The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 15, 1934 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 15, 1934
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HISTORICAL LEFT, Awarded Highest Honors as "Iowa's Best Weekly Newsvaver" By State University of Iowa, 1933 OFFICIAL CTTT AND COtTNTtT Jfflome* CIRCULATION This Week TWPIVB Pnge Section On. VOL. 32.—NO. 46 O'DOHNELL TO CONTEST MORRIS ELECTION Township Election Results Disclose County Upheavals Kesults Tabulated by Sup ervisors at Election Board Meeting NEW NAMES APPEAR ON OFFICIAL ROLES The upheaval in township officers . Srf". 111 ""nty Wft s almost as great «a that in many sections of the United States, at the last election, an official tabulation of township elections disclosed at the office of E. J. Butler, county auditor, Wednesday. The results of the township elections are as follows: Buffalo Twp. Justice of peace—C. E. Thomas, 193- Harold Johnson, 3. Constable—J w Swanson; 183; Clarence Cooper, ' 140' Township Trustees—Lawrence Doege, 67; Chris Brandt, 82; Fred Boyken, 51; W. A. Schram, 98. Township ckrk— C. R Brown, 38; E. P. Hansen, 100 Assessor—Elmer Peterson, 42; Ray Hansen, ill. Bart Twp. Justice of Peace—W. J. Davlson, 167; M. Chipman, 235. Constable—Henry Ewoldt, 225; Walter Steward, 242. Trustee—(1935) K. 8. Ewoldt, 4; (1936) O. W. Blelch, 2. Clerk—E. B. Woltz, 10. Assessor—R. P. Hawcott. 83. Crecco Twp. Justice—B. J. Stewart, 1. Constable— B. A. Dwenger, 2. Trustees—(1935) Harry Sabln, 3; (1936) C. N. Bobison, 3; Bay Brown, 1. Clerk—M. N. Plnl- oP 8 ^ 97 - Assessor—c»jas. Llndhorst, 82; Eleanor Potter, 69. Eagle Twp. Truste-:— Lawrence Thorson, 49 Justice—Lawrence Thorson, 49 Trustee—Paul o=dy, 49. Clerk—O. H. Lln- oe, 60. Assessor—O. W. Berggren, 60. Bonnstetter May Be Next Speaker of Iowa House T«ft^<te-W. J. Davlson, «2; M. XJMjb- Jfalter Steward, 43. Trustee*-(IMS)' K. O. Ewoldt, 16; L. Marlow, 1; (1936) Wm. Koestlcr, 13. Clerk—E. R. Woltz. 18. Assessor—B. P. Hawcott, 54. Fenton Justice—O. W. Newel, 5; J. A. Schwartz, 4. constable—Prank BaiKy 4; A. H. Krause, 4. Trustees—P. M. Chrlstensen, 81; Alex Badlg, 81. Clerk —H. H. Dreyer, 87. Assessor—Lawrence Newbrough, 18; Fred Wegencr, Justice—John Pabcr, 2; Peter Holt, 1. Truneos—-Joe Schaller, 21; Oscar Movick. 49. Trustees—R. B. B-crning- haus, 114; Henry Henrikson, 57. Clerk —Mike Wagner, 112; John Coyk, 55 Assessor—Henry Klepper, 103; Ed Edwards, 68. German Justice—Robert Kruse, 87. Trustees —Herman Dreesman, 66. Clerk—John Bocktlman, 105. Assessor—J. A. Sleper, 71; Herman Ubben. 56. Grant Justice—s. J. Chrlitophel. Constable —Qeo. Brlggs, 68; Orville Bamse, 63. Trustees—Ell Anderson, 90; Walter Engstrom, 61; Wn>| H. Payne, 41. Ckrk —Floyd Cblwell, 81; Ray B. Hall, 45. Aasessor—Richard Anderson, 54; W. L. Reynolds, 83. Greenwood Justice—Joseph Cogley, 45G; J. H. Bherldan, 449; Chris Bchrman, 133. Constable—H. W. Nagel. 38. Truces— (1935) A. A. Farigman, 166; (1936) Prank Coyne, 133. Clerk—L. J. Kock- Jer, 151. Assessor—Clarence Vaske, 163. Harrison Justice— -J. O. Seylar, 195; O. W. Blomster, 179; J. L. Vaux, 263; J. M. Dye, 237. Constable—P. W. Larson, 325; Wm. Blomster, 221. Trusteei— O«o. Butterneld, 99; Ole Kvamsdale, 13; Jce Ra.he, 59. Clerk—J. J. Anokr- •on. 92; Dave Anderson, 43. Assessor —Harold CUrr, 56; L. A. Barslow, 107. Hebron Justice—Ferdinand Miller, 2. Constable—E. E. Willmert, 2. Trustees— H. O. Hanson, 87; L. W. Erich, 89. Ckrk—Wm. Frank, 87. Assessor— May- Hard Sohn, 36; Oscar Frandle, 77. Irvington Trustees—(1935) Henry Eischeid, 18; Continued on Page 8) 12 Pases of County News, Pictures, Ads in YOUR Paper. . fang, football, bowling, basketball — Sports page. — Farm Fa^e, eye witness acrooat of naUont*.' hudting caate&t; word from field men. —The Man About Town — he out- WtaclieU's Walter. —Editorial puce, read it, you might Hnd bOuieUuug interesting. — County- wide news from 23 cu —Want odti, weekly record, bark pofe, oration on*. —Kdview of ejection re&utts, urst P*t£e, second Kt-ctfon, — Head toe ads. and if you can't get it in your Itjume tuwii, come U, Altona. You're welcome! A. II. Bonnatetter, Kmmtth county representative In the «t*te le s - isatnre, .and prominent farmer living near West Bend, Ii one of the •everai men prominently mentioned this week tut a pootfbluty for speaker of the home In the forthcoming cession of the Iowa legislature, which convenes | n Jann- Mr. Bonnatetter hai'ierved three terms In the legislature, and ai the tart gewlon was chairman of the potent appropriations committee. The voters of Komtti county re- tamed him to the legislature at •the Ja*t teaanl etertfan,liy » «nb- •tttlrtfcm f*)fmmU fr Mr. BMmtetter hjur tbe rood wishes of the county In his candidacy, and It Is certain that the state legislature could do no better In choosing- a man of experience and ability In electing him as Its speaker. MAN WHO SHOT TITONKA GIRL STILL MISSING Mysterious Stranger's Bullet Entered Hand of Buffalo School Girl Harriot Sleper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Sleper, who live north of Titonkn, was recovering this week from a mysterious shot she suffered in the right hand last week, and county officials were at a loss to understand where the gun shot came from, and what, if any motive there was in the shooting Harriet, a ttudent in the Buffalo Center high school, did not feel well on Tuesday of last week, so did not RO to school. Her moth-.r and father were both away, thus Harriet was all °.lcne. During the forenoon a man came to the door and said that same one had said her father's gun needed cleaning. She handed the gun to the man, ard he took it to the l.'ght and looked through tlie barrel of the rifle. Then she was shot through the hand, anrl nobody knows whether it was accidental or intentional. The man left immediately in a coupe he was driving. Sheriff Dahlhau-er stated that the man might be one who has been in the habit of working on farms for short times, getting his pay in a check, and W.W. STURDIVANT SELLS INTEREST IN WESLEY PAPER "Scoop" Published News World for 21 Years; Was Wesley Postmaster HOST OF FRIENDS IN NORTH IOWA William W. Sturdivant, for the past 21 years editor and publisher of th--; Wesley News-World, relinquished his ownership in the newspaper and plant -„?«.?: ^^ °/ AJ ^°? a ' last Saturday. New Pastor . . Confirmation of the deal was received fr:m Wesley this week For Mr. Sturdivant. it marks the conclusion of a period of newspaper publishing during which "Scoop" endeared himself to other members of his craft in northern Iowa, and during which time he was booster for his own state and county. ever a genuine section of the his own community and Will Be Missed He was a good mixer in Wesley, and was associated during his 21 years with a goodly share of townsmen and country residents alike. It is needless to say that his home town folks, and his fellow workers In the newspaper business will greatly miss him, but be it faW that we sincerely hope that "Scoop"-will b» abte to-attend future The R;v. DeVere LaV. Shelmandlne Is the new pastor of the St. Thomas Episcopal church in Algona. He will iold services In Algona the second and fourth Sundays of each month, alternating at eight and ekven o'clock, and on the first and third Sundays will conduct services at Spencer and Estherville. He is dean of the four counties, Clay, Palo Alto, Emmet and Kos- Euth. Rev. Shelmandine comes here from the diocese of Albany, New York, where he was ordained. He lias been serving as rector of Christ's Episcopal church at Duanesburg, a suburb of Schenectady. He was born at Amsterdam, New York, took his college preparatory and Junior college work at Green Mountain college, in Poultney, Vermont, and his degree work at Mlddlebury College, Mlddlebury, Vermont. Later he was graduated from the School of Religion at Vanderbllt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and from the Du- Bore Memorial Divinity School at Monteaigle. Tennessee, in 1928. He was ordained the same year by Bishop Old- His future plans have not been announced. In addition to his duties as editor and publisher of the N World, Mr. Sturdivant had also held the postmastershlp of Ww-ky for a number of years. Mr. Sturd'ivant's successor, Mr. Zerbe, although never In the newspaper publishing busln<ss, received college train- Ing In newspaper work in South Dakota. He Is unmarried. Local business men will remember him as the promoter of the city directory, Issued here last year. He has held various positions, nnd uiltil recently was n waiter in the States Cafe in Algona. Hope It Isn't "30" Tlie people of his own town, hU friends In the county, and his fellow newspapermen in particular Join i wishing the Sturdlvanl.s the b:st o luck In whatever occupation or en terprise they may enter. And we fee crtnln that otli r publishers in tin county feel the same regret as ourselve, in seeing "Scoop'' write "30" to hi. editing and publishing at Wesley, bu we hep it Isn't "30" to his contac with his many friends In this vicini ham and tovthe prtwthood the following yaw by Hje *ame* bishop. Rev. ShcTnandli*?) U mJMU&f Mr home at Mb •* ruth ctree* 2S spen- CAR HITS FREIGHT: ALGONA BOY DIES IN FLAMING AUTO Lawrence Mason, Graduate of High School of 1933, Is Victim COMPANION ALSO SUCCUMBS TO BURNS Lawrence Mnson. 21, graduate of Algona high school in the class of 1933 and a companion, Wnyne Coddln R ton Woltham, Minn., died Sunday as the result of an auto wreck near Brownsdale. Minn., 12 mlks from Austin. Tim machine which CoddlnRton owned and was driving, (crashed into a freight train. The car caught fire, and Mason was burned in the names. Whether or not he was d-rad Immediately after the crash nnd before the fire started is not known. His companion was pulled from the wreck by the train crew, badly burned, and died Sunday afternoon at Austin. Th ? crew attempted to ex tricate Mason, one brakeman bein burned in the endeavor, but they were unable to get him. Tbe car burst in to flames immediately after the crash The accident happened at 3 a. m. Sun day. Saw Lights for Mile A member of the train crew state that he saw the lights of the car com ing for about a mile. The young mei who had been working as members of a magazine subscription crew, evident ly did not sec the train, which WM pulling ov:r the crossing. The auto hi one of the freight cars. Ooiddlngtotn retained consciousness after the accident long enough to irtv information about himself and New Supervisor ty. then raising the check. The girl was shot through the right hand, shattering th-e bone at the base of the index finger. The man is still at large, and no reports of him have since been heard. Fenton Business Firms, Farms Get New Improvements Fenton: Many building operations have been in progjxss in and near Peiiton recently. Included is the completion of a new steel front in the W E. Sto-ber hardware store. He has also added new shelving and other fixtures to the interior. M. C. Hantelman liad charge of the construction work. The Farmer's Elevator company ha 1 - b^en doing extensive remodeling to their building. A new foundation was put in, raising the building, new cribbing installed and galvanized iron Dept. of Justice Man Investigates G. L. Floyd, Omaha, operative for the United' States Department of Justice, was in Algeria last we-:k investigating an alleged white slavery case. The Investigation was understood to center about the C. R. Williams case. Williams, it will be remembered, was arrested In connection with u bad check gang. However, as no direct. sheeting placed on the Interior of the ekvator building from top to bottom. R. C. Gcelsch has moved a small building in from t::e country and put it on a foundation and is remodeling it for a house, on his lots on southwest main street. R. L. Padgett of Lone Rock i.-, doing the mason work on foundation, oillar and cistern, and M. C. Hanu-linan. the carpenter work. L. M. F'niu'stad is having a 34x44 frame barn erected on his farm occupied by his son. Norman, to replace the OIK- destroyed by fire caused b> lightning in a recent storm. W. E Laage is adding further improvemen ta his farm by way of a 34x56 barr of hollow brick. M. C. Hantelman is the carpenter in charge of both barns 100 VETS LIVE ARMISTICE DAY OVER AT DINNER Court House Lawn Scene of Impressive Ceremony; Banquet in Evening Nearly 100 veterans of the World War and Spanish American war nt- tcndod an Armistice Day dinner, sn-rn- fored by Hang Post No. 90, the American Legion, and served by the American Legion Auxiliary, at Anderson'? rail in AJyona, Mondiiv. Nov. 12, at 7:<-0 p. TJ>. Jam-cs I. D.oliiver of l--ort Dodge. I v-a, past district coiniimmU-i- of the American Legion, was tin- principal p'-tkf-r a( the dinnrr. The program of the evening was: music, Legion orchestra; song, "America, 1 ' by all in attendance, .'landing invocation. Rev. Raymond Kr sensky, music during the dinner by Legion or- elK-stnt and singing led by Dr. A. D Adams. After dinner program: remarks and introduction of speakers, John L. Mo- rnyer, commandi-r Hagg Post No. 90 J., past commander Hai'g Po.'t No. 90, E. H. Morrison, L. M. Merrill eighth district community service di- •eclor, I,. E. Liniiaii and James I. Deliver; colors retired. After the dinner thc.--.i- in attendant.- adjourned to the Legion Hull. Veterans also observ- d ArmisUc ( - Day )y a service on tlie courthouse lawn at 11:00 a. in. Monday. Tlie col-Ts were paraded, escorted by UK Legion firing Hiuad and the uni- ormed high school band. At 11:00 a. in. tlie fire siren was founded at which time (hose assembled faced the east for 30 seconds silent prayer for those who did not return after th-j Armistice. companion, before lapsing into uncon •<*JI»UI*B» *IM- ttwn ilnxh : Tna former Algona. boy's father, n* Mason, Is now farming near Fairmont MJnn. His mother passed away severn years a<ro. He also has distant rtln lives living at LuVerne. Iowa. Funeral He'd To-day W. O. McCulkugh bror .1 the remains here and funeral wrvlc*-•: wen- held Tuesday aft rnoon at th.» Pivs- bylerlan church, at 1:30 o'clock, with Hcv. English in cnafrge. assisted by Rev. Carlson. InU-rment was in Lu- Verne cemeUry. In addition to his father, Lawrence is survived by two borthers, Paul and Cecil, and four sisters, Clara Elizabeth, Maxlne, Mona and Beverly. Several weeks ago, before Mascn took his Job with the magazine crew, he received a bruised shoulder, cuts and ln an au tomobile accident Photo by Will P. Brown Peterson Studio William Baum. nbove, is Kossuth county's new supervisor Irom the fifth district. He defeated P. J. Hclkcn, veteran mpcrvisor from Swen City, by a margin of 768 to 701. Cnrl Arnold, independent candidate was third. Mr. Baum war. running on the democratic ticket. The new supervisor is a stock buyer from Lakota. nnd has been in business in this county for more than 20 years. He is the second nevr supervisor to be elected in the last tw:> elections. Will Coegrovc having been elected two years ago. replacing Olnf Funncmark. LOCAL MUSICIANS PLAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA HERE Baney Named "presl dent; Rev. Hueser to Di rect; Practice Starts conceit orchestra for A .'•ympli Uponn! Kucli Is the hope of a proup of loeal )ii:lrllan.s who held their first meet- is !n<.-t Thtir.Mla.v In th high .school iiditorlum, ch-cti-d officers for the ronp. and held their first practice. Olen R.'im-v was named president, !:nry nerk'-r. M-crctarv. Helmut)] Hu- nhol'l. treasurer, and Rev. A. S. HIK-S- r. director. which a. Huyfli-ld g| r died as a result of of Wesley, in Ann Dorman, fractured skull. A manaRor of the ina-Mzln- crew here for tin- funeral, .stated that til former Alpona ytung :i-an liad b>-ei doing excelknt work, and .-taU>d tha l-o otht-r members of the crew wit! whom he had been workini; h.-id him u regard. Treasurer Makes Clear Statement on Refund Checks To Hoarding the refund elietk- M. J. Unify, county tr minmdtrfaUimlin[> t-d l he lie. Any on taxes . . i-aoiirrr, ha.s ask- that the following cxijlaiiatlon < f refund b<: mad clear to tin- pub- tuxes altc-i- Kt'pteinlx'i- 1 tills year, ill full, had the- refund deducted on til .stateiiu-nt. In other vyords. the rt-Iuiul was deducted inn- fai-pt. 1 on. All who paid tlu-ir taxes before Sept. 1, liave a r-fund comiiiK. This iiDplics uilv to tin- last half taxes of 1933 on real estate and personal property tax * with Ilk- exception of monies and credits. If those callinij at the office will cindly bring their receipts with them t will be uisier to locate the refund checks, Mr. Duffy also stated, diu- f. the large number of checks on hand. Auto Damage Suit charge or complaint could be filed ag- o . »,«.,„-„. alnst Williams, he was held on $2.000 Seeks $1,018.50 in bond for a Texas couniy, but they failed to appear to- him on Nov. 7 and Williams was given a full, A new suit for damages was filed on Tuesday by attorney for Charles Hoffman, naming Louise Hyde of Plum Creek as defendant. The plaintiff is seeking damages of »1,018.50 as the re- 18 Kossuth Dentists Form Organization A meeting of the KosstiUi County Dental Society was held Tuesday night at Bancroft. The purpose of the uxvt-t- ing was to establish a credit rating bureau for the county. Each county i;: /he State of Iowa is establishing this bureau and all dental accounts whicli are over sixty days old will b-.- listed and sent to each detitlat in Iowa every iionth. All Kossuth county dentists, i eighteen in number, were pr.beut I suit of an automobile accident, that occurred May 31 in Algona. Trucking Violations Two trucking violations were slated to go bt-for. H. B. While, justice, lau yesterday afternoon. L. T. Bowen, in- pector of t!:c- railroad and warehouse flk-d the charKcs. The were trucking withou: licenses, the uate ulleatyj. Rev. A. S. Hut-M-r, ulmpljin of <o. 90 invoked th L - bk-ssi God. J. D. Low-.- talked on tubjectsi P rom P t recalled by Armistice Day. After this talk the colors were retired and th pr:gram adjourned until the dinner in the evening. If it l.-s impossible for some to call personally ut th-.- office, h,- .stated that u letter to the olficc- will briny a of the check. s ab- ov,r-1 The Horror of It! A Mouse in a Bed Crue ty to dumb aiuiiuils is frowned upon, but what to do in tab case? Or maybe, you wouldn't eoii- sidt-r this animal so dumb. Aftir a few IIOLJS of uninterrupted sleep one night iat>t week, an Al- sona uonian suddenly dreuiued that the u-4» petting a dot. '1'he creature s.«Wi/ed overjoyed to sec her. The va-jucne s of the drum faded uiul (he now uide-uuake uoiiuu leaped out of Led, Ihivw ba-k the covers, itnd theie discovered, not a dux, but a baby mouse reposiin^ tuiivforlubly *t the foot of the bed. A bit uf cheese, a truu, Do mure j'teu dial night, and a more than Jiehtly unnerved imtuber of the female- spet-les rolls down Ui c curtain un this drauut. Poor Cost County $37,818 for 1933 The total co.-t .f the poor to Ko.s- suth county in 1U33 w;..* $a7,B18. a table of stutiitics r k-a.v d Irom Des Moinea, Tuesday, showing the cost of caring for the poor ii; all l owa ties. The tooil for ih 780,874. Kussulh county'; pared with other cuuntie.-. o c-nsidvialioti t!i :.i/.u of" Tiiio county, was comparatively small. Tlie cost of the county homo, the figures .stated, was $6,521, and ol that -urn, talcs from the county home it- unied $4,4U1. Kelief by the ovvr..iei- of tlie ]>-or amounted to $35.6UB. slate was $li.- total, com' Grandpa Paetz Passes Plum «. w-uiiiy • rill tiTv thu- Sund Obstacles i n |»ath Tlie organization |-., s no m, nit the obstacles that mirt com<> to perfect .such an orp a.s It hopes to establish, nut the mem ber.s feel that an orrlu-slrii of this na tin-- would meet with t'n-at apiirova net. only to i.ral music lovi-r . but t other communities in Un, Mi-nun. It lias alM> Ix-en point,-d ,,;n tiia wltli Hi.- fine iriilninr/ t!u- hif-h .-choi n-iNriiin.s an- now leci-ivini-. sin h a nu;a.'il/a!i n would luini--!i tli MI will an oii|>orlunity to continue thin v.or! :i||i-;- tln-lr graduation Irom ]ii:-:i xlioo nr p<rlian-, iivi- tlii-m aiklcil n|jii .rtiin- itie.s iii their sch ol year.-, lo play n concer!. I'r.tetiee (u CuiUinur No iuiiiu'iiiule program- liav<- ben aniiouncrd, but piactid- will continu.- incl It is the hope of the lilt Ull> r.s ti in-sent liu- lirst c(inc»-rt suine tinu- ii Ih- near future. MII..IC lor th-.- num- X-J-.-J t , be used will be purchased b\ .iii- iiiember.s tliemst-ly- s and u smal! ii.liiii.-.sion chary.- may be made lor con- :crt.s to delniy tile exi»t?iu-.s of this 11- ii) later on in the season. The AlKona Military Band functions lunUH tin- uutiloor suiinnej- com:, rt - asi.ii in the MimiiiiT. but during the winter iiKinth.s tin- Kcnerul public lias 10 o|)portuiiity to liear local musi- :iun.s, v,ilh tilt- cxct-ption of presenla- lon.s of l;;e liijjli school units S>ic- s to the * Two Hurt in Car Crash Near St. Joe St. JM-: An aulo accident south of the Andrew Erueldini; ho;i;e. on mil'.south of St. Joe. oil Primary 16a. m Wednesday morning resulu-d in badly claiiiayiiiK two Ford cars and inju: 1 - ilig two Mexicans who occujjk-d on-.; of them. Thi Mexicans, who hud employed ui Minnesota for the mer--a man and a woinan were traveling soutu. Kiciiurd Hobarer. who i> employed on the Matt, Kirich farm, was driving a coui> nortli. Tlie two can collided. The Cause is kr,:r,vn. Both cars were badly damaged. Mr. Hcburer was sliaktu ;-.nd brut.ed but i!0t seriously injured. The two M'/x- icait> were con lUi-red .10 s.-riou.slv 1:1- JLUVd that liiey were taken to Humbold! Swea City Seniors Spend Day Here uijoyi d Tile.-day, SENECA MAN TO ASK TRIAL OF 6-VOTE MARGIN Morris Would Be Presiding Judge at Trial Under Iowa Code CONTESTANT MUST POST COST BOND Tom OTJonnell. Seneca township, lem-ocrntic candidate for supervisor 'rom the fourth district, will contest he election of Charles Morris, Lone Reck, republican, present supervisor of he fourth dinrict, he stated Wednesday afternoon In a telephone conver- atlon with The Algona Upper Def, VIoines. Morris carried the district by a she ote margin, according to the audit of he county board of supervisors, held Tuesday. It will mark the first contested elec- ion in many years In Kossuth county. Has 20 Days to File The official ballot for the fourth district as tabulated at the time of the election, follows: Precinct Morr. OTXmn. Hurt 240 us Fenton 143 Seneca 109 Swea 95 Greenwood 248 Lone Rock (Fenton) 80 Letts Creek 75 East Lone Rock 55 91 61 358 76 123 46 1045 1039 O'Donnell has within 20 days from the time the -election board passed its final decision, which was Tuesday, to Die his notice of contest. He must also post bond for the costs of the contest. Caiwea of the contest mtut'be* !Mf«t In the nsHce of the contest, and th-e- chair- mnn of the board of supervisors must then lix n date not more than 30 days lor less than 20 days from time of no- lc<-. for a trial to determine the vali- illy of t.':e contestant's claim. A Peculiar Situation And that briiiRs up a iwcullar situa- ion. Under the code of Iowa, In n ontestcd vcte, (lie- trial judscs shall onsLs-t of the chnlrmnn of th: board f fujxTvlsors, one jtidfje nominated bv tu- plaintiff and one by the oUier constant, in this case, Mr. Morris him- 'lf would be the pr.siding Judge, and c would ul.o be entitled to appoint. ne other judge us one of the contest- nts. Notice of tlie trial must be served L the contestants 10 days before the and th? court has the rijyht to so desires. What the in'ounds will be for Mr ODoniiell's content were not made public. However, it W a - understood that there was some question about several of the ballols which were not accurately marked and thus not allow- Justice, Constable Final in Algona The final, ollieial tabulation cf th- Alyoiia contests for justice of t h .-. ppnot- UK! constable art- made below. The justices si-eking reelection had no com- IRtitors. Cij-ilfin und Newyilk,- :t-ek-cted C'JiLstable;. Precinct PAD HBW Ad Or N.- Lst «' a "' 245 248 100 238 249 -'IH1 ward 35U 3 ei 180 357 304 Jrtl wajl1 "-'3 2\'> 143 207 245 '» wani 205 202 117 192 215 were 1032 1021 540 994 1103 I'he above initials, PAD stands for 'aul A. Dunson, HBW for H. B. White. Ad tor Adams, Gr for Griffin and Nv :.r Newvillt 1 at Theatre Conclave, Des Moines . uiiiiiiiMr (-1 thi; in Ue-, iMoi.i -s, Monday all iidiny. tin ireeting of Irom Iowa and Nebrai- N C. Kic 'iieatre, was nd Tuesday. leatre mm a. Mr. Rice is a directiu' of Allied huaux- Owners. Inc. n« i;i.-. is on tni . proyram includ. d pre-vuu, of f'.rlh- coming jju-tures. and a di.,cushion of |jrob:«-nii conhon in; tn • industry, including ihe cunyii;..t i,iu-ic tax, pur- Community Club Meeting Friday There will be a general me tin£ of the munUi.s uf tlie Al-or.u Communi- the club at jt liiL- Cull M'iciay eyenin Cl^ili u'cluok. !1-J b'' Fr u' chill,-.-, to lay u!.i:i fj u!ay .i .:.-cij. All b: .•-•J to be ],!,:„, i.t. H. Chm- Christmas UK u ai'v Slips on Rug, Hart ui.-.c.:. .M:>. I vdia i • rv u.'iiu] el ,' :• i:y n ix-nt!v u ijj j.-ii n lu-i' .iriii. tjhc -"' 0 . u-r. Mrs. M. 1, ia ;:hc !.» able .-v 11,-!- mai un m WOlli fl. u. i a boil wuu l . At el' i to .sit uu a while ea friends WUh her recovery.

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