The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1934 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1934
Page 7
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, November 27,1934 Gerald Agard, coach in the Fenton school, visited ttere Sunday. his brother, Burdette, Phyllis Benson Good spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Wayne Bradfleld In Austin, Minnesota. Harold Loss of Chicago visited here last week at the home of his mother, Mrs.! Lena Loss and slater, Princtlli. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ireland and family of Newton visited with the for- nver's brother, W. C., over the week Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Echberg and sons, Phillip and Richard, of Boone were the fuests of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nor»n and son, Richard, over the week end. F. O. Davis, father of Mrs. Burdette Agard, returned to his home In Iowa City Thursday of last week after vis- Mr, and Mrs. Joe Martini of Emmetsburg were guests at the home of thetf daughter, Mrs. H. L. Hoenk, Sunday. ; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lynk will spend "Thanksgiving Day In Sioux City with Mr. Lynk's two brothers, W. C. arid C. J. Woll*. ReV. C. Ahmann left i Sunday afternoon for Remsen where he will spend the Thanksgiving vacation with his parents. Mrs; Edna Forst and Marshall L Brown of Cedar Rapids were guests of •the former's sister, Bertha Johnson, over the" Week end. Ruth McMahon, who teaches In Galva, Iowa, will spend the Thanksgiving vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. McMahon. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Joynt and family took thelir niece, Bernice Joynt back to Mallard Sunday after she had spent last week here. Margaret Llchter began work at the iting at the Agard home for three months. June Adelle Overmyer, member of the faculty at Oskaloosa, will come here Wednesday night and visit until Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs J. P. Overmyer. Howard Kanouff, attorney in Omaha, is expected here at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Kanouff Wednesday evening. He will return the following Sunday. Leo and Bernhard Dahlhauser ar compankd by Mary Brennan and Ruth Muckey spent the week end vUitijM? relatives at Preston, Albert Lea, Austin, Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Smith and Mr and Mrs. Prank Crumm of Mason Cits were guests of Mrs. O. H. Free Wed nesday of last week Mrs. Crumm Is a sister of Mrs. Free. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schnepf has rent •ed the O. Madson house, and took pos session the first of the week. Th house was rented furnished, and Mr. Madson reserves a room. Mayor and Mrs. C. P. SpecM and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Behrends motored to Mt. Lake, Minn., Sunday to call on Mrs. Specht and Mr. Behrends' mo- John Ferguson, Chalmer Cooper and Edgar Finnell, students of Iowa State College in Ames, will arrive here on Wednesday evening for the Thanksgiving vacation. They will return on Sunday. Bernice Harrington and Janet Zer- as students in Mankato Commercial College, will spend the Thanksgiving vacation here w*th their respective parents. They will come here Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Esser, Des Moines, Mrs. M. M. Ohristensen, St. Paul, Mrs. L. J. Kutschara, Clear Lake and Mrs C. T. Peterson of Duluth were guests at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wlnkel this past week. Mrs. W. D. Howie and daughter, Beverly, returned here Saturday from Mercy hospital, Mason City, where Beverly underwent an operation for mastoid the previous Saturday. Her condition is extremely satisfactory. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schutter and family of West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Furst and family of Clear Lake, Mr. and Mrs, A. E. Behrends and Mrs. Jim Rawson, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Heetland and family, all of Algona, will be Thanksgiving day guests of the Tom Dalley family. Mr. •and Mrs. David Ward and family will leave Wednesday evening for Red Oak and Olenwood, lo^a. where they will spend th e Thanksgiving vacation with rplatives. MlK Wilcox will accompany them as far as Fort Dodge and Miss Portman will go with The Man About Town Says Peterson Studio Monday of this week. th ^f , Wm Bphrend «. -.»__„„-„» i_ „ „„,<„„»_ „* »»,„ iaiA /.io»= I lner ' Klrs - wm - oenrenas. Margaret is a graduate of the 1934 class of the Algona academy. Eleanor Keen and George Kanouff will be among the Iowa University students to arrive here at their homes for the Thanksgiving vacation. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Saunders of Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Saunders and two children of Storm Lake and Miss Hilda Horn of Waterloo will be guests at the Floyd Saunders home on Thanksgiving day. The men are brothers and Miss Horn is a sister of Mrs. Saunders. A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Becker Monday morning of last week. Thee iilld was named Richard Norman. The baby was born at the Kossuth hospital. Work was begun a few days ago by Oeo. L. Miller and crew on the construction of a brick house for C. A. Momyer. The lot is situated on East Elm street west of the O. F. Towne house. The house will be a six room two story building. There is some mystery as to who will occupy the house. Grapes 31bs. 25c Cut-Rate Grocery Thanksgiving Specials Dates 21bs. 17c Sugar 10 Ibs. - 49c Oranges, Ige. doz 29c Celery, Ige. size lOc Plum Pudding 35c Tangerines, doz. ___19c Swt. Potatoes, 6 Ibs 25c Cocoanuts, 2 for 19c hem to her home In Auburn. Dr. C. W. Baldridge, professor in, Iowa University at Iowa City, who was killed last Thursday evening Ui an auto accident near Donaldson, Iowa, was a friend of the Melzar Falkenhaln- T and C. H. Cretzmeyer families. He also spoke here twice during the sessions of the medical association held recently. George Free, who recently took a position in his uncle's drug store In ?ort Dodge, resigned his position on Saturday. He was formerly employed In James drug store until a short time ago. Monday evening, George returned to Fort Dodge to get his third decree in Masonry which was conferred by the grand master. Richard Warson has taken over the management of the local Western Union office. He relieves Mrs. W. P. French, who has been manager for the past three months in place of LeRoy Davis, who was attending a Simplex school in Bloomfleld, New Jersey. Mr. Davis is now enjoying a vacation, together with his family, in Nebraska and Colorado. December 4th he will take a position as combination man in the Mason City Western Union office. Mr. Warson, the new manager here, was fromerly in the Oelwein office. He and his wife and sixteen months' old daughter are now living in apartments In the John Isaacson home. Whoever the purUes responsible for the selection of the open season on pheasants are, they can feel certain of making numerous new enemies because of the particular days set aside. It Is generally understood that the reason for opening some counties and especially the increase in hunters' fees was to make money and not merely afford sport for fans. How can the grocery men, the barbers, the bakers, etc., leave their work from twelve to five on Saturdays and likewise Wednesday proceeding Thanksgiving? Surely the hunting days were not for the middle man to enjoy. Erof. Collins can be irlven credit for knowing more than how to instruct high school pupils to toot a horn. Saturday he was without a gun to go a- hunting with. Quickly his agile brain solved the problem. He called eight of his boys together, eight boys with eight air rifles. He tied the eight rifles together and when a cock pheasant got up eight triggers released eight BB shot, enough to down any bird when manipulated by Sure-Shot Collins. It cost the United States government only a few dollars Into the millions to acquit Insull. Try and get four or five dollars a week for «, needy family from the same source and find out what red tape Is. Justice must be served. A baby boy came to the Kossuth hos- he's got enough to cat to last him a week.' • * • football teams of the With school have not produced outstanding stars In the past few years but nevertheless fix boys (hope there are noivn missed) are playing on college teams. Monlux at Ames. Runchey at Morn- Ingslde. Shepperd at Crelghton, Tommy Stevenson at Drake, freshmen, and Dick Shackelford at Simpson and Omar Kelly, Notre Dame, freshmen. These boys give the local fans an added interest in watching the results of the various college games. Bananas 5 lbs.-25c LETTUCE, large, solid heads . .. Sc CRANBERRIES lb. 17c Apples, bu. $1.48 Jell Powder, 6 for ..25c Grape Fruit, 6 for „25c Flour guaranteed _$1.73 Green Peppers, 3 Ibs 25c Tomatoes, lb. _..lOc Busiest Little Store in Town g&XXXXXX&l&tt^^ S The People Certainly Like to Shop Here They find our selling organization so alert, so keen and helpful in making just the proper selections—the Christmas stocks so complete and inviting that all the ones on their list are taken care of scarcely before they realize it. Seneca Basket Teams Swinging Into Schedule Armstrong-Seneca: The Seneca basket ball teams began practice recently with Eldon Patterson acting as captain of the boys' team and Winifred Patterson acting as captain of the girls' team. The schedule of the season is aa folows: November 29: Armstrong glrla at Armstrong. December 7: bye. December II: Lakota boys and girls at Seneca. December 14: Fenton boys at Fenton. December 18: Cylinder boys and girls at Seneca. December 21: Bancroft boys and girls at Seneca. January 4: it Ringstcd. January 11 ca. January 18: Lone Rock boys and girls at Seneca. Jnnunry 22: St. John's boys, Bancroft nt Bancroft. January 24: Lcdyard boys and glrla at Seneca. February 1: Rlngsted boys and girls at Rlngsted. February 5: Lakota boys and girls at Lakota. February 8: Fenton boys at Seneca. February 12: Bancroft boys and girls at Bancroft. February 15-16: girls' county tournament at LuVerne. February 22-23-25: Boys' county tour- nnment at Algona. March 2: girls' sectional tournament March 8-9: boys' sectional tournament pital a week ago Monday to make Bill Becker a happy father. Bill can't understand how the two weekly papers In Algona could overlook such an Important event last week. Joe Harig, Tcm Akre, Jim Elbert and others suggested the boy be given their first name but the Beckers thought all of them so common they decided to call him Dick. (P. s.—The item in this paper last week was in the hospital news. Lack of space caused the hospital news to be left out). Frank Mathes purchased a can of floor wax, stopped at the cafe, then went home for the retouching. He put on his real working clcthes, rid the room of furniture, cleaned the floor and looked for his can of wax. Frank looked and looked and looked and not untl he became exhausted did he find it at the restaurant. And folks rtlll make fun with the old professor. One of Al«o«»*'« good looking young ritkil has been carrying around a shiner. He explained its presence as due to the oW back stairs, but later stories tell ttore of the truth. A younger brother was much too good a man, results show. Red Crow Roll Call at Wesley Brings $40.60 WeMey: Mrs. Ann M. Kunz, local Red Cross chairman, is most happy to report the total sum collected in Wesleys in their drive totals 140.60 thirty dollars of which was for straight memberships. This exceeds memberships and donations of former years in this locality, by a few dollars. It mlgh' be Intersting at t.hls time to enumerate some of the distributions she a? chairman has distributed In this vl cinity during the pnst half year o; more since she took over Hie chair manship. and includes 11 suits o children's underwear. 22 pair hose. 14 outing bloomers, 2 outing pajamas. 2 outing gowns, 4 children's coats, 1 adult coat. 2 sweaters, 8 dresses, 1 pair socks, 8 outing petticoats. 3 turklsh towels, 4 sherts, 8 pair blankets, 10 yards of print. The American Legion boys are sponsoring a feather party in their rooms Tuesday night, November 27. giving each family in town and surrounding country a chance to supply their tubtes with the customary fowl dinner on Thanksgiving day. Mrs. Art Corey, Arthur and Edward and Chet Merritt. all of Des Moines, were guests at the home of Mrs. Julius Kunz for noon luncheon Satuday prior to their going out In search of pheasants during the afternoon. The party drove back to DCS Moines later in ;he day and enjoyed their game at ;helr meals Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bnuer find Mr and Mrs. Leo Bleich entertained at three tnblcs of bridge at the Bauer home Friday night. Door prize went to Dr. Bonnstetter, head prize to Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Bonlnstetter, and second prize to Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Dawson. The guests enjoyed a very fine lunch at the close of several rounds of cards. Mrs. K. R. Rowley, Mrs. Bertha Looft and Mrs. Julius Kunz entertained thei: evening bridge club Cum home last Tuesdya evening at 8 .'clock. Mrs. J. L. Grattidge was the eclplent of the door prize with first >rize going to Mrs. John Hutchison, for he Indies and to C. W. Goslln for the nfn. Pour tables were In progress with a delicious oyster stew supper be- ng served late in the evening. Members of the junior class are busy rehearsing for their play which will be [Wen some time during the month ot Jecember. It Is a three act mystery comedy "The Hobgoblin House", with Miss Reimer coaching the play. Jun- ors who have been assigned parts in the play include, Lawrence Goetz. Catherine Wolfe, Artene Haynes, Evelyn Erlckson, James Lloyd, Wayne Ooslin, Sdward Funnemark, Junior Diekmann, Fidelia Skow, Gordon Loebig, Hannn Mae Potruner, Lucille Plummer. A large group of members and attendants of the local Congregational church turned out to enjoy the fellowship dinner held in the church Friday evening at seven o'clock. Rev. Berntsen took charge of the program which had been prepared for the occasion with Rev. Marquardt, pastor of the Congregational church at Brltt, giving the main talk of the evening. Several musical numbers were enjoyed together with group singing Interspersed throughout the program. These dinners Iwwe become annual event* and are looked forward to as a means, of strengthening social fellowship in tne> church. Cbrwwj - ' CHOCOLATES OF UALITY at $ie bound Equal in quality and flavor to any chocolates ever sold up to $I.5O the pound. Your first box will convince you! Our p^ guarantee behind every package. For Sale at the Sorensen Drug THE WHITE BOX UNOEft OU» O*" N*M6 Ixmle Moore U becoming noted In small way as a star football player. He played with the EmmetsburB team n Armistice day and will do likewise Thursday. Estherville was also seeking hta services. That's a good boost or Algona as well as Louie. Jake Freeh helped out durta* the unting season at the Silver Gray. When Joke's daily duties are ended he usually orders a hu?e meal for himself nd then Fuzzy will come along and ay, "Well, I see Jake's going to quit. Rlngstcd boys and girls : Tltonka boys at Titon- Richards Midget Masterpieces the unusually large number of subjects now available makeo this a. very attractive line. 50c to $1.00 Symbol Hot Water Bottles Special tliis wk. 7Q r only, 2 quart ._ ' JV - WESLEY NEWS 1 jiint: Master's Cod Liver Oil — 1 pint Lamsun's Mineral Oil \ pint llaskell's 9Qp Milk Magnesia __*"'*' Kleenex Facial Tissue, special — Colgate's liibbon Dental Cream Palm Olive Shaving Cream — 1 pt. 1 qt. li'iissiau Mineral Oil Mascal's Al- Iland Lotion 1 <)t. Slater's Antispi tir Solution Mouth Wash 1 bar Woodlmry's Facial Soap 1 Ih. Hall's Jiorated Talcum - CO- UJC 19c Special Hobarts Aspirin 100- 5 gr. tablets, special - Cutex and Glazo Sets i ideal gilt for the ladles 25c to $2.50 MAKES THE MAYTAG Our assortment of Xinas Cards, Booklets, Seals, Holly Ribbons and Tin sel Cords are attracting unusual attention. Lest You Forget-Shop Early at the Rexall Store K. D. JAMES THE REXALL STORE a^^ Mrs. Duvid Johnson received word ecenlly from Denmark where she vis- ted lor three months this .summer hat her mother passed away An Epworth League rally is schedul- d to lake place at Kauawha Friday U(.'ht at the Methodist church and of the young people ol ':he local lunch are planning to attend. Alan Welter hus leased the Ud Butt s iiildiiiLc in thf east part of ':own und .s equipping it for an office where !<• will handle eggs for the Karl Ahl- •rs Produce Company of New York cny. The American Legion Auxiliary enjoyed a good patronage at <heir turd larty at their rooms Saturday afternoon. Mrs. J. L. Haverly received Hie prize in bridge and Mrs. Joe Loebi Liu- prifc. in rive hundred. Rev. I. C. McNuKy is enjoying his Thanksgiving dinner this week at Farnhamville where h. went to joil uU wife who for the past three weeki 1ms been helping care for her abler MM. FU rente Crutter and a daughter who wire ill. Henry Sherman, popular barber o W sley, was indisposed with illness tin latUr part of the week und was un able to be at his familiar chair in hi tonsoriaj shop, Friday and Saturday Mr. McOormick of Britt very ably as sisted at the shop during his absence PILES Sufferers should consult J. P. berger, M. D., noted Specialist in roc- taJ and chronic diseases Over 27 yeaxs' experience. Send lor free book ou Piles mid other ailments. The Doctor will be at EmoiwAsbuvv. Iowa. Ker- uiiujre Holel, Tue&JUy. December 4U1, Hours « A. M- U> 4 P. M. Returu every 28 duys. Kx-ju-uation irtx-. 4S* SENSATIONALLY LOW You must see tin- genuine quality in Maylag before you ran appreciate how much you & ct f° r your money. This is only one of the reasons why housewives bought more Maytags in hall of 1934 thau in all of 1933. A=k your Maytag dealer for a demonstration i u your home. It is free. 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