The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 15, 1934 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 15, 1934
Page 9
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Awarded Highest Honors as "Iowa's Best Weekly Newspaper By State University of Iowa, 1933 •vrr OFFICIAL AND COUNT* PAPER gigotta Upper J \ 1 CmCmLATION TM* Week 2840 Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY. NOVEMBER. 15, 1!):H litres- Section Two. VOL. :i2.—NO. 4fi Map Showing Summary of 1934 Election Results in Forty-Eight States \ r >.^~*. NOBTH DAKOTA G- MRS. LANG?£ [ MOODIE [05 AC-'OLGOM IP-LI G-CURLEYlO) BACON S-WAL-5H [D] NEV.SON REGAN \Pl HOLT [Dl "LANGECJ OUSTER" 1 _ .. t~r»~n I /"•.OP.c.v"**- V_*- tr-n If SOUTH DAKOTA * ^/ %o,SU G-BERRY ID} /XUUEN RMODE- ISUA,NO G-CCEEN ID] ». .oeotvu l\ M .._.-, %cc / CUAPK *Dt2V LAW" CONN. O*CROSS JO) A\.CORtvj[C] NEBRASKA O-GP\SWOl_D COCWPAN VPl s- BUPKE ID] SIMMONS ASKS ONE HOUSE V-EOlS. •NEW OEAU- G-U.ANDON- KETCHUM BOTH BACK P.P.* TOWNSEMQ W *NE\V DEAL" *OQV AMENDMENT HAIGKT [PJ n£S^ s NEW MEXICO OKLAHOMA C- ALLRED WAGGONER \R] LEGEND C- GOVERNOR [bl DEMOCPATIC S- SENATOR iR] REPUBLICAN • INCUMBENT [F-L] FAPMEG-LABOB ISSUES -. ARE QUOTED [P] PROGRESSIVE III INDEPENDENT [5] SOCIALIST "PRIVATE PROPERTY X-^WUUU-: And Here's How the Forty-Eight States Cast Their Ballot, November 6th ARIZONA—B. B. Moeur (D), reel- ««ted Bovemor, and Heiwy F. Ash- kurat, <D), reelected senator . ALABAMA— Bibb Graves (D). elected governor. ARKANSAS —J. Marion Futrell (D), r*etected governor. CALIFORNIA—Hiram W. Johnson 4B), reelected senator, with endorsement of republican, democrat and commonwealth parties. His only opponent was a socialist, who wasn't in the race except to have his name printed •n the ballot. Prank R. Merrtam (R) defeated Upton Sinclair (D), after Sinclair had lest tupport of the national administration during closing days of the campaign. The movl:s will now remain in Hollywood. COLORADO—Ed C. Johnson (D) reelected governor, although his republican opponent svlso backed the New Deal. CONNECTICUT— Wilbur Cross <D> rejected governor, and Francis T. Maloney (D» elected senator. Maloney, a former newspaper man, and baseball manager. DELAWARE—John G. Townsend (D) redacted senator. FLORIDA—J>ark Trammel (D) reelected senator. GEORGIA— Eugene Talmadge (D) reelected governor. IDAHO—C. Ben Ross (D) reelected governor. INDIANA— Sherman Minton (D) elected innator over the veteran republican, Robinson. Robinson had Hayed democratic state administration IOWA —Clyde Herring (D) reelected governor. Campaign baicd on New Deal, sal-fs tax and liquor control. KANSAS—AW M. Landon (Hi reelected governor, and state defeated repeal proposal. One of tile few ivpub- lican victories. MAINE—(Elected Sept. lOi Frederick Hale (R) reflected to senate; Louis J. Brann (D) reelected governor. MARYLAND— Gi-orge L. Kiidcliffe (D) elected senator, and Nice (R) defeated Ritchie (D) for governor in an upset. MASSACHUSETTS— David i. Walsh <D> reflected senator; James M. Cur- ley (D) elected governor. Republicans campaigned on a "clean, government 1 ' platform. MICHIGAN—Arthur H. Vandenbcrg (R) reflected senator; Prank D. Fitzgerald tR> elect*d governor. Senatcr Vandenberg had been been fairly complimentary to the New Deal, and has been mnt toned as a possible 1936 republican presidential candidate. MINNESOTA—Henrik Shipstead <F- LJ> rcclrcted senator; Floyd B. Olson (F-Li reelect:c; governor in three- cornered fight. Tl^e democratic candidate fcr governor had not support?.. 1 Roosevelt before 1932, and democratic .viitimt-nt in .some parts swung behind Olson. Tile republican candidate! for governor, Nt-Lon, made the best shov/- ing for several flections by a republican. E!n<-r Ifidule it)) pao.d ;>ec- to Shipsteid,. with Vic-publican Holmberg tliird in the senp.te race. MISSISSIPIM— T. G. Bilb (Dl elected senator; the country i.s awaiting with this southern counterpart of Huey Long, and his antics in the senate. MISSOURI—Harry S. Truman (D), elected senator over Truman Patterson (R), a caustic critic cf the New Deal CumpaJgn subjcxit "bosslsm.'' Had Patt/crson stuck to criticism of Kansas City's corrupt political machine, of which Truman was a candidate, and left President Roosevelt out of it, he might have fared better at the hands of voters. MONTANA—Reflected Burton K. Wheeler <t», slurt term, and James Murray ID), senator. NEBRASKA—Edward U. Uurke, (Dl fleeted to senate regular term, and Richard C. Hunt r iD>, ihort U?rm. R. L. Cochran (D) elected governor. Senator NorrU.' one-house legislature amendment passed. NEVADA—K<y Pitman (D) reckcted to senaU 1 ; Richard Kirkman, Sv., (Dl rltieled govern, r. Pitman a .stuuncli .'.upixirkr of R<!0.s t 'v'elt. NEW JERSEY—A. Harry Moore (D) elect:d senator; William Dill <D» elected governor. NEW MEXICO—Dennis Chavez (Dl possibly elected to benate ever Bron- son Cutting (R), and progressive who bolt'd party lines in 1932. Working against him was a daughter of Mark Hannn, late republican campaign has. Clyde Tingley (D) elccttd governor. The Chavez-Cutting vol- is in dispute and a rt>c:unt Is probable. NEW HAMPSHIRE—H. S. Bridg s |R) elected governor. NEW YORK—Il<!Ci,i-ve!t-t> Royal Copelond n-elcctcd to JcnuU 1 ; IKrberL Lehman (Di reeli'ctecl governor. F'vin ui)-;stati' republican New York gave the diMiwcvuts a majority. NORTH DAKOTA—Lynn J. Fra'zier (R) reelected to wnate; Thomas H. Moodie ID) sleeted governor over Mrs. William Lunger, who sought U> vindicate the unseating if her hii>band, to no avail. Moodie is a one-tune railroad brakeman. OHIO—Elected Vic Donah y (Dl to ifplatv Simeon D. Fe.-,-. (Ill, Old Guard leader. Df)iia'r.ev i.s not an ardent New DeaU'r, but radical c.nipared with Fess. Martin Dav-.y (Dl elected governor. "t\-sa Pighis Socialism", campaign slogan. OKI^AHOMA—E. W. Marland (D) elected governor. ORKGON—Charles H. Martin (D) elected governor. PENNSYLVANIA—Joseph GufTey <Di rleclecl & nator; Goorfie II. Enrle (D> elected govorncr. Oulfey Ls first democrat elected to the senate sine 1H75 l>'l":ited Republican S n-it::r I):ivitl Reed will be a thorn o\it of N>-\v !> til':' ;icl;r in couwf-s, perliaps not out oi congress. St'ii'nt/:r R<.'i-tl':i iMmmenf: "I'm .sick of the whole m»:.s; I r ally don't, cure." itnoni: ISI^ND—PV!"!- r, in ii)' elected M-nator; T. F. (in en ''•» fleet' d ("ovenidr. SOUTH CAROLINA—Olin U. J,,Ui\son (I)i electe<i governor. SOUTH DAKOTA—Tom Berry (Di rei'lecti (1 g: vernor. TENNESSEI-:—Kenneth I>. McKellar (Dl el cted wnutor; Nathan L. Bachman (Dl fleeted to .short U-rin, both incumbents. Hill McAlister iDi rivl- ecti'd governor. TEXAS—Torn Connally (Di reelected senator; James V. Alu-d (Di red- Map Courtesy ^.,, r , : :,,.,c, :|j ^ °< •' ' Dra MoliM* Tribune 35 Allred is only King (D) reflected ccted governor. years eld. UTAH—William .senator. VERMONT—Warron H. Austin (R> reelected senator despite vigorous ud- minLstratlon fight against film. C. R. Smith (R) reflected governor. VIRGINIA—Harry Flood Bird (D) reel, cted .siiiaKir; big battle wtis In the primary. WASIIINfJ'I ON—Lewis B. Hchwel- lenb-ich (Di electfd Sfliator. WEST Vllt(;i.\IA—Rush D. Holt (Dl age 1!!). el et.'.t .sinaUr, over incuiu- Ix-nt Senator ll.itlii-ld. One of cilui- iiautii ups«'ts. WISCONSIN—Robert M. LilFollt'ttee (Progi nH'lccted s nator, and his brother, Philip LaFollettf elecU'd goveni- cir. Another three-corner d race, with I lie (lem crat.s fecond. Ij!iF«ll^tt»!S and Rocscvt-lt are bosom buddies. Will the Progre.ssiv- party spread? WYOMI.NIJ-JikM.-ph C. O'Muliulu-y (Dl reeleeted to senate; I^->!ie A. Miller (Di reeleet<.il govenior. These Men, Elected to Kossuth County Offices, Will Handle Your Business for Next Two Years J County Treasurer M. J. DUI-'FY Maurice Dully, like E. J. Butler, ori- tiualjy cunit.- from WliitU-tuort- Buth n>; naw living in Algonu, of cuui;e. Dully was nseltcttsd to U^ post of ooi'U- ly Wtiisuj-er by a uiujoritv of 1.&8U bul- lota. He ha^ a reputation of being cnu at the quietest and must s-lt-spofcii uf •II the county uilicials. RiaiiL now he aud his able cixw are working ou the refund checks, and also preparing the 1 4.1iuquclH tax list. County Recorder J. J. DOOLEY Joe D-ol'. y took office last term just U:-lore ti:c influx of corn sealing. And County Auditor County Attorney County Sheriff t. J. 11L TLEtt ei.!di.- liutlrr, revlecud county auc- \vith K(x>ivith the. Uraes,t county in itur. uo!h j ihe lar'-.^t vuie in Kcv.- thc ttate. Iherc was plenty cf record- sulh'county ut u.ivu.i-.- r 1^ ui ei- ing to du. H.. wai leeltttud to ollice iher ticket iroi:. '!./ govx-rn.u- riKht|(.f by a majority of 1.745 votes. He is Uow.ii Uuou:<h all ci".i.ity ollKv-s H^., assisted in Uio- oifice by las daush- ir.uic.jty was '-! 2i>a v-jtc-;. One of to ler. HuiiliJiiS licences, ix-cortiins oijyouijge^t olliue hdlii'.-ii in t'-..- couniv deeds, ijiortyaKe.s and such like ai 1 *. Ujhi;. voU.* aiu-.-is th.:t he j.i.,u is oiu ft-w of the rt-coi'viei-'i duties. of Uie uiot. Clerk of Court I'AIU, UAULUALStK J t c t ^ a MAl'UK K Alt 1 MAHON M (,'. Me.Maho.'i. "B:ui" t'J many. v,.i : , ret-lwud ouijnty bv a inajur- lly cl 4'J<i \iA-=. II: U a i!.-aavlale of C:;--.-i. ii LI:. UmJ r. ..\y. i.J;na!\a. lli.i la!li--i', t;. 1-; AHM ii'i.i. ii (J!IL- U In.- tl ' Li u:!r.:y.j a bit, al- c.'a:., iU^L.L.'d b.. ('a:-rt.-y l-^..-.. u-:!ju[ .' i, .;j [i \J.A up locally in liie pa, I K- A^ i criminal jiuiU-.-js a;iu tin-- mu.' luLiii.e' inLiii.j in l-iutabJ> nu ijubhc olllcial hear.-j a:i j work of serving pay.-;;-,. Uahlii.iu.v r. i • , t;.,- ,:, iiianv la!..-i u! vvuf Ini.'n his e,-uuti 'i- belun- hb eiefiion ia. L turm, ll',i.d 1.1 iv',.;.;li ; UOvU Uie oouuly iit-loru^J Ijjuiiciolt. iUu.ii vva. County Coroner 1C. J. .MC LVOV :•'. 3ro»i.. i:. \. i:» A . -c fount > 'i!.- ivy .1'. uf I!.-.- p;oiii- Carl Uahl::aU^e-r ix-. lecleU slu-rill' 1 jt ' l-.\ . . i; .i | ;.:-, .... L:bi; ..;, i;lon aii.Lin.i i L.i: !..... v x-.Loi ti;c v, u: k , bLoolui term had, ii:ajuMty uf 1 -lo !..•.:.': :t 141 i..v u- .; -,:ia::L ;:. L'CL'Ul^. ^i TO iiLlv OtCU" iJul.n-; Ihe (j.wt -1 -• . U:e L.^:ol.ej' h.i., L V.I .\lln^u:i> a hall do^en

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