The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1934 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1934
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Pes Moines, Algona, Iowa, December 6,1934 IRVINGTON FARM SOLD TO BEDELL AT GOOD FIGURE St. Paul Man Buys 480 Ac res at $100 per Acre for Improved, $70 Wild Three jSteers of B. Frankl Killed in Fall Through Roof of Shed Irvlngton: A deal was consummated recently whereby Jess Bedell, former Irvlngton resident, but now living at St. Paul, Minn., purchased four hundred and eighty acres of land three miles cast of Galbralth. This farm was formerly known as the old Otto Wllley place. Mr. and Mrs. Bedell visited in Irvington about two weeks ago going from here to Pipestone, Minn., to •visit their daughter before returning horn-?. Barney Frank! lost three valuable ;teers recently valued at about $325. far tome time he has been feeding cat- tl-s in the old sand pit and had made a shed of poles covered with hay for a shelter against the bank of the pit. In some fashion the cattle got on top of this shed and fell tihrough, the fall killing them. esldents of Plum Creek township. They will be on rural telephone line ti, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas RU«y and Mrs. Edward Faith entertained about 40 ouples at a dancing party Thanksglv- ng night at the Frank Vera beer garden. Riley's orchestra provided the music. Many from Irvington attend- d. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Coleman, south of Irvlngton farmers, are the parents of a baby girl. Amos Scott and a carload of pheasant hunters from Cedar Rapids were Wednesday visitors at the home of Mr, and Mrs, Fred Park. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seeley and son Bert visited last Wednesday at tho George Johnson home. Bert remained until Sunday with the Johnsons. Hugh Raney recently purchased forty Hereford calves to feed. They were part of a shipment which came with other cattle bought by the Frankl Bros Donald Erickson, oldest son of Mr and Mrs. P. M. Erickson was the sub Ject of an operation for appendlcltl! last week. Donald is a nephew o Jake Maasdam. Jake and Arthur Maasdam, Mrs Maude Burbank and daughter, Edn Belle and Mr. and Mrs. "Buzz" Cole man w«re Thanksgiving dinner guest at the Frank Ditsworth home. Mr. and Mrs. John McGuire an family moved from their farm horn into Algona last Monday. A Mr. Mar low, the present tenants for the Me Guires will remain until March 1. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell of Seneca and Mrs. Alice Duryea motored to Fort Dodge last Wednesday. The Campbell family returned the same day but Mrs. Duryea will remain Indefinitely. It is reported that Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Warner of the Swea City neighborhood have rented the farm now tenanted by the Meyers, commonly known as the old Algiers place. This farm is now owned by the county. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Stevens moved last week onto the farm formerly tenanted by the Harry Seeleys and A. L. Jordans. Previous to this they were GUY SELLS CAFE AT WESLEY AFTER 14 YEARS tt««aK«af« I WHITTEMORE NEWS f •ti AT TODAY'S PRICE, THE BIGGEST WASHER VALUE YOU CAN BUY When you compare Maytag quality and price with any other washer you see why the housewives of this nation have bought more May- tags in one half of 1934, than during the •whole year of 1933. • This IB proof that American women today are insisting upon genuine quality. • Visit the Maytag dealer and see this Maytag for yourself. f*rko«cl without cl«ctrtcity, «ny MiyUs MY be H«d wliK G4iolm« Maid-Motor >t illiht «ddlUoiwl to*. THE MAYTAQ COMPANY MANUFAOTUHEHI 1UII HZWTOH. IOWA * GIFTS * thaf keep the budget sunny side up Carl, Ralph, Loren and A. J. Brown, Walter Barr, Homer and Ralph Lindhorst and Ted Hair are among those who are working on the high line help- Ing to reset poles relative to moving them. Homer Lindhoret Is overseeing the job. Mrs. Prank Kajewskl Is at the home of her mother, Mrs. Andrews In Algona where she has been the past week assisting wRh the care of her moth«, who has been 111. The Kajewskl children stay In Algona and attend the Catholic school. Marjorte Johnson, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson of the Rich Point neighborhood, entertained a few friends Saturday evening at an oyster stew. The afternoon was spent at pheasant hunting. Those who enjoyed the courtesy were Edith Roeder, Georga Anne Geigel, Nannie Brans, Bernard Brlggs and Meryl Yeoman. Mr and Mrs. Win. Greenfield spent last Thursday with their daughter, Mrs John Ulfcrs at Fenton, while Mrs. Mary Mawdsley and her son, Ed ward were guests at the Clarence Mnwdsley home. Dorothy Mawdsley visited with her aunt, Mrs. C. J. Gross nt Lone Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Pau Dremmel and the Robt. Leason family also were visitors there. A large crowd attended the Thanksgiving program of the Irvlngton school last Wednesday evening, which was held at the local church. There are about forty pupils who BO to this school. The program consisted of recitations, drills, songs and dialogues. Afterwards a 15 cent lunch was served, the proceeds to go to the school. Misses Katherlne Schultz and Norma Raney are the teachers. The children of the school on the Airline south of Algona presented a Thanksgiving day program to their parents and friends last Wednesday afternoon. This school gives a short entertainment each month and a certain group of pupils prepare the program each time and ar e responsible for all of the entertainment without the assistance of the teacher. This If done to teach responsibility to the children Miss Etta Bacon is the teacher. About twenty ladles assembled at the George Scuffham home last Wednesday afternoon for the monthly meeting of the R. N. A. club. This club fa composed of ladlea belonging to fh » Royal Neighbor lodge. Mrs. I~-~ Llnk, club president, presided. The ladle* have tied tw6 comfortew recently and presented them to Miss Bonn- stettefr to be given to aomo needy «m- £tw!:5i» B&'ftpS JEMS? man and Mtt. Jwfo Bo&fes were Ing hostesses. O. L. Mffler and Shipleys of Belmond Buy Popular Eating Place — to Clear Lake Guys Wesley: A deal was made the past week whereby Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Guy who have operated a hotel and cafe In Wesley for the past fourteen and a half years, sold their restaurant known as "Charlie's Cafe" to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shipley of Belmond who are experienced restaurant people from that town. Mr. and Mrs. Guy have gone to Clear Lake, where they have rented an apartment temporarily and expect to take a good rest before going into business again. The Guys had many friends in Wesley who are sorry to learn of their departure but are wishing for them the best of success and happiness In their new location. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kouba were In Britt Tuesday on business. Dorothy Haverly, nurse at Fort Dodge enjoyed a visit with home folks from Wednesday until Friday. Miss Mary Sherman, beauty culture) student at Des Moines. spent the holidays with homp Mildred Llndstrom spent a few days with her parents nt Albert Citr. Iowa. Rosella HlKRins spent a few days the past week in Sioux City visitinsr with friends. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McCreerv of Fonda spent ThankSKlvinK ftt the Dr. Mc- Creerv home. Irma Davison, teacher at Davton. la. sr/ent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Battlett. Guinevere Kelly of Des Moines spent a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Kelly. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bartlett and family spent Thanksgiving with his arents at Manly. Dr. Forest Calrv of Sioux City visited Mrs. Alice Calry and famllv a few ays tbe oast week. Mrs. John Meurer and familv cM harles Citv spent a few davs with Mrs. Joseph Meurer. Mariorle Elbert and Bernice Ludwla f Waterloo spent Thankseivinit a their respective homes. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fandel are the proud parents of ft babv Klrl named Thanksgiving :olks. Mr. and Mrs. Clare Kunz of Minneapolis spent the Thanksgiving holidays here with his mother, Mrs. Henry Kunz. Mrs M. H. Heiter, living three mile: south of town, will be hostess to thi Sexton Ladles' Aid Thursday, Decem her 13th. Mr. and Mrs. Calix Bauer and family of Good Thunder, Minn., were guest at the home of his brother. R. C. Baue on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. John Hutchison spen the Thanksgiving holiday at New Providence visiting her mother, Mrs. Margaret Lawler. The Misses Nolle and Minnie Frimml visited Miss Verna Kerrins at the Vincent Klelnpeter home In Algona one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Wester of Mason CKy were Thanksgiving day guests at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emll Wester. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Meurer and two children were guests at the home of her foster sister, Mrs. Elda Miller, near Algona Thanksgiving day. :da Rose born recently. Helen McMahon spent Sundav a bhe home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs Hugh McMahon at Aleona. Marguerite Flemine of Cherokee <:t>ent a few days with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fkmine. Mr and Mrs. Mike Baumann arc the oroucl parents of a babv ulrl. They have onp other child, a boy. Mr. and Mrs. Lawreno? Brenden and fnmllv of Whiting spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Weir. Marv Elizabeth Elbert of the Mercv osDitnl. Fort Dodee. spent th? wrrK nd with her mother. Mrs. Cecelia El- rrt and family. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hentees are he parents of a babv (rirl named C«- herlne Ann. Mrs. Hentires was form- rlv Anna Franks. John Edward Burke of New Hamnon came Tuesday morning to attend ils father's sale. He returned home Saturday evening. Luclle Relmers. student at Ames. »nt Thanksirtvintr at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Will Reimers. e returned Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Elbert and famllv of Emmetsbura visited *t •he iom<? of his mother. Mrs. Lena El- jert and familv Sundav. Frances Hurtey went to Danburv. Iowa. Wednesday evening to spend ThankseiyinK with friends. She returned home Sunday evenlnsr. Lloyd Roth, student at th« Unlver- sltv of Iowa, visited from Wednesday until Sundav with his mother. Mrs Sadie Roth and his brother. Harold Mrs. Emma Hilbert was called to Cvlinder Fridav evening bv the illness of her daughter-tn-law, Mrs. Arnold Hilbert. She is better at this writing Among thofe on the sick list this week are: Mrs. J. W. McCreery. Mrs Mice Cnirv Mrs. J. M. Fleming and cl.iuirtiter. Ruth Adeline, and Irene Fox sen. John Ryan of Chicago spent Thanks clvlng a 1 ', the Ed Burke home. Mrs Ryan who had snent the nast week ipro, accompanied home Thursdav ev- ilng. Terrv Cullcn of Mason Citv spent hanki-rlvlne with his grandparents. . and Mis. J. S. Cullen. Ho also " l his cvnndparents. A. Streit and awilv at Algona. Billy Higgins of Crelghton Cnlver- ttv at Ornalia came Wednesday „. ne 'o 5prncl Thankseivina with — arc-nts. Mr. and Mrs. Will Hlnrlns. Uo oturnrtl Sunday. Georite Schultz. son. Norman an* Lilian Kuecker went to Ames Frt- lav. They were accomnanled bT Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Kuecker who had spent "hankselvlne here. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Crawford &M amiiv returned to their home In Mln- neanolls Sundav. Thev were accompanied bv his mother. Mrs. Jamea Crawford who will visit a few d*»*. Dr. and Mrs. Ansel Conartv. PMt Smith and Bridget Ryan of Cnlcaaj came Thursday morning to spen* ThankseiVtnB with Dr. and Mrs. It. B. Smith. They returned home Ban* day. Mr. and Mrs. Emll Ormand, Mr. «•• Mrs. Ed Vehlow. Mr. and Mrs. Wmw Kuble. William Ventow. daughter Thelma. Frieda Lenus of Watertown. Wla, visited several days with Mr. and Mrs. R*inh»rd Zumach and other relative*. W E'VE got the drap •• tbii time. Here are jwt « tm •f the fine holiday gift items we're brought together from «ll over tbe country for you. Tlieir price tag* fairly ihout: "Here'* your cbanee to be a generous gift-giver... without unbalancing the OnutBUi budget!" E. W. Lusby oer, . week day family, aun. rvwu. »»w> v-~ ™zr~~j NetAle Rlst and many years ago lived in this community when a young gin with her parents, the Chas. "'•*« Mr and Mrs. Harold Moe of Garner spent a day last week in town calling on frltnds including Grandma Turgeson »nd her houshold. Nelson and daughter, Hannah Mr and Mrs. James Geelan and son. Jimmle spent Sundav with Mr. and Mrs. Nick Geelan at Ruthven. Oscar Schattschneider of Davenport spent a few dnys with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Autrust Schnttschncider. Paul HaUn of Moline. Ul.. spent Thanksgiving at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Harm. James Kelso, Jr., left Wednesday for Davenport where he will visit a few days and then will KO to Chicago. Hildred Elbert of Mason City visit :d a few days at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Elbert. Patricia Weir, R. N., is at the Kossuth hospital carine for Mrs. George W-cir arid new baby daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Smith are the parents of a babv boy. Tills gives them a family of three boys and one girl Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crawford an< famllv were Sundav guests with her mother, Mrs. John Rlebhoff -at Algona Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bode and family of Corwith spent Sunday^ with ete. Ruth Balgeman of Sheffield enloyet the holiday vacation at the home o her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Bal Reman. parents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Els Mr. and Mrs. Pete Farrell are th parents of a baby boy. named Patric Charles, born Friday at the McCreer ospltal. and .Paul Engen were • at the home d' daughter. Marie. M J.'it. Cruise family, and Mr. and MnTkcniMih Dwjer of Humboldt were «^rtaS?id ThankEglvlnB day at the honw oj Mr. and Mrs. George Aidrich. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Blelch and two daughters drove to Goodell Thanlcsgiv- " » here the , were guests a Mrs - John Jewelry nnd the Elmer Reeds, west of farmers. The Millers returned home Saturday evening. _ ___ •_ Why Actors Die Poor! An Interesting Article Discussing Some Famous Instances WH1 Be Found In The American Weekly, the Ma&azM" Distributed With Next Sundays Chicago Herald and Examiner. ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS Suiglc* B«lb ThotiMndf ot ptopl* ar« d«!ly Uarntrm how to obtain rtll«< and comfort br w>«rlnq corrtctly nit«d Abdomltnl iqp- porttrt. . A ip«UI frp« cf wpporfw m«Y b« had for «vtry abdominal allmwit Including: obtllty. matarnlty. lallan ifomacli. poit-op«ratlv», were lilac, «te. n*t* lupportvrt aiilrt nature In maH»g anatomical eorrtcflonl. Ow nparltncid Bltan wHI fladly damnmlrafa tha »a»low rvp« •< *»• demlntl Supottan, faalurlna .ha pt- sr . th. Sorensen Drug Alfona, low*. • Afl«* ill H nU «n«, Ihtrt If i lit* •* L*T*tr« far thfl ti*m« — H •• U>« fin fit lift *r tb«B «n, rr yon wint la faring ti*nra ef plratm* nf«rmvnl In f*nt fo fl Irfendi. !«t thto yMt'* 'A .If! k« •• 1ST fin. »1H LTTATRO RADIOS jro "B" JJTO "0" BACflUUM Htrt to llw »«<•«« ••"• •"• |i onM .Ithool .l.rtrlrBr — m.i «n7 •««'" • Slant* B«li*T. Emn"«""' — Mftf IMI Own Ifl • 4*r f» •Mrtl*. A r*T»l§tl«fi * fOTMilM - Ikll ••*!• blntl «U m»J"» f»tnr 39-VOX.T TAMM LIGHT PI.A1TT »ADIO LTllr. — ">• «rl»lnil M • V.H Hull. ««• • »t- •<•"•<• «rJ nt Binpttlinn — II l>rln|l •PRHFSCTKD RKCRPTION' «J b »n«»«II«l t» beinlr. !.«• «.ln« mJ ptrfotm«n«. Ail*Mi«<l "»» m«H»l> I •II lk< Unit idTinU Cm* to t*4*,-t** •" Kossatb Radio & Electric Co. MUton Dahl Algona, low*. Phone 42 •WMW^^ Change of Location We thank our many patrons for their past patronage and will be ready to serve you again in our new location two doors north of oiar old place on Tuesday of next week. Runge Shoe Shop 4iiH FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY HOUSE SLIPPERS will bring joy to all the Uy, ail types, si/,es 7 5C to 2.4-5 HOSIERY ! A luxurious gift for "Her" 3 pair In a gilt box 2.25 By the pair— 79c —•• — »» Others 49c and *1.00 the paw BOOTS! Rugged and weather resisting. For hunting hiking and school. Sizes for M-n and boys 1.98 to 6.50 PABTY STYLE and DANCE SLIPPERS Smart Brownbilt and Buster Brown Shoes 2.95 to 5.00 OXFORDS Comfort and style in Mens Brown Bill Oxfords— always an acceptable i?ift 3.50to5.0O GALOSHES AND RUBBER FOOTWEAR lor all the family. Brownell Shoe Company », T i is mil IT SHOES Algona, Iowa HOSIERY occasion of the holiday Thursday enjoyed his Thanksgiving meals o home with Mother and Dad McMahon at Garner. Dr L. F. Pfeffer Is In charge o th distribution and sole of the White Cross tuberculosis seals this year and ent envelopes out full of the stamps on Thanksgiving day. Mr and Mrs. Herman Lyons and son of Ames returned home Sunday follow- ng a visit with home folks since on Wednesday. Mrs. Lyons waa former- y Miss Leona Hlldman. Leo Welllk, law student at Crelghton University at Omaha, returned to his school duties the fore part of this week following a visit with his parents here since Wednesday evening. Mrs May Harris, who for a number of years has lived in Sexton, has mov- d to Algona where she and Mary, her daughter, are keeping house. Mary Is one of the telephone operators there. Ole K. Flom of Wesley together with Rev. R. E. Bemtsen of Brltt were at LaCrosse, Wisconsin, the fore part pi last week where they attended special sessions held by the Evangelical Free church. The D. of A. lodge *re holding initiation services in the local court next Sunday. December 9th, with the past Presidents' Parley Degree team of thia district putting on the work or initiation. Miss Mildred Benton, kindergarten teacher at Emmetsburg and Miss Audrey Benton, office assistant at tne crra-very at Algona. were welcome visitors and guests at their parental home here during the Thanksgiving season. Mrs William Henderson and two sons Billy and Jlrrimie, and Miss Mar - garet Erilmanu drove <o Horton, Kan.- tts th middle oi last wtek to enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays at the home of her pascals. Mr. und Mrs. Mi-rz. Miss Esther Beck left Thanksgiving lorning for Ringed to spend the ajs over the week end with friend*, irlncipally at the home of Mrs. An Rav Miss Beck taught at Rlngs-tcd .even years before coming to We.-u-y. Sister M. Lydia accompanied Sbter M iienmne, who has been ill and wa* forced th rvby to give u» her teaching duties in the Teal parochial school, to Milwaukee Wednesday night where she will enjoy a rest lor a time at the St. [•Yancis convent. Mrs R B. Hopkins left Sunday morning on the Sioux for Okatpa, South Dakota, wh re she lias accepted a pomane-m portion as station agent. Mr. Hopkins "went with her as far a^ Mitchell returning the same day on the evening train. Ida. Young and Donald Kraus drove to Am, a Wednesday to get Dorothy Kraus who b enrolled as a freshman «the I-wa State College. The Jacob Kraus family of Mauley were aloO tin. cue-its nt the home of his brother, Charles Kraus Thanksgiving day. Mrs Art Corey. Edward and Arthur and a few friends of DCS Moines \ver.: uhe'UWt hunter company ut the iionu of Juhu., Ku'iw Tuesday and Wednesday of la^t week. Gordon Kunz and a group cf hunters al^o of DCS Moiue* tvere Jute-ruined ut the home 01 ^his mutlier. Mr:>. Aain M. Kun/. last " Dr and M~rTj. O. F. Price 1-ft on Tuesday fur C'airago to attend 38th uimual meeting of the Unltea ii;at.:j Live Stock Sautlary * "- TINKER TOY How—a real sale price on the world-famous Tinker Toy. While stock lasts — sale price CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS 8-light set complete with dual plug. While stock lasts—Sate Price ^TVn—H zz/^ NEW I BUCK ROGERS tSth Century ROCKET PISTOL Shoots like a popgun and makes a loud report. Absolutely harmless. Regular list price 60c. While present stock lasts our sale price GENUINE Lionel Mechanical Train Has engine with electric headlight, bell and brake, tender, tank car with brass rail and caps, box car with sliding doors. 8 sections of curved track. Worth $1.25 o! anybody's money. While stock lasts—our sale price Mickey Mouse Hand Car Mickey and Minnie Mouse pump on handles as car moves, complete with 8 sections of curved track. Worth $1.25 of anybody's money. 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