The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1934 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1934
Page 3
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The Algona Upper Pea Moinea, Algona, Iowa, December 6,1934 MARRIES; LEDYARD LOSES A TEACHER Weds Oedar Falls Man; to Operate a Store in Charter Oak Ledrard: Friends here received an nouncement this mat week of the ctoce of W» Mildred Oranner of top. tow*. to Vincent Messer of Cedar Fa*. they have purchased a •ton at Charter Oak and will be at home there. Mist Oranner taught in ttte local achooi here for several years *nd has many friends her* who wish Her much happiness. The Hemme Troff family visited at the parental Hearst home In Thompson Thursday. Ted Gable was married to Marie Smith of Wlpnebago at Efetherville on last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs, Lee Bstle of Esther- trflle were week end visitors at the Ray Estle home. The Ray Wentworth family attended the funeral of a brother-in-lajr at Woden Monday. The Arthur Nelghbauer fatally of RadclifJe spent several days the flrst of last week at the Max Nile home. Mr. and Mrs. EU Boudrye and family of Grenada, Minn., were Sunday guests at the D. A. Carpenter home. The Fred Looft family of Swea Ctty, Mrs. Margaret Looft and Albert were guests Thursday at the N. A. Pingl? Deloris Nitz, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nitz. has a light case of diphtheria and "the Quarantine. family is under Mrs. Martha Cable was in Swea City several days this week and on Friday •Mended the funeral of her brother-in- law. Victor I/sUnd. The Worden carpenter crew has begun the finishing work on the Bashara home and the Basharas hope to be moving In the near future. George Bashara who is In a CCO camp at Strawberry Point, came here last Wednesday to visit several days at the home of his brother, Charles Bashara. Patricia Matsner celebrated her 5th birthday Sundcy by having several of her Uttte friends there to play. Those who came were Wallace Mayne, Jerry LaurKzen and Doris Kstle. Elmer ZleUke who was injured in an automobile accident several months ago. was able to be in town last week for the first time in over nine weeks. His many friends an glad to see Elmer up and around again. Herbert Raney. who Is a student at Fayette. came Wednesday to the home of his sister. Mrs. V. A. Barrett and on Thursday accompanied the Barretts to Ltvermore where they visited at the home of their parents. Fuhrman's, Sr,, of St. Joe Observe 51 Wedding Anniver'y St. Joe: Last week Tuesday evening children of Mr. and Mrs. ~ ~ rmann. ST.. pleasantly su them, the occasion being then- wedding anniversary. Bach fa brought a covered dish and at midnight hmeh was se« ' ~ ' the diversion. Si. JM Card Farty Last Sunday evening a ca__ was held in the St. Joseph Han with Mrs. Chris Oales. chairman of the committee. Five hundred was played at 17 .tables with Amanda Thul and Renrv Zelmet being awarded the arizes. Bridge was played at 9 tables with Susan Naber and Prank Bormann receiving high prizes. Door Prize awarded to Thomas Becker. A de ous lunch was served by the committee. Peter Erpeldlng left Sunday for Rochester. Minn., for medical aid. Harold Friders Is assisting with the farm work at the Geonre Wagner farm. Raymond Schaller is assisting with •:he farm duties on the John B. Reding farm. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Rica spent several days last week at the Schaller home. Olga Gates was pleasantly surprised Ikst Wednesday evening, the occasion being her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Cl _ ... _ Sunday evening supper guests at the ,onrad Kohlbaas home. Mr. and Mrs. Herman near Livermore spent Sunday at parental John Becker home. The Jofan Bertes are enlovlng a visit from Mrs. Berte's father. Matt Mer- Ken and other relatives of Dell Rapids. South Dakota. Mrs. John Becker returned last week Tuesday from an Iowa Falls hospital where she had spent nearly a receiving medical attention ant! lor operation. The first room Including irradea one and two of the St. Joseph's parochial school gave a Thanksgiving program Wednesday afternoon inviting hi the other grades. Mr. and Mrs. —.,—__ - — family spent Sunday with Mrs. Schaller's father, Wm. Monarch of Bend. Mr. Monarch has been sick the oast week. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Becker Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kirsch and .erald left the latter part of the ' for a few days wth relatives in Minn. Thev returned home Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Reding. Mr. and Mrs. James Weydert and family. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Reding and family and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Devlne and family were Thanfesgivulg dinner oruests at the-John Weydert home near Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Wagner ac- comoaneid bz Mrs. John Thul and son. Eugene and Emma Becker, returned on Saturday night from a week's visit with relatives and friends at Dubuoue. Iowa. Port Washington and Prairie du Chlen. Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. Fred fflg. The Krrln and Sam Link families of "»• ««• «" __ r«f. »h. rhnr»» .nrf iva Tjnt from St. Joe, Mrs. George Wagner, Mrs, Alfred Re3- ing, Mr. and Mrs. Swea Otty. the Dewey and Ira Link families of Armstrong, the Dore Freeh family of Algona. the Merle McAn- Inch family of Rotfe and the Roy Links of Ledyard were guests Thanksgiving day at the parentaLD. A. Link home. Goetech Motor Co. Erect* New Bldg. Fenton: lh« OoeCsch Motor company is building a hollow brick building TOitt with full basement and It will be used for body works and storge. The building Is located Just across the street from their garage and Martta Hantlemaa and Nelson and Padgett have the contract. SEXTON NEWS Nick and er'y rtXsixut Jobfi •prised r 51st family dalght id for oartv 1 with Jf *A. m I 1X18 OlAVWi u»JWl il and arizes. with in re« WM delici- «nmit- yr Ro- ;h the farm. - with ; Wibll Red- it sev- Seorge rnrised session s were at the Ker of it the a visit Mer- laolds. it week lospltal month a ma- lea one rnAhlftl rm*iiACM rofmun hi the er and Schalt West i ouita er and id son. Minn. ,av. tr. and ly! Mr. family ne and dinner ne near aer ac- nd son med on _lt ^Hjki* ut witn k loWB Chien, IT anc LA . •••»« id R*ages. all 141 fiA/t MRS.J.M.COMSTOa DIES Of SPOKANE _Was One of Algona's Pioneer Ladies— Mored to Spokane In 1889 t The death of Mrs. J. M. Comstock at her home hi Spokane, Washington, November 26, removed from life's activities one of the meat gracious and charming of the pioneer ladies of Algona, where with her husband, the late Col. J. M. Comstock she resided for 18 years, leaving here in 1889. Mrs. Comstock was past 92 years of age nt the time of her death and was sick only a few weeks with the infirmities of old age. Previously she had been in the best of health for a person of her years, col. Comstock, who died ut Spokane, in 1818, was one of the most prominent of early day business men In Algona. He built the brick store building next to the old Kossuth County State Bank, now occupied by the Nelson hardware store, and conducted the leading dry goods store in Algona for many years. He and his family moved to Spokane hi 1889, where he tyid the late Root. Patterson, also an Algona man, established the Spokane Dry Goods Company. On August 3, 1889, the new company received their big invoice of dry goods for the new store, and the next day occurred the big fire which practically wiped out all of the business district of Spokane, leaving the Comstock store the sole remaining dry goods store. This gave them an enormous business from the start and Mr. Comstock was long before his death rated a millionaire. Mr. Comstock was always active in all civic enterprises and served on the Spokane city council for years. He was elected mayor in 1899 and served two terms. During theoe years Spokane waa growing from an ordinary town to one of the large cities of the northwest, and Col. Comstock Is given credit for the many civic improvements. Mrs. Comstock, as Elizabeth Annis was born January 21, 1842, hi Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and was married to Mr. Comstock, March 29, 1866. They moved to Algona in 1872 wtth the Milwaukee railway's advent. During the 18 years they lived in Algona they took an active part in the business and social life of the growing cKy. The! two daughters. May and Josle were among the early day belles of Algona Miss May died In Spokane in 1931 Josle married Gene Shadle, a popular Algona boy, who went to Spokane with the Comstocks and is now the presi dent and general manager of the Com stock store, now called "The Orescent. Mn. Comstock's two brothers, George and Will Annis, former well known Kossuth county men, are now dead Another brother, M. A. Annis, lives at Southgate. California. Capt. L. M. B Smith, pioneer Algona hardware mer- ofeon* nn*l »>u> »«fh<n- nf My*. Alf Rifi Cast Chose: Tifnnlr 1 lUMUli Scl Titonka: The been chosen. "Tl cast is M follows dudlonjt: The R callies: The Ok" Wooden atfdfer. Maker. Boxer Lai Istt? Princess, i liuMter, Robert ITMOhA** ^bdlVMU* leflyer* oonwepw e given, before Ion. Charles Wanaci the week end vi George Hlgglns urdav from Rod been for treatmcc Geo. Sonnenbe Thanksgiving in Center with relsi Born to Mr. ai Nov. 99th. « 10U getting along nt Mrs. E. R. In Eleanor visited Si Larsen of Forest Mr. and Mrs. J are guests at th< er, Edw. Zwiefel Dr. and Mrs. B >helr house guesti Mrs. Ralph Torgc Henry Swalve urdav night by E _ lit— %f ••« DAW citis, Mrs. KCX n **hft.T*lW* V*ttU K*» Mr. and Mrs. ihildren of Chen *elatives, the Wi 5d Zwiefel hornet Mr. and Mrs. .ertalning their Oraefen and faml expect to stay a The regular De Ing of the Amer unit met at the French Tuesday Will Heifner < came Saturday U t«r. Mrs. Geo. and other relatlv Mrs. Horace 1 Asian, and Mrs. ed tfce county ex 9 fthc American tfjtt Of YltlFt 1*11 [Lo Kb £>U1L AU 4th. TUTr A tiff lUTrti Jnfm BUU xnJo. tertained the Dei enlng. High s made by Mr. ax The travel prize H. I. Torgersen. The Luncheon Mrs. Lee Wolfe I. Torgersep woi Wm. Bovken ti Wm. Boyken, M L. B. Larsen an pe were guests. Fenton Pb ••> DJ I Ytatjflp: The t-iinVT Mfttmnl v4 nign jcppoi wv "*!%•.* Hlft£lp An AUO OUWK AW the local opera 1 day aud Friday />haw««*ts>*w 4tu»li Arthur Stueber was a Thanksgiving dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. CL Taylor and family. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neahrlng and little Donald were Sunday dinner guests at toe home of Mrs. Neahrtng's parents' Mr. and Mn. Henry Glare at Brttt. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hodgln of Webb were Saturday and Sunday visitors at the home of Mrs. Hodgln's parent*. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven and family. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Steven were visitors Thanksgiving day at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mn. George Ol•en andflmSy northwest of town. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Greenfield and dbu*ntsr. Edith, were Thanksgiving dinner guests in Algona at the home ofMrs. QwnneM'* sister. Mrs. EU» Richards. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Merrlam and family cc near Oorwlto and Mr. and UnTieo Steven north of town were all dinner guests at the Hajwy Steven home Sunday. Mrs. Mary Newman came a week an Saturday to her daughters. MIS. Jam« Brooby's tune where she spends the winter months: During the summer she lives in Algona. Mr and Mrs. Clayton Johnaan and two little sons were TuMJcsgiylna dinner guests at the home of hto sister. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller and family near LuVeroe. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Elsenmann. son Leo and Miss Evelyn Foster of Britt und Herman Wise were igueftto at a Thanksgivinti dinner with Mr. *nc MM. Auiruit Klrschbaum and family at their home. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Steven ane two little sons, Harvey Duane and Nell Llovd!ffif nearSwea City were Sunday dinner guests at the home of his par- entsTMr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven and family north of town, Mrs. Edward Hammond and daughter Artene. from north of Swea Cltv •Wted over Thanksgiving day "ntlljon Manaaywltn her son. Oscar and wife of near STesley and her mother, tars. Sarah Wise in Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. B.j& SM^entertain- TJlg and Agnes of Algona spent the week end in Currte. Minn., helping Mr. and Mrs. Ed nig celebrate their silver weddng anniversary. They returned Sunday evening. Mrs. Lucy Wagner and sons. Nicholas and OrviUe. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Faber and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Pohrmann. Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fuhrmann. Laura Schaller. Amelia and Adeline Erneldlng, Alvln and Clarence oelding and Richard Hoberer were Sunday evening supper guests at the Adolph Puhnnann home. ' Mr. and Mrs. John Puhrmann. ST.. recently received a letter from their ion. Joaegib and family hi Chicago. ..tatln? that Joe's 10-vear old IKXI. Er- vln had been suffering from a broken bone io one heel. It waa thought at first to be a sprained ankle and was treated for such, but when it failed to heal. Ervln was taken to a doctor where an x-ray rev«aled the broken bone. He U getting along satisfactorily now. Joe also stated in his letter that the World's Fair will be held In Chicago for another vear. Mr. Fuhrtnnnn is Janitor of a large apartment building and he with his family formerly lived here. GOOD HOPE NEWS School Operetta grade operetta has "« Toymakera,. The The Best doH, Alice ur doll. Jaeoneune n. Duane Paul: The Harris Smith: Toygoo: a herald. Junior erdlne Boyken: The Robert Sehutjer; The Prtnc*, M. The operetta win the Christmas vaca- J. Denton. Ackley and Orundv 10% pound boy. All are nicely. IntennUl and daughter stln is the nurse Clarence Turner and R. Senne are en- I. Deads' relatives were at the Dodds home for Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mn. W. J. Bourne were dinner guests at the Charles Taylor home in Algona Sunday. The P. A. Sarehett ehldren and their famines Joined in Thanksgiving festivities at the Sarehett home on Thursday, Mtes Phoebe Morgan of Sheldon visited at the C. L. and Arte Dtttmer homes from Wednesday to Sunday of last week. A prenuptial shower in honor Miss Basel Dutton of Algona. was held at the home of her aunt. Mrs. Wallace McArthnr test Saturday afternoon. The Rev. W. O. Muhleman, district superintendent, will preach at the services of worship at the Whittemore and Good Hope churches nett Sonday The Bd Dittmera, Leonard Dlttmets, C. L. Dittmer. Phoebe Morgan and the Arie Dittmers were Thankagivtag dinner guests at the Lawrence Dittmer home. Mr. and Mrs JEhner Ruttedge and two children of Charles City are here for several weeks' vMt with Mr. Rutledge's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charies Rutiedge and other relatives. Mrs. Irene Bjostrom who has been at tine bonne of her mother, Mn. Etna Mitchell since her discharge from the Kossuth hospital renewing an operation for appendicitis, returned to her own home on the former W. C. Nelson farm Monday. The Good Rope Ladles win meet this week with Mrs. R. L. ReM in Algona. The meeting is to be In the nature of a Christmas party and gifts wll be exchanged. Those attending the meeting are requested to brine a gift not to cost more than 25 cents. Those hav- ing no means of transportation pteasst call Good Hop* parsonage, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dtttmer left Monday morning for Chicago whew they win visit relatives and attend the Livestock Show now in session. They were accompanied by O. L. Dtttmer. who will stop at Manchester. Iowa, for » visit with a brother and by Mftv UDlan Angus, who will go at tar as Cedar Palls where she will resume ter work to Teachers' CoOete. Mrs. Wm. Treptow returned Sunday evening from a nine day trip to Bremer county which Included stops to visit relatives at Waverly, Waterloo an* Braner and several days at the hone of her brother, Jatnea Madden near Somner. On Thanksgiving day the children and grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Madden came in on them to help- them celebrate their 55th weddlnc an- nlrerswy. Read The Want Ada—tt Pays. Bonacker and family ves for about ten days. Schenck. Mr*. Briber Tuesday afternoon. Deo. Horace Schenck en- sert dab Monday ev- score for couples was and Mrs. Martin Btolch.l n Tuesday. Mrs. H. won flrst oriie and Mrs. ttee consolation. Mfce. . L. KranU. Mrs. Day* This Week nventory was a brother of Mrs. Comstock. The funeral services were conducted by Dr. Joel Harper and interment was made in the Peace Abby Mausoleum in Fairmont cemetery, Spokane. Swea City German Band Picks Officers awe* City: The Little German Band has now perfected its organization and the following officers were elected: Dr. C. C. Anderson, president: Dr. R. M. MJukel. secretary and treasurer: A. B. Tweet«n. director: Sam Hethershaw. librarian. The number of players Is limited to 12. Brother of Fenton Men is Married Fenton: Oerhart Krause, brother of Ervfci. Hans and Bill Krause of this place was married Sunday morning. Nov. 18, at the Little Brown church at Nashua. The bride was Velma Hughes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Robert Hughes, who reside across the line in Wright county. She is a graduate of the Britt high school and Britt iunior college. The counle were attended bv the bride's sister. Mvrna and brother, Glenn. They will farm after March 1st cm a farm near Oor- wito, win present their oU». * mystery play at se this week Thurs- ghts. The cast o* Includes: Robert Hantle- man. Isabella Weisbrod. Donna Jean Bailey. Charles Glaus. Robert Schwarts. Berntae I^ramet, Marie Pertl. June Weisbrod, Maynard Jente. Glair Bol- lln«rer. Harold Oramenr. Lrle Newel and Irene Krause. Musical numbers and specialties win be given between acts, directed by Esther Smith. Ver- llna loenrar is directing the olay. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Kohlhaa* and children! spent Thanksgiving day in Creaco with Mrs. Koblhaa.'s alster and famtjy. Is on in Full Force Folks for miles around are taking advantage of these wonderful prices We have set a goal of disposing of at least one-half of our stock before invoicing. These prices are not just a big noise but a real honest to goodness Cleanup. COMPARE THEM! BUY NOW! SAVE! Heavy Grade First Quality Armstrong Quaker Bugs 9x12 only. 8.49 Here is a real Xmas Gift For Mother Regular $3.25 fancy plate mirror, spe- 1 I cial cleanup only *•' Don't pass thia one. Big Discounts on Living Room, Dining Room and Bed Room Suites. They are going quickly. See them now while assortment is good. Buy a Mohawk Wool Bug for Xmas. A big stack of the best values in northern Iowa to choose from. Priced to sell. Richardson's Furniture Co. Where Furniture Bells for Less UNION NEWS Mrs. Rudolnh Will has been laid up with rheumatism or lumbago for the oast week. The Louis Bode family were guests Thar.JKJfivlnK day at the William Ryno home In Fort Dodge. The Joe Matllle family soent Sunday at the home of Mm. MatlUe's aunt. Mrs. Zack Gibson at Wesley. The Albert Gould. Jens and Tony Soreoson families were guests at the Ben Gould home Thanksgiving evening. Ben Gould was taken suddenly sick last week Tuesday with kidney atones. He was confined to his bed several days but Is now up and around. Mrs. Harry Ward and baby daughter returned to their home here from the Kossuth hospital in Algona Tues- Lu Verne Woman's Sudden Death Is Unexpected Blow LuVeme: Relatives. friends and neighbors were shocked Sunday mom- ing, to hear of the sudden death of Mrs. Will Schultz which occured Saturday nlgbt about (2:30. She was apparently in the best of health Sat urday and had been to neighboring towns and was on the streets of Lu- Verne late Saturday evening. Since th* death of herhusband. her son. Prank had been living with her. She leaves four daughters. Mrs. Charles Rllev of Livermore. Mrs. Guy LanaUxa of Bode, MB. Byron Oglesby of Mason City. Mrs. Rutb RamusiofLuVerne tad three MUM. Lewis and Will Schultz of Livermore and Frank at home. The funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon In the M. E. church. Mrs. Fred Tiede Lau has been very ill with pnuomonia. Jim Thome broke his arm Saturday hUp cranking a car. Fred Hintz has been very 111 with pneumonia and Is still very low. Mrs. James Johnson was In Wto- throp last ^ek caring for her mother who Is ill. S. P. Sorensen received word IfM week of the death of hla brother living in German*. Mr and Mrs. Alexander Evans were called to Cedar Rapids Friday by the death of Mrs. Evans' brother. Over MO collected in the Red Cross drive here last week. One-half of this is to be used in thia community. Mrs DeRae Godfrey went to Humboldt Thursday evening to attend a shower for her friend) Mia Leoaa Johnson. ter Mrs. Naomi DeWUde of Mason CUV and MrTand Mrs. Lou Bolenus and children. Robert and June. Mr and Mrs. Black Wise and two Prank and Lloyd of Mason Ctt* aSurcUy and Sunday visiting at of his mother. Mis. Sarah family. They left for their Mason City Sunday after- day of nicely. this week. Both are doing Arrthonv and Magdalene Stoffel were Kuests Thanksgiving of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Eknil Stoffel. They have both been employed near Bancroft. Anthony has been. a»«HTTr at the home noon. and Mr*. of Henry Phillies and accomnantod and of Swea came last week ttaaOia -----^ ^ thThome of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. ~ ZlsUler and family where on ^Tventog her husband, Phll- * toed nee for a stay over They returned to their City Thuwdar evening by nor slater. Lola, who Cut Rate grocery the oast week. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gould of Mallard visited the former's father who was sick the day before Thanksgiving and Quit evening they drove to the lome of Mrs. Gould's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Arndorfer of Crcsco where ;he neighbors had gathered to help them cekfcraie their silver wedding anniversary. Dorothy Keete was called to Titonka Saturday night by the sudden illness of her mother. Mrs. Mary Keefe. who had been spending a few dav« at the Andrew Hansen home. Her sister. Mrs. John Ooughun of Alxona. was a guest also. Mrs. Keefe is recovering nicely but will remain at the Hansen home, for a tew days. Mr and Mrs. Will Hefti went to Ames last week to attend the funeral services of her grandfather. Henry O.' H-endrickson. age 91 years and four days. Mrs. Mert Barton and Mrs. James Godfrey received word Saturday evening of the death of their sister's husband in Belle Plain. Funeral ser- <"c«i were held Monday in Belle Plain. The Lutheran people sponsored a program Wednesday evening in the .r_cli when the Colored Blossom singers made their appearance. On Bunday morning the Rust Singers of Mls- sissippi gave a Drogram. The 14 year old twins of Mr. and vlstt until Sunday. Btor* muds* fa Color! Km Wfll Find SS World FSMMH Comics la Next Bandar's Chicago Herald a«d E**"'!""' Be S»r* to Order Yew Co»f Now From Y**r Newsdealer. Mrs. Phil Lichty were surprised last Monday evening when fourteen of Weir friends went to their home to help them celebrate their birthday. The evening vas enjoyed by playing games | and refreshments. The Progressive club will hold a benefit card party la the community hall next Monday «venlng. Book, bridge and five hundred will be played. There • iU be a charge of 25 cento. The proceeds will be used for the scholarship Spode That pitcher there, wlta quaint device. Upon the shelf, a curious bit. I know it Is a thing of price Because I paid for it. She calls It Spode, my loving wife; Just what that means I cannot say; It la a joy that lights her life; , She dusU it every day. Like a devoted worshiper She speaks of It in tender tones; It is a precious boon to her. I feel this In my bones. Twould be from it a pain to part; Without it what were this abode T I often wish with all my heart My middle name were HPODBI —Clinton ScoOard (Reprinted with permission toe "New York American'') DINNER SETS The Best Christmas Gift You Can Buy for Her Start the set this year and add new pieces on every gift occasion. Select your pattern from sample pieces we have in stock. You haven't had opportunity for such a selection in Algona for years. Many Patterns to Select from in Each of the Following Wares uid loan fund, the Iowa Children's Home society and local work. Mrs. Harold Sorensen was hostess to the J- J- Club at her borne Pridav afternoon. Pifteeu members were ore- sent and Mrs. V. V. Scbuldt was a meat. "Thankful Thoughts" were given In answer to the roll call. The remainder of the afternoon was enjoyed NV ul-vinn rook. Mrs. Albert Hefti won htti .score and Mrs. FarreU low. Refreshments were served. If We Don't Have Her Pattern in Stock We Can Get It ior You. Spode's Buttercup Biliingsley Rose Fairy Dell Rosebud Chintz Johnson's Old English and Chintz Bavarian Bohemian Noritake Ben F. Sorensen DRUGS

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