The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1934 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1934
Page 3
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&!)e aijjona flipper • North Dodga Street HAOOARD * WAUan, Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, October 26, 1034 otoontrew of BaarchS, iw». muM WceMy. Advance .. ......... in Advaue, ... Month.. in Advance .::::;:: BubscrtptlOM outawe _ county, strictly in advance. Subscriptions. Payable in Advance. ADVERTISING, **, PER mcH OompoBlton » cent* per inch extra. M(the people know the truth and the MHB try ••f*."—Abraitam Lincoln. ———^•—«^^_ IT MUST BE THE SUNSHINE FOOTBALL MUD BUNGING The Spencer Reporter carried an Interesting account of the Algona-Spenoer high football game, and took a resounding whack at coach Kenneth Mercer of Algona for calling his team from the field in the final second of play. Mercer's reason for so doing, that the game time had ended, was not clearly explained. But aside from that point, the Reporter missed one of the chief news angles of the contest. Practically nothing was said about the fact that seven Algnoa players were taken from the field Injured, two of them seriously. But then that might not have looked so good in print. •Aa one New York newspaperman remarked, in the newspaper business the good men quit, the poor ones get fired, and the Indifferent ones stay. Perhaps the Reporter sports writer was in the latter class. OTHER EDITORS before MM 1 sunshine anlte that Upton un te the even of sunstroke Partner or Competitor? L. H. Henry In Charles City Press: One Item especially in the graphic arts code Is intriguing. The code provides that a printer must charge his customers $6.60 for , a, thousand 6K envelopes costing the printer $1.80 a idea of curing depression thousand. Now Postmaster General Parky, the government's super-salesman of printing and other things, will _„ „, ... —,, WUICO tu«,iner s 6 " y»u an envelope of practically the same grade, ray of sunshine in the person of Dr. Everett Townapnii p 08 * 1 * 1 * the customer $2.48, less than half what the prin- who proposes a national old ag e pension schemcTtoV''-' t -^- m . ust - cha * ge> ?*•** fl ? c<1 «* ^prisoned to such an tttaate poverty and depression From Time the Townsend one stroke, explanation of sfK r r^~*™<^^& pay to read the plan itself. it was so simple that he wondered whv no on*» had thought of It before. He would pension off, * WO per month, everyone who had reached the age of 60. Everyone, that is, who could prove that he or she had lived an upright life. That would discourage crime among the young. The pensioners aust promise to work no more at any gainful or productive activity. That would open Jobs for at least 8,000,000 young people. The pensioners must be required to spend their doles within 30 days, in, the U. 8. That would put nearly $2,000,000,000 Into circulation every month. Trade would boom, wages •oar. Each $200 would keep one worker busy for a month supplying it» demands. It would be Utopia, wrery young person would be busy and good and tree of fear for the future; every oldster would have ease and plenty without effort. "Where would the money come from? The government would levy a sales tax on everything. The tax would average about 10 per cent, be low on necessities, high on luxuries. No one could escape It; everyone would contribute his lair share. That' was all there was to it." *!! must ch '«*8«' S£?«," Sf " Ult "? C ^^^ of "* £?* ^ Parl * y ^P^s thousands of salesmen to sell h * Product. Every mall carrier, clerk and postmaster will take your order. They will be delivered to your of- floe> , or "EL 1 * 5110 *' »» transportation charges paid by Mr. Parley. This Isn't a new deal. It's Just a resurrection of * lorlncatlon ODD THINGS AND NEW-By Lame Bode EDITOR SPEAKS MIND Last week's Issue of The Whlttemore Champion less tn an $700 cash each "year. The present sales tax contained an Interesting analysis of the candidates run- would . cost Wm ' less than $14. is that an exhorbltant Should Itemize Hartford Times: The Republcans will have to itemiee their political menu If they expect to draw the American people away from the New Deal table. They had three and a half years In which to show their metUe against the depression. With what success, In the popular estimate, toe 1932 national election showed. • • • The Sa'es Tax Reduction Humboldt Republican: certain newspapers In Iowa are calling attention to the fact that the sales tax Is not a tax reducing measure, but a tax shifting feature. This is true. What Is paid through the sales tax Is what we would have to pay through our regular taxing levies If the sale? tax were not In force. It was never the thought that the sales tax could create money out of nothing. But it Is true that the money secured through the «ales tax would have to come through our regular tax If H. wer e not for the sales tax. The fact remains that the sales tax Is the best general tax we haw yet had. It Is the easiest paid, it levies on every man in proportion to what he spends and comes In such small quantities that it is not burdensome. It is not large enough to embarras the poorest man, for it collects only on what (he spends. Some time ago farm authorities released stating that the average farmer t nlng for county office. Editor Ray Burdine rushed In to tread. He flatly advocated the election of cer- •* Suppose a majority of our he picked '«m from both parties, too. Burdine picked the following slate: McBvoy for county clerk, Hargreaves for sheriff, Miller for county attorney, Duffy for treasurer and Butler for auditor. He «ald nothing about the recorder's office. The Whltte- nsore editor not only named the group, but gave definite reasons for his selections, which space does not permit un to recopy. We cannot help but think that Ray had a non-partisan selection, whether he picked them correctly or not will be verified November 6. And up in the northwest corner of Kmuth. Bdl- dota* small means? Certain parties (have called attention to the man THE PLENTITUDE OP SPACE - STARS ARE so SPARSE IN THE UNIVERSE THAT A RAY OF SUNLIGHT TRAVELING INTO SPACE HAS ONLY ONE CHANCE IN TWENTY TRILLION Of STRIKING A STAR. NATURAL PROTECTION NATURAL FORCES SERVE TO PREVENT 9O% OP THE DAMAGE TO AGRICULTURE WHICH INSECTS WOULD DO IP UNCHECKED. ±L BELL-LESS MLFRY- THERE ARE NO BELLS IN THE BELFRY OP A RECENT NEW JERSEY TOWER, THE SOUIIO FROM TUNED METAL REEDS BEING AMPLIFIED THROUGH A LOUD SPEAKER. What Minnesota Paper Thinks of la. Sales Tax Fairmont Sentinel: For less than a year Iowa has h«d a sales tax. The people have groaned, grunted, even growled. But still no one has been seriously hurt. The pennies have rolled in. Prom now on our Iowa neighbors will probably be less critical of their new tax. Their state government Informs them that so much money has come in ihat this year there will be no property tax kvied for support of the state government. So, at last, there has been put into opera-lion a genuine replacement tux, something which Minnesota has "long fought and mourned, because it found it not." Good Iowa citizens will pipe down i their grumbling, groaning and towllng. Instead they will begin to boast a bK. "Look at our sales tax," you'll hear them saying. "See what it has done for us," Good for Iowa, we say. They took at first a new and bitter medicine. It las done the business. They are feeing much better already. And their state budget is in balance, its funds all as an example of a man escaping taxation. But such men pay the Income tax. And if they own property they pay a small property tax. Also when they die their estate pays the inheritance tax. »w iP 16 f* 1 " tax ta not Perfect. No tax U. But it is the best tax, covers more territory and works less hard- aWpjon the average citizen than any other general tax The Iowa Farmer Hacnt Forgotten Emmetsburg Democrat: In a speech at Waukon on Thursday Senator L. J, Dickinson «ald: "X never haws ——— ^m», vim on ttw 5 ^* ^ ? ^^ '** Alto own tatnMng and letting th» chip* fan where they may tomanvpSTio >u tn\CJ™i M * 1 ' u awr will be amusing Molded that Wallace. Short was his man for governor! Court Houseln^ta*S«^urta? d t^SSh 5L™ Ray's candidate hasn't the chance of a snowball In the campaign of naS^lSSSS^b^Sf^^fS^^SS Ray's candidate hasn't the chance of a snowball In the lower regions, not this year, but the Farmer-Labor party may become something more than a Joke hi Iowa in the next, few years, If its leadership Is placed In the hands of strong and active individuals. Although the party may be on the decline in Minnesota, it should find good soil take root in Iowa, with a preponderance of .farmer-voters. odds and ends Harry Krnse U still receiving letters from folks Interested la violins. Harry, you will recall, was quoted In Associated Press newspaper accounts as having a Stradi- variua violin, dated 1687, in a will . . .the only trouble is that Harry received no such violin and is still at a loss to understand how the story got started. Without doubt one of the beat •torte* we have heard tor some tune, ocally. concerns a fish frying attempt made by a young wife, shortly after she became a bride. Bud brought home some bullheads, and Dorothy, willing of 1928. Despite the fact that Alfred E ^,,u,i had publicly declared in his Omaha speech that he favored the principle of the McNary-Haugen measure Mr. Dickinson was out on the stump againsi him— knowing only too well that the McNary-Haugen bill was pitched unceremoniously out, of the back door of tthe republican convention at Kansas City, in his Emmetsburg speech he preferred replication of the McNary- Haugen measure by President Coolidge and the Kansas City convention's Insult to the American farmer to the endorsement of its principles by democratic Alfred E. Smith No, Senator Dickinson, the farmers of Iowa haven t forgotten your violation of their trust. Iowa May Be Permanently Democratic t . Hum . b ?J 1<lt Republican: One thing seems to be certain, and that is that the administration's recognition of the west's needs has worfcsd great good for this section Tne AAA is beneficial to Iowa and a majority of the mid- dlewest. It will be retained if Iowa voters have their say. Ar.y program proposed by the republicans should take this into awwint, or Iowa will be permanently a democratic state. * • • When the Roll b Called In 1938 Fenton Reporter: The Burt Monitor asks "who can predict where Senator Dickinson ea to make a stab at anything, prepared them for supper. 1936 when the roll Is called to aligni the republican and Aha took th*. bullheads and frt«i th^m dutt as »h»v dfrruvraMn f«ww»a9" Derh.n. »,„ „„_ f..* _. . She took the bullheads and fried them Just as they were, heads and all. • • • It seems there are just two kinds of gals, the homemakers and the husband makers. • • • WEEKLY DOUBT Prom the story about the Stoll kidnapping: "She was frightened and weak from loss of blood, but she said the cold which she had before the kidnapping was probably cured by the blow on the head." • • • TEAK'S BEST SCOTCH STOBY Montreal (INS)— A 58 year-old Scottish janitor received a $1250,000 check today and returned it became he didn't consider it big enough. The Scotsman is heir to the Nair millions in Scotland. He sent the check back claiming he la entitled to $1,500,000. • • * To be a cood boy scout, one must be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, brave, friendly, courteous, obedient, thrifty and reverent. It sounds like a pandidate's description of himself. The story Is now (otaf the round of the old maid who looked under the bed forgetting that she was in an upper berth. • • • The only strange thing about the Lindbergh kidnapping is that he never has been paroled. * • • At the Iowa State-Iowa game but Saturday, one dightly jovial gentleman elevated himself in his seat and surveyed the crowd . . . then he suddenly made a public announcement: "Will all fat ladles wearing glasses and false teeth please stand iu>, I tost my -vife." • • • Simile: As unaware of the Iowa State football team before Saturday's game as Sec Taylor, Des Moines Register sports editor. • • * Last Line — Now U I'd been running (be "What li> a normal school child?" asks the heading In a imag flziru » article. A normal school child i& one who dislikes Ws teucher, hates questions and answers in bchooJ, and hangs his hat. and coat on the Hour at home. Many ID.--U who won't ix.'lieve that Jcuah went in the liout door of Uie whale still think they can beat ihe iJot lt'& u wt* 1 girl who u£es lace powder to get u uiaa ami bukiug powder ti> it^p him. democratic forces?" Perhaps no one can, butT we know where he would be If the roll was called this year. • • • Iowa Should Be friendly to Roosevelt Humboldt Independent: The payment of government money into Iowa and to the farmers of Iowa has made friends here that cannot be easily alienated The corn-hog program has been beneficial although it has many times been bungllngly handled. The corn loans in Iowa permitted the farmers to hold their corn until better prices could be obtained. Local elevator men purchased corn as low as eighteen cents a bushel before the corn loans. It will be remembered the farmers were loaned forty-five centa a bushel on this same corn That amount of relief in strenuous tirms will be remembered election day. It is well to realize it now as to have it come as a rude shock. • • • A Rejoinder to Patterson's Attacks Ringsted Dispatch: Republican speakers, and especially Senator Patterson charge the democrats with having more state employees on the payroll than the republicans had und<r Governor Turner. It may be true, we don't know, but state expenses were seven million dollars less last year than they were under Governor Turner in 1932. They tell about the terrible expenses of the Brookins report, the cost of which was $30.000. Out of this report the law establishing the state comptroller's office was established, and it has saved the taxpayers its cost ev<ry month since then and more. Compare this with Governor Turner's extravagant investigation of the State University at Iowa City, cost $200,000, and it saved the state nothing. And his cow war which cost the state another $100,000. Senator Patterson trys hard to make an issue of democratic nepotism. Did the republicans ever practice it? We do not know what took place in the state, but Senator Dickinson and Senator Brookhart are two of the examples in our national life who employed members of their family in their own. offices at lar latter salaries than are paid any democratic employees in our state government. Senator Patterson has spent ten or twelve years in the Iowa state legislature. If nepotism is such a crime why did he not propose a law to end it instead of putting in ail his time on the income tax and vste against it when it was finally passed. No! Our noble state senator would not propose such a law while the republicans were practicing nepotism right and left in the state. It only becomes an issue when he alleges the democrats praoUce it. Patterson's suurane effort, while a member of the legiilalure, was his support of the "salary grab" bill A bill passed by a republican legislature and a ntcasurt so rotten it stinks. Patterson not only supported this meaiure but took the money and did not return i- until long alter the supreme court called the measure unconstitutional and Patterson was again a candidate for oflice. Many republican members of the 1- gisla we who tuck this "Kraft" money have failed entirely to return it. But Patterson keens mighty quiet ubcut th. corruption in his own party by trying to throw up a smoke screen and run down the best and uuv coubtructive ttaW administration this state hiis evvr hud HORACE MANN , DEFENDS MOONEY ANDSINCLAK Former Algona Man, Well Known Socialist, Takes a Jab at Dr. Morse Claims Tom Mooney is Victim of "Kept Press" and The Politicians (By Horace Mara) Long Beach, California, Oct. 3, 1934. Editors Algona Upper Dea Molnes: I have been intending to write since our primary election to confirm the prediction I had made to Zella Wlnkel Stewart in my report of the Iowa picnic that Upton Sinclair would get more- votes than Governor Merriam in Long Beach. I am enclosing returns herewith, clipped from, the Long Beach Sun, as follows: Sinclair 15,628- Merriam 12,095. I have written in the returns trpmmy own precinct Sln- olalr 55; Merriam 18; to show our 3 to 1 plurality. ~* predict now that Sinclair's plurality in November will be larger than Roosevelt's two yean ago. President Roosevelt had written me on October 5. that in his western tour he had learned that "if we do not relax in our efforts we have an excellent chances to win not only in the national election, but also In the states as well." I was one of thc vice president of the "Republican club for Roosevelt and Gamer." Now I am registered democrat. What prompted me to write now, is not only the ab>VB comment, but also a serious error n Dr. Morse's communlcatfon from Oakland, in the Algona Upper Des Moines of September 27, and so it is nore important to correct an error than to confirm a prediction. Doc Morse says: "We are trying some great experiments this year. Upton Sinclair is running for governor. He says if he elected we will all be rich, happy 1 contented. That will surely be nlos. The first act after he is sworn a la to pardon Tom Mboney, the dynamiter. Then Tom will probably low up our 'Devil's Island' and turn cose the tough gang Uncle Sam has ent there." Tom Mooney U the "American Drey- us' and was sent to San Quentin by the subornation of perjury procured in the office of District Attorney picker*. The star witaefcs Oxman wbs ninety miles away from San Francisco at the time of the explosion I htard Judge Griffin, who presided at the trial, speak at a mass meeting in Los Angeles, at Trinity Auditorium, which seats twenty-five hundred and hundreds could not find standing room and the Judge said there Is not a scrap of evidence in the transcript sent to the appellate court. Every witness has been proved a perjurer, and the Judge has urged the last thrte governors to grant a pjardon, not as an act of executive clemency, but as a constitutional right, guaranteed to Mooney when perjury has been proved and the time limit for ordering a retrial has expired. It seems that five governors have become particeps crim- Inis in the subornation of perjury by their failure to issue a pardon on the petition of the presiding judge and the mandate of the constitution of the' constitution of California. This Mooney case is likely to become more famous than the celebrated "Dreyfus" case, if we have an invisible government powerful enough to secure the subornation of perjury in the district attorney's office, and then keep their victim in San Quentin for eighteen years and prevent a pardon, mandatory under the constitution, by five consecutive governors. If you look up the record, you will find that Martin Swanson, who arrested Tom Mcomey after the explosion, was previously employed by the public untility interests, who wanted to "get" Tom Mooney. and that the "kept ureas" for some time after the explosion, endeavored to blame it on the paciflsto, whom they wanted to "get'' as much as they did Tom Moonev. But aiier they had blanud the pacifists to create as much prejudice against them ILS possible, they turned then* attention to Tom Mooney, who was their intend':d victim froir the beginning. Since we know that Mooney had been in Mrs. Mooney'6 studio. in the Eillers building, from ten o'clo.k until he went !o the root if ttw bii 1 '- 1 inu; to watcli the parade, it is u very na'urul que->ti.n to inquire: W'r no elTurt tver limUe to appivliciid t.iu- real criminal responsible for the ex- p'(xsi 11V Do you know the a".-\v: V If nut. watch develoijiucii!.-. alt. - '-i'i- uaxy liiit. Suw rely yours, Horace M. E. Conference Held at Fenton The Algona district conference of the Methodist Episcopal church. Dr. W. O. Muhleman presiding, will be held at Fenton, Monday, October 22. Registration begins at 9:30 a. m. All Methodist pastors of the Algona district and several laymen from each church will be In attendance. Dr. J. H. Edfee, local pastor, conducts the worship period at 11:00 a. m. Mrs. Ethel Morrison Buys Dickinson House Mrs. Ethel Morrison purchased the Mrs. E. O. Dickinson house on the corner of State and Ridgely streets last week and plans to move very soon to the second floor where she will have an apartment. Later she will move her beauty shop to the first floor of the house. H, W. POST Dray and Tranfer Storage of all Sods. Long dlotanoe h*ulln«. Bverjr load insured against loea or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draylng and hauling. 83-tf solvent, we fed just a little bit envious of good old loway. Credit? Well you'H have to give ft to the democrats. They came into power in Iowa in 1932—first time to the state's history, far as we can re- rill, nvry promteed the people something and they h»ve delivered the goods. "FULL Story of Magfc and Mystery, and » Secret MHIoiM of Tears OM-fte- flru In The American Weekly, the Magazine DMrlbnt«d With Next Sunday's Chicago HtnUd and Examiner. MONEY To build, refinance or remodel Kossuth County homes on out easv monthly payment rtai). See us today. The Algona Building & Loan Ass'n MY WORD! "BABES IN THE DUST" T* So worritd »W d» "WU*. th. Miter?" PROCESSED "OAL •Tlity dcbvcnd . lo«J of <o*l tl.1* ••mint «*<J id* bom* w*t M of co*l durt MM! b«by'| duoH tnd HOI* trt SO delicti*. I *tl((dtl« lector (bout It . . 1NMM OCMUIMI taas Kk» MA. FimilUswhh tmM chiUrm\»lll«pprccl*t*Q)mKal Prectntd Co*l. The dwri itlclci Ufkt to K «d Jo»w'» fl<Mt ikroufh lh« KOUK, cMilnf til llmh «f trouble. Cktmtcol Proctmd Co.1 li IDENTIFIED by round u,, K«H«c4 •bout I. H. We hm« tU GENUINE. We have arranged to have BOTSFORD'S PEERLESS COAL Processed with Chemaool. Favorably known In this community HOT yean, Botsford's Peerless Coal is n£w lmpitn*d with Chemacol. Botsford Lumber Cor Phone 256 JIM POOL, Mgr. LEST YOU FORGET . . . how far weVe moved ahead THE BALANCE SHEET Under the OLD DEAL !()<• per bushel $3.00 per cwt. No Market Busted .Foreclosure Burdensome Not to he had at reasonable rates Millions Jobless Under the NEW DEAL to Needs of our People; CORN HOGS OATS BANKS HOMES TAXES __-__FARM LOANS___ —- MAN POWER-— -_._OUR CITIZENS ___ OUR GOVERNMENT _70c per bushel _$(>.()() per ewt. _50c per bushel -Safe, Sound -Secure ."25% Lower Easily Obtained .at Low Interest .Now at Work Efficient, Economical , . , , al "" ( ' l ' an ' t '••"•tiiuie these NVw Deal hem-tits tor us—lie must have loyal co-workers in (',,n-iv.s.s, in ,„„• , s t u te and local <M>V- ernments—he must have "teammates" wlioaiv for his program heart and soul or he cant have the "team work" that has produced such splendid results ' ONLY THE DEMOCRAT!* 'CANDIDATES AK'K PLKIXiKI) T ) 1'HlOl' 1) TIIK PRESIDENT'S PKOUKAM. Vote the ROOSEVELT Ticket NOV. 6

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