The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 4, 1934 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, October 4,1934 Irvington Cabbage Kings Reaping Big Cabbage Harvest Irvington: In a news item last spring pertaining to the large cabbage patch set out by the Prankls, the credit WM given to Barney Prankl for the undertaking. However it has been discovered Donald Frankl, young son of V. B. Is the actual promoter of the project. They have disposed of a large amount of their cabbage already and have about two tons on hand whioh they would like to sell. Anyone desiring some may call at the Frankl store at Irvington. Leslie Baker Is the new eighth grade pupil enrolled In district No. 4 last Monday. On last Friday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Loss entertained a large number of their friends at a house dance. Robert Qelgel was ten years old last Monday and In honor of the event entertained Joe and Dorothy Lage for eupper Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lage motored to •Waterloo last Monday and returned home on Wednesday. They took in Ihe cattle congress now In progress. Bartholomew Bros., of Algona are building a double corn crib and overhead granary on the John Frankl farm tenanted by the George Scuft- hflms. Mrs. Henry Scheppman returned to her home last Saturday from the Kos- hsopltal. Mrs. Scheppman's many Irtends are glad to hear of ter recovery from her recent operations. Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. John Bockes an dtwo children, Kenneth and Joyce Ralph Stumbo, and Mr. and Mrs. Geo BcuSham and Kenneth Lyons enjoyed a picnic dinner at the Frank Asa home. Woodrow Johnson is again at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L A. Johnson. The cast has been re moved from his leg. However, he is not able to get around very convenient iy yet. Mrs. Alice Duryea returned to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ralph Lagp last week end after a visit of severa days at the home of her brother Wilson Green at Good Thunder, Min nesota. Wednesday, October 10th, is the date that has been reserved by the Irv ington Aid society for their harves supper. Mrs. Chas. Bgel and Mrs. Vern Barker were hostesses last Thursday t, the Aid. Several Jrom this community «t tended the county (federated olub meeting in Algona on Tuesday. Am ong those present were Mesdames Har ry Seeley, Lora Reney and Gfeorg Johnson. Mrs. Leo Hansen of Ames visited las week with her slater, Mrs. George ScufTham. On Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Scuffham were enter talned for dinner at the George Wa goner home. The many friends of D. T. Smlt •will be sorry to hear he has not been in the best of health and last week was taken to the hospital. However, Sunday he returned to the home of hi* <iau«JiU»,"Mtt. Hal Cbwan. Vet Milwaukee Employee Whittemore: Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Meyers and son. Dean, returned home on Tuesday from Chcajo, where they attended a meeting of the Veteran Employee's Association of the Milwaukee KOSSUTH FARMS AND FOLKS Louis SmHh and Edward Allen, Fie!4 Representatives (By E. C. Alien) WhDe In the West Bend territory, I dropped in tb see Roy Depew, the Brown Swiss cattle breeder. The De- aews live Just one- flburth of! a mile northeast of town. Roy has some good bulls for sale and .-ou will find his ad n the for sale col- imn of this issue of ihe paper. —o— Jnst the next place east fa where Paul Banwart, lives. I found Paul nd his helpers digging potatoes, the New York Rural variety, which look- d very good. Ernest Fair, just east of town, was luildmg a chicken house the day I ,alled. He has not had quite room inough for (his flock. I stopped In at the Gas Bewilngham place, but didn't find him at home, in. tead I had a couple of minutes chat with the Mrs. When I got to the R B. Bernlnghaus place, I didn't find R B. at home either, but ran onto Ous laving Just pulled a load of sand ou r of the pit, although he broke a single ree in the event. At the Lous Schaeffer place, they were busy erecting and repairing th< silo, which had blown over, this Is quite a Job. Louis say. Had a clos« shave the other Atey while in Swea City, the city marshal, vf. Winter, was not chasing me for vlo- atlng traffic rules or jther city regulations Utihough he says h-:- s watching me pret- ,y close. Well, may- do need a little jrolection and I appreciate Mr. Winter's words but the shave I was ypeaklngr of happen- d in bhe Victor Nelson's barber shop. —o— Peter Ehlers who now lives In Swca City Is one of the community retired farmers and also one of our long time subscribers in this territory. Mr. Ehlers was storing away his winter supply of potatoes that he had Just purchased " Just shortly before I stopped there. He remarked that if the weather hadn't b:en so unfavorable this summer he would not have had to buy potatoes as he had quite a patch in his garden but after the rains they all grew to vines with v-sry few potatoes setting on. I did notice though that and with a week or two of nice weather they will have plenty to eat and can there were a few rows of tomatoes in Visit Ben Goulds of Union on Eve of 38th Anniversary Union: A happy surprise was the pleasure of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gould last Sunday evening when a group of neighbors appeared and helped t.iem celebrate tlwir thirty-eighth wedding anniversary. Five hundred was plavod at five tables. Dortys Knuteen won the high score and Ho*ard Engstrom the travel and low prizes. Everything for the evening was well planned by their second oldest son, Kenneth, who served th-e guests with ice crenm and cake at the close of the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Gould were recipients of several nice gifts. (Too Late for Last Week) A reunion was held at the Julius Bollie home Sunday. their garden which up for winter. sure looked fine Mrs. Joe Matllle has been ill with the flu the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Emll Stoffel and daughter Gertrude were Bancroft visitors on Sunday. Hairy Ward and son, Kendall were removed to their home h-:re from the K^UUI iiospital about a week ago. Mrs. Ben Gould sp«nt several days visiting at the Chris Henkel home at Elmore returning home Friday evening. rlcla left Sundav evening for a 15-dav visit In Chleaeo and other nlaces In Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zumnch returned home from Jhelr honcvmoon trio joent In Wisconsin and Illinois recently. Mr and Mrs Kdmond Carmodv of Grnettinscr snent Sundav here visit- Henry Hoec*. Jr.. of Swea Citv snent Jn«t W. wirenta. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Carmody. Rtv. Wm. Velt and John Van Hlse left Sunday for Walker. Minnesota, where they wil spend a week or ten davs flshlrisr. Mrs. Elizabeth Bovle returned to her hom<> at Pennvllle. Indiana. Thursdav following a month's visit with relatives and friends here. Miss Colleta Hurtev. n teacher In tho „„ a . lv . „..„. „ Banwart and Mallard Men school, spent the work nmilv of Rodman were Sundav visitors end here visiting her sister. Miss Fran- nt the St. Johns home. jrrs Hurlev. teacher In the local hleh and Mrs. S. L. Denton and ! school. Sundav at. the A. T. Paulsen home. Mr and Mrs. Don Turner were Sun- dav dinner guests at the John Saunders home. Mrs. Oliver Coons and family of Swea Citv spent Saturday at the Ralph inrroll home. Mrs. Harlev Hoeck and famtlv spent Saturday at the- Vern Hawbncker home n Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Jnck Mr. and Mrs. Albert Behnke and son. Henrv. who have snent the oast two weeks nt. LuVeme, Minn., vlrftine their dauehter, Mrs. Chris Blinkman and _imi]v. returned home Sunday. Mrs. Irene Roonev returned home from Butte. Montana. Saturday where she hud been called because of the serious Illness of her father. Tom Mill- jr. He submitted to an operation a week aeo Saturday, but when she left he was still in a serious condition. Mrs. Henry Dorweller went to West Bend Friday where she will make an extended visit at the home of her son. Pliilio H. Dorweiler and family. Mrs. Charles Seymour and Msr. George Geneler accomboanlrd her to the Dorweiler home and spent some time v's- Itlne thrr-r. A. G. Farrlngton, who lives northeast of Swea City, was up In the air the otiher afternoon when I stopped there. No, not In temperament but In reality as he was building a new chimney on his house and from the looks of things was doing a first class Job. Mr. Far- I rlngton said he had a fine landlord A little farther on is the place where tMat furnished anything which was David Krupp and found Dave busy his sister live. I cleaning out the barn. He milks ten cows and with the rest of the work Is kept quite busy. Over at the Fish place I saw Mr. Fish who was feeding the chickens at the time I rambled in. He says the son works the place, so he doesn't worry his head about it. "Let the boys do the work." I called on a few more places along the route but didn't find them nt home, but will get to see them later. In driving over the territory I heard many reports on the times, etc., both for and against. Some seem to think If we don't have crop control, the prices being higher, a good many railroad, They world's fair. also attended the would Jump in and raise all they could, and in a little While we would be right back where we started. Well, as I am not a politician and am running out of wind, will sign off for this week. (By Louis Smith) O. L. Thoreson, who lives northwest of Swca City, is one of the community's farmers who has raised a lot of potatoes this year. The boys are not through digging yet but have dug enough to know that they will average at least 125 bushels per acre, Which 1* not bad for this year and with the 35 acres they have will m«k« quite a pile otpoUtoes and should at present prices show a nice profit. —o— Andrew Pedersen, who lives In Grant township, Is running a school bus this year and had Just gotten home from the- evening trip. He built a new body for his bus this year and although not quite complete yet shows much care In ttoe building for the comfort and safety of the children. needed in the repair line for the farm and buildings and I noticed they have made quite a few improvements on the place this summer. Fred Bntterfield, who farms a few miles south of Swea City was Just coming out from dinner the other day when I stopped there. He said he had been plowing most of the fall and was getting tired of It and would be glad through. There was a stock truck In the yard and upon my inquiry as to what ho was going to sell, Mr. Butterfleld said he had Just purchased a bunch of feeder pigs at Ledyard and had brought them home that forenoon and that they were going to vaccinate them that afternoon. Fred Just started farming for himself this spring and under the conditions it was impossible for ftlm to sign the corn and hog contract. F. H. Laabs, who farms about two The house on the farm tenanted by the Oiirls Knutsen family is receiving a coat of new paint which was a needed improvement. Leona Householder returned to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Householder after several weeks at the Harvey Rath home. Mrs. Mary Keefe and daughter, Dorothy visited relatives at Winnebago, Minnesota recently. Dorothy purchased a Pekingese dog while there. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Will visited at the Will Lenlnger home near Letts Creek Sunday, where they made the acquaintance of Master Leninger who was born Friday morning and weighed ten pounds. Mrs. Nick Krieps entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of her small son George'* birthday, which was, Monday, October 1. Those present were Harold Bode, Ida and Betty StoffeJ, Donald and Kathryn Bode of Union. The afternoon was spent at games. P. M. Christensen Herd Wins Many Honors Lone Rock: P. M. Christensen and son took the following prizes on their Polled Hereford cattle at the various fairs this fall: senior grand champion mil, eenlor grand champion cow, 9 Irsts, 8 seconds, 2 thirds and 1 fourth at the North Iowa Free Fair at Mason City; eenlor, Junior and grand champion bull, senior and grand champion »w, 13 firsts, 3 seconds and 5 thirds at tthe Humboldt county fair; senior, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Denton daughter Mrs. Sheldon Merrill and son Donnle. scent Friday at Fairmont. Mr and Mrs. Otto R. Jensen and son Russell, visited Thursdav evtnlne at the Ed Jensen home at Swea Citv. Mrs. Alice Duryea of Irvlneton socnt ..everal davs last week at tfne home of her daughter. Mrs. R. J. Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kueck. Melyln. Betty, and Rubv visited at the Walter Thompson home Sundav afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. James Doocv of Swea Citv and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Lamm of Bancroft, visited Sundav at the Fred Jensen home. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Campbell and son Kenneth, spent Saturday at Good Thunder, Minn., visiting with friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bartlett. and Mr. and Mrs. Kern Elcrlck attended the romilar meeting of the Iowa State Brand Creameries held at Tilonkn on Thursday. Adam Luchslnger drove to Forest Citv on Saturday and was nccomnaniod home bv his son. Earl, who Is a member of the CCC. Earl returned to the camp Monday. Misses Kathryn and Augusta Haag and Mrs. Pauline Miller visited their sisters. Miss Leona Haag In Sioux Citv find Mrs. Wm. Norfolk. Neb. Potter and family at H, W, POST Dray and Tranfer Storage of all kinds. Long distance haultnf. Every load Insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and hauling. M-tf Corn Loans Must Be Paid All Corn Loans negotiated at 45c per bushel and held by the Commodity Credit Corporation must be paid by not later than October 15th. A NEW PLAN has been worked out whereby the old corn may be resealed at 55c per bushel. We shall be pleased to have an opportunity to explain the various details of this New Plan to you at any time. Kcgardless of your location we will gladly assist you with the imynmnt of your old loan andjielp you with your new loan. We invite you to come and see us. IOWA STATE BANK ALGONA E H. Miller, President H. L. Gilraore, Cashier. WHITTEMOEE NEWS &y&&y&aB^^ (Crowded Out Last Wc-ek) John S. Cullen attended a ooitmas- ters' meeting at Council Bluffs Tues- v I Mr. and Mrs. Tom Martin of Em- metsburtt visited at the Ed Burke home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Meehan and family visited relatives in Des Moines the oast week. Miss Evelvn Allen of Clarion U visltine her sister. Mrs. Leonard Van Dusseldorf. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Elbert, and family of AlKona were dinner miests nt the (home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brsch and famtlv Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schemmel visited his oarcnts. Mr. and Mrs. Schemmel at Bancroft Sundav. Mrs. E. J. Butler and daughter, Ruth Ann of AlBtona visited Mrs. Roy Craword •and family Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Barber snent several davs the oast week in Chlcatro visiting the Century of Progress. Mrs. M. C. Weir and daughter. Pat- miles north of Lakota, was putting up millet hay the other afternoon when I stopped there and despite the fact that it had been rained on several times was still In good condition. During our conversation Mr. Laabs asked me if I knew of anyone who wanted to buy a tractor and plow with the result that you will see his ad in our classified ads this week. John Lunn, who live* about three miles west of Swea City, WM shocking com the other afternoon when I was out that day. John had cut, a si should judge, about 20 acres of late corn that was raised on contracted acres and had reached the height of about five feet. This fodder should make wonderful feed this winter as it is practically all leaves wlbh small stalks. I have talked to quite a few of the farmers this fall though who arc a little in doubt as to how this kind of feed will be as a lot of it feems to be molding in the shock due to the damp weather this all. —o— Raymond Anderson, who lives east of Swea City, was storing away his machinery for bhe winter the other afternoon when I was there and as I was not in a very big hurry that ev-:n- ng I helped him a little with his grain binder. The Idea of putting machinery under roof for the winter is not new >ut there aro many who cannot or do not follow this example with the result that the weathering is worse than he wear. We Specialize in Automobile Liability Insurance Our Automobile Insurance Protects Yon In Case Ton Get Hart A MODERN AUTOMOBILE TRAVEL SERVICE Very reasonable rates. Complete protection. Dwelling and Household Goods Insurance Long Haul Truckers and Cargo Insurance Iowa and Minnesota legal requirements (Special rates). Fidelity Bonds—Surety Bonds—Beer Bonds Bonds written at our Algona office. Our Pollqy Writing Connections and Company Contract* Permit Us to Write Your Insurance and Bonds at Uie Very Lowest Rates Consistent With Reliable Service, Brokerage Business Solicited Loam—Real Et>te|te—Rentals—Inrest menta THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 55 C. R. LaBarre Office located on ground floor 1st door North of Iowa State Bank 29-tf lunior and. grand champion bull, senior and grand champion cow, 15 firsts, 9 seconds and 1 third at the Kossuth county fair at Algona; reserve champion bull, champion cow, 6 firsts, 8 seconds, 5 thirds and 2 fourths at the Clay county fair at Spencer. The Christensens have exhibited their cattle at various fairs for a number ol years and always take a number of prizes. R. E. Saunders Buys Farm Near Fairmont Swea City Herald: Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Saunders have sold their quarter section farm six miles south of Swea City to Ernest Vottler of Palo Alto county for $80 an acre. They have bought an 83-acre farm owned by C. W. Dammann two miles northwest of Fairmont for $103 an acre. The Fairmont farm is well Improved, a new house having been built in late years. Mr. and Mrs. Saunders found what they wanted near Fairmont. They will move onto it the first of next March. LOTTS CREEK NEWS 3 IRVINGTON NEWS | CtUXiSlO&aBB^^ Dick Watson arrlv-ed home the first of the week and will have a vacation of two weeks from the CCC camp. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Reaper and I daughter, Bernice, and Mrs. Sam Reap- I er were Sunday guests at the Frank | Haldeman home in Plum Creek township. The occasion was the celebrating of the birthday of Mr. and Mrs. Reaper. Miss Margaret Mulligan was a gueit Sunday of her friend, Jessie Smith at Jgona. Mr. and Mrs. U. B. Prank! were Sunday evening visitors at thr Henry Elscheid home. The Morris arsons and Matt Kelleys were at the Ralph Parsons home at Burt for the day. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brown and their daughter, Mrs. John Dreesman and Wayne Ktlth left early Sunday morn- nig for Chcago to spend a few days blghtseeing. Mr. and Mrs. John Simon Sr., and their son, John, Jr., and wife returned Sunday after a few days at he fair. Morris Parsons, local caretaker for :he cemetery, has been busy recently trimming the shrubs and bushes at the Lorcna Meyer spent last, week at the home of her brother, Arnold Meyer. The Potratz family held their annual reunion at th; Richard Potratz home Sunday. Friends of F. W. Mittag will be ?or- ry to hear that he has been quite ill the past week. Louise Ruhnke, who Is employed in Fenton spent Sunday at the home of her uncle, Andriw Kadlng. The quarterly business mcctlm? nt t*e Lutheran church will be held in the church next Sunday afternoon ut two o'clock. Harold SmHh has b^en suffering with a felon on his thumb for the pait week. He had it lanced twice and It is getting ulong quite well. Rev. and Mrs. E. Fiene and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schmiel attended the bun- get meeting of the Algona district at the Lutheran church in Algona Sunday afternoon. Elma Putratz, daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Albert Potratn. lias returned to Fori. Dodge after having spent the past week with her parents. Elma is employed In the Becker Given-house at Fort Uodge. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Faubtich and family accompanied Mis. Fauteticho parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Gade of Whittemore to PonKVoy, Icwa. last Sunday where they visited with relatives and friends. Lillian Schallin is again at home after having been employ-id at the Bill Uoncvan home at Fentoii for the past WHY Are People Not Only Ford-minded, but Actually Signing on the Dotted Line and PAYING for them? Ponl builds hut one chassis Imvinp a 11? inch whoolhasc for all pleasure car models. Concentration on one chassis only means lower cost of production and more value for your money. cemetery. He also cut all thy tall jrass away from the tombstones which jives them a much neater appearance. Mr. Parsons is to be commended upon ills faithful labors. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Weber were at the A. L. Jordan home for Sunday dinner. Joe and Edna Jordan of Mason City were alia week end guests Bt til: parental home. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sim Leigh were Mrs. Leigh's niece and nephew, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Ludwig and children of Algona. Mrs. Mary Bronson of Chicago Is making an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. M. E. BlaneJmrd. Miss Adra Yoeman of Algona visited with her friend, Dorothy Mawdiley on Saturday and Mrs. Ralph Campbell was a guest at the Ralph Lage home. First Seconc Third Fourth Fifth Sixth no The Ford Motor Co. is owned by the Ford family. Has stockholders therefore no dividends to pay to speculative stock purchasers. That dividend paid to the speculator is pawsed on to (he car buyer. Ford parts cost the purchaser from 25 to 75 per cent less than like parts of the competitive makes. Ford delivered prices on cars and trucks is the lowest in the industry. No inflated freight or service charges. Ford time payment plans are cars. •e the lowest on both new and used U sed car values are higher hecause of demand, fhe used rchaser knows that he can operate a used Ford cheaper y other car, that parts can he obtained anywhere Ford use car pur ihal ho can any , in the world w'here motor cars operate- Have ess depreciation which is very evident in the present code adopted by the JNKA. >even Eighth th Ford performance, disputed by no one tic over its performance snappiest automobile on wheels. economy, dependability and durability is Not only are owners of the V-8 ^^usms- but Iheir Inends admit that it is the noiuh. Delores Smith Is also afaln ut home afltr having been at the Merl < Culbertsoa home for the past few weeks. The Ycung People's society of the Lutheran church met in the school basement Friday evening. About 35 peopk- attended the meeting Loreuz Pijaihn told about his recent trip to the Black Hills and Yellowstone Park. Ada Piene, Prank Meine, Marie and MiHun Geltzenauer wer-L- on the serving committee. RuUi Sehiniel, LoreUa Meyer and Edwin Wlchtendahl were the en- ttrtainment committee. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Webtter 1 ft en Sunday for EithervUle to visit wi'h their daughter. Mrs. Howard Hcidke and family. Ford prices wages inert Fords Go By. Ford clear vision ventilation together with the cowl ventilator and windshield that opens makes it the coolest summer car (some cars have stationary windshields that do not open). Ihe steel body with close lilting doors that stay in position makes it the warmest winter car. have not been increased though hours have bee, ^ shored and wages increased. Others have. Why pay more and take less? ... Watch the USED CAR BARGAINS Ford tudor 19:50 1'oiituu- roach I'M ('lu-v. eoui>e 1929 Dodge sedan lim Ford tudor 1927 Ford sedan 1930 Ford tudor AN INVITATION TO HEAR THE WORLD SERIES BROADCASTS The Ford Motor Co. ii broadcasting all t'aim-s in me Wui'ld Series. Wu- have installed u louu a|K.-ak- er In our sliow n >>m and extra chairs will I*." provided. and extra Hear tlu (junies here! Kent Motor Co ^^^^JW WMWWJWWW^^^

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