete. Prire 50 cents in bottles.

Tubes, 75 cents. King's drug store. South America ie trying to'beat the Mis souri mule by a cross between the horse and zebra. Dtm't Tobieco Spii and Smoke lour Life Awsy. To quit toljncco easily and forever, be magnetic, lull of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To- Bac, tbe wonder-worker, tbat makes weak men strong.

All druggists, SOc or 81. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and sample free. Address Stetling Remedy Chicago or New York, It will be Observed that tbe sentiments of Admiral Dewey oppose those of Col. Bryan.

i Spring Valley will soon have a eoal mine in operation that wilh'turn out 2,000 tons of screened ooal per day. For all freBh cuts or wounds, either on the human subject or on animals, BALLARD'S SNOW LINIMENT is excellent; while for corn-buskers' sprained wrists, barbed-wire cuts and sores on working horses, it cannot be too highly commended. Price 25 and 50 cents at King's drug store. Just bb soon as a now.rluc mine is discovered in Kansas large numbers of bonus dimes make their appearance. Jerry Simpson, of Medicine Lodge, doesn't seem to be much in evidence in welcoming the returning Kansas soldier from the Philippines.

Six Frightful Failures. Six terrible failures of six different doo tors nearly sent Wm. H. Mullen of Lock-land, to an early grave. All said be had a fatal lung trouble and that he must soon die.

But be was urged to try Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. After taking five bottles he was entirely cured. It is positively guaranteed to cure all diseases of throat, chest and lungs, including coughs, colds, In grippe, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, hay fever, ctoup, whooping cough. 50c and Trial bottles free at J.

E. King and O. F. Shilling's drug stores. DeWitt 0.

Wing, formerly editor of the Democrat, has become editor of tbe Farmers' Voice, with headquarters at Springfield, 111. HEBRIKE sweetens the breath, bright ens tbe eyes and clears tbe complexion without the slightest ill effects whatever, and ensures tbe natural blootn, of health. Price, 50 cents. King's drug store. If love faas a thousand eyes jealousy has twice that number.

Hard work often is akin to play, but never so to an idle man. Hew Are Toor Kidney Dr. Hoobs' Sparagns PHls enre all kidney i'us. Sample free. Add.

Sterling Remedy Chicago or N. y. Love, like tbe measles, ia quite catching, but generally curable. WHITE'S CREAM VERMIFUGE re moves the unhealthy tissue upon which worms thrive; it and -quickly, a healthy condition of body, where worms cannot exist. Price, 25 cents.

Kings drug tore. AMATEUR DETECTIVE GETS INTO A TIGHT BOX AT ATLANTA SPOT- TING GAMBLERS. THEY WANTED TO MOB HIM Prisoner in Christian County Jail Sends Lawyer on Wild Goose Chase. THE NEWS FROM SEAREI TOWNS 1 Atlanta, Not. 8.

There wa nearly a riot bore this afternoon, when an attempt was made to mob a detective named Sjther land, who has been here lately working up evidence against the gam blera. He has been here for some time, and ropreeented that he was a hand and managed to get on the inside of the games with the result that he had a good list against whom it wa understood proceedings would be made. Carey Turner and George Baker were arrested tod-y imd the trial was started, but comprnimsed before a jury was secured. The feeling was Tery bitter against the detoetive and be wa3 plaead in charge of oSBaers. J.

1'. Eaton anil Ralph Welch, whoe8aorted him to the train, which was foupd to be late and they went to the A lanta bouse. Here an attempt was made to get at the detective and in trying to protect him OfSurra Eaton waa badly beaten. Sutherland escaped by a buck dpor and made his way out of town overlund. There was intense escitaicent for awhile.

Mayor Hawei bns issued tbe edict that gambling inust aDd those who persist in trans-gressine the law are likely to find he is in earnest. CLAIMS A BURIED FORTUNE Christian County Prisoner Is Hoodwinking Attorneys. Taylorviille, Nov. 9. Oscar Williams, prisoner in the county jail charged with stealing the wearing Simpson, still etoutly has $120 buried in the apparel of Quint maintains that he vicinity of Litch- field.

It will be rememberei that not long ago Judges Potts and Elder visited Litch. field with spade and pick and made fruitless search for the bidden treasure. Judge Potts has been retained for the defense and his fee is a contingent one contingent upon finding money. There is much speculation in legal circles in regard to the story. While the attorneys are ever ready to twit Judge Potts in regard to the "wild goose chase," they are at a loss to understand why the prisoner should tell such a story, if not true.

Ee could gain nothing thereby but tbe contempt of his attorney who has spent much time and a little money upon tbe search. It might be well for Judge Potts to secure tbe services of Attorney A. D. Sitttler who proved himself a veritable ferret in gathering the scattered fortune of his ward Elijah Hudson. Snyder-Perkins.

Pulaski, 111., Nov. 8. The marriage ot Miss Elizabeth M. Perkins, of LsMoillo to W. W.

Snyder of thhi city, will occur at the borne of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perkins at 8:30 o'clock Thursday morning, November 9. Mis3 Perkins was a former High School teacher here, and baa many friends to extend her best wishes. Mr.

Snyder is our popular south side merchant tailor. After the weddiDg tour Mr. and Mrs. Snyder will be at home Mt. Pulaski in the cosy residence recently completed by the groom.

Imported Horses. Monticello, Nov. 8. (Special) Ridge-ley and Taylor, who some three months oago went to Franoe to buy horses, have just arrived with a load of fine draft horBes which thoy will sell at this place. While gone they visited France, England andlGermany.

Their shipment was from Paris to New York, thence Monticello, 111. Fekin's Special Election. Fekin, Nov. 8. Pekin iB to have a special election on Tuesday, Deo.

12, when her oitizens will vote for or against purchasing the Pekin water works plant by the city for the sum not to eiceea Small Pox at Mansfield, Mansfield, November 8. A telegraph operator who came here a few weeks ago, was taken ill and it now developes that his trouble was Bmall post. The authorities are going to enforce the racamation at once. Cruel Wife. Taylorville, Nov.

8. Charles D. Byrd has commenced proceedings against his wife for a divorce. He alleges that she threatened to kill him with a butcher knife and with a poker. Byrd wants tfle ousioay of hiB children.

Fashion Note. Artificial dentures constructed In dental parlors are being worn in the pocket more than usual this season. Mister Tobey makes store teeth in bis ache shop. Only S2.75 per set. Extracting tree.

xaso mo nmniut. Tobey, dentist, Baworth bin. a-aot $100 Reward, $100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to loam ihst there is at least one dreaded disease tbat science has been able to cure in all its stuges, and that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is tbe only positive cure knowr lo the medical fratornity.

Catarrh baing constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, aoting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of ho system, thereby destroying the foundation of the giving the patient strength by building up tbe constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of tesimonial'. Address F.

J. Cheney Toledo, O. Sold by druggists. 75c. Ball's Family Pills ara the best THERE WERE SO 3IAXI IN THE CASE THAT THE CONSTABLE DID NOT TRY TO GET THEM.

THE LARKIN SALOON CLOSED Constable Connard Takes the Place on a Foreclosure of Mortgage in FaVor of Mr. Shlaudman. IT WAS A CO-OPERATIVE JOINT Yesterday Constable W. W. Connard clossd tbe saloon conducted by William L.

Larkin in the place formerly occupied by Charles Nyo on North Main 6treet. Tbe closing of tbe place was occasioned by foreclosure proceedings brought by H. Scblaude-man who held mortgages aggregating $730 on tbe stock and fixtures. Constable Connard went to the saloon at noon to close tbe plnce and when he tasked for the keys to the room the man in charge said that he could furnish only a few of them. The constable asked how many he could turn over and the fellow said tbst he could deliver about eight.

When asked how many were extant the bartender said that there were twenty-four keys to the gambling room above and that there were about fifteen which would unlock the door to the saloon. The constable bad been instructed to get the keys to both of the rooms and he was simply appalled when he found out what an endless job be would have if he started to hunt up all of those keys. When he began making inquiries he found that nearly every shoestring gambler in the town and a great many who bad left it in tbe last faw weeks, bad one and tbe constable decided that he would not go to tbe trouble of making tbe collection and so he placed a watchman in charge of tbe place last night. Tbe indications are that tbe watchman will have a steady job until about tbe 18th of the month. Persons holding keys to tbe room above can go in tbere and reach the saloon by an inside stairway in tbe rear.

Readers of tbe papers will remember that on the day before the place was closed the police removed a gambling outfit from the room on tbe second floor. When the officers began aoting ratbnr mysteriously around his place yesterday morning Larkin got it into bis head that the police were going to pull him for operating the gambling room. Accordingly he made plans to escape. One of his friends who owns a horse and buggy was hired to drive him as far as Elwin, a little town five miles south on tbe Illinois Central, and there be boarded a train for tbe south. He did not purchase a tieket at El win and his friends do not kn" where he will light.

FEW SALOONS LESS Number of Dealers Think That it Would Not Pay Them to Continue Business. Ej. Alderman Frank Johnson who has been conducting a saloon on East gMain street has given notice that he will not renew his license for the quarter commencing Nov. 9. It is expected that one other saloonkeeper will quit business.

Tbere will still be fi it -seven joints at which thirst may be quenched if two of them quit. Majors, tbe man who bought the saloon on Merobsnt street, a few weeks, ago has concluded tbat there is nothing in it. Tbe stand seems to be a jonab. Charles Weifel, after years of good business there finally found that it had lost its popularity. He retired but (Jims Koblnson opened up a place there a few months ago.

After a short go at the business Chris quit andjj Frank Behling triad it Frank lound tbat the business was not up to expectations and he turned it over to Majors about the time of the carnival. Majors bad one good week of business and that was all. He got out more than even during that week and came to the conclusion that he could, not save his financial Ecalp if he tried to continue. For that reason be will not take out license. MAIL MATTER FOR SOLDIERS President McKinley Isaacs an Official Or der For Holiday Packages.

A special from Washington under date of Saturday, says: "'In an official order today President McKinley says: "In furtherance of inter changes between those aosent in the ser vice of their country and their families at borne, it is bereby ordered that packages and parcels of mailable matter, containing only articles designed as gifts or souvenirs, and so marked, and with no commercial purpose and not for sale, from offloers, soldiers and sailors serving in the army Bad navy and from persons employed In the oivil service iu the United States in Porto Rico, Gnam, tbe Philippine islands and Cuba, addressed to members of their families in the United States, or packages of the same personal character addressed from tbe United States to officers, sol diers, sailois and others in tbe public ser vice in said may be sent through tbe mails subject only to the domestic regulation of tbe United States." Social This Evening. The deacons and Senior and Intermediate Christian Endeavor societies of the First Baptist church will bold a social at the church this evening which will take on the nature of an informal reception for tbe new membars of tin church and young people's society who have come in under Bev. S. H. Bowyer's pastorate.

Tbere will be musical and literary program and refreshments will be erred. The Big Cattle. Sals of Lutz Brothers has been postponed until Friday, November 10 at 1 o'clock. Some of the finest milch cows in Macon county will be sold. Also a lot of good young cattle and a lot of horses of all kinds.

Remember the day and date, 8-d3 Going to Springfield. Prof. Heibel and about a dozen of the members of the active class of tbe Turners will go over to Springfield Sunday to attend the annual turnwalt which will be held in tbat city. The Decatur Turners will take part in the athletic programme that ill be given. Never try to "coax a cold or cough, use the remedy that unfailingly conquers both.

BALLARD'S HOREHOUND 8TRUP is the great specifio for all throat and lung trou-bias. Pi ice 35 and 60 cents. King's drug store. They say tbat hope it a tonio tbat stimu lates ambition. But hope without work it as nothing.

To Cure Constipation Forever. Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10oor2So, If C. fall to enre, druggists refund money. Moths in a winter overcoat so further in tbe way of gnawing one's vitals than any sorrow for others.

Editor Sees Wonders. -Editor W. V. Barry of Lexington, in exploring Mammoth Cave, contracted a severe case of piles. His quick cure through using Bucklen's Arnica Salve convinced him it is another world's wonder.

Cure! piles, injuries, inflammation, and aU bod ily eruptions. Only 25c at J. E. King and 0. F.Shillings drug stores.

The promise made to be'broken had bet ter not be called a promise. Educate Tour Bowels With Cascarets. Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever. 10c, 25c. If O.

C- C. fail, druggists refund money. MEYER'S GOOD FURNITURE. MUSIC CABINET LIKE CUT, Special Sale, this week only, Easels, Screens, Music Cabinets, Book Shelves, Wall Pockets, etc GEO. W.

MEYER Lowest Price Furnltuee. Carpet and matting House. The Bluegrass Carriage IT Comer East Main and Franklin Sta. Rubber thODS in two riavc nntir Flrm'f hair )a tend the wheels away from home, and mcrciorc at a smaller cost to my customer, and for repairing: and renaiDtinar in ihe carriage line I nee materiel nnt mechanics and have the best references In the city to give and prices in easy Jeach of al6 to i. I am waiting, for yog "I have been using CASCAKETSfor Insomnia, with which I have been afflicted for over twenty years, aad I can say that Cascarets have given me moro relief than any other remedy I have ever tried.

I shall certainly recommend them to my friends as being all they are represented." Thos. Gillaiid, Elgin, 111. nSSaanK F'tW. Potent, Taste Good. Boon, Never Sicken.

Weaken, or Gripe. JOc, So, 60a. CURE CONRTIDATinM SHH Knrtj MT. Otenf, Trk.

Sit HQT0BIR 8paanl (fnaranttied by all drag I U-UHl git to CVBE Tobacco Habit. A I If yon want pure bome 2 made Candies, Fruiti and Nuts, don't forget KETCH AM, 130 South Main St. AT DINNER TIME You will find here an appetizingmeal. It's as good a meal as can be served for 25c. There is always a sense of complete satisfai satisfaction after dinner at The Columbia an Oyster House.


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