The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1934 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 22, 1934
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HISTORICAL OFWCIAI, orry AND COUNT* PAPER Established 1865 Awarded Highest Honors as "Iowa's Best Weekly Newspaper" By State University of Iowa, 1933 Hgona Upper Be* Jltome* TJ»h Week 2875 ALOONA, IOWA. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22, Eight Pages VOL. :i2.—NO. !7 DEATH TAKES 3 PROMINENT KOSSUTH MEN 1935 CORN-HOG PLAN IN COUNTY NOWDRAWN UP Program Calls for One Eighth Increase Over 1934 Maximum ONLY VOLUNTARY PBOGRAM PLANNED The 1935 Corn-Hog production control program to be offered Kossuth county farmers by the Agricultural adjustment administration provides for holding hog production 10 per cent un«ter the 1932-33 level and corn acreage 10 to 30 per cent under that of the same base period. O. A. Bonnstetter, county agent and local representative of the U. 8. Department of Agriculture, received details of the new program from' the extension service of Iowa State College this week. Contract signers will receive $15 a fcead for the hogs represented In their 10 per cent reduction. This is the same benefit as In the 1934 program but became the reduction Is smaller total benefits per farm will not bulk so large. On th« area shifted from com the rental benefit payment per acre will be node at the rate of 35 cents a bushel multiplied by the average corn yield. la estimating the average yield local committees will consider all land on the farm that has grown corn the past flve years. In 1934 benefK payments were 30 cents and the average yield was bared only on the production of the field designated as contracted acres. Shin to Other Crops The producer, may If he wishes, shin «a much as 30 per cent of his corn land to other crops. He may shift the ettne land thftt wan wed to 1934 aa contracted acres U he wtehee. The term "contracted acres" is dropped In this year's contract. The Intent Is to ehlft corn land to early maturing t*sA grains, forage or pasture crops. No restriction Is placed on the use of "shifted acres" other than that corn acreage must be held down to the am- •unt allotted in <he contract. The purpose of the 1935 control program is to keep production from goln? b*ck to the level of 1932-33, which would react unfavorably on farm prices. The usual tendency after draught, Mr. Bonnstet'ter explained, Is to increase Santa Clans, Reindeer to be in Algona, Monday, Dec. 3 ENTRY BLANK Good for 1,000 Votes in the MISS MARY CHRISTMAS POPULARITY CONTEST Only one entry blank credited to each candidate Name Address Age mail it to th e Miss r of store. f 16 and 25 years of ags who ' In her name on this blank a Algona, Iowa. A list of entries and standings week in the two Algona newspapers. Additional at any of the Algona business firms with each pur- cents or over, t3«n**«. u-..,^^ —m _*__ ._ _ . . _ . _ r Ballot boxes will also be found in each Algona CONTEST CLOSES SATURDAY NIGHT, DEC. 1 Local Druggists' Insurance Co. Celebrates 25th Anniversary •orn acreage. With low livestock num- fcers a surplus of corn would lead to low prices. Low corn prices would lead to over-expansion of hogs and oth< lirestock in late 1935 and 1936. Th would tend to put. farmers right bac where they were two or three yea ago. The program actually provides for a increase of one-eighth over th« 193 anaximum corn acreage and an increaw •f about one-fifth in hog product! •n farms under contract. Paid in 2 Installments Benefit payments will be made in tw toftalhnenU, Mr. Bonmtetter said. Pif teen cents per bushel of the corn pay menu and $7.50 of the hog paymen will be made as soon as the contract 1 accepted by Secretary Wallace. Th fcalance minus Uie signer's pro-rata ahare of local administrative expense will be made abou'i. Jan. 1, 1936. Eligibilty to participate in any cor loan program that may be available i &he fall of 1935 Is another advantag •f cooperation in the 1935 production control program, Uie official announce wient stated. Processing taxes of $2.25 a hundrec •n hogs and 5 cents a bushel on con will be continued to furni&h financ tog for the benefit payments. The 1935 program will be voluntary AS In 1934, said Mr. Bonastetter. The administration will remain practical) the same with farmers electing their wwn local officers and directors. WiU eome modifications the state corn-hog committees and boards of review wil be maintained. R. K. Bites, director o extension, will be in charge ol the educational phases of Uie program ir Iowa. County agents and extension workers will assist local committees on educational and administrative phases U£ in 1934. All corn-hog producers will be eli gible to participate whether they were signers l;ut year or not. In the case of 1934 signers, the adjusted production ftgures established by local committees will be used again this year in determining 1935 allotments. Shirley, Coffin to Open New Business A new business firm for Algona will •pen its doors next week, when J. W fihirtey oiW R. R. Coffin, partners, •pen the Shirley Radio & Electric Service in the building at 206 E. Stute •tueet, formerly occupied by Joe Bloom. Tlie firm will carry a complete tine of three different makes of radius, and *li>o a full line of General Electric household appliances. Redecorating and modernizing of the building. Uie only vacant one mi State street at the i>rcsi_-iu lime, lias been under wuy this week, and Uie two lutrt- inxri rcccully made u. U'ii> ta Des Moin- cs whca'o they went over the General KecLric line wiUi repruieuUitivtss, ajad ttrtiertd Uleir uicridutudiac. Botli Mr. Shirlty and Mr. CoUin axe local young men. The former h;k> bc-ci: in Uic- radio btiiUiciis vutuvly for over a year. „. . J , —Cut Courtesy Northwestern Drugglft Pictured above Is the force of the local Druggists' Mutual Insurance C3., which observed its 25th anniversary recently. The officials and employees, left to right, are M. H. Falkenhalner, V. M Parsons Marie Wehler, Eugsne Murtngh, Arlene Jones, T. L. Larson, M P Haecard and Twylah Lorenz. ' ' "'**>"' u Last Thursday, the Druggists' Mutual Insurance Company of Algona, Iowa celebrated its 25th anniversary. Few people realize this local institution probably reaches more people outside our community than any ccher Algona organization. On November 15, 1909, a charter was granted by the Iowa insurance department to the late Al Falkenhainer and a group of druggists connected with the Iowa Pharmaceutical Association. The company issued Its first policy that same day, and has since had its headquarters in Algona. Paper to Appear Tuesday, Next Week Our next issue of Th« Algona Upper Des Mollies will appear next Tuesday morning. The daU- of publication is being advanced for one week due to the fact that Thanksgiving comes on Thursday of next week, our regular publication day. Attention of correspondents, is culled to this change. Correspondence must be in this office by Saturday morning. Business firm* wiu also have a chance to get their Thanksgiving advertising into the paper in time for the holiday trade. Popular State Officer Visits in Algona State Comptroller C. B. Murtagh came uu from Des Moines last Wednesday and spent the rest of the we:k visiting with his many old friends and attending to personal business matters. Charlie was of course very much pi-eased with, the almost 2,000 majority given jo the democratic ticket in Kossuth »unty, which he rightfully interpreted is an endorsement of Governor Herring and his handling of tlie economy pro- irani in which Charlie as state comp- roller holds is one of the main lac- ors. Algona folks are always glad to see Charlie arid njoyed. his vioit was much riuenholds Heard Speech by Wallace August Huenhold and his son, Alwin and wife, were in Anies Friday and aturday to attend an annual meeting' f the florists and nurserymen of the late of Iowa. Whik- there the men ls;» took a short course of instruction, riday evening those- present were en- ertained at a banquel al which S-cre- ary of Agriculture Htsnry Wallace was 'ie main speaker. Ove-r fliu-eii liuii- I'ed iKard his .speech. Breaks Arm Burl: 2oe Adams iiau Uie misfortune > bleak h'i arm ojie dav lust week Ink- criuikiuif a tractor. He' is ivork- •it lor J. H. Schneider. Over 3.000 druggists scattered throughout the Middle West carry fire and other forms of insurance with the Druggists' Mutual. Over 90 per cent of the drug stores of Iowa carry part or all of their Insurance with this local insurance carrier. In addition, the office of the company writes a majority of Uie druggists' liability insurance written in Icwa. The September 30th report of the company to the New York Insurance department disclosed assets of over $300,000.00 and a surplus over all liabilities of over $200,000.00. The Alfred M. Best Company, the Dun & Bradstreet of insurance, have for years given the Druggists' Mutual an "A" rating, tho highest rating they give any company. Tm> company has an enviable record for payments. It dtatiiigukhed itself particularly at the time of Die lire in Spencer in 1931, when it paid over $40.000.00 in losses witlUn ten day ultt-r the fire. The company was under the capable leadership of Al Falkenhainer from Uie time- of organization until his death late in 1932. He was one of the most widely known men In the drug field ia the Middle Weu. On his death, the board of directors chose his son. M. H. Falkenhainer as secretary and manager of the company. There are seven people employed locally, and in addition the company keeps four men on the road. Robert W. Harvey of Missouri Valley is president of the company, and was one of the charter members of the board of directors. M. P. Haggard and W. R. Beck of Des Moines are vice presidents. In addition to these officers Che other members of the board of directors are: A. C. Phillip of Manchester, C. L. Cunningham of Ventura and N. F. Reed of Des Moines. Miss Mary Christmas Again to be Selected; One Big Entertainment CANDY, FREE SHOW FOR KOSSUTH KIDS Santa Glaus is coming to town! He'll arrive in Algona en Monday, Dec. 3, and will bring with him something that should thrill every youngster In the county. Hs'll have four of ils reindeer, Dunder and Blitzen, an two others, and a sled; hell have camel and the three wise men, and al& an Eskimo friend of his. These visitors from the Far North and other interesting arrivals, will up pear in a parade at Algona, starting at one o'clock, Monday, Dec. 3. They will be here all day, and hope to meet ev ?ry little boy and girl in Kossuth coun y, as well as many of their parents. Mary Christmas Contest And In addition, The Algona Community Club Is again going to sponsor contest -to determine who is Miss Christmas for 1934. The contest ear, won by Miss Lucille Elsen >arth of St. Benedict, proved of ex reme Interest, and will be conducted lonfe the same lines this year. An ntry blank will be found In an adja ent column, clip it out, fill In your entry for the contest and mall it to the Miss Mary ChrfcAmas committee, Algona, Iowa. Nominations can be made from no" until Friday evening, Nov. 23, and the contest Rtarts Saturday, Nov. 24, ant will e nd Saturday night, Dec. 1. Any girl In the county between the ege of 10 and 34 (Inclusive) will be ellgtbl Tor Uie Honor; wKh the exception o last year's winner. With every purchase In local stores from the 24th of Nov. through Dec. 1 the purchaser will receive a coupon for the amount of the purchase. The Football Banquet at H. S. Tonight The annual football banquet will be given in the high school gymnasium tonight (Thursday) at 7:30 o'clock. The banquet is in charge of the mothers of the boys on "Jhe squad. Guests will be Ui«; boys, ther faithers, and the men high school teacher^. The lady teachers will serve. The main speech of the evening will be given by Gaylord Shumway. The letters earned by participa.tin(j in the sport will be awarded and a danu- wiU follow. Algona Man Goes to Waterloo George Hoheiiberuer, who has bevn living in Alyoua lately, went u> Wau-r- luo last Week where he been uu buyer then writes in the name of the candidate he or she favors, and the sum total of the purchase counts for an equal amount of votes for the candidate. Payment of bills also entitles the purchaser to coupons. Excellent Prizes Prizes to MLvs Mary Christmas and the next four high contestants, as announced by II. B. White, chairman of the contest committee, are as follows: First prize--Wrist watch, donated by the Community Club, and one 8 by 10 photo from Tne Peterson Studio. Second prize—Lounging pajamas from Chrischilles & Herbs-:. Third prize—Silk pajamas fron Christensen Bros. Fourth prize—Box silk hose from Tht jot'dcrs Co. Fifth prize—Five show tickets from he Call Theatre. Stores to Stay Open The Community Club also announces •hat it has decided to keep tlie stores open here until 3 p. in.. Monday evening, Dec. 3, Santa Cluu.s Day. The Uore_s will also remain open for out- week until 9 p. m., from Dec. 17 through Dec Oth<>r iuaurobtirtg entertainment scheduled fcr Santa clans day includes a greased pig chase, with the pigs as prizes, free candy to all the kiddies, a series of fre e shows during the day for the children, tree chickens and turkeys to be thrown from the tops of local buildings, and the parade at one- o'clock. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY MONDAY: lOAREINCAST "Skidding" is Play Title; Lone Life of a College Girl BEAKDSLEY HEADS BUSINESS STAFF The junior class play, "Skidding," is slated for next Monday evening in Uie high school auditorium. The drama Is a fresh sincere picture of American family life, showing a college girl falling in love just as a political career is opening up for her. And to say that she has difficulties Is to put it mildly. Humor is blended with pathos and a deliciously garnished philosophy makes "Skidding" more significant than the average comedy. It is life. Cast of Play In the cast of the production are Bob Post, Wayne Moore, Clark Redfleld, Watson March, John Christensen, Betty Gunn, Letha Wallburg, Audrey Buc- kcr, Theodora Larson and Bernlce Dodds. Elsa M. Qoeders Is the director. The business staff Includes Walter Beardsley, business manager and Evelyn Black, Joyce Christensen, Wayne Riddle, Richard Lund and Stanley Muckey, assistants. Durwood Baker will be stage manager and will be assisted by Willis Colwell, Russell Cook, Orval Hanegan, Bob Nolte and Charles Paxson. E. J. McEvoy Specialty Numbers Music, singing and dancing are under the supervision of Grace Miller, Margaret Morris and D. Wane Collins. Students In ithe specialty numbers Include .Helen Praokl, Kvft ShnckeLfctrd. Drennan Mathcs, Charles Paxson, Bob LaBorre, Herbert Potter, Howard Ra ney, Merton Worster. Ralph Blumer Donald Boren, Howard Engsirom, W1I- "nrd Gross, Orvllle Halnes, Lawrence iutchlns, Harold Jergenson, Roger Michel, William Neeling, Alden Reid. Tommy Samson, Vic Samson, Kenneth Sarchett. Armln Sliultz, Wayne Smith, Donald Thompion and Meryl Yeoman. Tickets are on sale at the Jnmcs Irug store. The play will start at 8 m. u Charge Cormni'L.tees named to take charge oi the atfalr ure us follows: General cominittee—Ralph Miller, chairman, Everett Hancher, asst. chair- lan. Decorations—Joe Kelly, Alwin ana Helmuth Huenhold. Free Movies—N. C. Rice and Jerry Stillman. Parade—Hugh Post, and Jim Pool. Miss Mary ChribOnas ContesU-H. B. White, Bill Steele, Harold Sorenser, Bob Harrington and Alwin Huenhold. Music—D. Wane Collins. Police—Paul Dans-en. Rest rooms—Harry Hull. The Community Club also decided ___ . that to settle the question once and and lilty gallons o for all, the following days would be the cnes when all stares would be asked to close all day—Thanksgiving, Christinas. New Years, and the Fourth of July. > arade of Wedding Gowns is Feature of LuVerne's Club LuVerne: At a Presbyterian Ladies' id meeting Wednesday afternoon in the town hall, there were 10 wedding gowns on parade. The oldest was Die wedding gown of Mrs. EKa Volz and was worn by Mrs. Fred HinU. The ffc- ond was that of Mrs. Wurmbier, modeled by Derothy Llndebak. Mrs. Sher- mun Phillips worn by her.self; MK. J. L. Llchty's drtvss modeled by Phyllii Irene Liclity; Mrs. Lee Llciity's dri.xs worn bv her daughlcr. Vii-ylnia; Mrs. Emil Meyer's dn.-s.s worn by lu-r- .self; Mrs. Earl Ncal'.s drc.v> was modeled by her daughter, Ui-nonu; Mn. DeKae Oodln-y's was worn by hersell aJid Mrs. Edwin Marty's gown wa.s modeled by Mrs. Arthur Humus. Tlu wedding veil of Mrs. Harold Phillip,-, by Benuna Neal. The wedding fan and glove of Mrs. Coleinan were carried by one of the models. Each model was preceded by Dixie Ranius, as ring bearer and Betty Patterson and Carol Meyer as flower girls and the wedding march was played by Mrs. Harold Phillips. TIM dres- es ranged in date from 1881-iaa5-lB8b -.hrouyh the nineties to 1931. MI.SS Florence Hof .-ang several selections. Sauerkraut King Is Donald Frankl Irvington: Donald, second son of Mi". md Mrs. Barney Prank], is one of Irv- ngton's Industrious young men. After •aising several thousand heads of cabbage tliis summer and disputing of a jreat many of them the remainder IK- las made into sauerkraut. To date has thj-ee barrels or one hundred EDWIN SARCHETT, WORLD WAR VET FUNERALTUESDAY Mother, 2 Brothers and 3 Sisters Survive; Once Taught School Funeral services for Edwin Charle Sarchett, Algcna World War veteran were held Tuesday morning at ' o'clock at the Laird & McCullough cha pel with Rev. English officiating. Pun eral services were conducted with hon ors by the local American Lwion pos and interment was In the soldiers' lo In Rivervlew cemetery. EWwln Charks Sarchott was barn Alg-ona. Iowa, on April 8, 1888, ant passed away at the Kossuth hosplta in Algona on November 19, 1934, at th age of 46 years, 7 months and 11 days Edwin Sarclictt was a World War vet eran. contracted the flu while In th> orvice from which he never fully recovered. H<- was UK- son of Chos. W ind Elizabeth R. Sarchett and lived al us life in Kossuth county except th ime lie WHS in the war. In his youLl i • attended the Algomi .schools aftei which he taught .school for several year--. His father passed away whil Edwin was in the war. .since which tiim !:<- ha.s made his home with lii.s moth• r and sister, working most cf tin; timt at the plitsU'reiV trade with Alfred Norman. Beside his aged motlior he leaws to mourn hi.s pa sing two brothers, Eug>. m> M. of Maple Hill, Iowa, and Francis M. of Sheldahl and thrw sLsUTs, Mrs Thomas B. Metcali of Algona, Mrs. P. W. Recce of Elmore, and Winifred, who livr.s at horiv.- with her mother. H<was preceded in death bv two brothers, Elmer C. and Tims. J. and one sister, BURUUVERNE, ALGONA LEADERS PASSTHISWEEK W. Scott Hanna Rites Yesterday; McEvoy, MacArthur Funerals Today COUNTY LOSES 3 OUTSTANDING MEN With appalling suddenness, death took three prominent Kossuth county men the first oart of this week. W. Scott Hanna, LuVeme attorney, succumbed Sunday night after n long illness; E. J. McEvoy, clerk of the district court, passed away Monday evening after a stroke earlier in the dny; W. A. MacArthur, editor snd publisher of the Hurt Monitor, died at 1 a. m. Tuesday following an illness of several months. The passing of these three prominent and beloved men in different sections of the county, within a few hours of each other, left a pall of gloo-n over the entire county. MC EVOY FUNERAL SERVICES THURSDAY Funeral services for Mr. McEvoy wilt be held this morning (Thursday) at 9:30 o'clock at St. Cecelia's Catholic church, wtth Father T. J. Davern In charge. Father Leo J. McEvoy of Buthven, Mr. McEvoy'a nephew, will be the celebrant of a solemn high Mass, assisted by the following deacons, Father E. C. Foley of Laurcna and Father T. Terley of Clare. Edward J. McEvoy was born Dec. 27, 1873, near Osgood, Iowa, the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. McEvoy. He obtained hla higher education at a business college In Des Molnes, then worked in banks at Lake Park, Oraettlng- er and Emmetsburg. coming to AJgona In 1913 where he was with the Kossuth Stole Bank until It closed. He married Catherine O'Brien on Sept. 23. 1913. at Ardcn. who survives Hm. Four children, Maurice, John. Mary ond Geraldino also survive. MJtS. MC 1CVOY NAMED COURT CLERK Mrs. E. J. MrEvoy ha* been appointed to take her husband's place us c'erk of the Kossuth disirk-t court. Appointment was approved by the three district judge*. The county supervisor;* will nuke the dual approval Thursday, it was understood. Following the closing of the Kossutli Adah Florence. H«; tin- Ma&jiiic lodge. wa-. He iiiciiib r ol was a dutiful M>n and brother, who will be ijreat- ly ini.ssort by ills iintn.- a of Iri- mis. Fenton Girls to Play With Cage Team on Journey I'Vnton: Friends and school mates J: st-ohine Lanuerman. wt-re loriiK-r students ol our local cu to a ho.-iiital, where h't iKissec' uv. ^° L wt : lv ..."'V*^ *» !t i ar " . Ol l"!e ^at evening. Cieni'Vievi who wt-ri in, tile re-cent honor conferred on them b\ beintr selected to »lav on the national basketball team. They are now students of a business college in Tulsa. Oklahoma. Tlley were noted for their ability in this snort sine ank, Mr. McEvoy was wtih the Banks Life Insurance Co. of Di>s Molm»s. id then ran successfully for clerk of ie district court, taking office ii< 1032. He was recently reelectcd to another two year term by a large major- ty, an altes-i to his personality and character. Mr. McEvoy has two sisters and a brother, also living. Josle of Claire, Mr.s. M. R. Bradley of Graettinger and J. J. McEvcy of Omaha. Mr. McEvoy' s death was a .':uddc-n shock in the entire county. He loll ':hc court house Monday morning, about 11 o'ckck, and came to The Al- Uppt-r IJe.s Moines office, leaving here iibmt IS minutes later. He stou- at the past office on hit> way back to tin- court house, and feeling a paiu in his side decided to go to a doctors office. He suffered a stroke in the ci- lice ol Dr. 11. M. Wallace, and was tak- .adu ol the Waterloo Production Crcdti Assertion. ThLi association t, under ledeiuJ supervision ;aid Uie du>- u-ict comprises the counUo- (..] BUck- Bremcr, Buchanan, Butler CJuekasaw, Gi-uiidy and Howard. Ck-o.' was u LiveriiU're boy, clerked ut ChnschiLLes ic Heibst store Feather Party Next Tuesday j Turkey, duck, geese, kuuub, bacon —whiU'U you have folks? Any or al: or Ultoe juicy items, Ut for a Thank-giving tidbit, are uu luiiid to those who kuow their com game?, or Ciui cuuviuce Old l«uly Luck Lhut Uiey deserve succce* -it the ujuuiul American Lesion Feather Piu-ty, scheduled (or next Tuesday evening i u tli c loval Legiuu ilaj-ry Guddcu is heiuliug a cotu- milU:f ol Uu>y workers, who axe net-in^ to ii that the aaiuuaj party will be as £uod as thoM) of former >e;u-s. W. C. lix-liuid, f. K. Morri- MIU, Koy Miftlahuu, H. M. SuuUi, Mjjtou Nortoii aim aeveraj othc''>> are ulau ou tliv committee. Burt Girl Honored By Coe Publication Burt: Miss Rachel Clausaddle. Uie dauuhter ol Ur. J. G. Claix-addlu has betii lionored by OJL- student body ut Co,- College. Raehtl was one of seven VUUIIK ladits chosen out of sixUx-n U> be featuivtl ia the beauty section t-f Uie 193U Acorn Colleuc' umiuaJ. Two Persons Fined Mrs. John Miller, Sexton aiiu Jay Ferguson. Lake Paak, were each luied $1 and cusLs m justice court, '.his w»-ek by H. B. White. Mrs. Miller wa.- charBcti wiUi drivina WKdi only UJ; L - liglit, and Fc-rgu,on with failure to .-.up at Uie inU;rsei:t!on u.rih of tin.- ciiy. hiuh school days and won many honor-' f .;• tUc Local n : 'Uiu wiiuli; here. '1 hev tllav uf MeinuhLs, Tenntist'e, and afu-r the holiday.-, will take a two wteks' triu to the ifulf rcifioli. They are scheduled for a week in Iowa, then to St. Louis. Missouri. PiUsbui'i;. Illinois. Indiana and Kentucky. In the- will HO to Canada, then to California. 50 Attend Silver Anniversary Fete Union: A group of neighbors numb 1 , ring 50 gathered al Ihe home of Mr. and Mr-. Frank Thompson last Saturday evening surprising them and to helji them cclebruU: their 25th wedding anniversary. It was a complete surprise, the event being carefully arranged by their daughter. Mrs. KolK-rt Lea.^on. Mrs Thompson tavon-it the gui-sta with .-ev- eral piaiu selection^. Mrs. Louis Bode sang "Pelecl Day.' Five hundred Was played during UK- evening. Luiicii was mug. 'i'he county clerk would liave been til years old. the latter part of U'U month. Mr. McEvoy has held various cilices in the Knights oi Columbus. He was the district deputy at present, and ac one time was the .->:ate treasurer ol the organization. Court house offices will be closed all morning, Thursday, so that Icllow o. f - licial... and employees may attend the lunoral services. \\HKATON MAC AKTIIL'lt SEKVIttS 'riil'KSIMY Wheat^n MacArtliur. highly respected editor and publisher of the Burt Monitor and Burt paymaster for a, oi veart, putieu a..ay as a re- relatues andibult of hear, trouble and complications served which was brought by '.In- gue.sts. A pur.-e ol silver was precAiiled to the guests ol hon.r, Frank Holm, pr.scming a in behalf of the gue.-.lo. Wesley Boy Suffers at hi.-5 home at ulie morning. Tuesday HL- wu.- born August ^3. \.,&6, at Marseilles. llimou with hLs uncle. tended Burt hi^h 3cho(j! lor a time, and later graduated Hem Huu:boldt . uuu made his home. Hev. M. E, Lumbar, at- high school. He later Uie law sc::uol ol the sny ol Iowa. He was mai-rieU on No\ ^ laduated Ircm btato Uiuver- 1914, to , Ella Baniuck. at Wiltoji Junclion, Drunk, Disorderly _Hli-aiu Ackeriiijji. $3 <U;U coa.s, oij a cl clf^.jj-Uc'1-ly oonniaci, Spt-chts court. JSi.jiu i-eivtod uu the- i'i uay iii«lit, by Ni^ht Hurt, '.vos l jyt ol drunk in Mayor (.'. . i.v. Ackern.aii \\ ^ eLi, heie.!-- Marslial Van -\1- Iowa. Alter his marriage he held a posi- lion 111 Washington, D. c.. for several yearc. iheil worked for the Illinois Implement Co.. ut, III. EigiUeeii years ago he purchased Ihe Biux Mo0- ilur and moied to Burl where he has eiii':c(t [lie paper iiilce. \u;h the eX- Second Bad Injury ^ Jl - u " '- 1 ';-- >«•••"•- He -,..., a PJ >omt- •> '|'J |jc.-.l..:.i.-!er <->! liu. t !•, December, J-T of tile and liad s in the e Uu: L , lie, i.s s-.-ii-, ;-,id U;, lit, m»:hvj, -U.iLA.iMl LI' i I \VillJuJui.C- loiva, a.Ud a. ;.ste.-, M..>S Jesili; (Continued on Back tv-e)

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