The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1934 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1934
Page 10
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IOWA MAN GOES TO PENITENTIARY IN MINNESOTA It now looks like our old friend, Dave Lynch, will have to serv3 a three-year term in the Minnesota stnte penitentiary. Dave has been living at Fairmont, Minntsota, since leaving Kossuth county several years ago. He is a versatile cuss and has been In the land business, auto business and has tried nearly everything. He has been wanted for alleged bootlegging and has run afoul of the law on different occasions He was convicted some time ago on an arsen charge, the destruction of an auto by flre. Now the Minnesota supreme court has affirmed the conviction and it is understood that Dave will begin to serve the sentence at once. According to the Fairmont Sentinel. Dave was charged with purchasing Since his conviction and sentence, -,yneh has been engaged In the land business in Fairmont, selling farms for federal land bank. He has sold a arge number in the past year. His attorney, Paul C. Cooper, says he has been of good conduct since nls conviction, and that steps will be taken at once to seek a pardon. Lynch has a family and resides in Fairmont. Dave was raised In Seneca township and comes from a respected pioneer family. He was in business in Bancroft for a time and is well known in Kossuth county. Many friends will regret to hear of Lynch's plight. Dave is a good fellow and an able fellow. He can sell more land than anyone in this part of the state. He has raised a fine family who will have wide-spread sympathy. Liquor undermined his sense of right and wrong and he got himself into trouble several years ago, the matter having dragged through the courts ever since Of late he has endeavored to straighten \ip, but evidently the debt to the state must he paid. High Low Nov. 21, .15 Inches rain 50 32 Nov. 22, trace of snow 34 21 Nov. 23 40 16 Nov. 24 47 26 Nov. 25, .67 inches rain 43 35 The Algona Upper Des Moiaes, Algona, Iowa, November 27,1984 THE WEEKLY RECORD Corn, ALGONA MARKETS 2 white (old) 2 yellow $.81 Oats, Lutheran Church M. A. SJostrand, pastor Union Thanksgiving service on Wed- _ mixed 81 3 white (new) 85 3 yellow (new) 78 3 mixed (new) 79>/fe white No. 3 52 Ho)rs-Sow« Medium weight, 220-300 $5.10 Butchers, 300-350 >6.10 Heavy butchers, 180-210 4.80 packing sows, 300-350 430 Packing sows, 350-400 4.80 Packing MWS, 400-450 4.70 Light weight 140 2.90 Light weight. 160 3.85 Light weight, 160-180 350 Butchers, 180-200 Cattle Fat cows $1.50-2.00 Calves 3.00-4.00 Yearlings 4.00-5.00 Pat steers 5.00-6.00 Stock steers 2.00-2.75 Bulls 1.50-3.00 Canners and cutters 75-155 Poultry Hens, over 4% Ibs lOc Hens, under 4% Ibs 8c Leghorns 7c Ducksf young) 4% Ibs. up 8C Turkeys (young) No. 1 15c Geese Sproigs, 4 to 5 Ibs 10c Springs, 5 Ibs. up 12c Leghorn Springs 8c E ** 8 on No. 1 29c No. 2 18c Cream 2 kerosene used in destroying the auto- nesday evening, 7:30 at the Baptist mobile owned by B. A. McLean of Ma- ctelia, Minn., and purchased from Emmet Olson, Fairmont automobile dealer for whom Lynch worked. McLean was convicted on the same charge. Olson Is dead. The car was burned near Comfrey In October, 1932. The state contended that McLean, unable to meet further payments on his car, was an accomplce In thp de*truc- tlon 6f his car to obtain the insurance. Evidence Found Sufficient In denying Lynch's appeal for a new trial th? supreme court held the evidence was sufficient to sustain the verdict. Since his conviction and sentence a year ago. Lynch has been at liberty on bonds of $10,000. Bonds were furnished by friends of Dave in Iowa, where he formerly resided. Yo utell 'em—you multiply your savings with Gamble's Tiger Winter Oil— You save your motor, your gas, your battery, your temper and delays—60c church with Rev. Edge preaching the sermon. Confirmation class on Saturday nt 9.00 a. m. Sunday School next Sunday at 10:00 a. m. Vesper services next Sunday at 7:30 o'clock. A free will offering for our African Missions will be lifted at this service. Public examination of the confirmation class will be conducted on Thursday evening, Dec. 6, at 7:30 o'clock. Confirmation and the Lord's Supper will be conducted on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 11 a. m. gal. with tax. 48 Trinity Lutheran Church Rev. P. J. Brancr, pastor The following services Thanksgiving day—English service at 10:30 a. m. Next Sunday the English communion will be celebrated. Sunday School at 9:30. Confessional service at 10 a. m. Main service at 10.30 a. m. Announcements for communion will be received Saturday. 4.40 MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED John Hahle and Hazel Borman, Algona; Waltes Rente and Clara Barr, READ /LVE. Lost-Found LOST—A dark brlndle Boston bull, wt. about 30 Ibs. Call fit this office for reward. 48 WANTED—Work of any kind by young married man, aged 32, able- bodied, high school training, experience both on farm and in business firm. Decent wage hoped for.—Box 13 —Upper Des Moines. 48* For Bent FOB RENT— Office room, heated and modern, over Algona State Bank Blk. Low rent. Enquire at Upper Des Moines office. 48 Wanted WANTED—House work by experienced woman. Address box L. L., Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa. 48* \J 1 1 JL O Suggested by a f Wise and Thrifty Santa °§^ Real Gifts Are Those That Endure—In Our Store You Will Find the Ideal Gift Line, Merchandise That Relieves Household Burdens, Brings Added Comfort and a Happier Life. Philco-Grunow Radios Public Acceptance makes them the world's fastest selling radios... both battery and electric sets .. . Am- £9 A erican and foreign reception . .. low operating cost and V«" upkeep . . . what better Christmas present could one WANTED—A middle aged couple to work on farm. Lady must be able to keep house. WrKe Box 101. West Bend. . 48-50* For Sale FOB SALE-4Pump for sale or trade. —Frank Wlnkel, 221 N. Dodge St. 48 FOB SALE—Piano. We have a customer near Algona unable to finish payments on Kimball piano. Only $47.60 left to pay. Cash only.—Critchett Piano Co., Des Moines, Iowa. 47-50* FOB SALE—Young Hampshire boar. —Leslie McEnroe. Phone 33F3, Algona. 48' FOB SALE—Farms, owned by the Federal Land Bank of Omaha, in this and adjoining counties, priced right and on very attractive terms. Write— Elmo Hoffman, Fteldman, Spencer, Iowa, Box 462. 46-51 receive : t Frigidaire A General Motors product... lamp bulb economy, paying for itself in food savings . . . take drudgery out of the kitchen . . . quiet running, long life ... A Christ- an J (in mas gift for years to come. flllll Up Vega Separators Has won a nation's approval... thousands of users ^ _ . . . has the greatest guarantee ever placed behind a me- $| I «50 ejiaiiieal machine . . . gets the cream, easv to clean, dur- » j o. Wed. aize BUICK, 5-passenger master coupe to be sold at cut price quick. Call at Upper Des Moines office, Algona, phone 230. Save that cream with ft Vega separator. Users biggest boosters. Medium size, $17.50. Terms—BJustrom's, Al. gona, Iowa. 3-tl FOB SALE—The most potent want ad section in Kossuth county, every week in this newspaper. Try one. Miscellaneous Uvestock-Machlnery Auction— We wf 1 hold weekly auction*, every Tuesday at Kossuth fairgrounds, rUrtinr Dec. 11. Ltot with Hoirh Colwell, phone 20F12, John T. Mc- Gulre, 636, or C. L. McVay, 791. No auction Christmas, New Years weeks. 48 RADIO BEPAIB SERVICE—Up-to date equipment. Guaranteed work manship. Phone 99.—Ed Genrich. 4-48 MONEY TO LOAN—I have a few thousand dollars of private money that I can loan at a reasonable rate on approved farm loan or business property —M. P. Haggard. 34-tf CHIROPRACTOR HEALTH is happiness. Consult Dr F. C. Sranlan. Chiropractor. Res Phone 755, Sanitarium 566. 38-t able, efficient every farm needs one. Skelgas AMBULANCE AMBULANCE—MODERNLY equip ped for any emergency. Phone 11, Mer Ht's Service. 40-t Ranges and Water Heaters . . . have a modern kit dien and spend less time cooking . . . instant, intense heat . . , no parts to wear out . . . any woman will consider this her linest Christmas present possible . . . over 200 users in Kossuth county testify to its convenience and comfort, and its incomparable usefulness. _ Maytag Washers-Ironers Let us demonstrate the Maytag without cost or ob . ligation to you . . . Maytags are available with electric, 3S IOW 3S motors in standard or odd cycle types if you have your own electric plant or use electricity in your home. CA r 1 Hotentot Oil Burners A Hotentot will protect the health and happiness of your family, truly a Christinas thought . . . Improper heating conditions cause ti large percentage of respiratory diseases. No cold floors or cold eorners ... A uniform, eomfortahle temperature and your fuel hills will he even less than they've been before. The right temperature at all times. Let us explain its wonderful features to you at our store, where one is in operation. Complete Line of Circulating Heater* and Coal Ranges Let Bjustom's Store Help You to Plan Your Christmas List ON KAHY TKKMN AT Biustrom's Have you tried our Thrifty Waah.- Klrsctu Laundry. Phone 267. 4fl-t PRODUCE HIGHEST MARKET prict-s paid fo xmltry and eggs.—Algcna Product jhone 9-J. 48-5 A Great Coat Sale ELECTRIC WORK ELECTRIC RECEPTACLES tnstall- d in your home or business place. Call >ratt Electric. 48 OPTOMETRY CHILDREN DONT REALIZE what jood eyesight nv;ans. Protect them- Have their eyes examined regularly.— A. W. Amunson, optometrist .next door to Call Theatre. 48 BEER PARLOR A STEIN OP WELLENDORF'S beer, delicious, will give you renewvd pep for the day's work. Southeast corner of the fairgrounds. 48 BEAUTY SHOP HOT OIL TREATMENTS—The kind they give at Cora D. Miller's Beauty Shop, do much to improve your hair if It is dry and lacks natural lustre. 48 AUTO REPAIR 75 PER CENT OP ALL AUTO troubles are caused by negkct. Drive in frequently for a check-up and be ture - E 1 i»ert's Oarage. 48 J __ The Ideal Store for Chri.stmas. (lifts iff ! j&~- -««i^ ul - Vahu . i hitv POULTRY FEED IT ISNT NECESSARY to have high priced feeds when Red Top Egg Mash vtlU give Maximum egg production. It's bl-nded right.—Algoua Flour & Feed Co. 48 DAIRY MILK—THP ONE PERFECT lood Give your children plen'.y of Woodside Dairy uulk. it's clean and pure. 44 RADIO HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEW Philco or Grujiow? Perfect reception. Come in for a demonstration.—-Bjustrom's. 48 DENTIST CHILDREN'S TEETH should Iw ex- ainincd a.nd cleaned by a dentist reg- ulraly every six months. Cavities cim IJ1--U bf dLcovereu und Silled while ;.iaall. prcve^tuia trouble and greater expense. 48 PLUMBING FIX UP THAT KX'l'KA room wi-h a lavatory ana rent. A. We'll be glad to aa estimate.—Lakig it Muckey. 48 Begins Wed. Nov. 28 This Sale Takes the Place of the Semi- Annual Two- for- One Sale This is the season when you have learned to expect the sensational 2-for-l sale which we have discontinued because conditions made the purchase of two garments impractical. But in this great Coat Sale, we give you the same sensational values as you have learned to expect from the 2-for-l. You will find hero, dozens of highly styled coats, charming in their lavish use of expensive, rich furs. All the popular weaves are in this great sale, and the colors are mostly the wanted blacks. You'll find MANY LARGE SIZES which is unusual but the woman who takes a 40, 42, 44, 4(>, 48 and 52% will appreciate our efforts to outfit her. Come prepared for sensational bargains — you'll not. be disappointed. Prices groups arc as follows: 14.95 is- 50 and a fine selection at $49.00 and $59.00 Grand Opening of Algonas New Bargain Store Chrischilles & Herbst's ANNEX First door south Steele's new clothing store. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1st At the Annex, you will find at all times, the greatest bargains in Algona. Nothing HUT bargains. For this grand opening, Saturday, December 1st, we offer a few of the many astounding values. .Six dozen more of the 2-piece knit dresses and .'{-piece knit suits, which we hovight especially for this opening at further price concession. Size.-: 14, 1(>, 18 and 20, values to 9 OO !J?12,H,")—your choice J.OO This Fall styles in house dresses— special $1.29. Silk underwear, silk hosiery, gloves, and everything you need at this time of year—you wil) find at the ANNEX at the price you want to pay. Dozens of new silk dresses, hot from New York—also dozens of higher priced dresses from our Main store— the season's newest styles at the lowest possible prices. Yon won't believe your eyes when you see the dresses we are selling at A QC C CQ the Annex for *MXr*MWJ No fuss and frills—but just honest, reliable merchandise at HEAL BAR(JAINS. Come and see this unique new store—a revolution in modern merchandising methods. Extra Specials From The Main Store Here are seasonable items which mean comfort aud satisfaction to you. A large selection of holiday linens— luncheon sets, table cloths, lace cloths, with napkins to match—the very newest things at the right prices. Ladies' pure silk, full fashioned silk hosiery in new Fall shades and all sizes — not a clean up but fresh £Qx» first quality merchandise ---- WJv Large sized double (72x84) heavy fleeced bed bankets, assorted 1 QC *••"* plaids — a real winter value __ Large sized (70x80) single plaid .sheet blankets, each _________ Just recevied—50 pieces of cheery print cottons—new Spring 1935 patterns—here they are for JQIW» holiday sewing GIFT SUGGESTIONS- the store is tilled with ekver gift ideas, gathered from the four corners of I he world for your Christmas. Youjll like the convenient and rich manner in which they an; displayed in north Iowa's Most Beautiful Sot re. Make your Christmas (shopping easy by buying where Service and Quality meet.

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