The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1934
Page 8
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Aip^> n™*PesMoines. Algona. Icm*. Decembeir- 2233 Kossuth C-HSecondT^mentsSoon e ' ~~ "~ I .. .« _i,i n v. la in hi* Gf-.«1v F.ltACfat Or REMAINING 1STPAYMBTTS get out the second wheat and cotton payments. Important Nottc* All hogs produced in excess of per- JSdSw&fitton must be deposed of prior to December 1. The final I farmers having excess hogs will be as- II & penalty of $20.00 per head .Banners should look at the y*B0*£W Check Shows Less Than 3-10 « ^^^JS" hSS thw«« •* Of One Per Cent ^C^^^'^^mitted •tfrrtff cwi the term after December 1. Brr ° T Kossuth county corn-hog farmers will receive approximately $460,000 of the $92,000.000 to be distributed in the, sec- I Roewe of Laurens, district com- ond payment to contract signers in tne tratlve expenses, part of which Isto be deducted from the second payment. • •» computed until expend ts and budgets have been submitted. Also, a certificate form. 1M- inn all contract signers who own, operate or control farms outside <*««'£": tv which are not covered by corn-hog contract*. Is mi^ed before payment* can be made. With compliance certificates on ab- 450,000 out of the total of about 1,- recelved in Washington. £jtlM»uvv; •»*•£»*— •Section of the AAA. checked the __. snth county certificates for second payment on the corn-hog contracts in Algona t« Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week. Ten per cent of an contracts in force In the county were checked, the contracts being selected a< random from the files. The check disclosed less than 3-10 of one per cent error. The alloUment committee were commended by Mr. R°^ on the high standard of work in this county. I Contracts Effect** a week. this district had been abV? to show work of similar standard. The county ce cerniicwtes num »»•— - wer» sent to Washington on November 28 by the county corn-hog association, said Mr. Bcnnstetter. With payment of first ] nsfa " m ? n * checks to oroducer; cooperating In the 1934 c£i-hog adjustment program practically completed, check wr ting machinery In the agricultural adjustment administration already "[* *y" started. A number of Iowa counties will receive the second payment early '"l^TSSion. had received uo to " er 14. $30,930530 of the total of siZ9.000.000 representing about 9» per cent of the flrft Installment. They Sky expect second Bailment checte Twenty Years Ago News ilsfr BHotrocnt- committee **™ t '__i"~* ed the Corn-Hog Section at WasMng- «on to make second payment on 2233 oontrud*. The remainder of the contracts to this county are being withheld until » later date because the landlord-* signature is required on some forms and because of non-compHance tn regard to permitted com acreage. TheW contracts which have not jet received the first payment will be paia shortly before Christmas as It was necessary for the AAA * wspendcorn- hog payments a few weeks in order to der in contracts are received w« the local contro! associations have failed to comDlete expense statements to July 1 a " d .^ eels for the remainder of the 1934 pro- mm will l)e delayed in receiving £ ec- Snd installment checks, according to officials In the AAA. Indlv dual producer's pro-rata share of local adminis- (Taken from <he flies of the trope Des Molnes-Rfpubllcan for the week of December 9, 1914) Ruby Skinner, daughter of M*- ft j"<| Mi* H >r. SWnner, had. undergone an operation for appendicitis. invitations had been Issued <o the wedding of Leila Jenkins to Jesse W. Riddle. The ceremony was to lane place on December 24th. The Algona Gun club were to have a S?nd turkey shoot at their grounds December 23. Forty turkeys and 6» fat ducks and geese had been secured for the tvent. President E. E. Conner and Secretary Al Falkenhalner of the Algona Smmeercial club had resigned U»eb- positions, held for a n^S Dtekin- and the club had electedIL. J. Dlckm son as president and Herman Werner as secretary. CLOSING OUT SALE Monday, December 10, 1 p. m. One mile south of FaJr_Ground» 14 Cattle H Milk Cows 1 Shorthorn Bull 1 Mare Good List of Farm Machinery TERMS-Cash. MATT KELLEY, Prop. L. A. Matern, Auctioneer. AutlKor B. E. Norton was to'be! associated with P. S. Norton In the lumber business after the first cf *>*™n. At one time. Mr. Norton had been n«d man in the yard but »»? ed when elected auditor, which tion he had held four years. Study Effects of Drouth in Kossuth, 35 Other Counties Evidence of inroads the drought has made on the 1934 grain and «—*•«• per animal unit on farms » county and 35 other north--.. counties Is shown in a sway ol towa feed and livestock situation. Results of the study completed by J A. Hopkins, of the Iowa State College AgrTcuKura Economics Department and E L. Cady. extension economist, have been deceived toy County Agent O. A Bonnstetter. _, 'Total livestock on farms surveyed in trite area compared with those of October test year is 96 per «f.<" th « animal units, while the total feed is 75 per cent of the 5 year average. The total cattle on f arms[to «jU section is the same as last year, hogs we TO per cent; sheep, 120 per <f* "" d horses and mules, 97 per^ cent Contrasted with this is the estimate of the feed supply, based mainly on October icrcp reports for the section. Gram is 75 per cent of the 5 year average and roughage, 76 per cent. Farm operators' supply of corn I.i the northern counties this year is about 65 per cent as great as a year ago while landlords hold corn equal to 76 per cent as great as a year ago. Oats on farms in the northern counties amount to less than 60 per_ cent of1933 The alfalfa crop In this section is just under 90 per cent of the crop a year ago. Clover and timothy crops re about a third as large as a year EO There has bren a considerable m- rease In the tonnage of soybean h«.y ut and between 15 and 20 per een. "ore silage put up in this section as ell as a third more fodder. Although the study shows P«<*Jcalhr o decline in number of milk cows, the umber of cattle to be fattened has een reduced by about 15 per cent. Other cattle 2 years old and over have een slightly increased and «he num- er of yearlings and calves has been ncrcased 20 per cent or more. A large art of this increase is to be explained v the boarding of cattle shipped in rom drougiit areas, the study indl- PUBLIC AUCTION The Christmas time idea of having a municipal Christmas tree on tne court house lawn, had been su *«*f* e < 1 fey Alderman Al Falkenhainer. Tlw ladies of the Economics club were to furnish colored lights *oAa**nMm*** the tree and were to decorate it. The tree was to be Illuminated at night a leek before Christmas and unUl alter New Years. Arrangements were also being made for a chorus which was to sing several nights. Head The Want Ad»—It Payg. COLWELL BROS. Aucts. Graduate of Jones Nafl. School Auctioneering, Chicago, HI. 21 years actual selling experience. W<? solicit a part of UM» liusines» in this territory- H. M. ColweU located first o'aoe west of Junction 169 and 18. Phone 20F12 •me number of spring pigs has been educed In accordance with the corn- hog program to less than 75 per centof a year ago. according to the study. The number of fall pigs has been cut by nearly 40 per cent. Sheep, however, have been Increased to about 2*4 times as many as a year ago on the farms which reported. "Because of the Increase In number «t sheep and the number of cat- U? to be boarded, as well as the short corn and oats crops. It is sure that there will be considerably !«* SJ*"? available to ship out of thte district than in a normal year," the study concludes. Swea Twp. 4-H Club Has Election Swea City: Miss Lucille Anderson was elected president of the swta town&iD 4-H club. Miss porpthv Anderson was named vice nresldent: Alice Larson, secretary and treasurer: Max- rne Ericksos. historian,; MavU Larson reDorter. Tire e»rlswlll entertain.their mothers Dec. 15. This meeting will be held at the community hall. Twelve f!T.bcrs tocother with the countv c ub fender. Mrs. Emit Larson and local club leader Miss Eunice Jensen attended the arjnunl 4-H club banauet at Aleona Wtdnesdav niaht. lie Sale Having decided to quit farming i will dispose of the . f ollowmg farm Hvestock and machinery at my place, located one and one-half miles WESLEY NEWS Tuesday Dec* 11 Sale Starts at 1 P. M. Head of Horses 9 „ . 10 .-,-• »-t IIJOO II.-..; "i!«- 1'iiv horsi-, a«e H yr*., wt. IjlOO 'ij 7''vr'., w.'. ttOO n,-.;..n,-l,,a K « 10, wt. V.M)0 H.H.; this winter and its object » »» ter will need to make a good bill farmers who intend to hold a public> sale >rm calling for everything.the prm- l ad Interested farmers should clip d it. When you are ready, just fall Form for Sale Bill and Advertisement ^^ ^ five miles and one mile north of Algona' 3—Give day and date of sale 4 Give hour when sale is to begin " 5 What about lunch, if any? 6-How many horses<L__...Describe each animal, with weight and age, and if you have any outstanding horses or teams give particulars 7—How many cattle? Describe them, and be 8 ^J°JJ]£ you tell him in your bill and ad. r+' niuiv, 7 vr:~. old. v<-ry Head Cattle 19 II J|.,l.-..tiriu and <iiicrn-cy ini*<-<\, .-:"'"•: »n<- t-i"i,t lii-ih-r- all <HI(- \ <-;u-or iiiiiio'. * ' * r~. ' * ' ^ and •oiiiing fresh- FAHM MACHINERY K^^ :X^~^ £«S^^ f'^V^'r^'?!;';^..!,,; : .."In l'-.'-|,l"« „,„. W,,.«llJr,,».ai.4(ilh,v«l,. !;~\;;',;.'M,;'irT^f'.'.t'.iii.ti",-!.'in-- <"•«•• •»»< *>«• Hn " :l1 " ai " ly '• t; anii other ar'ti«-l«'S 1'"> nunn' to imailiuji. TKUMS -Cash. <»i' s«-e your hanker. J. A. and John Strayer Stewart & Fluig, Aiu-tion^rs Hurt Bank, (Herk. Druggtt and MM. II. J. Braley drove 3 Iowa City Wednesday to enjov nianksfflving day and the week tnd at the home of their son. Dr. Aton Braley and wife, and wKh their daughter Ethel who la a freshman at the University of Iowa. Robert Welter was employed at the store during the*r absence. The L, H. Kent family were pleasant guests at the hom e of Mr. and Mrs. John Youngwlrth Thanksgiving Miss Irma Ward, grade teacher In the MItclHl!. Iowa, schools, arrived home Wednesday night for a vacation until Sunday when the returned to her work having fully enjoyed her sev eral days 1 release. Mr and Mrs. W. A. Fi'cher and fam lly moved their household goods from the Mrs. John Hlldman house in tne east part of town to the William W. Bturdlvant residence Friday. This location Is particularly desirable for tne Fischers Inasmuch as the county maintenance sb/fd where the country trucks are housed, is directly across from his new locfttlon. A dozen or more mothers and friends of the young-teib In Miss Beck's primary room al the Diibllc school were ., u .-a:s al a program given in their honor in the ro>m Wednesday afternoon The ciilldr.n pre-sented a nsUt hour program of recitations, dialogs, one-; instrumental numbers and folk , ' M. all appropriate ol the Tliants- ; ....„ ti-it-.on. I Fir-nds of A. B. Conner and Clay- ; ion. of Popejoy and I-wa Fall*, wer-: a ed to agkin tee Chem here for tne hunting season during the u .1 week. 'ITie Conner family it will r . n in inhered lived here for a gooJ many yiar.s plying the barber fad.: until they sold their interests to H. Jand went into the restaurant tia-.ines.-i sifi Popejoy. Irwin Huynea, student at the Ham- University, and Irene Haynes, a at Mercy hospital, Mason (i,.y, spent, Thanksgiving day with home folk* and grtatly enjoyed the turkey which graced their dinner tab- It, ihe fowl belli* a gift to Mr. Haynes for reaching lib quota of business as :>aleiiJ"un for the Sherman Nursery Co. at Charles City. The Blu-- Birds of Happiness met ou ,day eveniUB at the home of Nola .n.u Belly Gi-aUidge their recreation btliig indoor guaies with prtzoi being awurded to the winners. Mary Adiuc Kunz and Nola OraUldgt guv a vocal duct actompauiud by Betty iu»d Nola und Betty gave a piano duet The group will ine«.'t at the home o Mary Luu Haverly itt-'xx time. The American Ltglou Auxiliary wi hold their J\gulai- uiee-Ung Thursda night with Mrs. iidJia flotn a^ hoiiUwi Finns will be completed lor the Join uiL-ctlug to be held in Wccluy i» •lu^day night, IKc.'iiibcr 11. Due -<J the v ry stormy fiiduy, only u lew mtiuberii turned oui. lor Uie work n t-t-iuig ana radio par. ajid repoi-t i-udij rt-ci-ptiJii al 4:SO so pjor the p:o- i -i-uui iruju WOI cuuJU uut Uu heard. 9—Sheep, mules, or other stock 1 ? 10—Chickens, ducks, geese, etc. a : 0 maU^nl\ 0 oS , a K riml»tonc ,,>ay fetch a buyer ten nules away.— 13—Miscellaneous 14 _See your banker, get the terns, and set them out here. How many mos. _- 15—How many bills do you want? (The usual number is 100) 1U—How large an ad do you want 1 ? (The usual size is % pa ^-^-^;-^"~ setting the type once for the bill a considerable property is to be sold. 17—Your name 18—Auctioneer 19—-Clerk Remember that from the north line of the counly no sale is well iieaper, but your bill will be con- not recommended for sales where of Fenton, Hurt, Portland and Buffalo towmhlpc to the south it is advertised in the Algona Upper Des Molfte*. Even u .0 it that your advertisement Is run IB the Algona Upper farm-re think nothing of traveling 20 to 30 mil«» tor __ will often pay many Um«s th« expense ol an advertise- ClTp ^adwttwmmt and pat it where you can find it when you get ready * to prepare copy for your sale.

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