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The Evening Stari
Independence, Kansas
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Kansas Priii-ited (Etoery ay -In tfec ear SDH.) jfflftei'niooti Star Is ibc Only -Tta THE PAPER THAI SETS THE PACE MAIL EDITION 2 The Evening Star Publishes the Unrivalled Telegraph News Report of the United 'Press Association TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1908. INDEPENDENCE. KANSAS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1908. Vol. 9.


to- i all v. after New York. Nov. 24. Day i I 1 ill ARE ANXIOUS ABOUTIPLANS OVER 100,009 CONTRIBUTED Valuable -animal Bitten Last Week, Falls Into a Fit And Is Shot By Jim Austin Deering Men Hunt a Wolf Yesterday.

Let the People Know, Is the Consensus of Opinion May Not Be Over 10 Cents Per Capita Bristow Says We Ought to Know. moirow will Le uag.imuiiiu the metrojxdis. I'mnty thousand little children are to band themselves into a fantastically arrayed army of beggirs and celebrate Thanks-ivin" bv asking alms from adult pedestrians. The man who fails to pro Printers' Bills Provide the Largest Single Item Organization of States Ranks Second Certificate of Audit to More than half the state have certified TojH-ka. Nov.

count clerks of the Outs Want Office, and the Ins "Vindication" Curtis and Bristow Haven't Reached an Understanding as to Vviiether Ahey're Split, or Jointly A-ward Patronage A Lot of Good Jobs and a Lot of Hungry Men Looking for the Plums to Drop. vide himself with a plentitul supply oi pennies and nickels with which to But where on earth did the custom originate? People from out of town who visit New York on Thanksgiving Day look in astonishment at the raga-mullins parading the street and say. "What a strange custom' We don't have this at home." No more do they. The Thanksgiving Fvagamullin is New ork. all through.

Where did the custom originate? People who like to dig these things out have tried to trace the matter back to its origin but in vain. Some declare that the carnival is a survival of the old English, "Harvest Home." But there are no proofs of this, and besides Harvest Home doesn't come at this time of vear; furthermore, the the cost of the Secretary of Ee Filed In New York, Under State! to the secretary of -tat Law About One-Half of What It recent state primary- There was a mad dog scare rampant in the quiet and peaceful little town if Deering yesterday morning when about eight of the men citizens of that town started out on a wolf hunt. The dog was killed by Deputy Sheriff Jim Austin before any harm was done. Last week a mad dog came through the village and seeing a number ot other canines, he went after them and Cost to Man the Republican State Denton is seeking this information in his biennial report. The state wide nrimnrv is a -new tiling in Kansas and placate the beggars, before venturing on the streets, is likely to fare ill at the hand of the little angels.

Zow! A stocking full of Hour whacks you over the head. Zoom! A fish horn disrupts your eardrums. But hat's the use of getting mad It 's only a bunch of Thanksgiving jay "Ragamuffins." out for their carnival. C.ive them a nickel ami they'll let you alone. There are thousands of them all over New lork on Thanksgiving Day.

Kids i 1 they were bitten. The strange dog succeeded in getting away. Yesterday when the wolf hunt the big grey hound belonging to Harry Parriger. was in the chase. Just before the wolf was released from the ernte.

some of the hunters were English don't celebrate it with maud-lin costumes. Nor is the custom a survival of the Christmas "Waits." We have those at their own real time. No ii. Topeka, Nov. 2 4.

Federal office seekers in Kansas are now waiting to see what Taft proposes to do. Will he ignore the inlluence of the congressional delegations, as Roosevelt has done, and in olliee all ollicials who have mad good records, or will he make a clean sweep of all Roosevelt appointees and install Taft. men. "tried and true'? This is the burning question. Of the present ollicials all hope, that he will retain those with good records.

oi them admit that their records are good. The 'outs'' who want to get up to the trough hope that he will make a clean sweep and put no one but "tried and true" Taft men on guard, thev admit that thev are all shapes, sorts and sizes, ariaeu nobody seems able to trace ine Thanksgiving Ragamuffin back. So we'll imagine that they are real New York institutions and treat them i Mr. Denton thought it would be a good thing to find out its cost. The people are- entitled to know as, they foot bill.

While the secretary of state will not dve out anv detailed information as to the expense of the primary until he has compiled the reports from all the counties, in a general way, it is estimated that the cost will be around $125,000. When the secretary of state sent out Ids list of questions covering the cost of the primary the county clerk of Shawnee county, who is a "reformer." both in politics and in method of running his olliee. thought he saw a dark, deep laid conspiracy on the part of Secretary Denton to break down the primary law. dust how the aforesaid county clerk reached that conclusion i- as much of a mv-terv as the numerous mistakes he in niiinini' his own otfice. dust the funniest, weirdest motley ou Chicago.

Xov. Tin? democratic national committee received in all ansl spent $610,410.06 during the rec-nt campaign, leaving a balance on hand of $1,234.71. So reads a statement made public tonight hv the officers of tin- committee, an itemized statement will be filed for record in the office of the secretary of jstate of New York in compliance with tin- resolution adapted by the national committee at Lincoln. last duly. The statement made public by the committee tonight includes a certificate of audit by Myron I).

King, auditor of tli" national committee. Thte statement follow-: Over 130.000 Contributors. To the Demo-ratic National Committee. (Jentlemen: Following is a statement of all the receipts an 1 expenditure-: Total amount of money re- the democratic national ca Thev make the da imagine. petting the dog when he suddenly went mad and fell in a fit on the ground.

He then started on a mad dash through the crowd when Mr. Austin pilled his six shooter and put him out of commission. It is reported that several other dogs hideous, and raise the deuce gener- it UXTRA! THE DAILY MONITOR have gone mad in Deerjng in tne last tew da vs. The wolf hunt was not a ry thrilling one. the wolf being used to The First Christian Science Daily Will Have Its Initial the crowds visiting this park.

When the Issue Thanksgiving Day 'latter was in operation. The dogs could because the secretary of state wanted linn on the ana eu ine peo do nothing vith him and he was killea late in the evening by one of the of the party. When hard pressed, the wolf would take refuge in the party of men. seeking protection. $620.

6 4 4.77 (iio. 4 10.06 The Monitor will hive' four editions, The first will be the international edition an i intended for world-wide -circulation. Other editions will serve the tried and true." Mr. Taft has gieii no intimation yet as to what his policy in regard to the patronage question will be. Some of the Kansas members of eongie-s are now trving to find out.

They say it will simplify their troubles eonsi.leraldy if they can learn whether there is to be a dean swetp or a retention of presejjt ollicials at the pie counter. I'nt il I hey find out tney are declining to back any of the candidates those now in or those now out who want in. Earliest Terms to Expire. No matter which policy Mr. Tatt.

committee for year Total amount di-bur-e 1 .2:14.7 1 lection law of we have filed r.alance on hand hi compliance with tli th: state of New Yorl national bxird and New England fieid and the final edition will aim to secure a Creator Boston circulation and will "ive the stock market quotations. IT IS STAMPED OUT state at Jn -he office of the secretary ot ple know exactly what the cost of the primary was he was immediately accused of organizing a conspiracy and some of the 1 reform "pa pel jumped his frame. 4The fact is. I conferred with State Printer Tom McNeal and we decided that it would be a good thing to find out what the primary cost and print the figures so that the people might know." said Secretary Denton today. "That's the extent of the McNeal said he wanted to know and he thought receipts Albany a complete list of all Boston.

Nov. With former Niglr. Kditor Hoods, of the Pittsburg Cazette-Times as managing editor, the Monitor, the new daily publication of the Christian Science Church, will have its first issue in a 1 nanksgiving Day edition tomorrow. From reporters. compositors, steree-typers and others required in making a newspaper letters came to the Christian Science headquarter every day.

and all, or nearly all, wish to have it understood that they are Christian ocientists, and from these the employees are cnosen. The editorial staff has been picked from dailies in all oi its of the country. at Doss than sixty days ago apai imeu- dwelling-houses stood upon the site of i an I expenditures of the headquarter 1th a iv. v.i- Ami iii compliance MAKES SPERR the building in which the paper will ne REPORT ADMIRAL adopt there will be no linmedi it" changes or reappointments. Most of the present officials hold on for a year or I .1..4 Hif.

lonn I cotiiiriil tee. a i OF CHOLERA. The first term to expire is mat oi so. edited and printed, and now the new structure is ready for occupancy, with two Coss presses, linotype machines and modern stereotyping and mailing-room facilities. of Internal Ilevcnue a.

Collector i est 1 1 it i 'i opted at Lincoln. last duly, we have filed in the otfice of the secretary of state at Albany a list of over 25.000 nane-, representing over 100,000 contributors, who through newspapers, idubs, solicitors and other or- ii inn on file in His commission has no certai i ut he still hi several months tenure In Manila and He Will Let the Sailors of the Fleet Go Ashore to Attend the Festivities in Their Honor A Big Parade On the Tapis. all the rest of the people wanted to know also; 1 felt the same way about it. So I framed up a letter to the county clerks in order to get in his full four to serve years. nuirict Attornev II.

.1. Hone's term (United Press Dispatch.) tune. Colonel exoires about that FOR A NATIONAL NEGRO FAIR An Exhibit of the Products of Colored People Only is Being Planned. Washington, ov. Admiial Sporry -as infdmed the naval department that the i prae-'y ed out in Manila, and he will allow the of the Atlantic fleet shore asking f-'i" the intorniation.

ne are giving it freely and promptly. shall print the figures in my bi ennial report. d. L. Bristow.

republican nominee for senator, and somewhat of a reformer himself, says that the people are entitled to the information and should be given it by all means. Chairman Dolley of the republican Wilder S. Metcalf, as pension agent, runs longer and United Mates Marshal Mackey's commission runs for nearly three years yet. Still this doesn't prevent the politicians who are out from th otfice of the chairman of the demo- cratic naiional committee at Buffalo. N.

Y. The auditor's report confirming the above is attached hereto. Yours respectfully. Norman K. Mack, chairman: Vrey Woodson, secretary; Herman Kidder, treasurer: dohn K.

Osborne, vice chairman finance committee; dohn W. Cox. assistant treasurer; dohn Doolin. assistant treasurer. Where the Money Went.

The auditor's report: Tohil amount of money received by in TvnrHVinnte iii the street parade company formally organized during the festivities artanged in then in of licking their chop and wanting ii nrevent the present a ri nvnirriin will ex- esent meeting. jnv.j,n... pi behalf. state committee says it is a capital idea what urn i ticials from desiring another term just, for "vindication." Several commissions of ollicials of thv land ofiices expire next year and they to let the people know exactly tln. iipw nrimnrv law is costing TO CROSS LAKE ERIE.

them. a Party of Ohio Aeronauts will Make Mobile. Nov. 24. Influential colored men from all over the country many of theyi appointed by the governors of their home states are ia Mobile today to consider a project for a National Negro Exposition, to be held in this city during the last three months of next year.

All of the delegates are enthusiastic in regard to the ambitious movement and it is likely that the plans will be completed and the exposition are all candidates for reappointment. for tend through several days and addresses will be made by the most prominent negroes of the country. Exhibits of negro skilled handiwork from every state and territory of the nation will be shown at the ox-position, which will be the first big national fair ever held by the blacks in this or anv other country. the national democratic committee He doesn't believe the cost will be to exceed 10 cents per capita and says most any Kansan is willing to pay something for tlu privilege of casting a direct vote for candidates. total a- old Long men now holding those i 1 I I 4 t.r venr 190..

$620,644.77 The jobs warming up are mount disbursed, balance other equally ri'licuious doinr ana on hand. $1.2: 4.71. retribution of disbursements stunts in order to hold on. It is curious, hv rtments of the WERE 3 BAD ONES the Attempt in a Balloon. (United Press Dispatch.) Canton, Nov.

23. Leo Stevens, an Aeronaut, who started in a balloon called "AH America," in an attempt to cross Lake Erie has made a good start. W. R. Timken: H.

S. Timken, of Canton, and V. O. Comstock, of Kansas City, are accompanying him A TELEPHONE WAR 1903: office democratic national committee. Auditor's otfice.


reau. advisory committee said a leading Republican today, how quickly an olliee holder can drop an old idol and pick up a new one. It doesn't matter to them what tne idols stand ior. It is the otlices they want and the political wind cannot shift too quickly in Kansas to catch them out of line. Division of the Pie.

Senator Curtis and J. L. Bristow reached no definite understanding et a9 to how they will divide the federal patronage belonging to Kansas. They mav split it up equally, and eacdi be al-iLi (a fill the places assigned him $129. nno-- orornnization of states.

rule. From present indications they are not anv better off for their pruposes LIVELY FIGHT HAS BEEN STARTED A Posse of One Hundred and Fifty Men Now in Pursuit of the Murderers and If They Are Caught Will Get Short Shrift. IN CLEVELAND. Until the beginning of the January term of court, the business of the district court will be limited to what is known among the legal fratenity as a "general cleaning up." Judge Flannelly than they were under the "fire eater. 1 The county attorney is enforcing the law and druggists handle their permits 1 or thev may v.v.f 053.62: purchasing agent department.

finance committee, congressional committee. publicity bureau, ox-treasurer's account miscellaneous sight draft on Oklahoma bank, sergeaut-at-arms, documents. chairman and vice chairman, reproduction bureau, $5.115.60 speakers' bureau, general fund. 111.80; rent headquarters, telegrams, telephone. $2,199.

30; express charges. $13,061.17. postage, total, $619,410.06. PERS stated vesterdav that he knew of not- An Independent Company Gets An Injunction Against the Bell and the Conflict Is Expected to Spread Over the Country. (United Press Dispatch.) Nashville, Nov.

23. Deputies Ilalejin-jr doing until the January term of court of any public consequence, although some of the civil actions set down witti wnoni ne -a-roe to join issues and handle the phaee jointlv. All that has been done so far is a general understanding had that thev will try and devise a plan that will be Satisfactory to both and work harmoniously, if possible. Should they decide to work jointly the with white gloves. The opening of the new adiminstra-tiou will see a great difference in things in this county.

CofTeyville, known from coast to coast at one time os the 'rot-tenost" town in the United States, is seen through a different mirror at the present time. That is, CofTeyville is one of the cleanest of cities. Its citizens are i i nnnntrv anA the (United Press Dispatch.) "STov. 23. A telephone war and Burrus, were fatally shot last night by three negroes at Owl City.

The negroes were accused of disturbing public worship and the deputies tried to arrest them. A posse of one hundred and fifty men is pursuing the negroes. It is reported that they are surrounded in the woods. It is expected they will be lynch- that the most radical indications are for trial and important to the parties concerned. At the January term of court there are two rape cases to come before tlie jury.

These will be hard to try. The case against Skenks will be a senational one. The girl in the case is married. She is a neice of the man charged with statuatory rape and when the prelimin has started here througn tne umtcu States Telephone independent, get- supporter, of each-l against the Bell. It any juu.

nil- -e a iV, i4 among tne oesi city itself is one of the real progressive cities of the state. The other cities of the county ara HELD A HOP. The colored young people held a Social Hop last night at the Henderson hall, in the 5th ward. is expected the war will extend over tne also whoie country. The suit charges that to have appo nted i the Rome Curtis supporters nun.

tu if captured. BARGAIN IN LUMBER. FOR SALE at a great bargain," the ikt. in Tidprwolf tabernacle. the Central union, a en nnnl XT n'ftll Id balk at.

lilt vw. i A. -mm Vl n. Or llltllllf IIUI MASQUERADE BALL. ball at ary hearing was held, she gave testimony that didn't look good even on the book of the stenographer.

There are several liquor cases to come and violatVng She Antl- radica! supporter, each in Tst law It I charged that the Cen- jobs is to have the two whom he pleases. rrL TVmrrht at wholesale cost. Call and see the ienaerson nau luauwgivmg attfV in 11 i me nn.l malcp si bid. E. 1 r- me and make a bid.

found in the same way. ine iaw Ration to anv great extent seems to be a thing of the past. The element of good seems to prevail on every hand. The moral condition of this community being in a healthy condition, the pro-speets for a cessful administration ot all of the otricers in this county are of tral Union is trying to absorb tne inae- anu ea. JOV.

btn. All are mucu. j. a-, o- Trustee. ll-24-3t.

pendent manufacturers, and control the output. Further suits are expected. up at the next term, ome oi tuwc will be fought hard. This is probably for the reason that the liquor element want to see where they stand since Mr. Wm.

Ilenricker of Kansas City, was in Independence last Sunday, visiting relatives. Mr. Levert Alaway, of Kansas City, spent Sunday in Independence, as the guest of Miss Leona Scott. He returned home on the midnight train. Mrs.

Lyons, of Neodesha, is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Gudge for a few davs.

Evening Star Sets the Pace. they have been set free from the Bucher the best -l i iF50mes Eoerw Evmm In TOiclHOtber independence Daily gtrcHlates. 1.

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