The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1934 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1934
Page 9
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, October 18, 1934 BURT GIRL PICKED AT LONE ROCK TO HEADY.P.S. 104 Delegates Attended the Presbyterian Session on Friday, Saturday Lone Rock: The annual rallv of the ITesbyterian Youn* Peotrte's League of the north half of the Port Dodee Presbytery was held at the Lone Rock Pres- TjyUjrian church Friday and Saturday. £*« hundred and four delegates attended the banauet and Drocram Friday eeynlne and 63 were Dresent at the Saturday mornlnsr session, renresentlne T t {° Uow . lne churches. Aleona. Burt. LaKota. Llvermore. LuVeme. Plover. Hlnested. Rolfe and Lone Rock. The nieetlnar was tmened by the nresident. Etta Bacon of Aleona and consisted of a sonar, leader. Rev. O. H. Frerklne of Lakota: welcome. Gerald Aneus: response. President Etta Bacon of Alsrona. A oasreant, "The Challenge of the Cross." was given by a erouo of Lone Rock young oeoole. An address bv Henry Olson, president of Beuna Vista College, was much enloved. The following officers were elected |or the coming year: nresldsnt. Eleanor Elston of Burt: vice nresldent. Grace McEwen of Rolfe: secretary-treasurer. Lillian Angus of Lone Rock. Take in New Members . .The American Legion Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. John Sorank on Friday afternoon. Thirteen members £nd ono guest was uresent. The Auxiliary took in four new members recently, making their auota of 21 naid uo members. Pridfe Birthday Party The following attended a birthday dinner at the Raich Prkbe home on Sunday, given In honor of their son. Lvle and daughter. Lvla: Mr. and Mrs Robert Womack of Dolllver. Mr. and Mrs. August. Peterson of Swea Citv. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Boettcher of Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elchenberger of Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ackerman. Clara Blerle and Clarence Kraft. The October P. T. A. meeting will be held next Monday. October 22nd. Harkv ScoU. of Fremont. Iowa, visited at thp Calvin Householder home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rice snent the White's Grocery Money Raising Sale Still going strong. Ends Saturday Kite Special Meat Prices f or Week End Picnic hams __12%c Ib. Sum. Sausage, __15c Ib. Minced Ham, __15c Ib. Bacon Squares, 16c Ib. fuwvwvuvvwwuvvwwyv T H 5 itBamlrror "PERPENDICULAR" DRINKING" —For the flrtt time tine* 1918 these lucky folk* «r« enjoying t',e\r cocktail* ctandlng up. rirjfit at the bare of New York. PICTURE 8NATCHER8 SNATCHED —The fam- out character actor-conv ediin and hi« wife, Mr. nnd Mr*. Charlee H. But- ierworth, Jr., found thelt! 39c Unlvex Camera a big ;oy deeplte It* tmall size. Unlvex I* one of the very nswMt auto "aceeMo- rle*." It* expoeure* en* Urge 8 time* the original size. Every Lo* Angel** policeman I* equipped with one of theee SEEKS CROWN — George Haab, Virginia'* champion harmonica player, hope* to eh»|. lenge all oncomere for national laurel*. Although *tlll In hi* teen* George hae been In the winner*' cla** for more than five year*. H* I* heard over the country every Wednesday on the Corn Cob Pipe Club program* which originated at the country crossroad* near Rich, mpnd, Virginia. CIAU8T MAYOR REVEALS MARRIAGE — Bridgeport, Conn,—One of the •taunchest backer* of Jasper McLevy In hi* fight for Mayor, was Vlda Steam*. Now, after five year*, they have revealed that they were wed In Wilmington Del., in 1929, Maurice Coffin of Lennox. Iowa. snent the week end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. c. S. Coffin. Maurice was ill with throat trouble while here and could not entov his vacation ns urual. Flovd Duncan who has conducted a first class dairy for about ten years here, ault Saturday. Mr. Duncan has served his customers without fail for a long time and will be greatly missed bv many. G. W. Patterson returned to Des Moines Mondav after spending the week end here with his family Maurice CoffJn accompanied htm to Des Moines and from there he will go to Lennox, where he Is in a CCC camp. Miss Florence Lovestad of Hibblncr. Minn., and George Koestler. Jr.. were married at Esthervtlle. October 5. Thev will go t.o housekeeping on his father's farm northeast of town next March. Tho farm Is now occupied bv Alva Ross. The Birthday members gave Mrs. H. A. Manus a surprise party last Friday evening In honor of her birthday. Four of Mrs. Manus' sisters. Mrs. C. Morris. Mrs. Oodden. Mrs. P. M. Chrls- tensen and Mrs. Will ChrLstensen were suests. The TJ. and I. Circle m«t Thursday of last week at the Wilfred Chaffee home with Mrs. G. C. Allen assisting hostess. The following officers were elected for the vear: Mrs. Sattaff. president: Mrs. Tom Trenarv. secretary and treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Whltehill arriv- rd hern Thursday of last week and visited until Sundav with Lou's parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Whltehill. They left Sunday morning for Los Angeles, California, wihere thev will spend the winter. Miss Sarah Pair*, daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. E. E. Paine, was married Oc- xiber 7th to Chester Sills of Algona. The senior high school eirls gave her ^rty in her honor Wednesday of last week. Sarah Is a member of the senor class this vear. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Mann. Miss Am- >er Mann and Mrs. Ada Mann return- d home Friday from Rosholdt. North Dakota, where thev visited Mrs. Flor- Bourcav. a sister of the Indies. Thev aUo visited their brother. O. H. laulklns at Wahpeton. North Dakota. Mrs. Will Rlngsdorf entertained a umber of friends Saturday afternoon n 'honor of her daughter. Mrs. Peter ite of Arkansas and Mrs. Brink Jhipler of Maxwell. Iowa. Mrs. Fred RirJrsdorf, Mrs. Elizabeth Rlngsdorf. \Srz. Rov Rlngsdorf. Mrs. Gerald Brace nd Mrs. L. M. Boettcher of Burt at- ;nded the oartv. SKYSCRAPER "LAUNCHED"— Something new under the *un wa* Men hi New York la*t week when F. 8. Chase, President of the braee and copper company of hie name, broke a bottle of champagne over the 48th etory balcony of their building and chri*. toned It Chaeo Tower. The entire 4tth floor la given over to the world'e largeet tfleplay of new declgn* In electric light fixtures, and two other floor* contain the finest display of copper, chromium and boss ta the *oontry. FAMOUS CARNIVAU-Everybedy In Nice, Italy, make* preparations for the unusual merry-making. Thl* scene shows workmen finishing off the enormous Mask* to bs used !• the week end at Hampton with Mrs. Rice's sister. Edith Hoxle. The Mite society will meet Friday •* tho Mr*, w. J. Ootton home with Mrs. W. J. Cotton attUtUur. A baby girl was bom tjo Mr. and Mrs. Jesa Mar low Friday. The Marlows have one other child, also a girl. Mrs. E. a. Rich and Mrs. Judge Witches—Owls Black Cats- Pumpkins— Everything that makes the Hallowe'en Party except ICE CREAM and we can supply that. You'll be delighted with our Fancy Taylor made Hallowe'en molds or any of our special molds. Call us for further information about special creams or molds. Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory Phone 270 Algona, Iowa WE'RE AS VAIN of the quality of our Home Made Bread as any proud housewife could be of golden brown loaves from her own oven! There's extra richness and purity in all the ingredients we use—and a super-fine texture and special tastiness in all of the bread which we bake. Since bread is the most economical food, it certainly pays to buy the best! Wilson Bakery COooer of Fairmont spent the week end at the H. E. Micha home. Mr. ami Mrs. R. O. Borchardt and family of Bast Chain were Sunday visitors at the Emll Kraft home. The lunlor class play haa been chosen as "Go'Slow. Marv" and the cost and date will be published later. Mr. and Mrs. Roderick. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton and N. L. Cotton attended the republican rallv held at Al- conu Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oenrlch attended a Humboldt county letter carriers' meeting at the O!R Ftelland home at Humboldt Saturday evening. The Helotne Hand club met at the home of Mrs. Glen Sharp Thursday aftrrnoon. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Lillie Thompson. BURT NEWS Mrs. S. H. Van Vrankin has been 111 and conflmd to her home. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Moore and family drove to Spencer Sundav. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dundas entertained a number of relatives at. their home Sundav. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ladendorf drove to Emmctsburg Sundav where thev spent the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Graham and two sons of Fenton spent Sundav at the J. H. Graham home ..... Mrs. D. L. McDonald and little son arrived home from the hospital on Thursday of last week. Mrs. Clayton Johnson of Sexton spent the week end h«re with her mother. Mrs. Tillie Dexter. Dr. W. T. Peters and Dr. Sartor of Titonka att-ended a medical meeting on Saturday at Mason Citv. The Legion bovs gave an oyster SUP- uer at the the hall last Wednesday BV- tninif fur the baseball team. Mr. and Mrs Charles Olson spent Friday night and Saturday at the Rov Godd.n home near Fairmont. The tournament which was out on here Saturday bv the Bun business men was won bv the Burt team. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Miller and two children suau Sunday at Aleona at the home of Mrs. Milter's uartut-. Mr. and Mr;. C. L. Pheltji and Mr. and Mrs. B. L. P.-.elus and two children spent Sundav at the C. G. Cunningham home mar Elmore. Mr. and Mr=. Clifford HoldiiiK and two .sons and Mr. and Mrs. G. C. All.'n spent Sundav at Lakotn at the home of Elmt-r Kfcnitz and family. Mi', and Mrs. Gecrye Koestler returned till- first of tile week from Richland Center and Whitewater Wisconsin. wher-i thev visited relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Stow and little sen of Decorah were imests of Orville's parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Stow. Mr. and Mrs. Ray laenberger of Dtcorah spent Sundav at the home of Rav's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Isen- bexger. The H. A. GetUnan family moved Into the house on main strett which was lormerlv occupied bv the Art Bettln family. Betiv Chrtstensen and Barbara Thompson went to Rlng&ted Thursday «here thev spent the week 'end with Betty's grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Rov Woolridite of Al- uona spent. Wednesday &t tibe C. L. Pheltit- home. Mr- Woolridae built a new chluiuev at the Phelps house. Ronald Elvldge came from Ames to spend the week aid with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ro&> Klvid&r. Ronald is taking a veterinary course at Awes. Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Ewoldt. Mrs. Trina Wiese. Rosa Wiese and Herbert Wle£« drove to Marcus Sunday where they visited Mr. and Mrs.. Emit Jahr fur. and Mrs. Archie Hutchison of Aleona i.pent Sundav at the Tom Tre- uiwv home. Mr. Treaarv and fajnil' live on Mr. Hutchison's faim east of town. Mr. and Mrs. Ranev Putz and little son of Truman. Minn., spent. Saturday and Sunday here with Mrs. Til- He Dexter and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Putz. Mra. W. B. Brooke. Mrs. A. C. Bern hardt and Mrs. G. C. Allen gave a party Friday afternoon for the benefit, of the missionary society at the former's >ome. Mrs. Ella Hartshorn of Battle Creek Michigan, and her brother, George Parker of Rochester. Minnesota, called at the C. L. Phelns home one dav last week. A number of vcunir people attendee :he rallv of the Fort Dodee Presbvttrv ut Lone Rock Saturday. A fine program was eiven. Marv Ann Smith read a paper. Mrs. W. T. Piters. Mrs. Al Stnehle. Mrs. L. M. Boettcher, and Mrs. F. L. Pratt drove to Okoboll Thursday of last week where thev spent the dav with Mrs. H. L. Souerman. Mrs. P. F. Kriethe and daughter. Kuecnia. drovs to Des Moines last Fri- dav. Mrs. F. E. Rubev accompanied them to Ames where she will spend a week with her daughter. Mrs. C. B. Mitchell and Mrs. M. M. Chioman accompanied them and visited relatives and friends. Mrs. Jav Graham also accompanied them and vUlttd her brother. Alfred Matson. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Chlnman drove to Armstrong Wednesday of last week, where thev attended the wedding of Mrs. Fisher and John Gute. The wedding took place at. St. Mary's church. PENTON NEWS tertained at the P. H. Jensen, hcmd Sundav. Mrs. C. H. Oeronsln accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wolfe to Armstrong Friday for a visit at the George Wilson home. Mr. and Mrs. William Boettcher and children. Marilyn and Billv of Burt werp Sundav guests at the E. C. Wels- brod home. Sylvia Newel. Florence Newel. Luella Newel. Mrs. Kate Newel and Frances Bailey were entertained Saturday at the L. O. Newel home at Hartley. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Drever and son and Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wegener and children were entertained at the Paul Elgler home at Esthervllle Sundav. Mrs. W. J. Welsbrod accompanied Mrs. H. A. Woodward of Whlttfmore to Fort Dodge this week Mondav where thev attended a Red Cross meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Wilberg took the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Nels Wilberg to Savannah. Missouri, this weok Wednesday to consult with doctors. Mrs. W. T. Ohm was hostess to her bridge club Saturday afternoon. Mrs. E. W. Ruske won the cut prize and Mrs. G. B. Johnson the hich score iae. Mrs. J. A. Mueller and Mrs. C. O. Ballcv were club guests. Mrs. F. H. Elgler and daughter. Marv Jnne visited at the Paul Elgler home In Estherville last week Thursday and Friday. Thev were accompanied bv Geneva Glaus, who visited at the home of her sister. Mrs. Donovan Brown and family. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Weisbrod were host and hostess to the following group Sundav: Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Welsbrod. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Welsbrod and children, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod and Marv Alice. Gordon Weisbrod and Mrs. Hattle Welsbrod. FT. E. Reimers. manager of the local Thompson Yards left Sunday for a sightseeing trip spoasored by the company. Thev left bv special train from Mankato. Minn., and will go to Duluth and otlwr points In northern Minnesota, visiting sawmills and other places of Interest. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Qeronsln and daughter. Helen and the former's father. George Oeronsln. spent Sunday at a family gathering at. the home of Chris GeronMn's sister. Mrs. L. A. Peterson at Rlngsted. The dinner was a farewell to a cousin of Mr. Geronsln. who Is leaving this week for California. Rally day was observed and promotion exercises h*ld at the Methodist church Sunday. Baptismal rites were given to three babies, namely: Wavne LeRov. son of Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer. Joan Lee. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Stephenson of Rlngsted. formerly of Fenton. and Kenneth Marton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Losse of Lake City. Why Pay More? RED BARN PAINT $1.39 quality (Coast-to-Coast Price Linseed Oil, gal., 98c Coast-to-Coast Store Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Holldorf and hlldren visited with Ceylon relatives undav. Mr. and Mrs. Nels Wilbert were Sunday dinner guests at th-? Martin Wll- berg home. Mrs. Emma Currv scent Sunday at 'he home of her daughter. Mrs. E. L. Baker at Armstrong. Mrs. S. W. Mever Is en loving a visit fom her sister. Mvrtle Rasmusaen of Minneapolis since this week Monday. The first division of the Methodist xmgregatlon will hold a food sale at the Ballev store this week Saturday. Mrs. H. J. Newel accompanied her son. Dr. Clarence Newel and wife to Fresno. California. They left Friday. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Wlddel and children. Marion and James were en- Announcement We wish to announce the new firm of Kruse-Blossom Insurance Agency, successors to II. N. Kruse. We aim to continue prompt and efficient service in all linos of insurance consisting of: Fire, Lightning & Tornado Insurance; Compensation Insurance, Plate Glass Insurance, Automobile Insurance; Life, Health and Accident Insurance; Surety Bonds; Personal Loans; and Car Finance. We solicit your patronage. KRUSE - BLOSSOM Insurance Agency Offices over Iowa State Bank Bldg. H. N. Kruse R. S. Blossom Cut Rate Grocery Week End Specials Picnic Hams, 1 C_ shankless, Ib. ltH ' Bacon, sliced & rined, Ib. Toilet Tissue wash doth tree, -t rolls.- Georgie Porgie or Dwarfies, pkg. Dates, 2 Ibs. for Raisins, 4 Ibs. Pork & Beans, large can Matches, 3 boxes 19c 32c lOc 13c Cane Sugar I find myself overloaded on cane sugar. It will move fast at this price. C 10 100 Ibs. An exceptional buy. Busiest Little Htore in Town. Advertising It Helps to Make the Wheels Go Round And every Merchant Today knows that Advertising Is the Life Blood of .Business . . . true, some have their own unique ways of advertising . . . but after you've tried them all, you'll iind that the newspaper gives you more readers and more pulling power, per advertising dollar, than any other advertising medium ... if that were not so, the newspapers of today would not carry the tremendous amount of advertising viewed in every daily paper . . . and we offer you the complete Chicago Tribune advertising service as a.u aid to your business, a reservoir of merchandising ideas. THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES The Paper With the Growing Circulation.

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