The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1934 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1934
Page 2
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The Algona Upper Pes Moines, Algona, Iowa, October 25, 1934 LIGHTNING FIRES FENTON BARN ON FRIDAY; HAY, HORSES, CALVES BURNS Norman Pinnestad Farm Scene of Blaze; Partial Insurance Penton: Lightning struck the barn on the Norman Mnnestad farm, three miles west of Ftsnton, Friday afternoon during the electrical storm and it was burned to the ground. Amos Flnnestac had bought the straw on the farm baled H and stored it in the barn, besides Shis a team of horses, some calves and other farm equipment were destroyed. The loss is partially covered by insurance. M, E. League Play The Methodist Epworth League presented their home talent play at the Fenton oper a house Friday night. The cast of characters Included, Donna Jean Bailey, Karl Schwartz, Milton Welsbrod, Eugene Newel, James Schwartz, Ardls Volgt, Virginia Frank, Willard Menz, Dale Welsbrod, Beatrice Kramer, Howard Ulfers, Paul Voigt, Lyle Newel. Musical numbers furnished entertainment between acts. Esther Smith was accompanist and Mrs. J. A. Mueller, the coach. The George Wilson family of Armstrong visited Sunday at the C. H. Geronsln home. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Sandstoe of Rlngsted were visitors Sunday at the Sam Skare home. Earl Haase of Fairmont. Minn., spen Sunday at the home of his mothe Mrs. Carrie Raase. Alice Glaus, teacher of near Arm strong, spent Sunday at the parenta Charles Glaus home. Mr- and Mrs. George Charlson are the parents of nine and a half poun boy since last week Monday. The G. M. Millers and Jens Hend Icksons of Rlnjgsted were entrtalned Sunday at the C. O. Humphrey home Mr. and Mrs. P. w. Lakln and their daughter, Ariene of Estherville were Ounday visitors at the John Espe home Mr. and Mrs. Howard Reeder entertained Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stoeber and Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Osborn at Sunday dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schulte and on children's dentistry given by the University of Iowa dental hygiene department at Garner last week. Mrs. Mary Mlttag entertained at Sunday dinner: Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Wlebel and son, Arthur, the Herman Hlntz and Fred Boettcher families and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyers. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Graham and sons Bruce and Gordon drove to Ames on Saturday to attend flhe AmasMtowa football game and to visit with Mrs. Graham's sister, Mrs. De La Hunt and family. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Ohm entertained their bridge club last Thursday evening. Mrs. E. C. Welsbrod won high score and W. V. Yager the cut prize. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Mueller were the guests of the club. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kern had as dinner guests Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Kern and family of Sexton, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nellls and daughter, Rosemary of Renwick and Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Weisbrod. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Weisbrod entertained at dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. w. P. Welsbrod and children, Isa- telle, Ruth, David, Lena and Rachel. Mrs. Emma Curry and Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Welsbrod and son, Maurice. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dean entertained at a family dinner Sunday. Those present were the Harley Greens of Alrona, the Ralph Stumbos of Renwick, .he Wallace Browns of Gruver and Glenn Ditsworth of Compton, Illinois. The Man About Town Says their children, Howard and Beverly drove to Oaylord, Minn., Saturday and visited until Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stelnbach went to Welcome, Minn., Sunday for a visit at the home of Mrs. Stelnbach's sister, Mrs. Richard Volgt and family. Dr. E. w. Ruske attended a clinic Mrs. Harlow Johnson of Titonka accompanied by her mother, Mrs. F. C Kluss and Roger Gibbons of Penton drove to Dodge Center, Minnesota, on Saturday for an over Sunday visit with Mrs. c. F. Gibbons and Phyllis and Florice Gibbons. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Stoeber and son William John, of Cedar Falls, came on Friday to spend the week end at the homes of Mrs. Stoeber's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Verbruggl at Armstrong and with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stoeber here. Mi. and Mrs. F. H. Elgler entertained Sunday In honor of the latter, her son Paul and daughter, Mary Jane's birthday anniversaries which all occurred within the week. Attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elgler of Es- thervllle, Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Mueller and bapy and Mrs. J. A. Mueller, Sr. Roland Rehmer and Alma Meyer were the honored guests at a prenup- lal miscellaneous shower given at the lome of the latter's sister, Mrs. Emll Elmers, Sunday evening, Oct. 14. Bunco was played. Hugo Mlttag and Hilda Ceding won 'high scores and Wilfred Mueller and Lorena Meyer received the consolation prizes. Ray Barton thought the end had come Saturday night. Frightened, he awakened from his peaceful £lumb;rs and out of the house he went not even stopping to see if his night shirt was rightly adjusted. The yard was full of wild ducks. They came down from the skies hitting the buildings, wire netting, flapping and squawking. The neighbors went over to see the near catastrophe only to find Ray more bewildered than the ducks. Not all the ducks left the Barton home. • • • Jack Hilton, called "Heavy", because of his increased growing ability, was so elated over his newly acquired girl friend that he invited some of his friends to look in at the dance at the hotel and watch him strut. • • • Coach Nordstrom of the Academy took his boys to Mason City Sunday and lost the football game. Not to be satisfied with twenty points he paper announced in the resume that Mason City had completed nine forward passes out of five attempts. If Art can get his boys to work on a like basis it shouldn't be long until they will be out of the red. • • • Mae Krale (don't know whether or not this is spelled correctly but it sounds O. K.) came up from the "show me" state of Missouri to work at the Johnson gardens. One thing that has her puzzled In an overvcoat. A good customer wore his coat with the collar LINEN SHOWER AT HTONKA HONORING MYRTLE HARRANGA Bride-to-be Entertained at Home of Mrs. Anna Plazier Titonka: A linen shower was given Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Anna Plazier, northeast of town, honoring MtS8 Mjrrtle Harranga, who is soon to wed Henry Plazier. Those present were: Mrs. Henry Boyken, Mrs. Marie Boyken of Woden; Mrs. Herman Beenken and son, Mrs. Egbert Buss, Mrs. Dick Baade, Mrs. Henry Schmidt, Mrs. Henry Mayland, Mrs. Bhlnehardt Kromlnga, Mrs. Ubb? Winters, Mrs. J. W. Boyken, Mrs. Wm. Boyken and son, Billy and Mrs. Fred Boyken of Titonka, Miss Wllhelmlna Mayland, Miss Anna Mayland, Miss Helen Senna, Miss Anna Senna and the honoree, Miss Myrtle Harranga. 5c to $1.00 CUMMIMGS New Things $> Special Values 5c to $1.00 Ladies' Purses Snappy New Styles 1.00 Frenchy Felt Berets 29c New Boys* Dress Suits 1.00 SPECIAL Pure Irish Linen handkerchiefs, C each "C SPECIAL Guaranteed husking gloves or mitts, pr. 17c $1.89 per dozen SPECIAL Mountain Mist 81xOG quilting butts, each 49c CANDY SPECIAL Mrs. Darling's delicious Milk Chocolates, (> different flavors, per pound Mixed Candy <| f\ IVuiint Brittle III/* Chocolate Drops * V ** pound Cummings' 5c TO $1.00 STORE Where You Can Find Just What You Want. 0^ox^c^ctoo:o:0:a£i:00ao.oo^^ turned up around his ears Sunday when all other people were on the verge of being in shirt sleeves. Mae was inquiring for a coat to be in style but it is noticeable that Feeny Wagner has a heater in his car. • • • Stan McDonald was already for a trip to LuVerne to keep an eight o'clock date. He thought so much about it that he became muddled as to whether she lived in LuVerne or Llvermore. It seems Stan went In another direction looking for her because Monday he was wondering and worrying about leaving the poor girl at the meeting place waiting—and would she ever forgive him. • • • Driving down an important street in Algona the eye was attracted to a clothesline upon which was a pair of the old time, now fabled, red woolen underwear. Clotheslines tell tales and one should be careful what is put on them. The mystery concerning the red flannels is—which member of ttie prominent family wears them. • • • Red Gorman has a Job bestowed on him as a manager. It Is not In line with his telephone duties. So far he lias had fair success and when he is able to fulfill the task you will know what, It Is. Whenever Red starts to whistle his evening work is over. That's a signal he has managed well. • * * The current topic of the street Toes- day was the reduction In liquor prices It even shadowed the Pretty Boy Floyd story. One favorite brand In particular was reduced as much as forty cents a bottle. • • V Bill Dailey has learned a lesson from Bob LaBarre's experience. He Is not going to carelessly leave Important things laying around for other p:ople to find. Things of a private matter. Post Nuptial Shower A post nuptial shower was given Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Beenken at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Beenken last Thursday evening. After the playing of old fashioned games Irvln Beenken and Dennis Dreesman dressed as pages presented the bride with many beautiful and useful gifts, after which a delicious lunch was served to 71 guests. Bridge Luncheon Mrs. Miller Nelson and Mrs. Ray children of Wesley were Sunday guests at the Martin and J. E. Bleloh homes Mr. and Mrs. Howard Andrews spen' the week end vsltlng her parents Mr. and Mrs. Brunswold at Lake Mills Mrs. John Wood left on Thursday for Braham, Minn., to apend .the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nels C Benson. Mrs. M. S. Craven entertained the Thursday bridge luncheon club. Mrs Harry Beed made high score and Mrs C. B. Hoon low. Mrs. Prances Budlong suffered an attack of gall stones Saturday and on Sunday was much better. Monday she was getting along nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Schweppe entertained the 6:30 dinner bridge club Monday evening. Mrs. Miller Nelson received the travel prize. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Reese and W. J. Denton visited at Estherville Sunday and went Ashing at Spirit Lake. They were Joined by Oscar Hedwick. Rev. Meyers of Saskatchewan, Canada, was the visiting pastor at the Immanuel Lutheran church, Sunday morning. Rev. Klllan is the present pastor. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Aukes northeast of town, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tapper returned Saturday noon from a week at the world's fair and visiting relatives in Illinois. Mrs. Carrie Bonacker, Mrs. Ray Bonacker, Miss Julia Nelson and Mrs. Lee Marks accompanied Mrs. Miller Nel- son to Mason City Tuesday to attend a meeting of the Rebekah Assembly in session this week at that place. The membership committee of th< local American Legon Auxiliary unii will hold their monthly radio party ant work meeting at the home of Martht Bonacker, Friday afternoon. The school of Instruction will be conducted by the unit president, Esther Asklns. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Fisher drove to Mason City Wednesday morning where Mr. Fisher attended the sessions of the subordinate lodge of the I. O. O. F. and Mrs. Fisher th e Rebekah assembly sessions. The orders were in session all last week. The next meeting of these two bodies will convene in Marshalltown next October. WHITTEMORE NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Cosgrove of Austin, Minn., visited Mr. and Mrs. Harve Dailey Sunday. Mary Cosgrove of Clarence, Iowa, who was visiting here, accompanied them home. Mrs. Conrad Kerker, Mr. and Mrs. John Leinlnger, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ker- cer and family of Peorla, HI., visited the past week with local relatives. They returned to their home Monday morn- ng. Read The Want Ads—It Pays. The Ladles' Aid and Birthday dutr- will meet at the home of Mrs. R. L-. Burdlne, Thursday, Nov. 1. Mrs. Burdine will be assisted by Mesdames O. H. Roupe, H. E. Frost and Roy Crawford. Richard Vaughn, Ralph Schumadherv peter Elbert and Minnie Hbert went to Rochester Friday and were accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schumacher and Mrs. Alvtn Zlnnel. The friends of Mrs. Schumacher are glad to learn that she is improved and feeling much better. "Everything comes to him who> waits." And now, once again, there's a Trade-In Tire Sate at Gambles—«vea at lower prices. As low as $358 exch. 43; MONEY To build, refinance or remodel Kossuth County homes on our easy monthly payment plan. Bee us today. The Algona Building & Loan Ass'n For County Treasurer on the Democratic Ticket VOTE FOR M. J. DUFFY I ask your support in my campaign for reelection for a second term on a basis of competent service rendered during this term, without increased cost to the taxpayer and despite a considerable increase in work handled due to sales tax refund checks. Bonacker were 'hostesses at a one o'clock bridge luncheon Friday, to the following guests: Mrs. T. A. Dunmlre. Mrs. H. C. Downs, Mrs. Carl F. Cal- lles, Mrs. R. C. Ball, Mrs. Harry Beed, Mrs Martin Bleich, Mrs. J. F. Fisher, Mrs. H. A. French, Mrs. M. 8. Craven, Mrs. C. A. Hoon, Mrs. George Bonacker, Mrs. R. L. Krantz, Mrs. L. B. Larson, Mrs. C. V. Pendergast, Mrs. Wm. Ricklefs, Mrs. H. C. Schweppe, Mrs. Pierre Sartor, Mrs. Earl Stott, Mrs. H. I. Torgereen, Mrs. Lee Wolfe. Mrs. C. E. Hoon made high score and Mrs. H. A. French low. Mrs H. C. Schweppe the average prize and Mrs C. V. Pendergast the travel prize. Mark Bacon and George Higglns left Tuesday for South Dakota to buy some horses. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Boyken and children were Sunday visitors at the J. F. Fisher parental home. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. J. Forberger and T®tt&08XOZO!anK^^ Interpreted from somewhere—The meek shall humble the great. Two great football teams fell ov<r the week end. Iowa U. and Algona tad. Be carefull, Minnesota. HALLOWE'EN The Time for (joblins, Witches, Parties and (iai- ety. Whether or not you have a Hallowe'en 1 'arty; you will iiiid at our store all ihe things necessary to make your Dinner or Luncheon a #rand success. New WM Crop Walnuts, pound Jello, for colorful desserts, IlnkL'.s. _ CHOC. DROPS, Brachs, pound ___ 10c CHOC. PEANUTS, heavy dipped Brachs, Ib. 19c PECANS Halves 500 to Ib. Gold Medal, y.> Ib 35c WALNUT HALVES, Diamond, y a Ib. . _"_ '_33c BROOMS, Gold Eagle 5 sewed Gold handle, ea. 79c Brooms, Our leader, 4-sew-ad, wine color handle 49c MARSHMALLOWS, Edwards, 8 oz. pkg. 9c MACARONI, Spaghetti or Noodles, ABC, pkg 5c CRACKERS Fresh Bakt Soda or graham, 2 Ib 21c SUGAR WAFERS, Thinshel Brand, Ib ________ 17c Maraschino Cherries, ABC, red, bottle ____ 8c CATSUP, Regal Extra standard, 14 oz. bottle 13c PRUNES, Fancy Santa Clara, 2 Ibs. __________ 21c RAISINS, Monogram Sultana, Seedless 2 Ib 17c CHILI POWDER, ABC, 2 oz. pkg ......... _^ . 10c Long's Food Shop Where Meat is Meat We Want Your Eggs Phone Come in person or send in the Children It's All the Same. Union Twp. Group Plans Hallowe'en Party This Evening Union: The Hallowe'en party to be held ut the home of Frances Gould today (Thursday) will have Ada Hollos as chairman and she will be assisted by Dorothy Keefe. Oarrl-' Bourne, who was to have been chairman will act as chairman en the Rural Schools Day committee kft vacant, by the resignation of Miss Keefe. Work Out Pull Tax Some of the men In the vicinity of the Frank Thompson farm are work- ny cut their poll tax by hauling gravel on th. Y roud leading to the F. S. Thompson farm. "Aunt DruMlla's Garden" The operetta given at the school hou.e in District No. 4 list Friday evening was a great success. The weather was very duagreeable but nevertheless the school house was tilled t'j capacity. Around $21 were realized pan of which will be used to buy bucks Ior the school. Tine program was one of the be^t ever put on in a rural ;chool. It took considerable eJ- fort to put it over but with the fine cooperation of pupils and others, with th-_- teacher helped to make it, a success. Miss Price's brother of Lake Mills was present and added music to the program by playing his accordian. Anthony Storel Is picking corn for an uncle near Bancroft. Leona Householder left Monday to work at the Harvey Rath home wist of Hobarton during the corn picking season. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gardner and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Huff of Plum Civ k spent Sunday with Leslie and Mrs. Gardner's mother near Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. LouU Bode and family spent Saturday in Fort Dodge Their daughter, Lucille, remained at the W. H. Kyno liome, and th.- o'.lu-ra returned home that evening. New LuVerne Pastor Honored at Reception Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday THIS WEEK . b> C' U Liciily jnd re.->poii:.e by ll<:\ iici.ulut. Al-.ei' Uiv. pl'Oiilum c'-.vTVuhL- L-njujt-Ll a ..dcial huur isi.d mukiii.; ti^ 1 K v and Mis. Sv-.hi;liH Li^hl lvfle.--hllieliU Wele served. Milk of Magnesia—pints Aspirin Tablets—100's Cold Cream, 1 Ib. tins The Famous Spring Blossoms Toiletries .75 €old Cream 2 for .61 1.00 Fafce Powder ___2 for .61 ..50 Almond & Butter milk Cream 2 for .51 For The Baby Baby Castile Soap ___2 for .26 Nelson's baby powder _2 for .26 Zinc Stearate 2 for .26 Glycerine Suppositories 2 for .26 Boric Acid Powder -..2 for .21 For Your Medicine Cabinet Boric Acid, 4 oz. 2 for .21 Epsom Salts, 8 oz. ___2 for .16 Castor Oil, 3 oz. 2 for .26 Orermicidal Soap 2 for .26 Tread Easy Foot Pwr. 2 for .26 Soda Mint Tablets 100 2 for .26 Quality Rubber Goods $1.25 Hot Water Bottle, _ capacity, 2 quarts __2 for 11.25 Fountain Syrui^t, one piece bag. extra rapid flow tube, full 2 yt. capacity 2 for $1.26 $1.75 Combination Fountain Syringe, two «•»«•» 2 for $1.76 Customer^ wiJl be permitted to select a Water Home ttud a Fountain Syring;. us a pur- . 2 for 51 c .2 for 51c 2 for 76c Pure Cod Liver Oil, pints 2 for $1.01 Antiseptine—pints 2 for 51c Hinkle's Tablets—100's _ _ 2 for 26c For the Teeth, Mouth and Gums Mag-Lac Tooth Paste _2 for .61 Penslar Dental Cream 2 for .51 Antiseptine Tooth paste 2 for .26 Antiseptine liquid, pts 2 for .51 Boraline Mouth Wash, • pints 2 for .76 Mag-Lac Tooth brush _2 for .51 Penslar Tooth Brush .2 for .51 Camphor Ice, tubes _2 for 16c Vanilla Extract, pure, 2 oz. bottles 2 for 41c Glycerine and Rose Water, 4 oz. bottles 2 for 26c Shampona, cocoanut oil Shampoo 2 for 51c Golden Pen Lyptus Cough Syrup 2 for .51 50c Cosmetine, a soothing Lotion for the Skin ..2 for .51 16 ounce Penslar American Mineral Oil 2 for.76 50c Camphor Ice Lotion, heals chapped and irritated akin 2 for .51 16 ounce Rubbing Alcohol (Penslar Alco Lin) __2 for .51 Colonial Club Shav. Cr. 2 for. .51 Stationery of Individuality .75 Garden Court Paper and fancy envelopes 2 for .76 .60 Neba, woven linen finish, 24 large sheets and envelopes in box 2 for.61 .50 Penslar Pound paper 2 for .51 .20 Penslar Env. 2 for .21 For The Hair Penslar Hair Tonic —2 for .76 Bay Bum Borated, 16 oz 2 for .76 Colonial Club Hair Oil 2 for .51 Colonial Club hair tonic 2 for .51 Penslar Family Remedies Lax. Cold Breakers __2 for .26 Maltonic 2 for 1.01 Cold Spot Corn remover 2 for .30 For Cuts, Wounds and Skin Troubles Tincture Iodine, 1 oz. _2 for .26 Mercurochrome Sol. __2 ior .26 Zinc Oxide Ointment, tubes 2 for .21 Carbolic witch hazel salve 2 for .26 Lusby's Drug Store iwwvwvu ^^

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