The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 4, 1934 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Pea Molnes, Algona, Iowa, October 4,1934 C. R. Schoby, A. H. Bonnstetter Exchange Tax Arguments in Fight For Legislative Post n u (By C. B. Schoby, Republican Candidate for State Representative) Taxes are as old as the history ol man. We can never (hope to escape them, but can work toward an equitable distribution of the burden of gov- «rment according to ability to pay. Both Dan Turner, Republican nominee, and Governor Herring, democratic nominee, are running on a tax reduction platform, each pointing to his two year record of achievements for proof of his claims. I have taken the time to look up the tax records in the county treasurer's office on certain properties during this period, and find that the following figures to be the fact. On the quarter section owned by A. E. Clayton, tihe Raxes levkd (for 1930, tlue year before Turner became governor, were $138.18. For 1931, Turner's first year, they were $122.01. For 1932, Turner's second year, they were $117.19. For 1933, after the Turner reductions became effective, they were $101.87, or a reduction of $3651. During this period no new levies of any kind were made. Mr. Herring's administration came Into power on January 1, 1932, and has now announced a further reduction In property taxes by abolishing the state levy, which means, according to the county treasurer's office records, a further reduction to Mr. Clayton of $22.92, for 1934 and 1935. This would be fine but for the Joker. In order to bring about this reduction, Mr. Herring added several new levies to Bhe tax rolls, among which was the 2 per cent general saks *tax estimated to yield $15,000,000.00 annually. The population of Iowa being about 2% million people, this means an average tax of $6.00 per person, and as the average family numbers five, it means an average family pays $30.00 annually in sales tax. Since M*. Clayton has an average family, it follows that for a reduction of property tax of $22.92, he is paying 422.50 in sales tax this year and $30.00 in sales tax for next year, or a total for this year of $52.50 paid out In sales tax against a reduction of $22.93. or an addition to his total tax bill of $29.58. I* seems to roe these figures, taken from the tax records of the county, prow conclusively that the democratic Administration with its sales tax has not aot«d to relieve the tax burden of the resident farm owner but rather has added to his annual tax bill. Even though fata sales tax amounts to no more than his reduction in property tax, It to only a shifting of tax money from one pocket to the other. This method of equalizing the tax load is about as sensible as the traveling man's net, when on a cold night, finding the sheet on his bed too short to cover nto feet, cut ft piece off th« top and sewed it on the bottom. These figures .apply only to renter? (Over 60 per cent of county farmers are renters). „„-.„. pays on the averag« the $30.00 sales tax. Where does his reduction come in and who gets the benefits? This will be discussed in a later article. Glen Strayer Hurt in Team Accident Union: Glen Strayer is getting around on crutches the result of a runaway last Thusrday, while he was i>l charge of a team belonging to Robert Loss and was hauling soy beans going west on the paving No 18. The team became frightened which caused them to run. Mr. Strayer received a broken cartilage in the right knee. (By A. H. Bonnstetter, Democratic Candidate for State Representative) Recently there appeared in a number of Kossuth county papers two commun tcatlons by C. R. Schoby, Republican candidate for state representative which indicates that the campaign for the general election Is at hand. The articles consist of a concoction of figures based on fates premises for the purpose of manufacturing a Joker to use for political reasons. It further attempts to prove that all tax reduction experienced up to the present time Is the result of the Turner administration, and the claims for tax reduction made by the Herrng administration are simply a farce. Now it so happens that I served as state representative under both administrations and during that time not one tax reduction measure submitted failed to get my active support. Consequently I am In a position to share honors for reducing tegafdlcss of where the credit is placed. Were it not for the fact What I am desirous of having the people of Kossuth county know the unvarnished truth, no effort would be made lo reply to the above mentioned articles. The discussion relates to the taxes paid on the Southwest one fourth of section 19, In Cresco township for the years 1930, 1931, 1932 and 1933, and I am herewith producing the tax figures as they actually appear on the records at the county treasurer's office In arrf- ount for state, county and school pur- Bert Pecks Leave For Long Beach After Visit Here Mr. and Mrs. Bert Peck left last w*ek for their home In Lor.g Bench, California, after spending several months In this vicinity among their old friends. A good share of the time while here was employed by Bert In looking after his various property interests. He owns several town houses at Austin, Minnesota, which required considerable attention. He owns the Ford garage business building and other valuable property In Algona, and a 120-acre farm in Union township, a part of the estate of his father, the late Clark Peck estate. The Peck's who have been making their home at Long Beach, California, for some years, flnd the west much to their liking and have decided Uo become permanent residents of that city. They make the trip In their car back to Algona easily In four or five days am so feel that they are still not. so far away from the old home. Bert says that California Is still strong for President Roosevelt and the New Deal. General School $41.41 General County 10.41 Court Fund 21 poor Fund State Insane County Softool 2.08 County Cash Road Bonds 4.16 Soldiers Relief « Bovine Tubercular 2.08 County Bridge Bonds 3.12 Fairground Construction of Rds. Mandatory .. Maintenance of Rds. Mandatory.. Const, or Malnt of Rds. Mandatory General State Soldier's Bonus 2- 08 i t ' ' ' Total $138.18 o 4.16 10.41 520 $ 33.66 6.94 .14 5.21 1.67 139 2.78 .69 1.87 .35 2.78 6.94 2.78 15.27 2.78 Mrs. Conner Dies in Wheaton, Illinois Mrs. T. H. Conner, wife of a former Algona architect of about thirty yean, ago, died Monday, September 17, a her h:me In Wheaton, Illinois, accord Ing to word received the first of the week by Mrs. Nannie Setchell and other old Algona friends. Mrs. Conner had been bedridden for many years and (had been cared for during the years by her daughter, Lizzie. Mrs. Conner was ninety years old at the time of her death. New Pastor Here WESLEY NEWS Rov. J. H. Edge, for the past six years superintendent of the Sheldon district of the M. E. church, was appointed to the pastorate of the Algona Methodist church, Sundav, when Bishop J. Ralph Magee ivad a Hit of 60 conference assignments In connection with the big MeUiodlst gathering here last week. He succeeds Rev. C. V. Huls-e who will assume his duties as pastor of the Methodist church at Cherokee, Iowa. nt Algona from Wednesday until over the week end. American Legion and Auxiliary members of Wesley who attended the joint meeting held at Bancroft Thursday night. Included Mrs. Helen Jorsndon, Mr. and Mrs. Julius P. Studer, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Forburger. Mr. and Mrs. J, L. Studer, Al Rosenmeyer and Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Lease. Miss Martha Haynes returned home Saturday morning from a month's stay at Iowa Falls with friends. She submitted to an operation Friday morning for the removal of her tonsils at. the Mercy hospital remaining there until her return home. Miss Evelyn Haynes ent to Mason City Friday to be with T sister. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Meurer and two illdren accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. . L. Klelnpeter drove to Ida Grove unday morning where they spent the ay as guests at the home of Mr. and Irs. L. H. Klelnpeter. On their way own bhey stopped at Pocahontas where hey enjoyed a brief visit with Father Vessellng. Mrs. Ruth German, president-elect of ic American Legion Auxiliary unit of Vcsley was Installed in her office at he regular meeting of the Auxiliary nst Tuesday night with Mrs. Helen ohnson acting as Installing officer. Srs. F. A. Bonnstetter who had been leoted treasurer, resigned and Mrs. $122.01 $117.19 $101.78 By examining the above figures it will be noted that Mr. Schoby credited the Turner administration with reductions affected by the Kossuth County Board of Supervisors, the Cresro township school board and the Herring administration. The second and third columns are figures levied under the Turner Administration, and with the exception of a small saving in the general state levy, the only other outside of the county worth noting which reflected In the reduction wa* the Elliott law. enacted during the 44th General Assembly. This law made It mandatory upon all taxing bodies to reduce local taxes 5 per cent in 1931 and 1932. Th« above mentioned law was sponsored by the political enemies oi Governor Turner and it was a well known fact that the governor was not sympathetic in the measure. Further more, the Senate Journal of 1931, page 1291 discloses the fact that Senator Patterson, Mr. Turner's running mate voted again* tt» Bltott bUl. m examining fartlier the fourth col umn of figure* we are dealing with taxes levied during the Herring ad ministration and collected during tn< Herring administration. Consequently th« entire credit of reduction goes <c the Kossuth County Board of Supervls ors. the Cresco township school board and the Herring administration. How ever the factors which contribute! chiefly to the reductions were the 2 per cent cut in land valuations orderet by the State Board of Assessment anc Review, and the Beatty-Bennett law This law provided for a mandatory 2( nor cent reduction in mill levies or 1030 levies for the years 1933 and 193 bv all taxing bodies. It is regarded as "get a Thief." An Amusing Short Story About An Old "Con" Man Who finally "Went Straight". Bead It In The American Weekly, the Ma<a<lnc DtetrfenUd With Next Sunday's CWc«€» Herald and Examiner. . the most Important tax reduction law over enacted In Hhe htrtory of the state of Iowa. Again I must state that the Senate Journal of 1933, page 440 discloses the fact that Senator Patter?on voted against the Beatty-Bfnnett law. The reason I mention it Is bemuse the senator Is now going about the state of Iowa and claiming all reductions for the Turner admlnistra- Ition, and I want the people of Kos- uth county to know how he perform d as a tax reductionist. Claims are being made in as much as tine Tax Reduction committee was created under the Turner administra- lon, and this committee's recommendations were enacted into laws under the Herring administration, the tax eduction effected through these recommendations should be credited to the Turner administration. You will recall that a tax revision committee was xeated during the Hammlll adminls- ration and this committee made recommendations to th* Turner administration. Now had the Herring administration performed with tax reductions as did the Turner administration with ;ax revision, the result woud have been exactly nothing. It took leadership and work to put over the reduction program and Governor Herring and the members of the 45th General Assembly are entitled to the credit for all reduction effeced. I have never been enthusiast^ about a sale* tar and I ftei that it should be resorted to In emergencies only. However, even with the sales tax, the truth must prevail. Therefore, I brand Uhe statement that the average family will pay $30.00 sales tax false. In order to spend $30.00 for sales tax It will be necessary for the average! family to spend $1500 for articles where the soles tax applies. Where will the average family get $1500. The incom*" of the average family will not exceed $800.00 and in that cose the sales tax cannot amount to over $16.00 Many of the countks are no longer able to take care of the poor and un- "mployed. It therefore becomes the mate's duty to provide funds. Mr choby has told no one from whence lese funds are to come. Does he be- Mrs. Anna Llllle has returned to the Dr. F. L. Adams home where she is again being employed a housekeeper. Miss Arabella McPherson, Mrs. Oscar Erlckson and daughter, Evelyn, drove to Mason City Saturday where bhey spent the day. Miss Ruth Richter underwent an operation for the removal of her appendix at the Kossuth hospital in Algona one day last week. Frank Kouba, Sr., spent last week In Chicago with relatives, and had the pleasure of attending the Century of Progress at various times. Mrs. Ed PeSer of Des Moines spent the last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joftin Rteht* and was Joined by her husband Saturday. Frank Mathels of Big Stone City, South Dakota, visited with relatives and friends at Wesley and Algona from Wednesday until Monday. Miss Valera Mayer, grade teacher at Mason City, spent the week end Mrs. Lena Larsen and her daughter Mrs Frank Johnson entertained the Prlscllla Phoebe society at the form er's home Wednesday. Mrs. Herman Carlson will be hostess to the aid th last Wednesday In the month of Oc tober. Rev. J. K. Wardle of Hubbard arrlv ed here Wednesday afternoon at th Mrs. Bertha S. Looft home where h remained as a house guest during the annual conference of the Methodist churches In the Algona district held J. T. M-nirer was named In her place. Other officers were also Installed and assumed their obligations that even- Ing. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Loeblff were busy the past week moving their household furniture and belongings from the A. A. Studer estate house to the Mrs. Jacob Johnson residence which they have leased for their occupancy. Mrs. Johnson following her sale of furniture, spent a week or longer with her two daughters here and at Algona, and left one night last week for Chicago to visit relatives and to attend the- World's Fair. Upon h«r return, she expects to go on to Denver, Colorado, where she will make her Sionre. Yon Can't Repair a red hot furnace. Save expense and grief by having your heat- Ing plant cheeked now. Holtzbauer's Tin Shop Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal 117 S. Dodge. Phone 83 CALL THEATRE Oct. 1-15 Algona, Iowa NORTHWEST IOWA'S 8UMMBB RESORT Toe—Air—Water-^Plne Sanitor. 50,000 cu. ft. "Kooler Aire" 8y»- tem Call the nearest telephone operator for our program. They have the information and are happy to serve you. Remember a Complete Show after Night Football Games. WILL ROGERS In "JUDGE PRIEST" (Irving S. Cobb Story) News ._Oolored "Pastry Town." New subject "Dumbbell Letters". un., Sept. 30 Mon.-Tuea., ct. 1-2 Wed.-Thurs., Oct. 34 ANN HARDING PAUL LUKAS BRIAN AHEARNE In "THE FOUNTAIN" The book that revealed to a million women a new and glorious tcstacy of earthly love. Al-o the melody drama of dazzling splendor new technicolor "La Cucachara" Greatest technicolor ever produced. Fri.-Sat., Oct. 56 Grand and glorious. Oklahoma land rush. A " RICHARD DIX and IRENE DUNN in Edna Perber's "CIMMABON" A compkte show Friday after football game. Sun.-Mon., Oct. 7-8 A Manvlous Fun Show—Class OBO ARLISS EDNA MAY OLIVER •THE LAST GENTLEMAN" Cranky—Cussed—XJrabbed. Tues.-Wed., Oct. 9 10 Thurs.-Fri., Oct. 11-12 BARBARA STANWYCK "THE LOST LADY" eve that the levy on property should e increased to provide funds or does e feel that the unfortunate people lepending on these funds shoujd tarve? And now the taxation question is tne nly one in which Mr. Schoby has at- empted to give his views, and in as much as most of the citizens of Kosuth county are greatly concerned abut several other vital questions, may submit a number of questions and have the answers appear in the columns of th« newspapers, in order to clear up his position on same. Mr. Schoby:— 1 Do you believe in the New Deal. If so, do you believe that U. S. Senator Dickinson and State Senator Patterson are in error for so vigorously opposing every angle of 1he New Deal? 2. Are you in sympathy in the Beatty-Bennett law? And had you been in my position, would you have supported same? . 3. Are you in sympaOhy with an old age pension law? 4. Are you in sympathy with the present method of handling beer. And had you been In my position, would you have supported same? 5 Are you in sympathy with the present method of State Liquor Control? And had you been in my position, would you have supported same? Sincerely, A. T. BONNSTETTER. here aft a guest at the home of her friend, Mrs. John Hutchison. Mrs. Ernest Hutchison and Mrs Henry Phillips will entertain the Meth- Xllst Ladles' Aid at the church par- ors next week Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. James Hodges and Mrs. Kettle Turgeson drove to Mason City Friday where they spent the day vlsit- ng their sister and daughter, Mrs. C. M. Sage. Oordon Kurtz and sister, Frances who attends business college at DCs Moines, spent the week end here at the home of their mother, Mrs. Ann M. Kunz. Supt. and Mrs. K. R. Rowley and three children drove to CorrectionvUle Saturday where they spent the week end visiting In the home of her sister Mrs. Kelley and family. Grandma Seaberg celebrated her ninety-second birthday anniversary on Tuesday and in celebration of the event her daughter, Marie invited in a few close neighbors and friends to spend the day. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. White of Huron. South Dakota, were visitors at the home of her brother, Prank Fox and family a few days last wtek. Mrs. While was Miss Beulah Fox before her marriage a few years ago. OUR COAL Does 72° to the SHOVELFUL! This man used to boast about the mileage he got on his gasoline, ' now ihe's a rooter for our coal because he declares there's not a chill in a cartload. Anderson Grain & Coal Co. PJione 308 CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY ATTORNEYS AT LAW R. J. Harrington J. D. Lowe HABBINGTON * LOWE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat! Bank Blk. ALOONA, IOWA J. L. BONAB ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALQONA, IOWA W a QUABTON H. W. MILLEB ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427 ALGONA, IOWA MAE WEST "BELLE OF THE NINKTIES" Saturday, Oct. 13 Road Show and Pictures LEE TRACY BABY LEROY HELEN MACK "IJiMON DROP KID" and Road Show MYSTERIOUS SMITH CO. Sunday, Oct. 14 r,TJY KIBBEF. ALINE MACMAHON «WG HEABTED HEBBEBT- A laugh-riot. Bond Show—Mysterious Smitli C». A. Hutchison Donald C. Hutchison Theodore C. Hutchison ATTORNEYS AT LAW Quinby Bldg. Phone 251 E. H. Parsons Judge D. F. Office over Basket Grocery ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Phone 830 Algona, Iowa PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L Rist over Rexali drug store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 32« ALGONA. IOWA C. H. CBETZMEYER, M. D. Surgeon & Physician OHice John Galbraith Bldg. Phone 444-310 W. D. ANDREWS, D. O. Osteopathie Physician and Surgeon General Hospital Phones: Office 187; Residence 688 AU30NA, IOWA Former Resident Writes, Says U. D. M. "Better Than Ever" Conrad Rabe, former Algona resi- ent, now living In Minneapolis, rt-cent- y sent us a newsy letter in which he leasantly discussed several topics of ,he day. Mr. Rabe is employed at Uw 'Jicollet Hotel. In renewing his subscription for an- ither year, Mr. Rabe had tile following 0 say: "Please find enclosed check for $2.50 or subscription. I could not get along without your paper. It is better than ever, and I have seen a good uany county papers from different couties of Iowa and Minnesota, but your paper has more news than any other paper I know of. It also gives a person good information oil Washington, D. C. In fact in this way I see what is going on in Iowa, every week. 1 can remember the old Upper Des Moines when Harvey Iiigham and Rober Warrtu had their office about where Warren Laird has his place now and we had the Upper Des Moines at home ever since I can remember." Dr. arid Mrs. Hector Jaiuc arrived here Sunday from Houston, Ti cas, for a visit with the former's pamiU, Or and Mrs. P. V. Janse. E. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank Flione 213-W Algona, Iowa Gaylord D. Shumway Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building Mgona, Iowa Phone 58 P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. honp No.—R«'.s. 368; OfTIre 668 L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Quintay Building. Phone 180. ALGONA, IOWA E. C. McMAHON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 129 HIRAM B. WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 P. A. DANSON ATTORNEY AT LAW OHice over Iowa State Bank Bldg. OHice Phone 460-J Res. 315 ALGONA, IOWA CABBOL A. WANDEB ATTORNEY AT LAW MELVIN G. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office over Post OHice Bldg. Phones—Office 197 Res. 194 DENTISTS DR. II. M. OLSON DENTIST las or Novocaine und for extractloi Located over CbrLsten-en Store Phone: Busin< 168, Rosid^nce, 41C ALC5ONA. IOWA DK. C. D. SCI1AAP DENTIST A Home Like This for YOU... Read How All of us have dreamed at one time or another of possessing a pleasant home of oxir own. Perhaps you still lack that comfort—perhaps you have a home that does not come quite up to your hopes and expectations. In either event, now you may enjoy the complete comfort, convenience and health of a perfect home. How? 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