The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1934 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 1, 1934
Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa» November 1,1934 WEDDING SUNDAY FENTON CHURCH 70 Quests at Supper After Ceremony; Groom A Teacher Fenfem: Ronald Rehmer. sotj of Mr tad tin. Fred Rehmer of Red Bin Illinois, and Alma Mover of thla ulaoe were united in marrljute at the St John's Lutheran Evangelical church or. Sunday evening at eisht o'clock. The Rev. R. W. Kabellta oerformed th double rine ceremony. I/eorm Rehmer cousin of "the groom, was maid of hon or. Selma Mever. stater of the brldi was bridesmaid. Edward Luebkemann cousin of the groom was his attend ant and Verda Elmers, niece of th bride, was flower girl. Bill Kressln am Fenflnand Meyer were ushters. A)f ter the ceremony a weddlnir SUDDRT was served at the home of the bride's oar enta to 70 guests. Musical selections were olayed bv Hlldeeard and Tusmel da Kabelitz. Ruth Drever and Edn StnKcker. The bride Is a Donular vountr woman of this community an the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Auorus Mever. retired fanners of this nlace The bridegroom Is the son of Mr. an Mrs. Fred Rehmer of Red Bud. note. He attended high school and was graduated from the River For est College In Illinois. Since then h has tatteht one vear in Minnesota and two years In Fenton and at ore sent is at Homestead, where thev wil make their home. W. E Stoeber and son. Wilfred were business visitors In Minneapolis las week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Reeder were Sunday dinner guests at the Dr. 8 W. Mever home. Martin Rantelman and his helners are doing some remodeling on the R C. Goetsch residence this week. Verona Weisbrod went to Algona last week Tuesday to spend a few davs with -her grandmother. Mrs. J. C. Kresensky. Dr. A. T. Whitlow and family o: Armstrong visited Sunday with Mrs Whitlow's father. Frank BaUev arid family. • :> Dr. J. A. Mueller, accomoanled bv Dr. E. W. Ruske. took one of the former's patients to Iowa Cltv this week Monday. BaaoaoeeeieeaaaseaaeeaaaaacgaaBoaaaeeeeoaaBeatt TTHEATRF CHATTER Martin Hantelman and his helpers are remodeling the Stoeber hardware building. Thev are nutting in a new front and new fixtures. The sub-district Koworth League rally will be held this week Mondav evening in the Methodist church. Officers for the vear will be elected. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Krause and their children and Herman Krause (drove 1 to Callowav. Minnesota, last Sunday on a combined business and pleasure trio. Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Currv and children, Benton, Sylvia and Rob:rt were entertained at the home of the former's mother. Mrs. Emma Currv. on Sunday. The Rev. and Mrs. H. D. Stahmer arc the parents of a nine oound bov since last week Mondav morning. The family Includes two daughters, besides the-, new son. Verona Weisbrod entertained a grouo of young oeoole at a costume Hollow- e'en oartv at the home of her uncle ond aunt. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod. Saturday ovenine. Mr. and Mrs. Harve Higley visited at <the Harvft Hielev. Sr.. home and with other Fenton relatives Sunday. Thev were accompanied bv Earl Haas: who visited with relatives here also. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Wlddell drove to! Savunnah, Missouri, this week Mondav taklne the latter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Nek WilbcrK. who have been taking treatment at a sanitarium there. Mrs. F. H. Eleler entertained her bridee club Saturday afternoon. Mrs. P. J. Wesbrod won hiah £core prize and Mrs. A. J. Krause the low. Mrs. J. A. Mueller was a euest of the club. Mrs. F. H. Bohn was hostess to the New Deal bridee club last week Tuesday evening. Mrs. Alvln Zumach won high score prize and Mrs. Ravmond Stoeber the hunting prize. Mrs. G. B. Johnson waa a club guest. Geo. Arthur, 10 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Heddinger had a gland lanced last week bv Dr. Mueller and is now well on the road to recovery after a long illnetis caused from a glandular infection from the mumps. Mrs. J. T. Waite was hostess to the Hook and Needle club last week on Thursday afternoon. Other eutsts were the Meadames F. W. Lakin. C. H. Ger- oji£UV Carrie Uaaae. Mathilda Wlddell. Ed Weisbrod. and E. R. Schlel. Sam Scare and Miss Lucille Weisbrod. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hlnderman and son, Garth, and Mrs. Mary Hayenga of Henrv came Saturday for a visit with Featon relatives. On Monday the South. Dakota, visitors were entertained at the Arthur Volet home at a dinner and at the Earnhardt home at Burt for suooer. Mrs. J. A. Schwartz and son. Karl and dautfhter. BeCtv Jean and Virginia Frank drove to Cedar Rauids or Saturday where Mrs. Schwartz and Bettv Jean visited with Edith Laaee and Mr. Schwartz and Miss Frank went to Iowa Cilv to attend the Min- "Cleopatra", fevfeh prodncUort, foil of magnificent scenes, with a historical setting, is running at the Call Theatre tonight and Friday. We commented on It at length last week. One of the biggest, most spectacular hits of the yew by far. • • • Called on business at the home of Clinton Fotey, Perry Mason, a noted lawyer-detective, was first to discover the lifeless bodies of Foley and his dog. Starting with that, "The Case of the Howling Dog" runs through; seven or eight reels of genuine interest. Warren William and Allen Jenkins are the male leads, and Mary Astor is the lady In the case. Mason had never lost a case. Does he lose this one? Not by a Jugful, day. Find out about it Satur- Sonday brings another dorible attraction in the movie "365 Nights in Hollywood," and also a road show of WHO radio stars. With Alice Faye In the movie lineup, and a title like that, we'll bet the shew had some hot stuff that forced the producers to change its name. It was probably "Purp Passion," or "Pacific Romance" before the change. By the way, Alice recent ly arrived In Chicago and said she an Rudy Valee were "Just chums." • • • Cellini would be hanged If he kissed the duchess, and he'd be hanged If h didn't. The duke wanted to straigh ten Cellini out, at the end of a rope Well, "The Affairs of Cellini," anoth er bright spot in any theatre's calen dar, Is coming here within a few days Watch for it at the Call. Frederl March and Connie Bennett pay leads Cellini, If history is correct, was some ;hing of a scalawag, a genius and a lero, all rolled into one. A book o his life Is sptcy stuff, the plctur should be. • • • Helen Hayes was born In Washing ;on, D. C., daughter of a government ittiployee. She studied dramatics In t convent, and made her debut with i stock company. She played child's >arts, and then made a hit on the New York stage. In Sir James Barrle's fa- CHARLOTTE HOOD BRIDE OF CHARLES MC GU1RE AT BANCROFT, LAST WEEK nvous romance, "What Every Woman Cnows," one of the forthcoming pic- ures here, critics say she has reached her greatest heights. Brian Aherne leading man, is also a product of the •egitimate stage. John Hand enters nto a contract to marry the dowdy aughter, Helen Hayes, who has been lassed by In the marriage mart. But n the meantime he becomes a mem- jer of parliament, and although he ventually marries her, he has quite time finding out what sho has meant him. If that Is •what every woman knows, we wonder what some of them think as they look at the males across the breakfast cr dinner tables. How about It, girls? Reader Comment FROM AN ARMSTRONG SUBSCRIBER Algona Upper Des Moines, Dear Sirs: I want to thank your paper for civ- ng this corrvcr of Kossuth county :he first attention it has had from the county seat for a long time. I have talked to some of my neighbors, ant] You have a from AlRona ever takes the trouble to come UTJ hen; ind get acquainted, and may be that Is the reason that some of us have been going to Esthervllle and other places when we left our own neighborhood. A NEW ARMSTRONG ROUTE SUBSCRIBER IN KOSSUTH. :hey feol the same way. fine paper, but nobody iitiota-Iowa lootball game. turned home Saturday Thev re- About School System To the Editor: In your Issue of Oct. 18 reference was made to a woman in Chicago as a "critic of school system." I heartily agree with this mother that "the classroom turns out students as herds 'instead of individuals." I also agree with the opinion of the editor, that a student equipped through nheritance with mental faculties of a superior nature generally rises above the more poorly equipped. But what does the school system say about this? It says every mind must hold the same quantity. Each pupil must, toe the same mark at '.he start, must be pushed through the same groove, must be measured by the same merit system of markings and pushed cut as like as peas in a pod There are thoie who canno; take school book knowledge, and examinations class such as numb-skulls. Examinations classed Daniel Webster as a numbikull. Examinations may show knowledge or they may a^iow cram- Couple Leave on Trip; To Beside on Farm After Nov. 15th Bancroft: Tuesday morning at eight o'clock Charlotte Hood and Charles McOulre were united In holy wedlock In St. John* Catholic chwoh. Rev. I. F. Soholtes officiating. The couple was attended by Inez Hood, sister of the bride and Kenneth McOulre. brother of the groom. The bride Was Rowned In a savonim blue chiffon velvet dress and bat with silver accessories. She carried a shower bououet. Her bridesmaid wore a dark wine chiffon velvet dress and hat with white accessories. She carried a shower bouquet also. A dinner was given at the home of the bride's oarents. Mr. and Mrs. Willam Hood to relatives of the immediate relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McOulre will be at home on their farm near Bancroft after November 15th. O. S. Underkofler scent Friday and Saturday at Buffalo Center dolne relief work In the drutr store. John Kennedy of Hutchlnson. Minnesota, arrived Saturday to stjend a few davs with his brother. Ambrose and also with friends. The Young Ladles Sodality will sponsor a card nartv next Sunday evening In the church basement of St. John's for the voting folks. A dinner was held at the home of Miss Julia Vaske Sunday In honor of Charlotte Hood. Amorita Schiltz and Walbunra Rahe were guests. Miss Georgia Carmean drove to Iowa, City Saturday to attena the homecoming football game for Iowa State University. Evans accompanied her here. Gerald Smith has been soendlng the past ten davs with his Barents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Smith of Carson. Gerald operates the machines in the local Dreamland Theater. Hens Dooce of Auburn, son Vemon and daughter. Anna Mara, arrved here Saturday and remained until Sunday evening. Vernon will spend » few davs with his friend, Edward Kennedy. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Benlamin and family were called to Sherburn Saturday on account of the illness of his mother. Miss Amorita Schiltz heloed at the bakery during Mr. Benlamin's absence. A party was given at the home o: Rosemary Murnhv Sunday aftemoor in honor of Anna Maria Dooce. Eight friends attended and bridge was ntav- ed. Bertha Schiltz received the high and Anna Maria euest arize. Miss Margaret Schiltz entertained at three tables of bridge last Thursday evening. Regina Berens won high, Mrs. Verne Austin won low and Mrs Andrew Berens received the guest arize A delightful lunch was seirsd to the ladles, later In UIA evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Berniiard entertained at a dinner Sunday at their iome. Those attending were Mr. and tfrs. Leo Bernhard. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Baltz. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bernhard and family and Peter Wilhelml. son. Charles and daughter. Elsie. A bridge oartv was held at the horne of Mrs. Karl Hoffman last Friday evening. Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Eva Kennedy were the hostesses. Twenty- four ladles en loved a came of bridge. m* uripti wore being won tov Mrs. Frank Wdp. Mrs. Andrew Dettertng won cut nrlce and a low ortoe was K!T»n at, each table, the following receiving the orteea: Mr*. Vern Austin. Mrs. R. B. Weber. Mrs. J. H. Sheridan. Mrs. Frank Recker. Mrs. Roy Button and Mrs. Joe WUhelml 'Johnny" Edward* Dies in St. Paul Many of the older readento of Algona wll be interested in learning of the death of "Johnny" Edwards, former well known Algona and Bancroft resident, which occurred in St. Paul October 13. John O. Edwards was born in London, England, January 3, Clarence Graham of Hurt in Farm Injury Burt: Clarenc* Graham was ouite badhr bitired Saturday white husking corn: There were three men husktaj and one team became frightened and ra£ awaV. and the other two ran a^> Clarence was run over by the team behind him and received a broken law and was badly bruised. They were 1 buskin* at the George Graham home northeast of town. 1848, year. and He was therefore in his 87th was left »n orphan at a «nder age, and came to America when 17 years of age. He settled at Waukegan, Illinois, where he lived until 1875, when he came to Algona and was connected with the late T. H. Lantry in the hotel business at the Milwaukee depot until December, 1881. Vhen Bancroft was established he started In the livery business there and was Bancroft's pioneer liveryman He was married to Hannah Emery of Waukegan, Illinois, in 1884, Mrs. Edwards dying In 1887. One son, Oeo. was born to them. George died in 1919. Two daughters born to them, Hannah and Delia, we still living In St. Paul. Mr. Edwards located in St. Paul in 1903, where he <engaged in the real estate business. In 1907 he was married the second time, his wife being Miss Emma Eastman of Austin, Minnesota, who was with him at their home in St. Paul when the final summons came. This paper is indebted to Oharley Pettlbone, (former well known Algona business man and county official, now living In St. Paul for the notice of the death of Mr. Edwards. H W. POST Dray and Tranfer Storage of all kinds. Long distance hauling. Every load Insured against loss or dam- Age. Equipped to do all kinds of clraylng and hauling. 32-tf Has Fort Dodge Position Union: Lucille Bode osme up from Fort Dodge Sunday afternoon accompanying tt» W. H. Byno family. SM returned the same evening as she has accepted a position as stenographer for the Brady Transfer oo. BUET NEWS Miss Evelyn Toothman was home over the week end. George Allen has been laid un with an attack of rheumatism. L. R. Daniels is DaintXna at toe Ptovd Bacon home east of town. Mrs. N. L. Rlchmann entertained the Lutheran Aid Thursday afternoon. Ted Rlngsdorf had the misfortune to swain his wrist, while husklna corn recently. Mrs. Arthur Blerstedt and two sons ioent Saturday with her oarents. Mr. and Mrs. Nemltx. SWEA CITY NEWS Mrs. Harry Bixby of Fort Dodge spent the week here with friends. A good sized crowd was in attendance at the American Legion dance Thursday night. Dr. R. M. Mlnkel and LeBoy Appte- qutat attended the Minnesota-Iowa football game at Iowa City Saturday. The Peterson and Haglund contractors are busy repairing sidewalks. Tree roots have caused considerable damage in various parts of Use town. Recent births announced are: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lunn, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hawbaker, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Nels Martinson, a daughter; and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Stevens, a son. Baptismal services were held Sunday at the Immanuel Lutheran church for Ruth Eovnne Dltsworth, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs Russell Dlts- worth and James Byron Holcomb, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Holcomb. The American Legion Auxiliary of Fisher post have their membership quota and have sent in all contributions so therefore have a one hundred per cent record at the beginning of the year. Mrs. R. E. Berg is the president of the unit. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dahl and R. H. Walker are at Santa Fe, Kew Mex- co, where they attended the funeral services ot Mr. Walker's brother-ta- Sw? They were accompanied by Ray Smith who will vistt hto brother. Ralph at San Angelo, Texas. Diphtheria Immunization was again resumed Friday. This tothe *M»«I treatment sponsored by the P. T. A. Or. o. W. Lundoutat and Dr. R. M. Mlnkel are th« doctors in charge and they are assisted by Eunice Newton and Mrs. O. R. McDowell, registered nones. 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Phones 138 and 139 We Deliver Stomach Trouble Sufferers Drink YERBAVIDA This remarkable beverage, made from a desert herb known, as the "Plant of Life," has brought about most amazing results in the different forms of otomach trouble—hyper-acidity, gmstrltia. heartburn, dyspepsia, and Ulcers. WOtoarid* is a drugleu beverage and its delicious flavor is very pleasing to the taste. A cup at each meal promotes good digestion, while a cup at bedtime Insures good refreshing sleep. Yerbavlda Is Inexpensive, too. A large package, enough for 240 cups, can be obtained for only tl.OO. If your local druggists cannot supply you, accept no substitute, but send tl.OO direct to Verbavlda Bales Co.. 612 Southwest nidg., Los Angeles, California, Or a 20- page book. "The Story of Yerbavlda" free on request. For Sale at Lusby's Drug Store. ming, or they may show luck in TITONKANEWS &&0£Xg&aso®&a^ Miss Allene Johnson and Miss Lela Stephens spirit the week end at Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Schwietert o: Algona spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Missal. Miss Hazel Budlong of the Hampton school faculty, spent the wtek end with her mother, Mrs. Prances Budlong Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Annette of Minneapolis came Monday evening to visit at the parental C. V. Pendergast home. Miss Alice Sartor returned Friday evening from Chicago where she had been taking the Illinois state board examination in chiropody. The American Legion Auxiliary •entertained members and friends at a Hallowe'en masked party Monday evening at the W. J. Denton home. Mr and Mrs. L- M. Miller have aa their house guests this wetk. Miss Joice Clark, Mrs. Miller* sister and Miss Miller, his sister from Havelock. Mr and Mrs. H. A. Preach returned Monday afternoon from Cedar Rapids, where they spent the week end visiting friends. They report a very pleasant time. Mr. suid Mr*. H. C. Scttwepp* and Btverly Ami drove to St. James Friday evening to visit Mr. Sc£weppe* father who waa very sick. On Saturday he was Uk«u to St. Paul *> » rinding questions put to you which by accident you are able 10 answer. Again, examinations for promotion, demand the pupil toe the mart in each study. Lack of proficiency in one study retarding in another. In the absence of reasoning powers memory is called upon to carry the load. Such a pupil faiU in rrulhemaBtcs. Others who have reasoning powers fail in memory stucfys, suuh as history, geography, etc. The merit system puu; a block in the very way in which the pupil has talent to go. The merit system grades pupils in music who have no talent whatever along that line and displays equal consistency when it denies musical talent different treatment when a pupil possesses that talent. Art is treated in the same way and yet the pupil who could no: pass up his mathematics may have talent to spare along other lines. Our minds are no more alike thau our bodies, yet the merit system applies the same nveaiure to each mind. That pupils survive the contortions of examinations is a monument to nature's power to correct man's errors. We arc in accord with any parent who is in favor of a child developing the talent which the child possesses. lather than putting it through drill 011 subjects for which the child has lilt It- capacity and no inclination.—S. H. McNutt. Who Shot Out the Baron'» Eyes? Strange Murder of Nobleiuaa in the Ancient Bobbers' Castle Pirtdra the Police. A True U/e Detective Mystery Stury in The American Weekly, the Maritime Distributed With Next SmuLj/M Chicago liemld uui Toe Firestone (*eaa s designed with angles ond objections to give «he maximum 'faction and non ik>a Your brakes can stop your wnee<» ou' youi 'ires mus' stop your car. first Choice for Safety and Economy Give your family the protection of Firestone this Year. No other tire has the EXTRA features of Gum-Dipping, Two Extra Gum-Dipped Cord Plies under the tread, the scientifically designed SAFETY Tread. 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