The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1934 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 1, 1934
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Pes Moineg, Algona, Iowa, November 1, 1934 COUNTY EXTENSION PROGRAM FOR 1935 TOPIC OF DISCUSSION NOV.l General Meeting Planned in Legion Ball; Public Invited What will be Included la the Kos •nth County Extension} program for 19M will be decided at a meeting to be held at the Legion Rim, Algona, on November 1. Many farmers and their wives, business men, bankers and creamery meo will meet with Paul Tuff of the Iowa state CoUege extension service. Four-K club, home economics and •erlculturia project* in addition to providing cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture in various emergency programs wfli be selected. So fir this year there has been a decided increase In the boys 4-H baby wet club. The outstanding work of the babi bwf club members has given much encouragement to parents and boys and girls of club age, and a heavy enrollment has resulted. It has been • mojpited fact for many years that the 4-H tdub activities have done touch to bring to rural boys and girls rural education, that has benefltted those who undertook the activities of the various 4-H club projects. Those who have given this work close inspection feel that 4-H dub work should be encouraged as it is a basic foundation for future agricultural development. Deadline on Fodder Contracts it Nov. 7th It has been announced that the final sign up, date for accepting applications and contracts for Government Corn Foddet and Stover contracts has been set tentatively as November 1. All those who wish to be assured the guarantee should secure « contract by that time. Several liberal changes have been made since the program was announced. Information oa the changes can be obtained from O. A. Bonnstetter, county agricultural agent, who will be the local representative of the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. KOSSUTH FARMS AND FOLKS Loofe 8«Hh ant Edward Alton. rn#» dem Extra! When you go to the polls to vote next Tuesday, do not fall to give E. J. Butler your vote for County Auditor. He is efficient and the excellent record made during his first term entitles him to a second term. You will make no mistake In giving your vota to "Eddie." 40,000 Babies A Year, Iowa Record Des Moines, Iowa, October 30: More than 40,000 babies are born in Iowa very year, according to figures com- iled by the Iowa State Department of Health. The "Register Tour Baby" campaign, now In progress throughout he state, la being conducted to determine the exact number of babies born uring the past twelve months and to learn what per cent of them were not registered at birth. Baby registration cards from the Bureau of the Census at Washington are being distributed to every family in Iowa, through the post office depart- mest and the parents are being urged to fill in a card for every baby born in the past year. These cards are to be returned to the Bureau of the Census, postage free. At the B. F. Zonacb place, R. F. was busy digging potatoes. He says they are not so bad but could be better. COLWELL BROS. Aucts. Graduate of Jones Natl. School Auctioneering. Chicago, 111. 21 years actual selling experience. We solicit a part of the ! business In this territory. H. M. i ColweU located first tface west ' of Junction 100 and 18. Phone 20F13 40-U (By Louts B. Smith) Dodson, who lives southeast .of Armstrong, hat Just returned from where he ha« a few chickens '. Dodson farms 82 and hires very outside help as has a fine, heal family of four attd twit girls two older boys almost bte en to go aheai wan the work and the youngest boy helps out by carrying drinking water. The Dodsons have lived In this county for five years. Mrs. Adolph Paulson and her daugh ter, Ruby, were feeing sort of "stuck up" the other afternoon when I stopped there but came down off their "high horse" long enough for a short visit. They had been doing a fine Job of paper hanging in the house and I'm sure they they must have got some of the paste on (he wall and that the paper will stick nicely. M. J. Kennedy or Mike as his call him, was mt$r uploading corn at his farm southeast of Armstrong one evening last week when I stopped there. He and four other men are rolling out the corn at the rate of over 400 bushels per day. I noticed one load had a good sixty bushel on for a half day's work. The boys were Dr. R. A. Evans Candidate for Reelection as CORONER of Kossuth County—Democratic Ticket The office of coroner requires a doctor's services Your Support Will Be Appreciated going to finish the field they were on at Mike's place and then go to Joe Kennedy's who is a disabled war vet eran and husk his Worn and thm come back and finish up at M. J.'s. Llnde Bros, who operate a large farm of 640 acres a few miles west o Swea City were pretty busy the other afternoon when I stopped there. Th brothers, Harry and Frank, had sold about two car loads of hogs and hai to haul them in yet that day. Th boys also have a nice drove of 700 western lambs that they are feeding this fall. A large farm such as these men operate no doubt causes the boys a little worry in busy times, but with the good machinery they have and their managing ability they have been keeping things going nicely. A. a Guerdet, who five* about straight east of Armstrong, is one of the few fanners in this neighborhood who are through with the corn husk- Ing for this year. Whu> In the territory eawt of Armstrong I stopped at the Erick Brickson farm and found the boys Inspecting tbe grain elevator. It was one of those inside type elevators and the boys had been unloading corn when, as they sattd. somethfitr went "hay wire." XTpon investigation they found one of the large gears near the top of the elevator had broken. Don't Jiow how they got unloaded but I maglne they had to use the "Armstrong" type elevator. Qe&rge (By C. C. ABw) «*•> HV*S fSW five mltea north of Wesley WM getting his elevator ready for operation the other day when 1 happen Special Program To Honor Luther at Lotts Creek Lotts Creek: A special program wiH be given in the Lutheran church, oa Sunday, November 4th at two o'clock by the pupils of the parish school in commemoration of the 460th anniversary of Luther's translation of the Bible. In the morning at 10 a. m. there wilt be special services conducted by the Rev. W. Dtteher of Whittemore and Rev Flene wfll oceupj the pul* corn picker ^ ta the Lutheran church la Whit- not take temore. A special collection Mil be taken whloh win go to the budget. ed along. With the aW of a corn picker George tone to harvest hla com for this year. crop Will Decker evt more was making the earn fly the other day when t came along. tf Will keeps up that pace his corn will soon be in the crib. At the Severto Opbeira plsee, I found Severin busy along a different Inc. Evidently he was helping the wife with the washing which makes a good occupation for pastime if you like C. W. Elbert Jost cane In with three 1 big loads of corn when I arrived there he other day. Corn husking was to full swing. Some are through, some nearly through, some Just started this week. Wm. Poos* mrB he has to make more room for his corn crop , so is bulldln more crib room. Wm. lives just i ew miles north of Whittemore and as resided there quite a few years C. E. Vlgriahl was bonding more crib room for the 34 crop the other day when I was there. C. B. also lives out north of Whittemore. When I stopped at the Gregory Elbert home north of Whittemore the other morning', Gregory was busy putting up the heating stove, which reminds us winter is on the way. The other day when I (topped at the Theo. Oswald place, he was lining up the elevator with the help of a couple of his neighbors. Theo. says he has been having trouble with his eyes, one of them especially, not being able to see out if it very much. Wm. Maasdam aad B. Ostam also live northwest as Whittemore as well as R. H. Oetwald. Everyone la busy picking corn these days, and news is rather scarce. Mrs. Arthur Kreasto has been 11 with the flu during the past week. of Whltte- Robert BoeMcher Is building a new hen house on his farm. The farm I* occupied by his brother, Fred and fam. It won't be long DOW •atfl some of mdidatea can sleep better, maybe some not so well. Well, some must win, and some must lose. Politics seem pretty hot this election. Nothing like having a little Interest anyway. By this time nest week we will :now all about it. CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY ATTORKEYa AT LAW R. J. Harrington J. D. Lowe HABJHNGTON * LOWE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 Pint Natl Bank Blk. ALOONA, IOWA J. L. BONAB ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALGONA. IOWA W. B. QUABTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Oflloe over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone. 427 ALGONA, IOWA A. Donald O. HutchLwn Theodore C. H ATTORNEYS AT LAW Quiuby Bldg. Phone 251 E. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS OH Ice over Iowa State Bank Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa Oaylord D. Shumway Edward D. Kelly 8HUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW 1 Office over Quiiiby ii Krause Building Algona, Iowa Phone 58 L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Qulnby Building. Phene 180. ALGONA, IOWA K. C. HcMAHON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Quinby Sc Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 128 HIBAM & WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 308 P. A. DANSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office Phone 460-J Res. 315 ALGONA, IOWA CABBOL A. WANDEK ATTORNEY AT LAW Over pmtoffice Phone 65 J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. K. MnMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN, MoMAHON * UN NAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Suviogs Bank ALGONA, IOWA K.B. Parsom Judge D. F. CwyU Phone 820 Office over Basket Grocery ATTORNEY8-AT-LAW Algona, Iowa PHYSICIANS * 8UBGEONS H. F. IrmHer. who Barms east aad a little south of Armstrong was Juct coming in from the corn field with a oad ox com the other evening when stopped there. As It was a Saturday evening Mr. Irmlter said he guessed he would let it stand and do up the chores so they could get to town that night. Wm. H. Peterp, who farm* east of Armstrong was tuning up and oiling his corn picker the other afternoon when I stopped there. Mr. Peters said he has not been In any hurry about starting as he didn't think the corn has been any too dry and that he only has 98 acres in corn this year which will not take long with the outfit he has. Moife ThomfMm who lives etut of Burt on what la known as the "Doc" Peters old place was piling up alfalfa hay which he had Just recently baled. Morrla said he had been offered $1750 per ton, but on account of It's being nice bright, clean hay, he though he would hold It for a while yet. Had a flat tire the other day while over in the Tttonka neighborhood and drove Into the K. it H. service station where there Is always plenty of free air. but arrived too l»t« for the regular political disagreement services J. N. KENKFICK PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L Rlst over Retail drug store Office Phone 300 Res. ?hone 334 ALOONA, IOWA C. H. CBETZMBYBB. M. D. Surgeon it Physician Office John Galbralth Bldg Phone 444-310 W. D. ANDREWS, D. O. Oswopathlc Physician and Surgeon General Hospital Phones: office 187; Residence 688 ALGONA. IOWA P. V. JAN8E, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON OBlce on South Dodge St. Phone No.—flea. 366; Office 868 MELVIN G. BOURN* PHYSICIAN St SORGBON OSlce over Post Office Bldg Phones—Office 197 Res. 194 DENTISTS DB. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Gas or Novocalne used for extraction Located over Ohrtstensen Store Phone: Business 166, Residence, 470 ALOONA, IOWA DB. C. D. SCBAAP DENTIST Qulnby Bldg. Phone 133 Res. Phone 174 Algona, lows VKTEBJNABIAN8 Dr. L. W. Pox Dr. J. B. Wlnkel Office 220 West State Street Office Phone 476-W Hei. 478-B Algona, Iowa L. M. MEBBJTT MarUcUo aad Funeral Director Phone 11 Algona. Iowa A. V. HEBTia SIGN SERVICE Over Fisher o»fe Phone *06-W KVK L. PKKSNmx, A%ona low*, all kiucU of Kodak Finishing ft"d Enlarge- UisnU. Oolorod. Call Phone 417-J. 804 South Dodge Bt. 32-U MOTIC'fci O* AMKNDMMMT TO ARTICLES OK INCOHPOHATION OV TlltS IOWA STATB BANK. ALUOMA. IOWA TO WHOM IT MAY CONCKHN: Notice ia hereby nlven that at a «pe clul meeting of U.e btockholdera of the Iowa .state Bank tailed for that purpose held at the office of the bank In Algona. Iowa, on the 14th day of August. 1SI34. the Articles of Incorporation of nalc! bank were amended »iy adding to Article III the following: Thut all rlauea of the capital muck of thu bank si. all be non- assessable when issued and fully paid for. except as otherwise expressly provided by luw. That the stockholder* of this bunk and their private properly st.all be ••xernpt from liability fur the lla- hllltlfs of this bank accruing af- trr Chapter 415-K1 of the C.>d.; of luwa, mi. became effective as lav.-. Thiit all persons becoming stook- liold-m after Chapter 415-KI of tlu- C..ile of Iowa mi. became e/fec- tiv>: as law. and their private property shall he exempt from liability f.>r the liabilities of the corporation. whether such liabilities ac- before or after said Chapter became effective as law It H MIM.KIl. Chairman If I.. OII.MOFU-;. Secretary. 41-44 Notice of Dissolution TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice Is hereby given that the Kossuth County Implement Co.. whose irincipal office is located at Algoua. Iowa, by UTvmlmrmi consent of all ttoe stockholders was dissolved accord- law on the 15th day of October. at Algona, Iowa, this 23th day of October, 1034. C. L. BOBLL, President. H. C. STRUCKMAN, Sec'y. 44-47 Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Potrata and their daughter, Beverly and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hints visited at the Fred BoeMcher home Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer and amily went to Whittemore Thursday venlng to help Mrs. Herman Zumach •ho is a sister of Mrs. Meyer, celebrate er birthday. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Meyer took their nfant son to the General hospital In Ugona on Thursday morning where e is receiving special care. The baby is four weeks old and has been critically ill since birth. The infant daughter off Mr. <and Mrs) Ben Schmidt was baptised by Rev. Ftene on Sunday morning. The baby received the name of Doloris Rosanne. Edwin Oade of Whittemore and Mrs. Martin Meyer were sponsors. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Vdght and son, James of Whittemore, were guests at the home of Mrs. Voighfs father Edward Ttete and Mrs. D. J. Buss and daughter Anna of Algona were guests at the home of the form er's son, BUI and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Merle culberteon and family, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Meyer and family, and Art Meyer attended the wedding of Miss Alma Meyer and Ronald Rehmer in Fenton Sunday evening. The new Mrs. Rehmer is a sister of Mrs. Culbertson and Martin, Art and W. H. Meyer. The Young People's society met in the school basement on Friday evening. The entertainment was in chargei of Irvin Mittag, Donald Radlg and Lucille Meyer. Bunco and five hundred were played. In bunco th« high score was won by Evelyn Pompe, low >y Leonard Pompe. In five hundred the high score was won by Orlo Liesener, low by Lorena Laabs. Refresh- Financial Statement of the Kossuth County Fair Assn. AFFIDAVIT STATE OT tOWA, KO8UUTH COUNTY, SB. . . . _ . we, J*w*a M. Patterson, PrwkJent, B, I* Vincent Secretary, ^L^J- Bode, Treasurer of the Kowuth County Agricultural Aawelattpn, betttg **r oa oath depose and say that the said society or asmottton, beta* *•? mted under tfce law* of the 1 State o* low*, heM » fair known M «»Ko»- Xrantjr Fair on the tad » 7th dajft of Bepfembw, »«*> *»g» «Jf* JJ »-« of AJfona, and that the said fair consisted of a bona fldo <a6tam*Vt livestock, together wHtt atartouttwral products, farm Implement* etc., M onA- templated la the law ^fre further depote aad say that the sum of $3151.00 as financial statement att»«hed hereto has been piald to the wmntoi ^ _^ settlement of premiums won the fair for the current year attd thttk aft jgrt of this amount was paid for speed events or to secure games or aVnawnMttfe We further deposVand say that the aktacfeed financial statement is * HOI and complete statement of the receipts aa4 evpMrtltUtea for the current and that the attached ataUhtlcal d«t« is true and correct. jSwEUTM. PATTERSON, President. & L. Vincent, secretary It i, BODJBi Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 24th day of October, 1984, ky Jewell U. Patterson, President, B. L. Vincent, secretary, and R. J. Bode, Tns*~ urer of the abkve earned society or association. (SEAL) FINANCIAL STATEMENT RECEIPTS 3ash on hand from last report (overdraft) ....t 788.60 Receipts outside gateh (incl. season and family tickets) 3,713.08 602.49 164.41 H. L. OILMDRK. Notary PtMIe, leoeipta day grandstand and quarter stretch— Receipts night grandstand and quarter stretch ments were served by Hilda and Ma- llnda Hading, August Meyer and Ew ald Kohlwes. IBM Dated NOTICK TO WHOM IT MAT CONCKHN: Notice Is hereby given that application for commutation of sentence or >ardon ha« born presented to me in "J ,]•**? °f Arthur Hoaenmeyer. No. I48J9. Fort Madison, who wan convlct- of Knterlna- ft Bank to 1930. In the County of upon tlie . IV ,? f Itob. October. KosHUth and sentenced to Imprisonment for life. Hald application la based following grounds: 1st— Because the trial judge nod county attorney who prnnecuted the case have recommended clemency. 2nd — Because from an Investigation the sentence of life la too severe In this case. That said application will be presented to the Hoard of Parole. In accordance with th« provisions of Hec- tlon 3818. of the Code of Iowa. Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, this l«t "lay of October. 1K34. CLTDH L. HEIiniNO. Governor. High School News Notes Total ticket sales .... Entry fees, speed department Concessions and privilege* H.460JM 1MUW Advertising hi premium list and program State aid (this year anticipated) Miscellaneous receipta of fair: Stan and pen rent 231.80 Other entry fees 160.31 From all other sources of fan*—dance, score cd. 188,80) Total miscellaneous receipts of fair. Total receipts of fair County aid Other receipts, rain insurance it off season rents Total receipts from sources other than fair Grand total receipta DISBURSEMENTS Open premiums: Horses, ponies, and mules $371.00 Cattle (beef and dairy) 686.00 Swine 405.00 Sheep, wool and goats 1064)0 Poultry and pet stock 367.78 Agricultural products 109.35 Fruits, plants and flowers 89.00 Culinary products 144.29 Textile and art dept 30450 School exhibits 139.35 Baby health department 24.00 Dairy products as JO 300.00 1,700.00 580.66 1.628.00 BM8.46 844MI 3^78.46 813,S28J9T Total open premiums 4-H Chib Premiums: Coital Baby beeves aad purebred heifers Pig* 83.708M have worked with Mr. previous debate seasons (By EsttMr Pratt) John MeDowtfl, hl(b school debate ceach, reports that twenty students have signed u»> for debate work on this season,'* tcplo which fedenU aid these people McDowell in ind John Ohristensen and Walter Beardsley were members of the teams which represented Algona in the state debate tournament last year at Iowa City. • • • •Twilight AlHy." by Paul Bliss, to the title of the operetta chosen by the Junior high school glee club. It will be presented some time In December and choruses are already being drilled while lead characters will be selected later. Grace M<lba Miller will direct. • • • The oa* for the Junior claes ptay. Skidding", to be given November 26 and 27. has been selected and work has tegun. It is under the direction of Mrs. Dennis Ooeders. Members of the cast are Theodora Larson, Bob Post. John Ctuistensen, Letha Wai- burg, Betty Ounn. Wayne Moore, Watson Mftrch, Audrey Rudder. BemOce Dodda and Clark Redfleld. MOTICIfl O*' AUSUSSMKNT FOR HVRIMriNO SECONDARY HOAD DISTRICT WO. S»S """Altl Hub-I>lv. NEU NW' Bee. Twp. Hng Acres NW'i 8 » 5 S4.3T 47.85 37.33 Amt. of ,, N \?? e , of Owt "-T A«smt. P. Nlckernon 11516 NW HW* NK •:i HWK Kft. NHli 413-K1 Notice of Probate of Will In District Court. No. 3887, September Term, 1934. State of Iowa. Kofi- suth County, ss. To All Whom It May Concern. You are hereby notified that an Instrument of writing purporting to be the laot Will and Testament of V. J. Schlchtl, deceased, dated April 13. 1931. havinif been this day filed, opened and read, Monday, the 19th day of November. 1934, la axed for tearing proof of same at the Court House In Algona, Iowa, before the Ddotrfict Court of said County, or the Clerk of uU4 Court: and at nine o'clock A. M., of the day above mentioned all person* interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cau&e if any they have, why bald Instrument should not be probated and allowed ad and for the last, Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algol.-,*. Iowa, October 24, J L K. J. McKVOY. Clerk of District. Court. ALMA PEARSON, Deputy. Bonar, attorney. 43-il-4& 6 ex ry. 8 ex ry 6 ex ry. 8 6 1 1 1 1 1 ux ry I ex r y 1 Kffle I. Iloblnson Henry Baler 30 16.2« 11.oa ., -. 8.08 »•« ;; 11.73 J 4 , 71 18.14 40 " 12 82 64.(1 Northwestern Mut. Ufa Ins. Co. 26 »4 S*•«« " 18.88 <» 11.83 4I> " i» 24 49 II. W. Caldwell 1B'44 «•> " 10.68 *»•]* ,', *• .. 8.13 Y ? ( t a . nt j each of you whose name* appt-ur In the wltti'lii' Bctie'dulVare hVre- lotine.l that Bald report will come on for hearing befort; Ilia Hoard of Hup- rs at their office in Iowa, on tha 1511. day of November. 1834 M. At Bald hearing any of the above apportlonmentu may be >av be adopted without further notice. i_niei.n you rile written objection* to xald report on or before noon of aald the tamo will be presumed to have been conclusively waived All assessments l ..,-.. . . . ' ^"- at 2 o'clock increased or day All asBesstnetita may be paid In full without Interest If oald within twenty lays from date assessment Is confirmed. wunin twenty D 43-44 - .- firmed. >ated at Algona, Iowa, this 16lh day of October. 1S34. K. J. BVTL.KR. County Auditor. NOTICK OK A»»K8SMKr»T IfOR HIHFACING 8KCOMOARY ... , . . HOAU UISTBICT WO. 233 Nut ire la hereby «lven to all persons who names appear in the within schedule that there has been filed In the office of tha County Auditor of Kos Butli County. Iowa, a report of tha Board of Apportionment showing the special assessment proposed to be levied on all parts and parcels of real estate ?„ within Secondary Head District No. 233, which schedule of proposed eluded assessuieut Id a follows: Hub-Ulv NK>4 N NW'4 SW14 KKVi NWVi NKtt KW Sec. Twp Rng Acres Name of Owner .10 »< 28 40 Fred B. & Ciyta S. Kent . NW'i SK'/i NKV1 HVV14 NK'4 .10 .10 .10 .10 . 10 .10 .10 .10 .10 10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .16 HKV N K N'WU N B K NK'i NKlJ 15 15 IB 15 16 15 You and each of you by notified that aald repo trvlsurs at their office In o'clock KM. At said 1 day the ]>at*-d at Alicuna •.341 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 4(1 40 40 40 40 40 44 40 Anne I.. I'urdy Jewel M The Northwestern Mut uf Milwaukee. WIs Life las. Co. A. McDonald Amt of Assmt. ... IS.61 *.82 967 E.89 8.67 6.8» 9.32 5.37 6.17 *.S7 828 8.17 1.20 (.17 S.89 8.EO t.44 3.S7 4 5» 2.7S 3.U 2.14 1 49 whose uam«s appear In' the' within' schedule"a're"here- rt will come oo for hearing before tf.e Board of 8uD- day of November. 1934, at I Iowa, on {any 'butluiu to uulj report on or before to have becu conclusively waived. may In- - -- confirmed. Iowa, this IGth day of October. l»34 E J BUTLKK. County Auditor. at oo mot not 0JOO Poultry i.....-..";.".".'.".".".'.".","."." 7jOO Other than live stock 115JO Total 4-H club premhuna Total premiums other than speed Premhmm for opeed Made and attractions 44150 $3,181.00 Misoellaocous expenae of fair: IMSOt AdrortistM Printtng 2MJM All other expense* of fair 90UO Total mlscellaneoTtf expense of fair Total expense of fair Indebtedness of prerious years paid .. Insurance, interest, etc Permanent improvements Maintenance of grounds and buildings 2.TO29 1.215.81 26*33 380.30 Total expense other than fair . Orand total disbursements BMJ* 1^7244 1JJ7UII Balance on hand STATISTICAL DATA AdmlMlons fee charged at outside gate: Adults. 40o; children, 23c- vehlcks • Admiasion fee charged at quarter stretch: day, ISo; night, 0 Total number admissions, day grandstand, 4,473; day quarter stretch, 447 Total number admissions, night grandstand, 1.315; night quarter stretch. Admission fee charged at grandstand: Persons, day, 38c; night 2So- Vehicles: Day, none; night, none. ^^ ' Total attendance at fair (include both paid and non-paid admbkdoas) 22,000 estimated. Total number paid admission, outside gate*. 10.M4, Total number exhibitors, all departments, 1,066. Number of exhibitors, livestock departments, in. Number of horses on **xhtMtlon. 80. Number of cattle oa exhibition. 384. Number of Swine on exhibition, 192. Number of sheep on exhibition. 78. Number of birds on exhibition (poultry department), Sat Number of rabbit* and caries on exhibition. 13. Are grounds owned by society or county? Association. MUlage levied for next year's county aid, A3 mills. Amount you anticipate levy will return, $1,800.00. How many acres in the grounds? 40 acre*. Estimated value of grounds and improvements, 975.00040. Present Indebtedness. (15,300 in grandstand certificates an£ I4MJ17 in other notes. OFFICERS OP TKB PAIR President, Jewel M Patterson Algooa Iowa Vloa President. George D. Moulton LedyanL Iowa Secretary, B. U Vincent Algona Iowa Treasurer, H. J. Bode Algona, Iowa NOTICB Or ASHK8HMKNT KOH 8UUKAOINO 8BCONDABY BOAU OISTHICT NO. SIM assessment Is as follows: Sub-Div. HE 54" .Sec. Twp. KanKe Acreu .11 .11 .11 • 5 28 SWV4 HBVi NE% 8W-4 K 6 Ac. NWU E 4.17 A HW',4 SW. 11 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 1? 13 14 14 .14 .14 14 .14 .14 .14 ervlsor* at their office In Algol.- 2 o'clock P. M. At aald hearing '» creased or may be adopted wlthou 40 40 40 40 40 4 17 Name of Owner „_,,. John Erpeldlng |VY .1. P. Gllmore '-Elizabeth Sanders. Jane Hawley, Ellen Boleneua, «ubj. to •.,- Mathlas N. , Robt Pln1 ' Bormann ex. ry. . N of ty. SV, NEV4 N of ry. .. H of ry NE 40 40 4» 40 4> 40 40 40 40 38 Hu«-h A. j. Jaaett' 17.37 17 gt 10.»7 1.4S IT.t Mutual Life Ina. 'co.'' K P. Ranm NE NW KW U U 2 S of ry ex ry. NEK ei ry. NE> NB< NB> - NW\ B 6 A. NWl K 6 A. 8Wi tiW\t~ ex ry. 6 38 I*adore 38 40 u.4» •• :;•; 38.»» O. Madsen and L. C UaJue'a'.' 38 >4 BHxatMth Sandeii'.'Jine' Haw- llfe eat of ^*-^*'i* - lttb l- to 40 40 38.78 5 40 Josepa Aman ^ 1«.»7 17.IS 1T.IT 1087 11.4ft 17.17 17 8J 17.31 11.78 l.ft S.4* 9.88 10.18 388 14 3« 17.13 14.37 14.8» 1».»7 .IT.b 17 It . 14* U.IT 43-44 I>at«d at Algona, Iowa, thin Kta day of October, 1834. H. J BUTLBB, County Auditor.

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