The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1934 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1934
Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moinea, Algona, Iow&» Horember 27,1934 Economic Problems Recognized m 1935 County ^^ . —-.. - ' "" '"" ' ~" TWP. OUTLOOK MEETINGS THIS MONTHPLANNED Farm Program For Next Year of Unusual Interest Due to Changes Holding of agricultural outlook meetings, keeping farm records, aiding cooperative marketing groups and as- sstance on the AAA producton control and drought programs are among the economic projects in the Kossuth County agricultural program, said O A. Bonnstetter, county agent. Tile county program was adopted re- recently in a meeting of directors ant committees of the Farm Bureau and representatives of cttor groups interested. In the outlook meetings to be helc in each township during this month and the fore part of December, Information on the present agricultural situation and its protjaWe bearing on 1935 conditions will be given. Specia attention will be given to the com hog and the feed and seed outlook. year, especially last winter, provided office space, stenographic help and other facilities to the corn-hog work. Mr. Bonnstetter and local leaders held several series of meetings and cooperated with the county committee. Locating and distributing feed and seed in cooperation with the state and federal governments and Iowa State College, will be an Important activity this year. Information will be made available on how to make the best use of available feeds. Farmers will be assisted in locating seed and feed suppllse through an exchange to be conducted by the county agents office. State Inspectors for Fodder, Stover Last week, for the flrst tme in history, a group of men were trained to be federal inspectors of corn fodder and stowr. The school for this purpose was conducted at Ames, Iowa, by W. H. Host-ermnn, a representative ol the Hay, Feed and Seed Division, of Washington. t>. C. Material \ised was gathered by Iowa State College anc by members of the AAA Forage and Conservation department. The school was a new thing, due to the fact that this is the first year that corn fodder and stover will ba marketed ta any extent. Men trained were the regular field supervisors of the Forage Conservation department. It was not originally planned to us? the KOSSUTH FARMS AND FOLKS Louis SmHh and Edward Mat, FhH Representatives Peterson Studio Algona, Iowa PHOTOGRAPH FOB XMAS Haver them made early. Our studio la open Sunday and evenings by appointment until Christmas lor your convenience. WILL P. BBOWN, Manager 47-50 ,;hat no group of men had as wdie practical knowledge through experience in working with corn cutting and harvesting thus far this year as the field supervisors and that they could be more readily trained than any other group. Interest In keeping farm records has fle j d men for this purpose, but it was been stimulated both by the need of . . . records for compliance statements and income tax 'reports and by a desire to hare » closer check o;i where profits and losses occur. The county program also Includes assistance to cooperative marketing associations on market analysis, and to creameries on records, analysis and accounting. Cooperation with the federa) government, nnd county production control associations on corn-hog and wheat production control programs Is pledged in the county program. Mr. Bonnstetter. as local representative of the United States Department of Agriculture and the extension service, will assist with the corn-hog educational program this wincer. The Farm Bureau during the past Railroads Asking Freight Rate Boost A hearing was held in Chicago early lasC week before th-? Interstate Commerce Commission. The railroad presented claims to show that there must be an Increase in freight rates. The fanners were represented by the farm organization leaders and a large number of business men's organizations, commercal clubs and Chaimbers of Commerce, etc., who maintain a traffic department. Much of the brlefa were prepared by members of the, staff of Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa. This Is another case where there Is Insufficient Interest among the general shipping public to look out for their own Interests, says O. A. Bonnstetter, county agent. It seems that the fann- er in particular has always taken what Is handed out. This should not be the case as there are always public hearings on these matters and this gives them through their organisation an opportunity to present evidence why the rates should not be raised. (By E. C. Allen) The other day I stopped In at Jack's Dine and Dance In JlAiVeme. Jack did not happen to be in Just then, but I had la chat with Ed Ram- lus, who works there. As It was early in the Iday, of course the {blonde assistant was I not on duty yet elth- . Before I got aw- iy I added Ed's name jto our already long list of subscribers. Over at WhHten»r e I met J. V. Elbert, who does lots of road grading around this part of the country. J. V. still feels the effects of a jolt he got on the grader this fall. I also stopped in at the Farmers Savings Bank while in Whtttemcrre, Mr. Bestenlehner and Mr. Uhlenhake are both fine fellows and enjoy a nice banking business. Of course the bookkeeper was busy with her work, and so I have not m<t her yet. f also visited with Martin Elscheid who operates one of the pool halls there and bothered him a few minutes. Martin seemed to be O. K., but then Martin always is. —o— At the G. S. Elbert place, found him in the corn field. He had five teams in the field and thought they would be through in a couple of days. —o— A. C. Carlisle lives jnst cast of Whlt- "tcmcrc on the hill. A. C. Is the well known seed corn man in that territory and of course hns good seed. The next place nearer town is the R. W. Carlisle farm. Kveryone seemed to be getting ready for the corn show the day I was there. Dr. Scanlan Talks Dr. P. C. Scanlan was called upon to give a review of his life at the Rotary meeting, Monday noon, by Ouy McKee. chairman. "Doc" gave the review, but prefaced it with the remarks that he could only hit the high spots I Oh! What Fun! Santa Glaus Will Soon be Here in Person with Goodies for Everyone Our store bus never been as full of beautiful gifts (and at very moderate prices) as it is this season, and we invite you all to come and look them over. Skates Flashlights Skiia Lanterns Hockey Sticks Scout Knives Pocket Knives Scout Axes and many other items (By L. B. Smith) John W. Campbell, who llvw southeast of Armstrong, Is one of the middle-aged farmers of this county who were in the World War, and could use the soldiers' InSuranfce compensation money to very good advantage at this time John's argument for [the bonus bill to pass Is that more money Is needed in circulation. It should be paid out in cash at once, instead of waiting until 1945, so the boys could buy things needed for the family, home and farm. He also stated that some people say the boys will squander their money May be tome of them will, but it will at least put a large amount of money in circulation and if the boys are not far •enough pasi 21 to use their money to good advantage they never will be. George Harner, who lives alxmt 4 miles west of Swea City on the Armstrong route was splitting wood the other afternoon when I stopped there and it was plain to see that R wa?> double-heat wood; i. e. once • while Fplitting and the other wliile burning A. II. Guerdet has a fine bnnch ol hogs this year and will have thorn ready for market as soon as the prices are right. I also noticed he had a nice flock of geese of which some wil V&&KKf&a88^^ I SEXTON NEWS 1 EBB»S£83£8KaaaKK8XC8: Mrs. B. E. Saunders spent Saturday with Mrs. W. C. Taylor and family. Mary Harris of Alrona soent Monday with her mother. Mrs. May Harris. Mrs. Henry Bailer visited Sundav atfernoon with Mrs. Amy Smith, who Is ill. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neahrlnsr and son. Donald, visited Sundav at Renwick. Mrs. OrviUe Hjedrlck visited Sunday afternoon at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Neuman. Floyd Pasley has been on the sick list the past few davs and was unable care of t.he oil station on probably make Thanksgiving for someone. dinner to take Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Rammer and their datfehter. Evelyn who lives west of 4owj] visited Sundav afternoon with Mrs. Amy Smlfih. Mr. and Mrs. Harvev Steven and two sons, Wilbur and Everett, and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Steven visited Sunday with relatives in Aleona. Mrs. Laura Francis visited Sundav at Corwkh at. the home of her dauch- '• T, Mrs. Grace Mason and famllv. Her son, Morris, took her down there ako. The Misses Hckn MlUcr and Helen Pnetz are clvlne a oroeram, November 2Bth at. 8 o'clock In the Sexton hall. Baskets and lunch will be sold after the oroeram. Mrs. Arnv Smith was taken suddenly ill last week Thursdiw morninK 'at her home west of town and has been oulte ill since, but is seme better at the time of this wrltlnir. Ar.tb.ur Stueb r r was a Sundav dinner euret of Herman Wise and In the afternoon they both werrt to Aleona where they visited C. N. Betsch and W. C. Tavlor who were In the Kossuth hospital. Mrs. Essie McMahon went to Huron South Dakota, a week aero to visit, her sister. Mrs. NellVe Allen, and while there she took sick and was in the hosoltal for treatment. She will remain In Dakota tor a time. Mr. and Mrs. Orren Johnson and two sons. Merle and Harold of neai BrKt, snem Sundav at the home o: V* Johnson's mother. Mrs. Am' Smitih. Mr. Johrfaon and Uw bov; went home but she staved to helo rare for her mother who is sick. Earl Preston who lives southeast o Armstrong Is one of the lucky fellov. who finished corn picking just aheat of the wet weather and the day I wa. there he and the boys were building a stock chub? which will be on wheel to facilitate easy moving and have an adjustable floor to make it convenlen for low wagon, trailer or high truck Not a bad idea and Earl should get a patent on It if it works O. K. Linde Bros., who lire west of Swea City, were getting ready to butcher a hog the other day when I stopped ther and as Harry had his hands full o knives I dMn* stop long. Just lon( enough to enroll them with the res of the large family of The Algona Upper Des Molnes. Henry Schmidt, who lives east o Armstrong was picking up old boards etc., the carpenters had scattered ar ound, but aa he said he was glad tc do it as the Insurance company wh owns the farm toe Is on are doing a lot of fixing up this fall. I noticed besid* fixing up the other buildings they hat built a new garage and were putting new chimney on the house. —o— A. L. Guerdet. who also live* In (he neighborhood east of Armstrong, was fixing a flat Ciiv when I stopped there the other day. He said he had a bunch of sick hogs which the veterinary lud just been out to see and that he wa^ olng after some medicine for them s soon as he could get th? tire flxed. FENTON NEWS WSS3 Mr. and Mrs. John Bollliurer were both on the sick list lai* week. The Junior hlnh school declamatory contest, will be held In the hl*h school auditorium Monday evenlnsr. Nov. 28. at 8 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Wlddel and their children, Marlon and James were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer. Karl and James Schwartz attended „ dinner party at Rtnissted Sunday evening In honor of their cousin. Mar- orle WHbere. at her home. Enrin. son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Borchardt, had the misfortune of be- nsr Ricked on the foot by a horse last week. He was absent from school on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Johnson and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Truman Johnson and daughter were Sundav visitors at the lister Johnson home near Bancroft. Dr. J. A. Mueller gave the dloh- herla Immunization Friday afternoon after school to six of the school tm- )ils who reacted to the Shick test eiv- n them recently. Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod accompanied by Florence Anderson, who has been vls- ','ine here, drove to the latter's home nt Swea City Friday. The former vis- ted at the (home of her niece, Mrs. diaries Schemmel. Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod. C. F. C. Laaee nnd Emma Ruske attended a party in honor of Mrs. J. M. Moore's birthday at Algona this week Monday afternoon. Mrs. Moore was a former resident of near Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Schlei and Mrs. Ed Wefcbrod and dauzhter. Esthetr. drove to Hampton Saturday to see «he wife of the former's brother. Mrs. Elmer Schlei. who recently underwent a major operation there. The Mefldames H. E. V Yawer. H. H. WKWel and Gerhard %rere Joint hostesses to 8 tab- leofbrld«e B»*wiw afternoon. F. J. Welsbiwd won htehhonom Mrs. p. H. Jensen, second hlsfli and Araes received the consolaMon orlze. A two course lunch waa servea M- ter the games. The following guests were entertained at the W. E. Stoeber home Bundav: Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Wetebrod and sons, Wallace and Robert, of Jtownett- bunr. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Newel. Mrs. H JP. Weisbrod and son Lester. Mrs. Kate Newel and Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Weisbrod. Mrs. Emma Curray ana Frances Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Oade entertained Sunday In (honor of their son Lester's 12th birthday. Those present UC&ltC* O A*W*» u»* U«M«.T « — were: Mr. and Mrs. Awrust Oade of .Bend, M*. Wlddel. COLWELLBROS. j! Aucta. Graduate of Jones Natl. School Auctioneering, Chicago, HI. 21 years actual selling experience. We solicit a part ot th« business In this territory. H. M. Oolwell located first place west of Junction 169 and 18. Phone 20F12 40-tf When In need of glasses have your eyes thoroughly examined by DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. Elec. Toasters ___.2.95 Elec. Waffle Irons ..5.95 Elec. Sandwich __Toaster 8.25 Coleman Elec-Brew Coffee Maker __-9.75 Elec. Universal Mixer, Beater, Blender, Juicer, all for _$16.00 Elec. Universal Vacuum Cleaner ___29.95 Kitchen Master, complete with all attachments at __ _10.00 Cake Covers at 95c Complete stock of Py rex Ware—much lower in price. Whistling tea kettle 89c Coleman Lanterns 5.95 Coleman Lamps 5.95 Coleman Irons 5.95 Elec. corn poppers 1.10 Kero. lamps with shade 1.49 Elec. Table Lamps __98c Elec Washing Machines 49.50 to 87.50 Express wagon 2.25-4.50 Tricycles 3.50-7.50 Next Sunday! Be Sore to Get Your Copy of the Sunday Chicago Herald and Examiner With the 20-Page Comic Weekly. AH of Your Favorite Comics Will Be Found In This New Comic Section. L Strong Board of Conciliators West Bend Journal: The Kossuth ounty Conciliation Board composed of eal Smith, president, H. E. Rlst, scc- etary, and board members, W. A. Muray of Bancroft and Gottlieb Bleich of Jurt and District Supervisor Wolfe of Hampton were in session at the court ouse last Tuesday. They met many rho have foreclosure of mortgages threatened and are trying to effect ompromlses with the holders of the mortgages. This Is a strong board and meeting with some success. OKK83 H.W.POST Dray and Tranfer Storage of all kinds. Long distance haulm*. Every load insured against loea or damage. Equipped to do all kinds ot draylng and hauling. n-tf Real Protection Against Winter- Plus REAL VALUE and AUTHENTIC STYLE Buy Your Xmas Gifts for Him HERE Heavy, Wooly, Warm Overcoats 14.50 16.50 25.00 Handsome Double Silk Scarfs' 1.00 1.95 2.25 Cloth Lined or Plain Gloves TJnlined $1.00-$2.25 Lined $1.25-$1.65 Fur lined ; $2.60 Madson & Hanson The Homo of Better Values Headquarters For Santa Glaus Full line of Bak Serv Oven Wear, priced very low. We have also added a very complete line of Wood Wizard Power Tools, priced as follows: Jig Saws 5.90 9.95 Lathes 5.90-24.50 Saw Tables —6.25 7.50 9" Band Saws —14.50 and many other items Nelson Hardware Flowers for Thanksgiving Day Suggestions for your Thanksgiving Table Handsome largo 'Mums, best varieties, Pom Pom, Hpray Chrysanthemums, different types. Choice Roses as Talisman, Joanna Hill, Hollywood and Templar. Carnations—Red, white and pink Hnap Dragons, Daisies and Zinnias If you are invited out this Thanksgiving day—let us deliver your hostess a box of appropriate flowers. She eertainly would be delighted. Our phone number is— three-oh-five Algona Greenhouses General Suggestions Christmas Cards—Seals Christmas Candy 'Artificial Christmas Trees, ornaments, Candles, Decorations, etc. Novelties Christmas is only a scant three weeks away—but your shopping problems may be easily solved—let us help you. Again our store has been stocked early with hundreds of real values. No drudgery to shop here. We have dozens of gift suggestions on every counter. Here are a few that might help. Make our store your Santa headquarters. For The Youngsters Dolls Bob Sleds Books Doll Buggies Tables Drums Games Diaries Chairs Tricycles 32 Piece Set Dishes $075 ^> up For The Ladies Pocketbooks Fancy Glass Ware Kitchen Ware Silverware Handkerchiefs, hand and boxed Ladies' and Men's Hose at Wagons—Pictures Trains—Horns Children's Novelties A Complete lone of Popular Priced Toys at Hawcott & Ogg "THE WONDEE STORE'

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