The Evening Star from Independence, Kansas on November 24, 1908 · Page 6
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The Evening Star from Independence, Kansas · Page 6

Independence, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1908
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE EVENING STAR, INDEPENDENCE, KANSAS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1908. TEMPLE TO BftHfl, THE NEW CENSUS W. B. KELLY, M. D- Homeopathist. OfSee orer CknmnereuJ NatiomsJ . Bank. Residence 'pnone 166. Office hours 11 to 12 a. m.; &m4 YOU CAN FIND A BUYER For every dollar's worth of Real Estate which you own ! WOMEN MEMBERS OF CULT IN CHICAGO TO ERECT EDIFICE. GOVERNMENT PREPARING TC COUNT THE PEOPLE AGAIN. ' 3 to 5 p. a. ft ; 7 ----- .. tf?.-, . i. I . ' ', - ' ' C!CA0-NtwytlK-SAII ntAcisca ..... 1 Hit PRATT BOOK & ST ATIONERY CO 125 N. Piaa. Avf. Telephone 176 V'o arc -!;.! "t a groat nuiiilo-r :' oi;r FILTKKS and-they arc iriviin; th" ''- t service. Tli-y are on ;i n-w principle and .1 .-. Cil Ii.TL'crs ;luie Met:il Ceiling &old and ei ect i'd l.y W. W. Cor nelius, located at our otnee. All kinds of tin. copper and j sheet metal work done. j Basement Ma.-onic Temple. The Union Sheet j? .Metal WorKs ROBINSON (& RICHARDS Veterinary Surgeons Only Licensed Graduate Vet erinary Surgeons in Independence, Kansas. Residence 'Phone 495. Office 'Phone 201. C2C 2 100 Gump's Goods Have Quality, Good, strong School Trunks, deep tray $7.00 Gamp's Hercules School Trunk. . .$10.00 Valitary School Trunk. . .$5.50 to $12.00 Stamp's Skirt-length School Trunks $14 to $30.00 Mendel Wardrobe Trunks. .$42 to $75.00 Dont buy a Trunk, Bag or Suitcase till you see Gump's Line. GUMP' TRUNK STORE 821 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 9fch and Main. Right at Junction. I Write for samples, fashion plates and self measuring blanks. 'Pay Less Dress Better" If you'd be just as well satisfied wita ma lie -to -order clothes instead of the factory made hand-me-downs; if youM. like to sav the profit of factory, wholesaler and retailer through all of whom tke ready-mades pass before reaching you come here, choose fruj all the colors of the forest and all the new patterns being shown this week in New York and London; hare a fitting in the bastings, hand made button holes, all wool materials, etc. and pay u. for Coat and Pants Suits Pants to order $1.75 a leg; seats free. PIS A TsJFh PANTS Will Do the Work, It Is Said, with Their Own Fair Hands, as a Tribute to the Persian Deity. The followers of Bahai in Chiagro are said to number 1,000, and the fair members of the sect propose now to j erect a temple to the glory of the founder and prophet of the mystic ; faith which had its origin in far-away j Persia. With their own fair hands ; these women propose to do the work i of masous, artisans, laborers until the i most "wonderful religious edifice in the United States rears its towering cupola proudly above the shores of Lake Michigan. The building of the temple by the Bahaists themesleves is not a necessary rite or demanded by any of the requirements of worship. But the object is two-fold, first the exchequer of the church in America is low, but most important it is a laBor of love and reverence, so that every stone and brick and girder will be hallowed by the personal sacrifice of the faithful. The money at hand and to be contributed will only purchase the material, and the followers of the martyred Babi will do the rest. The Bahaists in Chicago number about 1,000. There are less than 5,000 in the United States, but the leaders declare the faith is spreading rapidly, it is an offshoot of Mahammedanism. essentially a system of pantheism, made up from gnostic, cabalistic and even Buddhistic sources. All individual existence, according to Bahaists, is an emanation from Supreme Deity and will all ultimately be absorbed nto the source whence it comes. The ground - work of the faith is contained in the startling declaration that while it is impossible for the finite to comprehend the infinite, the Almighty can and has made a face whereby the children of earth can know and love him. In other words, that God assumed an earthly body and New Machines and New Methods Wit' Make the Gigantic Task Easier Than Upon Former Occasions. IfllSlrtlpf I It's no easy job which Uncle Sam finds n his hands every ten years the taking of the census. In 190C when the last count of the people pi the country was made there was nc organized census office force to take up the work authorized by congress as there is now, and the census taking was complicated by the unpre-paredness of the government for the work. The permanent census bureau was established by congress after the count was made in 1900 and the census taking of 1910 will find an efficient force with modern equipment ready to cope with the gigantic work involved in gathering the census statistics. Congress at its coming session will be asked to appropriate a sum necessary to cover the expense of the work, something like $14,000,000. Of this seemingly large total, $1,500,000 is needed for the maintenance of the permanent census bureau and the remainder, or $12,500,000, will be set aside for the Thirteenth national cen sus. Although it is estimated that the population of the United States has increased something like 20 pei cent, since the last previous census, and the census work will, of course, expand proportionately, it is predict ed that the census of 1910 will cost very little more than the census ol 1900. This economical miracle will be made possible through the introduc tion of unequaled time and labor-sav ing machines in the compilation oi the census. By the aid of these me chanlcal inventions a force of clerks r CLlHlllfffll (I 0 ) I I I I COMP'NY I "The Home of Dressey Clothes." . 021 Main street. Kansas City Mo. j Right-Way Hotel J OPP. SANTA FE DEPOT. CxtLKKYVALr;, KAJN5AS. Everything First -Class. Rates $1 and $1.25 per day; by the week, $4.00. Tree Baths. PETER KIRCH, Mgr. Russian Bahai Temple to Be Model of One in Chicago. lived for the space of 75 years under j the name of Baha Ullah, in an earthly tenement from which he departed in 1892. The prophetic character of Moses, Christ and Mohammed is acknowledged, but all three are consid ered mere precursors of Baha Ullah. j One of the cardinal features of the i sect is the secrecy with which its 1 meetings are held and its propaganda j carried on. This is said to be due . iclely to the desire not to embarrass j the older members of the sect in Per- : sia and other Mohammedan countries, j who are literally "living beneath a j suspended sword." ; For this reason, although there are j 1,000 followers of Bahai in Chicago, the existence of the religion was hardly known and the announcement of the building of the temple came as a huge surprise. Bahaism was first in- j troduced in Chicago during the Col- j umbian exposition by Persian mission- j aries. i The majoriiy of women followers of Bahai are distinguished for musical j literary, poetical or other tempera- ! mental gilts. One of the most noted j of its adherents is Coraldine Farrer, ; the prima donna. In Chicago the leaders include Mrs. Lillyan Shaffner, ; novelist and dramatist; Mme. Ragna Linne, a well-known soprano; Nellie j FJ. Cox. author, and Dr. Susan Ar- i mody, Mrs. Eva Russell. Mrs. A. B. ! Burrows, Miss Jane Mason, Mrs. Ed-! gar F. Wiate, Mrs. A. It. Windust, j Mrs. Cecilia Harrison. Mrs. Albert : Kirchner, Thornton B. Chase, Mr. and : Mrs. Marshall A. Roe, and Mrs. Finn. The temple they arc to build with their own hands will be located at Wilmette, on the north shore. The only other Bahai temple in existence, Mashrek-El-Aczar- at Ishabad, Russia, will be used as a model. It will have nine sides and nine doors, at each of which a fountain will play, in accordance with the mysterious laws f of the sect. Nine and 19 are the magic numbers of the faith. Another amazing feature of the undertaking is that all the members of the cult will give up their homes for j the time and live at the sacred j grounds. They vill form a regular; tented city on the site, six acres on a j high ridge overlooking Lake Michigan. Director S. N. D. North, Head of Cen sus Bureau. no larger than that employed ten years ago will be able to turn out one-fourth, or perhaps even one-half, more work than was accomplished a decade since. The new machine bears no resem blance to the old apparatus. It is built on the plan of a typewriter, with 240 keys. The operator, instead of punching one hole at a time, can depress as many keys as are necessary, and after all the facts have thus been recorded by the keys, a button is pressed which brings an electric motor into play. All the holes are punched at once without any effort on the part of the operator. The average number of cards punched per dav at the census office with the hand puncher was 900. With the new ma chine girls have with but one week's experience attained a speed of 3,500 cards per day. When operators be come familiar with the new machine doubtless this output will be largely exceeded. The next census will also . see the introduction of a new tabulating ma chine that marks almost as long a step forward as does the new card-punching machine. In the new tabulator, as in the old, the work is performed by a pin box with a needle set on a fine spiral spring for each possible hole in a card. When the pin box is brought down over each card in turn the needles, which meet the unpunched surface are repressed, while those which pass through holes make an electric contact below and cause one or more counters or dials to register. In the old machines the counters had to be read and the results recorded by hand a proceeding productive of many errors and then all the dials had to be reset by hand, a time consuming operation. In the new ma chine, which has just been perfected there is an automatic recording and printing system on the plan of the familiar stock ticker, and the pressure of a push button resets all the dials automatically. A great increase in capacity will result. WE DO CARRIAGE PAINTING Upholstering, put on rubber tires and buggy tops at H. G. BROWN'S shop. 110 East Laurel. Phone 436 ' . i BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Start a trust scheme mail order busi ness at home. Eas:ly operated and a money maker for the beginner in M. C. work. Catalogues and circulars maiU-' tree. Royal Novelty Co. 144 Royal Bid?. Attleboro, Mass. 9-1-tl SLAUGHTER IN LUMBER. Send for a catalog of the Gordon, Van Tine Lumber company, 983 Case strait. Davenport, Iowa, and see what you ;?.n ! in the way of saving money. We are 3laughtering prices, as the trust had fixed them. Write for catalog. (First Published, Nov. 11, 1908.) NOTICE OF HEARING FOR DRUG GIST'S PERMIT. A reasonable " campaign ' of classified advertising will ' sell you out ' ' in real estate. No one who is looking for real estate in tkis city fails to read and consider the real estate ads. Scarcely a sale occurs that is not, in some way. promoted or brought about by a classified ad. Without the influence of the little ads, real estate transactions would be hard to bring about not because of any fault or flaw in the properties them- " selves but because the search for the "right buyers' ' could not be quickly or effectively made. It would be a slow process perhaps only occasionally successful. More real estate is transferred through the medium of Star classified advertisements than in any other manner. r I Call up the ad. man I State of Kansas, Montgomery County, ss. In the Probate Court, in and for said County and State: To all whom it may concern, Greeting: Know ye that I, H. G. Jones, the un dersigned pharmacist of said Montgomery county. State of Kansas, did, on the tenth day of November, 1908, file in the Probace Court of Montgomery county and State of Kansas, a petition duly signed by twenty-five free-holders and twenty-five women of Independence, Kansas, where said business is located, praying for a Druggist's. Permit to be granted to me to sell intoxicating liquors for medical, mechanical and scientific purposes for the period of one year. The averments and allegations set forth in said petition to come on for hearing at the office of the Probate Judge, in Independence, Kansas, December 12, 1908 at 9 o'clock a. m. H. G. JONES, Pharmacist. Dated Nov. 11, 1908. Attest: 1 P. L. SWATZELL, Probate Judge. EVENING STAR PRINTING CO. TELEPHONE 28 THc EVENING STAR SETS THE PACc J I Independence business men advertise in the Evening Star because it is the paper the people of this city read ONE THIRD OFF ON MBBK 2FE IN CAR-LOT QUANTITIES SHIPPED AN iT WHERE! SAWMILL PRICES! WE PAY THE WE SUPPLY YOU WITH EVERY KIND OF LUMBER FOR ALL BUILDING PURPOSES, AT SAWMILL PRICES. WE CUT THE TIMBER FROM OUR OWN LANDS, AND WORK IT UP INTO LUMBER IN OUR OWN GREAT MILLS. BEING INDEPENDENT OF ALL TRUSTS AND RETAIL OR WHOLESALE PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATIONS, WE SELL AT CUT PRICES AND SHIP WHEREVER RAILROADS GO. CDT PFICES ON LUMBER, LATH, SHINGLES, SHEETING, TIMBERS, DIMENSION EVERY SHIPMENT THAT GOES OUT IS GUARANTEED. THE LUMBER IS ABSOLUTELY NEW, BRIGHT GOOD, CLEAN STOCK NO WARPED, BLACK, DIRTY LOOKING RETAIL GRADES. WE PAY THE FREIGHT ON CAR LOAD LOTS. - g Punch Please Copy. Belle Here's an odd thing I pur- j chased while abroad, a girdle made ol gold coins. What do think of it? Tom Looks to me like a waist oi money. Swindlers' Ruse. The Toulouse police have arrested a gang of swindlers, whose stock in trade was a beautiful old cabinet and considerable effrontery. With these they took on lease for the summer an old castle near Toulouse, and hired a venerable-looking old lady to act as its owner. They then found an amateur, took him to the castle and sold him the cabinet. Then they invited the victim to lunch, and while he was eating the meal the real cabinet was replaced by a perfect imitation, which eventually the victim carried off with him. The swindlers, before their arrest, succeeded in selling their cabinet 33 times at prices varying from $500 to $3,250. NOT IN A TRUST ! Our Grades Gnaranteed ! We Ship On Approval. WHERE WE MAKE OUR GREATEST SAVING IS IN SHIPPING DIRECT TO YOU. NO TRAVELING SALESMEN, NO INSURANCE, NO RE-HANDLING OF THIS LUMBER BY MIDDLE MEN. THE RETAIL LUMBERMAN IS UNDER HEAVY EXPENSE AND HAS A LOT OF MONEY TIED UP IN STOCK THAT STAYS IN HIS YARD UNTIL IT GETS WARPED, CRACKED, BLACK AND DIRTY. WHILE HE MOVES ONE WAGON LOAD OF MATERIAL, WE MOVE A HUNDRED CARS. OUR ECONOMIES ARE YOUR PROFIT. Lumber for Houses, Barns, Stores, Churches, Other Buildings OUR GRADES ARE 50 PER CENT BETTER THAN THE GRADES OF THE AVERAGE RETAILER. IF OUR GRADES ARE NOT FOUND TO BE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, AND ALL THE LUMBER EXACTLY AS REPRESENTED, WE REFUND YOUR MONEYI Send List For Prices. CAR LOTS CAN BE PURCHASED FROM US, DELIVERED ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES, AT 1-3 LESS THAN DEALERS' PRICES FOR EQUAL QUALITY. WE CA NSHIP "MIXED" CARS- PART LUMBER AND THE BALANCE MILL-WORK AND OTHER BUILDING MATERIAL IF YOU CANNOT USE A FULL CAR OF LUMBER. WE QUOTE PRICES ' DELIVERED. ' ' BY THIS WE MEAN "FREE ON BOARD CARS AT YOUR STATION." Write for GRAND FREE CATALOG of 5,000 Bargains ! r WE SHIP "ON APPROVAL," WHICH PERMITS YOU TO INSPECT, COUNT AND THOROUGHLY SATISFY YOURSELF THAT THE LUMBER AND MATERIALS ARE AS REPRESENTED. SEND IN YOUR HOUSE BILL, BARN BILL, STORE BILL, CHURCH BILL, FACTORY BILL, AND SEE HOW MUCH MONEY WE CAN SAVE YOU. WE HAVE A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF LUMBER, MILLWORK, DOORS, WINDOWS, MOULDINGS, ROOFING, PORCHES, STAIRS, ETC., AND GUARANTEE QUALITY, PROMPT SHIPMENT, SATISFAC TON AND SAFE DELIVERY. Gordon, Van Tine Co 983 CASE STEETT, DAVENPORT, IOWA. I it I i9

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