The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1934 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1934
Page 12
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The Algona TTpper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, October 18, 1934 VERA ANDERSON. SWEA CITY GIRL, IS RECENT BRIDE Weds Wisconsin Man, to Live Near Swea City on Farm Swea Cltv: A weddlne of unusual interest was the marriaee of Miss Vera Anderson, oldest, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Anderson, oloneer rest- dents of this vfclnltv. to Henrv Wohlers of Bav Citv. Wisconsin, on Oct. 3 at Lake Cltv, Minn., bv Rev. Gordon .Mihiiion of Ht. Paul. Attendants were Mrs. Amelia; Johnson of St. Paul, and Edwin Bremer of Lake Cltv. A wed- cuniz dinner was served by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bremer of Lake Cltv. The bride tss been emoloved the oast several years as a dietitian at the Bethel Institute at. St. Paul. The Broom Is a farmer. They will live at Swea City. A reeeotton was held for them SA the home of the bride's oarents. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Anderson Sunday afternoon with 48 relatives and friends in attendance. Manv beautiful and useful gifts were received bv the oewlvweds. The home was decorated with autumn earden flowers. Quests from Kossuth lnclud«tl Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Anderson of Elmore. Mr. and Mrs. H. Van Alstvne and famllv of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Anderson of Buffalo Center. Mr. and Mrs. Art Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Haebert Olson and son, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Peterson. Wrs. Alfred Anderson. Russell Bvers. Mrs. Eva Van Alstvrhe. Mrs. I*. P. Beraaren. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bereeren. Mr. and Mrs. Harrv Bere- «reh. Mr. and Mrs. Flovd Olson. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Larson. Mr. and Mrs. Art Larson, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Curtis. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Berggren, Miss Alice Johnson. Miss Emma Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ohrlstensen, Mr. and Mrs. Wm- Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Bersreren of Swea Cltv and Wilfred Stoeber ol Fenton. A son was born recently to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Holcomb. Mrs. Arthur Benson of Bralnerd, Minn., is visftinft toer mother. Mi*. C. A. Holm. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Vaux left Tuesday for & visit with their sons. Clinton and Harvey at Mt. Vernon. Wash- In crton. Mrs. Ida E. Larson. Mrs. Harold Roba. Mrs. Anna Larson attended a regional Red Cross meetinif at Fort Dodge Monday. They were accompanied bv Mrs. Lois Winter and Miss Helen Wabtrand. A reoubllcan meeting of the nreclncl committee men and women of the north end of the county met at the Legion hall on Thursday night of last week with County Chairman Gaylord Shumwav of Alenoa In charge. The Immanuel Lutheran Ladles AW will meet Thursday. October 18. Devotional leader will be Mrs. Algot Swanson and topic leader Mrs. Ole Kvamsdale. The hostesses will be Mrs. P. C. Dahl. Mrs. L. C. Knutson. and Mrs. Buell Johnson. Mrs. Marv Leland. Mrs. Ann Berar. Mrs. Fern Peterson. Mrs. Mae Peterson, Mrs. Ida E. Larson, Mies Amanda Looft attended the Kossuth Auxiliary meeting held at. Ti- tcnka last Tuesdav. Mrs. Ida E. Larson, oast county chairman, was presented with organization. a gift, bv the county Vf* Saw the IRON HORSE Overtake the Pony Express The railways welded the scattered •ectlon* of the country Into one great nation, and opened up the exchange of food between the North and South, the East and West. Railway building In the 70's made * food distributing organization •neb as A&P more necessary than wrer before. THESE LOW PRICES daring our 75th Annhrartwy Sata •My well b« Hi* lownt for menHit la corn*, b«c«n» food cert* or* HMKlily riling. Stock up. EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE 3 Ibs. 55c RED CIRCLE COFFEE Ib. 21 c BOKAR COFFEE Ib. 25c DEL MONTE COFFEE 31 c C. A. H. Cane Sugar 10 Ita. Sic Beet, 10 Ibs. 54c Grandmot.her'a Big Twist SUc. Bread 24 oz. loaf 9o do» lOc FREE: ' autographed pictures of world writs heroes for package top of Wheatics 2 P^ 23c DEL MONTE SLICED PINEAPPLE 3 WHITE HOUSE EVAP. MILK 4 23c (eiccept consomme & c um chowder) SOUPS 6 SULTANA RED BEANS 6 ::r CRACKER JACK ** BRILLO 2 ***• BUCKEYE LYE A ciuis KITCHEN KLENZER 2 PALMOLIVE 1 SOAP 4 I TISSUE WALDORF 6 SCOT TISSUE 4 *»t* IONA LIMA BEANS 6 rr DAILY EGG SCRATCH FEED IT" 75c 27c [ngham Quotes Algona Man in Editorial Harvey Ingham n his editorial col- imn of the Des Moines Register wrote its article last Thursday on "Mechanization—Does It Measure Real Pto- rreas?" and In the article quoted T. H. Chrischllles from his Theatre Column and Sir James Chrlchton-Browne a writer In the London Times who voiced the same thought or question— whether all the mechanical changes solve the human problem. The quotation from Mr. Chrischilles' column Is as follows: "We may well ask, of what real benefit to humanity is such progress? (Radio news of disaster). Are we happier and more contented because we have arlplanes and news reel daredevils? Have we solved the more engrossing problems of mankind w£t!h the same thoroughness with which we bring to our very doors tragedy and catastrophies which overflake> neighbors?" Oct. 12 81 48 Oct. 13 77 49 Oct. 14 79 46 Oct. 15 78 66 Oct. 16, .08 inch rain 76 S3 ALGONA MARKETS Corn, 2 white $.72 2 yellow 68 2 mixed 67% Oate 49% Hogs-Sows Medum weight, 200-300 $4.80 H<avy butchers 4.60 Packing Sows, 300-350 4.00 Packing Sows, 350-400 3.90 Packing Sows, 400-450 3.80 Light weight, 140 3.00 Light weight, 160 3.75 -ight weight, 180 4.30 Cattle Pat cows $2.00-255 lalves 3.00-4.00 Yearlings 350-4.50 Fat steers 5.00-6.00 Stock steers 3.00-3.50 Bulls 1.50-255 Canners and Cutters 1.00-1.50 Poultry lens, over 4% Ibs lOc lens, under 4V4 Ibs 7c Jucks (young) 4% up 8c Ducks (young) 4% under 6c Ducks (old) 4% and up 6c Jucks (old) 4% and under 5c Turkeys (young) No. 1 15c Turkeys (old) No. 1 lOc "ierkeys (young) lOc Turkeys (old) 8c Jeese 4-5c Springs, 4to 5 Ibs. and Leghorns ... .9c Mrs. Anderson Buys The Barbeque Cafe Mrs. O. A. Anderson has purchased the Barbeque Cafe, located just east of the Masonic Temple and took possession last week Monday. The cafe was formerly owned by Mrs. Evelyn Burns, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Wallburg, who will remain with Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. Anderson conducted the food stand at the swimming pool summer before last, and has had various other experience along the same line. For some time she has been a clerk In the Anckrson Riteway store which was owned until the first of the week by her husband and borther. Anton Anderson. Mrs. Anderson Is serving regular meals and short orders and is making a speciality of vegetable hamburgers. FOR SALE—Cabbage, carrots, beets, utabagas, l block north of swimming pool. Phone 361.—Thomas Schultz. We eliver. 42* Lutheran Pastors to Hold Conference Here The Lutheran pastors of the Missouri Synod of the Algona and Spencer circuits will convene for their fall conference in Uve Algona Trinity Lutheran church next week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Twenty-four pastors belong to this conference. Special English conference services will be conducted next Tuesday evening at 3 o'clock. The public is also cordially Invited to attend the services. Dinners and suppers will be served to the pastors at the Luther hall by the ladies of the Trinity church. The committee that has charge of the arrangements consists of Mrs. A. Bur- melster, Mrs. Will Dau and Mrs. Henry-La vrenz. Methodist Church J. IL Edge, D. D., pastor Sunday Services: 9:45 a. m. Church school. H. A. Tuttle, superintendent. 10:45 a. m. morning worship, sermon by the pastor. 6:30 p. m., Epworth League. 7:30 p. m. Evening worship, iermon by th« pastor. If without a church home you will find a welcome at any and all of the service of the church. CORRECTION Funeral services for Zada Brunson Davis were held Saturday, October 6. at ten o'clock from the M-.thodiit church in Algona, and not, from the Catholic church as was Mated la*t week in this paper. 4c 15c 25c 18 29c 29c 2.45 Tokay Grapes, _2 Ibs. 15c Celery each lOc Bed Onions 10 Ibs 29c Jonathan Apples 5 Ibs 25c Head Lettuce size 48,217c THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC MIDDIE TEA CO. MUM t: OF \MI:M»MKNT TO \nii- t I.IJM III-- IM llltrollA IION !>!•' Till-: llfUA MAIi: HANK, .41.1.ON A, IOWA I'll V.'lloM IT MAY UD.NTKKN: Null, i- i-, In-i <:l,y Kiv.-li thai it a M"'- IIII.I.IIK i,I li.i; Mm kln.l.l.-is "t Hit- lnwii l-.uik for Ihut imr- I.I.M- I.,-|i| .H lln; »Hli>; ..t Uu- l.alik in .'.lK-,/1,1. Iowa, nil I In: Hill ilay u* AiJKH.-l. Ill H n,u Alll.-ii-n r,f Jin•uru'il - aililli.K !'i Alii. I.- Ill II.i- I'/iloWII.K Til.!! Illl l Unf.-.l nf II,i: Mm k uf II. IS i.ill.k bl.iill l.i: l.i.n- j.-..-..-.-.ii,li: wln-ii l».si,iii an.I fully J.:iiii fill. t-XC(-|,t an ulh«:l Wl-Sc ei- |,i.>.«l, |,ri,vi.|. .1 l.v law. Tii;it It.'.; bl.,i-kl,uM.-l» i.f 11,1s ),.ink mi.I II.fir |,n\.ali: pro|.i-rly .-I.all I"-. x.-!n|,t fruui lialiillly f..r Uu: li.i- t.lliu.> ..f l.uiik ai'-ruliiK af- li r <''t'r il'.-l''! i'f Hi'- ('MI!I: i.f ifi Sun* \, (-ruining M O( k- liolili-in afl.-r l'lia|.Ii-r -(l-'.-Kl i.f tin: l',,,|,. ,,f IS:!!. l,.-ii»lll^ eff'-i:- liv.- u* law. ar.'l Hn-ir urlvali- l-ru- IH rlv .'-hall (<i- excinijt finin liability fin- H'.: of tin- <-',n»i.ia- vvh*-lher nuch lial'ilni'-H a--<;ii-'l I.. f.,r*- or aft*-r t-ai'l i'liai<u-r II", l-'l hi-<ain,- i-fTt-fllvi: as law l! H Mil.I.KH l'|.airman H 1. rilt.MDHK. Si-i-r.-tarv 41-44 THE WEEKLY RECORD WEATHER High Low Oct. 10 78 Oct. U 85 41 50 Vo. 1 No. 2 Eggs .21c .15c Cream 24c MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Ray Lenlnger and Mildred Drone, Mgona, Oct. 11. Chas. Helderscheidt and June Pom* croy, Burt, Oct. 13. Kenneth Dow Laldley, Algona, and Hazel Olson, Port Dodge, Oct. 13. Roland Rehmer, Homestead and Alma Meyer. Penton, Oct. 13. Koarath Hospitol News Tony Weydert of St. Joe underwent an appendectomy Thursday of last week. Milton Marlow of Burt had his ap- dix removed Friday. Jlmmle Neitzel of Algrona entered the hospital Saturday for the removal of his appendix. Mrs. Andrew Thomsen of Lone Rock had her appendix removed Saturday. Harold Cosgrove of Algona entered the hospital Sunday with a broken ankle received in a football game. Mrs. Paul Hum of Cresco township gave birth to a baby boy Sunday. The child was named William Paul. Mrs. Ann Dorman of Hayfleld enter, ed the hospital Sunday evening with a fractured skull. Mrs. Bill Finn gave birth to a baby girl Wednesday of last week. The babe weighed 7 pounds and was named Carol Marie. Mrs. Don Sparks of Algona gave birth to a baby boy, weighing 8% xmnds, Tuesday night. Mrs. Wtn. Roth of Burt had her appendix removed Friday. Eveyn Neitzel of Burt had her appendix removed Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davis of Lineville entered the hospital Saturday «v- inlng after an automobile accident, klr. Davis suffered a broken, leg and bruises and Mrs. Davis several broken ribs and bruises. Mrs. Alfred Wolter of Algona underwent a major operation Wednesday of this week. General Hospital News September 22, a baby girl, weighing 7 pounds was born to Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Hertig. The child was named Dorothy Jean. September 24, V. M. Wallis of Clear Lake underwent a major operation. September 28th, J. W. Helmera of Algona underwent a minor operation. September »th, Mrs. P. O. Satthofl of Woden had her tonsils removed. September 28th, John Barf of Algona entered the hospital because of Infection which set In his right leg which was injured recently when he fell from a silo. He was discharged from the hospital and his leg is improved. September 28th, D. T. Smith of Algona. father of Mrs. H. R. Cowan, entered for medical treatment. Fred Willodson of O«rner underwent an operation for the removal of his tonsils Thursday. LOCAL NEWS Ha Edwards of Swea City is visiting her mother, Jessie Edwards this week. Mrs. Edwards is the housekeeper for J. B. Johnston. Mrs. Herman Dau, living north of town, came home last week after spending two weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Ed Bruce at Lake City. She was called there by Mr. Braces death. Mr. and Mrs. Ingvald Anderson anl son, George, and daughter, Lois, of Billings, Montana, stopped at the Frank Gelgei home Tuesday afternoon and evening. The Andersons were on their way home from Monroe, Wisconsin, where they had visited relatives. Mrs. Theodore Hutchison expected to leave Thursday (today) for Ames where she will visit her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Cratty, for a few days and will then drive them in a car to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where the Cratty's will spend the winter months. Mrs. Hutchison expected to return within a week or ten days. Mrs. Andrew Larson, mother of Theo. Larson, is very critically 111. She has been in a coma since Saturday and, death seemed Immiment several "Ames. Mrs. Larson, who is 75 years old, underwent an operation nine months ago Tuesday and has been In poor health since. She has been bed ridden for the past three months at :he home of her son. Mrs. Ann Fechner took her sister. Glassified Ads For Sale FOB SALE—Ladles' Northern Seal oat, fitch collar, size 18, worn very ittle. Phone 103. 42* FOB SALE—Car load of native ceding cattle. Weight between 750 and BOO pounds.—W. W. Boettcher, Burt, Iowa. 42-43* FOB SALE—Black Poland China male Dies. Cholera immune.—Mrs. Sam Beynolds, THonka. 44-41* BUICK, S-passenger master coupe to be sold at cut price quick. Call at Upper Des Moines ofllce, Algona, phone 230. Save that cream with » Vega «ep- arator. Users biggest boosters. Medium size, $77.50. Terms—BJustrom's, Alona, Iowa, 3-tf Lost-Found LOST—Blue Tuclctite leather purse etween here and Whltfctmore. Heard. Leave at this office.—Mrs. W. I. Teach, Algona, Iowa. 42 Miscellaneous DANCE—at Wellendorf's Beer Par- or with orchestra, Friday evening, Oc- ober 19. No cowr charge. 42* BUG WEAVING—Have your rug weaving done now. Prices are reason- b!e.—Home Rug Shop, 510 South Phll- 'ps St. 40*-tf MONEY TO LOAN—I have a few housand dollars of private money that can lean at a reasonable rate on approved farm loan or business property. M. P. Haggard. 34-tf Have you tried our Thrifty Wuh.— Klrscha Laundry. Phone 207. 40-tI CHIROPRACTOR HEALTH Is happiness. Consult Dr. '. C. Scanlan. Chiropractor. Res. 'hone 155, Saniiarium 566. 38-11 RADIO PERFECT RECEPTION, beautiful a.sts. The Philco and Grunc/w radios are simply marvelous. Hear th-m at Bjustrom's. 42 BEER PARLOR NO PEP? Try a glais of W-.-llendorf's jeer. It's the popular drink in Al- ;ona. ELECTRIC ABE YOUR ELECTRIC appliances all working? We repair them promptly. Phone 110. Pratt Electric Co. 42 DAIRY THE CHEAPEST AND MOST healthful food that you can buy Is milk. We pay the strictest attention to sanitation.—Woodside Dairy. 42 INSURANCE WHAT STOOD BY YOU during the strees of depression? What helped most? Your life Insurance of course — B. S. Blossom, Insurance. Over Iowa State Bank. 42 POULTRY FEED YOUR CHICKS ABE WORTH money. Start them right with Red Top Egg Mash. It sells for (225 cwt. — Algona Flour Ac Feed Co, 42 AUTO REPAIR CHECK YOUR MOTOR at least every 10,000 miles. We give you personal Interest service.—fflbert Garage. 42 SODA FOUNTAIN TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT to surprise the wife by taking home some toe cream. Who knows, you might even have company.—The Algonquin Oon- f<ctionery. 42 Miw. wm. O. Boger to Went Dodge on Tuesday where the latter took a bus to her home in Omaha. She bod been her* for about two weefca helping to care for her father, Matt OrterWauer, who has been 111. Mr. OBterbauer'a condition has Improved somewhat. Miss Rose Ludwig of West Bend is helping to care Boger left. for him since Mrs. . Nick Maharas la up against it. The building he la occupying with his shop on the new post office site. 1* being torn down and he will have » get out by next week. All people hftf •*> ing shoes there for repairs should c*u for <ih«n not later than Saturday. If Nick cant find a suitable location he may have to leave town. Kick fills A place in the life of the Algona business district and all would dislike to have him move away. Don's Teeny Weeny Grocery Across From, Kossuth Hospital BROWN'S DAIRY PRODUCTS Bed Hot Specials from Friday to Tues., Oct. 19-23 Corn Flakes. 1 ft- 2 large boxes **^ Vanilla-Lemon, 1C- Extract, 8 oz. bot._ ltft Spinach, 2 No. O7 r 2i/ 2 cans * IC Coffee, Breakfast OA« Clip, Ib AWL Tomato Soup, Van 9$r Camps, 3 cans —«vv 18c Pancake Flour, 3i/ 2 Ib. bag ___. (one of the best) Salt, very special, 3 boxes Make a cheap pie with Raisins, V) 4 Ib. bag «**• Lettuce, Ig. head ___10c Celery, Ig. bunch ___10c Fresh Vegetables at All Times I invite you to come in and see this new Little Store. DONALD E. COOK, Owner "SAMSON" Bridge Tables —With Table Tops That Will Go Through Fire and Water First Time Ever Featured at. $135 1 Its Superior Features: Afl Card Tables Specially Priced 1. Strong t&ouch for a man welthlni SO* tbi. to stand on. a. Will not buckle or fold up accidentally. 8. Hot water will not stain It. «. Wet glasses leave no rim marks. B. Lifbted clfarets cannot burn it. a. Practically an tndestraetibt* c«rd table. 7. -Comers relnforcsd. Rustproof brace*. Foster Furniture Co. BEAUTY SHOP DONT WEAR YOUR HAIR Just like someone else does because they do. Cora D. Miller can help you with an individual hair dress Phone 604 for appointment. 42 REAL ESTATE MARK OUR WORDS! People who invest In real estate at present prices will make real profits. We are offering many remarkable opportunities. See C. W. Nicoulin, Algona Ins. Office. 42 PLUMBING HALF THE DRUDGERY of house work can be saved by a modern water system. We furnish tstlmates free.— Lalng ft. Muckey, plumbing-heating. 4:' PHOTOGRAPHER A PHOTOGRAPH ONCE a year! It Is not too often. Each member of your family should be photographed at Christmas time. Call The Peterson Studio. Will P. Brown, Manager. 41-tf DENTIST HOW MANY MOTHERS know the normal time for the shedding of ea«h baby tooth? This physiologic change is of utmost importance to the life of the child. Have a dental examination just to be Mire. 42 Skating Rink at Bancroft Opens Bancroft will again have a tkatmg rink and the merry tunei of the elec- lirc organ will be hfcitrd for uhe first tim-- Friday evening. Ladies will be admitted free on the opening night. Roy McGiiire, who owns the tJcatliiK rtnk equipment will cooperate wiith the members of the lical L.gioii post in operating the rink. Prohu. if auv. will be eyuull^ divided bv the poit and Mr. McGuire. The c-quiprr.ent is lirat elites in ev- ry particular and oidvr wi'.l !>>-• maintained ut all times. The rink will !>;: opi-n every Tuesday. Friday and Si 'ii ' v (.••,•: .iii".', uirl Sunday all': noon Adv. For Your Table Prom Long's Food Shop Last Night's Dinner Was It Good? Was It -Flat"? Was It the Same Old Thing? I T IS NOT an easy task for your wife to plan something different every night for dinner. Remember—she is more or less bound to the same stores and shops, and this does not stimulate "something new." Surprise your wife and guarantee yourself just what you feel like eating tonight by taking something home from down town. There are many groceries advertising NEW things to eat in this very paper. Look through the pages and then go to one of these stores and pick out exactly what you'll like to eat. Space Donated in the interest of local grocers by The Algona Upper Des Moines The Pioneer Newspaper With thai Growing Circulation READ THE \VAMT

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