The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1934 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 6, 1934
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Honors as By State University of HISTORICAL DEFT, OFFICIAL AND OOUHTX t ' '" PAPER Established 1865 CIRCIJ1.ATHM* THIS ISS 2,*7S NA, "lOWA," THURSDAY. DECEMBER 6, 1934 —Ten Page* VOL. :t2.—NO. 4'» ________ _ _______ iffl«cwJ Baste tbaH is Sport Kingr As Kossuth Conference Starts; Algona Five to Play\Tuesday Boys, Girls Teams Play Op ening Rounds; Bulldogs Lack Vets Basketball, the peer of winter sports in Kossuth county, was in full swing in the county this week. The North Kossuth conference, composed of teams from Bancroft, Fenton, I**?ta, i*£Wd, Lone Bock, Seneca, and Tltonica, to the boys' division, and of Bancroft, tlkota, Ledyard. Lon e Bock «md Sene- 3ln toe girls' division. •Algona high school will open its bas- kfctball schedule next Tuesday on local floor, when Coach Merotr's newly organized Bulldog quint, meets Lu- Verne. The Bulldogs have been going through an intensive drill for the past 10 days, and with the loss of four stars from last year's team, will need all the drill they can get. Howard A. Beyman reports the following standings in the North Kos suth Conference, including all gam» last week, but none <-his week. Boy* teams W Ledyard * Fenton * Tltonka 2 Bancroft j Seheca * Lakota " Lone Rock " Girls' teams W Lakota * Ledyard * Lone Rock * Bancroft 0 Senccu • —° LUVERNE BOYS WIN AS GIRLS LOSE TO BODE LuVcrne: The LuVerne girls' basketball team lost to Bode, last Friday evening. 41 to 17. and the boys defeated Vernon. 35 to 10. Th* next game will be with Whittemoro, Friday night WIHTTEMORE PUBLIC SCHEDULE OPENS L Pet 0 1.00C 0 LOW .667 .MX .33 .000 .000 Observe Golden Wedding Date i i 2 1 3 L 0 1.000 0 1JOOO 1 .508 1 .000 2 .000 Pet. SANTA ClAUS IS GUEST OF HONOR DESPITE STORM Marion Corey Wins Title of Miss Mary Christmas in Contest CROWDS IN GAY HAPPY FUNFEST Following on the heels of one of iin worst tarjy December blte»rds_on Beer Parlors Get Police Warnings Frank Green stated three. He did not name Accordtns to Marshall Gr*en, the vent a reoccurrence of such lller» g hours are P«"? enforced, Santa Glaus day, tost Monday. At the same time, the announcement of the winner of the 1Mi*s Mary ChrUt- mas contest was made She was Mtas Marlon Corey, dcugfctcr of Mr. ana M« Fred Corey of Algona. As Ml* Mary Christmas, Miss Corey had a special place of honor In the parade, us did the next four high contestants. _ •— ~ CONTEST FINAL RESULTS Marion Corey «• Theodora Larson ££•*'' Marearet Roderick Rosalia Kellner Dorlys Kaodswi Betty Sheridan .Barbara Ball Evetyan Van Allen Ma.cella CulUn Artlne Holdren Only the high ten totals are en above. There were siatterea ballots cast for 15 or 20 other candidates. S^X f 'K5r-E« necessary. TRAGIC VICTIMS OF AUTO CRASH BURIED FRIDAY Viggo Christensen, Victor Leland Died in Terrible Accident BOTH SWEA CITY BUSINESS LEADERS A. H. Stock Badly Injured in Motor Mishap Out West A II. Stock, who left here a short time a*o for the Pacific coast aufl western points by automobile. Is lying serlonsly Injured In a hospital at nock Springs, Wyoming « the result of an accident, a telegram received hpre Indicated. rl , arlM 4 trlrernm received by CniWies L»B»n« stated: "A. H. Stock car wrecked 24 miles east of Rook Spring. Stock in hon>»»l- Car to rd Into pirage." The tcteicram was sirned by » garage. Further details arc lacklntr. but Mr. Stock Is evidently still In ' hospital. TOM DAILEY ARE CO-DEFENDERS Rose Joos Claims In.iuries as Result of Dynamite Blasts BATT BALGrEMAN DAMAGE CASE NEXT CAMPAIGN COSTS FILED BY 15 AS DEADLINE NEARS [Candidates Have Until 5 P. M. Today to Get Under Wire candidates In the recent tlec Funeral services for Viggo Christen- scn and Victor S. Leland. victims of a double tragedy on highway 169. Tuesday, Nov. 27, about one and one half miles north of Bancroft, were he d last Friday at the Immanuel Lutheran Tnurcn, Swea City. Mr. Christensens rites were held at 10 a. m. and Mr Leland's in the afternoon. Rev. Raymond swansbn had charge of the Chrutensen services and the Leland funeral was in charge of Rev. O. K- McDowell of the M. E. church. interment of Mr. Christensen was made at Jewell. Services at Jewel weic somewhat delayed due to the snow blocked highways. Reappointed P. M. Asat. VlBKO Christensen was born in Jewell Iowa, in 1907, and graduated from high school ttiere. He went to Swea City about eight years ago and worked in the A. B. Tweeten h |^ w f !J°. r five years, was named assistant post master wider Leona B. Christensen, Tnd "appointed Nov. 26, the day prior to his death, by Ida E. Larson. PHILIP CULLEN, 77, WH1TTEMORE RFTES TUESDAY Came Here in 1869 in a Covered Wagon; Rose To Leadership Whittemore: Friends of Philip, Ctf- us. »«ji Whltteraore playing at Wesley. The- schedule for the season follows Dec. 7, LuVcrne boys andI girls, there Dec. 11. Bode girls Jicre; Dec. 14. Rod nrnn boys and girls, here; Dec. 81. Otto sen boys and girls, there; Jan. 4. Lon Rock boys and girls her*; Jan. 11, Wes ley boys and girls, here; Jan. 15 Bod boys and girls, there; Jan. 22, Lu- Verne boys and girls, here; ^Jan.^ to. &^^T6*% R^SS Sri^'he^Feb 15, girls' county tour- rWent; Feb. 22, boys' county tourna- BUFFALO CONSOLIDATED NIPS LONE ROCK Tltonka- Buffalo consolidated won a double-header from Lone Rock. Tuefr day of last week at the local gym. The scores were 23 to 20 and 20 to 11. JBoJoe* Seshter STO^'"* ? SENECA AND M>NE BOCK IN CONTESTS Seneca: Th ; Seneca teams Pta»«» » S£l«S£ "to £23 t*w.n- nine 19 to 'n. In two close games. Seneca independents def ™ te< * 92 Lone Rock independents, 28 to 22 Kk^ivins day Uie girls team defeated Armstrong, Itt to 13. in a naru fought game. ACADEMY TEAMS WILL LACK VETS Both the boys and girls teams St Cecelia's academy will lack •">' «, material this year. Coach Mr. and Mrs. Qard Mr and Mrs. Gardner Cbwles, two of Algona's mo«t reipected and successful citizens, who left Algona 3- years ago to go to Des Molnes. observed th-clr golden wedding unnlversary at Des Molnes, Monday. Mr. Oowles, at on e time principal of the Algona schools, and his wife, a former teach( |r herb, although tcslden/s of Dee Moines. are still Algonlans to hundreds of local people that know them, and wish them continued years of happiness and success. As publisher cf The DM Moine.s Register, Mr. Cowles has built up one of the most unique newspaper Institutions: In the nation, In that with the R-:g- i&lcr and Tribune, the organization has come to reign supreme among the lute's newspapers. Mr Cowles was born at Oskaloosa. in 1862. Mrs. Cowles was formerly Florence M. Call, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose call, founders of Algona She Is the author of "Early Algona' and it was through her efforts and generous contribution that the Ambrose Call Sta'te Park was established at Al- n'unDie's tnree reindeer. Miss PPPPA 6 . 8 -.,.. and h er assistants, », led by the AJgona It was a cold, day. wit.- .-— - ot snow, but It failed to numb anyone a S^i^R^^srrs to tne crowa ^ h everyone trying K their expenses. The expenses filed to aa*.e —-• E. J. MfeEvoy *™![ Gilbert Hargreaves «"£ Harlev Bartlett 7JBB P. A- NewvlUe R. A-Evana FLARES! There Is a state law requiring Hare» to be carried by every track on the public highway. This law, aa we understand it, ta now Boppos- ed to be in toroe, H to ******* *» give track drivers a means of warn- ta« other motorist*, 8h«wW their truck become rtalled on the highway to bring down the fowls. H N Dimond. "manager of the spec- arcarre », th« -tailed truck on highway 16 2i dtal J I?!?:! the track shopped, might tav* 8Wf * H. B. White .... M. C. McMahon . Carl Dahlliauser H. W. Miller W. E. McDonald P. J. H<iken Son" iHKrso h'^sa^and av! cragcs about 250 Christmas celebrations a year throughout the country. small pigs, r-leased in front of the cou house, caused a mad scramble mt nobody was hurt in the rvu»h. rue hrowlng away of free chickens ana turkeys was also an «*asl.n for P' 61 , 1 ,, tv of scrambling and the interest in Getting the pigs and chickens was at fever pitch. No record was t-pt oi successful tacklers who flnally got pics and fowls. . Twenty-five hundred pieces of candv wcrl^Wen away Monday afternooi. Uiei commltteeJn_charBc n-ported. Only One Pheasant Hunter is ~ * code of Iowa, failure t,o file campaign expenses constitutes a nLsdemeanor and may bo prosecuted a. such. Old Age Pension Investigator at Bancroft Friday m to ( lOUtf llti »•»*• »*>*• •• tjiaueu.uurK ou a larm "^May^W^lBM. he was united 1 r^f^c C ?r ta in C °Se^ Eleven men txnd one woman wero scheduled to leave the jury box today. in district court, to determine the outcome of a $10,000 wit for damages. The case, that of Rose Joos vs. Tne Metropolitan Life Insurance <*>- »na Tom Dalley. was the first case to be heard in the present session ot district court. Judge P. C. Davidson ot Emmetsburg is on the bench. Mrs Joo-5, who lives about three miles iouth and one mile east of Ei- morr, alleges that she 8 ^ eK .? » "*.: lured ear drum that necessitated an operation, as a result of a dynamite Start which occurred Oct. 11, 1933 on '•er place. Tlie explosion occurred 98 f'.ct from the house, witnesses testified. Building Corn Crib Mr palley'8 connection with the asc is that of a carpenter who was buildlns a corn crib at the Joos place at the time of the explosion for tn c m surancc company. Witnesses were called Tueaaay Wednesday, and the case wa» ' to reach the Jury today. M«Oi and others who have had any -- tion with the cascr were on the witness stand, and subjected to a grilling by both, sides. Woman on Jury jury consist* of R. 8. Blossom. Sanford, Jake Zwlefel, 3.K. . Assumption For a larmed near Cyll"- ture hlt'tho truck. True, an mode to warn them by -—•—•• -lantern. But how many motorists will understand or stop for a lan- tefti. The law enforcing flares In every truck should be rigidly enforced. It will save lives. He had won a~ho~st of Mends by hi/i kindly disposition during his life in Kossuth county, who extend sympathy o the bereaved relatives. He is KUI- •ived by five brothers, Oscar Theodore and Eincr of Rlnssted. Arthur J. of Swea City and Har-Ul of Swei ritv his Sam Christensen o- f Jewell and four sisters. Mr. CluJsten- Jcwcll anu ">«r kct bca rcrs. John Hutchison. KosiUth old e pension investigator, will be ^J^, crOIti ri*vAt*.T» ** v >•-•*- ~ - • . . . _.«c applicants for pensions, he stated_ yes ir idnv Mr Hutchison was busy In Ihe ^urtTouse; Wednesday, interview- inn aunlicants. He Lied that «meUmes n oH«. to arrive on time to tho e wnt back, Evelyn Cap:sius, wid Hazel Walker, and fares Harvey Ingliam: "Fifty golden years. Wliat a period they open To have lived them with an eye alert to passing events is alone an achievement. To have lived them with uii actual hand in the making of events is the fullest measure of success Fifteen or twenty local citizens were invited to attend the golden wedding celebration, but due to the blizzard and heavy snow, as far as reported, none were able to attend from here. Hov/many telegrams from Algonti ypea on their way, Monday, to congratulate the former Algona c:uple on the successful compHtion of their M jeurs of married life. -i-weniy-uve girls w-cre out for the team and 24 bovs reoorted for their sv»ad *The academy schedules fallow. Jan 8, Rodman high, boys and gttta. here, Jan 11 Whittemore Academy, here, jtSv 13. Sacred Heart, Pocahonta*. (Continued on Back Page) .... I What to Look for in YOUR Paper. . • _43oort acailon story, pace one —Swamary of basketball, page one —How to Algona handling the beer problem P*«« _4233 Second payment on corn-hog money due won. f ana p«e •—¥WA Auction £•*!«• "eirt farm pace —County correspondence -Man About Town. Odd* and Editorial page __WiMit *ds. Weekly page -And 10 oases full of new» and Three Teams Tied in Maples League A three-way tie existed in the Algona bowling league, Tuesday morning. when the results of last week were tabulated at Barry's Recreation. The Phillips 68 team, which had besn eadlng the pack, found that csld wea- her acted as a Ulmulant to most ol their rivals, and as a result, they were sharing honors with the Sinclair and Coffee S-op pin topplers. The standings: Team W Sinclair Oil 8 Coff<e Shop Phillips 68 . ?armers. Sarbers Fearless 5 Despite the numerous hunters hew I luring the pheasant sea-on. in y one Lucid- lit of any Importance was, re ported locally. That was from Bull, where Elwood Ncbon, son of Mr. a id MM Henry Nelson, was accuientally "ot in 'he le,s and feet, while r.uiitiiM iu"t week. He is reported aa getting al ° nB u!ot y of huntlns laws- wire num- as, but because L'f!'^ wardens -trai- • ically stationed at intersections.and "^^^ i ,.x,>i^ oil Ihp ^Mr.1 >- ai'terial highways caualit en i" 1 tore ou-: of the county, no local were reported. Wardens gutliend at points mi main hl B Uway S leading »uU. ii-om Uie uheaaaiit couiuits, and made a big folks can get In touch with him a We^ey However, he advised callin before making a trip to Wesley, as he U ^AUUou,* "official oonnrmation wa Altuoutn understood lhat about a er, Lillian Larfon. Joe Froehllch Wm. Blelc»», ——- — - Ben FarrcW. Henry BustemclCT and *"* °° U8 *damage -^^g^ffi are atoo senfcl In Swea 20 Years Military riles were held for Victor I Jland He was born in Humboldt in 1892, comiiil? to Uie Sw.ii City nelgh- boihood about 20 yeari ago. He y.,1 married to Eilrcda Gabel of Ledyard at the time of Uie World War. P-r man> 'ears In- managed the Standard Oi italiun, and about a year UK cants and pensioners are not lie. pub- Granted Divorce that c*n savo * ye»?» iu «us week- 8 8 6 6 5 Court* House Rats 4 Nick's Shine 3 L 4 4 4 6 6 7 8 9 Pet .66 .66 .66 .500 .500 .44 .33 25 Mary W-.toter was granted a divorce iu.u> »v Wl . Q;i t<;r, Monday, in u It was rumored that Nick Maharis Offering his boys free shines if the will bring his team out of the cellar Girl Wins $25 Bank night at the Call Theatre w resumed after a two mouths' vacation, last week. Mrs. Skilliug of Bancroft was not present to receive the $100 when her number was drawn ao Tu s • day of this week the jack pot amount- cd t^ *125. Mrs. Don Stiles' number was drawn but she was absent. Twenty-live dollars wai theu oilt-r^d and tiic. money went to Front- s Hog^riy of Ai Skid Into Light Pole; Car Damaged Skidding en the snowy pavement, he machine driven by Madeline t>au- r of Bode, crashed over the curb at he easl <nd of the pavement on State "reel, nipped oil the light pa*, and took out some curbing and wiring con- lecled with the pole. Fortunately Jor the driver, she escaped uninjured, lie car and pol: were b-dly dal » agefdh ^ ^ woman was nut held, the accident being adjudged as unavoidable, in a case like U)is. the city bills the driver of Uie car for damages done to city property, it was revealed upon investigation. Deadline Passes in Contest Filing No contest of election was filed for •upervisor cf the uouruh district by Thos O'Donnell. who was defeated by six votes by Charus Morris, to ih« lecent general tlecUon. The deadline Uss beea passed for filing notice oj a toattst. O'Donnell previously hiui staled that, he would content the ; ctioa. Failed to Stop George Grahau!,, Princeton, I WJs lined $2 a:id tualj when he pl-.-aa- td tuiitv to failuie to slop lor Hie inters ctiou uurt'a oi Algona, last wtea.. ^ ^r^^rtei'm'-ol disUict eourl The couple are from Algona. Ida E. Larson Is Swea Postmistress K.^ y p^ma^e7ae,, no A k ;l as ter, DUV iu* TrTgic" death mUlandsau ttC inctuLd Ct in rr Mrs.' Larson s long 0 ,S acUvHi^are^^won ^ =\a^ r^ «: in the auaience. "la ad'diUoirto th^Td"uu^ Mi^Lar- C-^Ac, the- lie* Moiues K* K ist-.r and ^KicS^-unuf^-S-a tow^lp has btcn nan ,e-u uy Mrs. Liisoii^as ^ l^fr^^H^ r ^-^ ™- /^"is'ubo w-U quaiili-.d lor his po^l, TMv'ir" Irid lil-'h sthofl *"d co:l ge 1 traiiiia!; 'lie isVe suu ol u prominent ISweu family. out 0:1 a- proiulsiiiK carc<-i u ihoroush and ellieit-nt manner. He i:i survived by ills widow and lou chi dreii licbeit, Richard, Lucillcs an- Joyce, Jib parents and one brother faliiril y of Allies. Had Ili'nn Commander A military funeral by mt-mbera o ishcr Pust. No. 14, of which Mr. Le uid had served a.s commander, wa eld. and cii^ket bearers were clos •lends of th. deceased. Richard Her Uuell Pearson, George K. Nelson A B. Tweeten. Henry Myhr and Pr<A firing squad composed of tT» Pt lerst-n, Charles Schemmel, Jo« Kei ,tdy, Frank Loofl, Axel Erlckson, Wa IT Hoerdt, Doscce Mayne and Oa Audeisoii observed t.-e solemn milita •ites. Ray Lcrd and Carl Schroud were color bearers, and Sain Hetlit jU ami Clarence Ander.on we buri--r.s Hay Marquis acted as cnapia and Herman Bowman and Roy Fosgi were guards. Tlie American flag da-a i.d the casket. Jr. High Operetta on Friday Night ••Twilight Alley,'' junior high operetta, will be presented Friday evening in Uie high school auditorium, under the direction ol Miss Gratx.- Miller. A Urge cast will participate. Leading parts will be taker, by El-a- nor Thorpe. Edna Nordstrum Roger Michel, Jo Elleu Irelan, Mildred Kich- aidioii and Lie Roy Lee, with dozens of otli-.r youngster* in the chorus nuai- lit- 1 rs AA-sisting Mi'-s Miller with Uie production are Uie Misses O^on, Wilson, Hoelscht-r. Pratt and Sill. Beity Edge laud Gi-orga Anne Geig-.l will be the accompanists. Durwood Baker will hav ri chui-te of the lights, and Adrian Bur- u.eUiier tile alage. widow, he leaves to m'IErn"nto' death hk.niece ,. v of Em-rcbsburt: and Mrs. T. L. _MC Govern Q! Clear Lake survive. I^o ssSr.'E 1 "*"..^:!:™"^- "'SSVWJKSPJBSS church wl''h Father Veil sav- ^HS^ss?l;f .•("I'd iiamelv Maurice CulVn. If r Mulr:nev. Thomas Miller. Thom- Cullf'li. W. J. Donahue and John Mrtjullen's death wa, n nrent short the camirunlt-y and h.- will bi• miw,- 1 bv his friends as we <! ns by h VrowlriL' widow ami rein"ves. Mi ^ ™ .^^.v^W'wuTa ^rtr^n fcW:^ i,.'-,. s ' and arand m-nh w-. Sinccn ympathy is ext -nded to the sorrow- in widow and relatives. ooSr^^,^r£^u=5-5 110 case of the State v». Jame« A on a poll Methodist Laymen to Gather Friday Eagle Grove Matmen Meet Burt Friday ''•ho Eaiile Grtvo mat team will ope he* w'rt'stllng scascm Friday night w.he hey mi"- t nurt at Hurt, rhe BdHlel his year will have- a relatively Inex )crienci-d team as th<--y lost fii;h<, let ermen through graduation. Howi-yt Eagle Grov- ulwuys Has a wri'stllng U 'r"urt will have ei(jht K'tt.'rinen uv- ailublf. Howevtr they lost Eddie Stewart and Raymond Curler, two ou .- t(UIM l, I>If perfonner. This promu, e s to b L . a clo.-,u m,tt mul one of Uie beit ol the season. Algona Grapplers Book Seven Meets The Alg-na-Grant conbolida(e'.l i wroilliiiB mulch scheduled for Tue.sil.iy L-vunina was called oil because <:f the snow according to coacli David Wuia of the high school JacuHy. Grappling contests booked for the near luture are with LuVeni-, here, Dec. ti; Burl litre on Dec. 14; Giant, there Dec. 19; LuVerne, there, Jan. V Burt trei'e, Juti. 18; Gilmore City. A meeting of Methodist laymen ,. he-Id Friday. Dec. 7. at the Meth- kt church hero. wit!. L. P. BUUmM, M halrman. The meeting will be opened "th rc-iilstratlon Friday afternoon, and lull afternoon program. A dinner irrgram and evening service Is also rtaiined. Musical numbers as well as Mfc* -should give the visitors a very nloyable gnUiertnB. Rev. J. H. Edga Hid IK'V W. G. Mtihleman. pastor and ILstrlct superintendent of the local church, will be a'.hcr offices awlst- ng MV. StiUman with t/.e «'-eetlng. More Electroliers in City Planned Tin- city council, in regular monthly .si-s.-Ion last 1'rlday eveniivj. ali wed bills and adjourned «t 9:30 o tcloc »- Heuw snows caused the councilmen to work' at ton sneecl. lest they be snow,d in tin- city hiiJl far the night. It was also decided to see what coukl be (loin- about putting electroMers around the sen ol house blocU, and sen- liiiient .^'i-med to favor '.his plan, which, would lurthur ttnd to beautify th<3 ciiy und illuminate it, at nir;)it. Th-i-i- wab no time to discuas the .iH-sUoii of parking, whioh may come up ;tl a lut'.-i' iiu/i'UiiK- License Plates Ready License ula:^ for 1935 may ruw b.- obtained al the cuuntv If u urer's ol- lice, Elliott Kulaader. deputy Ui churge 01 licuii..- re:ji. traliuii. » a ed. Over 1UU liuve already been issued in the county, lu-ttin-; abuui $1.100- Ap- ipUcaiions'Tray be mad- any time now, 1 u.e licenses are already ou naud. 1,'aiid Uie "county meet at Burl, Feb. 9 * I- wa Falls has been admitted as A new member ol the North Central ccn- Icreiiee. O. B. Laing, high school superintendent. :Ul- d. This enlarges th. conference to seven teams. Ogg Infant Dies A baby girl was born to Mr Mr* G II Oii'i at the Kussutn ::u Saturday ,',irch died a few hour ad. birth. Services were held for ' h.- iti l,;.l from the Merrill Fuu.ral Hoi.. aiv! burial was made in Uie Uivervli: Slander, Scandal Cases Are Refiled Hi-Iiiing ol two cast's already on the loi-kci in d:>.tnci ccur.t took place re- ct-nlly Tlie cas of Walter Kla:'np vs. Matlnld.i Ingi'i'soll, fliar-tng slander, was th,- lir.M, and the u"-ise of Milne Kiuniij vs Mathilda In- 1 rso»l. charg- licandal. wa* -:lie .-e'on.i. The cases V.L-J-C riiiied due Iu so.ui: t-chnicaiity ol piocedure. More Bad Checks Bad checks an- again popping up. Justice P. A. Uansou liad two casea penriiiiii. one aijaiiist H. K. E?gert for a $24.10 cluck cashed at Mi&bacli's cloth- ii!!? -tore, and an Uie r against Chester Stone for $1. cash al Art Ht-lberg's. Neither case has yet come to trial io justice court. Action for Divorce Jo.t-IJil Cody lll-.-d a:l U'..« ion lor \o.ce ii^iii i Flo^ie O-dy iu o toin't, lust.

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