The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1934 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 1, 1934
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HISTORICAL DEFT, Awarded Highest Honors as "lowas Best Weekly Newspaper By State University of Iowa, 1933 OFFICIAL N3ITY AN» COUNT! * PARR &taona jfttome* Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 195U T'nges- CIRCULATION This Week 2840 VOIj. 32.—NO. 44 BOTH POLITICAL TICKETS SCENT VICTORY Stolen LuVerne Mail Pouch Found; Suspect Local Talent INSPECTORS ON CASE; POUCH IN CACHE IN FIELD J. O. Marty, Husking Corn, Finds Remains; Parcel Post Missing ALL LETTERS HAD BEEN RIPPED OPEN United States postoffice inspectors, •working on the theory that the robbery of a mail pouch from the LuVerne post office during the night of Oct. 16 was perpetrated by tocai talent, wdre thought to be nearlng a solution of the robbery. The pouch was found half buried in * field on Uie J. O. Marty farm, about a half mile southwest near the right of way of the M. & St. L. tracks, about 10 rods from the tractes. Mr. Marty found the pouch while working in the field, husking corn, last Thursday. Pried Off Lock AccofnUag to HaHoM Phillips, Lu- Verne poctmsuter, the pouch was delivered into the railroad station from one of tbe night trains. The pouch •was placed In a locked room Inside the station, but the thief either pried or filed off the lock and stole the pouch. The pouch contained letter for Lu- Vcme, and a parcel post assortment headed for Minnesota. The letters had al] been opened and the pouch thoroughly rifted. The parcel post was missing, and the loss, although not definitely known, was thought to be considerable. In Hnmboldt County The discovery of the pouch was made • coun- l»e«n ftt* ty,w opectors. The robbery wad evidently committed by some one who was familiar with the train schedul-?. nnd afro where the pouch was placed. No railroad employee Is on duty nt the time the train arrives, it was stntcd. and the thief could work unhampered after the train pulled out. Although some letters may have been totally lost, nnd all of them were opened, a majority were received this •week with notes in them explaining the delay. Holtzbauer Buys Old Normal Lot Having in mind the construction some lime in the future, of an npirt- ment building, George Holtzbnuer purchased the property of the Heln^ohn Estate at the corner of South D^dge and Nebraska streets, on which ihe •Id normal school building now stands. The property Is 66 by 68 feet. Oeorgo stated that he did not intend to do anythng with the property this year, and that perhaps no work mould even begin next year, but he <tld state that his Intention is to some day construct an apartm.nt buiklnv, bctiiet.^.ing that he feels Algona badly need£, and in which opinion many agree witJi him. Two Arrested At Irvngton, Saturday Harry Hart of Algona was bound over to the grand Jury oh a charge of operating a motor Vehicle while Uv toxicated, Monday morning by Justice P. A. Danson, and bond was fixed at $1,000. The bond was not furnished. He waived a preliminary hearing. Hart and Archie Dodds, also of Algona, were arrested by Sheriff Dahlhauser Saturday at Irvington, after complaints had been received from residents of that section. Dodds was charged with drunkenness, and was fined $25 and costs by Justice Danson at the same time. Work Forges Ahead on New P. O. Corner The southwest comer of Dodge and Call streets, site of the new Algona poet office, took on a vacant appearance this week as final work of tearing down the former sho: shcp build- Ing was completed. Tliie remaining buildings, on the lots south of the site itself in the same half block, will be torn down as soon as the contract letting for th: post office is made. The contracts are expected to be let in several weeks. The machinery in the old laundry building has been purchased by Tony Kirscli, it was reported, and Algon- ians will scon find several of the old frame buildings, familiar for many years, a thing of the past. Ogrens Left Monday For White* in South Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ogrcn left on Monday in their cur for San Antonio, Texas, where they will again spend Uie winter. They huve spent several winters there and enjoy UK delightful winter climate. They have made many friends among the winter residents of Grande Courts, where they have made their residence each winter since going south. And best of all, Grande Courts Is located adjacent to the celebrated golf links in Brakenridge Park, where Albert usually plays golf every day. atax ferent methods of taxation, and where one group is hit a little hard under one tax, it benefits under the other, so the tax on the whole Is equalized." He referred to the sales tax, net Income tax and personal property tax. KcMuth county paid $17,928.65 for the first quarter of the sales tax, according: to Mr. Speidd. He showed that the allocation of state funds had amounted to a $41,000 tax reduction in Kossuth county. The average tax paid during the quarter was .704 in Kossulh county for every man, woman and child. The average for Polk county was 1.845, Black Hawk 1.439, and Woodbury, 1.54, Mr Speldel also pointed out. Mr. Speldel, discussing the sales tax, .siUd that IK believed that it was a very fair form of collecting taxes, and that for tho-e wiio bought much, their fhare of the tax burden was proportionately higher, and for those buying ittle, the cost was small, with the funds raised being allocated back to he counties on a basis of assessed va- .nation, bringing In the cot-; of Kossuth county, two dollars back into the county f jr every one spent in sales IX. 90 Per Cent Home Owned He wlso pointed out that the retvnt refund of properly taxes was only ihe refund for a fraction of a year, as the sales tax was in effect part of this year. Replying to a question as to how the out-of-state land owner.* aenefitted (particularly insurance companies), Speidel staled that 90 per cent of the Iowa land was owrivd within the slate, and that he did not feel that it was doing justice to the 90 per cent to consider the 10 per cent as paramount. KOSSUTH FARMER WINS PALO ALTO HUSKING CONTEST Joe Metille of Union Picks Net of 1187.1 Pounds Loses in District LAKOTA FARMER 7TH IN DISTRICT The state and national corn husk- ng contests will be without an entry from Kossuth county, as the result of the district contest outcome held Monday at Brttt, Iowa. (Joe Metttlle, Union /township, won thxr Palo Alto county title and entered the district meet, and Fred Gray of Lakota also entered but neither man was in the first three winners. The notional contest will be held next week at Fairmont, Minn. Mettllle, husking In a field near Em- metsburR, husked 1340 pounds of corn n one hour and twenty minutes, to take the Palo Alto title. Mettille's net husking after making the deduction, for excess husks and gleanings, was 1187.1 pounds. The winner of the seventh district title turned In 1768 pounds. The field In which the Kossuth man was working had a yield of about 50 bushels to the acre, checkers stated, and there were 238 ears of corn on an average In each hundred pounds. The: statistics are from the Palo Alto contest. Fred Gray, who entered the district contest directly, won a small casii prize donated by the Britt Commercial club by taking seventh place in the field of 15 entries. Counties represented la the district inert TAX LAW BASED ON MAN'S ABILITY TO PAY; Member of State Assessment-Review Board Outlines Iowa Setup "Based entirely on a person's ability to pay, the state's threepolnt tax law Is one of the fairest jnelhods of raising funds for governmental purposes in the country today, John Spel- del of Washington county, republican members of the state board of asscs- ment and review told members of the Rotary club at their Monday noon luncheon in the Hotel Algona. Mr. Speidel's talk was entirely on the subject of taxes, and he preceded his remarks by stating that his talk was about the tax laws, and not on politics. No Tax Perfect "No tax can be perfect," tl»e speaker declared. "Every.ta* U too teomftota), w too neaty on . BuHteMMratlMft today lw p^Wnnebago.^Wirigbt, Worth,, Hwn- boIcW, Floyd, Butler «nd Hancock. FTVESMASHUPS BATTER CARS IN WEEK'S MISHAPS Smashups, serious enough, but nonr of them fatal to th™ Inlurod. dotted Kossuth county during the past week, and left their scars on a number of Kossuth people. Amcng several crashes which occur- r'd nenr Sexton, a trio of occupant? of one machine were brought to n hr>s- pltal here, when their car miffed the turn east of Sexton, In-. • last Wednes- Swea City Man Picked as Bank's Officia Swea City: Clyde Sanboni has beei named vice president of the Re-organ- ia d Iowa Savings Bank at EsthervUle Mr. Sunburn has u grcoexy store at SWf-tt City OIK; at ArmslrMlig Frtvioua to coming to was associated with ail Mrs. Herman Vaudt's Father Died Sunday Whittemcre: Mrs. Herman Vaudt rc- o ived word Mondav mroniiiK that her father. John Wolf, died at the home of his son. Otto Wolf, near Waterloo. Illinois. Sundav evenimr. Mr. Wdf lived here until last fall when thev moved to Waterloo. 111. His wifu Dreot-d- ed him in death last Pebruarv. Mr. Vaudt left to at- Prends of Mrs. to her their and Mrs. Herman tend the funera. Vaudt exiend svmouthv. day night. Wisconsin. The Injured were all from Two fractured nrm.s, bruis- Pastoral Conference A pastoral conference of Lutheran pastors of the Missouri Syncd of the Spencer and Algona Circuit was held last week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at th-.- Trinity Lutheran church, Algona. Twenty-two pastors attended the conference, 'flue Rev. M. Friedrich of Humboldt presided ut the iiUKtings. Dinner and supper were served each day in the Luther hall by the- ladi ; of Uie Trinity church. The conference closed bu>t Thursday noon. A-.l pastors enjoyed Uie kind hospitality of the congregation, greatly and hoped to return to Algoiiu soon. cs, and cuU were the re.HiH of the accident. Miraculous Escape W-:st of Corvvilh, Sunday eveniuR. Mr. nnd Mrs. Earl Reed o' Burl escaped injury when thf- machine whiih they were driving and an.itl er car collided. The occupants of the rthiv ma- chin , which turned over *hrea times were all from Webster City Saturday afternoon, cars rhiveii by Rodney Van Ness of Alpona. sun (.1 E. J. Van Ntss and Alvin McMurray of St. Benedict, collided at the McEnroe corner on McGr tcor street. Van Ne. c s was accompanied by anotr-e.- party, and McMurray had his two children in the car. Fortunately, n;boiy wa.3 injured but the cars were quite badly damaged. Burl Child Injured Mrs. P. C. Hanson of Burt. h r (laughter and the daughter's small child, were badly shaken up and also bruised when their machine collides with another car near the Catholic ce-m-ttery, east of Algona on 18 on Tut-sday afternoon of this week The Hanson machine was turning into the Plum Creek read when th< mishap occurred. The second machin; was driven by O. W. Ferrand of Rolfe cccompani d by his wife. Mrs. Ferrand received a broken leg, and Mr.-Hanson's granddaughter received cut.- and bruises. Merlin Johnson, driving a Royal 400 tank wagon, had a close call, Thursday, when his truck collided with in northbound Northwestern motor train The truck was smashed, but fj.caped uuhurt. at EsthervUle. flwt-a C'i ty he Estherville bank. Hosts li re with him success. of friends Correction W« wish to correct an error in th^ hospital news of Itet week which reported Mrs. Harold R. Soreusen a-s a patient at Uie Kossuth hospital for n;iiior surgery. Tile name should Juu beta Ml'i. Clara Sorensen. Strange But True From Algona The question of buying and keeping liquor in at least two local homes is far from soiree!, ag these stories would Indicate. Gossip has It that In one home, the man of the house (we refrain fronil saying head) concerted his state liquor permit between visits to the local store, in a griddle In the cupboard. One day he returned home to find the griddle hooked up In preparation for some culinary work. The liquor permit burned to a crisp. In a second home, a recent purchase from the store was concealed in a washtnb that contained corn cobs. One of the younger members of the fivmr'ly took a big shovelful of cobs and threw them into the fire, with it went the bottle of liquor. The resulting blast threw the family Into a panic, all except Pas who said he guessed It was Just a little spontaneous combustion. LAKOTA FARMER ENDS LIFE WITH SHOT-GUN SLUGS Julius Hennig, 60, Despondent Shoots Self on Friday Evening SIX DAUGHTERS, TEN SONS SURVIVE 20 Masonic Lodges Sent Visitor* Here Members of tilt Masonic lodge tr-in 20 difl-ueiil lodges attended a smoker litre last Friday evening, at whit-Si Fiof. John W. GiUinaway. political science instructor at Grinnell ColL-.u-. spoke. About 125 men attended the gathering. Ed CKnrich offered a vocal solo :i:iJ after a general l-ellowsiay meeting- •• lunch v,as served by the local luu ; -:e COUNCIL GRANTS BUILDING TO CHAMPUN CO. Work Starts at Once on A New $6,000-$7,000 Super Service Plant BILLS ALLOWED, REPORTS HEARD Immediately following the city council meetftn* laet Thursday evening, at wnlcrr tone *>ie couneJl Hranted per- mlsslon for the construction of a new filling- station to the Champlln Refining Co., that oil company, through Gforge L. Miller, local contractor, started wcrk oil a new super-service Elation here which will cost between $8,000 nnd $7,000. The building Is to be constructed on the comer of State 1 nnd Harlan streets. George Miller stated that the building would bo set brack from the street far enough to allow n 58-fcot concrete drive of 102 feet, east and west. There will be four island pumps nnd th-:! building will be of a brick construction, ivory in color, with modernistic piers at the corners. Ready December 1 In tho forvice ;tation will be a tire r:pair room and a two car service garage. The station is expected to be ready for us e by Dec. 1. To rush work on the construction, night crews were at work the first of this week, hailing gravel and leveling off the lot, as well as laying concrete before the- weather became too cold to carry on that farm of work. The Chiunplln station at Uie pre- •f.nt site will be vacated by the Champlin Co., and Uie local force moved into its new quarters as soon as tlwv ure ready, officials stated. I'lan 20 Electroliers Other council business included a report on th-e progress of installing the new electroliers, four of which go on the west side of the court house, ami eight endi on Call and Nebraska ttretts. TlK bases are now in, and other work will be finished shortly. Progress on the installation of the new oooling system for the water plan 1 , machin-ry Was also made. A permit wa.s granted Ed Hough to change the sidewalki on South Dodge street, running pa-t the new store buildings now being remodeUd. All members of the council and the mayor were present and the meetim; adjourn.d early alter allowing bills. Union Folks Home From Sask., Canada Union: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jackman and daughter from Liberty, Saskatchewan, Canada, arrived at th< home of Mrs. Jackman's sifter. Mrs, Alice Dilaworth, we-st ef Hobarum 1 Thursday evening. They brought a truck loaded with household tooita and ilk- family car. T" Algona Boy Makes Good Leo Da'iL-y, who f-r a number of years has been secretary ol Uie Spencer C-:iu:iercial Club uild the Clay Countv li.i" was a welcome visitor a Uie U~ D. M. uilie-e- last Thursday. At one tune Leo was the foreman oi I.'.is t-'iHix.' and from such a humble bcyin- ning iiL- ha-s progressed uniU now h is rat.d one of the k-aeiiilL; cin/ens ol Clay cou:ity and is given credit f.a bring tile mam iactur in making the- CUiy county fair tin- QI ;t euiUUv ty.iv in the world. Leo U yhvay.- w.k- in- irieiiels. "German Band" Meets Swea City Approval Swrn City: The njfrwly organised Little German Band made Its initial appearance in Swea City on Thursday evening, giving a band concert on the streets, theni appearing in costumes of various nationalities and professions at the high school auditorium IK' presented several popular numbers and was accorded much applause. Members of this newly formed musical organization are Sam Hc- thershaw, Dr. C. C. Anderson, Dr. R M. Mlnkel, Dr. Jack Sanftner, Dr. C. E. Pf^ter, John Haglund, Renn Kluger, Thorwnld Dahl, A. B. Tweeten, T. P. Mitchell and Charles Hutchtnson. Despondent, possibly over financial matters, according to close friends, Julius Hennig. 60. went outside his farm home, southeast of Lakota, last Friday evening, plac-td a shotgun against his breast and killed himself. He had evidently considered the move for some time before the suicide, Dr. B. A. Evans, coroner, stated, because he had sowed off the muzzle of u shotgun close enough so that he could hold the gun at arm's length and pull the trigger, with -the muzzle placed next to his body. Mr. Hennig was a widower, and Is I survived by 10 children, four sons and six daughters. Several of his children were in a nearby field, and when they heard the shot ran to the house, where they found their father was breathing his last. Funeral services were held at the house at one o'clock, and then at the Uikota Lutheran church, with Rev. A. F. Bocsc in charge, Monday. He 13 survived by Ernest, William, Karl and Julius, sons, and Mrs. Mlto Bravlck of Detroit, Julta of Marshalltown, Mrs. Clifford Wallace of Lako- BIG DEMO RALLY HERE FRIDAY IN H. S. AUDITORIUM Chairmen Admit Close Bat tie But Each Predicts Party Win VOTE ON TUESDAY, 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. ta, Emma, who is training corn-re at taking a nurses Lakota, Anna of K'arshalltown and Pearl at hcme. The eons are all living near or at hom-e. Mr. H«nnlK w*a born to Germany May £,i874. He cam* to Ann-rich when four years of age. The Hennig family moved to their place near La- kotn In, 1908. Mrs. Hennlg passed away several years ago. Two sisters also survive. HENRY KUNZ OF WESLEY PASSED AWAY LAST WEEK Well Known Grain Man Leaves Wife and Two Children Wesky. This community was grcat- y saddened Thursday when It bc- june known that Henry Kuni had issed away early that miming fol- owing a brief illness of angina pec- .orls. He had been in his usual health the day before and had eaten his supper when lie suddenly became ill. Death came at two o'clock Thursday morning, October 25th. Mr. Kunz was born May 3, 1877, In Wisconsin, and came to Wesley with his parents when one year old and where he has since lived. He was marrkd to Mary McCutchin in Wesley to which union two children were born, Clare of Minneap Batholomew Girl Recovering After A Narrow Escape Caught between two car- as she stepped frcm the curb b:hind her m^her, Janice Bartholomew, 3, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Prod Bartholomew, was gainfully injured last Thursday, short- y after noon, on State street, almost n fron> of Long's grocery. Mrs. Bartholomew had be-: n shopping md her car was narked in the second lane. She and her daughter step- iX'd toward the machine, and at that moment another machine parked about four care down the line, pushed ihe line cf cars as the driver attempt•d to get it out of the parking space, nd as Uie cars moved forward. UK little girl was pinned between two oi tin- machines. It was reported the first of this week Ilia-, .she is g-:ttini; along very nicely. It WH.I .stated that .she i now iibl* to sit ip wil.h the aid of pillows. The driver of Uie car who rammed the parked muci.ine.s was not found, as immedla'iely drove away. Those nearby said they believed the machine was an out of the county car. W. A. Duttons Home From Southern Trip Mr. airi Mrs. W. A Dullon return (1 Friday from a three we-i.-ks' vacation trip. The Duttons first went to Chicago where they attended th world's tair a lew day^. from iheiv they went to Luccdale, MUwUsippi. where they visited Ml. Dullon's ;• later, Mrs. A- L. Ditsworth. During tlieir trip, the Duttona stepped at Old Hickory, Ten- nessc. , where tr.ey veiled at the Kalph Moore home. Ralph is the son of Mr. and Mr^. J. M. Moore of Al^ona. Ralph is employed in the du Ponl ray^n and cellophane plant which the Duttons inspected. At Nashville, th y llirouah "The HermitaKe." Gen. son's home, and in Biloxi. Mississippi, they visited to. hoir.c ol Jell Davis. Biloxi is located on the gull. One of Mr. Uutlon'-s relatives in Luctdale ha tuny acres ot lung oil trees. Th. raising of these trees is a new industry in th. soutii. Tuna oil is used in making paints and varnishes waterproof went Jack- and wais fornulriy China. 'I'J:e name imported -Tung" is I":', m taken from the ciiape of the leaves anc means •'heart." The Duttoiu brought of these iiu.ts to show Many other points of back I heir several friends. interest were visited by Mr. and Mrs Dutt:n and the triij was made perfect by Uie almost ideal weath.r. Del Mahan on Crutches With both, sides predicting victories the county political campaign, oeni- terlng chiefly between the democratic and republican forces, with the farmer-labor newcomers playing a lesser BJthough none the less determined role, was drawing to a close here fchla week. The primary election will be held next Tuesday, Nov. 6. Polls will open at 8 «. m. and close at 8 p. m. Absent voter ballots may still be obtained from the county auditor's office, but they must be in the hands of that office, sealed, and with notary stamp, In time for the office to get them to the polling precinct for the counting of the ballots, next Tuesday evening. "Well Win," Shnmwwy Even though it may be by a small margin, I feel confident that we will ut Kossuth county back In the pcpub- ican column," said Q. D. Shumway, hairman of the republican .county xjmmittce. Part of Mr. Shumway'a op- imlsm was based on the fact that at he rally at Bwea City, Tuesday e\en- ng, the high school auditorium was packed, and over 400 persons were in attendance. The attendance even topped the meeting In Algona last week, at which about 250 were present. Chairman Luke E. Llnnan of the county democratic committee, said he expected Kossuth. cdunty to remain with the democratic administration. basing his opinion on personal observations culled during the past few oils and Ivyl Marie, a student at 8t _ '9 iwspital at Bt t'jtiil- "'Btftlilri wlddvTwid ciiiraiW7J«"1csv« h! "-""••~ •, Mrs. Anna Kuna'of We* ley. three brother*, John of Reno, Ne vadn, Julius and OHle of Wesley am two sisters, Mrs. Adelln Carmody ol Dnnvill-". 111., nnd Mrs. Agnes Corey ol DCS Molne-s. Two brothers, Edward nnd Otto, preceded him in death seven years ago. Henry Kunz for the past 30 years wn., -.(.aviary and treasurer of the Kunz Grain Cu. He was an honorable iprlght, man, held in highest regard by all who knew him. Funeral services were hold Saturday ncrning at nine o'clock nt St. Jo«;ph'K church, solemn reqiuVm mass belli'.,' celebrated by Rev. A. J. Wagner, celebrant. Rev. Geo. F. Wessllng of Poca- lontas, deacon, and Rev. T. J. Davern. of Algona, isub-df.icj:it. Burial was nade in St.. Joseph's cemetery. Pall bearers were Fred Dlckmann, William Sturdivnnt, Frank W.lllk, Alfred Erdmann, E. J. McEv-y nnd Frank Zender. The fitinily have tlie sincere sympalhy of all their friends in the loss of n cving husband and father. Herman Rantzow Dies in the West News nf t.-.e death of Herman Rant- zow, former well known Algona and Whttemore man. has been received by riendiS. Herman Ilantzow wa.s tor yiar.-. a .shoemaker in Algunn, later ncving to WhitU'more wheiv 1><- also :onducte'd a shoe repair .shop for >i lumber of years. He ami his tumil> ncved to Huseville, California. JK-I-laps ten years ago win re thi-v- hav,- ince mude their home'. Hi-rin:in wa.s oiu- cf the best, known anil liki-d CK-r- naii-Anie-ricaiis in UK county. He • a\v:> a widow and one daughter, we hink. No partieular.s of his death are at hanii. He wa.s ix-rhap.s 70 years >f a"e. Dies at Nephew's Home in Cresco Cr<ico: Earlv Friday morniiiL' Aun- tv Tnatcher nassed awav ut the liJiiU' if her ne-uhew. J. F. Kellv. with whom she lived. comiiiK here last .su-niii'.-r. 1'hi; boilv wa-s taken 10 Hartley lh<; old liame Saturdav afternoon. Funeral ervicis were held at 4:30. The Kel- lv family attendee! the services. The ,ons. James. Buell and Kvle. return•d home at. iiimit. Mr. and Mrs Ki-llv reiurr.inu bv rail Sundav nitlit. Overmyers to Convention Mr. and Mi's. J. F. Ovennyer 1- ft rhur.sday morning lor De-s Muine'.s to attelul the- State Teaclier.s Associati n Mr. Ove-rmye-r is a meir.b.-r weeks of Intensive campaigning and democratic meetings. "Ttoere nwy . but we feel that the niajortty of voters believe with us that the sincerity of purpose of the administration o help this section of the country observes support a^aln nt this election." Three G. O. P. Meetings Republican meetings as announced cr th< final week follow: Friday, Nov. 2, Lakota— Willis Ecl- son, former speaker of the hou-'e, of Storm Lake, and C. R. Sclioby, speak - ers. Saturday, Nov. 3, Uolliver, Fort Dodne Wesley— James and ex-Judsu Fred Lovrien of Spencer, speakers. Monday, Nov. 5, Fenton— E. P. Stillman, Clear Lake, C. B. Schoby and George Patterson, speakers. T!.,' meetings will bo conducted by the local, A. D. Carpenter of Lakoba-Ledyard, Robert Welter of Wesley and Philip Wander of Fenton. Demo Rally Friday The (1 mocratic meetings will wind up Friday nlj'.ht with a giant mass meeting in the Algona high school auditorium, at which T. E. Diamond, J. L. Bonar and A. H. Bonmtetter will .•••pi-ak. L. E. Linnan will be the chairman of the evening. A musical program is also included, and all democratic supporters and candidates are urged to be pre.sent. Thursday evening at Fentcn, J. L. lionar and A. 11. Boiin-itelU-r will b.> t: e .'•peaUers. U'hcre to \'ote Voters ill Aluona will cast ballots in the Klbert Garage in the first ward, t ho Kent Motor Co. in the t«c- cnd ward. Luther Hall in the third ward and at Die Oily Hall in Wie fourth ward. Williams Out On Bond of $2,000 C. It. \Villi. Di'.s. Ink! ui a charge of .iule of mortgaged prupi-HV for official^ Horn Ti-x.tft, wa.s re!i;i.-fd from Uie coun;y jail several days aKJ, upon furnishing a $2,000 appearance bond. Williama ia due to appear here Nov. 7. at which time the also due. If th y will be fully relc-.i rJ. Williams ri-k-UM ;l • veral week^ ago when two gills w..o were -.ndeav- oriiiK tv pass bad checks, were apprehended. and held, aiul iin.jUcatt-d \Vi'.- liains. As no definite charge of bad check pa^ illy ci'iil;! b ;i\ ictd a;;.ti:i William.;. In; v. . .; n,,. held on IhHl loiuii. but, 1'or 'i.x.u .'i.:liorUiuo oui., . Texas officials are do n.j f . appear, he Reformation Festival of an Educational e-lub which wa.s to m-.e-t Thurtday night UoiiK'h'i. The Overmyt'i's expected to me-e-t duughlrr. June- Hand in Corn Picker FciH n: Eaiil Ljr^c-n lh L - un.~li.;- tuiii; to net liii, liaiul cauiiht in th. corn uicker last Thur«lav. Wi.ili- th • injury van uaiuful it wad not in-evs- ;ifv to a:i:uutaU- auv tiniieis but la; will hisve a ur.tiv sore arm for ^ time. Tire Blows Out fe-Hloh • VV'iitn 'I'licutio: L- N:a^ w.i.-> ,t Uniiiii^ hi.nic lu^l w^ck 'I'utiid.iv Irenn Fcntoii a 'luv bk-w out aiv.i In- 1 .-t '.onliL'l ul his car UJid r. '»'-. lit i:it-j the dik-h ne-ar the Georee B<J!!'- f-irm. WL-.S: of town He- c-caix-^1 uilh.u! ! iniurv. Ade-lle, who teache- Oskaloosa. in D-.s Muines and planned to spend u few d.iy.s tr.e-re. Mrs. F. S. Norl-. n aci'i)inpanit--d tht- Ovor- myers to Marihalltuwn where the will stay with her daughter. E!- unur. ivhe. LS a member of iho sc'iool Uve-uHv De-1 Mahan L? g-.ttmg about on crut-j there. The Ovt-rmye-rj were also are-Jie-s as result ol an accident whicii! coinpauV-d by Mrs. Adrian SU>rliin. happened Saturday wliil. he- was trim-j who w-.iit us far ai Webster City t^ j ining a window at the IX-lduteh Ser- spend the wee-k e-iid with relatives ' . ;...... i. The- un.mijl R. f ::--i::-.!ion festival :i: comine-moiiiUon ;.f the- t-.reat work oi Martin Luther will be edebrated next •ii'| Sunday. November 4 at the AlgOiiu i ; i I Trinity Lutheran church. A special _ ! ,...., \icc- itauon. H<-- leaned buck agai:)st the railing of lilt.- wuidow k-dge -iiid in some way iiiiagiiagtd th. dkslanci; with I I the re-sult thj.t ho fell ovt-r backward I "Duilt" Smitli. luther o! nd struck SLWIIV buttciii-s. An \-rayiCowiun ar.J Don Smith, i> "Dunt" Smith Improves Mr; li. .sllO*tU Ollc- ef Ule- SllJjll biJllcS Ol 111. loot, wiici broken, and he- will h.ue to be on ciulehe-ci ior u wivk i.'i~ .-. iiiui-ii wi eie lie iLWii at KirktMlle. w.nt sevclii] weeks will be the celebration of the animei.'ury ol th.- TransIaUoii 400th ci tin- Bib.'e bv Martin Ik.: K-.-tivai .s-.rvirt.-i wi tht- li itiiOLiii ;-.' 10:'iU Hi-v. F. J Braner i:)u:.aiy .-<-rii!o;i ccreliuJly liuiuti ike H-stiv;-.! Luther. be held in -lock. Til- :\cr the .111- b!ic is itlso .! thus jub- ayu lui On Federal Jury ..ui.: P.'.iiiu \V .1'. ; r ' ; received ti u:i ti: - i;mu-v.t Spates Marul sjioux City that he hu.s bet:: liruwn ai a oetit, iuror for the federal uiurt which will convene at Fort Dodue in November. He is to rcDort tor dulv Noveuibir 13.

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