The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1934 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, December 13, » North Dodgw Street HAOOARD * WAUUR, M BWMtt dan natter «t the pcstoffiM ft* nnder set of Congress of March 3,1879. teoed WetMy. SUBSCKIPTION RATES IN KO88VTB CO.: Om Year, in Advance 19.00 •tot Months, in Advance 135 Months, in Advance JO Subscriptions Outride Oonnty, $2 SO per year, strictly in advance. Subscriptions Payable in Adranae. DISPLAY ADVERTISING. Me PER INCH Ooropoeiton f> cents per Inch extra. odds and ends "Let tie people knew the truth »ud the emntry •afe."—Abt«ii«ni Lincoln. LACK OF NATIONAL PLANNING Sometimes the different Items In the day's news tie up together mere closely than you'd think at first glance. Here's a little sample: The wires a few days ago reported that the National Planning Board has submitted its findings, after some months of study, urging long-range national planning "as a means of richer life for th e masses and an Indispensable bulwark against violent explosions." This was hardly out of the oven before another story came floating over the wires—this one a dispatch report- Ing that the ineffable Huey Long of Louisiana was preparing to run for the presidency In 1936. Now these two items seem as far apart as the poles, when you first read them. But they are directly and logically connected with each other, after all. It does not take more than a moment's thought to make one realize that this projected presidential candidacy of the loud voice from the delta Is an excellent example of the "violent explosions" which the national planners' report forecasts. For there Is always this to remember about Senator Long: H e Is, after all, the spokesman for a large number of people who feel that, If he does not speak for them, nobody will. He may represent demagoguery at Its most dangerous, but he also represents a blind but powerful resentment which is boiling up from the bottom of the kettle and which is bound to have an outlet. People do not hand political power over to such men out of pure perversity or wrong-headedness. They do It out of desperation. Such men come to the top on a wave of public unrest; and this unrest appears only when large numbers of people grow convinced that it ia hopeless for them to expect to get anywhere by proceeding •long more orthodox lines. We have the plan to provide all our people with an abundance of everything they need, if we can only flnd the way to set it going. If we don't succeed pretty soon in devising some sort of broad plan that will enable us to do it, the number of people who aw not horrified by the thought of Huey long in the White House la apt to swell to an alarming total. EIGHT BELOW AND ALL IS WELL—Charlie LaBarre, however, walking down the street, hands deep in pockets, and without his overcoat. . . puffing engines and panting men . . . H. D. Clapsaddle has now put on his quarter-inch thick underwear . . . Don Smith, early-to- rke P. O. force member, up at 5 a. m. and probably first one in city to brave the sub-zero blast. * * * Andy Poster, to Prof. Overmyer, who was his opponent at bridge at the Masonic Smoker: "Toa've got the best hand I've {looked Into tonlgfct" The secret of something or other has been explained, a survey of The Ortonville Minn., Independent newspaper force has revealed. A. B. Koercher, publisher of the paper, married Miss Ruby Odney. They have a boy. Bob Soule, former foreman, married a girl named Ruby. They had a boy. Jack Spanyers, present foreman, married a girl named Ruby. They have a boy. Then our old room mate when we worked on the paper got. married a while back to a girl named Ruby and they have a boy. It would seem that the name Ruby has some magical influence in pre-determinlng the sex of the offspring up Ortonville way. where Charlie Arnold, former Algonlan. runs a restaurant and is president of the school board. • * • R. S. B'ossom, sitting on the jury In the $10,000 damage case resulting from, an accident in a dynamite blast, inuft have had ample time to conjure up new Insurance selling points. • • • Earl Vincent says the Kosstrth fair, when all matters ~~ " ' 1 out, will just about square off all ODD THINGS AND NEW—By Lame Bode REBUILDING THE COMMUNITY CLUB The past few weeks have brought forth various suggestions as to ways and means of strengthening and Improving the Algona CbmmunKy Club. The concensus of opinion, frankly, is that the organization should be more potent than has been the case, that more events of a community nature should be tackled. But before this can be accomplished, it will be nee- «sary to build a stronger club. If this would necessitate the uniting of service club members into one Community Club, the suggestion should be considered Service clubs able to start the accumulation of a surplus. * • • Joe Greenberg certainly had a just cause to feel that we hit him pretty hard last week, not In this column, but in his ad ... Joe's ad said Denatured Alcohol, 59c a quart, whereas the ad should have read, 49c a gallon . . . just one of those things that makes you scratch your head after the paper's out and say, "How the heck did that get by?" • • » Matt Lamuth was coasting around town a few days ago and darned If It didn't seem like months since we've last seen Matt out . . . don't know whether it is our fault or his that we haven't seen him lately, but anyone with Matt's good nature should make it a habit to drop around town oftener and act as a tonic for some of the rest of us. If yon can ret by Doc Sawyer, who guards the outer portals and has a joke or six ready at any time, and meander toward the rear of the building, you'll find a couple of gents named Dana Paxson and Lloyd Bohannon, solemnly scrutinizing books and figures in the Kossuth Mutual Insurance office . . . which brings to mind that even though we have no factories in the city, we have a couple of danged good insurance companies with headquarters here . . . and that reminds us that Theo. Herbst suggested that for Xmas we give our wife a $1,000 policy, naming ourself as the beneficiary . .'. that's Just like Hieo. Famous Laat Line. Gab too conscious of their talorU cbaae away a lot of gallant*. OTHER EDITORS ___ . _ Democrats Have Swell Program ? Wea ,5v? Hc ™ d: The Algona Upper Des Moines. ntms P 0 ** 0 !** by the state democratic to The AJgona Community Club should be the most active civic force In the community, with every roan, business, professional and otherwise wildly behind. Let's put onr heads together and really do something about this. We all admit that we need something further than what we have: why not get to work and solve the problem? One drawback to date has been the fact that business men will talk about it In two and threes, but not *t a public forum meeting where suggestions might be acted upon. Let's be frank with ourselves, and see what we can do to give Algona the livewire organization that it needs, subduing individual interests for the benefit «f the whole. POLITICAL LADDER CLIMBING? The mere mention of the possibility that Alec Bonnstetter, Kossuth's representative In the state legislature, might be acceptable to his fellow legislators as speaker of the house, has sent several of our editorial brethren Into laments regarding th e inadlvLsability of such political ladder climbing. Should the legl:lature see fit to elect Mr. Bonn-stetter to this honor, it would be indeed a feather in Kossuth's any movement which will cut off the dead and useless limbs, the heritage of the past." Due can readily agree with that. Moreover, it must be admitted freely the democrats have a swell program lined up, if they will just put It across. Prior to the foregoing remarks. Editor Waller interposes this qualification: "It depends upon the honesty of the administration and the caliber of men In public office." Therein lies .he whole trouble. Officeholders go int- a huddle, strike off at this tangent or the other, and be- fo'-e you know It your proposed reforms arc all shot to pieces. Keepln? "the boys" in Line Is some chore, mi-ster. sC'me chore. Don't Kill Santa Clatis Webster City Journal: Republicans have been getting some satisfaction out of the late election because the dcm-crats lost more votes than the republicans compared with 1»32. Roughly, the democrats la-.t about twice as many votes as the republicans. Prank R. Kent, widely known writer, says the bulk of democratic looses occurred in the i.outh. because the vote was light in that .section, as it always Is in off years. If Mr. Kent's diagnosis Is correct, there is less cause for republican expression cf satisfaction than appears on the surface, a-s the loss of democratic votes in their .southern strongholds of the house .should be a man competent and well versed in his work, and Mr. Boruistetter seems to many to be admirably qualified. It would not prevent, mm irom being un excellent representative of Kassutft eoun.y. should'he be elected soeuker. The election drxss not stop a man from thinking, or obtaining the aid ol ,j. hf 01 , 1688 ^ in any "^wes he might deMre to aid or hinder. He would still represent Kossuth county even ,, „»„,-.,„ .,.,4 po^bjy to ^3^ adyantaetJ , han olh _ If Mr. la elected the tpeaker. we can no just reason why he should not accept, and no «a»n why the oounty should not consatler it a mighty good conipllment. The poW.cHlce department is noted for its efficiency. Now they're telling one about u man who drew a picture cf a jackais on an envelope, and the letter was delivered to tile right man without delay j n Louisiana majority in 1936. Would Legalize Bui! Fights Northwood Anchor: There must have been mme bright minds ilected to the legislatures thL, year. A republican .state senator-elect, from Boise county. Idaho, proposes to legalize bull fights a-s a means of ridding the country of .surplus caf;le ••• One of the most incomprehensible things about human nature was demonslrat- td during the ri-cent blizzard when men shoveled mow lor an hcur or two .'o they could ret their cars out <>{ the Karuge. to drive a few block.-; to their business. A I'-cal man tells one about his wife. He let her take the wheel the other djy, and on the road she saw u Northwestern Bell Telephone crew all up on poles, tihe snorted, and said: "Are they crazy They must think I never drove a car before." They say that when the Chicago juri.*, aged 7ti, led hi, bride of 20 to the altar, bhe blushed. She should blush. CONCENTRATED WEALTH- TH6 TINY AREA OP THE SOOBORV FIELD IN ONTARIO MAS YIELDED HALF A BILIION DOLLARS OP NICKEL AND PLATINUM. PIG HUNG PORCUPINE USE- AUL YOOR BLOOD GOES THROUGH YOUR LUNGS a.OOO TIMES A DAY, A PORCUPINE ATTACKS ITS ENEMY BY RUSHIN6 AT IT BACKWARDS, IMPLANTING ITS BARBED TIPPED SPINES. THE STATE INCOME TAX f€?€«C«€^l|t€^«€?C<C5?€?€l@@€«€?C«@l|?Cl€^t€?g A\ C.IIF1F FOR 52 WEEKS Algona Upper Des Moines 'The Paper With The Most News, First The chief indoor sport of practically every citizen of Iowa after nexl January 1 will be tax evasion, for after that date everyone who has an annual income of $600 a year or more will have to make » state Income tax return nnd pay a tax that exempt almost no one. The forms and blanks for making out the returns are in the hands of the county treasurer. There are many different forms and you will get your first headache by trying to flnd out which one or two you must use. The returns must be made within ninety days of the close of the taxable year which is. December 31. Tax reduction or a few dollars per person granted by the democratic administration through elimination of the state levy on personal and real estate taxes will be dwarfed by comparison of the average amount each individual will pay In the new state income tax which has been called by many tax experts as "the most vicious tax ever devised." There are no minimum exemptions such as allowed under the federal Income tax law, setting a minimum at which the tax shall start—instead, every unmarried person with Income of $600 annually or over, or a married person with an income of $1,000 and up will pay a state Income tax on a Eraduatins scale on the full amount of his income. The new nate income > tax provides an assessment of 1 per cent on the first $1,000 of income, 2 per cent on the second $1.000, 3 per cent on the third, 4 per cent on the fourth and 5 per cent on the fifth thousand dollars of Income and all over that amount. Thus It would be possible, one income tax expert floured out, for a mar- ried man with two children to make Just enough money to escape the federal Income tax and yet have to pay a state income tax of $56. After the tax Is computed on the net Income, he may deduct from the tax total a personal exemption of $12 for man and wife and $2 for each dependent child under 21 years of age, as well as $2 for every other person dependent upon him. Thus a married man with two children and a salary of $1,800 a year would pay I per cent on $1,000 or $10, 2 per cent on $800. or $16, a total tax of $26—less personal exemptions of $12 for himself and wife, $2 for each of his two children, a total of $16 in deductions, leaving him owing the state a net tax of $10. A single man with no dependents and a salary of $100 a month, $1.200 a year, would have a gross tax of $14.00 less $6 Tor his personal exemption, or a net tax to pay of $8. The law provides a penalty of $1.000 with added tax and interest for will- "ui failure to make or flle a return and $5,000 fine or imprisonment for making a fraudulent return. Employes of the federal government alone are exempt from this tax; all others. Including wage earners, salaried men, state employes, farmers and bus- ness men must pay. In figuring his net Income, a taxpayer may deduct from his grow Income other state faxes paid during the v«ar and he also may deduct contributions made to charitable organlza- Jons during the yrar, but that is all. Corn-hog benefit payments to Iowa farmers are taxable under the state net income tax which becomes effective January 1, the state board of assessment and review ruled Tuesday. Reader Comment To The Algona Upper Des Moines: I hope that everybody will help make "World Peace." It would save lots of lives and lots of money. One war would kill lots of men and breaks lots of hearts. We don't want war. War means death and it must be stopped. Everybody must help to get the World Peace. Why do they make guns and ammunition? If they didn't there would i not be war. Why dW they? Why? ! Well, ni tell you. A long time everybody was getting along flHejmtU a gun maker came. He told one; coon- try that the other countries were going to fight them eo they bought some guns. The gun maker showed ifre other countries their guns and said that they were going to fight them. So they built up their armies and navies. A long time ago we had the Indians In our path. We shoved them off cm- path and next we meet the other countries. We must have World Peace.— Irving Ttbbetts, Jr. Read The Want Ads—It Plays, NOTICE The Algona Building & Loan Association is ready and willing to help you purchase a home, remodel your present home or refinance your present loan. Loans made on Kossuth County Town Property. Very low rates—Long Term Payment Options. Why Not Borrow and Save at the Same Time? Savings to Both Borrowers and Investors Has NGY- er Been Less Than 5% paid Semi-annually. Member Federal Home Loan Bank Organized 1917 Never Paid Less Than 5% Algona, Iowa C. R. LaBarre, Sec'y-Treas. 46-E. O. W. The Man About Town Says Many folks have asked the purpose of the curfew as long as kids and some older people who are worse than kids ure left to roam after nine-<hlrty. One good rca5on for the curfew was demonstrated by a long quick jump and a Miort run bt-for e Frank Green realised Ins efforts were In vain. Prank was off duty and quietly tnjoyini; hnmc'.i with a magazine wnon the fire writs! 1.^ bicw. Without thinking, he was UD and "if like a fox but rciurned shcepis!*- Iv u.i others had 'T.Hr laugh • • • Parents who Itt their children go .sliding and those who hitch the sled* on behind tin; family cur and thru put tlu-u- youngsters on them shou'ri Dave intelligence enough to keep them out of (rattle. Highway 169 on North June.-, ;<reet l.s crowded with kids sliding and then those on behind cars find fetate s.tret-1 the be.u place In town to travel. There are plenty of side streets with snow and le&s traffic where fun can be had but it .seems the fond par- en's must "ihcw oil' In heavy traffic whore skidding tars can injure and kill without warning. • • • There seems to be Mimelhing wrong with Kan Mason. He was connected with some supernatural power Monday night or else he had some Inside ciope. He was .sure he could tell the score of the basketball game Tuesday night and wanted to wager It would br; correct. The best thing Coach Mercer can do Ls not to let Earl keep .score or time. Of course he may be lionest but when a sure thing like telling a result is concerned it Is best to kt-ep him honest. • % • diet William*, b alright again. Cfael went hunting pheasants one afternoon and the next day he noticed something wrong with his muscles. Two weeks is a li,ng- iim e for a tenderfoot to get over minor troubles but. Chet is well and happy and normal iji every respect, it's safe now to talk about pheasants when at the Hub. • • • Isnf it funny what queer tricks make one good natured and then the opposite, a bit peeved at the world? fat Cullen Intended to go to church early one morning but, pversleDt, and awoke too late. Pat was not exactly grouchy all day, nevetheless lie would have enjoyed life better had he gone to tv.urch. And so many of us try to Let uut of attending. U'b pretty tonga ou the average citizen wiij finds duty at soum of the oilices in the court honae. The Court iJoUoe Huts bowling team won thre=; gauies in tourna.irii.-nt cuuipeiitioij ai.d .'luce thut tune they arc' going around with their vuU. unbuttom-d jLtt u> suv-_- tlie buttons from pupping otf. The lu'ca L*. lj . imt while the etrultuig b Eooci for by this time they will probably have lost three and then try to we what the Rate look like. • » • One of the attractions on McGre- (Tor street Is the neon sign on the porch of the Merritt Funeral Home. Whatever the ourpoEe of the clock, here Is one man living about a block away who thinks Leon has done him n injustice. The poor man's wife looked out the window and from the clock learned the exact tine her husband came homo. Allegedly it was nearly morning but he was such a good talker ho convinced his wife the clock could have been wrong. • • • Daniel Boon e had nothing on three local young men who so far have solved their own unemployment problem this winter They built a temporary home along the river and have had great success in trapping furs, an almost loit art In these parts. The men have hibernated for a period of two weeks and then come to town for supplies, beards, long hair and all, with .'lories of the wilds for the curious. Loretta Meyer and Gerhard Wittkopf of the Algona Coffee Shop, spent Sunday at their respective hcmes. DISTINCTIVE GLASSES Hod yon thought of tuufctaf new Kiaesen a« »a idea fur your C'hrii-tmas gift lib!? They combine yntctkal iwcfuliu^ and beauty—uul you tuny be ante that radi a flue preneut wood receive * hearty A. W. OlTOMKTttlST CLEARANCE IN USED TRUCKS 0 1933 Chevrolet long wheelbase equipped with 32x6-10 ply singles, 1935 license. 1931 Ford long wheelbase equipped with duals, 32x6-8 ply tires, 1935 licence. 1929 Ford Short Wheelbase equipped with 32x6. 10-ply singles, 1935 license. 1931 Ford short wheelbase equipped with 32x6, 10-ply flngles, 1935 license. 1934 Ford V-8 short wheelbase equipped with 32x6, 10-ply tires, 1935 license. These trucks have been thoroughly reconditioned and are ready to go. We have a few bodies to fit both ghort and long wheelbase jobs. They are priced for quick sale as we need the. room. 1933 Plymouth sedan 1933 Chevrolet coupe Kent Motor Co. TERMS —Ant homed Ford Dealer TERMS CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY ATTORNEYS AT LAW R. J. Harrington J. D. Lowe UAKKINGTON « LOWE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Blk ALGONA, IOWA J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALGONA. IOWA W. RUQUARTON H. W. MILLER I ATTORNEYS AT LAW Ofllcejover Kossuth County State Bank I Office Phone, 427 AU3ONA, IOWA A. HntchUon Donald C. Hatchfeon , Theodora C. Hutchison ATTORNEYS AT LAW Qulnby Bldg. Phone 351 & J. VAN NESS * G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa Qaylord D. Shumway Edward D. Kelly BHUMWAY * KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Qulnby & Krause Building Algona, Iowa Phone 68 L. A- WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Qulnby Building. Phane 180 ALGONA, IOWA «. C. McMAHON ATTORNEY AT LAW Oflioe wer Qulnby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 128 HIRAM a WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa state Bank Phonfl 206 f. A. DAMSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa 8tat« Bank Bldg Office P-jone 460-J Rea. 315 ALGONA, IOWA CARROL A. WANDER ATTORNEY AT LAW Over Poetoffice Pbona M 1. W. Sullivan (dec'd) 8. E. McMahoo L E. Llnnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, fOWA E. U. Parson* Judge D. P. Coyle Office over Basket Grocery ATTORNEY&-AT-LAW Phone 820 Algona, PHYSICIANS A SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK PlfYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L. Rtst over Rexall drug store Office Phone 300 Reg. Phone 320 ALOONA. IOWA C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Surgeon &, Physician Office John Oalbralth Bldg. Phone 444-819 W. ». ANDREWS, D. O. Osteopathlc Physician and Surgeon General Hoepltal Phonea: Office 187; Residence 688 ALGONA, IOWA V. V. JAN8E. M. D. PHYSICIAN Sc, SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. Phone No— Ret, 366; Office 866 MELVIN O. BOURNE PHYSICIAN it SURGEON Office over Post Office Bldg. Phonea—Office I»7 Res. DENTISTS DR, H. M. OLSON DENTIST Oaa or Novocaine used for extraction Located over Christenwn Store Phone: Biurtne« 166. Residence, 41* ALOONA, IOWA DR. C. D. 8CHAAI> DENTIST Bldg. phone 188 Rea. Phone 174 Algona, Iowa VETERINARIANS Dr. L. W. Pox Dr. J. B Winkel ,.-, °ff}« 220 We«t State Street Office Phone 478-W , He*. 479-B Algona, Iowa L. M. MERRITT ICottieiaB an4 Funeral Dineter Phone 11 Algona. Iowa A. V. HKBTIO SIGN SERVICE . KVE L. PREBNELL, Algaaa of Kodak Wuiahia/25 . Colored. Call South Dodge St

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