The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 8, 1934 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1934
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OFFICIAL /CITY AND PAPER Established 1865 Awarded Highest Honors as "Iowa's Best Weekly Newspaper" By State University of Iowa, 1933 llgona Upper 3&t$ Jfflome* HISTORICAL DEFT, CIRCDtATlON TW* Week 2840 ALOONA, IOWA. THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 8. 1!W~ Ten Pages. VOL. 32.—NO. 45 DEMOCRATS SWEEP KOSSUTH COUNTY Herring, Kraschel Have CILCHR1ST 2,150 AHEAD; 118 PRECINCTS MISSING • «• Judgeships Scrambled; Coy le Carries Kossuth, Trails Elsewhere (SPECIAL TO ALOONA UPPER DES MOINES) Des Motaw, low*, NOT . 7 (2 p. m.): Emy office on the state ticket, with wie exception of one where there was no democratic nominee, was conceded «o the democrats here at this hour. Oovernor Clyde Herring.had polled 380,881 votes, with Turner trailing with J^ioE** 8 ' Thls tabulation was from 1,964 precincts out of 2,452 in the state. Neb O. Kraschel was leading George Patterson, 267.824 votes to 222?674 ballots, with 1,465 precincts out of 2,452 reported In. In the congressional race In the 8th district, Fred Ollchlrst, republican incumbent, was leading J. j. Meyers, democrat, by slim margin of 28,939 votes for Gilchrist to 26,776 for Mayers. Two hundred precincts out of 318 in the district had reported. No definite Information or figures on Sfu^f .£°» Jud8 ' of tne dteMct court, 14th district, was available, other than that c. C. coyle of Humboldt, democrat, had a lead of about 2,000 votes Irom Kossuth county over his two nearest rivals, James DeLand of Storm Lake, and Oeorgs A. Heald of Spencer both republicans. Scattered returns from other counties In the district indicated stronger republican votes for DeLand and Heald. How Kossuth County Voted in Red Hot Election, Tuesday 3 if A § fe _£_ I K o J3 5 JL i I? £ § 13 $ Gov. Lieut Congres Represent- _. '." '" —•--.—--—L__rr-__ -Ctov. man ative c y - Au Treasure Clerk Sheriff Ct. Alt, Coroner — . , j,,j,j| fi\nt\ Ajgona,_jn(.^v^rd~77777: | 3221 3241 ^^.. | 24871177 Algona, 4th Ward : Buffalo 14| 1591 214| i> j g * 3 3 6 fc V K y s S **"* 1 o 1 3 i c" o £ Bllrt Cresto Eagle ,12011 159| a| 202| 1631 1491 2101 20311431 |..184| 244| 1| 162| 265|J42| 256) 187| 204F _85|__79| 3| 96| 75 f East Lone Rock (Burt) Penton .......... ,.| 66| 50| 6| 59| 85 1 521 II 156] i3 3 | 23 1 1 ~ Meyers by Nose Entire Ticket, Governor thru County Posts, Win One New Supervisor Elected; Butler Polls the Largest Vote in the County; MiUer-McMahon Stage Close Race Latter Winning; Patterson Loses Own Precinct Kossuth county democratic nomine; f cr county office, with the ex- While the voters in ether sections of Iowa were i Ught ' .^ Wedn «day morning's return 481 431 50| 55| 44| 41 44| 46| 321 54| 54| 34| 65) S0| 33| 99| 44! 123| 107| 129] 142) man 130| 20| 42) 165| _ 1401 | 126| 110) 9 8i 149) " Grant 61| 71| 1I_TO| 33| 63| 42| B2| 231 4| 87l~W 761351 771 _113J 331 Greenwood j 4 70| 1407 Harrison ' 58| 68| 73| 561 59| 437| 147| 441| 1471 4491 131| 343| 22| 184| 336| 152| 346| 186] 2331 10! 21 1 6| 56| 1 5J 4841 68 138 55 1 474| 68| 140| 56| 447| 64| 145 1 56] 472| 82| 146| *1 1 450| 10 1 1 78| 41 171| 44 71) 25| 77) 311 ) 54). 54) Lakota (Ledyard Twp.) Ledyard Lincoln FJUtM BUREAU'S PLANS f KOSSUTH AIRED The 1935 program of tho Kossuth county farm bureau wn.s the program for discussion at a meeting held In the legion hall, hero, lost Thursday, nnd attended by about 45 leaders, officers and others interested from various sections of flic county. Phases of 4-H work, home economics and agriculture in general were all Inid before the members, nnd Heps taken lo work out the- 1935 program. It was explained that the cnrn-hotf program nnd other adjustment rnca.s- •res would take much time of the county nf;ent nnd extension staff, n. they did this year, and therefore a pro gram if worked out ahead of time would speed things up and help in ov ereomlng the obstacle of reduced tlmi local officers hnve to spend on othe farm bureau activities Paul Tair, assistant director, representing the extension service of Iowa State College, met with the group. He explained the various activities available which Include many projects in home tconomics, 4-H club, farm production, agricultural economics, farm ori'unizatloas and other major fields. Farm women, if an home demonstration agent can be obtained, will study mixed course which includes nutrition, home managtment and home furnishing, and should be of interest to the women of this county. The 4-H boys will choose cne or more activities from among baby beef and dairy projects, club girls will have as their major activity clothing. Music appreciation studies will be u part of the 4-H club and women's home project work. Marlon Soults, assistant county agent, Mrs. Ray Miller and Mrs. J. H. Warburton. guve rt'iMjrts on activities o/ this year. In discussing the 1935 program, Mr. Talf said that cooperation with the state and federal government on the adjustment programs, drouth relief, seed, livestock and feed conservation and other activities would continue to be a definite need. He emphasized, Lone Hock (Penton Twp.) Lotts creek LuVem? Plum CreelT Portland ____ Pralrte Ramsey " Seneca 881 _46| 62! 56) 64| 52 78| 4b| 2201 91| 6| 220| 81| 182| 108| 233| 591 J7I Ml 70| 58| 82| 37| 96| 206f 344| 164| 332| 183| 286| 2061 2791 *Q|. fisi 82| sal 44| wpssFeoTlgi 99| 10 Jjgl_..67| 65| 68 | 59] 63 | 103| 26| 74| 74| 95| iHOOMjiinioni^^ 201 SRI oSTTSn fS rTTTST—^7-7Xk ' . .' '— IJ I "01 <«l 1171 84| 82' «8| .2S| 1001 16) H 102| 171| 36| 3| 136| 36| 141J 55| 167| 23j~ i«3| 128| l7WTl9TTT57T48MS5T108T S2| J02)_ 75| 99! 93| 921 80| -aTTSir-lBrirt-T^ ^_^LJ1L!?I Ml 96|l 491 1031 77 69? -^ki«J4?OfIl"|24U^^^ 65| 6| 112| 3 56| 941 258| 33| 61| 135| 19| 15! Sexton (Irvlngton) | 80| 39| Sherman IQS| 231 182| 181 4| 179| 16| 173|~^2il79T~24T ""I 93| 1 96| 84| 83T~97ri04r79T .-'•** "- BpringQeld Pg!S», TJbiott 36| 97; 261 _3| 92| m\ 1021 26| 88| 401 041 361 Wesley Whittemore TOTAL" >«M I wi as. »i:«; a-«hshia •'-*' ~..-f ar^r^rsff-ati 4-jjgg ...^ f . ntn A... r ,^.^4^ W-' . f-»»'-ii^'T.^Mifc I 2891 171! II 2841 1871 9KM iTfll <MI I 445| 93| _B8J_ 10M_70]_ 98| 89| 91 -rssrr—sj; : ' —- ^i^r^_^rj_^?l 85 I 02~-ja\ looT~74|" --LgglLJOjJ^I 211 256| 211 256I_J2I 2MrWlm~WwirW -?U£^ 6 IJ«LMJ«LjCwI^^ J-I^I^JMLJOMWjjBnMTm I 105| 78|_96| 91| 87| 93| 104| 10ir~OoTloiT 87| 92| BeTW 40| ^Ljai^oeLji^^ to Patterson Loses County George Patterson, Kossuth county's own candidate for the office of lieu tenant governor on the republican ticket, failed to carry his cwnrountv The wen'lar^r 11 * Krnsche1 ' 5423 to 3559 ' Herring* margin in ™e Sty ™ Fred Gilchrist, republican congressman, fared better than any other republican nominee at the hands of Kossuth voters, although he lost Kossuth county, Mtyers winning, 4556 to 3896. A. H. Bonnstetter, West Bend, member of the legislature from Kossuth county, won a smashing victory over tils republican opponent, C. R. JSchoby Bonnstetter polled 5664 voUs, Schoby tallied 3054 and Dutton, farmer-labor candidate, had a sprinkling of 103 MAGAZINE SAYS "DICK", GOOD GOP NOMINEE IN 1936 81 05 51 37)' 93| 381 1061 ail 94 a^'anK^Mtfc-Mi-ar-tg. ^. jGfiiistdSsus.Oi.j6! MFfefitaf mi <ai -MJjgjSraSfTinf 16 81 Taw «i jsussLsi """ -*>•«<. ,«T; 100; ToTyia PETIT JURORS DRAWN; SAME GRAND JUROR What to Look for in YOUR Paper . . . . county — Pult, couprVte new*. —A page of farta, —Correspondence from Armstrong: to LuVerne. Ledyard to West Bend, Fentuu to Wesley. — A pajK of sports news —The Ma-ti About Town, editoriiU — uu-rclujMiist- messages fruiu Aljtoiiii's leading retail stores. Ssive Uie ir.R-ketbouk, read them —The Weekly Uecoiii, back P*£e — Want Ads, back Petit Jurors to Report Dec 4; Grand Jury Convenes Nov. 27 The following is '•. li.U of UK petit Jurors drawn to serve at th-.> November 1934 term o fdistrict court. They are to report on Tue.s.1:iy. December 4, 1334, at nino o'clock a. in. Tlie grand jurors ara the same ns drawn to serve on Uie January 1934 t«rm. They are to report for service on Tuesday, .^jv.'inber 27, IU;H, ut nine o'clock a. m. Joe Arndorfer, Algona; Wallace Benton, Wwley; Ellen Brown, Fenton; Wm. Bleich, Burt; H. a. Blossom, Algona; Mary Barry, Alsona; L*>o E Bleich. W:sley; K. B. Bolin, Swea City; Jony Collins, West Bend. J. E. Dyer, Algona; Louts Duffy, Whittemore; James Elbert, Algona; Ben Farrow, Lakota; Carl Froehlich, Wesley, Lon Gouge, Wesley; Fred Henrich, Whittemore; Martin P. Krapp, Bancroft; Anna Krug, West Bend. Robert Leason, Algona; Chas. Larson, Burt; Lillian Larson, Swe.t City; A. D. Newbrough, Lone Reck; Lloyd losenau, Lakota; Henry Kusumeier, Jancroft; Frank Sanford, LuVerne; R. 1. Shackelford, Algona; W. E. 'Payer, Algona; Harley Work, Swea City; ohn Youngwirth, Wesley; Jake '£ \vie- el, Fenton. Baum Beats Heiken in 5th ; Morris Wins by Six Votes Hallowe'en Vigil Brings Sleep, And A Stealthy Prank It Is the onTy good Hallowe'en slory of the season, and at that It comes from Fenton. Here goes. I One resident of the community, I primed to prevent Hallowe'en pranks on his premises, seated himself at an open window with a loaded shot- sun across hU knees. ][| e was settled for an all-night vigil. A group of yonn ff men passed by several hours later, and taw the senlry on I'liaid. There was one drawback to the viffil. The /fiwrd had fallen asleep. As the story joes, one bo'd youn-* fellow crept to th e window, reach- rd through and pulled the trigger. The shot went through a wall in the house, and awoke the sleeper in a startled and somewhat frightened ttate. The culprits escaped. Local official^ state that no serious disturbances of any kind were reported on Hallowe'en and Uie sheriff's office made the same report. -iormel Co. Installs Ledyard Stockyard Ledyard: The Hormel Packing Co. a^ this week installed a new scales and stock yards on the property just north of Gus Andersons. Chester Johnson will be manager and will buy fo-- the Hormel Co. Couple Married by Lone Rock Preacher Lone Heck: Sigurd D. Jensen, of Downey, Iowa, and Miss Alberta Hemingway of West Liberty, Iowa, were united in marria«c at the home of Mr J-.nsen's brother, Ernest. The ceremony waj performed by Rev. S. M. Gladstone und lock place at six o'clock Saturday. The couple were unattended. The only witnesses weiv Mr. am Mrs. Ernest Jensen and family, Mr and Mrs. Alfred Krueger and Mrs S. M. Gladstone. Alter the cerxinoni a two cours* dinner was served. Mr and Mrs. Jensen remained here until Sunday night. McDonald Has 114 Vote Majority Over Kain in Second William Bauin, Lakota stock buyer was the only new supervisor elected Tuesday. He defeated P. J. Heiken incumbent, by a majority of 07 vote.s' Bnum polled 768 votes, Heiken of Swea pity. 701, und Arnold, running as an independent, polled 252. Tne sup.rvlssr results were as fol- SECOND DISTRICT (McDonald, D vs. Knin, R) McDon. Kaln Algona, l ward me 183 Algona, 2 ward .... Algona, 3 ward \lgona, 4 ward ... un CVeek Union ANNUAL LEGION ARMISTICE DAY BANQUET, NOV. 12 All Service Men, Legion Members or Not, Invited To Attend Senator L. J. Dickinson of Algona nnd Hanford McNIder of Maaon City are both named as possibilities fcr th republican nomination for president o the Uniwd States in 1930 In an artl cle by Theodore L. Joslin, former sec retary for President Hoover, appear ing In th-: current Issue of Libert magazine. Th e list of possible noml nee?- included Ogden Mills, Presiden Hoover's secretary of the treasury James W. Wadsworth and a doKti oth er well known stand pat republicans "Some would, go taeyotig ttvt tsiauiaip T>1 for the candidate," comment* M Jctlin after discussion ot the wwtcm figures comfdered tot. the nOtniflaUo; "Senator Dickinson ot town Is cognl zant of this attitude." he adds. "He L> lilt-ally located geographically, what*>v- Nov d in „. 1156 1042 FOURTH DISTRICT (Morris, R., V s. O Donnell, D) Mor. O'Donn. ...320 315 ...-'30 202 ...211 158 U8 06 ...111 32 Burt 240 "entail 143 't'lH'ca 109 *ea 95 3reenwood 248 -one Rock (Fenton) 80 JMs Creek 75 East LOIK> Rock. 55 165 119 91 61 358 76 Honest Man ? Here He Is. Want Ad Brings Lost $72 to Owner it little • which occurred la*t wetk. And W. H. h home. ne*t day, Sunday, be was driving 1045 1039 FIFTH DISTRICT (Heiken, R., vs. Baum, D. vs Arnold. Ind.) Hei Baum Al'n. Eagle 55 Hebron Lakota (Led. Twp.) Harrison Springfield Lincoln Grant ..68 ..44 .275 . 4U . 21 .U2 701 39 39 256 153 55 106 34 33 3 14 142 6 2 42 768 25-' The final vote tallied. Wednesday morning, that cf Lincoln township, swung the tide in Baum's favor. H-- wUl take office January first, succeeding trie veteran. Heiken. In Ihe loui'th district, another exciting raix* d. veloped, with the veU ran, Charlie Morris, edging out his dv- mocrauc oppjiient by the scant margin ol six votes. W. E. McDonald ot Algonu. aiu! John rCaiu, the latter ou lii,.' republican Ue- iot. also waged a merry bailie. wi»!t McDonald wiiiiuag Kuia's ho:n. j.-u- 'inct. and Kaui winiuiig McD.uiiik:'.- Hi., iiiuryiu of victory tor McUuiiuUi i was 114 votes. New Ladies Entrance locktr room l; tx-in^[..Jvlru at t;-.e AJifona CouJiU'y Club. A p-ui.'. job I'lic HiiPiial ArmlMire Day obs r\ iinco will bn held In Ak>otm by the A.,, iTican Legion pn-l 0-1 Mniul^y. l -, when u baiuiui.t will bi> -.<-rv thr> APder.'-on hall. .All , \ . rs , "ll'll. Wl'CtlKT Illcnil, .,->; ,,f |['., t , ) , or no', in-" invlU-d I i ntli'iul. :in a>-i' mh'y ut the hr-'i • ehonl wlrcli Will be held Friday, 'ft-veral other l«Mtit.s inthc county are phinnin" th.'ir own celebration.s '1 the historic' < vent. Auxiliary memo-rs will have chaw of .veiviiiij the batuiuet here. Tickets may be obtained fro,,, ,;. i, Moniyvr (i. D. f!rund:if!e. Milton Norton Joe Uloom. or Alt' Kri'M-n.skv. Th I.eciru hall wll be op n for th.. coiueiiu-nce cf M-rvic«' men all afternoon and evening. Jam's I. Dolliver, Fort Dodur, will Rive the principal address at the ban- (iiii t and the I*-i>ion orchestra will fur- ni.sli music. Reservations should be made not later than today. 85 Kossuth Old-Age Pensions O. K.'d Here One hundred and twenty-five applicants for old age p.nsloiw in Kossuth countv have been investigated by John Hutchison of Wesley, county cxamin- erfl to date, it wa-. ttated lait week, tr, to date, it was stated last week. clared that about 250 names hud been HOfived on the application list, and of that number he had so far iiivestiKuted 125, and their applications .vt-iined. to be certain of going to Des Moines for final approval. After Hutchison's examination, in . county old age pension assistance board of three looks over the facus and figures, and if the application t'ets their approval, it then goes on to Des M<-ins for a final O. K. A total of 738 pay- nents. th<i flTLt in the slato were made ii-'t week und this. cr his other liandicaps. He has de- non.^trat'd ability in congress. A ihortcomliifj Is his inclination to go too 'nr in making the welkin ring. Then oo he has antaironlixd the Wa-sliing- on correspondents." In regard to McNIder, (he nrtlcle :iy "Hunfoui McNider. who also rr- Ide.s 'out wlvre the tall coi-n grows' iii.v well be heard from. Jack wn.s 1111 ni'l.y nntimil commander of the American Lei;lon. n-, l.-ianl wcnlary of war, and minister to Canada. II" ha (i fnllowini; in veteran and polltlcti cirri alike." Mr. Joslin is right. If we are to have ;i Hoover republican for our next president, nobcdy could fill the bill bet ter than "Dick" or "Jack." They an both very conscrvaliV'- nnd life .statesmen of the Charley Dawcs type. Ol votes. Interest, Vote A Record Interest was never higher, and although no records are at hand to substantiate the claim. It to believed that the largest vote in Kossuth county hfctory for an off-year election was cast. Tuesday. Crowds of interested voters gathered at the court house from 8 p. m. on. Tuesday evening, and many Mayed until well after midnight. Wednesday morning the corridors t»er c packed, and as each precinct clerk arrived with hte official vote* he WM greeted with chotn. *aa cueetloned as to bow his precinct had gone. Even Algona, nominally a strong republican center, went for Herring ov- <KK think that "Dick" is the be 1 .ter man of the two. Three Sales Listed In Paper This Week J-'a-m folks in particular will b-.- in- I' l it<-d in (l]e tliree wile.s beinrj ad\->d in tliii week'.-. Upper Ues Monies. On Saltiivlay, two .sales, one of hors- e.s, and a .second of colus, me listed. The hor.v auctlnu i., ( ( , be held at liritt at 1:2(1 o'clock and the .vale of colts at auction will bi; held at Hi Victor Johnson place, on the noi'thea^t <dge d Algona on highway 18. at two Next Tuesday, .Juke Hodden, who live-, one half mile eaH and two and on -I'alf mile.s -.south of Hurl will hold a public .sale, including nine J«'.vs, horses and farm marhinery. Lou Matern will handle the colj auc- li'ii, II. H. BruiniiK'iul the horse auction and Colwell Bros, tho fiodden Furlhir lull and completi- detail:, muy be found on the farm pa[-e. Lone Rock School Play Friday Night I -.iv Rock: Tile junior clasc ut LOJU.- Ki.i-K hr-,h sthoul, under the uiKcliu.'i >:i I.-, i;.i SchuUz, will present a tlu'.^ M.'t o-iii; dy, "Cio Slu;v Mary'' in (hi- i-o'.-t.- ii.L.ik tijmiiasiuiii, Nov. y. jt u o clock. Ti: c cast ul ch'-irjcter.-, in- cluue. . Raj:nun,| Nel.-.on U*.:'\l O>I"L'-| eiv,. li.'lt-n L vvi.-. M;a:.i: A^i-j.-i.",'a ! Duiu Ivirii!;-. Li. u I.a-.-.,.a. 1..,- V V,. i:.-el Halli. Myrtle Oriiek. Kaliir\u au--l bnti. Jack 'I'lbbctt.-.. jj:j Haioki !•'«.- ! M. & St. L. Brakie Killed at Kanawha H. M. Beckwith, 45, well known here wlure he stayed during turn around tiips on the Minneapolis ,t St. Louis, wao killed ut Kanawha. lasl Thursday wli n he was cruslied belwet-n two cars while switching. His home was in Marsi.alluwn. The train was on its way from Algona to Hampton. Beckwith was unmarried. According to the slory reaching Al- ~ ,„., nv . lau AUJ nvillltg Ov- r Turner, by a vote of 935 to 90H, al • hough iome of the other offices varl- d. Algona gave George Patterson n mall majority. Patterson lost hi/i onie precinct, Portland, 103 to 81. In the countv races, what started out. ' be a close light txtwecn Carl Dolil- ia i er, democratic Incumbent fcr sher- """' ailbcrt Hargreaves. graduullv irntd In Dahlhau.'er's favor, until the _inal outcome was no longer in doubt, by the time two-thirds of the precincts hud reported. Dahlhauser had a majority of over one thousand votes. Top-Ilcavyy Democratic Giwnwood. Lincoln, Lakcta Lott < ^ lt ' t ' k ; Wosl-.-y and Whltt.more were gona, the train was up „ -...„ . , ... *. w . . »4w^ v; W(TJ t ,„.,!, l ?' ) -' K ' uv y democratic precincts, while Burt and Harrison were the only districts recording substantial republican majorities in u majority of conflicts. E. J. But! r, polling over 6,000 voU-.- led the entire county ticket in the vot • m- rolled up. Miller, with 4,291) votes U-d tho republican county ticket ul- IhoiiBh losint; to his oppon.nt, McMah- :n. who hud 4,778 votes. The margin )l victory tor McMuhon w;is -IT.) votivs. <iet Secund Term The cUction in t:. ( . county means hut Audltcr E. J. Butler, Sluirltf Cud Uuhlhaiiser, County Attoniey McMali- M, Hccordrr j. j. Dooley. Treasuri-r M. J. uully. Clerk E. J. McEvoy and Coroner It. K. Evans \vill all it-rve Uivir lid t rin. Swea City Man Elected to Head Kossuth Legion Uurman Bowman of Sv,:a City was lecttd county commander of the Kcs- uth couniy Auivrieuu Iv ijion organi- atloa Thmsday niglit a; u joint, uitx-t- held ut tho Algoiia Caiuitry Cluij 26i) .itiinding. 'Join Gai-rety ji Bancrolt was naiiu'd vice ctnuriande;- nU George Ntlson ot a-.v.'j City uc 1 - jutant. Speakers at il'.c- nu i-liij r '. at wlucl'. Leon Merrill, county coiu:aander, and Mrs. L. L. Leuao, cuuuiy ,i-..iiniuui] prt— j wi-it Mrs. V. V. Naalain of Ali, Mi'i. Ida Larson ol a*\a City. J C. Uudt-rkorli-r ,i urui, distnc'. committrL-wouiaii, Mr>. bjdie , . publicity cnaii'i::a:i. Vic. StUt land of iciest City. aunmand- K. J. L..iiit. U;.p lU tmelH .- ua . munder. A survey shuwed U ri ., a du-.s uU cavi> up 50 ptr cent. Tn.- loaded with corn and beets, and Beck- i ( v, °" pt ' , with was surprLswJ by :i MKlden mow- ^ ^' 1 ^'" t "' " lc " llj " i)\* «*' t 1, .. . .. . 4>. .. i i . i i *»*il* UU1JL1 , uMhai-y rcporitd ment ot the train, tr lo- . hi., balance in a spell of dizziness and K-ll between the cars. inlmtions u U- nrst" iu tl lc state. Hf.suluiioju ol 3j .,ipaUiy welv . otlti-td la Pel.r JuhJ ol' Crystal Lake ou the deuta of his wife, i.nucrly dis- iiicl occixlary aau tr«.u.,u. _-r. Furniture Trouble \ Brings Court Ca 8 e| Car ™ ts F ^ight at West Bend Crossing Walter R Burt. wa.s t;j appear i.i j .' of Whit- ."'; !l '" *•-«'• I lut- >e ; ,terday atlernooni \V\ L ^ ..„ ,,,..,. . \\e'ine.-,uJ., / to aluwer tj u i.-ildl'go of'Uluuj,.- -„ lV , L j i ., :i.ui!iy b;. iinU/i-.lea.eijl ill ri-'iuu ctu-n . -,i;..-a i. ; - j.j,,"."""' . "" " L .'" '•' ""'''^ , yiU '" v, it!: liic .sale ul .-.onie Inrnitu:' ti'!>:/. ,. . ;4 .- ,",. ' .' ''" Jl; '<"' la.. 1.,!:..:'., i.,,,..,,- Ji^tice P. .V Uaa-.uiu 1:0. "\ •'•' ;;'-' ;'"•" ''^" "' *"' ••a '<•.: Id a iJi-flliajnaiy ii,.-aii:; : :, a.u- :,LI ...... i,; i '"'''- '', loti -'P -i-i.:;, .a',1 li-lll.iluis.i.1 ii :;:/_ ; j .: r .. r ,."; ;r '',',"'" ''"" ' ' ' ul Uiu ' iui.ii!;,- jj.l to av..i:i .t na;i.-r ii .. : , tl , - 'i;V '•"•" ° •" .......a.ij tin:a.^ y- t.ld.,>. U.^and Real/. .1 bro- : ,^-i, i.^-,.a"'"^u-- i-'^'u -'"' '''' il-.i-r. wanted -.a a ciiii^.-.- 1.1 .iiiM a." •..,.'[ ""? ,,',i'° u '* u , ' " aj ^ !....'..:v. e. ulJ 1,,-L be 10U.M. Out , ,., V !' / U ^"'"i",™ ?**' *''""' .aw to:- !,„„ l,ao Uvii ^U.J i ,. J ^ .. f!,""". 1 '..^* hU " . l ° <^ • v , ^, itMJ ^ „ Ui.iU- fttt\ UiX'^;,u^ -

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