The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1934 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1934
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OiTTCIAL omr AMD COUNTY PATER Established 1865 Awarded Highest Honors as "Iowa's Best Weekly Newspaper* By State Unfrwsitj of Iowa, 1933 glgona Upper Jie* Jfflome* HISTORICAL DEFT, •W!TTAM, HABVEY. THTS ISSUE LGONA, IOWA. TUESDAY. NOVKMBEK. 27. 19: 3,500 ACRES IN NEW GAME MGMT. AREA IN KOSSUTH 47 Separate Pieces of Land Included in Setup, Says Pierce 200 METAL SIGNS WILL POST AREA The State Fish and Game Commission hM approved the applications of farmers and landowners on three game management areas in this county. Deputy atom Warden E. V. Pierce of Algona has been busy the past few weeks completing arrangements and perfecting the organization of the areas. Posting of the areas was completed last week. One area is located southwest of Algona, starting at the fairgrounds, going south on 169 to the Mbool house, then west 2 miles, then north to old No. 9 and back to the etty limits. This area contains some 3,500 acres and in the neighborhood of 47 separate pieces of land. The people in the area have elected for their officers and board of directors, Mike Loss, preeldeiK; Clark Orton, secretary; Paul Wllle, L. HJserodt and L. F. Jcn- klnson. The area Is well posted with 200 metal state signs which warn that no trespassing shall be done without permission. Warden Pierce explains that the public should not consider a game management area to be a game refuge •where no huntng is permitted because the real purpose and aim of every area is to provide better hunting and grow more game. However, on game management areas, the hunting will be done in an orderly mfr"rtw and the amount of game killed is to be controlled. Farmers on a game area agree to help grow more game In return Jar trespass protectlofri, which in a nutshell simply amounts to "no hunting without permission." if anyone wishes to hunt on a game area he must first get a written permit from the person in control of the land on which he wishes to hunt and must agree to take or kfll only a definite am- out of game. By following this procedure on each area, a sufficient amount cf game will be left for seed •took to maintain or increase the fame crop each year. On the are* mentioned the members have ruled that pheasant shooting, on account of the •hoij supply of birds on the area this year, shall be prohibited with the exception that upon a few farms the owner or tenant may kill a few birds. The fact that this area will be closed to public pheasant shooting this fall Is really a conservation ruling and the people in the area are to be complimented for taking this action. The other two areas are located, one of two sections northwest of Sexton; and one of four sections south of Ledyard upon which some controlled shooting of pheasants will be permitted. We undertand that a great many more farmers throughout the county have petitioned the state Fish and Game Commission for game areas. 14 Pages —-Section 1. In addition to Santa Claus. the rein- th« Eskimo and his dog team Algona high school band will up- pear in the parade, and a real, genu- VOL. 32.—NO. Holiday Season Here at Celebration Dec. 3 Eagle Township Lake in Ma-king A bearing took place Friday of last week before the state board on the quecr.lon conservation f bollding a near Goose lake in Eagle township to create a wild game area. The improvement has been urged the last year or M> by Swea City sport&men Including p. j. Heiken, Wm. Leland and C. f. Ber^gren, together with the Dilg league of Armstrcng. Mr. Berggren has had considerable corre*t>ondence with the state authorities over the improvement. It is understood objections have been filed by the Lmdblom • state. Goose ENTRIES IN MISS MART CHRISTMAS CONTEST Following are tbe entrioi in the MlM Mary Cbrfetma* ewnfcit. No check of the Tote* WM to be made mtil after the *tore» ekwed, Monday ementof. H. B. WbMe, cfcalr- maa of the committee, vtaled that the tatndaUotw wo«ld be imted to the window of Steele** utore after the Ontcoont. Marion Corey, Alcoa*. Dorty, Knadben, A%roa. Ann* Wester. Werfey. Agne. M. NetMB, RoMte 2. DeEa Moe, Algona. Mary Farrelt UiVerue. Johanna Erfcks, tttmU. I. ArUne HoUlren, Algona. DrwrilU Caogfalln. Algooa. Aikcn Adan», AJgona. Barbara Bafl, THooka, Margaret Roderick, Lra, K«rfc. Betty Sheridan, Baaervft. R«tti Ann Smith. Whtttemore J« ABM Fieming. Wbittemorc. Helen Merte, OttoMO. Bo E4war«H 8wm CNy. _^__ «* . ffvm to pupsiltoB to the anoint or pnrrhaaes bi each local *lorr. tram 25 eentt up. Ask for yoor vote*, then cart the baflob in the box to be found io each ttorr. Jolly Old Santa Claus, with Pran- cer and Dunder and Blitzen, his favorite reindeers, and a real, liv» Eskimo, will be In Algona on neat Monday, Dec. 3, coming here directly from his North Pole abode. And will he bring things with him for all the children—well, if you're not in Algona next Monday, ycu'll miss a big parade starting at 1 p. m., free candy for all the kids, a free movie during the entire day except for two hours in the afternoon, and a chance to receive any one of the dozens of chickens and turkeys that the Algona Community Club is going to throw away. And in the parade will be Miss Mary Christmas, whose identity will remain a secret until the time the parade starts at ^he west end cf State street at one o'clock. With her will be the four other runners-up. Miss Mary Christmas, you know, to being chosen this week by popular ballot. Ease- where is a list of Oy> candidates for Mis* Mary Christmas. With every purchase of 25 cents or over at any local •Core, the purchaser receives coupons corresponding to the purchase. These fiBcd in wtth tbe name of JOBW postted to tbe ballot box In the Mot*' Miss M«ry Christmas i* going to receive a handsome gift of a fine wrist watch, donated by the Comnrontiy Club, and also one 8 by 10 photo from the Peterson Studio. Second place winner will receive pair of lounging pajamas from Chrts- chOles & Herbst, Third place winner wifl get a pair of silk pa Jamas from ChristeiKen Bros, store. Fourth place will bring Uie winner a box of silk ho*: donated by the Goeden Co. And the Call Theatre is going to five the winner of fifth place five tickets to the local theatre. The stores will remain open on Santa Claus day until nine o'clock so that everyone will have a chance to look over the wonderful new CfcrisUnas stocks now on the shelves in all local stores. You. Christmas is only about three shopping week seway, and Santa Claus ia not getting here any too early to find out what Kosrath county folks want in their stockings on Christmas morning. Many Other Femtarw But the free show, the candy, the chJckeng and turkeys, and the big parade are only a few of the many lea* to be ben Onrtac tt>e «w< There CMtert over » there win be fwltrmntt tram Man to finish. It'll be one grand occasion for the entire family, and Algona is inviting everyone to plan now on coming here for the annual celebration. ine camel, accompanied by the three Wise Men of the Christmas and her aides, city officials local organic*Ions, and dozens of other feature*. Hugh Poet and Jim Poo! are planning the entire parade, and promise the best one yet. Additional re*t room faculties are being arranged, and the show will be given no matter what the weather conditions may be. And as Santa Claus says, a llt'.Ve snow or cold wouldn't keep many children away from him any place. Fig Free-for-all A new rtunt this year will be the release of small pigs weighing about SO pounds to become the property of an) one catching them. Local /tore fronts are being decorated, and windows trimmed especially for the occasion. Wreaths and hollda> decorations on the outside of the building* b»ve alao been arranged for by Deans* Pratt, and Alvto HuonbH* wflj «lco be decorated tor the cccufon. Last year * crowd of about 10000 persons gathered here, and uits year preparations for at least 15,000 are made. 4 CRIMINAL, 2 DAMAGE SOUS TO OPEN COURT Four criminal cases and two damage suita are the first ca&es dated for district ccurt here this w<ek. Tte petit jury will report next Monday, according fo information received from the clerk's office. The two damage suite are one for $10,000 filed by Rose L. Joos against the Metropolitan Life. The plaintiff alleges she was partially deafened and «uf- fered other damage as a result of a dynamite explosicn. The second damage exixcted to come up coon ii that of the administrator of the Wm. Bait estate vs Frank Balgeinan, county supervisor, in connection with a fatal accident that rxxrurred between care driven by one of the Ba'.t boys, and Mr Balgeman'* w>n. Criminal ca»*i> ^scheduled to come up lake, at present meandered, borders in acirdlng to M. C McMahon. county it- large pan on the old Lindbkun farmjtorney, are ttH*e of James A Canada. in Eagle township. charged wita alteration of a public wen mod northeast of Gocse This would not only deepen the It ia proposed to build the dam above tts wcoden bridge on the and lafcj. lake, which covers 65 acres, but would •••date an additional 25 acres or more of slough land east of the lake, owned by the Northwestern Mutual and Bankers Life Insurance companies. It is understood the insurance companies would not raise objections. Th? dam itself would be a simple and inexpensive affair. Sheet metal piling would first be driven into the ground and rocks and o'.her against both sid«* of it. debrii, thrown Wesley Young Man Hurt in Collision WeaKy: Paul Johnson, 19 year old >oik of Mr. and Mr*. David Johnson, is convalescing at ht> home from an accident in which the car he was driving and another from Minnesota met. in a head-on collision between Cor- wV.h and We*l«y Friday night at *>Jeven o'clock. He suffered cuu and bruiit-i moa4y about the head and face. Both care were practically demolished. The folks in the other car only slightly hurt, idfng alotv_ m hl£ car. Paul record; trie Johnson ta»e. with the defendant fsurlng cirarge of )'"'! breaking and robbery of the Bert Sankey &u»re: Byion Grove of West Bend, charged WKh robbery; and Jen* KunUon, Here's a Little Ad That Packed A Mighty Wallop Does advertising pay? Well it has certainly netted the Iowa State bank, Algona, some attention. Several week* tgo this newcpaper earrkd a bank ad from the Iowa State, headed "Are Banks Tight' Witii Credit." The text cf the ad wtnc on u> explain JUM what the bank had been doing in the way of loan*. A similar ad ut carried this week. In a column w Ute Chicago Journal of Commerce, th-.- writer com/oent- ed on the ad. Ralpii Miller later received ;i letter from the Northwest- era National Bauk, iiiruitipoiu, commenting on tr«e ad. and yesterday this paper received a letter from the Firxt National at Aberdeen, Soutiri Dakota. I saying (hat it d**irtd a copy of the I ad, which it bad read about in the Wall Street Journal. With tril* 'oacknre from advertk>ins?, expect the bank will now want to run whole half pages. Well. wVve got the tpace, boys. proclamation WHEREAS. Thursday, Nov. 2*. will b observed in the United Stages, accordiiag to custom, and because of official proclamation fro-.-n b'.tti the national and state executives, ia, Thanksgiving Day, The City of Alfjona.. through the Algeria C-IUJT.unity Club, does decree that Nov 29 be a holiday JoeaJly In oth«-r words, ',iie stores in Mgur.- A from the largest to trie smaltev, and from on end of th* budnean section to the other, with the usual exctp;:on of a. ftw lines of business nhieh cannot be clot«d *i\ day. such a* fUIuijj>. *-ill ob- aerve Thniju,giving Uay a* a. holiday. Local merchant* ar* a.s*.ed to- tr.e Cw/.- zrtivir.y Club to BANCROFT MAN FACES CHARGE OF BOND THEFT 1935 CORN-HOG CONTRACT GIVES MOREFREEDOM Corn Only Crop Limited in Acreage; Loosen Feeder Pig Limitations Two changes In the 193$ corn-hog contract to be offered corn belt farm- 2NDWH11TEMORE CORN SHOW HELD LAST SATURDAY Results of Corn Judging, Other Contests Summarized Below STATE SENATOR WAS SPEAKER Bigger and better than ever, the WhKUrnorc second annual com show wa* held last Saturday. Hundreds of persons from all over this section of the state were in attendance. Thx? flnnl results of the corn judging contest and drawing for other awards was made In the evening, and following that a dance was held in the Whlttemore hall, sponsored by the WHittemore Community Club. Senator McArthur of Mason City, member of the state legislature, spoke on the "Need for Farm Organization." in the principal talk of the day. Whlttemore is to be congratulated on its excellent community spirit, and the turnout and general good feeling 'videnced by the crowd was proof that the aflnlr has become a permanent part of Kossuth county life. Claim 1. Profenional (Yellow Corn) First, Bay Carlisle; second, Frank Melne; third, Wm. Madsen. Class 2. Amateur (Yellow) First. Arnold Melne; second, Carl Frye; third, Mrs. Leo Elbert. Class 3. White Pint, Arnold Melne; second, Frank Melne; third, Nick Reding. Best 30 Ears Any Class First, Frank Melne; .second, John Stier; third, Ray Carlisle. Special prises Best single ears, professional yellow. Wm. Madsen; best single ear y«Uo»r amateur, Herman Voight; best tingle ear in white amateur, Nick Reding; largest ear corn in any class, Russell Nellis. SheHing Percentage First, Ray Heller; second, Walter Vaudt. Guessing Contest Winners Joseph Bonnstetter, Harvey Elbert, Archie Voight, Ray Crawford, Hugo Berninghaus, Arnold Ludwig, Hubert O'Brien, James Taylor, Lorenz Oade, Herman Wichtendahl. Memhandlse Winners Harvey Elbert, J. O. master, Mr*. Ix-mt'. SXbert, jr. W. atmpsoa, H. B. Frost, Mrs. Herman Voight, Rev. Vett, Herman Wehnpan, George M:yer, A. frs by the AAA constitute a real ad-' S. Elbert. Frank Bestenlehner, Harvey vanfagp to the producer over the 1934 Simpson. Mrs. Mike Oenglcr, Lorettii fi*-jfurd E Beremann. Bancroft, vva* bound over to the grand jury, Saturday by Justice J. H. Sheridan of Bancroft on s» charge of thelt of about *550 worth of French government boiiai> from A- M. Van Bteenhard, who live 1 Bancroft and Bun. Beremann iff contract, according to extension work at Iowa State college, who wl continue to assist with educationa jhasej, of the program. One of theb» advantages is the lack of rehtrictions on a'* of land shift- led from com production on which the federal government will pay rental benefits. Tjit othrr important change is that there will be no restrictions en the number of feeder pigs one contract Algnrr can purchase from another (signer. No .such thniK as "contracted ac- HA" will be tltbignated ill Uie 1835 con- liuet Tt«- land taken out of com pro- recent ij»et!i/;jf o! decided that New Venn, and uie fourth ot would be Uie ofliciajj duction will be kii'jwn as "shifted ac- ras" and no del)iil':<> area need to b«?eri picking c-.rn for the plain- be designated as i>uch. The producer ' will be merely held ty hit allotted ac- jeiif; of corn. 'J'liis cliHiige will make chicking of Cf/mPliuuci easier and will give the farmer more freedom in farinini: operation... whi'Ji will be essential because ol tiie bhortuge of farm n ni. and tlie destruction ol many hay i.ri'i pasture btund/> by drouth. Corn acl't >> in I'J'i'i ni:iy be located on any oait ot tin- farm. The coutrai? will pi runt the HM- - f tin- tufted a(T<-:> U» Uie htory told '" J ul> ' Uie defendant, wh IH w^rkiii); for Van 8Leef:lmrd, «m> the only one »'»o. tfi fur a-, UM- r/lainutt know.', who i.u-, is* charge. Following I- ht-ani:r Jieiemaiin v. a, '.icrvd over to Hrwsrifl Carl Uahl- ha'-^-r *-c h ii lA M-I at HWJ, w)iic .1 fad ISA been lurniiind je^u-rday. Ccur;t> Attort»^y Mi>unc« McMahon waa if.'.<-AtJ'<at)J»i{ tin- tius- furtlu-r >fe.- tfrday '*!tj) a view to calling th" snand jur>' Tr<^re were 13 U-Jid* of 1.000 franc.* t-ath in a dra'Atr 111 Van KU-<.-uisald's hw/.«' and eight of I/;'-- Uond> »<•!•• tak- XfllAS Agents Pestering Irvington Homes Irvington: For the pa^t t*o wtt-itj lj.ruic-10 io thb, couiiuunity t.ave bct-ix bt-ilegtd wit:; aafci/s or i.iilts>p<;Gjjle One houiaewife <• yortcd five ageriU wefck ajjd three IJUj *«*k. A [jtcaijiir liict is Uiu»t petiple seiim^ articles re- -ent being caiteU antics Two irt'-ii with a Urge truck load of applet weic. takiiig puulu-y in eichange. tht ajjiount! b*:iiig the equivalent of four Who Wants These Two Press Passes? The Algeoa Upper Off Mabte* ba« received two paste*, one for » gea- U«iaaa aad tbe etber for a- lady, to the International Live Stock Expo- ia Cbicago, Uet. 1-8. A» BO- on tbe *Utf of the pafcr itsua* on u»iag tbete free ticket*, we'll offer them to the tinl one ma^'ng the i truest at lt.i» office or over Ifae pboue. They're yoar* for tbe a*k- iog And tbat tfaututt u»: if yum afe Out a reguLw Mib>crtiM;r to Ibis newspaper, ^od like tbe leek* of tb« uuajkie eopy you may be receiving Uti» week, we'd be mirbty b*twr to carol! yen on otur faMBiiy of *ubM:rib- cr». Ketnrtimat you ot»y feel like raking UK over tbc eoab pretty bard, but we beieve you woidd Hod kfae yearVi •obserfpthta *o witb good dividend*. Silent Assemblage Pays McEvoy Tribute A ulent t/-w«J in mourning, paid ftoal tribute to E. J. McKvoy. clerk of the d».rict court, who ed away tuddeniy cri Utiinday of w««k. at litntral tervicto held 'It 'lay at ttt CtC Ui'k cliurc-i xArefi were Mrs. Anna Rustrum Services Saturday at First Lutheran lor growing any ciop, other than corn for diiv JJUJIJO.-K-. It |jlan» no limlla- Uon on the totiil area devoted to cultl- u.I 'I rrou.'i or on '.he total acreage of an, IMI-IKular cioy otlu;r Llian lajrn. I.'.'- of !>u- acie-i taken out of corn jwo'luc:lon lit';; been hberalliied in or<ii-i Vi t-uiouJij^c growth of early uiu- tu/iuj; fi.-r-d tfrain crops and re-e.stab- :iil«ji.< j;V ol hay or pa,l UK- i»ttling.\> fol- I'y'Ain; 1 th'- uiouth Till: |j> Elbort. Wm. Beich, Alma Elb(.'rt. Mrs. H. E. Frost, George O-.ngler, nnd P. W. Elbert. 275 BOYS, GIRLS AT ANNUAL 4-H BANQUET, NOV. 21 Music, Talks, Recognition Program Make Up Joyful Evening Th • annual county 4-H boy*' and Iris' club banquet. wa.s held Wednes- ay cvi-nint'. November 21, at the Al- OIIA high bchool gymnasium at 7:00 i. in. witn '215 present. This event bervetl as a climax for the 4-H activi- t-s of Hit year. The Algona Commun- y club w-perated with the Kossuth Amn'.y Farm Bureau and members of In- 4-H boy.s and girls cluba made his event possible. The dinner was rv«-d by 30 of the older 4-H Club boys f the county wtlh Mrs. J. H. Warn-tr, triun from .> j-.ur:-, for : s .'.eld on tta home at 1'30 a/I CJ.UJ Anna !'..!.iy, Nov. 24. in aiul fioin at ^ OiJ D in ^U; VTA Luthe/ iihuh liev. M A SiOoimua olliria'.n^ \ MJ* Aim* &M* Hu..liuiit i,*-t*d aw- j ay ^.^ 'l'i,uitd*y ii.ijiiiii^ At the timt ^ii Of fx-r < t.tie tmd attaiii tl 'he *K>: tl'r tiill it.'.ix- who it i d, the '.'.a.M-.'j ol fri-u'er oi:r- fiorn IIOII-M '!.>, hov/ever, wlJl .still be limited the avt'ni,>e. ntj/nbei bought during j i ti 11/32 ijlu Pur- to W A Barry L J ! Ian, the latter ol ary uu>Ket a/id Ko- HOIMI- Wfert Hay Ccjiiity of > M-ire'-a/y of thi: ol Coiiu/ibuft. H J i*xle, ii fc U i. Me- of 81 >earA. Mr«. l/i N'>r:tx/tl'»i. 4 ji. s*a.» CharJe& Bllley, F C Zcndt-r. ; Beste/iItiin, r, M J Bt/til, ai.«l No Contest Filed No content action had bven ftied a.: it* county auditor's oHlwr, >tM*rc)^y b>' '1 fioinaa O'lXiruieil, wi'o was defeat- id i>y *ix votes for cour^y from tiie f^urUi L J W '!' Union Church Services AI'Jl t*l itlHj fr in tit i i.l.K CuJ/Hr M2. S e . ai.d 18 oa», on July 4, IBM III i/»t.'f-t*r of the- Kli -t l-utirt.-;a;i lu td day will be held W-.-<Ji*:c,- at 1.30 at UK- iiajjii t ^•' Hfcv. J. H Edge will be the :t-r a/id if*ciai «iui>it will be [/re- ti &y Helen Huti«fcr. Hc-v A B Hu duet by Mrs. Ha^ei Korbti, ajsd A B Hueitr £very6ody to iii %lKona on fX'U>b--r ^'/. lS«y, anfi lia u a faithful uiembei for V> yeai> j Mf/> Ku tru/ii #«•» pieu.-'Jt'J In death b. i iurr Iiu.,bau<) '*i»ij dt d in January Of 1924, two Too Many Guns Mitciieil. c»vii KiiXU^iT tj Supervisors Busy a luii pu;j«,- o! t/,/^.''J oj JIU tii'UMa'-iii'if. . JiiCiuUli.g Hit auivivi-'j by ;»ii hi-i and loui iiaij*;htei . Eri<rk ol Ii; Mii> Horuu- Kt-nntdy ol Hrjlivwoxi, Californiu; idniert. ol Ada, Okiah-ina; Mr» Haui Clark of Ali^/ua; Mr- Conrad Ha be ol Minneapolis; and ML,» AJiiii Ka-,trum of lit v- HliJ". CalU'JiIilJ, leu «iuiidtii:ld • ^uj u it .# oi iriensi^ anU niu'r.*.. ii her departure. Mac Arthur Rites -i«ri> a-i U.-ii o'clock if fore Justice of Peace f A oil tliK LJiifgi; '.{ havlji^ lAO JJ>in liie car li:* of iO 'o 'I'/ic "U^il, ' l)a» o: it;I f^/jfl'a! M™>mic lo-J^ 1 ' Aiihur. ',-DiUji a:. a liu/t ^*. ll,'ji Iiili,? . t'ti'.'f Aii., n -'i lor < in u. W A cling ts dining rocjiu cJialrman. I) Wane Collins acted an toastmas- •r. T. H Chrlschllles, president of •ie Algona Coirununrty club, gave Uie dclrt-fai of welcome and Mary Jane /e*i , jji-efcideiy. of the (xjunty 4-H girls new (outrun will jii .vuie no' clubs, rtuiijond.d. Frank Schoby, jnem- lu'ion on iJ.iidiu.M-i of let di-r ijig;> I ber of the AlBOna Dairy Calf club, gave one contract .:Ji'iier liom unollier t talk arid a piano duet was furnished tract :-.IKIII-I-. ina.'.niiu;h a,, botii have by fern Gi&ch and Kathryn Deim. Mu- jieduced pioduciion and i! make;, lit- »ic wai provided bv the Algona high .••Kiioo! inUiic deuurtineiu with Mijis Miller In charge. A mioMigc to club folk- was delivered by Paul Talf, ai>5iitanl dux-ctor of the extension service. Ami'.;, and recognition orogram was in charge of Mrs Eniil Lai'boi), c ui» y c lutirman of V.n!:. 4-H el'.'b eon: : HK-e and O. A. Bonn.,tet'e: , ei-.tinvt a^.'lll. Ttie club lojks of Ko.-.:-.utii county wifeli Uj exjirifsb their a>>orccialio.'i tu thu: V who cxjorjerati-d in making the buiujuet Street Widening Still a Problem 'I'll. Aigona cilv council will meut oil frridav ingiit. with u o di-finite problems announced a^> coming belo:e it, but sev- eiul which might ueveloo. fc> me movement has been on foot locally to have Ule yarkliiK wublelll rt-'iil- <i!e(.l u.'i;oii|.; local bUMUes- men. Stll- liment Mem, to lavor IIIOUIIK tliu side- walk.-j back lu I heir loi'iner v.idth. utld llrn.i wKien iyalv strci-t. II liild Were cone (Uaui-n.a D.irUnr; fuulu be ruled. .ili'i uu.cjj ol tin. 1 ijix- enl ':••.: u.v..\- v. n h. r i , claii: Farm Sale AH (iiiin; Feathers to Fly At Party Tonite in Legion Hall The It-atl'ii-io will 11 y at tin- l.i-- Xion hall, tonight, u.s 'iht.' annual Li'g'oii Ftulht-r farty l:> ht-ld ac- (oidin,^ to an anci*-ij( custom •Aheicbv I hi- t'fnt-ial jjublit h. ol- feit ii \i\ DC, ol Inn UJid u M'h'c- ti-n of '!' auk . iiivin;; iovrU H they know thin Kiln ^u!ne.i, and the- l.e- Klon n-,i\w, a little of thi- wlltn '•withal wnii tthlcli In aid I'.., jji'o- Krain tluiiij;; the vcaJ The i\ii'ii: . h<j -Ji l jii Moinvi-i" lia.-> liifonii 1 d us. A ill be lakt-n i/JI aL 7 .i'l o HI and v.HI nol In- lepiai:- Vll Ulitll I!;- Ii,. I I'.ue. I lla, <l'|J4l!- nl. ,>;, i It,..- . ..|j|-ly ot fowl., ab.^j- -ii-rhbi-i.. l In, llity Iwv blk; of Ui tittu ti ir *o/£ to IJL»II BUJ i 'ti -r'nu-.A'. .-ua ; .. v.i'..t, ul AU'on.i, ua Wicli.^,,day 1> Ii' .1. lalKC UUlllbc -<ii\-. JIOHO and loi.'lit. .t Ull Ule ivvl ix.,id, live hl holtl a farm . ;>. ai .• is of- ol iiurt.os, head equipment. , . w in tl.L i...- 'a

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