The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1934
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, November 27,1934 THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office. November 1, 1934. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. On motion Board proceeded to audit nnd allow bills. Motion by Balitomnn nnd second by McDonald that Heiken be appointed as committee to make repairs on Dr. SO. 82 90, 166, Wlnnebngn-ICossiith No. 68136. Ayes: nil. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. Board of Supervisors me.t pursuant to adjournment with all members present. MoUon by McDonald and second Cosgrove that Roy Cook be permitted to pny delinquent personal tnxc* in tTnlon Tp. less Interest and penalty Ayes: all. Motion by Hclken nnd second b; Cosirrove that .Inmes Halverson be per milled to pay 1929 and 1930 dellnquen tax less penalty. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second b; Helken that Rnlgemnn he appointed n committee to make necessary repair on Dr. 140. Ayes: all. Motion hy Heiken and second bj Co«ir!-'ive that Jens Halvorsnn be per milled lo pay 1929 and 193d delln quent taxes less penalty. Ayes: nil. Motion by Helken and second by Bat Reman that 4 50 delinquent poll tax pins Interest be abated for yenr Sprlnprfield Tp. for August Gnble ns recommended by assessor. Ayes: nil Motion by Bnlpemnn ami second b: Cosurove that C. L. McRnroe be glvei n refund of |3.oo Irvlncrton Tp. becnus' or belnp erroneously taxed twice li 19.'!,'!. Ayes: all. Motion by Cosgrove nnd second b: McDonald thnt Pen us I.oehvand b- per mlttert to pay 19.10. 1931. 1032 nnd 193." personal tax Buffalo Consl. less penal ty. Aves: nil. Motion by Cosgrove and second tv P.niMeninn that Iteca lE.'ind' 1 be given acre rend exemption between section 2 nnd 14 German Tp. and that n refum he griven for year lf>32 and liin.l. Ayes nil. Motion by McDonald nnd second b Cosgrove that Ceo. c. Pettlt be Riven i refund of $.52 head tax because ot be ing erroneously assessed. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald nnd second hi disprove that 1933 taxes on the Minnie stelnman property described m follows 8H of Lots, 5, 6. 7. s In Block 189 of Call's addition to cl'y of Algon.-> be suspended. Ayes: all. Motion by Balgeman and second b\ McDonald that contractor's bond o William Roeber for I2.4S4 b» approved Ayes: nil. Motion by McDonald and second b> Helken that the irregular suvey of SE54 Sec. !i-R7-.;o and NIC't Sec. 1C 97-;!ti ns certmed by Chns. 1C. Chubb be approved and county auditor instructed to adjust tax lists nnd make necessary refund for 1929, 1930, 1931. 1932 1933. Ayes: all. On motion board proceeded to audit nnd allow bills n« per "Schedul" of Clnlnis" hereinafter written: SCIIKOUI.K OF CLAIM* COUNTY FUND Ami. Anil Claimed Allowed Northwestern Bell Tel. Co. tel. serv * 5S.50 15 J. Butler. Co. And., adv. for express, etc 9 *•> F. S. Norton & Son. fuel 60.43 Frnnk Clnpsaddle. hty 2.iO City of Algonn. llgl.t serv 42.05 J A. McDonald. postnge IS.oO Frank Clapsaddle. hty 4.40 jliiry 1C. Sands, salary 80.00 J. A. McDonald, postage .... 9.00 F. J. Balgeman, comm. & ses- McDonald, comm. & i Cosirrove, comm. & ses- proc. W. K. Hion W. fl. «ion Chas. Morris, comm. & session ...f. .1. Helken. comm. & session G. F. Town.', boiler for Jail J. A McDonald, envelopes .... Advance Pub. Co.. ballots, etc Helen L. Becker, salary Maurice C. McMahon, exp H. B White, del. tax collector Ktwsuth Co. Farm Bureau, appropriation Tax Service Co., tax service work Carl Dahthnuser, sheriff Win. Shirley, exp Bancroft Register, ballots proceedings, etc* Hnforant & Waller, brd. proc. etc Frnnk Gclffel, weed commlsslon- G. W. Brown, weed commissioner Matt Laux. weed cu ISdw. A. Drocssler, inlsHloner Pi-tiTKon'H Studio. prisoners F. H. Norton & Son, fuel United Chemical Co.. su Lai HE ft: Muekey, labor Foster's Fiirnlluri! Stor Pratt IClectrlc Co.. sup. . Cb-i-k of the District exp 1C1K Cleaners, repair llatf .... 1C O Mann, quarantine John Hutchison Investigator.. Beriiiiril I! IMiinkuk, biy W. 1C Lev. bty F H. Norton & H»n, fuel HUiiidnrd Offlct" F.>iiil|v Co.. *>U' Burroughs AddlnK Muehlnu CM. nuiiiit. xerv. Monroe Calculi) in;,' Machine i'-. rental moI iir.ilnt. niiiir- anty • I'm me Carbon Ik Ittbhnn Co.. sup Hi mliiKlnn HaniV Inc., repair machine Jenkins- FtTgeman Co.. sup... Crescent PrlnllnK Co., HUP I.i-e I) Wolfe, pub. ballot Hup • Mutt Pill-roll & M.msi I'M.. HUP KlllltO l.OOBI! Leaf Co.. HUP. H A. F.VHIIH, coroner C&aey Loss, dep. nherlfT .... 1C K KlnlnK. Jury fee W H. K.-ejmian. Jury tee 1'iank llaimon Jury fee ... Weyman Blanchard. witn lOdward Cook. wii'n-i'-» t'> A. 11., Hup C }>. Scl.ii.'H It Kill.n. lent ,>t»r<>nl Lumber .on Ili-o.s. Kl Neville, clothing . . U. ICKADICATION weed com- pictures of Hllp. ourt. 168.20 164.65 196.90 1S2.70 348.00 30.00 480.68 67.60 63.84 152.65 166.60 299.00 458.r,7 124.42 10.75 4.39 133.07 .'•H.iil l.r.o .77 2.7 I s.r.r, .16 1.15 44S.11 Tny Godden. Inbor 75.60 Bros., npplgn 54.25 Arnlod Delpcrdnng. labor .... 31.50 .1. F. Qulnn. labor 81.00 Kmll Kraft, labor 56.00 Will Leeper labor 78.00 Herman Neltzel. Jnhor 79.10 Alton Pettlt. patrol 90.30 Chester Alme, patrol 81.00 IClmer Ewlng. patrol 94.85 ICdwin Bnker. pntrol 675" Mike Bnker, patrol 67.60 Wm. L. Barker, pntrol B7.BO John S. Nelson, patrol 69.05 Goodman Hundsness, patrol . . 60.00 Clyde Panders, patrol 67.50 Tom Weir, pntrol 81.00 Wm. F. Oronbnch, patrol 78.00 F.dwln Baker, patrol 67.60 Hugo Oode. patrol 83.40 Joe M. Esser. pntrol 81.00 F,rt Fiichsen. patrol KS.lfJ Wm. O. T/udwIg. patrol f!6.!>n Clem Goodman pntrol Rl.OO Fay Minnrd. pntrol 67.50 John Hnnpelmnn. patrol 130.2 S. D. McDonald, patrol 94.50 Fred .7. Coon, pntrol 76.Of SI. t!. Bourne, assign 5.00 Joe HcldorschPldt. pntrol .... SI.00 Oscnr rearing, pntrol 112.5f Oscar rearing, truck 80.00 L. W. Miller, pntrol S3.SS Clifford Holmes, pntrol 7S.RO Peter Miivlek. patrol 78.00 M. L. Worby. pntrol 78.00 .T. H Montgomery, pntre.1 .... 81.90 Ceo. c. Olson, drne: 8.00 A M Oustnfson. drnp R.OO 1C. 1C, ftould drnir f!.12 Louis Scott, drnir 9.00 A Ib^rt K res*; in. drnir 7.50 -lohn Ilodinnker. drnir 19.00 c. «'. Anderson, drnir 8.50 TlH-nvis IV-rc-. drnir .19.RO Wnltrr Dutlon. drnir 33.50 otto ICne-ell.nrts. drag tfi IMxvard IT.'itrire. drnc: 14 L. H .lunkprmeier. drns: If!.75 O H Linde. Irit-or 14.50 1C. H. Keller, drnc FblM- Jultlnc. labor 2.00 Rnvmond 1C Peterson, drnir. .. 31.S.1 Ch:l!= 1'lfers. drns 15.00 Loren Byers. drnir 13.50 Albert WIttkopf Ornc 9.7" ICdwnrd (5. Hof. drnp 2.70 r, W. ftimder. drnir 2.50 Nick Morcren. drnc: 11.20 John Kohlwes. drnc 10.on Peter M Thllfres. drnir 1S.50 liich Potrnt7. drnd 5.00 llermnn Ilnnksmeler, drnir 18.50 nernnrd Brink. Inbor 11.25 Frnnk Clnp«nddle. labor 54.25 .Tames Lone-. Inbor 15.00 F. .1. Pnlmer. labor 7.50 Kennetl. Rutledirc. labor 4.00 Helnder Kromminirn. Inbor .... R.r.n H. A. Brunn. Inbor 27.25 Ouy Bruns. Inbor 7.50 .Terry Knnpper. Inbor ......... 7.50 Henry Lichtcr Inbor 20.00 PIck'Bnnde. Inbor IS.40 TC ,T Fisher, labor 17.50 T.nuis Anderson, labor 5.00 T-'rnnk Clnpsnddle. Inhor 3.75 Abo A Carter. Inbor 2.on Ben Gisch. labor 27.5n H. Patterson. Inbor 1C G stenstrom. labor 52.9.T Bud Hanson. Inbor 30.0" L. IT. .Innkermeler. Inbor f!1.25 I. .T HnnFon. Inbor 1fi20 T,. 1C \Vork. Inbor 22.1" D Peterson. Inbor 7.2 Mlrlmel Heidcrscheldt. labor .. 29.50 Henry Fischer, labor 84.1ft Paul'Simmons Inhor 3.7f H. F. Scbultz. Inhor 38.00 Senus Tsebrnnd, labor 77.00 Tohn Frlderes. weed comm. . . 55.35 Hiijrli Knney, Inbor 22.15 T. P. Larson. Inhor 55.26 Vorthern Lumber Co., labor .. 7.41 F.. W. Lusby. sup 8.13 Kohlhnns & PpilloH, sup IS.79 •Inpp's Mnster Service, sup. . . 3.73 Anderson Grain A Coal Co.. sup. 20.26 'armers' Co-Operative Ass'n, sup ». 149.94 Botsford Lumber Co., Bup 179.36 Matt Murthn. sup 200.35 ? S Norton & Ron, sup 6.10 A. H. Fuchs sup 4.07 r M Blanchard. sup 74.81 >eldutch Super Service, sup. .. 65.26 loe Greonbprtf. sup 100.77 W. K. Ley. sup 7.96 Geo. Holtzbaucr. sup 5.81 A B. Tweeten, sup 20.49 Prntt IClectrlc Co.. sup 7.65 Johnson Implemen* Co., sup. .. 8.64 Polrot & Sehnttschnel-Ier, sup. 98.82 C. S. Johnson, sup .60 Dclccnrd Tool Co. sup 6.f>5 IVerless Oil Co., sup 711.09 K. & H. Oil Co.. sup 33.05 1C .1 DelterlnR, sup 8.94 AlRona Ins. Asrency Ins 289 -Ii W. C. Irelnn. asslirn 13.00 Lee O. Wolfe, notice 2.00 .7. A. Roberts, bridges 434. (0 .Tohn Stccnhnrd!. dnmntres .... 1250 Burton-Warner Co.. sup 96.Hfi Glbbs-Cnok Tractor & ICqulp. Co.. Slip 43.39 ellev-llow-Thomson Co.. sup. 59.61 In. Mnch. & Supply CM., sup. . 1U'5..SS Austin-Western lid. Mach. Co, Blip 1 1-59 Sleir-Ft. DodKi- Co.. flip 322.1111 P.nthach Co.. s>ip ll«.n» lleneral Lubricant Co., sup. ,. ll.llL Ft DodKe Machine k Supply Central lintlerv ^- I'.ler. Co., nup. 1« 14 A. A Selineldei-liabn Co., sup. B5.82 Si.-indnrd oil Co. sup 4.4. Ft DodKe Mach. & .Supply Co., sup HOAD CONSTUt'CTION' FUND M. T MeGnlre. (iriid. Proj. No. 12 574.20 M. T. Mcfiulre. uru.l. pro). No. 1:: 34K.OO \I. T. McGuIre, Brnd. proj. No. 25 121C.OO M. T. McfJulrf. lirud. pro). No. ^:i 40:!.BO " ' Ass'n. sup. ASB'O p\ip. Ass'n. sup. Ass'n. sup. Inbor 10.OS o Hclnrler Krommlnpfa, Inbor llilbert Severiens, labor .. Dr. 20— Dick Bnnde, labor Helnder KrommlnKn, labor Dr. 33— Dick Bnndo. labor Or. 40— Fullerton Lumber Co., sup. Dr. 45— Dick Bnnde, labor Dr. 46 Farmers' Co-op. Ass'n, sup. Dr. 72— ICrnll Kraft, labor Henry Fischer, labor Dr. 78— Helnder Krommlnfca, labor Geo. Onken labor Dick Baade, labor Dr. 82— Theo. Dorenbush, labor . F,d Meyers, labor Dr. 84—' J. M Weaver, labor . . . Dr. 85— 1C. C. Stenstrom. labor ... Bud Hanson, labor ....... Dr. 88— Northern Lumber Co., sup. Dr. 90—Theo. Dorenbush. labor . Kd Meyers, labor Roelf Miller, labor Dick Bnnde. Inbor R. Pomcroy, labor Dr. ins- Henry Fischer, labor F.mll Krnft. Inbor Dr. 95— Farmers Co-op. Dr. 105— Farmers Co-op. Dr. 114 — Gen. PcV.ick, In Dr. 1 IB- Farmers' Co-op. Dr. 12fi— I-'nrmers' Co-op. Abe A. Cnrter. Dr. 133 — ICmil Krnft. Inhor . . . Henry Fischer. Inhor . Dr. 157— Dick Bnnde. Inhor .. . Dr. 1M~- 1C. G. Stenstrom, labor Bud Hnnson. Inbor . . . Sub 1 of 16G— 1C. J. McEvoy. court nnd flnnl «-M Tri. S4 — 7Cmll ICrnft. labor Henry Fischer, labor IT-1C No. fi— Wilson Concrete Co.. sup. . . . Hnrvey Hnpen. tiling H.-IC. No. 3-46— John Ormsby. labor Guy Ash. labor W -K. No. CS-136— TCd Meyers labor T!nlph Miller, labor Theo. Doronbush. labor ... POOR FUND Supervisor Dist. No. 1 — Dr C H Cretxmeyer. med. care .Toe 7-lntl J. N. Kenefick. med. care .... Mnthlson Joe Plntt C. W. Jones 1. A. ICvnns. med. care, Henry Cook V .7. ICnsoti. med. care, toon Annn S. Cook, rent, -Toe •'rnnkl Bros., prov.. Ray key \fcFnrlnnd & Walker. Fred Schneider Moe & SJoRren, Fox A. W. .lurcenf". Schneider Benedict's Store, prov. Stewart Anna Snnkey. prov. Jordan S. Norton & Son. fuel, Mrs. II. Cook W. Neville, sup Joe Flatt 6.00 Mrs. II. Cook 2.98 4.BO 54.00 4.00 1.60 1.20 17.29 4.00 .70 4.00 6.40 3.00 6.30 4.00 23.60 17.70 15.60 4.00 3.00 .72 44.80 14.70 31.40 9.60 5.10 5.60 .1.50 .70 .70 4.40 .SO 1.60 1.50 2.00 t.OO 3.00 cost P 1.50 2.40 10.19 4.12 1.36 1.82 15.74 11.3 18.66 f 00 •J 25 1.50 5.25 prov. prov. Mrs. "Mn't- Plntt Snn- prov.. John Fred Frank Martin 1.00 r..oo 10.00 9.06 8.00 6.21 8.64 2.04 10.00 6.58 14.90 Mrs. 7.00 35.00 68.00 4.14 3.32 .82 11.30 6.72 5.58 17.68 R. A. Clark, prov., Joe Platt.. AlRonquin Fox Farm, rent. Alb. Olson ....................... . II. Arndt. rent, Sankey fam. ... W. Bwanson, fun. serv., K. Snnger ..................... H. Borchardt, sup. . Joe Platt ............ Mrs. H. Cook ....... W. T. Pllcher. prov. . . . Mrs. II. Cook ....... Joe Platt ............. lilt Bnte Grocery, prov II. Cook ............ 'upervlsor Dist. No. ! — r . R. Itohn, rent. Max MeslnR fnm . nmt. claimed $10 Not allowed VV. T. rtlcher, prov., C. K. John- sou ......................... Mrs. Emma Olson, rent, John Norton et al ................ R. M. Wallace, med. care. Robert Barhour ................. V. .lanse, med. care Win. Vanderwerf Dull Harris (hoy) . Mrs. Auu. Rnsenau . Orvill Dixson ...... Paviil ....... NelH Pi-lerson ..... Hubert Diilton ..... Ic Johnson, rent. Bob Stevens Nannl'- St.-tchell. rent .... Lii'ln-w I'ctcrsfin, rent, 1C. Junes fam ........................ en. L. Calbralth, rent. John Coon ........................ cs J. Anili-rson rent. John Ma- Mrs. V Frank F. M. Hobt. Lewis . Rutledffo Devlne . . Uutton .. Olson 8.00 4.00 6.00 7.60 2.00 C. S. Johnson, prov ......... .16.50 Bob Dutton ............ 5.00 Chns. Hansen .......... fi.Ofl R. G. Hnuenstein ........ B.OO Jens Kntidsen ............ 2.50 Mrs. F. Kline .......... B.OO C. K. Johnson .......... 14.00 Brownell Shoe Co., sup., Mrs. Kd Winkle .................. 3.50 Anderson Grain & Coal Co.. fuel. Clara Neltzel ................ 4.00 J. W. Neville, sup ............ 10.41 Wm. Meyer ............ 3.23 Ijyle Beemer ............ 2.50 C. W. Hunt ............ 4.68 K. 15. James, sup., G. B. Van- Dorslon .................... 16.32 Algona Co-op. Cry. Co., prov. . 46.60 Nels Feterson .......... 4.98 Bob Dutton .............. 6.1Z Amy Johnson .......... 6.28 Max MesslnR ........... 9.21 Clara Nettzcl ......... « 6.28 AUR. Rosenau .......... 5.04 Mrs. Kugene Meyer ..... X.30" Mrs. John Schmidt ____ 3.60 1>. U Harris ............ 1.80 Mrs. Kdna Nelson ...... 1.80 Council Oak Store, prov ....... \2.00 J. Slfert ................ 1. 00 I7nve Hasz ............... 4.00 Robt. Bowman .......... 4.00 Kdnn Nelson ........... 3.00 Supervisor Dist. No. ,1 — Kraus Cash Store prov.. Cad Robinson .................. 26.888 North Iowa Grain Co., coal, Lena Godfredsen ............. 63.01 A. F. Nelson. ImullnR hogs . . 4.00 Klelnpeter'p Store, prov., Geo. HanlR ...................... 5.00 I,eo .1. Hants, rent. Geo. HanlK 10.00 Mrs. Emma I'msted. rent, Harry Snnkey ...................... McMahon Funeral Home, funeral scrv.. Mrs. Alice Robinson 71.r>0 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care. Rolfe Goodnow ............ 13.00 J. N Keneflck. med care. Ralph Goodnow .................... 30.00 Dr. F. L. Adams, med. care. Mrs. Cad Robinson ............. 69.50 Supervisor Dist. No. 4 — A II. Borchnrdt, sup., Mrs. Alfred Wolter ................ -41 J <!. CInpsnddle, rned. cnre . 12.50 Mrs. Reltz's girl ........ 1.50 Bert Godden ............ 11.00 Dr .T A. Devlne, med. cnre . . 54.00 Cnyler children ........ 50.00 John Tohln ............. 3.00 Mrs. Roswell Hunt ...... 1.00 50.00 25.50 42.50 6-89 14.00 3.00 Irs D.58 10.00 67!75 2.00 4.00 3.25 10,00 10.00 \ndersun (Irne., prov., Lewis ward it. .Struyer. prov., Chas. I. Ilonar, rent'. M. C. Frand- 20.00 16.00 1.00 3,GO sen lohn MnuhlK. rent, f>rvllle Reed les .1. An(h.-r«on, rent, John Ma- honfy !Cennedy ICstate, rent. Win. Baker IV. A. While, prov John Schmidt 6.00 Mrs. Ijiura Campbell . . C.OO Mrs. .1. Helfert, rent. Chns. in.on X.Ol) 16.00 5.00 10.00 James A. Mueller, med. care, Mrs. Krnest Wclsbrod Kossuth Hospital, hosp. cnre, Anita Kulow Falrmnot Clinic & Hosp., hosp. cnre, Mrs. E. Weisbrod .... A. H. Fuchs sup., Mrs. Jorgenson Mrs. Augusta Bcltz, care, Daryl Gelst Cut Rate Grocery, prov., Mrs. Uelmers Merrll Bros., prov., Amos Bers- man --••."' Kennedy Bros., Co., prov 32.54 Louis Conway 19.99 Stella JorKenson 11.58 Mrs. Kramer .97 Wrede & ICrnuse. prov 44.74 Mrs. W. lielmers 21.S1 Mrs. Jul BriRBS 22.83 Appelqulat Groc., prov., O. II. Olson i?'5J Hoods Cash Store, prov 31. .9 Mrs. Stella Jorerenson 16.25 Mabel Doss 11.25 Mrs. Cayler 4.29 Supervisor Dist. No. 6— B. M. Mlnkel. med. care, Mrs. Lee Hawbaker 20.00 Mrs. G. F. Wohnke hosp. car?, Glenn Loyd 27.60 Mrs. Julius SKumskl, care, Vlra Stefanskl 10.00 Mary Webster, care, Noel Ent- wlstle 46.00 C. F. Berggren, rent, Wm. Nor- rls 10.00 Mrs. a C. Kronch, rent, Ben Rlp- penlrop 10.00 Arl Lester, rent 30.00 J. F. Faulkner 20.00 Frank Miller 10.00 C. A. Waterbury, prov., Brown fam 1-60 Fred C. Huettncr, Jr., prov., Mrs. Joreenson 6.73 Tbavea Sisters prov., Fjank Miller 8.60 Mrs. F. M. Sharchett. rent. Mrs. .Torgenaon 16.00 Harold Fischer, sup., Grettllet fam 6.88 D. A. Carpenter, sup. Matzencr children 14.88 San horn's Caah Store, prov., Wm. Norrls 13.00 J. A. Devine, med. care 72.76 Roy Kstel 18.75 Lloyd Boy 64.00 Sat-horn's Cash Store, prov., Wm. Norrls 18.0(1 1C. W. Lusby. flip.. Hill Gustln 18.4« A. II Borchurdt, sup.. Seldel Buckholtr. 1.53 C J. Appelquist prov 27.05 Hup _ .77 Levl llnwbakcr 15.65 General Poor— Win. Brown 10.63 National Unemployment Service. exp !!».*» Graham Co., sup 7,r.o Klbert Garage. Blip 1.35 I!. A. Clark, sup I-3» Kohlluills & Splllcs. HUP _!•"'' HolNford Lumber Co.. nup 76.5X II. 1C. McMurray, labor 24.ur, fleo. Ilolt/.batler, Hup -t 57 County Farm— A II. Borchardt, sup., Fred Henry 1C. W. LiiBhy. sup., Stoner sup, Mrs. C. K. Johnson med. care, Sam 102 48.81 .77 3 57 10 00 27.42 med. R. A. 1C van s Kole Frank L. Mlllui. IlKht Berv. John HennlnK, labor Dr. C. II. Cretzmeyer, care. Wm. Brown .......... P. V. .Tanse. med. cara ........ Laird & McCuHough. amb. serv., Fred Carter ................ Fred Park, nup ............... Thomas Akre, prov ......... Watklns Quality Products, sup. K. D. JaineB, BUP ...... ..... F. S. Norton & Sun. fuel ...... l.nlnu * Muckey. »up ......... Bolnford Lumber Co., »up ..... 1C W. LuMby, sup ........... Kohlhaax & KpllleH, sup ....... Mat t M urtha. aup ............. HICHOI.VICD: that the County lor is hnri-by ord«r«il arid directed Issue warrants for all bills allowed 38.55 1«.26 40.00 6.00 10.50 2.60 4.00 96.92 18 5:1 34.7'! l.r,4 13.84 25.1S Alidl- to at of clnlmed $3.00 Not al Chas. Clapsaddle. bty .1. A. McDonald, postage Lewis Glesklng, bty J. L. Molloy. sup IT. C. Lunnlng, weed comm S. V. Carter, old apre pension bonrd Geo. D. Moulton, mtf? Geo. HaBge, mtg: AUK. Gutkneeht, mtg J. H. Holcomb, mtR F, U. Woltr.. mtg O. W. Blelch-, mtg Wm. Koestler, ml* K. G. Ewoldt, mtg Alb. Potratz, mtgt Peter Elbert mtg- Nonh Reisner, mtg John Kohlwes. mtg J. J. Anderson, mtg. Geo. 13. Butterfleld, mtgr Peter Ijooft, mtg J. K. Kelly, mtgr H. C. Allen, mtgr O. F. Chambers, mtg- Frank Clapsaddle. mtg: Albert Pchlpull, mtgr Alex Radlg-, mtg L. A. Copp, advertising; Frank Green. labor H. A. Van Alstync, labor W. A. White, election board.... F. C. Beerman. election board .. Helen Dickinson, election board Blanche Crose, election bonrd .. Neva Mason, election board .. c H. Rellly. election board .... V J. Sands election bonrd .... 1C W. Lusby. election board .. Gen. IClhert. election bonrd .... TCvn M. Corey, election board . . Tho.«=. Kaln. election bonrd .... II. J. Bncon. election bonrd . . Olive Potter, election bonrd .. Bertha Johnson, election board Ida Taper, election bonrd .... Osenr Normnn. election bonrd .. H. F. Huenhold. election board A. 1C. TCresensky. election board Stewnrt McFadden. election hnnrd Frnnk Kohthnns. election bonrd Fred Boyken. election board nnd ret. bnllots Andrew M. Hnnsen. election board Chris Brandt, election board.. C re Thomns. election hoard . Nathaniel Wnlsh, election bonrd W. A. Schram. election board Wm. Boyken. election board . . 1C P. Hnnsen. election bonrd W. H. Rtott, election board .... T.. F. Callles, election bonrd .. Knsinus Hnnsen. election bonrd TC. & H. Coop. Oil Co.. room rent Breen Post. Am. Lesion room rent B. A. DwenRer. judge of election Jos. J. Rlbert. Jurtpe of election Harry Snhfn. judge of election Minnie J Matern, clerk of election M. N. Phillips, clerk of election nnd ret. hnllots T. L. Thorson. election board.. Joe Von Bnnk. election board nnd ret. ballots 1C. P. Simpson, election board .. 0. II. Llnde. election hoard .... .1. P. Peterson, election board W. A. Stoutenbers. election bonrd Leni Mnrlow, election board . . A. H. Hnnnn. election bonrd and ret. bnllots K. O. F.woldt. election board.. M. O. Richards, election hoard Theo. Kruefrer rent and arranff. booths H. H. Dreyer del. ballots Joe Schaller. elec. board .... H. W. Balfteman. elec. hoard . R. B. BernlnRhaus, elec. board . Art Silnnel. elec. board and ret. ballots , Mike Wagner, elee. board .... C5eo. W. Nyman. eloc. board .. Jake Keller, elec. board and arrang. booths .Tno. Karsten, elec. board .... Mrs. R. K. Hutton. elec. board Mrs. C. M. Baker, elec. board .. Mrs. A. II, Fuchs. elec, board .. .1. P. Mousel. elec. board .... Mrs. G W. Carmean. elec. board A. A. Fangman, elec. bonrd and ret. ballots L, J. Kockler. elec. hoard .... Town of Bancroft rent Anderson elec. board .. Frank Jacobs, elec. board .... Richard Newton, elec. board . . Chns. Blair, elec. board Floyd Colwell, elec. board .... W. C. Nelson, arrnnK. booths Anderson, ret. ballots .... Qeo. K. Butterfleld. elec. board nnd ret. ballots Peter Looft. elec. board J. K. Kelly, elec. board 1. C flatten, olec. board D. W. Fults. elec. board .... Mr*. T?enn Hnjriund. eler. board J. J. Anderson, elec. hoard and a mini?, booths c. F. Berfirsren, elec. board . . fi. TV Pearson, elec. hoard .... Td.-t 1C Larson, elec. board Thoi. !!I"-K dec. bonrd l. U r . IChrich. elec board H o.«on, elec. board f". c Ilaitrn. elec. boa r d .... H C I.nnnlnB. elee. board miii ret. ballots 1'. II. Frankl, elr-c. bnnni L. Honev. elec. board .... I H (ioltfel. elec board M IV. Alvln L. W i :irl Hiltchln 1'i'fd S. <!I-|K Farni'Ts Co-' r. elec. board elee. hoard .. |. r"f. ballots . ASH'II, rent an pur "Schedu lnbi'foro wrl'ten? as per Individual bill AveMt all. Board adjourned ".Sine J. BTITLICR. County Auditor Auditor's Office, November 13. l'J34 .Sui>»TVl*urrf of Ko^n'th rt-Killar ««-HHion with the iiifin\jfra i>rt-si-nt : Balm-limn, H.-lk.-n, McDonald and Mur- IM-O D Moulton, elec. hoard .. .1 .1 Pink, elec hoard .1 II Mousrl. elec, board 1C.I Looft. elee. hoard nnd rc.t. ballots Wrn. Flynn. elec. hoard \tbert Brand v-lec. board .... John Hartshorn elec. Yioard . . ,T. .1. McDonald, elec. hoard . . TI A. C.'irriMnter. elec. board .. Wni. Garry, elec. lioard Town of Ledyard. rent ...... Mbert Barnes, .arrantr. booths P. M Chrlstensen. elec. board Artt.ur Prlebe. elec. board.... Alex Radlir. elec board Geo C Pettlt. elec. board .. U' G FlnfK. eh-c. board Geo. C. Pettlt. ret. ballots .... Mnerlcnn Legion Post, rent .. C.eo, Wlnkel. elec. board IVt«r IClhert, fife, hoard •Mb. potrntz. elec board lohn KohlwHU. elec. board and ret. ballots ) nli ('• F. F. I. . fcli-c. board ... Chambers, elec. board . . . Chapman. fl«c \ioard . Albert Schlpull. elec, board . Frank Clapsaddle. elec. board A .1. ICiison, elec. hnard Anna D Murrnv, elec board . H C AMi-n elec. board Hurry H Llchtv. elec. board . II C Allen, arrunir. booths ... llnrrv H Llchtv. ri-t. bnllolM . Arthur Iluf. elec. board .1 L. Llcbl v. I'lef. bnnrd T..WI> of I .\iVi-rni-. rent "" II. H'-ii wii-t'-rt. **b-c. boarci . will ithiKxdorf, «-lfc hourd Paul Const. Co.. No. 2H3 W It Williams, No. W. II. Williams, No. 232 W. II Williams, 284 WIlliHins. Guilder .. . F. H. Norton Mrs. Faith Mra. .1 Kmith Mrs. Perry Thompson Mrs. C K Johnson Lewis Kike 1C. HOBS rent, 1C. W. Luaby, Snclcher .... OtlH Moore W I. Martin der Werf . . MI-H CI.MS. I'l.i-ia Nl I! 1C. Grlnnell. Gee Marie liuklien, Kl.-tn Mr* proj No nr;td. luoj. No. !l »- r r:iil pro). N'o. If, read ininiilia of and all adjoiirn- otion bv Il'-lki-n Dial mln- L. T !•'. A Ncwvllle i VS. Swan.-ion i 'l.ii em. e I 'oouer Ili.-iu-y U.iIt,.-r Si.:ward Fl'Ullrf lialley A. II. Kruutio Ceo. tlrviil Juke Keller H. W Paul W»ou Win IJluiii.-jtur A U f..-;,tci- Guu. DunB Mann dec. board ........ >! Dliimer i-l>-c board ...... It M Sli-wart, elec. board and n-l ballots .................. -i- Portland Tli. Si-hool. rent idnrt- Mavr. i-li-c. board .... i f.T. i-l.'c board . . Geo ('ink. elec. lioard ........ i ; I!, l.ii.iwlir. el.-.-, board and r, t I, alb,t:< ................ Mf ;.'|i..l,. r elec hoard ........ .lohn Willie, runt ............ i .' .. H- Hiiiall. dec. board .... F II Mi-schi-r. elec. board . . IC.Uv In..i-K!-ler. .lee. board und [owed 7.40 12.00 .65 .25 11.16 10.25 3.00 3.00 S.OO 3.00 3.00 3.00 S.OO 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.«0 8.00 1.60 1.50 1.60 1.60 3.00 2.00 3.60 2.60 4.80 4.80 4.80 4.80 4.80 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.65 4.65 4.65 3.75 3.75 3.7B 4.65 4.So 8.60 5.40 5.40 3.60 3 fiO 3.60 5.40 5.40 3 flO 3.60 3.60 4.00 2.00 6.30 6.30 6.30 6.30 7.fiO 6.70 10.70 5.70 6.70 6.70 5.40 6.40 8.00 5.40 5.40 4.00 3.10 6.00 6.00 G.OO 8.00 6.00 6.00 7.10 5.00 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.2« 4.20 6.10 5.101 3.00! 6.90 6.90 fi.90 6.90 f,.9fl 2.00 4.00 9 SO 6.00 R.OO 6.10 5.10 6.10 9.50 R 00 5 10 610 r. no fl.OO n no C 00 11.20 r, 70 6.70 5.70 r,.7fi 1 on 2 III) 4 80 4.SO 4 SO 8.70 4.80 3.30 3 30 3.30 3.30 «.bo 2 00 n 30 6 30 R.30 fl.30 6.30 2 60 3 00 7 20 7 50 7.20 9.40 7.20 4 r,o 4 60 4 50 3.00 3.00 4.50 4 50 1 00 3 00 3 00 3 00 6 09 6.00 fi.OO r> no 6 00 10 r,o r. ''. ."i fi :if; 6.M 1 ft 7 fi fi 3f n no 6.40 r, 40 ret. ballots ?•!„' A. B. Lappe, elec. board 6.40 Anton Stork, elec. board 5.40 John Hellmnn, arranft. booths, etc z -°° Albert A. Johnson cleaning school ]-°« John Frlderes elec. board 4-96 John H. Fraser, elec. board .... 4.9o Henry Bormann, elec. board .. 4.95 Wm. Runchey, elec. board . . 4.95 John Bormann. elec. board nnd ret. ballots 7.15 0. R. Jensen, elec. board .... «-60 1. F. Engrosser, elec. board . . 6.60 Joe Crowley, elec. board .... 6.SO Mlllen Jensen, elec. board .... »' 8 2 J. W. Bolllg, elec. board .... 8.60 A. T. Pauison, rent 3.00 J W. Bolllg, returning ballots 3.70 Simeon Leigh, elec. board 2.74 A. W. Stuessy. elec. board 2.76 H. J. Kohlhaaa, elec. board and ret. ballots 9.30 B. C. Green, elec. board 6.10 John P. Bormann. elec. board . 6.10 S. J. Devlne elec. board ... B.70 Henry Elscheld elec. board and ret. ballots 7.70 Aug. Klrschbaum, elec. board . 6.70 L. C. Hutchlns, elec. board . . 6.70 Chas. H. Aman, elec. board .... 6.70 Otto Neuman, rent and arrang. booths 4.00 Risk. O. B.. elec. board 6.40 Louis Anderson, elec. board . . 5.40 Chester Johnson, elec. board ret. bnllots 10.40 Fred Logeman. elec. board .... 6.40 Herman Hiinksmeier, elec. board 5.40 C. C. Anderson, rent 2.00 Fred Dutton. nrrnng. booths . . 2.00 L A Bolenous, elec. board and " ret. ballots 7.BO Ole K. Flom. elec. board .. 6.10 A. L. Klelhpeter. elec. board . . 6.10 H. .7. Sherman, elec. hoard ... 3.60 I. A. Gerdes elec.. bonrd 3.60 Ann M. Kunz elec. hoard .... 3.60 Florence Hnnsen, elec. board . 5.10 A. F,. Glrtdlnfirs, elec. board . 5.10 Myrtle Lease, elec. bonrd .... 3.60 Mnrthn Sl.erman. elec. hoard . . 3.fiO Cnrl Johnson, arrnng. booths . 2.00 Kunz Building, rent 3.00 II F Schtilt!!. elec. honrd nnd ret. ballots 8.00 F. J. LudwlR- elec. bonrd .... fi.OO Wm. Meyer, elec. bonrd B.OO Wnlter Vnudt. elec. honrd .... fi.OO Elizabeth Hlerglns, elec. board B.OO Frank W. Elbert, elec. board . 5.10 Win. Baas. elec. board 6.10 Alice M. Belmers, elec. board . 6.10 Mary Woodward, elec. bonrd . . 6.10 May O'Brien, elec. bonrd 6.10 Town of Whlttemore rent etc. 6.00 Koch Brothers, sup 10,98 HnuBrnrd fc Waller, sup 11.2 Pratt Elec. Co.. sup 1.60 Keinlngton Rand Inc.. sup 9.50 Fenton Reporter, pub. ballot . 40.00 Acres-Blnckmar Co.. sup 28.31 Kunz-Blossom Ins. Agency, Ins 698.00 IT. L. Curtis, weed, comm 18.20 1C J. Butler. Co. And., del. ballots 24.70 I'bbe Winter, elec. honrd .... fi.30 John A. Sleper. elec. board . . 6.30 B. II. Meyer, elec. board and ret. bnllots 10.30 John Boekelmnn elec. board nnd arrnnsr. booths 8.30 Herman Dreosmnn, elec. board fi.30 T. B. ERADICATION FUND W R. Smith, cattle tndemn. . 28.83 TI. II. Walker cattle indemn. .. 29.06 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND .7. A. Roberts brldKe 154.80 Kossuth Dally Record, pub. notices ". 102^00 Swea City Herald, pub. notices 25.66 Swea City Herald, pub. notices 32.75 Swea City Herald, pub. notices 32.46 Whltlcmoro Champion, pub. notices 109.80 Wm. W. Sturdlvant. pub. nollce" 46.00 Wm. W. Sturdlvant. pub,, notices 122.40 LuVerne News, pub. notices . 32.KO Fenton Reporter, pub. notice* 35.10 J. W. Swanson, labor 80.92 Wilson Concrete Co.. sup 380.81 E. L. Hansen, prov. In exchange for labor 16.00 Burt Monitor, pub. notices .... 17.80 ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND William Roeber, labor and material 900.0« Inmcs Long, labor 8.Of. Wm. Ukcna. labor 2.00 Simon Henry labor 43.25 F.mmet Co. Treasurer, laxes . . IS.US Henry Dontje. drag 39.50 J. L. Intermlll, drag 10.00 Albert Kresiln, drag 3-00 Loo Frlderes, labor 8.45 John Kohlwes. labor 10.5( Leo Delperdang, labor 40.01 Clarence Nemmers. labor .... 7.5( .iwlght Graham, labor S.75 .7. e. Shultz, labor 8-»J W. E. Ley. labor 2-16 Tiro Service Co.. sup 1.7: Kossuth Co. Impl. Co., sup 3.7( ICent Motor Co.. sup 10.8!> Pratt Klnclrlc Co.. sup 7.6f Wm c. Imu GaraRe repairs . 1.50 Ins A. Smith Lbr. Co. sup ».3.' Anthony Johnson, sup. ...... 10.75 Thompson Yards Inc., sup fi 94 rvntrnl States F.lec. Co., sup. 1.0! Swa City Herald, notice .... 2.3S ^tamlar.S Oil Co., Blip 2S.71 Nat'I Auto Parts Co., sup .31 \v. .1. Miittlce. Hilp 45.30 •'ardent Machine Co., sup. ... National Truck Service Co., sup. :12.00 c.dilerinl Oil Co. sup 65.85 Auxtlii Western ltd. Mach. Co, Itiirtuii-Wiirner. sup 204.87 11 Curran. plow 10.(HI Iioval "ion" oil Co.. sup 9S4.33 .val "Hid" Oil Co., Klip 1725.87 Melvlll Codv. ilrnK 9.76 N A. PliiKel labor S1.K5 & II. Chevrolet Co. sup. .. 1934 DHA1NAGK FUND Dr 27— Frank Welch, labor 1.50 I!uv A. Marquis, labor 200 Dr 44 — .Charlie Olson, repairs .... 2.10 Dr 85— Frank Welch, labor 12.00 Bay A. Marquis, labor .... 16.00 Dr. 168 — Frank Welch, labor 3.00 Bay A. Marnuln, labor 4,00 H.-K. No. 3-48— C A. Ml»»man, labor 5.92 H.-K. No 4-66 — James Hil?trty. labor 2.14 LIBHAHV O. f}. Waffle, books 207.01 Central Book Ktore. hooks .... 8D.90 Lyons & (,'nrnalmn Co., books 57.46 Hcott Fnreninan & Co.. books 33*0 Iroquols Pub. Co., books .... 24.45 Macmlllnn Co.. books 78.20 MrKnlKht & McKlllKht. books 50.83 John C. Winston Co, books .... 13.6« IloiiKl.ton Mlfflln Co. books .. 31.20 Harper & HroH., bookn 612 w H. Wheeler Co.. books .. 11.89 Uohbs Merrill <'". booUx .... 2i.71 POOR FUND Supervisor Dist. No.l — C 1.. CavaimiiKh, HUP 7.35 Mr« ICverhart 2 25 1C. Hanger 6.^8 (' .1 WndiliiiKlon. sup, Blmon Mo«lman H 1C. Kinseth & Son. prov., .SI - mon MoHllnan Hi iiedlcl'x Stole, prov.. Frank Stewart Kupe rvi.Hor Dist. KM. L' — l.'.ren llrown, i<rov. Fred Ston- . 15.8* 12.6* 18.74 SO.M 9.69 6.0* 4.5* 9.«» 6.0* 13.6* 2I.7S J.94 8.0* g.Ot 426.»» .21 13.2* 99.81 It.Ot 3.0* 11.8» II M. Olson, dental Work, John Coon <5t. Anthony's Home, care ••••_.-Davis children 46.0J Taft children li" Wm. F. Behnke, rent. Mrs. Walt V E Holm, rent, Max Messing: Bertha M. Murray, rent, Clara Chas. 'Redefriske,' rent, John J. L. Bonar,'rent, M. C. Frand»en Loren Brown, prov Mrs. Brelhorst J-»J Mrs. V. Kutledge <.BO Lewis Olson »•** Mrs. F. Kline 3-«« Long's Grocery, prov., Lewis Eike L- Zender A Caldwell, sup., Mrs. U Olson Sup., Ed Winkle Supervisor Dist. No. 3— W. F. Hamstreet, med. care Mrs. Ferry Toraln •••^; II. J. Braley, sup.. Mrs. C. E. Robinson Chas. Price, digging grave, Mrs. . Alice Robinson Supervisor Dist. No. 4— C. Jj. Cavanangh, sup.. Otto Tletz •. • • C. H. Schrader, rent, Anna Remers •; • • • • - • • • Bnlley A Co.. prov., Wm. Blls- borough • • • • Paul Orames. prov., Mrs. Lat- tlmer J A. Devlne. med. care. Ray Estel Rlrl Thaves Sister, prov.. Walker.. General Poor— Ted Johnson, hauling hogs.... Swift & Co., sup S. Kennedy. Jr., sup County Fnrm— Kossuth Co. Implement Co., sup Wm. A. Slgsbee sup. and labor Ttoynl "400" Oil Co., sup Dr. L. G. Baker, dental work, Mrs. F. Nyles Denial work, 1C. O. Knutson . Zender & Caldwell, sup »..„. RESOLVED: That the County Auditor Is hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for nil bills allowed at this meeting as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each Individual bill. Ayes: Motion by McDonald and second by Cosgrove thnt refund be given Fred Rlngsdorf In the amount of $26.83 because of erroneous valuation of LotH one and two In Block Three as recommended by town council of Burt. Aves: all. 'Motion by Helken and second by Balgeman thnt we accept J250.00 compromise settlement in full payment of claim due Kossuth county for care nnd keep of the ward at CheroKee for Martha Osland. Ayes. all. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. Court Room 1 o'clock P. M. One o'clock P. M. Board of Supervisors mot pursuant to adjournment on motion hy Helken and second by BnlReman proceeded to canvass returns of the General Election hel* November 6. 1934 with following result H: For governor Clyde L. Herring received 6.620; Dan W. Turner 3,644: Ira II. Mende 8; Wallace M. Short 213; L. J. U. Smay 10; A. W. Saarman 2; For lieutenant governor Nelson O. ICrnschel received 5.428; George W. Patterson 3.545; Robert T. Conroy 1: Arthur Houver 122: E. R. Mitchell 10: Arnold A. Bather 2: For secretary of state Mrs. Alox Miller received 5.698; O. C. Greenwalt 3.1G9; Joe Van Nordstrand 7; Archie Carter 76: Mary P. Denny 10; S. P. Roberts 2. _ For auditor of state Charles W. Storms recevled G.240; Frank M. Hanson 3.198; Wm. Levlne 8; Ernest R. Quick 78; J. A. Mitchell 10; E. O. Welk 2 For treasurer of state Leo J. Wenman received 6.329: Frank U William* 3 124: Florence Butler 11; Minnie Du- vnll 77; A. U. Coates 10: F. N. Dougherty 3. For attorney general Edward L. O Connor 6.250; Ole Naglestad 3.107; N. I! Whiting 4: V. A. Scr.reochflold 73: John F. Joseph 10: J. P. Ru««ell z For sccrelary of agriculture Rfty Murray received 6.702; Fred W. Nelson 2.909; Henry 1-anslng 4: Jess B 'c | J- ler 76; Samuel G. Hocness 9; Sam Thl» "' For railroad commissioner Harry B. Dunlap received 6.171: George A. Huffman 6,142; Thomas K. Martin 3.02S: Fred P. Woodruff 3.017; Ed Krueger S; John Drufjweld 79: Paul Ostby 71; William A. Mott 9; W. O. Bockewitz 2; Thomns W. Johnson 2. Fur superintendent of public Instruction Amies SnmiiHsnn received 3.851: Knelmel Itcvell 89; Elizabeth M. For- Fiir'judKB of Supreme Court W. If. Hamilton received 5.0r,fi: James M. Parson* 6.032; Paul W. Itlchards 4,877. Illlnin 1>. ICvnns S.flfi'J; .lames W. . Kin. Ilir 2!i'.iT,; Truman Leon C L. C;iv.niau«h, hUl>.. lie fit. John I'. Brown Cam L. M. Merrill, funeral.. Weaver ba bv 11 ..ward Hlray.-r. prov. Guilder Myr- . Win Alvln 'cii'nx'. 2 »0 14.11 1.91 1.80 51 f, 79 ir,.oo 3.72 . S Stevens 2.J81 ; . S. Mi-CrlHts 2: \V. Powers 4,64i; GeorK" Clnusse» -'."I I. . ._ For representative In congress Btn illMrlct Joseph J Meyers received 4.- fT'K; Fred C. Gllchrlst 4.021; C. If. Church 61. For J'ldKO of the district court C. C Coyle, received 4,750; JnrneH Ddand 3.- r>:a. G.M.. A. Heai.i 3.452. For state, representative 85th district A. H. Bonn'sU'tler received I.- 676; C. R, Schoby 3.054; Fred K. Dutton 9tt. For county auditor B. J. Butler received 6.201; Chan. K. Chubb 2.921. For county treasurer M. J. Duffy received 6.369; C. W. Pearson 3.786. For clerk of the district court K. >. McKvoy received 5.883; Lloyd Ander«o» 2,940. For county sheriff Carl DahlhaUMr received 6,332; Gilbert Hargreave» 4.- For county recorder J. J. Dooley received 6.339: H. K. Hartlett 3.690. For county coroner It. A. Kvana re- Mahon received 4.783; II. W. Miller 4.296. For county coroned R- A. Evana re- eel ved 4.852; U M. Merrill 3,»45. For supervisor In the fifth district term beginning January. 1»35 V. VT. Hniim 768; P. J. Helken 701; Carl Arnold 252. , „ For supervisor in the aecond district term beginning January. 1936. W. H. McDonald received 1.166; John Kftln 1.042. Fur nutiervlnor In thv fourth district term beginning January. 1936 Thou. O'- Domiell received 1.038, Chan. MorrU 1.- cl 1.0 Ayr*', all On motion Board adjourned to nlae o'cloek A. M November IS. 1»34. 1C. J BUTI.ICH, County Auditor. Auditor's Office. November 15. 19:14 Hoard of Supe.rvlooi'H of Kosmlth Count v inut purhuant to adjournment will, the following members present; I'.i l;;.'in,in Heiken. Mellonulii and Morris Absent: CMK«!MVI.'. Motion bv HalKeiuan and second bjr Helken that a refund cif «I4 Uti be ({Iron John Snr.-ink Lone. Hock Ind. am I, nl D Block 3 for year 11KH because ehilni for Noldlois' exi:ii>J)ii.ui was not allowed. Ayi-H-. nil. (Continued on Inside of Back Page.) T.,v, .. bin Klrcled f.tarrfl Klrrtlon Novrmbtr «. Trustua TriiBtee 1C. C. ICwoIdt ll.iriy .Subll. Luwrcncc Thor J' M Cl.rluU-ii Omul- Movick Kly Anderson A. A. Fu-iiKiuaa »i«o. K. Butttrfltld H. O. Lur*tm Henry Kiacliuld AUK- Oulknecht Paul HerUkf C. W. KlbcJ-l Frank Chiimber* Huscue Muwdalcy 1C. B. Dlttmc-r iBadoro Mayer iJtrur^o Grltbo luhu t'liderta (i. li Jviisun Slinuuu Lt-lijU (iuy Ii. Kirk MurUn Mulir.dcl T. A. Held fl J Sherman TV r ill Kvgi ti I Jo* \V. A richiain Win Kot-sllur C. N. Hol/lliaull Paul CuJy Alex ItudlK H. Ii. IKTnlngho Hermuu Drccam VVult iCaifatruui J. F. Cuyuu Joe Hu.htt L. W. Krlch U. B. Frank 1 J. H. Holcomfe Hurt Kdwardtf Peter El A. A. Schlpull Alfred Jerk't-nuon W. H SctiwIeUrt <icu Clnk F. H. Meachur I F lCiiite»«er H. J. K of, II, aim Luwlti Andursou Axt-l ICiiekson A K CrulkHlmnk L, A Boleneua Fled Kullasck Twp. 1C H. Woltt M N. Phillip* O II. Llndsj it. II. JJreytr Mlku Watcner John Bui-kclman Floyd Colwell U J. Kockler J. J. Audemon William Frank Carl Hutcliln» O. 8. NeUuu licit Coder Tiled, H. C. Allen Walter Klam* K. O. Mann O B. I. u Jwl K Jolin Hullma* Juhu U.lll*;u Jena<ja John H. Burmana Fred Duttoo O. ij. Thormon Hubert A. Harvey Frt-d A. Dlekrnan* Walter VaucJL Hay Hanaun H F. llawcolt ctia*. i.lndhurut o. W. lluib'fe'nn Fred C. WcKenur llunry Klupimr J. A. aic-pur W. L. IleynuMn Claruncu Vu.»k<> 1^. A. Baralu\i Oscar Frandle J.awiuiict Hutchln* John E. Smith W. II I'ultt-rKou Andrew Klburt Kd Chambers II. Btnucholer W. H. Stewart John Ludwltc Arthur Coiflcy Tiiomau Crahau. J W. N. C. Green L. H. Junkurincicr I.t-o Gut-idtt Hubert I-OUK Henry C. Neluou

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