The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1954 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1954
Page 9
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, JANUARY 88, 1M4 1LTTHEVILLB (AM?.! COURIER NKWI W dul WAV OUR IOARDING HOUSE — with M«|«r FRICKLES AND HII FRIINDf f-w e*u- OF sowe I PEOPLE/ IK VBNEE* f CAME LOOSE FROM v TOO MUCH drrrw > AMP LEANIW ON IT, / BUT THIS GUY EONT I TAKETH'mWT--HE S I WHILE TK CARP6MTERS \ NOU CAM MEVER UW61 DOWN YOUR PAST.' / THE BOLL OF TK , S WOOPS »f»* A CHAMPION SITTER AN' LEANER CM MACHINES HIMSELF ONCE-ANPAF6W r_ ALWAYS AM INlOPRJRTOMS tltoS — MOW THAT I'M UP TO AW EARS 66E IF YOU CAM IWPROS/ISS A F£v) PRETTY CHORDS TO A1ATCI4 THE UMSO CM THIS POST CARD.' "DEAR PALS"-~H& . [ SPELLS IT "DEER PALZ — SIT 1H£ FATTED CALF AUU^ET— AV WAV TO TO TRY OUT A MCW Ait. RAID S/MN-" ABftMDONEP SMOKE STACK AMD 6WB MY VOICE A JAK5 IS COMlMS -HAK- KAFF.'/ OP MY COAT WITH TH5 gUILT-ll-l CHAIR- LESS DROP DOWN TO FORM HAIIJ HtEE MINUTES iATtK THAT SOUND' YOU HtftR IS COMIM6 FROM THE OLD BRICfc MILL OVER. THERE-/ TOU CAM TURM THE .SlRBNOFF NOW. JOE' WMEM IS We NEXT FLIGHT _ TKWlKl DOS 2 " ASP IK THE JUt»6Le$OFVeND*,)IBaWN WALLOW. HERMAN WU>ev WAS WEN OFF TUB PLATF0E* gVTHlS. rfi r**+r*£,t'f*r nvftf-t "This look* Ilk* lip rougt on Junior'* shoulder! I'm afraid th« day* of cleaning chocolate ice cream spots are gone IF CM."' YOU WEREN'T so-so q/ HAVEKT WE BEEN HONORABLE, KEITH/ I SUPPOSE \ OVER THAT ENIOUSH, I ADMIRE YOU KK IT, BUT WHY \ FRANCE CAN'T you FORGET VOUK VICTORIAN IDEALS AMD MARRY ME ? I CANT, H?AWCIS...f IS THIS YCW WAY \ OH, MS PETE'S OF PUNISHING ME I S»KE .' if? NOT TH1NOS I HAVE TOyf FOB ^W UTTLE / THAT AT'ALL.' STAYING FOR I DO AT THE STUDIoTTNOUTBURST OF DINNER, AR»JT £ i'u GRAB soMgruiMaj A MOMENT LATER. WTWFaV ASO? l v NEW^-OFTHE DYESS NEWS Mrs. J. E. JACOBS Misses Mary Ann Bean and Lorene Blackwell spent Saturday night with Mrs. Sue Maddox. Mr. and Mrs. O'Neal Little and daughter of Trumann spent the week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Nichols. Mr. and Mrs. Odis Rice and children. Jay and Helen, were guests Sunday in the home of her sister, Mrs. J. W. Lawson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Therald Martin and baby of Milligan Eidge spent the week end in the home of Vernon Butler. Lavell Cox, Jimmie Smith and Paul Francis of Senatobia, Miss., spent the semester vacation here with relatives. Mrs. H. L. Modesitt was hostess Thursday night of this week in honor of Mrs. Dorsey Plnsher with a pink and white shower. Mrs. Sue Maddox of Chicago arrived Monday for a two week visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Neal. Aubrey Geater of St. Louis spent the past week here with his family. I Miss Pauline Williams of Searcy spent the week end here with rela tives. Mrs. Mary Gabbeart of Waynes boro, Tenn., is here visiting he daughter, Mrs. Coley Johnston, an family. Miss Mary Lou Balch and sister Joann, spent Wednesday with thei cousin, Miss Louise Evans, at Le SYCAMORE HOUSE at Ark-Mo Stall Line Specializing in • CRAPPIE • STEAKS • jCOUNTRY HAM Operated by Jimmy Robertson PHONE 9922 FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sc// That Staff" ._ V Phone 2089 Y Office & Bulk Plant-Promised Land 4 Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ, Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 9:00 Friday Night, Jan. 22 9:30 8:00 Evening Serenade 10:0 ° 6:15 News Reporter I0 - 30 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:43 News Caravan 11:00 . 7:00 Dennis Day - 12:00 7:30 Life ot Rliey 12:30 8:00 Bfg Story 1:30 8:30 Hopalong Cassldy 2:00 B:00 Cavnlcade of Sporti 4:00 9:45 Greatest Fights 5:30 10:00 Letter to Lorettt fl;QO 10:30 News 10:40 Weather <J:30 10:45 Hit Parade 7:00 11:15 Hollywoodd Movlo 7:30 Theatre 8:00 12:15 Sign Off fi:30 Saturday, January 23 10:00 8:45 News & Meditation n ;00 Tootsle Hippodrome Ed McConnell Captain Midnight Pride of the Southland Film Feature Cowboy G-Men Super Circus Band Concert To Be Announced Film Feature My Little Margie Ramar of the Jungle Lone Ranger- Spike Jones Amateur Hour Show of fihowi Pride of the Family Wrestling News &, Weather 11:10 Amateur Night at the Handy 12:05 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 Friday Niffht, Jan. 22 8:00 TopB 6:30 News 6:45 Perry Como 7:00 Mama 7:30 Topper 8:00 Ozzle and Harriet 8:30 Our Miss Brooks 9:00 My Friend Irmd 9:30 Suspense 10:00 News 10:15 Lite Show Safnrday, January 23 10:00 Winkle Dlntc and YOU 10:30 Rod Brown, Rocket Ranger 11:00 Big Top . 12:00 Western Theater 1:00 Western Theater 1:00 Western Theater 2:00 Western Theater 3:00 Western Theater 4:00 Johnny Jupiter 4:30 Early Show 5:30 To Be Announced 5:45 Weather 5:50 News 6:00 Juke Box Jury 6:30 Beat the Clock 7:00 Jackie Gleasou 8:00 Two lor the Money 8:30 Favorite Husband 8:30 Name's the Same 9:00 Medallion Theater 10:00 Wrestling . 11:00 Late Show XDC A PRIL came to a close. I something. But her words added May up 'o vague generalities. And arrived, dressed in green and gold. After Her meeting with Mrs. Symes regarding Albert's misbehavior Miss Cora Johnson had hoped fervently thai she would never again have to set foot in that fateful house. It was not During the month of May, Miss Johnson had received several letters from Adrian. In them he referred, in terms no more than pleasantly reminiscent, to their time in the city But aside from that, the tone of Adrian's tetters was highly impersonal. Adrian seemed to^have meant his "over to you, Cora Johnson." It was as If he had made up his mind not to do or say anything to influence her decision in his cast Having no more to say than she had already said. Miss Johnson replied in Kind. But each time she sat down to write, that same sense of weakness and futility assailed her She felt like a person whose character had been vitiated to a point where it seized gratefully upon the easiest course, that of aimless drifting She could only dream of a welcome and healthy change She I .„„,„„. . J% ._. ..„„... appeared entirely to lack the aVam7Mrss"jonns'on"'rVmembered will to bring it about. | tr , a , Mrs. Symes had signified In her heart she Knew that she her intention of making summer wanted to go to Adrian Kaye she thought sadly, generalities would never get her or Adrian Kaye. an inch forrader Toward the middle of June a letter came from Adrian that was less impersonal Adrian had a suggestion to make He didn't, he saic'., fcnow what she intended to do with her summer vacation. But would she consider- spending at least a week—or as long as she cared to stay for that matter—at nis place near Iberville? He hastened to add that the proprieties could be satisfied. An aunt of his. a woman in her sixties, was now living at the farm Would Cora think it over? There was. of course, no hurry about letting him know. She upon CHE was glad of that wanted time to reflect this invitation. The idea of going appealed Immensely Long since she had decided to give up her usual trip to the city. She could not afford it this year Because of the steady inroads Mrs Syrne* had made upon her salary, she had been unable to save anything. And, although th« distasteful subject hadn't come up accept the decent and unconditional ofler he had made her She wanted thai more than anything in the world Yet during all the weeks since his visit she had not formed even the ghost of a plan for solving her own problem, let alone taking post- where Adrian was myself be beaten down," she would think, nibbling the end of her pen. "And now it's too late, because I really am beaten Oh. what on earth will I say to him?" ouuftd to Mr live artion concerned. "I've let demands. Miss Johnson was not looking forward to the vacation It loomed merely as a period to be lived through, with time heavy on her hands. In the tedium of the little town. Iberville would break the monotony But would it not b« i dangerous and upsetting break? For quite a while after Adrian's departure, she had found difficulty in settling back into her usual groove. Gradually the had schooled herself to re-accept the routine But a visit to Adrian's home, seeing and being with him each day. must inevitably upset bv ftt aw<T MAiaV PUFttoiiltf Jf since that interlude would have to end. as nad the other, in a return to present surroundings. It would of necessity be ephemeral and transitory leaving oer, in the final analysis, oerhapa more disturbed than ever She might do better to refuse the invitation at once, and thus keep such peace of mind as she had. The trouble with that was, she did not want to refuse, • • • fyJISS JOHNSON put off answering the letter. She had, she assured herself, good reason for the procrastination. At this time she was involved, as she was every year, with giving her class its year-end examinations. .When that business was over, she would make her decision At last the examinations were concluded and Miss Johnson marked the papers. Albert Syroea had not done so well. The talk with him, and the talk with Mrs. Symes had not brought about an improvement in his grades « in his attitude in class. Miss Johnson bit her lip. Tbert was no doubt about what the should do There was no inward struggle. Albert did not deserve passing grade and that wai definite. No matter what Mrs. Symes said or did, Miss Johnson resolved to be honest hi her work. She decided that Albert would not be given a passing grade for the term. . "How about my grades, Miss fohnson?" The question came 'rom Albert himself, who approached her desk at the close of school. "Did I pass?" There was only one thing to do. Tell him the truth. "No. Albert. You did not," laid Miss Johnson. Albert left the room. There was no Swagger in hii walk ai he departed. But MiM Johnson told herself, at least in this thing sh« had been honest. The report cards were marked and would b* paused out to the student* liter. Mlm Johnson went home to Mrs. Copcland'a loarding house with a clear coniclence IX. •• panto. Cleo Cooper from Kansas City Is home for a three-day leave with his parents. Tom Parks, Pete Barnes and Artls Ed'wards went to Cherry Valley Friday night to see the ball game between Cherry Valley and Vandale. Ralph Thompson, a former Dyess resident, is coach at Vandale. Dyess Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church met Wednesday night with Mrs. Lucinda Peterson. Mrs. J. L. Jacobs presided and Mrs. Ray D. Johnson gave the devotional. Othen on the program were Mrs. Zuma Bloomer and Mrs. Geneva Balch. The Rev. W. W. Peterson dismissed the group with prayer and the hostess served refreshments. NATURAL GAS Heating »nd appllancn. Installed by bondei pipe fltten «n« ftninceu In 36 monthly payment* Initiation or otber home Un- pr«Tenent< Inelide*. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. RHEUMATIC MTHWTIC TICTIMS it btari. Co.!*! T.UK. M n»Ktte, Reduce* urli ««k*, lonter luitinl rellrf to K1RRV DRUG STORES See Our Junk Window Oddi&Endt Hubbard Furn Co. WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3122 Wade Furn. Co. EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2015 'rompl DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 Hnn: I a.m. to ID p.m. with bellT«7 to 1 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE Kl Wtlt Main St. RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK Giannte** Grovers Body & Radiator Shop !MM Cl. Uk« An PRISCILLAI I WON'T HAVE YOU LISTENING TO THOSE SICKENING 'CRIME DRAMAS! ^. AMP A/OIV OUR (•STORY OF A TYP/CAL WIFE.. P£SFf?7eD BY HER HUSBAUD. EV/CTEO BY THE LANDLORD... WHO AWAKENS TO f=/MO SHE HAS A BURST APPENn- WHAT U\O >OU CO WITH THEI ITS 9ACK AT MOKIEh; KIP? QUICK/OR I'LL ) TMS MOTEL CRACK VOUK SKULL: i euess rve NEVER REW.LV . LM WOULD SO (WAY, O.PTWN. I'VE KEPT KOPW50W.E TttlK)' WOULD HKPPEW TO 'EK 3UST HOW E\JE fWlED HER. I SHOULPA, PULLEP UP ROOTS AMP TKI6P TH' KIKIPA,, LIFE $VE WWS IN A CirY.... BUT I'M P>FKMD! I'D NEVER VJOK— A MOVIE CONTRACT FOR A- VEMt.W A HUNDREP POLLAR5 (k WEEK! SIGNEP —--===^•^7 EM H.R.POPOFF! jagS ATTA STUFF, BOYS, HAMMER *-\V-JHEIREAR3 OFF/ HOLD THAT LINE AN' GIVE 'EM FITS/ YEE-IPPV." n i vi« ^ RE BaN CLOBBERED; en, \ STEADY NCW, DUKE.TAKE 'Ik W W BEAUTIFUL ARMY,' LOOK AT / IT EftSV.' WE WIN THIS IT/. MY LEFTfe CAVED IN AN' / BATTLE IN THE END MY CENTER'S A ROUT? ALL ) BELIEVE ME, I KNOW' IS LOST/ I'M RUINED.'/ / WHAT I'M TAiKIN ABOUT/ THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS, AOIOW... DUKE WILLIAM'S NORMAN ROTMEN SLUS IT OUT WITH ENGLISH INFANTRY. OH-H, 1M SO Ph»

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