The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1934 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1934
Page 10
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, October 18, 1984 LEDYARD PASTOR LEAVES FOR POST AFTER FAREWELL Purse Presented by Friends As Johnsons Honored By 60 Friends Ijedvard: On last Monday evenine about 50 friends gathered at the Method 1st church for a farewell nartv for Rev. and Mrs. F. O. Johnson. The •eventne was soent with pannes and contests. Mrs. V. A. Barrett eave a stxech expressing the community's appreciation of the work of Rev. and Mrs. Johnson durine ihelr fire vears of ministry here, and oreKnted them with a wirse of J17.50 from the erouo. Lunch was served bT the ladles. Rev. and ? r -s. Johnson left this week for Anthon. their new chare*. Injured Man Hmne Kbner JHelsk-? who was serioiislT hurt in ac automobUe accident several veeks aso and who has since been in the Mankato hospital, has been put in « cast new and was abl» to b- taken hone on a stretcher Pridav. He will be confined to his bed for four or five weeks bat his many friends are rlad to have him hom-r again and hoop for Ws sococU ituimt- Mr. Zielske and Paul Nits brcmorit him fcotr*. 1933 Ford tudor 1929 Ford tudor 1929 Chev. coach 1930 Chev. coach 1933 Chev. coach 1928 Chev. coach 1930 Ford tudor 1926 Ford sedan 1926 Star Coach 1934 Ford truck Prepare for Winter Now! Time to change from summer to winter crease wlifle it can be drained. For differentials, transmission put In Alemlte XX winter lubricants. KENT MOTOR CO. ALGONA. IOWA Clarence Scott visited In Mlnncao- olis over the we«k «nd. Lawrence Balvance ourchased Anton Anderson's car last week. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Andersort and Anton were Alrona callers Pridav. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ponoe are the Darcnts of a son born October lltn. The M. E. Aid met Thursdav afternoon at. the home of Mrs. Blanche Jenks. Edward Camobeli and Conrad Gable were Aleona callers on last Wed- May Robson, Carole Lombard, in "Lady By Choice" at Call, Sunday and Monday . Mrs. John BUrtioo of Exira is visit- in" ihls week at the home of her brother. D. B. Maver. G-roree Hairee and Alice and Edward attended a Hendrickson famllv reunion at Mankato Sundav. Anton Anderson left for Des Moines Monday. Anton has joined the navy and went there jo reoort. Edward Camobell and Clifton Eneel- bv went to Seneca Thursdav and moved 2 chicken house uo here. The Edward Halrerson familv drove to Deccrah Saturdav to visit their son. Turner, who is in college there. Rav Marouis. son cf Oliver Marouls. was elected commander of th? Leeion oost at Swea Cfcv Hst Mondav. Aii—ast Gelhaus drove to Cedar Rao- ids Wednesday to see his dauahter. Mr?. Pauline McGulre. who is aulte ill. Mrs. J«ck McDonald has been 111 the cos few davs and Mrs. Lawrence .irne has been in the oost office. The mtjsionarv societv which was i-rciv«?ned last Fridav will be held en this Fridav at the Raloh Olson home. Mr and Mrs. J. H. Welfare and Doris and Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Brown visited Stindav at :he Raloh Johnson home in GwXeen. Oeorce Dunn. Lars Scoor. Otto En- ceJbarts and Fred Bauman drove to Des Moines Ssturdav to see the Dean brothers olav base ball. Mr and Mrs. Leon Worden and Har- rev and Mr. Camubell went to Lake Park Sundav to visit at the home of Mr«. Russell Bamsev. Mrs MartAa GabV? was taken seri- ouslv ill Sundav and was taken to the Escherville hosoital where she was on- erated on for aooendiciUs. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Hunt of Sioux Citv visiKd from Mondav to Fndav of last week at. the home of his sister. Mrs. Rov Link. The VoXUte couole were on tfcelr honevmoon. Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Barrett and son. Vireil drove to Chester Fridav to vis- It at the home of Mr. Barrett's father. and to see two aunts visitlne there from ChillicoUie. Missouri and also to attend a familv r*"mion on Sundav. The Sundav School board of the M. E church met at the Harold Granner hcp-.^ Thursdav evening and electea the' following teachers: class 1. Ruth Jones. Mildred Vauahn. subs.itute: clas 2. Alethia Brack. Adah Barrv- hill, substitute: class 3. Adelaide Ran- daU. Helen Jensen, substitute: lunlor (ileh class. Mrs. Thomnson. Mrs. Hal- v-:rson. substitute: hieh school class. Mr Caroenter: adult class. Mrs. Yahnke. The classes are to select names next Sundav and an effort is to be made to double the attendance in t:.c next few months. _ Congregational Church Church School at 10 o'clock. Morn- Ing worship at 11 o'clock. B?rmon topic. "Beyom* Churches." Young People's meeting at 6:30. Trinity Lutheran Church Rev. P. J. Braner. pastor Services will be conducted Sunday as follows: Sunday School and Bible class at 10 a. m. English services at 10:30 Religious Instruction Saturday at 10 The oastoral confereno? will be held next week. October 23-24 and 25. Conference service will be conducted In the English language at 8 o'clock Tuesday evening. The Reformation festival will be cel- cbraUd two week from the comlr.R Sunday. Presbyterian Church Rev. C. Faul Carlson. Minister Sunday School at 10 a. m.. Frank Geigel, Supt. Morning worship at 11 a. m. Dr. Henry Olson will preach Christian Endeavor at 6-.30 p. m.. Mr McDowell, leader. Evening service a 7:30 p. m. Rev. Robert Hoerner has been Invited to preach. The Poor Child Hitler, the dictator, is in favor <i blrtlv control. I do not. know why, except that lit- hits a habit of b in;; on the wrong side o« every question, political, reliaiou:,, .scckil and otherwise. I also rutioe that a few t-uilo.-a 111 "hi:, country break out eviry once In a while in favor of the Hitk-r idea. I can see only one ir.sta.nce where birth control mig-'-.t have bt-i-n a benefit, to wx.-iety and the nation. That is If Hitler's parents and th* parents of ihche Uind-clglited tdiUjrs had been btnnl- ii«--(l before babies wen: born. They argue that taking care of so many add:-, to our taxes. Tli.- law U.en would alftcl th-- ]>oor and Itt, l:.c rich go live. If I know my oiii'.ii* I will say it costi ILS jr.ore to take care of the! run in tti*> United S'uU-.s than it does to care lor th«: m.-erly. They fur- get that the smarttit men the world , ver produced came from poor, lowly homes. Rich men's .-ort, luircily ever amount to anything and a yreat many of ttu-m would be boarding on ihe state if their parents did not have the money U» k-.ep tliem out. Birth control U a deep subject, and not to U-- dealt, with in a iJiallo* way by a few fanatics. Leav-.- it to Almiglry God. In HLS wisdom He will take care of questions of thla kind where man Is only a failure. He told us to increase, multiply and n.-j)lciii.'.h th-:- earth and I am in favor of keeping right at 't- Let the good work go en. We will pay the taxes and take care of the babies. 1 have more rcbpecl for a woman carrying a toby than th-.- one carrying a lap clog. I am not a good specimen of humanity phykically or otherwise, but, if I was not so old 1 would Uart rU;Ji su raising an. tiler laimly. Every child that comes into tin.-, world VlUU be taken care of and have a. cnaiice to make (40(^1. 'I'h . poor man's cr.ild li.'is jiu^t as gooi.i a diance in :he oil U S A. as the- rich and generally makt-s a better citizen. Tli'.i'e is where our sell ii.ude IIK-II come irom. Wh - know., but a luture president ol tile United olutes will be born in Ko.siu:h county and who would diu-e deny him the right to exu. I vill kive a pair of siicvs tj slippers Lo every baby bom in tins bi.'.Ween now and Cur'-.lma^.. lowu n^vU.-, i>u<>ulalion and of Ua old iviloWi will soon be tut ul tile picture. AMELIA ENGSTROM HOSTESS TO 30 AT UNION MOTHER-DAUGHTER CLUB The Man About Town Says During one of the rehearsals for the lome talent play a number of the vocalists went through their songs wlth- iut a break, but when Ray McCorkle tarted his tunes floating over the eth- T, a lltie dog which had taken refuge at the rear of the stage let loose with howls much in melody with Ray's eading of the air. Several attempts e made to carry on with the song and without success until the dog was removed. Not discrediting Ray's singing it must have made the dog think f a lost home, for not In anyway did he molest the other songsters. • • • Dean Sparks was forced to take the ditch when coming to town through the Plum Creek country at night. He was looking for a blue sport model Ford roadster with a mind of telling the owner what he though about his driving. When he discovered it was one of his friends he held his rage. The driver and his companion in the roadster of blue had other things in common to think about than meeting oncoming cars. • • • Remember reading about the grrat free America, the Landing of the Pilgrims, the founding of colonies by religious worshipers who were persecuted In their native countries for their beliefs? Down In Montezuma, Iowa, a preacher was Riven four months in jail because he had a way of worshipping that did not meet with the approval of the neighbors. The preacher opened the doors and windows of his church and shouted his hallelujahs, only to be Jailed. It has come to that. Religious persecution In America. Mrs. Frank Geigel Gives Paper on "Intelligent Voting" Union: Thirty ladles en loved the meeting of the Mothers^ and Dauehters club held last Thursday afternoon at the home of Amelia Enostrotn. She was assisted in entertaining bv Wini- ned Jereenson. Roll call was answered bv the maloritv of the ladles nre- sent on "Whv I Vote"i Music on the oiano was furnished bv Frances Wln- kel. A oaoer on "Intelll«nt Votdnst" was very well elven bv Mrs. Prank Gelorei of Aleona. who is an active committeewoman. Lunch was served bv the hostess. Guests were Mrs. B. ?. Crose of Alrona. Miss Minnie Schlck and the Misses Madson. The next meeting will be a hallo we'en Dartv In the afternoon at the hcme of Frances Gould. She will be assisted bv Mae Etherlngton. The committee for the oArtv Includes Carrle Bourne, chairman. Dorothy Keefe and Ada Hofius. Miss Maxlne Devlne is teaching a rural school near Bode this vear. Mrs. Arthur Leason soent Sundav with her Barents. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Thomoson. Mrs. Alfred Schenck expects to leave (ills week to visit relatives in Wisconsin, who ari» ill. Mr. and Mrs. Weslev Householder drovA to Lone Bock Sundav evening for their son. Robert, who soent the dav with relatives. Kendall Ward had the cast removed last week and is able to be around doing nicely. Ham Ward, however, stiirhns to kteo his leg in a c»st. Mr. and Mr*. Albert Gould of Mallard. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gould and son. Kenneth snent Sundav as wests of the Soreii Mdrtcteen family o* Brltt. Mrs. Alfred, Jsruenson recently returned from Chicago Where she was consulting specialists for sinus trouble. She had the sinus tubes scraped and drained and believes she has been Rrcatlv benefltted. Mr. and Mrs. James Devlne and their children entoved ft family dinner anfl reunion at the home of Mrs. Devines mother. Mrs. A. B. Holdren in Al- »cna. An aunt. Mrs. Ben Holdrm of Hutchlnson. Kansas, who is here on a visit, was euest of honor. Everyone should wtronize the ot>- eretta to be Riven at the school in district No. 4 Friday evening of this ireek. The teacher and mroils have been laboring hard on the DToariMn which nromlses to be a good one. The inf«nt soft of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Aalfs has been christened Oarv Clifford. He is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ballev. This Is the first child for the Aalfs. Another daughter. Mildred Ballev Dwlght has two sons so it looks like the Baileys are oartlal to grandsons. Mrs. Asms expects to leave the hosoltal Thursday. Services Held Here for Former Algonian Funeral services for Theodore Handeland were conducted from the local Methodist church Tuesday afternoon, in charge of Dr. Edge, local pastor. The last two years Mr. Handeland, With his family has resided near Hutchlns. but prior to that lived on a farm between Algona and Irvington. He was born near Story City, Iowa, Dec. 20. 1890, and was married Jan. 20, 1915. to Miss Belvia Cornish at Bowman, North Dakota. He had been In ill health since last January, and leaves besides the widow, three sons and three daughters, Arlet, Ole, Glenn, Marie, Ber- nlce and Orville, All living at home. He also leaves one brother, Ole of Ventura, Iowa, and two sisters, Mrs. Frank Ernst of Webster CKy, and Mrs. Marlon Marlcle of Latimer. the Algona cemetery. Burial was in Here's winter car comfort »t lo» cost —Hot Water Heaters, $5.78—*«t Ftoar Mats, S9c-VWnter OU, 3S<5 ggl.—Win- ter Transmission Grease, 5 Ibe. 69o- Shields, 2do—Methanol Anti- gal. 89c.—Gamble stores. 4Z Batteries 13 Plate Fully guaranteed Coast- to-Coast Store StfBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIgsa In No wonder so many docs follow the mall men. Letter carrier, Harry Spongberg was caught petting and caressing Supt. Laing's dog at the steps near th? mall box. Every few weeks Harry has a new dog at hLs home and it looks lige Laing's son sjH will have to find his dog someday a-t the Snongbcrg'.s. Hank Gudcrlan usually has half a dozen dcgs after him. Not, so with Howard Vinson. He often takes home a pair of torn trousers and some teeth marks on his legs. An unofficial observer reports that the captain of the independent football team found himself in a sad predicament several nights ago, when his machine, parked in the driveway be- BB .side the home of a lady friend, fail d to start and he had to come downtown, much against his will, and take BB help back to shove the car into the BH street, and get it started. If h was B* «"[jing hi.; visit a secret, IL was a tough br<>ak. He was driving a sport BB coupe job, in case you're having tr-jub- figuring out who it was. BB •I know the batury U up," sighed BB Dore Freeh as he pointed to the little BB hand on the ammeter, "because it goes' |BB away over to ten." It didn't go over to ten until tr.t car was pulled and the mo'.or .started. That made a certainly that the battery was O. K. Dore was on the verge cf going into the mechanic business two years ago and what a .succebs he would have had with bn'.teries. Going to Hold a Farm Sale I BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm ism lot Jimime Neville IHE .SHOfc MAN A little girl took her seat in a barber chair and strikinK up a conversation the barber asked her how Beausey W ensey was getting alonif. The loquacious barber took a sharp retort- when lie w'as informed that "he didn't need to talk about Beaasy Weensey when .-he was around anyway that. wasn't his name, it was G-nie Weenie." * « • Recently a family settled in north- weiUcra Iowa ajid asked tor county aid. The aid was a truck for their lurni- ture. kids and parents and a trio into the Da kolas. Back came a truck from Dakota, with a. WirKO of kid^, lor- ' niture and parents. Each time all | wa^> duMijjcd not in a shelter of th/ j home, but along the roadside miles '• f:c:u anywheie. Three time* they enjoyed beiiiii dunined and piled up along the road until the authorities wenl into a huddle ovtr the difference ot existing poor relief laws in the two .-> aNv,. '1'/;'•>• didn't consider humai kmdneio. Christianity, but greed over t - ' n ,-< ii <ii .,<> dollars i' w uld c- to htlp u poor liamly until work could Li,: 10^-l.d. • • • It's bird to Uke, thus* Detroit Ins 'I. ii o Wi;ii..;ii- hud hu> var K'^^ t(^ ti:«- ludio during 111': h'niil K"')ie until the Cardinals batted around with seven runs coining Ui Ln th.*.- third inning Th-.- sliain wai lou much. B'jb ii.ul the radio olf claiming inurfer- i:.:.-.- b> ..latic. Every ui;.- kinjv.;, liic ! <j,iv ••-,'-!.: |>L-J1Vcl lor radio. 1 "Kay. CJuy How do you knock 'em d ad .it ,,"th u i-unijeV" "Oh! Tiial'i) fijll;ble's Aci: aiiL-ll tiul brinui '(;lll in Ai.d they C'j-l il.e 1<;.^ '<*.'* Oiimble.-. BB BB BB BB BB BB BB mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm >mm BM IF YOU AEE you want a lot of buyers to make your sale a success—and the surest way to inform the public is through the advertising columns of The Algona Upper Des Moines. 2750 families read it each week. They are all reading it—even if they borrow their neighbor's copy. That's what you want —folks in this community to read your advertisement. They will be your buyers and that's why you should make arrangements to place your sale advertising in The Algona Upper Des Moines i BB BB BB BB • B BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB •B BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB \Ve print .sale bills, too, and offer you tin; hciii'iit of t> ( ) years exjicri- ciicc in preparing your sales nu-.s- •>a^v in the eurrerl manner. Established 1865. BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB BB KB BB ^BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIBBBBBBIBBBBBBBBBBIlS Ran Buy in Sherwin-Williams ENAMELOID This fin* dtcora- t i v • tn*m«l to without • p«*r for UM on furnltur* or woodwork. Even amateur* achicv* remarkable result*. 18 bright colon. UM Cca- poa below. Reg. 27e Can 12 to Rnlih • dwlr »r Sowll TafcU SHERWH-WlLUMMS AUTO POLISH S-W Ope* auto polUh to the fineit auto polish fold. Cleans, polishes and waxes in one operation. 60e PJnl Gin.. SHERWIi-WlLLIMtS FURNITURE POLISH S-W PoBsb-ol cleans and polishes quickly—ICSTCS no greasy film. Use coupon below. •• ft 3Oe BottU ... I %f ° CO U PON Thli coupon «nd th> idnr- tiMd prtc* ti good (or on* or •11 thrw oi abort •(McUli. rj PoiUh-ol Q Knvnlold fj Ante Polish NAME _ ADDRESS Wishtbl.I SHERWIH-WILUM3 SEMI-LUSTRE For Walls and Woodwork Stains, greases, smudges, marks of all kinds wash off easily with soap and water. genii-Lustre is the ideal washable wall paint. Easy to apply. Dries to a hard, satin-like finish. p« r Qt. 12 P..I.I $ < .00 Coif* Leu Than I Cmnt Pw So. Ft— Two Guts SWP HOUSE PAINT SWP givee your home armor-like protection that defies the dementi. Be •mart — Buy House Paint by the job—Not by the gallon. SWP goes further, lasts longer, looks better. Ask for an estimate. FREE BOO K The Heine Decorator 44 p«f«, 7» color Kh«mi». Ill pllntlns hint*. Puclutinf book with UIplul Uteu by Brtty Wood. A»k lor your upy. LUSBY'S DRUG AND PAINT STOEE crrz HOTEL SPANISH VstLAGi )NVF bVFKYlMiV

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