The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 20, 1934 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1934
Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, December 20,1934 53 Letters Received in Ad Contest; Interesting Replies GETS 10 VOTES FROM READERS Goeders Co., Misbach Poll 6 Apiece; Vivian Morgan's Letter First Fifty-three were received In response to the request made last week for con- tat letters telling which advertisements In the paper were considered the best, and why. The contest proved to be fun, and the number of answers was very pleasing. Many of the letters were deserving of prizes, but several were longer than 300 words, and some were far from neat in appearance, which had to be taken into consideration in the judging. The Bjustrom advertisement received the biggest vote, ten favoring it In their letters. The Ooeders Co. polled six, as did MlBbach's, Zender & Caldwell, Kohlhaas & Spilles. each reoelv- TRT IT AGAIN! THREE MORE PRIZES Doe to the response to o«r ad judging contest of last week, we will try it acata- Anyone can compete, except employees of this newspaper. Write a letter of not more than 200 words tflllnjr what ad yon like bf*t in this i'su", and why. Entries should be in this office before Wednesday of next week. First pri«e—two year subscription or renewal to Algona Upper Des Moines. Second prize—one year's subscription or renewal. Third prize—six months' subscription or renewal. ELASTIC HOSIERY Comfort, mlform pr*ttura and ionow««r CM b» obfalMd only item Battle Ho•I«T Hi*f li Ktontfflcillr contracted from frwh. tiro rubber «id MM btrt CjMIHy of illk and llnon matorlali. Entry pl«eo of Baltic Hotlory told to - on ttorii x maavfac- twad atpaclallr tor M, mdar ear am ipaclflea- tlont, and carriai o»r GuaranfM ot quality and utMactory lanrlca. Oar template >teek of Saamlau or Saamad Ho- tlarf conlih of: AnMato, Kmo Capi, Laoalngi and Carter SrocUno* ale., ta iff* dlffaraitt grad" •« '«tlk and llfton. Eiport. •fKMI nriMV •IWflyv OM cUrff. No charqa for eon> mltatlo* and fitting*, RaaMMMa pfkoc. ELASTIC HOSIEIY NON-SKID SPOT TAB TRUSSES ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS SHOULDER IRACES Sorensen Drug Algona, Iowa, ed five letters. Christensen's, The Hub Clothiers, and Chrisehilles & Herbst polled three. Shirley Radio received two, Jimmie Neville's auction ad. three: the Aletma Upper Des Moines ad, two; and White's grocery, the Cut Rate. Foster's. Council Oak and Northwestern Bell Telephone one apiece. The winning letters follow: First Prize, Vivian 5VHonfan. Algona, Rt. 1, 2 Tears Subscription "The advertisement that appeals to me most in your latest issue of the Algona Upper Des Moines is the advertisement of The Goeders Company. "The reasons I like this particular j advertisement are: first, that it has I large lettering and pictures. When you glance over a paper of any type, largest lettering takes your eye's attention first. Secondly, this advertisement suggests Christmas and Christmas gifts with the word 'Chrtetmas' printed on it and also the holly leaves and berries scattered here and there over the top. Thirdly, this advertisement has illustrations of one of its main lines of stock besides suggesting Ks more minor lines. "Also the prices are given. There Is no doubt left in your mind about the price. When the prices are not printed a person Is given the feeling that the price is so high the dealer is ashamed to print it or is trying to snare you Into his store nnd then persuading you to buy after you get there. 1 ' Second Prise, Lucia Wallace, Algona One Year Subscription "I choose the Zender & Caldwell ad as the best ad in your excellent paper of this week. First, because it shows such a generous Christmas heart back of its bigness. Second, it invades so many of your buying thought chambers with Just the right suggestions. After reading them you are confident that your gifts are going to give the utmost pleasure to the lucky men to whom they go. "Boys will grow an inch and carry heads high in the nobby new sweater and swell with pride in the snappy top coat. "Third, the wording is clever: 'Shades as mellow as a cello'; isn't that alluring. 'Gifts that respect a man's right," timely too. "Fourth, It is attractively printed, arranged and spaced. The little Christmas touch of holly and bells make it ring to me as a topnotcher." Third Prize, L. S. Bohannon. Algona, One Tear Subscription "The advertisement I like best is the add of the Shirley Radio & Electric Company, advertising the General Electric washer. "My reasons are: "First—it attracts attention. This is accomplished by a picture of the washer and the white letters on the black background. "Second—It arouses interest. This is accomplished by the words "Claims must be proved" and "General Electric Washer," and the four ways In which this washer will make a saving. "Third—It produces conviction. This is accomplished by short clear sentences, four things the washer will do, and the thought, "But our word for it—try it. 1 ' don't take xtxaBaxecKxxoe^ Speaking for mysdf and for the (-loodrieh Tire & Rubber <A>., let me say A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Clapp's Master Service "Fourth—It impresses the memory. This is accomplished by the illustration, the trade mark, name of the washer In heavy type, the savings in time, effort, money, and clothes and the features. "Fifth—It produces action. This is accomplished by asking you to prove Its claims In your own home, and by the words, 'Reduced to $49.50.' "The layout of this ad Is very effective. By making a break in the border, and placing th e illustration at this break, it guides the eye through the ad, and leads it up to the block where the reduction in price is noted." Fourth Prize, C. S. Erlander,, advertising manager, I» S. Donaldson Co., Minnapolls, Minn. "Sirs: To my mind, the advertisement of Bjustrom's in your Dec. 13 issue, wins by a nose. First of all, it has attention compelling qualities in its border, and the use of white space. It has change of face in type, using italic and typewriter type to good advantage. Again, it has an appeal to both men and women, and tells the story briefly and emphatically. There were many good advertisements, however, so I won't feed badly if I don't win. Regards to yourself. *** Fifth Prize, Mrs. George Haclunan, A'gona, 6 months &ub. (Although Mrs. Hackman did not adhere strictly to writing about one ad, her reply is such that we have awarded her fifth prize anyway). "The first ads I read are the grocery #ds. They have such nice specials for the week end. One knows Just what each article costs and I have heard that to win a mans' heart is through his stomach. "I enjoy reading Qoedera & Co. ads for they have such nice large ads and are easy to read. Their style pictures are very becoming to the figure. Chrlschilles & Herbst remembers the large women in their ad and it is such a comfort to know you can get a perfect fit at their store. "I like Chrlstensen Bros, ad because tt tells you in a simple way just what they have and you can depend on it being as good as they advertise. "Nelson Hardware itemized many articles to give the husband a good Idea what to buy the wife. "I always read the classified ads to see what folks have to sell and to see if there is anything I want. It !••> such a quick and cheap way to advertise through this column. "I like Jimmle Neville's ad because I feels he always tells the truth.' LAKOTA LEGION TO SPONSOR SKATING RINK West of Court House s#^ Those Who Appreciate Lady Nicotine will certainly he delighted to receive a gift from oui' attractive assortment of tobaccos and smok- iii}; % accessories. We've everything any smoker eo.dd possibly want, and they're quality values'll say ME11HY CHRISTMAS in a cheery wry to everyone who is fortunate enough to re- eei ve a gift. Here Are a Few Suggestions Cigars Box of 5-10-25 or 50 Holiday Wrapping Pipes full assortment, all styles, all brands 25c and up Smoking Tobacco All brands in Holiday Wrapping Cigarettes fChoiee of all brands in (Holiday wrapping, an always welcome gift a Cigarette Cases—Tobacco Pouches Smokers' Accessories The SMOKE: SHOP LEDTARD NEWS a3aaso®&xoi^^ On. Thursday evening the M. E. Aid sponsored a Christmas party for the entire church. The basement was decorated with bells and a tree. Games and contests furnished entertainment. On Friday evening the boys and girls' teams played at Lakota and again both were victorious. The boys' score was 40 to 13 and the girls' 27 to 9. A large crowd went along to cheer lor the teams. On next Friday afternoon the grades at school will give a Christmas program in the high school auditorium to which everyone is invited. School will close Friday for a ten day vacation to commence again Wednesday, Jan. 2. Marjorie Stranahan, Frances Hetler and Alice Dunham entertained at a bridge party last, Wednesday evening at the D. B. Mayer home. High score was won by Mrs. V. A. Barrett and Harold Granner and low score by Ruth Jones. August Gelhaus received word Sat urday of the death of his brother's wife at Hubbard. She fell and received fatal injuries from, which she died two hours later. Mr. Gelhaus and son, Chris and wife left Sunday for Hubbard. The funeral was ta be on Wednesday. Will Provide Place of Out door Recreation for the Youngsters Lnkote: The American Legion me Monday evening at the Legion room The following members were present Commander Harv?y Johnson, Connti Roelfsema. R. E. Harnquist, R. E. Wil Hams, Fred Schroedor. Peber Bruet Wade Ball, Louis Thaves and Ed Un derdahl. Fred Schroedcr and Ed Un derdahl were appointed as a commit tee to nnd a suitable place to flood for the purpose of skating for the benefit of youngsters in the vicinity The lunch committee, two of whom live in the country were unable to attend on account of the roads. This committee will hold over until the nexi meeting, which is the second Monday evening in January. They are as follows, John Roelfsema, Dave Patterson and George Heetland. It was de cided at the meeting that the Legion would sponsor the Boy Scouts. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Winter and Mrs. C. A. Winter were visitors at Al- gonn Saturday. Richard Smith and Wendell Gustafson have both been on the sick list having the bronchitis. The Raymond Winter family spen the evening Saturday at the R. T Estle home at Ledyard. Lydia Schoon of Buffalo Center spent several days last week at the A. C. Schlssel home here. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Peterson were at Swea City on Friday where they attended the funeral of a friend, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Winter and two children were dinner guests on Sunday at the Wade Ball home. Mrs. Anna Coupanger, who is stay- Ing at the home of her daughter, Mrs Wm. Schroeder. Jr., visited a few hours Saturday at Elmore. The Mesdames August and Aivin fluenhold of Algona, came up one day the fore part of last week to get Mrs Aalderks, who had spent a few days here with friends. Mrs. A. Q. Smith received word Saturday that her aged father, Mr. Christenson had passed away at Watertown South Dakota. Mrs. Smith left on Sunday to attend the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Telkamp. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis. J. R. Heetland, Rev. and Mrs. O. H Prerking, Mrs. R L. Williams and Mrs. J. E. Ukcna were Fort Dodge visitors last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Claussen and daughter of Goodrich, Minn., have been here the past week, visiting at the home of Mrs. Claussen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Enncn and other relatives in this vicinity. Raymond Winter drove to Mason City on Sunday, taking Dale Estle, who entered college there Monday. Mr. Winter also called on his cousin, Mrs. M. H. Winter, who is in Mercy hospital and reported her as feeling considerably better. Mrs. Winter has been very ill since the birth of her little daughter two weeks ago. Friends here of Mrs. Eakin who for several months kept house for L. J. Ncedham, will be sorry to hear that she has been in poor health and about two months ago while on her way from Sibley to the University hospital at Iowa City, was in an auto accident while riding in the hospital ambulance, and had her knee broken and her hip dislocated, and has been in a cast ever since. Mrs. Andrew Bockelman and daughters, Henrietta and Rowlla and son. Albert and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Winter drove to Mason City on Friday where they visited with Mrs. Michael Winter at the Mercy hospital. Mrs. Winter is improving now but will have to remain in the hospital for several days yet. Henrietta Bockelman will stay at Mason City to assist Mrs. Winter with house work. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Connie Roellsemu and Mr. and Mrs. Wade Ball attended a county meeting of the American Legion and Auxiliary units of Kossuth county. Several from Winnebugo nnd Hancock counties were also guests. The meeting was in charge of County Commander J. H. Bowman of Swea City and Mrs. L. L. Lea^e, county chairman of Wesley. Very intere&ting talks were given by Wesley G. Henkt-, department Americanism chairman of Charles City. Rev. Paul LaVallett, department chaplain of Rockford, W. S Grctewald. eighth district adjutant. Mrs. J. C. Un- derkofltr. eighth district comrnitteewo- man of Brill. Jolm Mornyer of Algonu was reflected county Legion publicity chairman. BURT NEWS DRINK DELICIOUS YERBAVIDA Instead of Tea or Coffee Anyone Buffering from headaches, Nervousness, Loss of Sleep, or Stomach Trouble, should try drinking delicious Yerbavida n place of tea and coffee. This remarkable beverage, known as the "Hant of Life," neut- arlizes the poisonous acids in the body, relaxes the nervous system, corrects stomach distress and brings about sound, refreshing sleep. In a short time you will notice a great improvement in your health, your nerves will be steady, and you will be full of pep and vitality. Yerbavida is inexpensive, too. A large package, enough for 240 cups con be obtained for only $1.00. If your local druggist cannot supply you, accept no substitute but send $1.00 direct to Yerbavida Sales Co., 612 Southwest Bldg., Los Angeles, California. Or a 20-page book "The Story of Yerb- avida" free on request. For Sale at Lobby's Drug atore. Miss lola St/ctt ot Algona and Vernon Peterson of Bode spent Sunday at the W. L. Stott home. Rev. and Mrs. C. B. Mitchell accompanied Mr. and Mrs. James Knoll to Port Dodge Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kunz and <wo children of Wesley. Mrs. Ella MacArthur and Mrs. Baniiick were guests at the Dr. W. T. Peters home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Will Peters. Sr, received word of the arrival of a baby boy at the home ol their son. Will Peters. Jr., Dec. 14th ut Detroit, Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dau will take their grandson, Kenneth White, to Marshall. Arkansas, next week where they will visit his parents. Mr and Mrs. George White Jahu Grover of Montana is visiting his uncle, G. U. Fairbiiiiks. Jahu lived here with his parents when a ; mull boy and will be remembered by many Burt citizens. The Birthday Circle will meet at the :.ome of Mrs. Jit" Olleiu Thurday afternoon. A Christmas program will be given aiid & grab bag with a gift lor each one will be enjoyed. Mr. and Mrt>. Martin Larson lelt la>-r. week for CiUilorma. where U;ey will •, u>il their two sons ut tian Pedro. They :ilso have a daughter living at Ventura. They expect i_> b'.- BOIIC two montU-. Willis Phelps iiiid Arthur Milcht-'i Arrived home frum Sioux City Pnda>, i-ii- they have been attending Murn- sidf College. Ti:t-y Will ^peucl the Christmas vacation with their O. W. Leek left Saturday night for Avoca. Wisconsin, where he will visit iclatives before going to his home nt Arnegwd. North Dakota. Mr. Leek spent a week here with relatives and friends. | The ten dollars (riven away by tho business men at the Beltone Theater on Saturday were won by Verne Beib- hoff, five dollars, George Eden, two dollars, Mike Bear, two dollars and Leo Sehlpull, one dollar. The free show put on at the Beltone Theatre last Saturday was enjoyed by all. Next Saturday a free show will be put on at the theatre by the business men for the children. A sack of candy and nuts will bo Riven to all the children. Twin babies were born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gettman Wednesdny, Dec. 12th. Tlie little ones have ben named Jackie K. and Jean Rae. Mrs. Guy Carlson has been caring for Mrs. Gett- and the babies. The Gettmans have three other children. The folowlng people attended a birthday dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Phillips at Algona Sunday. The dinner was in honor of B. L. Cogdill and Mrs. Prank Harvey's birthdays: Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Smith and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Will Gifford and children, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Harvey, Mrs. Charles Loebig of Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Black, Mrs. Fannie Albright and children and Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Cogdill. LONE ROOK NEWS Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Christenson were Sunday visitors at the Andrew Thompson home. The Eugene HoHus family were dinner guests at the Floyd Bacon home at Burt Sunday. Imogene Roderick and Mrs. Harry Rahn have been on the sick list for the past week. The E. C. Fauerbys and Ed Ohms of Fenton's were Sunday guests at the August Nelson home. A Christmas program will be presented by the grades at the gymnasium this afternoon. The Lawrence DHtmers returned from Chicago last Tuesday where they attended the International Live Stock show. The Raymond Bterstedt family moved last Wednesday Into the house recently vacated by th e Glen Leepcr family. The Carl Priebes of Fenton and the W. C. Helgasons were 6 o'clock dinner guests at the Arthur Priebe home on Friday. Miss Elizabeth Jensen returned on Saturday to her home in Graettlnger after a few days' visit with Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen. The Lawrence Dittmcrs entertained Sunday at a dinner honoring R. T. Angus, the following: N. L. Cotton and the R. T. Angus family. Tuesday evening guests at the Frank Flalg home were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ackerman, Mrs. C. Ackerman and Ardith Dettman of Burt. Chester Hansen and Clarence Earing of Rolfe were Sunday guests at the Oscar Earing home here and Tom Guest home at Bancroft. The Christmas program under the direction of Mrs. Alfred Kruger will ae presented by the Sunday School Monday night at the school house. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Clarke of Ames, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Morgan and Mrs. Mary Jane Clarke of Algona were Sunday guesLs at the W. J. Cotton home. Dorothy Davis, who has been employed at the Silver Grey cafe, Algona, is spending a short time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Pet- It. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bahling, Arthur Dransfeldt and Vernle and Donald Anderson all of Burt, visited at the R. L. 3ransfeldt and L. H. Roderick homes Sunday. Saturday dinner gue.s-ts at the home jf Mrs. Martha Rath were the Ralph lulberts, Albert Shosers of Bancroft and Will Raths and Frances Sorenseii of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snick moved Tuesday to Peterson, Iowa, where Mr. Snick has charge of a cream sUi- ion. Ralph Priebe transported their lousehold goods. Dorothy Macumber returned Satur- lay night from Storm Lake where she ms been employed. She will spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Macumber. Mrs. Delmar Angus nnd bnby and Mr. nnd Mrs. M. E. Blanchard visited <he Alex Kruegers Thursday. They were dinner guests at the Lnwrenc'-> Newbnnigh home the same day. The Helping Hand club met Thursday at the Arthur Priebe home. Election of officers was held. They are as follows: prssident, Mrs. Emil Kraft and secretary. Mrs. Frank Flalg. The next meeting will be held in four weeks at the home of Mrs. H. J. Rice. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ralph Thompson entertained Saturdny evening at a dinner honoring Mis. Ltllle Thompson's birthday, the following guests. Mrs. Llllle Thomnson nnrt daughter. Nova. Mr .and Mrs. Walter Thompson nnrt children, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Chris nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Shasor nnd their daughter. Betty Marie. The Mothers club met. last. Wednesday at the Glen Sharp home. The new officers took charge. Mrs. W. G. Plalg presented a paper on Musical Guidance of Young Children. Mrs. J. M. Blanchard was appointed on the flower committee and Mrs. W. C. Hel- rason. Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough and Mrs. w. G. Flnig as entertainment committee. The next meeting will be held Jan. 2 at the V. V. Frye horn-?. Mrs. Elizabeth Sanders spent the afternoon Saturday visiting at the home of Mrs. Amy Smith we-* of town. Mi-, and Mrs. Dale Thompson ami fnmlly and Mrs. Laura Francis visited Saturday with relatives in Convlth. George Olsen. 8r.. and Leslie Huff visited Saturday evening with Wm_ Huff, who is not able to up and about. and John Kain and Leonard Draeger north of town, shipped a cnr lond of cattle to market from Sexton Monday afternoon. The annual Christmas program will be given by the Sunday School children at the church next Sunday evening, Dec. 23rd at 8 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Earl stott and son, Keith of Titonka were Sunday dinner HOLIDAY BARGAIN FARES As Low As per mile Every Day—Everywhere DEC. 13 to JAN. 1 _jteturnlimit January 15 TRAVEL BY TRAIN Safe—Recital—Economical Let the Engineer Do the Driving and the Train Cirew Do the Parking! For full particulars, reservations, tickets, ask 2134 C. A. Joynt Phone 244 Algona, Iowa The Milwaukee Road ' 40 and 51 guests at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders. W. c. Taylor, who had his leg broken some weeks ago. had the cast removed last week nnd Is able to br about on crutches and came up town and visited with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Steven and two little sons of near Swea City were Sunday dinner guests at the home of his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Steven north of town. Mr. and Mrs. OUIe Kirschbaum and two daughters, Maxine and Loretta of nenr Crystal Lake came Thursday ev- onlng of last week to the home of hi* parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wm. Kirschbaum. where they visited until Sunday. TIio Ladle?' Aid net Inst wr^k on Thursday afternoon .it the home f' r Mn. Monroe Heller, south nf Wesley. Mrs. Skow was presented with a hand- painted pillow for Christmas. The next aid meeting will be held with Mrs. Plumb In January Mrs. Lydia Jensen of near Lonr Rock accompanied Mrs. Sarah. Wise, son Herman nnd daughter Nell to Mason City Sunday where they were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Strother Wise and family and to greer the new baby girl that arrived last- week. Mr. nnrt Mrs. Robert Kirschbaum nnd children. Bobble and Rose Marie of Garner. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garman and children east of Wesley and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cink and family of west of Wesley were all Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. William Kirsch- imuni A Coal to fit every Purse and Purpose We have been selling coal in this community for a good many years, and have made a careful study of tlie needs of home owners and business men. Our coal service Includes a kind for every purpose—a price to fit every purse. We buy coal in train load lots, which is your assurance of the greatest possible value for your money. Here is a list of the different kinds that we carry in stock: BOTSFORD'S PEERLESS Chem. aeoi Proeened—Oar m«K famous coal, because it giro yon moat heat per dollar. No waste, because H Is pracUcsJCy free from tmporitlea. LCM than a bnahel of ashes to the ton. Goar- anteed satisfactory or yow money back. COAL IS TOUR MOST ECONOMICAL FUEL Botsford Lumber Co. Phone 256 Efficient Repair Work For thirty-one years we've had a reputation for doing better work at fairer prices. That reputation we guard and will continue to guard. It Is your guarantee of dependable service. When you need plumbinc service just call us for immediate attention. Holtzbauer's Tin Shop Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal 117 S. Dodg* Phone 83 3X8>*S!OiXS^Q&aQev&$^^ Judge Cleaning Value BY A TRUE YARDSTICK! Take everything into consideration—quality, vico and responsibility as well as price. If you do, it makes our fair prices even more important to you. You realize that you are gelling a mil value. You know that an inferior article or service is cosily at any price. That is doubly true of cleaning where slipshod, inefficient work sbowH at once—where a garment can actually be damaged properly ---where prompt service if not handle* is essent ial. We wish you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year ¥P ¥ WT Cleaners JL^JLslY Gh T«I™-€ Tailors We Deliver They're Coming The Revolutionary High-Speed Safety Car "s The NEW 1935 PLYMOUTH And an Improved, Low Priced New 1935 DODGE Will Be on Display Here Soon ,„ Watch for Them Elbert's Garage

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