The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1934 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1934
Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, November 27,1934 SAVE AT YOUR WALGREEN SYSTEM DRUG STORE Specials All This Week Bathing Alcohol Full Pint 23C Antiseptic Solution Excellent for throat gargle and sundry uses Full Pint. 23C Aspirin Tablets 100 .... 33C lOc Lipstick Powcfer Shampoos Cold Cream Hand Lotion Tooth Pastes Shaving Cream WHO has the following numbers 0161—Oct. 31 0243—Nov. 13 Bring them in a $10.75 mixer is yours. Kotex, 6 Boxes , 98c Hot Water Bottles 2 year guaranteed Full2qt, , , 59C Absorbent Cotton 1 Pound , , ,39c Petrosyllium Plain and with Phenolphtbalein for constipation Full Pint , . 98c Special for Thanksgiving Aways fresh toasted salted or unsalted SPECIAL 1 Ib. Ideal Mix 59c Almonds, cashews, nci-aiis, bra- Don't Forget to Go to the Feather Party at the Legion Hall, November 27th, Hot Chocolate Have You Tried One at OUR FOUNTAIN? FREE FREE $10.75 MIXtR. ONE ELECTKIC MIXER. Given away every week until Xmas. Save Your Cash Checks RENSEN DRUG STORE (Zfljje Algona fttyper 3©eg jttome* B NorWb Dodge Street HAOQARD * WAUdER, PBMtthers. ••tared M Second Clan matter at toe pwtofflee at Alcona, Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3,1879. Issued Weekly. SUBSCRIPTION BATES IK KOS8UTH CO.: >ne Tear, in Advance $2.00 fix Months, in Advance 1JJ3 fhr«« Months, in Advance 00 Subscriptions Outside County, $2.50 per year, strictly In advance. Subscriptions Payable In Advance. DISPLAY ADVERTISING, 30e PER INCH Composlton J6 cents per Inch extra. "Let the people know the troth and the cmmtry •afe."—Abraham Lincoln. A REORGANIZED STATE GOVERNMENT The state legislature is to be asked to consider laws which would make legal a revision of several units of the present State of Iowa government. In general the bills call for a stats department of public safety consolidating the state highway patrol and police powers and various Inspection duties; a state department of public welfare consolidating the duties of state relief agencies, the board of control of state institutions and the board of parole; a county department of public welfare and similar purposes; a state purchasing department which would include everything but highway construction projects; a county purchasing department of a similar nature, connected with the county auditor's office. The principle of the moves are all sound, namely to consolidate and centralize the authority and responsibility in a definite place, and to eliminate needless overlapping of oSices. The danger, on the other hand, lies in erecting more political plums for friends of the party in power, whichever it is. at the expense of the taxpayer. Governor Herring, however, has flatly declared that the proposals, if invoked, will mean a cut of several hundred state employees, and a saving for the taxpayers, to say nothing of greater efficiency. It seems to us that the move is in the right direction. Because a state or national government has operated for 75 years with one setup is no reason to believe it can continue for another 75 years, at least in a period of changing conditions. The state can always be more efficiently and economically operated. K depends on the honesty of the administration, and the calibre of the men in public office. Governor Herring's proposals have a ring of sincerity, and his reorganization plans are based on good, common horse-sense. Why should we have four or five sets of officers running around the state on public funds, when one set could do the work of five, has always been a mystery. Nothing has ever been done about it because no one had the courage to attempt to modernize the government, and because officials hesitated to lop off jobs which could be used to recompense deserving party woric- ers. The rank and file of the State of Iowa should be solidly behind any movement which will improve government, and any movement which will cut off the dead and useless limbs, the heritage of the past. "CRACKING DOWN" ON FOOTBALL "Jess Seein' Things," who writes a snappy column in the North Kossuth Record, makes some broad statements in an article in the Nov. 21 issue of the publication, regarding the conduct of studente and alumni at the recent homecoming game at Iowa City. The football season is at a close, and controversy over the subject Is useless. It seems that liquor, either under prohibition or state regulation, la always a subject for debate. Folks can usually interpret things the way they want, to, including the conduct of people around them. "Jess Seein' Things'', with his eyes wide open, saw everybody drunk. One fact that we wish to point out la that our unknown contemporary did go to the game himself, however, so his rather sarcastic tone about football games cannot be taken very seriously, else why did he himself attend? There's a wallop to seeing a good football game; it's a builder upper. There's an air and spirit, that you cannot find anywhere else, in either amateur or professional sport. The alumni who return annually do so in an effort to relive for a few hours some of the most pleasant years of their lives. It is an occasion of gaiety and carefree pleasure. All we could sug^u for "Jess Seein' Things' 1 Is that next year perhaps lie ought to stay home and read "Pil Brim's Progress." IIAllU TO UNDERSTAND At a recent National Farmers' Union m-'eung held in Sioux FaU-s, South Dakctu, the boys decided that the national capital was too far east and "unless we get a MIUUTC: deal in Washington, perhaps it would be bt.a to move the national capi'.al to the 1 ' If Uie organization ;houltl .succeed in moving the cupjtal, we oiler Algona as an excillent, site. If they should not succeed, and the (.rganUation lias any tone-ret. ;,iigBe--.lion.s for f-irm improvement, send them to tin: aUminuj.ration. Unlo.-.s our memory blurs, President Snno-son of the Farmers' Union was among lhov.e culled lo Washington belore the pre.sent. reduction in'.jgrani was drafted. It seenii that the pre-scn t adininU'ration lias vaken greater interest than any previous one in the welfare of the iiirul population, and if there ale ..till ways and means of bettering the middle- west, ~nd the Fanners' Union knows how, let t'.em coino forth wHh their plan. This payer will gladly give them tpace to explain K. OTHER EDITORS Advance Bet on Wrong Hone Again THonka Topic: We now have in '.lie county two county teat paper.y-one floating Uie independent Hag and tcratching Us hair out lighting for Turn r and Pat- UTbtm while the other floated another independent flaj{ aud backed the governor and his ticket. Did titht-r of select men Instead of party? ODD THINGS AND NEW-3y Lame Bode FAINT STARS/ «ivt» ONLY ONE-SiXTM THE TOTAL ILLUMINATION, EVEN ON MOONLES* NIOHTS, THE REST COM** FROM EARTH* OWN ATMOSPHERE ZODIACAL OR AURORAL UCHt TWO-HEADED , CROWN TONORMAISOE ARE FREQUENTLY POUND IN MICHIGAN WATERS. ONE FISH HAD FIVE HEAPS TO ONE BODY AND TAIL. _f= WHILE'HUMAN BtlNdS CAN LOSE 40% OF THEIR WEIGHT AND RECOVER, A LOSS OF 10% OP THE WATER IN THE BODY IS SERIOUS AND DEATH IS AIMOST CERTAIN IP 20% IS LOST. Mrs. J. J. Rink Services Wednesday in Ledyard Church Ledyard: Mrs. J. J. Rink passed away at her home in Ledyard Sunday morning after an Illness of three weeks which followed a stroke. Teresa Rahm was born September 26, 1868, at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. When she was zy, years old the family moved to Kossuth county and she has lived here ever since. She was united in marriage to Jake Rink on January 28, 1888, in Algona. To this union were born three children, John who lives at home and one young-er boy and one girl who died in nfancy. They lived at Sexton a number of years, then moved to 1/akota where they lived 26 years, and then moved to Ledyard where they have liv- d the past 10 years. Mrs. Rink has been in poor health or a number of years and in falling lealth all summer. Three weeks ago she suffered a stroke from which she never recovered. She died Sunday morning at 3:40 at the age of 66 years, month and 22 days. She leaves to mourn her death her husband and son, ohn, five sisters and six brothers. Her sisters are Mary Worly, Susan Schneider, Ella LaChance of South Dakota. Carrie Bom Bula of Chicago and Clara Busse of Ellsworth. Her brothers are Robert, Al. Fred, Henry, John and George Rahm, all of whom reside in South Dakota. Mrs. Rlrik was very fond of her garden and flowers and spent a great deal of time working with them. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Methodist church and she was laid to rest in Highland Home cemetery, Lone Rock P. T. A. Holds Interesting Meeting Monday Lone Rock: Th? parent teachers association met Monday evening. Mrs. W. J. Cotton substituted lor President Jensen who was absent. Mrs. Calvin Householder was elected secretary for the coming y^ar. A woman's sextette consisting of Miss Margaret Gladstone, Miss Coila Jane Hollister and Mes- ctames L. B. Hollister, Will Lceper, Jay Godden and P. M. Christensen sang two numbers. Miss Evelyn &"hrmann wa.s pianist. A guitar quartette. Elwyn and Gerald Godden, Vf-rnon Hollister and Maurice Eilsborough, played a selection with Roy Leejxr as pianist. The net meeting will b- held Dec. 31. tion of bis sister, who has pneumonia. Misses Beryl Sanders and Imogene and Margaret Roderick were dinner guests at the W. J. Cotton home on Tuesday evening. Mrs. August Nelson and daughter, Betty accompanied E. C. Fauerby of Fenton to Des Moines where they visited Mr. NeJson, who is a patient in the veterans' hospital. Wm. O'Donnell left Friday for Hastings, Nebraska, where be will spend a few days with relatives. From there he will go to Colorado Springs, Colorado, for an extended visit with his sister, Mrs. Arthur Sprank. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen returned Monday night after a few days' visit n Minnesota. They visited the Chas. EHvidgre home at Marshall, and the R. D. Edwards home In Pipestonc. On Prices Are Going Up Corn, Oats, Hay, Cream, Eggs, Poultry and LAND' The prices of well improved farms have steadily increased in value the last two years, and you know the reason. We have hundreds of nicely improved farms that may be purchased NOW on the most FAVORABLE TERMS, ever offered to FARMERS. Investors with Cash will flnd many real BARGAINS IN OUR LIST. McDonald & Co. Icwa State Bank Bdg. Phone 120 Saturday they attended the Minnesota University football game at Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jensen entertained at bridge Wednesday evening the following couples: Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. Boy Jensen and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton. Mr. Krueger and Mrs. Roy Jensen received high prizes and Mrs. Cot- ton and Boy Jensen tow. Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Helgason were- called to Emmetsburg Friday by the sudden Ulnesa of Mrs. Helgason's nio- ther, Mrs. Goodwin Anderson. Mrs. Anderson died soon after their arrival from complications caused by an emergency operation. Mrs. Arthur Priebe Isr. taMlng care of the dhUdren during: the absence of the Helgaaons. Hold on Tight, Everybody— Here We Go ! We're all set to do the greatest Christmas business in years . . . nnd that means we haven't been afraid in our buying. We think you are sick and tired of hand to Humth- giving and are ready for the biggest, brightest Christmas in years. We're guessing that you will buy early and well, but that it's going to take BRAND NEW MERCHANDISE AND AN OCEAN OF VALUE TO START YOU. If we 're wrong, it will be the poorest guess we've ever made. If we're right, we'll be seeing you, for we're showing the finest stocks ever displayed . . . finer by far than when stocks were high. Ready Now— NEW Suits & Overcoats For Christmas 14.50 19.50 22,50 24,50 Zender & Caldwcll Algona's Good Clothes Store Shop Early Shop Here Surgeonx Report Sparta, Wii., Herald: Surgeons, recently gathered in Boston, heard fcome wonderful storite of the progress being made to take care of the physical needs of man. Every day in hundreds of lines of bCienUflc t,tudy laborious experiment.-) are conducted and once in a while finding of new lacUs or the application of IH-W principles. Among the important things, that the surgeon.-, heard at ti.eir Boston convention were: That certain gland tissues had been tran.sf- rred from one being to another, where it performed the Junction which Uick of tlbiu* had prev- nU:d; that a >oung woman blind for nine year;.., regamed tight through the transplanted coreaas liom other human e>e,->. t:.dt peritonitis, great'.-t rbk of a surgical Lperation can \JL- prev-.-nted by a vaocin ; that a n«/v,- x-ray U/chnique u-.-U-cU ujncer of th.- otomach in lt-t> early, curable ^La^;ei; li::it a new device .-ho*.; cuiustant cl<-ctricitl ciuin^ea in tin- '.ray ma.tu.-r ol the human brajn; t.'iat n dally ad- mmi.-,tration of a few dro'to ol honi.on extract n/.a r- i'i tu ir-.iny chi!dle.-jj cocii'n-., and that a n<-*'. uiiifc'no.J.-i of lion-epidemic mu-ningili.! u:u-',ve:.-, the n'i..- ,-.:.<• lr iii one t" tiv Hay.-, curlier u-a.ii : > f.-Ujloiv, Ui.*. !.',ci'ii-iin-,; the ntunoer of curei W- lit ,,on.e of tiie ne*.i that c^me Horn t),..- :I.M.:;I'. c'-nvention ol tii. American Ojlk-ye of Kin ;.v on in oiti-r i!..!i n.i n ana 'A n.i-n may r L aii,v tn./ fi'-aun-.o of ti;-; *.•::*. beii..' U i.^ .,!. i i'.e d. ol i t : -.t .->,ci-'. v o *,-.-, t/j moii.-i n : L;J m 01^-, and ock-iitL.Ui. Without knowing, we ha/. uU il..-°j'i;e.^ tnal mi«k.t cl' tl.-/ e>.i/ it., v.'jik)!. ; -.n L;.'- ui..- con-j'nv, and cU.veiopm<-l.u, glii/ii out hitve been lightly :vvia;-ded .-o far a., uioii v cun:iA-ii.,a; ,.,a U ix>n.Jdcied L. R. IV.rt-rick attended a Chevrolpt -aler.', 1 nut-ting at Spencer Wednesday. A ChrtMian Endeavor Thanksgiving party was held at the church Thursday night. Mrs. Knit*-!. Jeniien and Mrs. L. R Roderick were on the sick list I"* 1 wr<-k. E. C. Bierstedt and Mrs. Bart,') were buMm-ifi visitors in Eslherville Wednesday. Mr. and Mr.-,. Hugh Marlow visited the Charles Hawk home at Spirit Lake Tue-sday. Thi; Auxiliary me<;V> the flr.H *«-k in Dtwrmbtr on Pridii/ at th- home of Mrs. Roy Jensen. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bierttedt and son, rxjnaJd were Sunday quests at the C E. Sigsbee home at Burl. Miss Lttma Bieretedt, R. N., left en W».-tlni*<lay for a week's visit with Mifid Margaret Stewart at Orang« City. Rov Hinea was called to Des Moines Monday txcaiu-e of the serious coiKii- Basket Grocery Alqonas Finest Food Store Savings on Thanksgiving Day Foods ELASTIC HOSIERY Hi, 'K«/'j» (,/ cr*- Sorensen Drug Iowa. Those Prices Effective Tuesday and Wednesday, November 27 and 28 SUGAR 10 --50c Monarch Pumpkin OC_ 2 1««. 2i/a «'ans __^'* Jl ' Libby's Fruit 17., Cocktail, tall ean__ 1(i - Mince Meat Mon- 1A~ avcli condensed, ]>g ****Gelatine Dessert t _ sill flavors, pkg. __ *^ Pineapple, Ige. No. 21/a cans Bed Pitted Cherries. No. 10 cans DATES »•• 15c Head Lettuce, 1C« Bolid heads, 2 for *«'*• Bananas, fancy OC- hard yellow, 4 ibs.^ 1 * 11 ' Orapes, 1IJ C fancy llinpi-ror __ * v *- Celery, large _ lOc Apples, liouxeu 1 CA Beauty, basket _ *»« fJ Grapefruit, Texas C« size 80, each *'*' Cranberries, 2 Ibs. Butter, No. 1, Cloverbloom, Ib. __ Oyster Crackers, OC 2 Ib. caddie «»C FRESH OYSTERS * 45c This Store Clo»ed All Day Thanksgiving

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